SPRINGBOARD 2015: QUT Law Society Careers Guide


QUT Law Society is proud to present you the premium guide to learning about the legal industry in Brisbane, Australia. Inside you will find firm profiles to give you a better understanding of what those firms do and whether they are the place for you. Be sure to thank those mentioned on the acknowledgement page and supporting editor Harriette Watson for all their tireless work collating and designing Springboard for law students across Brisbane. If you find any errors or incorrect information, please contact director.marketing@qutlawsociety.com



Press play on a forward thinking career choice

• High performance culture

• Competitive team spirit

• Drive and passion to be #1

Public Sector



Australian Signals Directorate 93

Australian Taxation Office 94

Comcare 95

Crown Law 96

Department of Agriculture,

Fisheries and Forestry 97

Department of Communication 98

Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade 99

Department of Health 100

Department of Human Services 101

Department of Industry 102

Department of Infrastructure and

Regional Development 103

Dept. of Justice and Attorney-General 104

Department of the Environment 105

Queensland Treasury 106


Aust. Institute of Int’l Affairs 110

Amnesty International 111

Arts Law centre of Australia 112

Aust. Human Rights Commission 113

Bayside Community Legal Centre 114

Caxton Legal Centre 115

Community Legal Centre 116

Court Network 117

Legal Aid (QLD) 118

Pine Rivers Community Centre 119

Prisoners’ Legal Service 120

QLD Council for Civil Liberties 121

Refugee and Immigration Legal Service 122

Tenants Queensland 123

Women’s Legal Service 124

Youth Advocacy Centre 126



The best lawyers know that to provide premium

legal advice means knowing more than the law.

Real world solutions come from experiencing

the real world challenges our clients face.

That’s why McCullough Robertson lawyers go where our

clients work, whether it be a cattle station, communications

centre, resources export facility or just their offices.

Of course, as one of Australia‘s largest independent law

firms we have our slick corporate offices too. But if you

want to work for a law firm who will let you look beyond

your workstation, then join us.

Because at McCullough Robertson, we want our lawyers to

be more than lawyers, fostering a culture that is genuinely

interested in our clients and the realities they operate in

– a culture that is unapologetically ‘out of office’.


Brisbane | Sydney | Newcastle




The Graduate


James Johnston

I began work at Ashurst (or Blake Dawson, as it was then)

as a paralegal in the Insurance Litigation practice group

while I was still studying. I then completed a seasonal

clerkship in the firm’s Environment and Resources group,

before commencing as a graduate in February 2014. As an

Ashurst graduate, you undergo extensive legal training

throughout the year, and have the opportunity to work

in a wide variety of practice areas. During my graduate

year, I rotated through three of the firm’s practice groups –

Employment, Disputes and Corporate. However, I also had

the opportunity to work for a number of other practice

groups during this time, which meant I got to attend

native title meetings in Emerald, the settlement for the

sale of a ship at the Gold Coast, and an appeal in the High

Court of Australia.

Working as a graduate at Ashurst has also given me the

opportunity to be involved in a wide range of pro bono and

community legal work. In addition to attending QPILCH’s

Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic and the Self-Represented

Litigants’ Service on a regular basis, I have acted on several

litigated matters on behalf of the firm’s pro bono clients.

The best part about this opportunity is that, as a graduate,

you are often working directly with a partner or senior

lawyer, and managing matters as if they were your own.

Being a graduate at Ashurst is certainly not all about

legal work though. My other “responsibilities’ this

year have included competing in corporate sporting

events, coordinating the Graduate’s Christmas Skit, and

representing the firm at a competition in Puerto Rico.

Although it might sound clichéd, the best part about

Ashurst is its people. Although you change groups

throughout the graduate year, everyone, from partner

to secretary, is extremely welcoming. There is a strong

culture of mentoring by senior lawyers, and the sense of

camaraderie amongst the graduates and young lawyers is

unrivalled. For graduates wanting to work on some of the

most unique and exciting matters, in an environment that

is supportive, vibrant and heavy on opportunities, Ashurst

is an excellent choice.


Australia Belgium China France Germany Hong Kong SAR

Indonesia (associated office) Italy Japan Papua New Guinea Saudi Arabia Singapore

Spain Sweden United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America




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My life as a Public Sector Lawyer is a bit like the movie "The Castle"… without the bad 90's fashion and

all of the "pool room" references.

I even had my very own Dennis Denuto moment when I found myself in the High Court when I was only

a third year lawyer. That's the thing about Clayton Utz, you get the opportunity to do things and meet

people and go to places that you never would have dreamed of.

I chose to work in the Public Sector group at Clayton Utz so that I could learn from "the best". The

Public Sector group was the first of its kind in Queensland and was established by the former Crown

Solicitor who then recruited the Deputy Crown Solicitor……… and so on. The partner I work for is highly

respected and recognised as an expert in the area of compulsory acquisition law.

The Public Sector group practices in a range of areas including administrative law, competition law,

privacy and information law, water and local government and property law. The only thing the group

has in common is that our clients are Government entities including State Departments, local Councils,

statutory authorities and government owned corporations (GOCs).

I provide advice to constructing authorities that acquire private land from people or businesses for

public infrastructure like roads, railways and hospitals. I provide advice to the constructing authorities

about their powers under the relevant legislation and claimant's entitlement to compensation. I assist

with the negotiations with the former landowners which may include without prejudice conferences

and/or mediations with solicitors, experts and Counsel. If the parties are unable to reach an

agreement, I act for the constructing authority in the Land Court proceedings.

I don't know of anyone who has gone to university planning to be a compulsory acquisition lawyer. At

university I enjoyed trade mark law but after a rotation in our intellectual property group I found it

wasn't for me. When I first started in the Public Sector group I worked for each of the partners across

a broad range of areas. My experience coordinating due diligence projects, reviewing and drafting

contracts and interpreting legislation has proved invaluable over the course of my career.

Over time, I began to specialise in compulsory acquisition law. I enjoyed the ability to see a matter

through from start to finish. I undertake a mix of advice work and court work but I am particularly

partial to litigation work. The tight timeframes, plethora of documents and the need to coordinate

clients, Counsel and multiple experts make the most of my organisational skills. Litigation also allows

you to work with a range of experts who are at the top of their field. I cannot believe how much I have

learned about land valuation, town planning principles, forensic accounting and mining.

I never would have pictured myself as a litigation lawyer. I am not particularly confrontational and I

wasn't interested in "fighting" for a living but I soon discovered that a courtroom isn't the battlefield

that it's made out to be in the movies. The court process is structured and designed to facilitate an

efficient resolution. In my experience, the 'system' works best when the lawyers for both parties act as

impartial advocates working together to reach a sensible resolution. Compulsory acquisition law is a

pretty specialised area so you get to know the other lawyers and Counsel and develop good working


If I had to give a warning to future Public Sector Lawyers, it would be that you will constantly have to

explain that you work for a law firm, not the Government. But if that's the worst thing about your job,

I think you're doing pretty well. And if all else fails, when people ask me what I do, I tell them it's just

like "The Castle".

Kaia Duce, Senior Associate

Clayton Utz

Exciting and challenging

work, great people, and

a truly supportive culture.

‘Since starting my legal career as a graduate in February

2013, Norton Rose Fulbright has given me many opportunities

to gain meaningful practical experience in the areas of law

that interest me.

In my two years at the practice, I have been involved in a

diverse range of work including a particular project where

I worked directly with another Norton Rose Fulbright office

overseas. It is amazing to be part of an organisation with

offices all around the world.

Norton Rose Fulbright has the right balance – amazing

and passionate work colleagues, exciting and challenging

work, and a genuinely supportive culture. I know that the

practice will always support me 100 per cent in achieving

my personal goals and career aspirations.’

Joshua Chan, lawyer, real estate, joined February 2013

To see how you could define your own path

within our global legal practice, visit:


Progress with purpose

Your first year or two out as a lawyer can be one of the best but also the toughest.

Leading law firm, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, has helped hundreds of graduates make the

successful transition from study to practice.

According to Corrs’ Recruitment Partner, Jeremy Horwood, creating a place where people love

their job and their work is a key priority of being an employer of choice – and helps graduates fit in

quickly. Jeremy says Corrs goes above and beyond to give their graduates a head start. Fortunately,

he’s happy to share some of Corrs’ prized tips with QUT students. “We asked our staff for advice to

help new graduates navigate the challenges and enjoy the opportunities presented during their

early working years,” Jeremy said.

“Here are their 10 top tips to help you make the most of your career, wherever you choose to begin


1. Remember the basics

Being a great lawyer is more than just being great at the law. It's also being a professional who

provides great service to clients and colleagues. That starts with doing the basics well, like

responding promptly to phone calls and emails, maintaining clear and organised files, presenting

your work well, delivering when you say you will and always preserving confidentiality. The most

important basic is to always come prepared. Bring a pen and pad to meetings. Listen and take

notes. It's amazing how much you'll learn.

2. Keep learning

University may be over, but the real learning starts now. The law and business are constantly

changing. We need to stay on top and ahead of those changes. At Corrs, we provide a structured

and ongoing professional development program and an enormous number of learning opportunities.

But you also need to be prepared to drive your own learning. Always be alert and listen when in

meetings. Be curious. Find out as much as you can about the clients you're working for and learn

about their industries so you can understand their needs better.

3. You have internal and external clients

As a grad, you'll be asked to work for a variety of people including other lawyers, senior associates

and partners, ultimately for the benefit of an end client. You should think of everyone you work for

as a client. If you impress your internal clients, you'll have many more opportunities to impress

external clients. So be professional. Be responsive. Think about how you can make life easier for

the lawyers in your team. Make sure your work is high quality. And always deliver on time.

4. Be a team player

Teamwork is a huge part of the way we work at Corrs. We bring together lawyers from different

practice areas, states and even countries, to provide an efficient and integrated service for our

clients. As a grad, you will rotate through different practice areas and you'll have an important role

to play as part of those teams. Look for opportunities to contribute. If you’ve finished the work

assigned to you, find out if you can help anyone else. Also, remember to work with other

graduates. Don't compete with them. You'll all be going through the same thing, so catch up

regularly to share experiences.

5. Your reputation is everything

During your career, you will discover that your most valuable asset is your reputation. You start

building your reputation from your first day as a graduate. So work hard. Take care to produce

quality. Always check your work before providing it to a lawyer or client. Always keep your

promises and deliver your work when you say you will. And if you can't, let the person expecting it

know early so everyone can manage expectations. If you make a mistake, admit it early and learn

from it. Always be honest.

6. Understand your clients’ needs

Perhaps the biggest challenge you'll face as a graduate lawyer is the shift from preparing

assignments to creating commercial advice that achieves real client outcomes. You'll soon realise

that clients don't want you to tell them the law. They want you to tell them how the law impacts

their commercial objectives. And they want you to tell them in a way that is clear, succinct and

easy for them to use. So, always try to stand in the shoes of your client. Think about what's

important to them and what they are trying to achieve.

7. Keep perspective

The change from student to lawyer can be huge: different hours, different work and different

challenges. It can be easy to feel consumed by it all, particularly as you will want to impress.

Enthusiasm, commitment and application are great – and the type of qualities we look for in our

grads – but, we also don't want you to become overwhelmed or burn out. So keep a little

perspective. Think of your career as a marathon, not a sprint. It's OK not to know everything all at

once. Work hard but also make sure you have interests outside work.

8. Be positive

There is nothing more infectious than positive energy. It inspires and motivates others. People want

to work with positive people. So always try to be positive. Don't complain or criticise. Take on

every task with enthusiasm, no matter how big or small. Take an interest in other people and share

experiences with them. Treat challenges as opportunities and always look for the upside. Enjoy the

work. Have fun.

9. Embrace opportunity

During your career at Corrs, you will be presented with many wonderful opportunities, from the

quality of work and clients to professional development, including studying and working overseas.

As a graduate, every day will present an opportunity to learn, grow and contribute. Embrace all

these with enthusiasm. Make the most of them: don't just do the minimum. The more you put in

the more you'll get out.

10. Love what you do

To be good at what you do, you have to enjoy it. To be great, you need to love it. Passion is a

differentiator that is recognised by clients and colleagues alike. Passion fuels commitment and

drives continuous improvement. And it makes hard work fun. So use your time as a graduate to

explore different areas of law and find one that inspires you. Then commit to it, apply yourself and

see where it takes you. You won't be disappointed.








Today’s Talent,

Tomorrow’s Leaders

Join a law firm that is truly going places

With 4,200 lawyers in 78 offices and 32 countries around the world,

working at DLA Piper means opportunities to work with world class

companies on major projects both here and overseas. You’ll also benefit

from cutting-edge learning and development programs, and will get to

work alongside some of the best legal minds around.

Take the first step to a global career and

visit www.dlapipergraduates.com.au to learn more.


























































































































DLA Piper is a global law firm operating through various separate and distinct legal entities.

Further details of these entities can be found at www.dlapiper.com.

Copyright © 2015 DLA Piper. All rights reserved. | FEB15 | 2888401

kick-start your career

Providing real opportunities and

challenges in a professional working

environment, HopgoodGanim’s twoyear

graduate program is a great

way to kick-start your legal career.

As part of our aim to encourage

internal career development,

priority offers are made to

candidates currently employed

within the firm and participants of

our seasonal vacation clerkship

programs. To find out more about

our graduate program and what we

offer, like us on Facebook or visit

our website.


• Challenging work from a national and international client base

• Industry-leading expertise in key sectors driving international and

local growth


• Development from within, with a defined path for promotion and



• Structured professional development framework including leadership,

business development and financial management capabilities


Level 8, Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street

Brisbane Qld 4000

T +61 7 3024 0000


Suite 919, Jinjiang Xiangyang Tower,

993 Nanjing Xi Road, Jing’an District

Shanghai, 200041 China


Level 27, Allendale Square, 77 St Georges Terrace

Perth WA 6000

T +61 8 9211 8111


Johnson Winter & Slattery is a national law firm where young lawyers play a meaningful role in

strategic and complex transactions and disputes, and build relationships with executives from

Australia’s most successful companies through close client contact.

We have an established reputation for providing practical commercial solutions and outstanding

client service.



Our lawyers thrive in an

environment that fosters

collaboration with few internal

administrative boundaries and is

free from financial targets. Enjoy

working across practice areas.

Collaborate with diverse teams

of specialists across the country.



Strong technical and client

service skills are developed

through structured

mentoring and professional

development education

programs. Be mentored

by Australia’s best lawyers.

Get regular feedback on




Our hands on and proactive

approach creates an environment

in which ambitious lawyers become

directly involved in significant

opportunities from an early stage.

Work side by side with partners and

play a meaningful role in strategic and

complex transactions and disputes.

Law students choose our firm

because we provide an excellent

learning environment, and an

exceptional place to begin and

develop your career.

Our clerkship program is a

realistic snapshot of your

future as a lawyer at

Johnson Winter & Slattery.

Please visit our website for more information: http://www.jws.com.au/en/graduate-lawyer-careers





Level 31 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000



CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE 03/08/2015 17/08/2015

Who are we and what makes us unique

Allens is a leading international law firm, with

partners, lawyers and corporate services employees

across Asia and Australia.

We work with many of the world’s leading

organisations – including 55 of the world’s top 1 00

companies and More than 75 of Australia’s top 1 00


Through an integrated alliance with Linklaters, we

provide clients with Access to market leading lawyers

through a global network of 40 offices across 29


You might think every law firm is the same. Not quite.

There are several important things that set us apart

from our competitors.

It's our people who make us great. It is our priority to

ensure you are constantly challenged, recognised,

rewarded and empowered throughout your career. Our

environment is challenging and we expect high

performance. We support our people at every stage to

meet these challenges, and have created a collegiate,

flexible and responsive environment in which you can


We know you’ll have interests outside work and that

you’ll want time to enjoy them. When things are busy,

we work hard. When they’re not, we go home. We

adopt a flexible approach to the way we work together

that builds strong and diverse teams, and is one of the

reasons lawyers tell us a career at Allens is so


Unlike in other law firms, you will work with a range of

partners and lawyers across the firm. You won't learn

just one way of doing things, but will build your skills

and knowledge through exposure to many different


To meet the needs of lawyers of the future, we’ve also

evolved to accommodate the ways that they want to

practise, collaborate and advance through our firm. It’s

about offering greater flexibility, and a two-way career

deal that rewards and promotes on performance, not


What other aspects aside from work can your offer

your employees?

At Allens, our values are the foundation cornerstone of

our culture. Our people want to make a difference not

only in law and business but in the wider community.

This passion to make a difference drives our Pro Bono,

Charity, Footprint and Reconciliation Action Plan

committees' initiatives. These committees are

comprised of a wide spectrum of Allens staff, who use

their involvement to enrich their experience at the


We offer opportunities for secondments to both clients

(including pro bono clients) and our international



The firm has a number of different committees, which

provide an opportunity for our people to support and

champion causes they are passionate about – from

human rights, asylum seekers and Reconciliation, to

the environment and alleviating disadvantage.

Some of our Committees include:

• Pro Bono Committee

• Women at Allens Committee

(for men and women)

• ALLin LGBTI Committee

• RAP Committee

• Carbon Footprint Committee

• Sports Committee

• Charity Committee






Clerkship Program

Graduate Program

Whether you join us as a clerk or a law graduate, you’ll

discover a world of possibilities that will take you

further than you ever imagined.

We offer two clerkship programs over summer. Our

programs run for three weeks – the first starting in

November and the second in January. Our programs

coincide with most university holidays.

You will work in one practice group with a range of

different partners and lawyers. This will give you

insight into the type of work we do and the clients we

work for.

Our Brisbane office has a particularly strong focus on

natural resources, infrastructure, property

development and corporate work.

We are looking for law students in the penultimate

year of their law degree to apply for clerkships.

Law graduates spend their first two years rotating

through two practice groups. Gaining extensive

firsthand experience in two areas of interest can help

you decide the area that you'd like to work in on a

longer term basis. We believe that our 1 2-month

rotation program provides a comprehensive, rather

than a superficial, knowledge of each practice area and

gives graduates an opportunity to develop strong

relationships with their supervisors and other lawyers

in the practice group.

Application and Recruitment Process

Students apply via our website

www.allens.com.au/careers and will need to submit a

covering letter, a resume and their academic





Arnold Bloch Leibler


Level 24 Chifley Tower, 2 Chifley Square, Sydney, NSW, 2000

(02) 9226 7100 INFO@ABL.COM.AU


CLERKSHIP 13/07/2015 18/08/2015

GRADUATE 21/07/2015 27/07/2015

Who are we and what makes us unique

As a specialist commercial law firm, we have earned a

reputation for achieving exceptional results. This is the

product of our approach. Our attitude to finding

solutions to clients’ problems is commercial and

goaldriven. We take time to learn our clients’

businesses and each problem is tackled with

commitment and creativity.

Arnold Bloch Leibler is regularly involved in some of the

most important transactions in Australia. It consistently

ranks among the handful of firms with the level of

expertise and breadth of practice to meet the varied

and complex needs of this country’s leading

commercial enterprises.

What other aspects aside from work can

you offer your employees?

Life at Arnold Bloch Leibler is busy, dynamic and

challenging. The firm has high expectations for its

employees, so it is only right that they are provided

with benefits and support to help keep the balance

between work and life outside the office.

There's a vibrant social scene with a wine club, staff

drinks, sporting and social functions, as well as a range

of wellness initiatives. The firm's involvement is some

of the most important and interesting matters, and

ongoing professional development, also make the firm

a stimulating place to work.

Staff benefits

At Arnold Bloch Leibler, a range of additional benefits

are offered to firm members. From keeping you fit and

healthy, to saving you money, the list below is a

snapshot of what you will enjoy:

• Corporate gym membership

• Fresh fruit delivered every morning

• Health assessments and flu shots

• Discounted corporate health plan through a leading

Australian health fund

• Travel insurance for work and private travel

• Discounted mortgage, credit card and other financial

services through a major Australian bank

• Salary sacrificing options

• Continuing professional development programme

• Provision of BlackBerry devices for all lawyers

• Associated professional memberships and practising

certificate fees

• Remote network access for legal staff

• Free personal house conveyancing, personal wills and

estate planning advice

• Monthly staff lunches

• Monthly staff drinks

• Social events and functions

• Paid parental leave

Clerkship Program

A seasonal clerkship at Arnold Bloch Leibler offers you

the opportunity to experience first-hand life as a

lawyer and our stimulating and unique culture. We do

not hide behind smoke and mirrors. Instead, we offer a

programme where you have the opportunity to be an

integral part of our firm.

Application and Recruitment Process

Submit applications online through cvMail.






38/123 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

(07) 3259 7575 lauren.furlan@ashurst.com


CLERKSHIP 2/03/2015 23/3/2015


Drawn from


Who are we and what makes us unique

Ashurst is a leading global law firm. We advise

Australian and international corporations, financial

institutions and government clients.

We have 28 offices in 16 countries including associated

offices in Jakarta and Jeddah, and a best-friends

referral relationship with an Indian law firm. With over

420 partners and 1,700 lawyers, we offer the

international insight of a global network combined with

local market knowledge and expertise.

Our clients can access deep local knowledge and on-the

ground support wherever they do business from people

they know and trust. We build teams that are specific

to our clients’ needs, combining specialist legal skills,

industry experience and regional know-how.

We have a track record of successfully managing large

and complex multijurisdictional transactions and

projects. Our focus is on getting to the heart of our

clients’ legal needs and delivering practical,

commercial solutions.

Who our clients are

We are a full service commercial law firm advising

major corporations and government clients across key

sectors including financial services, energy and

resources, projects and infrastructure.

Our clients include 73% of the top 100 ASX companies

and 93% of Australian companies in the Forbes Global


We have the privilege to advise on some of Australia’s

and the world’s largest and most complex deals.


• 164 lawyers recognised as leading individuals – Best

Lawyers Australia, 2014

• 15 partners recognised as ‘Lawyers of the Year’ – Best

Lawyers Australia, 2014

• Band 1 in 9 areas of law – Chambers Asia-Pacific,


• 106 lawyers recognised as leading individuals

– Chambers Asia-Pacific, 2014

• Australian Deal of the Year – ALB Australasian Law

Awards 2012

Areas of Legal Practise

Our Australian office practises in over 30 different


areas including:

• Banking & Finance

• Commercial Property

• Competition

• Construction & Infrastructure

• Corporate

• Dispute Resolution

• Employment

• Energy & Resources

• Environment

• Government

• Hotels, Leisure & Gaming

• Intellectual Property

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Native Title

• Project Finance

• Restructuring & Insolvency

• Tax

• Technology, Media & Telecommunications






What we look for

To achieve our vision of being one of a small number of

Global Elite law firms, we need ambitious people

delivering quality solutions for our clients. The key to

our success is lawyers who continually develop their

skills and their careers, with a commitment to quality,

the highest professional standards and a collaborative


Is Ashurst right for you?

The behaviours and competencies that make our

lawyers the very best are the same qualities we look

for throughout the recruitment process.

Our graduates are rewarded with an atmosphere that is

supportive, nurturing and enjoyable. Ours is a high

pressure, demanding environment. We are looking for

people who will thrive in these surroundings and have

the drive to succeed. There will be late nights where

you’ll be facing tight deadlines and you will need to be

totally committed to delivering for your clients, and for

the firm as a whole.

Commercial awareness is essential, as is a strong

analytical mind-set, and you will need to offer a range

of approaches to problem-solving. You must also have

the confidence to express yourself on paper, within

teams, and to a boardroom of your peers. You will

need to have an exceptional academic record. Ashurst

will support you in the final steps to becoming a lawyer

through our tailored in-house Practical Legal Training

(PLT) program.

Once you’re here, you’ll enjoy second-to-none training,

supportive colleagues, as well as the encouragement to

spread your wings and work in our overseas offices.

Our Culture

Trust and early responsibility are at the heart of our

culture. From day one our lawyers are encouraged to

take ownership of their transactions, clients and

business development responsibilities. That ownership

means that our lawyers genuinely want to succeed in

everything they do.

In the transactions-based environment in which we

work, teamwork is crucial for success in obtaining the

best results for our clients. Every team requires people

with varying skills and our graduates are immediately

aware that everyone who works at Ashurst is an

essential part of the team.

This respect for others and appreciation for the roles

we all perform when working together makes us an

open and supportive place to work. If you’re looking for

an easy ride then Ashurst isn’t for you. In striving for

exceptional results we ask a lot of ourselves – which

can mean working long hours under the pressure of

tight deadlines – but life here is certainly rewarding.

At Ashurst you will find colleagues who you will quickly

call friends and a working environment that will

transform you from a talented graduate into one of the

leaders in your field.

Clerkship Program

The Ashurst clerkship program prepares you for the

transition from a law student to a lawyer. We'll offer

you on the job learning, continuing legal education,

mentoring and a valuable professional experience with

great clients. By giving us your best we'll help you to

become a great lawyer.

Application and Recruitment Process

Online at :http://www.ashurst.com/graduates/applyand-contact

Lauren Furlan, Human Resources Coordinator

07 3259 7575





Baker & McKenzie


Level 8, 175 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000, Australia



CLERKSHIP See Website See Website

GRADUATE See Website See Website

Who are we and what makes us unique

Baker & McKenzie has been thinking globally in

Australia for over 50 years. In 2014, we opened our

Brisbane office making our Australian practice the

fourth largest in our network of 77 offices with more

than 85 Partners and 170 lawyers across Sydney,

Melbourne and Brisbane. In Australia, we act for

leading multinational and domestic companies on

market leading local and global transaction.

Founded in 1949, Baker & McKenzie is now the world’s

largest law firm by markets, revenue and headcount.

We offer clients and talent the uncompromising

commitment to excellence expected of a leading firm

and a distinctive way of thinking, working and behaving

as a passionately global and genuinely collaborative


We understand the challenges of the global economy

because we have been a global law firm from the start.

Firm Culture and values

Quality and excellence along with team work, integrity

and responsiveness are central in delivering

outstanding service to our clients, as you would expect

in a top tier law firm.

The values that make us a unique and great place to

work are deeply embedded and you will notice our

difference in all of your interactions with us, in

Australia and across the globe.

• We are passionately global, and leverage our

global expertise for our Australian and global clients

at every opportunity, recognising our strength is in

our diversity.

• We have a strong culture of friendship and

inclusion, and an egalitarian and collaborative

working style. We are commercial pragmatists who

make complex issues simple for our clients and we

focus on our clients’ business needs.

• We strive to stay ahead of the curve and

encourage entrepreneurship.

• We actively encourage and support contribution to

the community, through our pro bono and

community service programs.

We want everyone at Baker & McKenzie to reach their

potential so our people participate in global, regional

and local world-class development and mobility

programs, and our culture is diverse, inclusive and

flexible. Our award-winning diversity strategy,

initiatives and programs are focussed in four areas, in

which all our people can participate:

• BakerWomen - Gender equality and supporting the

progression of women

• BakerDNA - Ethnic, indigenous and cultural diversity

• BakerBalance - Supporting carers and parents,

employee wellbeing and workplace flexibility

• BakerLGBTI - Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and

intersex diversity

Application and Recruitment Process

See website.




Carter Newell


215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, QLD




GRADUATE 01/05/2015 N/A

Who are we and what makes us unique

Carter Newell is a leading Queensland-based firm

providing specialist legal advice to Australian and

international corporate clients.

Each member of our team has belief in and is

passionate about what they do on behalf of our clients.

Our clients regard us as their business partners, which

differentiates us from other legal service providers. We

see ourselves as an extension of each client’s business

and aim to provide high quality legal services to help

our clients achieve their commercial goals. It is not

only our expertise, but also our dedication to being the

best we can be, that ensures we deliver on this client


Our values, culture and strategic plan are aligned to

enable us to be recognised as a premier provider of

specialist legal services in each of our specialist areas

across Australia and internationally.

What other aspects aside from work can

you offer your employees?

Carter Newell has a unique culture that is supportive,

energetic and encouraging. Our culture is ‘open’,

progressive, friendly and social - a perfect environment

to progress and grow with the firm.

Our ’One Team‘ philosophy encourages openness with

each other. We seek ways to embrace opportunities

while supporting and encouraging our fellow team


• We offer a professional, supportive and ‘open-door’


• We provide a balanced and flexible approach to

work, recognising we all have interests outside of work

• We recognise and reward staff through our

CN|Recognition Program

• We participate in social and corporate team sports

and activities, as well as charitable events

• We survey our staff regularly to ensure we are doing

the best we can

• We recognise we need to also have fun along the way

Graduate Program

Our 18 month Graduate Development Program provides

the transition from law graduate to graduate lawyer.

CN graduates are provided with hands-on experience

and opportunities to rotate across three of our seven

practice areas.

Graduates are also provided with a well-supported

mentoring and training program designed to enhance

their experience and skills, as well as a range of

technical, personal, social and community-based

initiatives which support our progressive and dynamic


During the program, graduates are offered financial

and study leave support to complete the PLT program

on a part-time basis.

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications accepted through website. See website for





ClarkeKann Lawyers


Level 7, 300 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000





Who are we and what makes us unique

ClarkeKann a leading commercial law firm with a team

of enthusiastic and creative problem solvers. We have

expertise in a select number of practice areas: Banking

& Finance, Corporate & Commercial, Litigation &

Dispute Resolution, Property & Projects and

Employment & Industrial Relations. We act on behalf of

clients from a wide range of industries across Australia

and overseas. We are based in Brisbane and Sydney.

What other aspects aside from work can

you offer your employees?

• We work in a friendly and relaxed office, without

compromising our integrity in law and professionalism.

• We operate with an open door policy.

• We encourage an environment that supports

innovation and enthusiasm amongst our staff.

• We are flexible in the balance between work and

personal life and encourage our staff to maintain a

healthy balance.

• We are a young vibrant organisation that is successful

and values respect, integrity and excellence.

What we look for in an employee

• Friendly motivated people who are good


• excellent academic records and qualifications;

• commitment and ambition;

• commercial and client awareness;

• team skills and leadership potential;

• a sense of fun and experience outside of academic


Graduate Program

Our graduate program provides the opportunity to

experience day to day conduct of “real” files under the

mentoring and guidance of some of the most

approachable and experienced lawyers in their fields.

At ClarkeKann we aim to give our graduates and clerks

the opportunity to gain real life work experience – we

will not keep you away from the action.

We seek to expose our staff to a combination of both

litigious and non-litigious work so that they can

appreciate the differences between the two. An

understanding of different practice groups will also

benefit your development as a well-rounded lawyer.

You will undertake three eight month rotations in our 3

practice areas – Corporate & Commercial, Property &

Projects and Litigation & Insolvency.

You will also undertake (if you have not already)

practical legal training and accredited by the College

of Law to satisfy the admission requirements.

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications for our Graduate Program are to be sent

with a covering letter and well-structured CV

to opportunities@clarkekann.com.au.

Our Graduate Recruitment for 2014/2015 is now

complete. Please refer back to our website mid 2015

for next year's key dates.




Clayton utz


Level 28 71 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000



CLERKSHIP 2/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE See Website See Website

Who are we and what makes us unique

For over 180 years, our confident approach to complex

transactions and litigation has seen us grow into one of

Australia’s leading law firms.

Now, with 186 partners and over 1,200 employees

across six offices, we continue to build our reputation

for innovative and incisive advice. With a genuine

commitment to client service, we are trusted advisers

to a range of government departments and agencies, as

well as leading Australian and international


If you have an unshakeable sense of what's possible,

Clayton Utz is the perfect place to build your career.

• Our major areas of practice are –

• Banking and Financial Services,

• Commercial Litigation,

• Major Projects & Construction,

• Competition,

• Corporate, M&A and Capital Markets (including

the Energy & Resources industry group),

• Workplace Relations,

• Employment & Safety,

• Environment & Planning,

• Insurance,

• Intellectual Property & Technology,

• Public Sector, Real Estate,

• Restructuring & Insolvency,

• Tax and Pro Bono.

What other aspects aside from work can you offer

your employees?

We also provide first-class training and development to

support our lawyers to be the best they can be. As one

of the world's top 10 pro bono firms*, you will also have

the chance to contribute to our pro bono practice and

help make a difference to the individuals and

organisations it supports.

* Clayton Utz was named among the ten leading pro

bono firms in the world in the inaugural Who's Who

Legal Global Pro Bono Survey. The survey recognises

firms that are leading the way in their pro bono

contributions, levels of participation and efforts to

institutionalise pro bono work.

What you are looking for in an employee

Clayton Utz looks for candidates with strong academics

who, in addition, are well rounded people.

We'll look at whether they've had a broad range of

experiences, such as part-time employment, voluntary

work, legal experience (voluntary or otherwise), or

sporting, cultural or community pursuits.

They need to show they have behavioural skills such as

time management, initiative, goal-setting and

achievement, teamwork, an understanding of client

service and self-motivation.

However, most importantly, they need to be the right

cultural fit for our organisation.

Clayton Utz has a reputation for standing out - and for

being outstanding. That's reflected in the talent and

community-mindedness of our people, and in the

quality of our client base.

Our graduates have exceptional opportunities to work

on cutting-edge, complex transactions and litigation

with lawyers who are recognised as leaders in their





Clayton Utz


Level 28 71 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000



CLERKSHIP 2/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE See Website See Website

Clerkship Program

If you're a law student in your penultimate year, our

Clerkship Program will expose you to the fast pace of a

full-service commercial law firm and show you the law

in action. You'll be working under the guidance of some

of the sharpest legal minds in Australia, on challenging,

complex and high-profile transactions and matters.

You'll be mentored by partners and lawyers who are

leaders in their fields, in a firm where individuality is

embraced and innovation is actively encouraged.

With our programs you'll get…

• mentoring from some of the best lawyers in the


• a buddy who'll give you the inside information

• meaningful performance feedback so you know

you're on the right track

• continuing legal education programs and

professional development support, so you can

become the lawyer you want to be

• involved in our Pro Bono Practice, which is

fundamental to who we are as a firm

• the chance to participate in our Community

Connect and Pro Bono programs and really give


• social and sporting activities, because we know

it's not all work and no play.

Graduate Program

Our Graduate Program gives you the perfect foundation

for your legal career. You’ll hit the ground running by

working on complex and sophisticated legal issues, and

our rotation program means you’ll discover different

areas and find the right fit.

The program gives you a 3-week orientation and three

six-month rotations in different practice areas, and

additional intensive training.

We will pay for your GDLP program as well.

Application and Recruitment Process

All Clerkship and Graduate applications must be made

through our website www.claytonutz.com

For further information please visit our website

www.claytonutz.com or like our Facebook

Page www.facebook.com/ClaytonUtzCareers

In our Brisbane office, we offer 3 Vacation Clerk

programs each year. These programs vary in length

from three to four weeks.

Vacation Clerkship dates

Winter (29 June 2015 - 17 July 2015)

Summer 1 (23 November 2015 - 18 December 2015)

Summer 2 (11 January 2016 - 5 February 2016)




Corrs chambers westgarth


111 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

(07) 3228 9444 tania.daly@corrs.com.au


CLERKSHIP 2/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE 3/08/2015 17/08/2015

Who are we and what makes us unique

Corrs Chambers Westgarth is a premium independent

law firm. We emphasise the independent part because

it’s important to who we are and how we work.

Independence isn’t just a description of our position in

the market, it also describes how we think, our

innovative style and bold decision-making.

Our vision as a world class law firm is to drive

Australia’s competitiveness and economic engagement

with Asia. We are based in Australia and operate

internationally, wherever our clients need our services.

With nearly 1000 employees, 550 lawyers and 120

partners, we have the scale that allows us to take on

the largest and most challenging matters for major

organisations internationally. As well as be the right

size for a culture of inclusion.

Corrs is a corporate law firm, acting for organisations,

rather than individuals. The firm works through three

main operating divisions:

• Corporate, Finance & Tax (Energy & Resources,

Corporate Advisory, Banking & Finance and Taxation)

• Property & Development (Property & Infrastructure,

Environment & Planning and Construction)

• Litigation and Workplace Relations (Litigation,

Workplace Relations, Intellectual Property, Technology

& Competition)

Corrs’ culture of performance excellence drives this

achievement and can be seen in our mentoring,

coaching and comprehensive learning and development

programs, both formal and informal. We draw on the

best expertise in

Corrs’ own lawyers as well as external specialists to

make sure our people never stop learning.

The combination of these factors creates a firm that

celebrates its independence, is open to new ideas, has

the courage to think and act differently from the rest

of the market, and thrives on new challenges and


Our people thrive on this, too. We call it the inspiring


Our clients compete globally and Corrs provides the

legal services they need to do that effectively, no

matter where they are. Our lawyers work across

practice areas and geographic boundaries to drive

commercial outcomes and transactions in multiple


We also have a global network of the world’s best

independent firms who work with us to provide the

most relevant specialist expertise where and when it’s

needed. With 50 firms in 20 countries, we have an

extraordinary range of talent at our disposal.

Our independence means we’re not locked into one

legal service provider. We connect with the best

lawyers internationally to meet our clients’ specific


What we are looking for in an employee?

Corrs is a place that celebrates individuals. We’re

looking for spirited, determined graduates who think

big and like doing things a little differently. In

exchange for your energy and commitment we’ll

provide extraordinary learning and work opportunities

here and on an international stage.

We don’t look for a Corrs ‘type’ when we interview

potential graduates. Corrs people are individuals, but

they do share some traits.

Because this is a high performance organisation, Corrs

people are good at what they do. They are able to

work in a team and bring out the best in the people

around them. They want to achieve the best results

for the client as well as the firm and they take pride in

their work and achievements. Corrs people like to find

new ways of doing things and aren’t afraid to be

independent and bold in their actions.

This is a firm with a sense of purpose, so we’ll probably

look for that in you, too.




Corrs chambers westgarth


Clerkship Program

The Corrs Seasonal Clerkship Program is a great

opportunity for you to experience the people, clients,

work and culture that differentiates Corrs from other

law firms.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with some of

Australia’s leading lawyers on high-profile work for

major Australian and international clients across all

industries. You’ll soon discover the standards of

quality and commitment to clients required to succeed

at this level.

You’ll be exposed to a broad range of interesting

matters. You may also conduct research, review and

present documents, as well as attend client meetings,

mediations and settlements. The variety is enormous,

so it’s the perfect way to discover the firm and the

area of law that excites you most.

major city location. Apart from training that enables

you to hit the ground running, this four day event

delivers professional relationships and friendships that

last your years at Corrs and beyond.

Application and Recruitment Process

All applications for Graduate and Seasonal Clerk

positions should be made

via: www.corrs.com.au/careers/graduates.


Tania Daly

(07) 3228 9465


Graduate Program

Our commitment to developing world class lawyers

starts at day one. Our Graduate Development

Program, lays this foundation by providing rich, on the

job training with a greater opportunity to work directly

with partners and senior lawyers; structured learning;

mentoring; and regular feedback.

Supervised by partners, you will complete three six

month rotations through a variety of practice areas

including corporate advisory, banking & finance;

litigation & workplace relations; intellectual property,

tax, property, infrastructure, construction, planning,

environment, and government, as well as pro bono


You are mentored by senior lawyers and your

development is overseen by a dedicated Learning &

Development and Human Resources team who work

with partners and Division Leaders to provide you with

guidance, ensuring your success.

The program begins with a residential orientation that

brings graduates together from around the country in a





DLA Piper is a global law firm with 4,200 lawyers located

in more than 30 countries throughout the Americas, Asia

Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. Our global footprint

allows us to strategically partner with the world's leading

multinational organisations in respect to their legal


In Australia we are trusted legal advisors to

approximately a third of the ASX 100 companies and all

levels of government. We have offices in Sydney,

Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

DLA Piper is the law firm of the future. We have

undergone rapid expansion in the past decade to meet

the constant changes facing a global marketplace and to

help our clients deliver on their business strategies. In

doing so, we are uniquely placed to provide our people

with the global career opportunities they are looking for.


DLA Piper has a supportive and performance based

culture founded on the diversity of our people, the

communities we operate in and the clients we work with.




Finance & Projects

Intellectual Property and Technology

Litigation & Regulatory

Real Estate




#1 law firm in the world: DLA Piper has been recognised

as the world's largest law firm by revenue in 2013 & 2014

by “The Am Law 100”

#1 M&A volume: DLA Piper has retained its number one

ranking globally for overall deal volume in 2014 by

mergermarket for the fifth consecutive year

#4 Global brand: DLA Piper ranked fourth on the Acritas

Global Elite Brand Index

In Australia, we are recognised as an Employer of

Choice for Gender Equality by the Workplace Gender

Equality Agency


We provide cutting-edge learning and development

programs, and an opportunity to work alongside some of

the best legal minds around.

As a seasonal clerk, you can expect to have a varied

experience both in and outside the office. You will work

in a creative and dynamic environment, gaining first-hand

experience in the practice of law by doing real legal work.

Summer clerkships are offered in all our offices, as well

as winter clerkships in select locations. While your

clerkship experience will be similar between offices, our

program duration and intake size does vary.

Joining us as a seasonal clerk is your path to a Graduate

position. At DLA Piper we recruit to retain and once you

qualify, we will continue to offer you exceptional career

opportunities, in an environment that is challenging,

rewarding and, we believe, truly different from our



We are committed to supporting our people’s desire to

experience working life in other parts of the world through

the global DLA Piper network – giving them opportunities

to work on multi-jurisdictional, international matters with

quality clients and colleagues around the world.

For our Graduates we offer the opportunity to apply for a

6 month rotation to one of our Asian offices. We believe

our approach to secondments fosters a global mind-set

and is critical to our success.


Being an excellent lawyer requires a lot more than just

comprehensive technical knowledge. Every aspect of our

service has to be delivered to the highest quality,

therefore our people have to be good at lots of things.

Our applicants are intellectually bright as demonstrated

through strong academics, but will also bring unique life

experiences and insights to the table. A DLA Piper

lawyer is an excellent communicator, a collaborative

team player and has a commercial mid-set, because our

clients are the core of our business.

For more information about our

application process and key dates,

please refer to our website


Thomas Zhong

Solicitor, Real Estate

Even though DLA Piper is a leading

global business law firm, I am continually

amazed at their dedication towards pro

bono projects. The unbelievable number of pro bono

hours (more than 200,000) contributed by DLA Piper

globally in 2014 is a glowing reflection of the firm's

ingrained culture of corporate responsibility. It is

refreshing to see staff from all levels partake in pro bono

work for individuals and non-profit organisations, both

locally and internationally. Aside from my ongoing

involvement with the Queensland Public Interest Law

Clearing House and the Queensland Prisoners' Legal

Service, my colleagues and I have had the opportunity to

partake in pro bono projects for international NGOs such

as Human Dignity Trust, The Nature Conservancy and

United For Wildlife. These pro bono projects are a truly

rewarding experience that conveniently hones our legal


Rhiannon Habermann

Solicitor, Finance and Projects

I started my position as a Summer Clerk

with DLA Piper with the goal of not only

gaining exposure to commercial practice

but also identifying whether DLA Piper was the best

suited firm to assist me in achieving my career goals.

From an early stage in the clerkship process, I knew that

DLA Piper was where I wanted to work, as DLA Piper

distinguished itself through its unique opportunities and

the high profile projects on which we advise. Whether it

be international secondments or exposure to clients and

international work, as an ambitious person with a desire

to work on large international projects at a friendly and

balanced firm, DLA Piper provided an attractive

environment which I knew would assist me in the pursuit

of my ideal career.

After graduating in August 2013, I was fortunate enough

to be offered a paralegal position within the Finance &

Projects team as well as a position with one of DLA

Piper's clients one day a week. During my time with DLA

Piper I have gained invaluable skills, knowledge and

experience. The firm's culture and the people that work in

the Brisbane office, make coming to work every day an

enjoyable experience. I also never expected that I would

have been granted the amount of autonomy or client

exposure that I have received, at such an early stage of

my career. Reflecting on the past two years, I can say

with certainty that DLA Piper has definitely been the best

platform for launching my legal career.

Jeffrey Sheehy

Solicitor, Litigation and Regulatory

Through a process of mass clerkship

applications in my penultimate year of

law school (and not really knowing

where I was applying to), I've since been quite lucky in

the experiences I've had during my three years at DLA

Piper. I knew within the first few days of my clerkship,

that this was the place I wanted to work - a true

commitment to the Asian region, a huge variety of work

across numerous jurisdictions as well as friendly and

open colleagues were the things that immediately struck

me about the firm.

DLA Piper is relatively young in Australia and is (I think)

ahead of the curve in terms of international integration.

This brings with it a whole bunch of unique opportunities

for junior lawyers, as my experiences might suggest.

During my time as a paralegal, I was fortunate enough to

work in our Beijing office on an informal secondment. On

my first day there, an Asia-Pacific wide renewable

energy publication I had helped draft for over a year back

in Australia was sitting on the coffee table in the foyer,

indicative perhaps of the integration within the firm.

During my graduate rotation, I worked on two 'once in a

career matters' involving an international maritime

boundary dispute and a very substantial development in

an Asian country and in the next few weeks, I will head

off to Singapore for six months as part of the firm's Asian

graduate rotation program. I know the partners are

committed to providing more of these opportunities for

junior lawyers/graduates, particularly those with an

interest in the Asian region.

At DLA Piper, you won't be another number in a huge

clerkship or graduate group but at the same time, you will

have access to a huge international network. You'll get

plenty of one-on-one attention from mentors in the office

and you'll have the opportunity to work on truly unique

client (and pro bono) matters.

For more information about our

application process and key dates,

please refer to our website


Gadens Lawyers


Level 11, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000





Who are we and what makes us unique

Gadens is a top ten national law firm and one of the

fastest growing firms in the country. As part of a

national federation, the Brisbane office is

independently owned, so we offer our clients a

national presence with a local focus. We have an

exceptionally strong presence in Queensland and been

involved in some of the State’s landmark projects and


Gadens prides itself on striking a balance between

providing clients with the top tier expertise and service

that they would expect of a leading national law firm

with a down-to-earth, pragmatic and unassuming


Our areas of practice include property and commercial

services, banking and finance, corporate advisory and

tax, insurance and insolvency, intellectual property

and technology, dispute resolution, employee relations

and safety, planning environment and government.

What other aspects aside from work can you offer

your employees?

The firm is engaged in a number of innovative

community programs, including indigenous projects,

and has an enduring commitment to supporting the arts

and cultural sector.

Outside of work, Gadens provides staff with frequent

opportunities to socialize and foster strong working

relationships. This includes regular firm-sponsored

social events plus access to a number sporting and

cultural events.

What we look for in an employee

The working environment at Gadens is laidback yet

professional. Partners are very approachable and a

large focus is placed on jointly developing the

knowledge and skills of all of our staff. With a culture

of organic growth, there are ample opportunities for

your career to flourish within Gadens.

Gadens’ Brisbane office has more than 350 staff. We

believe that everyone has a voice and your

experiences, knowledge and insight will be valued and

respected. We are a place where fresh thinking and

new ideas are championed daily. We foster

collaboration, openness and integrity in everything we

do and we support innovative thinking from all of our


Graduate Program

Our two year Graduate Program is tailored to provide

you with an exciting and hands-on start to your career

in law with exposure to our clients and high profile

matters from the very start.

With two twelve month rotations, you will be provided

with exceptional training and experience to equip you

with all the skills and knowledge required to succeed as

a commercial lawyer.

We encourage our graduates to thrive, not hide, and as

such you will get the opportunity to interact with

clients and provide real value to the team in which you

are placed. See website for details.




Gilbert + Tobin


Level 37, 2 Park Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000



CLERKSHIP 17/06/2015 19/07/2015


Who are we and what makes us unique

Gilbert + Tobin is a leading independent corporate law

firm and a key player in the Australian legal market.

From our Sydney, Melbourne and Perth offices, we

provide innovative, relevant and commercial legal

solutions to major corporate and government clients

across Australia and internationally, particularly in the

Asia-Pacific region.

What other aspects aside from work can

you offer your employees?

A career with Gilbert + Tobin is a unique experience. It

is a place where you can make a name for yourself

through the important transactions and projects you

work on and through participation in our extensive

community activities. Gilbert + Tobin offers

competitive market remuneration and professional

variety across a broad range of practice groups.

As a smaller firm with an open culture, Gilbert + Tobin

makes it easy for summer clerks to work closely with

the firm’s highly talented partners and senior lawyers.

This is reinforced by a structured mentoring program,

office share arrangements and providing direct contact

with clients. From interviews through to the

completion of rotations, clerks often comment on the

exceptional level of personal engagement they

experience from the firm’s professionals.

At Gilbert + Tobin, all clerks participate in a firm-wide

induction and an in-house training program to hone

their technical and commercial skills and broaden their

legal knowledge. Graduates enter an 18-month

program which features Practical Legal Training and

wider skills development. Clerkship students also have

the opportunity to participate in paralegal work. We

also offer two winter clerkship positions in partnership

with The Aurora Project.

Clerkship Program

Each year, we recruit a number of penultimate year

law students to complete a 1 0-week summer clerk

placement (December through to February).

The summer clerk program is designed to give you:

• practical exposure to the legal environment

• interaction with partners, lawyers and other


• insight into the work undertaken by various practice


Graduate Program

Graduates start with the firm in one of two formal

intakes - February and August each year. As a

graduate, you will undertake real work, building

relationships with partners, lawyers and clients and

becoming an integral part of each practice group.

Our 18-month graduate program consists of two

rotations of approximately nine months each. Rotations

are available in all our Sydney practice areas and you

will also be actively involved in nonchargeable work.

Application and Recruitment Process

See website for key dates and recruitment process.




Gilshenan & Luton Legal Practise


Level 11, 15 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, Qld, 4000

(07) 3361 0217 KBOLTE@GNL.COM.AU




Who we are and what makes us unique

Gilshenan & Luton Legal Practice is a boutique legal

practice specialising in criminal law and misconduct.

We enjoy a reputation as one of the best criminal law

firms in Queensland. Our philosophy is to obtain the

best possible result for each client whilst providing a

superior level of service. We represent private clients

in all criminal law areas. In the misconduct area our

work includes misconduct investigations and charges,

CMC and ACC investigations and hearings, coronial

inquests, judicial reviews, and ASIC, ATO and Work

Health & Safety investigations.

What we look for in an employee

Our lawyers must be sharp, thorough and capable –

equally willing to carefully consider 1 000s of pages of

documentation in a corporate fraud matter, as they are

to work on a murder trial. We want people who can

listen to instructions but also be able to think

independently. Our lawyers demonstrate superior

advocacy and writing skills.

What other aspects aside from work can you offer to


As a small firm, we offer an enjoyable and interesting

work environment where everyone works as part of a


Application and Recruitment Process

Gilshenan & Luton do not offer Clerkship or Graduate

Programs, but we encourage interested applicants to

submit Expressions of Interest any time via email to the

Office Manager.

Any students interested in part-time work as a clerk, or

graduate work, should email their resumes with a

covering letter to the Office Manager, Kerrie Bolte at





Hall & Wilcox Lawyers


Level 11, Rialto South Tower, 525 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000



CLERKSHIP 13/07/2015 16/08/2015


Who we are and what makes us unique

Hall & Wilcox is a full-service commercial law firm that

is widely recognised as one of Australia’s leading law

firms. We are recognised by our clients, our people,

and in our market for the distinct commerciality of our

services, the excellence of our advice and the

relationships we have with our clients.

Hall & Wilcox specialises in: Accident Compensation

Litigation, Banking & Finance, Commercial Dispute

Resolution, Competition & Trade Practices, Corporate

& Commercial, Employment, Environment &

Sustainability, Financial Services, Insurance,

Intellectual Property, Private Clients, Property,

Planning and Construction, Superannuation and


We also have experience in specific industries and

sectors such as agribusiness; banking and financial

services; education and training; franchising, retail &

distribution; and technology, amongst others.

What we look for in an employee

When considering applications, we are looking for

candidates with previous work experience (legal and/or

non-legal), consistent and quality academic results,

good communication and interpersonal skills and varied

outside interests.

In addition to this we are particularly interested in

candidates with language skills, candidates with strong

commercial skills and candidates who have skills or

experience in a particular area of relevance to the


Clerkship Program

Our three-week summer and winter programs provide

students with the opportunity to experience life at Hall

& Wilcox and provides us with the opportunity to get to

know the students.

Students participate in an induction and are then

placed into one of our practice areas. Students will

have an extensive support network including a buddy, a

mentor and a Supervising Partner; exposure to real

work on real files, and the opportunity to attend firm

and practice area professional development sessions,

as well as participate in training sessions.

Graduate Program

We strongly believe that offering our Graduate Lawyers

extensive on-the-job training through the completion

of Supervised Workplace Training (SWT) rather than

Practical Legal Training (PLT) equips them with the

necessary skills, firm knowledge and practical


Graduate Lawyers undertake a two week induction

before having the opportunity to gain experience in

many of the firm’s practice areas through 4 x 3 months

rotation. Graduates have an extensive support network

including a buddy (usually a 1 st year Lawyer) to assist

with the transition from university to full time

employment, a mentor (usually a Senior Associate) in

each rotation and a Supervisor (Partner) to provide

guidance throughout the year.

Application Process

Applications accepted via CVmail




Harmers Workplace Lawyers


Level 19, 10 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000





Who we are and what makes us unique

Harmers Workplace Lawyers is an equal opportunity

employer. We are committed to selecting, recruiting,

training and promoting the best qualified persons in all

job classifications in a fair and non-discriminatory

manner. We will ensure that this occurs by measuring

applicants against objective selection criteria as set

out in the Harmers workplace lawyers ‘employee

remuneration scheme’.

What we look for in an employee

We are always interested in hearing from people who

have a passion for employment law and are interested

in working with us.

What other aspects can we offer employees?

Our staff enjoy the benefits of Harmers' work/life

balance initiatives, ranked fourth in the Annual Work

Life Balance Survey, and the mind/body/spirit model.

Harmers’ work life balance initiatives aim to allow staff

members to balance high level professional careers

with social, emotional, family, intellectual, physical

and spiritual pursuits.

Harmers attempts, where possible across a working

year, to keep working hours at reasonable levels to

enable staff to pursue their outside interests.

Clerkship Program

Harmers’ summer clerk program is specially tailored to

provide an exceptional grounding in our areas of the

law, as well as developing practical legal skills. Our

program is also fun and clerks have an opportunity to

participate in many firm activities and social functions.

Clerks work within a vibrant team and become closely

involved in matters across our practice areas.

Harmers aims to give its clerks a unique experience of

life in the law – combining thorough training and

induction, in-depth legal knowledge, experience of

working on real cases, and practical know-how about

day to day legal practice. Clerks work with outstanding

lawyers in employment law, many of whom are

recognised as experts in their field. Harmers is a nonhierarchical

firm and clerks have the opportunity to

work closely with partners and senior lawyers.

Clerks are invited to attend the numerous meetings

that occur at Harmers, such as weekly legal staff

meetings, a weekly legal staff training session, a

weekly meeting of a legal team or simply a meeting of

the Business Development or Pro Bono Committee.

All Harmers clerks have a “Buddy” – a junior solicitor

who is a reference point and mentor throughout the

Program. Clerks are introduced to their buddies early

in the clerkship and often refer to them for advice and


Application Process

Please submit the application form available at

http://www.harmers.com.au alongside a cover letter,

CV, academic transcript and UAI results.




Harwood Andrews Lawyers


Level 5, 707 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3008



CLERKSHIP 14/07/2015 10/08/2015

GRADUATE 21/07/2015 17/08/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

Harwood Andrews Lawyers is one of Victoria's leading

law firms where we provide legal services to

businesses, statutory authorities and high net wealth

family groups delivering outstanding outcomes to our


We specialise in: Business Law, Superannuation,

Taxation, Tax Litigation, Dispute Resolution and

Litigation, Wills and Estates, Family Law, Local

Government and Public Sector, Agribusiness, Family

Business, Planning & Environment and Property.

What we look for in an employee

Harwood Andrews Lawyers look for:

•the ability to make a client’s outcome into their


•a willingness to learn and develop their skills

•an understanding of attention to detail

•good communication skills

•strong interpersonal skills

•a willingness to work as part of a team

•an ability to multi-task and prioritise


Clerkship Program

Our seasonal clerkships offer a formal and well rounded

learning opportunity over a three week period. A

seasonal clerk is provided with some hands on

experience with file related matters and works closely

with our junior lawyers.

A buddy is assigned to all of our seasonal clerks and is

responsible for giving the support needed to ensure

that it is a rewarding and positive learning experience.

The clerkship includes exposure in three areas of law in

Geelong: Business, Family and Dispute Resolution and

two areas of law in Melbourne: Business and Dispute


Graduate Program

The traineeship program runs for twelve months and

focuses on two key areas of the firm with a rotation in

each of our Business Law and Dispute Resolution

departments. Under the program the trainees gain

broader exposure to other areas of the practice which

the firm determines at its discretion.

Application Process

Your application should include a cover letter, CV,

academic transcript, and details of your work

experience, community involvement, leadership

experience and extra-curricular activities.

Applications will only be accepted via email to

hr@harwoodandrews.com.au or via the website's online

application option.

•an excellent understanding of file and time





Henry Davis York


44 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia



CLERKSHIP 18/06/2015 21/07/2015


Who we are and what makes us unique

A leading national law firm, Henry Davis York is

recognised for its profound reputation across the

government, and banking & financial services sectors.

Our people-centred focus and high quality client

matters have led to Henry Davis York's reputation of

being a great place to work. The relationships we have

with each other, with our clients, within our

community and with the environment are ingrained in

our identity and something we value highly.

It is the passion and pride in who we are and what we

do that makes us different. Come and join us as a

summer clerk and experience the spectrum of

opportunities for yourself.

What we look for in an employee

If you:

•identify with our values of People Spirit Excellence

•thrive in an environment that celebrates team and

individual endeavour

•seek involvement in high-quality work with

longstanding blue chip clients

•have interests and hobbies outside the Law

•value strong and enduring relationships with

colleagues and clients

•are technically strong and take pride in delivering

excellence in all that you do

•seek a supportive, flexible and communicative

environment to grow your career.

Then talk to us. It sounds like we have something in


Clerkship Program

As a summer clerk with Henry Davis York you will

receive a comprehensive experience of what it is truly

like to work in our firm. This means you will have

challenging, meaningful work, gain exposure to

interesting clients, be given a good level of

responsibility, have team support and regular access to

our partners.

During the program you will have the opportunity to

rotate through three practice groups of your interest

with designated support in each rotation from a

supervising partner, senior associate and mentor. You

will receive regular feedback and advice from your

supervising partner and others you work with plus a

more formal review at the end of each rotation.

You will be treated as an individual in an environment

that supports your development and will have the

opportunity to participate in our Professional

Development Program as well as one-on-one training

and skill development.

Of course it’s important to have some fun too and you

will have plenty of opportunities to experience the

spirit of Henry Davis York through a range of formal and

informal social activities.

Summer clerkships are currently only offered in our

Sydney office. Any graduate positions available in our

Brisbane office will be advertised on our careers


Graduate Program

We do not participate in the formal graduate

recruitment program, instead aiming to recruit our

graduate lawyers through our summer clerkship


Application Process

Applications accepted via CVmail.




Herbert Smith Freehills


345 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000



CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE See website See Website

Who we are and what makes us unique

Build your career at the top of the legal profession

By joining Herbert Smith Freehills, you will become an

integral part of one of the world’s leading legal

practices. You will help support our clients - many of

the largest and most respected organisations across all

major regions of the world. We're proud that they trust

us with their most important transactions, disputes and

projects and we aim to bring a new perspective to our

clients' businesses, working with them to identify

opportunity and manage risk in an uncertain


Develop personally and professionally

Our success depends on the expertise, knowledge and

unique perspectives of all our people. That’s why we

have always placed such a high value on diversity. It's

also why we encourage you to explore different areas

of law and decide how to shape your career. We will

invest heavily in your development through formal

training, pro bono opportunities and the chance to

work with inspiring people who are leaders in their

fields. We will help you grow personally and

professionally in an environment where you can be your


Become a valued business adviser

We understand that becoming an exceptional lawyer

goes beyond technical ability and that at its heart, the

business of law is based on human relationships. For us

this means a culture built on creating exceptional

working relationships with clients and colleagues. From

the start of your career you will get to know our

clients, understand their perspectives, and develop

your ability to deliver insightful and commercially

astute advice.

Explore opportunities across the globe

For us, seeing the bigger picture means thinking and

working across borders. With offices spanning fastgrowing

markets like China, Russia and South-East Asia,

as well as established markets like the UK, Europe, the

US and Australia, we can give you international

opportunities that only a leading global firm can

provide. We'll expect high performance; in return, we

will support your ambition, and offer you rewards and

opportunities tailored to your needs and aspirations.

Is Herbert Smith Freehills right for you?

A career at Herbert Smith Freehills is one of the most

fulfilling that you can pursue. But what can you expect

from being part of one of the world’s leading law firms?

Intellectually stimulating and demanding work

Our people advise some of the world’s largest

organisations on their most complex and critical

transactions, disputes and projects. You are likely to

be faced with demanding and intellectually stimulating

work that will require more than just technical ability.

A global perspective

As a professional within one of the world’s leading law

firms, you are likely to be exposed to work in key

growth markets such as China, India, Indonesia and

Russia. You should also expect to spend some of your

career in an international office or on a client


High performance, with our support

The success of our business and our clients relies on the

skills, knowledge and ideas of our people. Our

environment is one in which high performance is

expected. We provide you with a framework that will

help you to grow personally and professionally.

A diverse and inclusive environment

Having a diverse and inclusive workplace is central to

our success in attracting great people, connecting with

our clients, and providing perceptive advice. We are

focused on creating a culture of openness and

authenticity, allowing our people to be themselves and

to perform to the best of their abilities. Our Global

Diversity and Inclusion Group helps keep our focus on

programmes promoting diversity in areas such as

gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality and gender

orientation, culture, and family responsibilities.




Herbert Smith Freehills


What else do you offer?

Life at Herbert Smith Freehills is stimulating and

inspiring. We develop exceptional lawyers through a

culture that values everyone’s contribution within a

strong team ethic.

High performance is expected here, and we will

provide you with the support, intellectual challenges

and international opportunities to develop your

capabilities and career. You’ll also be in an open and

enjoyable working environment where your individual

strengths and contributions are recognised.

What do you look for?

Herbert Smith Freehills does not look for a certain

‘type’ of person. What we do look for are the qualities

that make an exceptional commercial lawyer.

We look for more than just a great academic record

and strong technical skills. We choose people who are:

• Assured

• Perceptive

• Ambitious

• Empathetic

Clerkship Program

A clerkship is the best way to: ‘try out’ a law firm

Vacation clerkships allow you to experience first-hand

the culture and working styles of different law firms –

helping you choose a firm that works for you.

get real legal experience

During your vacation clerkship, you’ll spend time in one

or two of our practice areas and get involved in real

work for some of the world’s largest companies and

some of our inspiring pro bono clients.

obtain a graduate position

Graduate Program

The Herbert Smith Freehills graduate programme is a

comprehensive learning programme designed to

provide the best foundation for your future success.

We recruit employees from a wide range of

backgrounds who possess the qualities we look for in

our lawyers, such as intellectual curiosity, confidence,

empathy, clarity of thought, ability to see the bigger

picture, and the ambition to grow personally and


The Herbert Smith Freehills programme is the best for:

making you an exceptional lawyer

Our development plan is based on detailed empirical

research into the unique set of behaviours that we

know leads to success. You will benefit from a tailored

development plan to help you build a fulfilling career

in the world of law.

easing the transition from university to work

Herbert Smith Freehills understands that the transition

from university to life in a commercial law firm can be

daunting. We provide a comprehensive orientation

programme when you start with us, and you will have

extensive on-the-job support from colleagues and


providing you with a range of legal experience

Every graduate rotates around three different practice

areas, where you are assigned a supervising partner.

You gain unparalleled experience in advising some of

the world’s largest and most respected organisations on

their most critical transactions, disputes and projects.

teaching you more than just technical skills

The Herbert Smith Freehills graduate programme aims

to ensure you become an essential business adviser by

teaching you technical skills and more. We provide

training in areas such as research, communication and

business skills, as well as a series of modules to help

you manage your career. We also provide industry and

client seminars so that you have a full understanding of

the business issues facing our clients.




Holding Redlich


Level 1, 300 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000



CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE 03/08/2015 17/08/2015

Who are we and what makes us unique

Holding Redlich is a leading Australian commercial law

firm with a resource base of nearly 400 staff, operating

in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

What other aspects aside from work can you offer

your employees?

Holding Redlich promotes a culture of cooperation. Our

lawyers share knowledge and collaborate across

practice groups and across our three offices to work as

a truly integrated national firm.

We offer an environment of genuine professional

support as well as providing stimulating, challenging

legal work and opportunities for growth and

development. We are very conscious of the importance

of a healthy work-life balance, so we encourage our

lawyers to work smarter rather than harder, and to aim

for a realistic balance between their work and other

aspects of their lives.

Our people are connected to the communities in which

they live and work, with strong community,

commercial and cultural networks. In 201 3, we

received a national EOWA Employer of Choice for

Women citation for the sixth consecutive year.

What we look for in an employee

When seeking talent, we place high importance on

seeking like minded individuals to ensure successful

culture fit. Our values, what we stand for include and

support our focus on: Clients, Excellence,

Professionalism and Respect.

Clerkship Program

Our summer clerkship program gives law students

entering the final year of law school the chance to

sample life at Holding Redlich, and gain an insight into

legal practice. Summer Clerks gain exposure to a

variety of interesting work, and hands-on experience

working with senior lawyers and partners.

Our Brisbane program includes a one month placement

in a practice group and commences with an induction

program, including library and research training.

Graduate Program

Our law graduates take part in a 1 2 month National

Graduate Program designed to supplement the

practical “on-the-job” training they receive. This

includes Practical Legal Training with the College of

Law, an extensive and highly practical induction

program and participation in a variety of workshops

designed to help develop knowledge and professional


Each graduate is assigned a supervising partner and

buddy and is exposed to quality work, with appropriate

supervision and direct client contact. Our law

graduates participate in a Graduate Mentoring

Program, are exposed to two practice group rotations

and participate in regular appraisals in order to

exchange feedback and discuss goal setting and


Application and Recruitment Process

Please send a Covering letter, resume and academic

transcript to our Human Resources Manager, Justine

Casey at brisbaneclerkships@holdingredlich.com






1 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

(07) 3024 0348 l.stockwell@hopgoodganim.com.au


CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE See Website See Website

Who we are and what makes us unique

HopgoodGanim's focus is on our clients and our people.

Our vibrant internal culture is founded and centred on

business mateship and a passion for the law.

This culture has enabled us to maintain higher than

average retention rates - more than 40 percent of our

current staff have worked with the firm for five years

or more. We offer our people a real chance to fulfil

their career aspirations, while our unique culture and

flexible, employee-friendly policies truly support

work/life balance.

We believe in organic growth and the development of

our talent from within to create a strong, experienced

team. Whether you're a graduate, an experienced legal

practitioner or a member of our support staff, we

provide a career path for your progression and

continued achievement right from day one.

HopgoodGanim is more than just a law firm. We are a

community of friends who happen to practice the law


Our unique culture

HopgoodGanim's internal culture is centred on a

concept we call ‘business mateship’. Joe Ganim and

Paul Hopgood, the founders of the firm, embraced the

ideas of collaboration and friendship right from day

one. The firm was built on this philosophy of mateship,

not only between employees of the firm but with

clients and other stakeholders as well.

We believe in treating each other, and our clients, as

we would treat our friends. Some of the ways we do

this include:

• Providing our clients with great service and

breaking down the traditional conservative

barriers between lawyers and their clients

• Approaching our work with passion, positivity

and a tenacious attitude

• Openly sharing our thoughts and ideas for ways

to improve processes and procedures

• Providing straightforward and honest answers

to questions from colleagues and clients

• Getting to know more about the personality of

the people we work with by finding out what

'makes them tick' and what their passions are

outside of work

• Communicating with our clients and colleagues

as much as possible about the progress of work

we're doing for them

• Understanding and responding to our clients'

needs so that we develop strong relationships

that outlast a single transaction

HopgoodGanim is well-known in the legal industry for

our lower-than-average daily billable hour requirement

for legal staff, which has been set at 5.5 hours since

2001. Because our practitioners feel comfortable that

they can meet their billable hour requirement, the

emphasis is shifted from 'watching the clock' to

providing clients with quality advice. We recognise that

practitioners who feel they are able to achieve goals

and meet targets are ultimately happier, more

productive workers.

HopgoodGanim offers a number of benefits and

programs to support our commitment to work/life

balance, and reviews these benefits on an annual basis

to update the program with new initiatives. In addition

to the other benefits outlined on this website, we

currently offer discounted gym memberships,

subsidised health and fitness classes, free flu

vaccinations, in-house mental health and wellbeing

seminars, corporate dental and optical schemes, and

an annual leave purchase scheme.






1 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

(07) 3024 0348 l.stockwell@hopgoodganim.com.au


CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE See Website See Website

Clerkship Program

If you haven't yet graduated, the best way to get a head

start is to work as a vacation clerk before you graduate.

At HopgoodGanim, our vacation clerks are provided

with the opportunity to work closely with our partners

and solicitors on real issues and with real clients.

HopgoodGanim offers vacation clerkships during the

winter and summer university breaks.

Vacation clerks may be invited back during the term to

be a research assistant for the firm. As a research

assistant, students have the opportunity to undertake

research and prepare briefing papers on changes in

legislation relevant to clients, as well as work on large

project transactions in which the firm is involved.

Participating in our vacation clerkship program may also

offer you the opportunity to be considered for a

graduate position within our firm.

Graduate Program

When we recruit our graduate, clerkship and research

assistant positions, we're recruiting our partners of

tomorrow. We are committed to developing our future

legal practitioners through a variety of graduate and

educational opportunities.

HopgoodGanim's graduate program is about providing

real opportunities and real challenges in a professional

working environment.

As part of our aim to encourage internal career

development, priority offers are made to candidates

currently employed within the firm and participants of

our seasonal vacation clerkship programs.

All applications should include:

• A covering letter

• Your CV/resume (including contact details for at

least three referees)

• Your full official academic transcript




Hunt & Hunt Lawyers


Level 26, 385 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000



CLERKSHIP 14/07/2015 10/08/2015

GRADUATE 04/03/2015 18/04/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

Established in 1929, Hunt & Hunt is a vibrant, midsized

law firm that provides tailored legal advice to clients

across Australia and internationally. Our broad client

base includes large and small businesses, government

departments, major insurance firms, not-for-profit

organisations and private clients.

Our professionalism, combined with our friendly and

energetic approach, has made Hunt & Hunt a trusted

advisor to some of Australia's largest and most diverse


What we look for in an employee

We're looking for smart, energetic, motivated and

socially intelligent students in their penultimate year

of study. We also accept applications from final year

students. If you have a strong work ethic, solid

academic record and varied interests outside academic

life, we'd love to hear from you.

Application Process

To apply for a seasonal clerkship with Hunt & Hunt,

please email your application, including a copy of your

academic transcript, CV and covering letter to Marnie

Harper at mharper@hunthunt.com.au.

To apply for Hunt & Hunt’s graduate program,

complete the application form available at

http://www.hunthunt.com.au/join-us/graduate and

submit it together with a copy of your résumé and

academic transcript by email

to human_resources@hunthunt.com.au.

Clerkship Program

A seasonal clerkship at Hunt & Hunt lets you explore a

broad spectrum of legal work before you decide on

your area of specialisation.

A clerkship at Hunt & Hunt gives you a head start in

your legal career. Over four weeks, you'll work with

senior lawyers on relevant, diverse matters across a

range of industry sectors, in a supportive and close-knit

environment. Most importantly, you'll get direct access

to partners who are leaders in their field.

Our review process for clerks ensures you have a

relevant and varied experience, receive regular

feedback, support and training to help you develop

your skills and career.

Our seasonal clerkship program is designed to help you

acquire the skills and knowledge to become a confident

graduate. Our graduate program is recruited

exclusively out of our pool of seasonal clerks.

We believe that getting you involved in real work helps

us get to know each other better and allows you to

decide if Hunt & Hunt is the right firm for you.

Graduate Program

We are not currently accepting open market

applications for our 201 4 graduate program, they will

be selected from our 2012/13 seasonal clerkship pool.

2015 graduates will be recruited from the 2013/14

seasonal clerkship program. Priority offers are made in

accordance with the Law Institute of Victoria

Traineeship Guidelines.




HWL Ebsworth Lawyers


Level 23, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

(07) 3002 6798 SSIKALAS@HWLE.COM.AU


CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE 03/08/2015 17/08/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

At HWL Ebsworth, our edge is not only expertise,

experience and the ability to achieve the commercial

objective of our clients, but also our ability to offer a

better value proposition which will assist our clients in

meeting their objectives.

The Partnership is dynamic, forward thinking and

committed to developing a supportive working

environment for our staff.

What other aspects aside from work can you offer

your employees?

HWL Ebsworth offer active career development to all

employees through each stage of their career.

Our culture is one that places a strong emphasis on

open and honest communication at all levels,

continuous improvement in our practices and

encouragement of innovation and forward thinking. We

benchmark our practices against the best in the

country and the world to achieve our vision.

HWL Ebsworth has a well established pro-bono program

and all Trainee Solicitors are strongly encouraged to


What we look for in an employee

HWL Ebsworth seeks well-rounded applicants for our

Trainee Solicitor Program, who espouse to our firm

values and are committed to a long-term career with

the firm.

Clerkship Program

The HWL Ebsworth Winter Clerkship Program will

provide a 3 week Clerkship, with the opportunity to

gain experience within one Practice Group of the firm.

Clerks will be paired with a Supervising Partner and a

Mentor who will provide guidance and support

throughout the Clerkship and deliver comprehensive

feedback at the conclusion of the Clerkship. You will

participate in a customised induction program that will

assist in familiarising you with our systems, processes

and values.

Graduate Program

The HWL Ebsworth Trainee Solicitor Program is

currently offered as a Supervised Traineeship, offering

rotations through key practice areas of the firm. In

addition to the hands-on rotations, Trainee Solicitors

will be provided with study support to complete the

necessary external programmed legal training required

for Admission in Queensland.

Application and Recruitment Process

To apply for a Trainee Solicitor position with HWL

Ebsworth, applicants are required to complete an

Online Application Form and include a copy of their

academic transcripts and any additional supporting

documentation they wish to be considered.

Following the submission of an Application Form,

shortlisted candidates will progress through a two-stage

recruitment process including an Information &

Assessment Centre and individual interview with a

selection panel. Applications will only be accepted

from recent law graduates or students completing their

degree in 2015.

DOC ID 5641442/V1



K & L Gates


Level 16, 66 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000



GRADUATE See website See website

Who we are and what makes us unique

K&L Gates is a commercial law firm operating at the

intersection of globalisation, innovation, and regulation

to deliver legal solutions for clients facing an

increasingly complex global marketplace.

With more than 2000 lawyers in offices across five

continents, we have the largest integrated network of

offices of any global law firm. In Australia, our offices

are located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

With the extraordinary inbound investment into

Australia from the Asia Pacific region the firm has the

resources on the ground to handle the most

sophisticated legal requirements.

Firm Values

Our firm values are centred on four core areas.

Client Focused – We provide the highest level of

service to our clients as industry experts and seek out

proactive ways to anticipate their needs and add value

to their businesses.

Transparent – We strongly believe in maintaining an

open and authentic culture, internally and externally.

It helps us build long lasting relationships with our

clients based on mutual trust and respect.

Employee benefits

K&L Gates is strongly committed to our lawyers’

professional development. Partners throughout the

firm, together with our professional development

team, work to create an extensive range of formal and

informal professional development opportunities for

lawyers in all of our offices.

K&L Gates is a highly collaborative, inclusive and social

workplace where we take interest in you as a person,

not just an employee.

You will be offered the chance to join our social club,

participate in one of our sporting teams and take part

in our pro-bono community programs.

Regular Friday night drinks provide the opportunity to

socialise with your colleagues and others outside of

your wider practice area. In addition to this, we fully

support flexible working and offer other wellbeing

initiatives to ensure our staff have a good working life


K&L Gates is committed to diversity, including

championing working parents and developing our senior

female leaders through our Diversity and Women in the

Profession committees. In 2014 K&L Gates was one of

only 76 Australian organisations to receive the citation

for Employer of Choice for Gender Equality.

Innovative – We are at the forefront of the issues

affecting our clients and are focused on providing

ground-breaking, value-driven solutions to enhance

their businesses.

Integrated – We are one global network, truly

integrated and unified, allowing us to provide seamless

service to our clients, regardless of their location.




K & L Gates


What we look for

We believe in hiring individuals who will become a part

of our collaborative, committed and diverse team.

Solid academic results are important but to be a

successful lawyer you need to demonstrate talent and

skill in a variety of areas. In your application to us you

will demonstrate commerciality, logic and attention to

detail as well as enthusiasm for delivering exceptional

client service.

To be successful at K&L Gates you will have:

• Leadership experience: You’re a self-starter

committed to personal and professional

development. And you’ve demonstrated

initiative, tenacity and potential.

• Curiosity: You’re a strategic thinker who solves

problems creatively.

• Maturity: You possess sound judgment and have

excellent people skills. You’re confident and


• Passion: You must be dynamic, enthusiastic and

excited about our firm!

• First class communication skills: You possess

the ability to speak and write clearly and


Attributes of a team player: You’re approachable and

enjoy participating in group activities. You’re a good

listener. And you’re always willing to share thoughts

and ideas.

Pro Bono Work

K&L Gates handles hundreds of pro bono matters a

year. Among other things, firm lawyers litigate civil

rights cases, establish and advise non-profit

organisations, assist such organisations in transactions

and represent indigent persons in consumer, landlordtenant,

and immigration matters. We directly aid

individuals who have limited means but substantial

legal needs. We also provide legal counsel and public

policy advocacy to help organisations advance their

public service programs, and we accept court

appointments to provide pro bono counsel in both civil

and criminal matters.

Every year K&L Gates participates in a Global Day of

Service, which takes place across all of our offices and

is an opportunity for all staff to make a positive impact

in their local communities. In recognition of this

initiative K&L Gates was awarded the "Global

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year" in

2013 in the American Lawyer's Global Legal Awards.

2016 Graduate program

The graduate program involves rotations through three

practice groups. You will be exposed to a variety of

areas of commercial law in all rotations.

Our graduate program is designed to give you the

technical expertise and commercial context to

succeed. Throughout the year you are supported with

a buddy, supervisor and mentor. Partners and senior

lawyers will support and guide you through each

rotation and support your career development. Your

buddy, a junior lawyer, will help you transition into

your new role.

Your professional development program runs weekly.

It combines Practical Legal Training (delivered by the

College of Law) with sessions presented by partners,

lawyers, external presenters and our professional

development team.







Our clients need exceptional people to help them thrive in a world defined by

change and complexity. They need people who are intellectually curious; who

are able to advise with clarity and originality; people who believe that the

business of law is based on human relationships.

Bring those qualities, your energy and your ambition and we’ll offer you the

international opportunities, challenges and responsibilities only a leading global

firm can provide. We offer an environment built on support and collaboration,

where high performance is recognised and rewarded, and where you’ll be

inspired and mentored by leaders in their fields.




King & Wood Mallesons


Level 33, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

(07) 3244 8565 olanda.gislason@au.kwm.com


CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

King & Wood Mallesons is helping clients across the

globe to make smart choices to shape their future

success. As a global law firm, over 2,700 lawyers in 30

international offices are cutting through the challenges

facing business and providing commercial solutions that

are transforming the way legal services are delivered.

Our ability to connect emerging opportunities with

market leading capability is pushing the frontiers of

what can be achieved - connecting Asia to the world,

and the world to Asia.

And, we want you to be part of this story.

Here is a snapshot of what we offer:

Vision: to create a global law firm, headquartered in


Colleagues: over 550 partners and 2,700 lawyers

Reputation: over 100 international and Asia-focused

awards and 50 top-tier rankings, the go-to firm for

inbound and outbound China investments

Locations: strategically positioned in the world’s

growth markets and financial capitals with 30

international offices and the only global law firm

network to be headquartered in Asia

Clients: from global financial and corporate

powerhouses to blue-chips, pioneers and decision

makers across the globe (some for over 180 years)

What are we looking for in an employee?

If you relish the prospect of working in a dynamic

team, learning from experts at the top of their game

and being involved in cutting edge legal work, you’re

just the sort of person we’d like as a King & Wood

Mallesons clerk or graduate.

Offering a strong academic track record, you’ll be able

to demonstrate a real interest in, and perspective of,

commercial law. And we’d hope you would be excited

by the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone,

develop new skills and working closely with leaders in

their field.

Being a great lawyer is more than simply knowing the

law. It involves work-life balance, being switched on to

events shaping the future, and having a genuine drive

for what you do. We’re interested in your life

experiences, interests outside of work, and the things

you are passionate about.

We’re a friendly, approachable, and down to earth

firm, so we’re looking for likeminded people who are a

strong fit with the firm’s culture and our brand.

The qualities we value are commitment, passion,

teamwork, and the motivation to think differently.

Clients are looking not only for superior technical

knowledge, but also people who are great to work with

and unafraid to push the envelope.

You’ll work in an environment that will challenge your

mind and technical capabilities, supported with a

strong team culture to help you succeed.

If this sounds like you, arrange to talk to one of our

graduate resourcing consultants or find out more by

visiting our website, www.kwm.com.




King & Wood Mallesons


Clerkship Program

We’ve designed a program to help you make the most

of your time with us. During your clerkship, you’ll


• The day-to-day skills to get you started – taking

instructions, meeting with clients, drafting memos

and documents, managing your practice and

professional relationships.

• The core practice teams at King & Wood Mallesons

– who they are, what they do, how they’re

structured, the clients they work for, and of

course, your role within them.

• Our culture – working within your team, you’ll be

exposed to (and encouraged) to get actively

involved in the many activities and events that help

create our unique culture.

Our people – you’ll find that people from every part of

the business will help you along, sharing their

knowledge, and ensuring you have everything you need

to fit in, and do well.

Graduate Program

All graduates are involved in our International

Graduate Program, which is designed to help you

become a successful lawyer in a global market.

Comprehensive learning and development programs

support your experience. It’s designed to build on your

skills and understanding of our areas of legal practice.

As these programs are aligned with our 3 x 6 month

rotation system your learning is closely linked to “on

the floor” graduate experience.

Don’t worry – you’ll have a supervising partner and a

buddy who is there to provide you with guidance and


The International Graduate Program offers you the

opportunity to apply for a rotation in one of our

interstate or overseas offices.

King & Wood Mallesons offers a Practical Legal Training

(PLT) course with the College of Law to our Australian

Law Graduates, ensuring that you meet the

requirements for admission to legal practice.

Application and Recruitment Process

How to apply: Via our online application system

at www.kwm.com

Please submit a cover letter and academic transcript

with your application. All files uploaded should be in

Word or PDF format. King & Wood Mallesons conducts

behavioral based interviews.

There are generally two rounds of interviews with the

first round conducted by a partner and P&D

Representative from our Recruitment Committee.

Second round interviews are hosted by a partner and a

senior associate usually from a practice group in which

the candidate has expressed an interest. Throughout

the recruitment process we host social events to

enable you to meet our team in an informal setting.






Level 9, 120 Edward Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000





Who we are and what makes us unique

At MacDonnells Law, we believe in creating a positive

work experience built on collaboration and teamwork.

Whether you're a graduate, experienced lawyer or

looking for a secretarial/support or management role

there are many reasons to consider a career at

MacDonnells Law:

• a flexible and dynamic organisation supportive of

your career and life goals

• excellent technical and non-technical skills training

• challenging, interesting and rewarding work

• opportunities to work directly with clients

• direct interaction with partners and all levels of


• an open, friendly and supportive work culture

• social activities

• a healthy work/life balance.

What we look for in an employee

We're looking for people with:

• drive and enthusiasm

• confidence - because they know the law and

understand client needs

• great communication skills

• a focus on teamwork - with their colleagues and their


• a commitment to excellence in client service

• the ability to initiate, create and implement new


• a fun, happy and friendly attitude to work and life.

Graduate Program

As a firm we recognise that our graduate recruitment

processes are a cornerstone of our growth and

development. We take the time to recruit the right

people from the beginning - people who we see as the

future leaders and decision makers of our firm.

Application Process

Lodge a general expression of interest on our website.






Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney



CLERKSHIP 14/06/2015 19/07/2015

GRADUATE June/July 2015

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


Maddocks provides premium legal services to

corporations, businesses and governments throughout

Australia and internationally. We advise across a

diverse range of industry sectors, delivering advice

from our Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra offices.

We're committed to our clients. In fact, our brand and

business reputation is built on them. Our customised

service is based on a deep understanding of our clients'

legal requirements in the context of their business

objectives. We're highly regarded for exceptional,

practical legal services that add value to our clients'


What do you look for in an employee

Our firm culture is very important to us and we work

hard to sustain it. The traits we look for at Maddocks

are hard work, friendliness, a genuine focus on the

needs of our clients, approachability and integrity. We

believe the unique position that Maddocks has in the

market provides seasonal clerks, graduates and junior

lawyers with the opportunity to work on high quality,

complex matters, take real responsibility and have

contact with clients at an early stage of their career.

our seven practice groups. You will be exposed to a

variety of areas within the firm and your experience

may help you in determining your main areas of


For each rotation, you are assigned a co–ordinator who

allocates work, provides support and evaluates your


Graduate Program

Maddocks’ comprehensive graduate program is tailored

to people who want their legal careers to grow. We

provide a broad range of experience with the necessary

work, resources and assistance to give you the best

start to your career. No matter what path you choose

within the firm, you will be encouraged and supported.

We look for and reward talent, regardless of age or


Our graduate program is based on a rotation system

that exposes you to a wide range of work and gives a

broad overview of the firm.

For office-specific details of our graduate programs

please see our website.

Clerkship Program

Maddocks Seasonal Clerks program is a great

opportunity to experience working in a dynamic legal

office and familiarise yourself with the firm. It starts

with an orientation, followed by a period in three of

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications accepted via CVmail.




Maurice Blackburn


179 North Quay Brisbane 4000



CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

Who are we and what makes us unique

At Maurice Blackburn, we fight for outcomes that make

a genuine difference to peoples’ lives. Outcomes that

include the 40 hour working week, equal pay for

women and Aboriginal workers, and standing up for the

rights of people who have been hurt, injured or

suffered loss. We've been fighting for fair since 1919.

What other aspects aside from work can your offer

your employees?

A career with Maurice Blackburn is based on the values

on which the firm was founded; Justice, Fairness,

Compassion and Tenacity. Maurice Blackburn’s Social

Justice Practice and Women’s Law Section are just two

ways we demonstrate our commitment to these values.

We willingly take on cases in support of social justice

principles that impact our community – like the rights

of Indigenous people and asylum seekers, environment

and climate change cases, and civil and political issues.

We fight for many of these clients on a pro bono basis.

We actively support women’s rights, including access to

the law and supporting their legal careers. The

Women’s Law Section was established at Maurice

Blackburn in 1 995 to provide networking, mentoring,

sponsorship and development opportunities for women

within the firm.

Maurice Blackburn employees are offered more than

just a job. Through our unique Employee Agreement we

respect your work/life balance by offering Flexible

Work Arrangements and generous paid parental leave.

We support ongoing learning and development through

training and career development opportunities, study

support and mentoring programs. We also offer

employees a range of health and wellbeing initiatives

including free gym membership, an Employee

Assistance Program and the provision of income

protection insurance paid for by the firm.

Clerkship Program

Maurice Blackburn’s Seasonal Clerkship Program is

designed to give legal students a broad overview of all

aspects of plaintiff law. Our program involves a

placement in a practice area within a Queensland

office with hands-on experience working alongside a

senior lawyer. The summer Clerkship usually

commences in mid-November and concludes in mid-

December. It is preferred that our Seasonal Clerks are

in their penultimate year of study. Interested students

are encouraged to submit their written application

through our website. Depending on the number of

applications received, the selection process may

involve 1 -2 interviews.

Graduate Program

Maurice Blackburn’s Trainee Lawyer program provides

legal graduates with a broad range of training designed

to familiarise you with all aspects of plaintiff law

through two 6 month rotations. Our program is

designed to integrate all the necessary components of

the Queensland Law Society (QLS) traineeship

requirements, including:

• Formal training from a range of internal and external


• Exposure to real cases and the opportunity to help


• Two rotations in different practice areas, to assist

you in choosing a career path;

• Exposure to both CBD and regional offices; and

• Direct access to learn from leading lawyers in their


Interested students are encouraged to submit their

written application through our website when general

applications open. Depending on the number of

applications received, the selection process may

involve 1 -2 interviews. Students who have completed a

Clerkship with us, or are employed by the firm, are

eligible for Priority Offers as per the QLS guidelines.




McCullough Robertson


Level 11, Central Plaza II, 66 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000



CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE 03/08/2015 17/08/2015

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


McCullough Robertson was established in 1926 and is

leading independent Australian law firm located in

Brisbane (head office), Sydney and Newcastle. With

over 430 partners and staff McCullough Robertson

remains ranked as Queensland’s largest law firm and

ranked in the Top 20 nationally.

The firm was named ‘Brisbane Law Firm of the Year’ in

2007, 2009 and 2010, named Employer of Choice by

Australasian Legal Business Awards in 2009, 2011 and

2012, as well as three years in a row awarded the

citation as an Employer of Choice for Women from the

Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace agency.

Our growth and success has been achieved through our

capacity to deliver outstanding results for our clients

and our strong culture of innovation and


We pride ourselves on being technically excellent and

client responsive. Our lawyers are given the

opportunity to work on quality legal matters at a

national level and their contributions are highly valued

and well-rewarded. Our partners are committed to

building cohesive teams and sharing the benefits of

their professional experience.

As a full service commercial law firm clients tell us

they want innovative thinking from their lawyers. To

achieve this, we work with clients to help them

respond to opportunities and to anticipate legal and

commercial issues affecting their business. McCullough

Robertson is committed to delivering the right to our

clients, ensuring the industry sector and technical

expertise come together seamlessly.

Firm Values

We invest in long-term relationships, gaining deep

knowledge of our clients, their business and their

industry. We use our networks to help clients. They

value our advice for its technical expertise, strategic

understanding and commercial benefit.

We are committed to our people’s career development

by providing mentoring and promotion opportunities.

Mutual respect is expected at all levels. We’re proud of

our independence and are happy to work together for

the benefit of the firm.

We bring integrity and best practice conduct to our

third party, government and industry interactions. As a

long established firm, we ‘give back’ to our industry

and professional network, to share its long-term


Industry focus: Aged care and retirement living;

Banking and finance; Food and agribusiness;

Government; Health and life sciences; Nonprofit; Real

Estate; Resources and energy, and Technology, media

and telecommunications.

Technical expertise: Banking and finance law; Climate

change and carbon trading; Commercial property;

Competition law; Construction; Corporate advisory;

Corporate governance; Employment law and industrial

relations; Environment and planning; Equity capital

markets; Executive compensation and employee

benefits; Foreign investment; Funds management;

Insurance and corporate risk; Intellectual property;

International trade; Joint ventures; Litigation and

dispute resolution; Mergers and acquisitions; Native

title and cultural heritage; Outsourcing and

procurement; Private equity; Projects and

infrastructure; Property development; Restructuring

and insolvency; Social infrastructure; Stamp duty; Tax

disputes; Taxation advice; Wills and estate planning:

and Workplace health and safety.

Our values and culture are not just a set of words; they

set us apart - defining who we are and how we do

business. McCullough Robertson is Committed,

Connected and Commercial.




McCullough Robertson


What do you look for in an employee

• A motivated team player with a demonstrated

commitment to a career in law.

• A well-rounded candidate with a strong

academic record (GPA of 5.1 or above).

Someone who has participated in university life

and in the community, with relevant work


• Candidates who also have degrees in Science,

Accounting, Arts, Business, Commerce,

Economics, Information Technology and

International Business are well considered.

Graduate Program

Our 18 month long Graduate Program consists of two

nine month rotations. This gives you the opportunity to

develop your knowledge and skill within two practice

areas of your choice.

Induction to areas of law includes weekly sessions with

industry specialists, including corporate, litigation and

property. The emphasis is on developing your skills as a

lawyer through networking, presentation and client


Clerkship Program

It’s only four weeks, but when you spend it with us, it

means so much more. It is an opportunity to see into

the future.

Our vacation clerk program allows students to gain

exposure to the inside workings of a commercial law

firm, while becoming familiar with the McCullough

Robertson ethos.

You will be placed in one practice group for the entire

four week period, allowing you the opportunity to

develop your knowledge and skill within the one area,

while becoming comfortable in your team environment

and surroundings.




McInnes Wilson


Level 14, Central Plaza One 345 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000



CLERKSHIP 05/03/2015 17/04/2015

GRADUATE 17/06/2015 17/07/2015

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


McInnes Wilson Lawyers offers clients a broad range of

specialised legal services, including commercial law,

litigation and dispute resolution, property and

construction, insurance, financial services and personal

legal services.

McInnes Wilson Lawyers offers clients a broad range of

specialised legal services, including specialists in agrilegal;

construction and major projects; education;

energy and resources; health and aged care; real

estate; sports, leisure and entertainment; and

transport and logistics.

What do you look for in an employee

The Clerkship Program is accessible to penultimate

year law students and provides an opportunity for onthe-job

training and mentoring whilst studying a law


Participants of the Clerkship program are strongly

encouraged to apply for the Graduate Program upon

the successful completion of their degree, provided

they have successfully met the minimum requirements

for entry into the Graduate Program as follows:

• A Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5

• An Overall Position (OP) between 1 to 7

• Completion of a law degree from an Australian


• A demonstrated record of full and/or part time

work experience (legal and/or non-legal)

• Participation in a team sport and voluntary

work (highly desirable)

• A right to work in Australia (i.e. hold

citizenship, permanent residency or a visa

entitling applicants to work in Australia)

Clerkship and Graduate Program

The Graduate and Clerkship Program allow participants

to develop the technical knowledge and interpersonal

skills required to launch a successful career with

McInnes Wilson Lawyers. The key focus of the program

is to offer on-the-job training including both technical

and non-technical skills.

Participants of either program can expect to

experience the following:

• Access to a wide variety of legal work

opportunity to work directly with clients to

develop skills on real legal challenges

• Direct access to Principals and senior lawyers

through the Firm’s mentor program

• Access to staff benefits such as the Firm’s

Health, Wealth, Life and Sustainability program

Application and Recruitment Process

To apply for either our Graduate or Clerkship program,

please download our Application Form and submit it via

email to recruitment@mcw.com.au marked for the

attention of Human Resources, along with a covering

letter, curriculum vitae, academic transcript and OP


While all applications will be considered equally,

students should be mindful that these programs are

highly sought after and placements cannot be

guaranteed for either program.

Should your application be shortlisted for a potential

placement, you may be contacted to attend an





McMahon Clarke


62 Charlotte Street, Brisbane QLD 4000





See website for details

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


McMahon Clarke has an enviable reputation as a

specialist law firm with quality people, quality work,

and quality clients Australia-wide.

One of our greatest attributes is our genuine peopleoriented

culture where we support and nurture each

individual as their career evolves. We embrace a

contemporary approach to our people and our business

which is a reflection of our core values – focus,

planning, recognition, balance and learning.

We recruit on merit and we attract people who share

our values, our ambition to deliver distinctively

competent legal services, and our commitment to

corporate responsibility.

Cultural, community, services and benefits aspects

• Offering our employees flexibility and

opportunities which support a healthy and

rewarding work and life balance.

• Recognising the importance of lifetime

learning and career development.

• Non-competitive and collaborative working


• Supporting the evolving career needs of our


• Actively mentoring our lawyers and support

staff, and helping to map out their career.

• Investing in our people, the community and

our social responsibility objectives.

What do you look for in an employee

and following our business plan to achieve what we set

out to do. Each member of our team is involved in the

business planning process, has a copy of our annual

business plan and is involved in management decisions

as we move forward to attain our goals.

Recognition – We recognise the talent and contributions

made by our team in servicing our clients. Each team

member is treated as a specialist in their field and is

given opportunities to develop their own expertise and

profile, including direct exposure to clients from the


Balance – Our team are encouraged to adopt a

balanced approach to their life. We understand

different people have different commitments and not

everyone wishes to work the same hours or have the

same career goals.

Learning – We have a commitment to lifelong learning.

We provide our people with the resources they need to

enable them to develop expertise in their areas of

practice. We understand that continuous learning and

knowledge sharing are fundamental to maintaining

quality service to our clients, and a dynamic work

environment for our team members.

Application and Recruitment Process

Our current opportunities are listed on our website.

Please email your resume and a covering letter to our

HR Manager, Liz Davies.

Focus – To be of value to clients today, we must

provide more than knowledge, competence and

accountability, which is why we have specialised our

legal practice and become experts in an area of law

about which we are passionate.

Planning – The success of our business involves pursuing

clear goals, undertaking thorough business planning,




Mills Oakley Lawyers


Level 14, 145 Ann Street, Brisbane 4000



CLERKSHIP Melbourne: 14/07/2015


Sydney: 17/09/2015


GRADUATE 21/07/2015 17/08/2015

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


Part of our drive towards market leadership in the

areas of law in which we excel is to develop

relationships with clients that will flourish over our

lifetime. This is borne out by our development of the

kind of firm-wide approach that always results in high

performance and investment in client-focused

technology and staff training.

However, we don’t rest on our achievements. Our

partners and staff are committed to a program of

continual improvement in relation to the services we

provide. We make a substantial investment in training

and develop our teams to apply leading edge client

service principles.

Cultural, community, services and benefits aspects

At Mills Oakley, we believe our success hinges on our

ability to attract and retain high calibre professionals.

Mills Oakley is dedicated to providing a stimulating

work environment and the support you require to build

a strong foundation for a great career and to progress

to partnership.

Mills Oakley are small enough to give you the personal

attention and career development to help you realise

your full potential; yet large enough to provide the

challenge of diverse, high-quality work and clients.

In our commitment to provide a positive and supportive

working environment to our staff, we are proud to

offer a comprehensive rewards and benefits program,

providing an environment where a flexible work culture

is supported and a range of benefits are provided to

our staff.

Clerkship Program

Mills Oakley’s seasonal clerkship program offers

students a four week placement consisting of two

rotations through two of our practice groups during

university summer holidays. The program provides law

students with the opportunity to work closely with our

lawyers and to learn more about the Mills Oakley

practice groups.

Students will be provided with a buddy and mentor and

undertake an Induction Program and training on our

processes and document management system. There is

also the opportunity to attend our fortnightly internal

Continuing Professional Development Forum which is

specifically tailored for our lawyers. Other experiences

include attending court, drafting documents and pieces

of advice, reviewing contracts, and legal research.

Graduate Program

Mills Oakley Trainees participate in two six month

placements beginning with an extensive Induction

Program and gain a sound understanding of the various

practice groups across the firm. In addition to the

Supervised Workplace Training program, we also

provide fortnightly internal Continuing Professional

Development Forums which incorporate both technical

and soft skills training. Coupled with a mentor and

supervising partner, you will be provided with

resources and support to gain valuable practical

experience and knowledge over the journey of your

Traineeship Program.

We respect your commitment to develop professionally

and will provide the support you require to help you

achieve ensure you continue to grow; professionally,

emotionally and intellectually.

Application and Recruitment Process

See website for details.




Minter Ellison


Level 22, Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle St, Brisbane 4000



CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

Who are we and what makes us unique?

Minter Ellison is a top tier law firm with a strong Asia

Pacific focus. We represent major multi-national,

regional and local companies as well as government

organizations and state- owned entities.

With 15 offices around the world, we work on

significant cross-border transactions, projects and

disputes, in particular in the energy and resources,

financial services and infrastructure sectors. Our

services are structured around core global practice

areas and industry sectors.

Our people – about 1,000 lawyers including partners –

are the best and work with the best, delivering

practical solutions that assist clients to achieve their

business objectives.

Global practice areas:

• Construction

• Corporate

• Dispute resolution

• Finance

• Human resources & industrial relations

• Real estate

• Taxation

What we look for in an employee

Excellence: We want people who strive to be the best,

pursue outstanding outcomes, and are passionate about

a career in commercial law.

Commercial awareness: Although this comes with

experience and time, we’re interested in people who

are commercially savvy, know how a business works

and are interested in business generally.

Team fit: We look for people with ideas and energy,

who share our values and work well as part of a Team

Initiative: We value proactive, engaging and

resourceful people. We encourage critical thinking,

decisiveness and ingenuity.

What else can your offer your employees?

Four core values underpin everything we do at Minter

Ellison – they are:

• Integrity and trust – being honest,

constructive, fair and ethical.

• Excellence – striving to be the best in

everything that we do.

• Enduring relationships – working with people

and organizations who share our values.

• Balance – respecting each other's needs outside

work and the diverse contribution each person

makes to improving our firm.

Our Community Investment Program (CIP)

Special Counsel, Rob Reed, co-ordinates the CIP in the

firm's Brisbane office with full-time assistance from a

graduate lawyer on a six-month rotation. Working

directly with Rob on a range of projects and activities,

the CIP graduate is exposed to opportunities and

experiences that are not available in most legal

practice groups.

Clerkship Program

Our vacation clerkships offer you real life work

experience. A comprehensive orientation program and

learning on the job will help you build your legal skills

and commercial acumen. You will work closely with

partners and lawyers on active matters to meet

deadlines and produce quality work. You will also be

allocated a supervisor for daily support who will help

you manage your workload, and a ‘buddy’ for extra

insight and advice. All applications submitted via the

careers section of our website, and should include the

online application form, your resume, a cover letter

and academic transcript.

Once you have successfully completed your clerkship or

graduate development program with us, you'll be

eligible to apply for the opportunity to work and live in

Hong Kong. Every year, four of our high performing

Australian clerks are sent on a two-week placement in

our Hong Kong office, and two junior lawyers have the

opportunity to undertake a six-month secondment.




Minter Ellison


Clerkship Program

Our vacation clerkships offer you real life work

experience. A comprehensive orientation program and

learning on the job will help you build your legal skills

and commercial acumen.

You will work closely with partners and lawyers on

active matters to meet deadlines and produce quality

work. You will also be allocated a supervisor for daily

support who will help you manage your workload, and a

‘buddy’ for extra insight and advice.

All applications submitted via the careers section of

our website, and should include the online application

form, your resume, a cover letter and academic


Graduate Program

Our clerkship program is the talent pipeline for our

future graduates. Typically, our graduate positions are

offered to candidates who have successfully clerked

with us in the past.

On occasion, some offices will advertise graduate

positions externally. For details about our

comprehensive graduate development program please

visit our graduate page.

For specific information about Clerkship and

Graduate application dates, recruitment

processes and rotations, please click on your location


Once you have successfully completed your clerkship or

graduate development program with us, you'll be

eligible to apply for the opportunity to work and live in

Hong Kong.

Every year, four of our high performing Australian

clerks are sent on a two-week placement in our Hong

Kong office, and two junior lawyers have the

opportunity to undertake a six-month secondment.




Mullins Lawyers


Level 21 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000





See website for details

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


Mullins Lawyers is a proud and independent

Queensland-based commercial law firm with 95 staff

including 17 partners.

We pride ourselves on our strong leadership, excellent

lawyers and a winning culture. The key to our success

is delivering a superior service and building long-term

relationships with our clients. We have a reputation of

getting the job done and for acting with honesty and


Mullins Lawyers offers a select range of legal services,

some of which are in niche areas. We are market

leaders in a number of our core services and industry


Cultural, community, services and benefits aspects

We are proud of providing a great place to work. Our

staff enjoy an environment that respects their efforts

and, although we do a 'serious' days’ work, we believe

that the balance between work and life is integral for

ongoing job satisfaction and performance.

Our firm is our people. When it comes to our staff, our

goal is to make Mullins a great place to work and to

provide ongoing development opportunities. We

provide a range of programs to aid and support our

staff with their professional and personal development

and to enhance their skills and talents.

What do you look for in an employee

We seek and employ people with intelligence and

personality, and a drive to be happy and successful in a

commercial environment. A position is always available

for the 'right' person.

Clerkship Program

We do not have a Summer or Winter Clerkship Program

and as such we are not accepting any applications at

this stage.

Graduate Program

We are committed to the skill, knowledge and personal

development of our graduates to ensure they gain a

well-rounded experience while preparing for their

admission as a solicitor.

Our graduate program is designed to provide training,

support and career guidance to our legal graduates.

Our graduates benefit by being part of a program that


• a comprehensive induction and training


• support through the Practical Legal Training

(PLT) course.

In order to gain admission as a solicitor of the Supreme

Court of Queensland, graduates are required to

complete both workplace experience and programmed

training. As part of this development, we support our

graduates while they undertake an external Practical

Legal Training (PLT) course, together with in-house

training provided through our IPD program.

Application and Recruitment Process

While we do not have a formalised graduate

recruitment process, we do offer graduate positions

from time to time. You are welcome to forward us

your CV.

Please direct any queries to Lucinda Denman on 3224

0222 or email careers@mullinslaw.com.au.




Norton Rose Fulbright


Level 21, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

(07) 3414 2702 katie.dunlop@nortonrosefulbright.com


CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE See Website See Website

Who we are and what makes us unique

Norton Rose Fulbright Australia is a member of the

Norton Rose Fulbright Group, a leading international

legal practice offering a full business law service to

many of the world’s pre-eminent financial institutions

and corporations.

We are one of the largest international legal practices

in Australia, with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth

and Sydney.

Knowing how our clients’ businesses work and

understanding what drives their industries is

fundamental to us. Our lawyers share industry

knowledge and sector expertise across borders,

enabling us to support our clients anywhere in the


We are strong in financial institutions; energy;

infrastructure, mining and commodities; transport;

technology and innovation; and life sciences and health


We take the view that we are only as strong as our

people – which is why quality training and flexible work

programmes are paramount to our business. We deliver

an extensive range of training programmes targeted at

specific stages of our lawyers’ professional


Our graduate lawyers have the opportunity to be

involved in a unique International Rotation Programme

and to spend time in one of our International offices.

What other aspects aside from work can your offer

your employees?

When we hire you, we are making an investment. We

ensure we obtain the maximum return on this by

providing the highest standards of training. Becoming

an outstanding lawyer is about continuous development

– we will make sure you are challenged and rewarded

in equal measure.

What we look for in employees?

We are looking for people who share Norton Rose

Fulbright Australia’s values – Unity, Quality and

Integrity. While we don't expect graduates to wake up

each morning chanting these three words, they will

certainly represent how graduates behave at

university, work or play.

Life experience is also highly regarded at Norton Rose

Fulbright Australia, be it in the form of work

experience; an involvement with campus, or noncampus,

clubs and societies; travel; or even a previous

career before embarking on law. As a Norton Rose

Fulbright Australia lawyer, employees receive early

access to quality work and clients, making the strong

interpersonal skills that summer clerks and graduates

develop through life experiences invaluable.

The way summer clerks and graduates interact with our

clients is as important as the working relationships with

colleagues. A genuine passion for the law will not only

drive career progression but inspire candidates to be

part of a great team. Norton Rose Fulbright Australia

summer clerks and graduates enjoy a high level of

partner access, working in a non-hierarchical, opendoor

and first-name basis environment.

Although academic achievement is important - a high

credit average is expected of Norton Rose Fulbright

Australia summer clerks and graduates - it is

considered in the context of your other life experience.




Norton Rose Fulbright Australia


Level 21 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE See Website See Website

Clerkship Program

The summer clerkship programme runs for 10 weeks in

Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney and will

commence in late November 2015.

As a Norton Rose Fulbright Australia summer clerk, you

will have the chance to spend five weeks in one

practice group and then rotate into a different practice

area for a further 5 weeks, to broaden your knowledge

as much as possible. Our clerkship programme is your

opportunity to start building a career with a global

legal practice, doing meaningful work of value. You

will also get to know our people and work closely with

our Associates, Senior Associates and Partners. All in

all, it is an opportunity to experience what life is really

like as a commercial Lawyer.

You will attend various induction sessions, as well as

firm wide CLE training and talks from graduates about

spending time on secondment to one of our

International offices. During your time at Norton Rose

Fulbright Australia you will get to participate in actual

work with clients – which could involve anything from

legal research to attending client meetings or court


Another aspect of your clerkship with us will be the

social activities that you can participate in. As a

summer clerk you will be included in firm specific

activities including sporting events, lunches, dinners

and various other social events.

Graduate Program

The Norton Rose Fulbright Australia graduate

programme runs for a 24-month period and consists of

four six-month rotations, which allow you to

experience a wide variety of legal work and develop a

comprehensive skill set. With this breadth of

experience, you will be able to confidently identify the

area that best suits your talents and career goals.

As part of our national graduate programme, we now

provide graduates in their second year of the

programme with a unique opportunity to undertake a

six month rotation in one of our international offices.

This formalised learning opportunity introduces you to

the broader Norton Rose Fulbright Group, including

regional and global clients, Partners and staff, and

gives invaluable experience of different cultures and

legal work. Global thinking is essential in all our

graduates and you will embrace the international

opportunities on offer.

Throughout the programme, you will also be involved in

a regular feedback process. This provides an

opportunity for ongoing communication between

partners and staff and ensures you maximise your

learning experience.

Application Process

You will need to submit your academic transcript, an

up-to-date CV and a covering letter via our website.

Please ensure that you include your contact details,

your education/qualification details (including your

Law GPA and cumulative GPA), work experience and

any extra-curricular activities that you participate in.

The interview process consists of two interviews and an

information session over a number of weeks. You will

have the opportunity to meet Partners and Associates

from different groups across the practice, as well as

contacts in Human Resources.




Pinsent Masons


England and Worldwide

(02) 7418 7000 graduate@pinsentmasons.com


CLERKSHIP See Website See Website

GRADUATE See Website See Website

Who we are and what makes us unique

Our biased view is that legal services at all times

should underpin the clients' needs and business

objectives. We are dedicated to tipping the scales in

your favour. Making sure you win whether that's in

Court or in your marketplace. We guide a diverse range

of multinational clients through transformational

change. So when you need to know whether to press

ahead with major change, we’ll give you an answer,

not a 15page note. Our lawyers don’t need to sit on the

fence. They know the answer and they’ll tell you.

When you’re buying, selling or investing, we’ll help you

finance for growth and create value. This includes

introducing you to influential and helpful funders.

When you’re closing the deal, we’ll be fighting in your

corner with you. In the minefield that is today’s

regulatory environment, we’re out in front of you,

assisting you in sorting out the risks from the


What we look for in an employee

It's quite simple. We're looking for people with the

skills, attitude and outlook to become our next

generation of business lawyers.

Clerkship Program

Over the course of the summer we run a series of Two

week vacation placements during which you will work

alongside trainees and solicitors on real client matters,

learn about the different practice areas within the firm

and get to know as many of our people as possible. At

the same time a vacation placement offers you the

chance to demonstrate your suitability for a training

contract through your appetite for work and

responsibility, and your business sense and to make an

early and lasting impression. Alongside your work

experience and training there is a strong social side to

the vacation placement. It's a time for making friends

and building contacts and you will be invited to a

number of social events organized by the trainees.

Graduate Program

Trainees in our London and regional offices move

departments every six months. Our Graduate

Development Team will work with you throughout your

two years as a trainee to ensure that you meet the

requirements of your training contract, as outlined by

the SRA, as well as working with you and the wider

business in relation in the allocation of seats. Our aim

is to give you broad exposure to a number of different

areas of the firm so that you have a number of options

when you come to qualify. We do this by allowing

trainees to indicate which practice areas they are most

interested in exploring, while balancing this against the

needs of the firm.




Piper Alderman


Level 36, Riverside Centre 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 &

Nationwide Locations





See website for details

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


Piper Alderman is a full-service, commercial law firm

with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and

Adelaide. We have 53 partners, over 165 lawyers and

more than 350 staff in total.

Our firm is committed to continual excellence in the

practice of law, having been leading advisers to

commercial interests across Australia for over 160

years. We have achieved our impressive growth by

listening to our clients, responding to their needs and

creating practical legal solutions.

Cultural, community, services and benefits aspects

Learning and development are integral at all levels at

Piper Alderman. The clerk learning and development

program is integral to ensuring our clerks are ready to

become graduates when they finish their studies. The

program consists of a tailored internal program

concentrating on both legal and core business skills, on

the job training from our Partners and Senior

Associates, and practicing your learned skill by doing

real legal work like drafting and legal research.

What do you look for in an employee

We value:

• Excellence - striving for performance

excellence in everything we do.

• Teamwork - harnessing collaboration and

teamwork to achieve our objectives.

• Respect - respecting each other and our


• Knowledge - learning, sharing knowledge and

encouraging clear, strong communication.

• Innovation - creating innovating legal solutions

for our clients and industry-leading internal


Clerkship Programs

From the first day of your clerkship we aim to provide a

flexible and rewarding environment that nurtures you

throughout your career, so you progress seamlessly

from a law clerk to a graduate to a qualified and

successful legal professional.

Rather than a short lived summer clerkship, we offer

our clerks a two year program that leads to a graduate

position. Clerks work two days per week commencing

from their penultimate year of study through to

graduation. Our clerks progress quicker because of this

ongoing experience.

As "we live in your world" flexibility is key, so you get

to choose the days you work each semester depending

on your university timetable. Clerks can also take time

off work when needed to study for exams or holidays.

Many of our clerks have also participated in an

international exchange whilst they study.

Providing our clerks with the opportunity to participate

in real legal work is important for their engagement

and development. We don't recruit law clerks to

become additional administrative assistants, but rather

offer real legal support to our lawyers and partners.

You will be kept busy with legal research, drafting and

attending court.

Graduate Program

We recruit our graduates from our existing clerks,

however from time to time we need to additional

graduates and will recruit outside of this. Keep an eye

on our Current Opportunities page on our website or in

CVmail for graduate opportunities.




Quinlan, Miller & Treston Lawyers


Level 5, 179 Turbot Street, Brisbane 4000





Who are you and what makes you unique in the


For over one hundred years Quinlan Miller & Treston

Lawyers have been providing exceptional legal service

to our valued clients and building a reputation as one

of Brisbane’s most respected and experienced law


Located in the central business district Brisbane, our

offices are located within a five minute walking

distance of the Supreme and District Court complex,

Federal Court and Magistrates court precinct.

Our firm offers a range of legal services in areas


• Property & Estates

• Insurance

• Commercial

• Workplace / Employment

And more!

Application Process

Applications accepted via email




Quinn & Scattini


Brisbane – Beenleigh – Caboolture – Cleveland – Gold Coast - Ipswich

(07) 3222 8222 MAIL@QSLAW.COM.AU



See website for details

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


Quinn & Scattini is a general practice legal firm

committed to providing high quality service and advice

to our clients.

Application and Recruitment Process

To apply for a position, please email your resume and

cover letter and attention Human Resources.

We pride ourselves on our understanding of your

problems and are dedicated to achieving the best

results and value for money.

With seven offices conveniently located throughout

South East QLD, our offices are designed to service

local communities by providing accessibility to expert

and uncompromising professional legal services.

What do you look for in an employee

At Quinn & Scattini we believe that our growth and

current position within the market are a direct result

of the people who work within the firm, and the

contribution they make every day. We are ever

conscious that building and developing a team of

experienced and motivated people has been, and will

continue to be the key to our success.

We expect you to take ownership of your career and

ambitions at Quinn & Scattini, while we provide the

correct tools and learning and development

opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

We have a clear vision when it comes to building

Careers at Quinn & Scattini.

We hire smart, interesting, committed people who

want to make a difference. If you believe you have the

skills and drive to help contribute to the success at

Quinn & Scattini, we would love to hear from you.




Rodger Barnes & Green


Level 10, 300 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000





See website for details

Who are you and what makes your unique in the


Rodgers Barnes & Green is an independent, mid-tier

legal practice located in Brisbane, Queensland,

Australia that acts primarily for corporate, institutional

and government clients.

The RBG team of legal and administrative staff has

built on a long history of providing quality legal

services and has established a reputation for

professionalism, flexibility and a positive approach to

servicing clients' needs.

Solid leadership, strategic planning, an exceptional

staff team and a loyal client base have been the

ingredients to RBG's success.

Rodgers Barnes & Green provides legal services to

clients across a broad range of industries, with a focus

on the areas of:

• Commercial and Corporate Advisory •Property

and Projects

• Litigation and Dispute Resolution •Insurance

and Risk Management

• Insolvency and Reconstruction

• Estate Planning and Administration

• Administrative Law.

What do you look for in an employee

An impressive academic record, willingness to become

a valuable member of our team, a strong work ethic,

intelligence and common sense are some of the key

characteristics that we seek in our employees.

Cultural and community, services and benefits


Rodgers Barnes & Green provides a supportive, friendly

environment for young practitioners that allows them

to contribute to the firm’s success. We have a proud

record of nurturing graduates through PLT placement,

many of whom have gone on to be employed

practitioners in the firm.

RBG is committed to continuing legal education for its

team members and offers a robust in-house series of

seminars. RBG also encourages professional staff

members to attend external conferences and seminars

relevant to their practice areas.

Application and Recruitment Process

Rodgers Barnes & Green does not offer a graduate or

clerkship program but does host QUT graduates for

their practical legal training course placement, usually

twice a year.

Applications for graduate placement must be in writing

and will be accepted via email to

admin@rbglawyers.com.au or posted to PO Box 1 0727,

Brisbane Adelaide St, Q 4000.

Applicants must include their CV, a covering letter and

academic record




Shine Lawyers


Level 6, 30 Makerston Street, Brisbane QLD 4000





See website for details

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


At Shine we have the opportunity to stand up for those

who have been wronged and make a genuine difference

in people’s lives. This is a privilege and something we

remember every day.

We’re not your typical law firm, we take what we do

very seriously, but not ourselves. We are not a

traditional law firm, just everyday people doing

extraordinary things for others. We passionately

believe in our clients, and we quietly believe in

ourselves. We are always professional, we work hard,

but always have fun along the way.

At Shine Lawyers we always stand up for the little guy.

We protect the rights of the individual and we give a

voice to those who would otherwise be unheard. We

value justice and equality and believe that every

client’s story deserves to be told.

We are not your typical law firm. At Shine we dare to

be different. We take a unique approach to our work

and challenge the norms of the ‘traditional law firm.’

We look at things differently and take what others see

as impossible as an opportunity.

We stay ahead of the pack and invest in the growth and

expansion of our business. We value the personal

growth and development of our people. We believe

that our team is only as strong as each individual’s

commitment to making a difference.

Cultural and community, services and benefits


Shine Lawyers won the Australian Human Resources

institute (AHRI) Diversity Award for Gender Equity in

the Workplace in 201 2.

Shine Lawyers won The National Minister’s Award for

Outstanding Equal Employment Opportunity

Initiative/Result for the Advancement of Women at

EOWA’s Business Achievement Awards in 201 0.

Training and professional development is taken very

seriously at Shine Lawyers and we have committed the

time and resources to ensure our employees receive

industry leading training, for a range of different

career paths whether it be as a legal support

professional, law clerk, Branch Manager, a specialist

litigation lawyer or even part of our in-house counsel,

IT, Marketing, HR & Finance teams. For example, we


• Training courses at our in-house residential

training facility – The Shine Centre of Learning

• A comprehensive induction for all new


• CPD training

• Specialist legal training

• Stephen Convey’s 7 Habits training (under


• Management training and personal


• Study Leave

What do you look for in an employee

Shine Lawyers looks for ambitious professionals with a

desire to truly make a difference.

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications accepted through the website. See

website for current opportunities.




Johnson Winter & Slattery


Level 29, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

(07) 3002 2555 wilma.lewis@jws.com.au


CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

GRADUATE See Website See Website

Who we are and what makes us unique

Johnson Winter & Slattery is engaged by major

Australian and international corporations as legal

counsel on their business activities, disputes and most

challenging transactions throughout Australia and

surrounding regions.

Our role

Our representation of major corporations in many

landmark and transformational deals and complex

disputes positions us as a leading independent

Australian firm.

Our approach

With an appreciation of our client's commercial needs,

we blend legal expertise with commercial and market

awareness to deliver high quality legal services. This

means working closely with clients and their in-house

counsel to understand their commercial objectives, and

ensuring our approach is tailored to deliver timely

commercial outcomes.

Our difference

Our higher ratio of senior lawyers means clients engage

directly with the tactical minds and industry expertise

required to succeed in complex and high stakes deals

and disputes. A partnership ethos of service, technical

excellence and collaboration ensures the most relevant

specialist expertise and experience is brought to bear

on every assignment.

At JWS all of our lawyers play a meaningful role in

strategic and complex transactions and disputes, and

build relationships with executives from Australia’s

most successful companies through close client


Our lawyers thrive in an environment that fosters

collaboration with few internal administrative

boundaries, free from the burden of fee budgets that

dominate the culture of so many other law firms.

Strong technical and client service skills are developed

through structured mentoring and professional

development education programs.

Our clerks and graduates work with senior lawyers

across all of our practice areas giving them the unique

opportunity to develop a broad base of experience

early in their legal careers.

Community involvement

At JWS, we never lose sight of the responsibility the

legal profession has in the broader community. The

legal industry has an important role to play in

improving access to legal services and justice for less

advantaged individuals and groups.

JWS supports a number of community initiatives and

not for profit organisations across Australia through pro

bono legal work, charitable donations and sponsorships.

Our lawyers also contribute to the broader business

community by presenting at workshops and seminars on

legal developments, and authoring formal submissions

to regulatory bodies to assist with legal reform in


We are a dynamic and commercial national firm,

offering opportunities for development and

advancement for lawyers at all levels as we pursue a

clear strategy for growth in our principal practice areas

across Australia.




Johnson Winter & Slattery


Level 29, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

(07) 3002 2555 wilma.lewis@jws.com.au


CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/03/2015

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What it is like working at JWS

At JWS all of our lawyers play a meaningful role in

strategic and complex transactions and disputes, and

build relationships with executives from Australia’s

most successful companies through close client


We are a dynamic and commercial national firm,

offering opportunities for development and

advancement for lawyers at all levels as we pursue a

clear strategy for growth in our principal practice areas

across Australia.

Our lawyers thrive in an environment that fosters

collaboration with few internal administrative

boundaries, free from the burden of fee budgets that

dominate the culture of so many other law firms.

Strong technical and client service skills are developed

through structured mentoring and professional

development education programs.

Our clerks and graduates work with senior lawyers

across all of our practice areas giving them the unique

opportunity to develop a broad base of experience

early in their legal careers.

Clerkship Program

A major reason law students choose our firm is the

excellent learning environment we offer.

JWS is an exceptional place to begin and develop your

career and gain early experience on major client


Our clerkship program is a snapshot of life as a JWS

lawyer. The introduction to our firm and the way we

practise law will demonstrate why our firm is such an

excellent place to start your career.

The Recruitment Process

The primary criteria for assessment of clerk or

graduate applications are outstanding academic

achievement, excellent communication skills, and a

demonstrated interest in Commercial Law.

We look for people who:

• are enthusiastic about succeeding in a service driven


• have excelled academically

• are committed to the continual development of their

technical and commercial skills

• are excellent communicators

• will thrive in a collaborative environment

• demonstrate a genuine interest in the commercial

affairs of our clients and Australian commerce

We recognise that the firm’s success has come through

a diversity of talent and skills. This diversity is

something we seek to grow when recruiting lawyers to

our firm.

We aim to develop in each of our clerks and graduates

the skills necessary to become successful senior

lawyers of the firm. We believe a broad base of

experience and flexibility during a lawyer’s formative

years is a necessary foundation for later specialisation.

Our interview process will give you the opportunity to

meet with our Partners and Professional Development

Team. Our interviews are designed as a two-way

discussion about your achievements to date and to

assess your fit with the firm.

Prepare for your interview: explore our website and

understand our business and what makes us different.

You will also be able to find information on recent

matters that we have worked on. You should be able to

articulate why you consider Johnson Winter & Slattery

appealing, and why you want to work with us.




Spark Helmore Lawyers


Level 25, 240 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000





See website for details

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


Sparke Helmore is an integrated, national law firm with

600 people working from eight offices across Australia.

Our expertise spans corporate and commercial to

construction, workplace to insurance, structuring to

superannuation, mining to manufacturing, and property

to procurement.

For good reason, we are chosen by leading Australian

corporations, multinational and foreign owned entities,

Federal and State government departments, agencies

and local government corporate and government


What do you look for in an employee

We recruit for the future and look for people that have

the potential to progress through the firm: intelligent,

personable, committed graduates who are who are

energetic and show leadership qualities. We look for:

• Clear and concise writing skills

• “All-rounders” focused on extra-curricular

pursuits as well as their studies

• Team players

• Confident and articulate communicators

• Work experience within the legal industry

Clerkship Program

We have a number of paralegals working on a casual

basis while they study. If you are interested in such an

opportunity, tell us about your preference and your

availability and we will match the right opportunity to


To register your interest please use the "Job Match" link

at the bottom of our current opportunities page.

Graduate Program

The Sparke Helmore Graduate Program helps graduates

acquire the skills, knowledge and confidence to

become a great lawyer who will quickly contribute to

the success of our clients and the firm.

Sparke Helmore graduates:

• Try different areas of law before choosing a

path of specialisation;

• Get real exposure to matters and the issues

behind them;

• Develop and learn with manageable billing


• Build networks and contacts throughout the

firm; and

• Develop a broad understanding of our

capabilities and operations.

• A Continuing Professional Development


You’ll spend orientation sessions at our Sydney office.

Graduate “O Week” includes sessions on a range of

topics such as relationship building, dictation and time

recording. There’s also lots of time to get to know your

graduate colleagues and build a strong network around

the firm.

You’ll have a mentor to support you for the entire

program and the trust we place in our graduate lawyers

will ensure that you won’t get stuck doing repetitive

tasks. Practical involvement means that you can make

an informed decision about a path of specialization.

Application and Recruit Process

Applications are accepted through CVmail via the

website. More details of the application process can be

found on the website.




Thomson Geer Lawyers


1 Eagle Street, Waterfront Place Brisbane QLD 4000

(07) 3338 7500 IKEMP@TGLAW.COM


CLERKSHIP 02/03/2015 23/3/2015

GRADUATE 04/08/2015 18/08/2015

Who are we and what makes us unique

Thomson Geer is an independent Australian law firm

that provides an external legal counsel solution for

clients seeking to strike an optimal balance between

quality and value. We are in the midst of a very

exciting phase, with quality clients and challenging

work presenting exceptional opportunities for current

and future staff. Our vision is to cement our place in

the Australian market as a quality legal firm. We

continuously invest in our people and technology to

drive the competitiveness of our clients.

At Thomson Geer we focus on:

- delivering best practice legal skills and know

how to situations, transactions and disputes

that require external legal counsel;

- ensuring that the above delivery is made with a

deep appreciation of, and in response to, the

commercial context; and

- maintaining cultural and operational standards

and price settings across all our partners and

professionals that ensure the right balance

between value and cost flows to our clients.

This combines to form a service and quality style that

is preoccupied with enhancing the competitive position

of our clients in whatever circumstances they find

themselves in.

Supplementing the above is of course a deep moral

code amongst all our people that requires the

maintenance of the highest ethical standards and

honesty in everything we do.

What other aspects aside from work can you offer

your employees?

The Law is an incredibly rewarding profession, but we

recognise that it can also be demanding. For this

reason, we aim to maintain an environment that is

friendly, collegiate and professionally stimulating.

We work hard to enhance this culture through open and

authentic communication, and by ensuring we are

respectful and accountable to each other every day.

Our partners are approachable and accessible to our

staff. Every Thomson Geer partner is committed to a

set of principles which exemplify our open and

supportive culture day-to-day.

These principles are demonstrated by the partners'

support for our open door policy, and in the way they

encourage the very best in every staff member of our


It is these supportive relationships that we have with

each other, and the well-established and trusting

relationships we have with our clients, that make

Thomson Geer a great place to work.

Work/Life Balance

Supporting each other and encouraging work/life

balance is central to our culture. We recognize that an

employee’s wellbeing impacts on their motivation,

morale and efficiency. Our wellbeing@work program

supports partners and staff to maintain a healthy,

balanced lifestyle, by offering opportunities such as

sponsored sporting teams and events, massage and

healthy breakfasts.

What we look for in an employee

- talent

- ambition

- academic achievement

- customer/client focused

- commercially astute

- team oriented

The work environment at Thomson Geer is friendly and

personable, professionally stimulating and collegiate.

We look for candidates who are dedicated to building

relationships with our clients and each other.




Thomson Geer Lawyers


Clerkship Program

Graduate Program

As you approach the end of your legal studies it can

often be difficult to decide which area of practice is

for you, and in which direction you should be driving

your career. Participation in our Clerkship program is

the perfect opportunity for you to explore your

interests and get a feel for what it would be like to

become part of the team at Thomson Geer after you


We offer a structured program where Clerks learn

through a combination of hands-on experience,

training, coaching and observation. All of our clerks

have the opportunity to:

• Attend client meetings

• Observe court proceedings

• Conduct legal research

• Develop technical skills in areas such as drafting,

due diligence and discovery

• Participate in team meetings, training and

continuing legal education programs

We'll do our best to match you to the area of practice

in which you would prefer to complete your Clerkship –

it's really important to us that the clerkship experience

helps you to make the right career choices.

During the program you will have the benefit of weekly

catch-ups with your mentor and with People &

Development, daily interaction with your supervisor

and team members, formal training, secretarial support,

and fantastic technology and research resources. You'll

also participate in a formal performance review process

with your partner and mentor, which is a great

opportunity for you to take the time to reflect on your

development, and capture feedback from your work

colleagues – all important skills going forward.

In most cases, completing a clerkship with the firm is a

pre-requisite for a position in our graduate

development program.

The program is geared towards expanding your skills

across a range of practice areas and runs for 12 months

with two scheduled rotations.

Applications and recruitment process

Students can apply online through CV Mail.

A resume, covering letter and academic transcript

should be included in the application. There are also a

set of questions that need to be completed.

Good luck with your applications!

Applications are open to penultimate year students

only. Our interview process commences in April with a

final selection event held prior to offer.




Trilby Misso


288 Edward Street, Brisbane QLD 4000





See website for details

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


What sets Trilby Misso apart from other law firms is our

focus on service excellence. We not only promise our

clients excellent service, we also promise our

employees that same standard through our Employee

Charter. Our Employee Charter outlines what each staff

member can expect from each other and the firm in

regards to internal communications, behaviour and

service delivery. The Employee Charter was proudly

developed by staff and ensures we all remain focused

on our high service standards we strive to achieve each


What do you look for in an employee

Our clients are everyday people who have found

themselves in a tough situation. It’s our jobs to guide

them through the legal process with repect and honest,

and to make sure we work with their best interests at


As an employee, you need to have a positive attitude

that shines through in the way you treat those around

you. You must be caring and honest, and be committed

to working hard to find a timely solution.

You need to be able to take a complex situation and

communicate it clearly to people with little legal

knowledge, and make them feel confident that you’re

doing their best for them.

You must share our values, embrace our culture, be a

team player and hardworking passionate professional

who enjoys coming to work each morning.

Clerkship and Graduate Program

If you are currently completing your law degree, we

are happy to accept your expression of interest for

paralegal roles within Trilby Misso.

It’s a great way to gain practical legal experience and

work in a supportive environment with our team of

experienced, industry-leading lawyers. We have a

number of lawyers who joined the team whilst


As an employee, you also have access to generous study

policies for lawyers as well as clear career

development opportunities towards graduate


There is no formal graduate program, so we accept

applications throughout the year. Simply complete our

online application form to register your interest.

Application Process

Apply for a role at Trilby Misso by completing the form

at http://www.trilbymisso.com.au/how-toapply/section/careers.

All applications are completely


If you cannot find an advertised role that matches your

skills and experience, we welcome general online

expressions of interest. Please send your resume and

covering letter detailing your career ambitions to






At K&L Gates, we are committed to our people. With more than 2,000 lawyers

across five continents, we share work, industry knowledge, clients, and most

importantly, our success. Your career will benefit from unprecedented exposure to

high profile deals on an international platform.

But what makes a successful K&L Gates lawyer?

We look for someone who is articulate and confident. You are a strategic thinker

who can break down complex problems while providing the best commercial advice

to our clients. At K&L Gates, we have a one-team mentality, so you will need to

be approachable and have the maturity to listen and act on feedback. We are also

passionate about what we do as this drives us to be the best.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Applications for our 2016 Graduate program in Brisbane

open Monday 3 August. Learn more at klgates.com or

follow us on Facebook.

Allen & Overy


Level 25, 85 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

Sydney: (02) 9373 7700 AUSTRALIA@ALLENOVERY.COM


CLERKSHIP 01/03/2015 01/03/2015

GRADUATE 18/10/2015 18/10/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

As a fully integrated (financially and operationally)

global elite law firm in Australia, our staff are assured

of receiving the full benefit of our global network

whilst working in a collegiate, friendly and hands-on

environment. By this we mean you will: Work with

global leaders across the corporate, banking and

litigation areas of practice – the minds who are setting

the trends, identifying new practices and issues often

unseen in this market; Experience international

secondments and training – team members have the

opportunity to complete training or work in our

offshore offices spanning 43 offices in 30 jurisdictions

globally; Experience doing business across cultures –

interaction with colleagues across the world's

continents is part of your daily life at Allen & Overy. No

day is the same.

What we look for in an employee

Show a rounded personality. We want to find out what

type of person you are, so try to showcase yourself in

your application. We expect academically successful

candidates but your application will stand out if you

show that you have experienced life outside the

library. Volunteering, or joining a society or sporting

team, is valuable, especially if you take responsibility

for a task, such as managing a budget or project. Try to

demonstrate your appetite for responsibility and your

capacity to shape events and outcomes.

Clerkship Program

Our ten week Program is designed for penultimate year

law students and includes training sessions, skill

presentations and an opportunity to work for a week in

the Asia Pacific Office.

Graduate Program

Your graduate training will comprise of two or three

six-month rotations in different practice areas. During

each rotation, you will work alongside a partner and

our lawyers and actively contribute to the day-to-day

work of that team – working on transactions and cases,

taking real responsibility and gaining plenty of client


When you start as a graduate with us, you will attend a

dedicated training program to introduce you to core

legal and commercial knowledge and skills which will

form the essential building blocks for your career at

Allen & Overy. In addition to our formal induction

training and your team-based learning, you will benefit

from a wide variety of ongoing training to fine-tune

your commercial acumen.

Your development is key and you will receive training

and support in a variety of ways, including mentoring

and practice specific courses. You will find that people

in every part of the firm will help you and there is a

good balance between support and supervision and

being given the opportunity to work independently. We

want you to succeed and to develop a long-term career

with Allen & Overy.




Clifford Chance


Level 16 No. 1 O'Connell Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000




Who we are and what makes us unique

Clifford Chance is one of the world's leading law firms,

with 33 offices in 23 countries and some 3,200 legal

advisers. At Clifford Chance, we pride ourselves on

combining the highest global standards with local

expertise. Our business strategy is underpinned by the

drive to provide our clients with a world class service.

The 'one firm' global business model that we pioneered

continues to stand out in the marketplace; we are still

the only non-franchised law firm with a substantial

footprint in all four of the world's major markets.

What we look for in an employee

If you are applying as an undergraduate, you should

have a strong academic record and you will be

expected to meet or exceed our benchmark criteria.

Clerkship Program

We run two four week schemes during the summer

holiday for penultimate students from any discipline.

Graduate Program

Over the two years of your training contract you will

complete four rotations in our practise areas. These

are known as 'seats' The purpose of doing a number of

'seats' is to give you a broad experience across our

business and the opportunity to work with different

teams and clients, and potentially in different


Application and Recruitment Process

See website for details.

We invest in talent to deliver on our commitment to

our clients, we recruit and develop the best people.

We believe that, by delivering great client service, we

will be involved in the most interesting and challenging

client work.




Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer


65 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1HT



CLERKSHIP 01/10/2015 06/1/2016

GRADUATE 01/10/2015 06/1/2016

Who we are and what makes us unique

With over 2.500 lawyers in 27 key business centres

around the world, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer is

truly a leader among international law firms. We

provide a comprehensive service to national and multinational

corporations, financial institutions and

governments, and business law advice of the highest

quality throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia and the


What we look for in an employee

It’s not a long list of qualities, but you need them all.

Life as a commercial lawyer in an international law

firm is a challenge: the work is complicated; the hours

can be long; and you need to be organised.

We look for a strong academic record, an analytical

mind, determination, drive, curiosity, teamwork and

interpersonal skills, organisation, discipline and a

commercial sense.

Clerkship Program

There are many types of clerkship programs offered at

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer:

• undertake a research task (given to you by a


• plan and execute a group project (with fellow


• take part in a one-day mock transaction (with fellow

students); and

• spend a day doing a project in the local community.

There is even potential for a further clerkship week in

one of our international office.

Graduate Program

You spend the first two weeks, learning about the firm:

our strategy, our clients and how we work. You have to

complete a minimum of four 'seats' from eight practise

options. But unlike other firms we offer you the option

of doing up to eight seats. This gives you a broader

understanding of the different areas of law. It is also a

much fairer system as it means you have a better

chance of doing three months in a popular seat.




Hogan Lovells





CLERKSHIP 01/10/2015 Not available


See website for details

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


Hogan Lovell's is an exceptional, high quality

transatlantic capability, with extensive reach into the

world’s commercial and financial centers; particular

and distinctive strengths in the areas of government

regulatory, litigation and arbitration, corporate,

finance, and intellectual property; and access to a

significant depth of knowledge and resource in many

major industry sectors including hotels and leisure,

telecommunications, media and technology, energy

and natural resources, infrastructure, financial services,

life sciences and healthcare, consumer, and real estate.

Our practice breadth, geographical reach, and industry

knowledge provide us with insights into the issues that

affect our clients most deeply and enable us to provide

high quality business­oriented legal advice to assist

them in achieving their commercial goals.

Cultural and Community aspects, services and

benefits for employees

Our working environment is remarkable. Hogan Lovells

provides world class training, a broad range of

experience and secondments to trainees and

opportunities to work with prestigious clients. Most of

our international locations have an employee

restaurant and coffee shop, as well as access to an inhouse

gym. Staff take part in lively fund-raising

projects for our citizenship programs.

Employees also receive generous pay and benefits


We are looking for graduates whose combination of

academic excellence and desire for specialist

knowledge will contribute to developing business and

taking it forward.

Clerkship and Vacation Programs

We run two summer vacation schemes for penultimate

year students, a winter scheme for final year, and a

one-week spring scheme for first year law students

each year. Obtaining a place in this scheme will gain

you invaluable insight into life and work inside a global

legal practise. Your time will be spent within three

different practise areas, gaining a wide range of

insights and experience.

Graduate Program

Our two­year training contract is split into four sixmonth

periods. As a trainee, you will move around the

firm during this time with each six­ month period

known as a 'seat' to gain valuable understanding of how

our firm operates.

Application and Recruitment Process

More information on recruitment is specifically

available via www.graduates.hoganlovells.com.

What do you look for in an employee

The people here are as diverse as the work we do. Our

clients are drawn from many different cultures and

backgrounds, and so are we. The qualities that unite us

are sharp intellect, strong drive and a high standar of





Mayer Brown JSM


Worldwide Locations


CLERKSHIP 01/03/2015 01/03/2015

GRADUATE 18/10/2015 18/10/2015

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


Mayer Brown JSM was established in 1863 in Hong Kong

and has offices in Hong Kong, Mainland China,

Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Mayer Brown JSM

has a multinational, multilingual team of 800 staff,

including 300 lawyers who are qualified in local and

international jurisdictions. Our proven record of

experience, culture and networks in Asia means we are

closely tuned in to regional issues and policy

development - a factor that we will leverage to our

clients' advantage. Our long-term, on-the-ground

experience and knowledge of Asian markets and

networks have been the key to building our reputation.

We are known as the law firm that "opens doors and

closes deals in Asia".

What do you look for in an employee

We have developed performance standards for every

person in Mayer Brown JSM. These performance

standards are released to staff and provide the

benchmark against which their performance can be

appraised. They provide a fair means for appraisal and

a basis for our training and development programmes.

Clerkship Program

Interns will join us for the whole month in January,

June and July. You will be attached to a practice group

in one of the Commercial, Litigation or Real Estate

Departments. Partners and Associates in the practice

group that you are posted will provide you with work,

coaching and feedback on your performance.

A buddy, who is usually a Trainee Solicitor, will also be

assigned to you so from the day you join us, you will

have someone who can help you settle into the Firm as

quickly as possible.

Graduate Program

During the traineeship programme, you will be assigned

to four six-month postings. For the first three postings,

you will be working in one of the practice teams.

Your fourth posting will either be a "return" visit to a

practice team, or a secondment opportunity to our

offices in Beijing, Shanghai or London.

Application and Recruitment Process

See website for details.

The Five Key Qualities We Look for in Our Staff are:

• Technical Skills

• Commercial Skills

• Management Skills

• Service Excellence Skills

• Financial Skills

• Career Opportunities




Simmons and Simmons


Asia, Europe, Americas, Africa & Middle East



CLERKSHIP 01/10/2015 01/011/2015

GRADUATE 01/11/2014 31/03/2015

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


We take a long term view and we take time to

understand the distinct demands that each client faces.

This allows us to build an innovative and bespoke

service to suit each relationship.

Our approach means that we are consistent in the

standard of excellence we bring to our service and

flexible enough to build into each relationship value

that is meaningful for each client. We believe that one

size does not fit all when it comes to adding value to

client relationships. We listen to our clients and learn

about the sectors in which they operate in order to

understand what each client will find valuable. When

partner level secondments were rare elsewhere in the

legal world, they were a striking example of our

commitment to building truly collaborative

relationships with our clients.

Cultural, Community and Services aspects

Our package of benefits and rewards is therefore one

of the most comprehensive around. From an excellent

salary package to medical insurance, exclusively

arranged company discounts and unique extras like

music lessons on the firm's premises, we ensure that

you will be appreciated and rewarded for your

expertise and effort.

Our people define us: we know that we must continue

to attract and retain top talent to be successful. In an

increasingly complex and challenging business

environment, we must be responsive to the needs of

our people whose diverse backgrounds, interests and

aspirations influence the ways they add value to our

clients, engage with our firm and develop their careers.

school, university or your previous jobs.

Clerkship Program

This is the driving idea behind our vacation schemes.

We run the following vacation schemes across the year:

A five­day winter vacation scheme for final­year

non­law students and non­law graduates week­long

spring vacation schemes for first­year law students and

penultimate­year non­ law studentsthree­week summer

vacation schemes aimed at candidates looking to

secure a full training contract two years later.

Graduate Program

Soon after you start your training contract, you’ll be in

the thick of things, assisting first­rate lawyers on

high­profile projects for the world’s leading businesses.

And we’re confident that your training contract at

Simmons & Simmons will give you the knowledge,

experience and thirst to succeed.

Our trainees shape and develop our future business and,

from the moment you start your training contract, we

will help steer and support you on the road to

qualification and beyond.

We believe that the more you see and do, the more you

learn, we’ve changed the way we charge for trainees’

time during their training contracts – freeing them to

get involved in the aspects of legal projects that they’ll

really learn from.

Application and Recruitment Process

Application dates differ depending on location and

program, see website for more details.

What do you look for in an employee

We're looking for applications from candidates with at

least 340 UCAS points (or equivalent). But we also want

to build a picture of who you are and what gets you

going. Give us a glimpse of your greatest moments at




Slaughter and May


London, Brussels, Beijing and Hong Kong



CLERKSHIP 01/03/2015 01/03/2015

GRADUATE 18/10/2015 18/10/2015

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


At Slaughter and May, we focus on nurturing the special

nature of the firm: a collegiate working style with an

ambition to be the best at looking after clients,

bringing a creative, quality and business-aware

approach to all of our work, however complex,

fostering and developing our working relationships with

leading law firms across the world - our 'Best Friends'

approach, maintaining a sense of perspective - our

clients are best served if an element of warmth and

humour is in the mix.

The wider economic environment continues to be

challenging for everyone, including many of our clients.

Our particular strengths as a firm have helped us to

remain busy and provide a positive and constructive

service to all our clients.

Cultural, Community and Services aspects

The atmosphere here is friendly and supportive -

everyone's contribution is valued and we believe

strongly in the importance of personal respect. We also

believe that people should enjoy their work.

This culture underpins our approach and is integral to

our success.

We offer competitive salary and benefits packages,

including 25 days annual leave rising with service.

Employees have access to various wellness facilities

including gym membership, private medical insurance

and health screenings.

What do you look for in an employee

We like people with energy and spark who can relate to

those around them, common sense, integrity and drive,

a range of interests outside of the law and a sharp


Our work is intellectually demanding so the minimum

standard we look for is three strong A-levels (or

equivalent) and either a high 2:1 or a 1st in your first

degree, independent thought, commercial awareness,

resolve and judgement, an interesting take on things,

the ability to show grit under pressure and a very good

sense of humour.

Clerkship Program

You will share an office with an associate in one of our

legal groups. The associate will involve you as much as

possible in their work. There will also be a trainee

solicitor assigned to you. The trainee will help you to

settle in and will also be available throughout your stay

to answer any questions and assist with any tasks you

may be given.

As well as getting involved in legal work and conducting

hands-on legal research, you will take part in training,

workshops and case studies.

Graduate Program

During your first two weeks there is an induction

programme introducing you to the way we work and

giving you an opportunity to develop essential skills,

such as learning how to use our research resources.

This is followed by an extensive training programme.

To help you decide which area of law you are most

interested in, you will spend time in different practice

areas where you will gain experience in both

contentious and non-contentious work.

Every month a partner will review your progress and, at

the end of each seat, you will be given a full appraisal.

You will also receive regular informal feedback. All of

these reviews are designed to benefit you. They

provide a collaborative forum in which to discuss your

progress and ways to develop your legal knowledge,

skills and experience.

Application and Recruitment Process

See website for details.








You’ve worked hard. You have ambitions.

You want to make your presence felt

Ashurst is a premier global law firm, with premium clients, premium work

and outstanding people.

Working at Ashurst will allow you to encounter a wide range of challenges, to

get close to different types of business and to experience different cultures.

A truly international firm where you can make your presence felt.

Find out more

Lauren Furlan

HR Coordinator

T 61 7 3259 7575


Connect with us on

Level 38, Riverside Centre

123 Eagle Street,

Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia

T 61 7 3259 7000 F 61 7 3259 7111


Australia Belgium China France Germany Hong Kong SAR

Indonesia (associated office) Italy Japan Papua New Guinea Saudi Arabia Singapore

Spain Sweden United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America







See website for details

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


Accenture is a global management consulting,

technology service and outsourcing company, with

approximately 259,000 people serving clients in more

than 120 countries.

Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive

capabilities across all industries and business functions,

and extensive research on the world's most successful

companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help

them become high-performance businesses and


Cultural, Community and Services Aspects

Accenture will launch your career further and faster

than anywhere else. You will receive on-the-jobtraining,

mentoring, and project-based training where

relevant. You will have the chance to build deep,

specialised and very marketable skills, which will allow

you to expertly navigate the fast changing business


Accenture offers our employees a “Total Rewards”

package, which includes compensation and a range of

market-relevant benefits and professional growth

opportunities that recognize individual contributions

and performance. We also offer a number of programs

that help our employees balance a successful career

with a healthy lifestyle involving family, friends and


Review our Benefits at a Glance document for a brief

taste of what could be coming your way as a member

of the Accenture team.

What do you look for in an employee

Whether you are an experienced professional, MBA or

recent graduate, we look for people who are

industrious and can challenge conventional thought.

value adding solutions for our clients.

Clerkship Program

Interns at Accenture have the opportunity to work on a

real project, meet some great people, and broaden

their skills and knowledge in a short space of time.

Internships usually last for 6 months and are a full time


Interns will work as part of a real project team and will

gain exposure to skills such as process re- engineering,

technology, system implementation and organisational

change. You will also undergo an orientation course

and on-project learning before you start any project

work to help you get a true understanding of what it's

like to be an Accenture consultant.

Graduate Program

As a graduate, you get support the moment you

become part of our team. For a start, you'll become

part of our New Joiner Orientation Program which

introduces you to our global network and gives you a

great overview of our business and what it's like to

work here.

Over time, you'll have the opportunity to attend

classroom-based courses, giving you time out of your

working week to visit regional centres to focus on finetuning

your capabilities.

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications are submitted through an online process.

See website for dates and details, depending on

desired area.

We offer unique perspectives and can combine a

strategic outlook with the pragmatism to implement,






Australia & New Zealand Locations

1800 000 075 ANZGRAD@ANZ.COM



See website for details

GRADUATE 23/02/2015 27/03/2015

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


ANZ is an exciting place to be right now. With a vibrant

great brand and a clear strategy, we are a vibrant and

growing business. We're energised, open minded and

innovative and look for the same in our graduates.

Cultural and community aspects, services and

benefits for employees

We provide leading-edge learning and development

opportunities for graduates, including:

• on-the-job experiences

• peer coaching

• performance and development discussions with


• coaching discussions with allocated coach

• project opportunities

• formal learning, including online and face-toface.

Your contribution will be recognised with a range of

financial and career benefits that rank among the best,


• Competitive salary package

• Employee share schemes

• Financial services product discounts

• Subsidised home computers and other personal


• Travel discounts

• Health insurance benefits

• Staff Social Club Membership and many more


• Flexibility.

What do you look for in an employee

We look for people who are driven to perform and

achieve excellence. People who are innovative, find

creative solutions, and work collaboratively. Ultimately,

people who deliver for our customers.

Clerkship program

When you apply for the ANZ Summer Intern Program,

you preference a specific program stream.

Bear in mind that not all program streams are available

in every city. In addition, your qualifications will

influence which streams may best suit you but for the

most part shouldn't limit your choices.

Graduate Program

When you apply for the ANZ Graduate Program, you

preference a specific program stream.

• International and Institutional Banking

• Retail Banking

• Global Wealth and Private Banking

• Corporate and Commercial Banking

• Regional Business Banking and Agri

• Operations

• Technology

• Accounting

A broad range of experiences - By giving you

experience across multiple rotations, we can help you

find what you truly love. We'll help you learn things you

never thought you would.

Constant support throughout the program, you'll

receive feedback, support and clear direction from a

range of managers at ANZ. Networking opportunities -

You'll get the chance to network with a range of senior

managers and executives. Not only does this give you

the chance to form a rich personal network across the

bank, but you'll be able to learn from a range of senior

ANZ people.

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications are submitted online, see website for

more details.






Sydney & Melbourne Locations

Sydney: (02) 8205 4400 & Melbourne: (03) 9280 1666


CLERKSHIP 01/03/2015 23/09/2015

GRADUATE 18/10/2015 18/10/2015

Who are you and what makes you unique in the


Credit Suisse was founded in Zurich in 1856 by business

leader and innovator Alfred Escher to help finance the

robust growth of the Swiss economy. We evolved into a

new kind of integrated bank: a global provider of

financial services bringing together different cultures,

philosophies, and specialized knowledge to serve

clients in new ways. Our tradition of staying close to

our clients and innovating to meet their needs has

made us one of the most respected and successful

financial institutions in the world.

Cultural, Community and Services Aspects

To stay a leader in our field, Credit Suisse attracts

some of the brightest people in the financial world to

work together, to listen to each other and to grow.

We think about your future and keep a close eye on

your career. And we like to grow our own leaders.

Our staff fringe benefits take account of the needs of

both professional and private life:

• Training and development

• Mentoring

• Competitive compensation packages

• Flexible work schedules

• Maternity, paternity and adoption leave

• Childcare services,

• Health promotion: Fitness centers,

supplemented with health, nutrition, and

wellness programs

• Employee discounts on various products and

services (bank and insurance products, event

tickets, consumer products, etc.)

Work / life coaching

What do you look for in an employee

Raw intellectual ability is important, but so are

curiosity and an aptitude for problem-solving.

Our employees have a wide range of experiences,

interests and degrees, but they all share the desire to

achieve excellence. Whatever your background, we’re

looking for:

• Leaders who engender loyalty, assume

responsibility and mobilize others

• Critical thinkers with excellent problem-solving


• Self-starters who achieve significant results

• Adaptable team members who can build and

support strong relationships

• Communicators who are skilled in articulating

and listening

• Principled contributors who are committed to

the highest standards of ethical behavior

Clerkship Program

Our Summer Internship Program is designed to offer

real insight into our business. The program is one of the

most in-depth internships within the financial services

industry. From day one you’ll be part of the team.

You’ll face real challenges, have real client exposure,

enjoy real achievements and have your talents

recognized every step of the way. You will receive

classroom and on-the-job training from experienced

business representatives and some of the industry’s top

instructors, and participate in cross-divisional events

that allow you to network across the Bank with

representatives from other divisions. There will also be

opportunities to participate in philanthropic and team

building events.

Graduate Program

Throughout the Programs, you will receive exceptional

support. You’ll have exposure to senior managers,

colleagues and peers across the bank at all levels,

which will add new insights and fresh perspectives to

your understanding of what we do, and what you need

to do well at Credit Suisse.

Application and Recruitment Process

See website for details






Level 25, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane, 4000



CLERKSHIP 23/02/2015 01/06/2015

GRADUATE 23/02/2015 01/06/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

In Australia, the member firm is the Australian

partnership of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Deloitte

Touche Tohmatsu and its affiliates (together Deloitte

Australia) has more than 520 partners with close to

6000 people located in 1 6 offices across the country. I

ts revenue for the fiscal year ended 31 May 201 3 was

A$1 .092 billion.

Deloitte Australia emerged from constraints of the

global financial crisis in good shape achieving the

strongest growth performance of the Big 4 professional

services firms and ‘was a big contributor to the Asia

Pacific results with 1 8% growth for the FY1 2 year as

the firm’s investments in analytics, technology,

economics and other areas correctly anticipated the

markets growing appetite for these skills in the rapidly

changing, multi speed Australian economy” (Giam

Swiegers, Deloitte CEO, 201 2)

What other aspects aside from work can we offer?

We give 1 00% commitment at work and we do the

same outside of work. Our fun Social Club offers

excellent discounts for local attractions and holds

regular events throughout the year like race days,

cocktail parties and barefoot bowls.

Clerkship Program

Our Summer Vacation Program lets you enjoy

significant client exposure, networking opportunities,

training and feedback from a strong support system.

You’ll spend three to eight weeks in one of our service

lines, with the prospect of securing a graduate

position. I f you are in your penultimate year at

university you are eligible to apply.

Graduate Program

Our people are our most valuable assets. Each year we

recruit around 500 outstanding graduates for the indemand

Graduate Program to inject new ideas and

energy into Deloitte.

Graduate employees start with us in early March and

early July. Each new employee is paired up with a

‘Buddy’ and a counselling manager to help with a

smooth transition into Deloitte life.

We provide the right kinds of tools and training to

ensure all our graduates can achieve career success

through mentoring, peer support, e-learning events,

online training and Deloitte’s own development

program called D.Academy.

Our journey to excellence would be incomplete without

contributing to various charities and corporate social

responsibility events like Red Nose Day, Cancer Council

Daffodil Day, Camp Quality and Ronald McDonald





Deutsche Bank


Level 16, Corner of Hunter and Phillip Streets, Sydney NSW 2000

(02) 8258 1234 SEE WEBSITE




Who we are and what makes us unique

Deutsche Bank was founded in 1870 as a foreign trade

bank, and within three years had opened branches in

Japan, China and the UK. By the end of the century

we’d financed a number of largescale industrial

projects, including the development of Germany’s

electrical engineering industry and the building of the

Baghdad Railway.

The first half of the twentieth century was dominated

by inflation, crisis and war, and we responded with

consolidation and by pioneering a number of huge

mergers and acquisitions. In the face of enormous

challenges, the resilience, optimism and hard work of

our people helped us emerge stronger than ever.

Domestic and foreign expansion followed, and we made

fundamental reforms to our organizational structure.

We moved into general retail banking and, as our

international business grew, we developed into a truly

global group.

Today Deutsche Bank is one of the world’s largest

investment banks. Our international reach provides our

workforce with unprecedented opportunities to

develop their careers and achieve their ambitions.

Clerkship Program

At Deutsche Bank, an internship is a job with real

responsibility. From the moment you join us, you’ll be

a vital member of our team. You’ll focus on live

projects and gain unique insights into our bank and

your business area. This can include hearing from and

interacting with senior leadership through our Speaker

Series. Throughout the program, you’ll learn first-hand

how we meet the needs of clients across the world.

Most internships last 8-1 0 weeks, although longer

placements are available in some areas. During your

time with us, you’ll take part in classroom study and

on-the-job training. This will supply you with the

knowledge and experience you need to succeed in our

fast-paced world.

Graduate Program

Your training starts with an orientation event – the

global induction program. You’ll meet analysts and

associates from around the world and build a

professional network that will prove invaluable

throughout your career. Guided by seasoned

professionals and senior leadership, you’ll develop a

core understanding of our business, strategy, diversity

and shared vision.




Ernst & Young


Level 51, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane. 4000

(07) 3011 3333



GRADUATE 23/02/2015 30/03/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, tax,

transactions and advisory services.

What are we looking for in an employee?

EY can offer a superb working environment, thanks to

our commitment to flexibility, inclusiveness and

development. There are a number of criteria we look

for in our employees. If these describe you, you can

relax in the knowledge that you’ll feel comfortable

within our working environment.

We’re not only looking for high academic achievers, we

want you to demonstrate leadership through extracurricular

activities and community involvement. We

want you to have a clear sense of personal and

professional accountability and to show you are

committed to doing the right thing.

We look for people who recognise the value of

different backgrounds and points of view. By respecting

these differences we enrich our perspectives, which

helps us build strong relationships and enhance the

services we provide to our clients. We look for

evidence that you are good at listening, learning,

sharing, developing and working with others, including

those that are different from you. We want you to be

passionate and excited about the opportunities at EY

and what your future holds.

Clerkship Program

Our summer or winter Vacationer Program provides

client work, skills development, training and

professional experiences. Not only do you learn about

our organisation, you get to apply that knowledge to

real client projects.

This is a popular path, with many vacationers being

offered full-time positions with us when they've

finished their studies. You'll be able to put into

practice what you've been studying at university and

head back to your studies confident that your career's

already begun. So show us what you're capable of and

you could be invited to join us after graduation. And if

you’re a high performing vacationer, you may be

selected to attend the International Intern Leadership

Conference (IILC)in Florida, USA and join over 2,000

students from across the world.

Graduate Program

With early responsibility and the support and training

to grow, you'll build the confidence to pursue your

goals. Exposed to a wide range of clients, you can

expect to develop your networks, collaborate with

specialists, learn from mentors and even study for

postgraduate qualifications, including the Chartered

Accountant qualification or a Masters of Tax. You'll

begin to build your technical, leadership and

communication skills, and be responsible for parts of

projects right away, working in a business area of your

choice. As a graduate with EY you'll be able to add

value to your clients and shape your career as a





Grant Thornton


Level 18, 145 Ann Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

(07) 3222 0200 INFO.QLD@AU.GT.COM


CLERKSHIP 03/03/2015 03/04/2015

GRADUATE 03/03/2015 03/04/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

Grant Thornton is one of the world's leading

organisations of independent assurance, tax and

advisory firms. These firms help dynamic organisations

unlock their potential for growth by providing

meaningful, forward looking advice. Proactive teams,

led by approachable partners in these firms, use

insights, experience and instinct to understand

complex issues for privately owned, publicly listed and

public sector clients and help them to find solutions.

What other aspects aside from work can we offer


Grant Thornton deliberately nurtures a culture that

allows us to enjoy ourselves and feel like part of the

team. Globally, Grant Thornton firms now employ more

than 31,000 people and whilst there is a job to be

done, working excessive business hours is not part of

our culture. The firm and our social club organise many

activities for our people to get involved in ranging from

sporting competitions through to black-tie events.

Whether you enjoy dragon boating in Sydney, going to

the movies in Melbourne, competing in a triathlon in

Brisbane, wine tasting in Adelaide or sailing in Perth,

we know that Grant Thornton’s active social culture

has something for you.

Clerkship Program

At Grant Thornton, our vacation program is designed to

give you the opportunity to kick-start your career and

experience first-hand who we are and what we do. Our

unique program ensures that you are welcomed and

have the support you need with a buddy to assist you

throughout the whole program. The work we provide

you with is meaningful and realistic and the

opportunities for client and partner contact provide

you with valuable experience that puts you one step

ahead of your peers.

Graduate Program

Starting your career as a Grant Thornton graduate will

provide you with:

• a comprehensive CA support program including paid

study leave, mentoring, focus sessions and support


• investment in developing your personal, professional

and leadership skills

• national graduate training program

• a culture that encourages collaboration and

celebrates success

• competitive salary and benefits

• active social club including events, sporting teams

and community support

• direct access to partners and managers

• challenging work with direct client contact from an

early stage

• a young, flexible, friendly and vibrant culture






Level 16, 71 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000



CLERKSHIP 23/02/2015 12/04/2015

GRADUATE 23/02/2015 12/04/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

In Australia, KPMG has over 5,000 people, including

over 380 partners, with offices around the country. Our

position is built on the professionalism of our people,

the quality of the Audit, Tax, and Advisory services we

offer and the contribution we make to the wellbeing of

the communities in which we live and operate.

Our clients turn to us because we get the job done

through our dedication to quality and our collaborative

approach. Our people aim to succeed by delivering

industry focused services that create genuine,

sustainable value for our clients.

What we look for in an employee

We deliberately recruit across a range of degree

disciplines, skills, abilities and backgrounds. We want

diversity, passion and ambition. We're interested in

you, not just your academic record.

So as well as your qualifications, we look at nine key

areas or 'Behavioural Capabilities'. By this, we mean

the skills and behaviours that every person here at

KPMG shares. To us, 'behaviours' are more than the way

you act – they represent the set of values that underpin

our business.

Clerkship Program

KPMG’s Vacation Program is a great way to gain

practical work experience and get an insider’s view of

the career opportunities available in one of the world's

leading professional services firms.

The vacation program is offered to undergraduates in

the penultimate year of their degree. Through this

program, you’ll discover what it's like to become part

of a professional team and explore the areas best

suited to your skills and aspirations.

As well as being able to kick-start your career, you will

participate in community activities and have plenty of

opportunities to network.

Graduate Program

We’ll support you with great training, development

programs and a dedicated mentor. We'll offer you a

career pathway that allows you to develop at your own

pace. Through our global network, we offer real

opportunities for overseas secondments. Our Corporate

Citizenship programs will give you the opportunity to

use your skills for the benefit of the wider community.




Macquarie Group


Level 8, 12 Creek Street, Brisbane, 4000



CLERKSHIP 29/05/2015 23/06/2015

GRADUATE 09/03/2015 16/04/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

Macquarie Group is a leading provider of banking,

financial, advisory, investment and funds management

services. Our global operations include offices across

the world.

We combine entrepreneurial drive with deep industry

and regional expertise and robust risk management.

This gives our clients and investors confidence, and

allows us to deliver innovative products, services and

strong investment returns.

What do you look for in an employee?

Macquarie seeks high calibre candidates who have a

strong interest in the financial services sector,

knowledge of current market activity, a genuine

interest in working at Macquarie, and the desire to be

inspired as part of a successful team.

We recruit well rounded individuals demonstrating a

strong track record of academic performance and

involvement in extra-curricular activities, and/or

participation in community based initiatives.

Clerkship Program

Macquarie’s summer internship program provides an

opportunity for students typically in their penultimate

year of study to work full-time over the summer break.

Students join various teams within Macquarie’s business

groups, typically between November and February.

Throughout this time the aim of the summer internship

program is for students to benefit from hands-on

experience, increased exposure to the financial

services sector and invaluable insight into the career

opportunities offered at Macquarie. The summer

internship program offers students an opportunity to

demonstrate their potential and gain valuable industry

experience. The ideal outcome of the program is a

graduate offer at Macquarie.

Graduate Program

Working with some of the top professionals in the

industry, our graduate program enables you to join a

specific group and participate in a structured induction

and networking program during your first 12 months

with Macquarie. On the job training and postgraduate

education is a significant part of a graduate’s ongoing

professional development. Orientation, together with a

comprehensive range of external and internal courses

and networking opportunities are an integral part of

the graduate program. Our graduate program starts in

February each year.




Moore Stephens


Level 12, 10 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Queensland, 4000

(07) 3640 4000



GRADUATE Now Open 27/03/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

At Moore Stephens, it’s not about us. It’s all about you.

When it comes to providing personalised and

commercially astute audit, accounting, tax and

business advisory services, it simply can’t be anything


Our focus is about understanding you, your business,

your needs, your challenges and, most importantly,

how you define success. At Moore Stephens, we’re

serious about your success, and it shows. We are midmarket

specialists, so we truly understand your

operating environment. What’s more, all of our people

are long-standing members of their local business

communities and when we work with you, we immerse

ourselves in your world. We treat your business like it’s

ours and we give you all the time you need, when you

need it. We share our skills, expertise and knowledge,

examining every detail and leaving nothing unnoticed.

So when you think about Moore Stephens, think of us

delivering the personal service and local market

knowledge that you want, backed by a leading national

and international network of expertise, knowledge and

advice that you need to succeed. It’s that simple.

Clerkship Program

Moore Stephen's vacational program offers:

• Culture: work in a culture that respects individuality

and encourages personal development, through a team

and open style environment.

• Support: get coaching and guidance from senior staff

members including feedback while a part of the

vacation program.

• Rotations: experience the opportunity of diverse

work experiences.

• Social interaction: vacation students will enjoy the

friendly and social culture of Moore Stephens.

• Valuable experience: first-hand experience of what

we actually, do that will put you one step ahead of

your peers.

Only the Perth office is participating in the 2016

vacation work program. This program is only open to

students who live in Western Australia.

Graduate Program

Our structured program is designed to assist you to

identify and develop your professional talents and

interests while gaining exposure to a wide variety of

work across many industries and sectors.

You'll also find a real commitment to the values that

are important to you and many opportunities to

contribute back to the community in which you work.




Pitcher Partners


Level 30, Central Plaza 1, 345 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

(07) 3222 8444


CLERKSHIP 01/02/2015 21/03/2015

GRADUATE 01/02/2015 21/03/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

Pitcher Partners is a national association of

independent firms. The association is represented by

Pitcher Partners Melbourne, Pitcher Partners Sydney,

Pitcher Partners Perth, Pitcher Partners Adelaide, and

Pitcher Partners Brisbane.

The Pitcher Partners national association is also an

independent member of Baker Tilly International. Each

firm operates as a separate independent business, but

with a shared commitment to common values including

providing exceptional client service, technical

expertise, rigorous and practical commercial advice

and a caring working environment. The firms work

together to ensure clients receive the highest levels of

service and advice, no matter where they are located.

What other aspects aside from work can we offer


Our culture of caring for our clients and our people

extends to the wider community. Our staff are actively

encouraged to participate in charitable events, become

involved with community care programs such as the

Brotherhood of St Laurence's Breakfast Club and also to

support charities such as Onni House - a home located

in Pokhara, Nepal that currently houses 69 children,

runs a scholarship program for children to provide

financial support for schooling and operates a women's

handicraft centre.

Clerkship Program

Our interns are given the same opportunities and

training and development experiences as our

graduates, including attending the National Graduate

Training Program. At the end of the internship

program, top performing students may be offered a

position with Pitcher Partners upon completion of their


Graduate Program

The graduate program at Pitcher Partners gives

students in their final year of university, or recent

graduates, an opportunity to work with a variety of

clients, partners and divisions, as well as experiencing

the culture of the firm.

Working at Pitcher Partners as a graduate is quite

unique – it’s a place where you make lifelong friends

and where you feel as though you really belong. Pitcher

Partners genuinely care about their staff – that’s why

we have been recognised as one of the Top 50

Companies to work for in Australia.






Level 5, 9 Beach Rd, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, 4217

(07) 5553 1000 SURFERS@PKF.COM.AU




Who we are and what makes us unique

PKF offers a comprehensive suite of accounting and

business advisory services for all business lifecycle

phases and across industry sectors.

PKF in Australia has twenty-eight partners and one

hundred staff located in Canberra, Perth, Hobart and

Gold Coast.

We work together across technical disciplines, industry

specialisations and office locations to ensure our

clients receive services from the most relevantly skilled

team of PKF experts.

Clerkship Program

If you plan to study accounting at university but also

want to get ahead by working in the accounting

profession, you can do both at PKF. PKF cadets work

full-time as trainee accountants and study part-time

whilst getting paid.

Graduate Program

If you are completing an accounting degree or major at

the end of this year, or have recently graduated we

would like to hear from you.

What we look for in an employee?

PKF is a people focused business. All of our

relationships, both internally and externally, are

important to us as they shape who we are and how we

go about our business.

There are six key values and behaviours that we

believe embody the experience of working with PKF

and we are looking for like-minded individuals to join

our team.

1 . Collaboration

2. Expertise

3. A Practical Approach

4. Client Commitment

5. Integrity

6. Enjoyment.




Pricewaterhouse Coopers


Level 15, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

(07) 3257 5000


CLERKSHIP 09/02/2015 Once Filled

GRADUATE 09/02/2015 Once Filled

Who we are and what makes us unique

PwC Australia helps organisations and individuals

create the value they're looking for. We are a member

firm of the PwC network, made up of 161, 71 8 people

who are committed to delivering quality in assurance,

advisory, tax & legal, and private clients services.

PwC is one of Australia's leading professional services

firms, bringing the power of our global network of

firms to help Australian businesses, not-for-profit

organisations and governments assess their

performance and improve the way they work. Having

grown from a one-man Melbourne accountancy practice

in 1 874 to the worldwide merger of Price Waterhouse

and Coopers & Lybrand in 1 998, PwC Australia now

employs more than 6,000 people.

Our people are energetic and inspirational and come

from a diverse range of academic backgrounds,

including arts, business, accounting, tax, economics,

engineering, finance, health and law. From improving

the structure of the Australian health system, to

performing due diligence on some of Australia's largest

deals, and working side-by-side with entrepreneurs and

high-net-worth individuals, our teams bring a unique

combination of knowledge and passion to address the

challenges and opportunities that face our community.

Clerkship Program

During the program (which ranges from three to eight

weeks) you'll do challenging and relevant work on

client engagements, attend networking events,

participate in a community service project with one of

PwC's Foundation Partners, and enhance your skill set

through coaching and mentoring.

To equip you with all the knowledge and tools to

successfully complete your work during the program,

you’ll undertake induction on your first day with the

firm. You’ll also attend sessions such as team building

activities and lunch-and-learn sessions. Read more

about our development at PwC to find out more.

Graduate Program

If you're looking for professional development,

challenging opportunities, access to inspiring

leadership and first class mentoring and training, then

a graduate career at PwC is for you. PwC provides a

supportive work environment to help you create a

career of value.

You’ll enjoy a variety of experiences, develop an

enormous range of skills, and build relationships that

will stay with you throughout your career.






Level 16, Chifley Tower , 2 Chifley Square, Sydney, NSW, 2000

(02) 9324 2000 SH-CAMPUSANZ@UBS.COM


CLERKSHIP Now Open 23/06/2015

GRADUATE Now Open 16/04/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

We draw on our 150-year heritage to serve private,

institutional and corporate clients worldwide, as well

as retail clients in Switzerland. Our business strategy is

centered on our pre-eminent global wealth

management businesses and our leading universal bank

in Switzerland.

Together with a client-focused Investment Bank and a

strong, well-diversified Global Asset Management

business, we will expand our premier wealth

management franchise and drive further growth across

the Group.

What we look for in an employee?

We evaluate each candidate against seven core

competencies, a term we use to describe professional

qualities and business skills. We see these core

competencies as essential building blocks for success at

UBS. Given the right amount of effort on your part and

training from us, these competencies can help to

launch and develop a successful career for you.

Clerkship Program

Our internship program is the best way to prepare for a

graduate position at UBS. You will work with and learn

from some of the most successful people in finance

today - while acquiring the skills and making the

contacts that will give you a head start when you

graduate. For our internship programs, we generally

recruit students who are nearing the end of their


Our aim is to give you the opportunity to see what

working for UBS is like by giving you the most realistic

view of our business, culture and workplace

environment. Through our internship program you will

gain a greater understanding of what embarking on a

career with us might offer. We also want to get to

know you better and give you the chance to gain the

skills you need to launch your career.

Graduate Program

Our Graduate Training Programs (GTP) help prepare

talented graduates for an engaging career at UBS and

for employment within a target function. You'll

experience a business specific development pathway

that includes on and off the job learning opportunities,

as well as programmatic mentoring and networking







260 Queen St, Brisbane, QLD, 4000



CLERKSHIP 01/05/2015 N/A

GRADUATE 24/02/2015 02/04/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

Westpac Group's portfolio of financial services brands

and businesses is focused on a common purpose -

delighting our 11.8 million customers and helping them

achieve their financial goals.

From ensuring our retail customers can save and invest

with confidence, to servicing the financial needs of

multi-national corporate, institutional and government

clients, we put our customers at the centre of

everything we do.

Westpac Group has 3 key customer facing divisions

through which we serve nearly 12 million customers.

Who do we look for in an employee

• To have finished your study in 2012, 2013 or


• A strong academic background

• A relevant university degree for the program that

you're applying for

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Leadership qualities, demonstrated by employment

history or extra-curricular activities

• A commitment to excellence

• Work experience in customer service or related


Clerkship Program

The Westpac Institutional Bank Summer Internship

Program provides an opportunity to gain insightful paid

work experience in one of Australasia's leading

specialist financial services managers and distributors.

Opportunities exist for university students in their

second last year of an undergraduate or postgraduate

degree to gain exposure to the Financial Services


The program runs for 10 weeks from December to

February and the majority of our internship positions

are in Sydney, however we do offer some positions in

Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth for our Corporate and

Institutional Banking Program.

Graduate Program

We offer structured 1 and 2 year graduate programs

within various business areas spanning the full

spectrum of financial services, from day to day retail

banking to some of the biggest commercial deals in the


Whether it's IT, finance, institutional banking,

compliance, equities, human resources or another

specialty you might be interested in, our rotation

policy not only allows graduates to assess which area

best suits their career path, but also helps them

develop a thorough understanding of both Westpac and

the wider Westpac Group.








Corrs is a place that celebrates individuals. We’re looking for spirited,

determined graduates who think big and like doing things a little differently.

In exchange for your energy and commitment we’ll provide extraordinary

learning and work opportunities here and on the international stage.

If you want more, visit our dedicated graduate website www.corrs.com.au/graduates

“We learnt court etiquette

during the course and it’s

something I use every day.

I found the scenario-based

learning to be excellent.

It prepared me for life as a

criminal lawyer.”

Dave Garratt

The only choice for PLT is QUT

QUT’s Faculty of Law is home to the leading provider of Practical Legal Training in Queensland.

We have a strong reputation for our practical approach. We offer problem solving scenarios that

reflect the realities of a daily modern legal practice – just ask any of our successful graduates.

We will arrange a work placement for you and we can ensure a smooth transition from your

undergraduate studies to our PLT course.

The only choice for PLT is QUT. Full time, part time and online.

Apply Now

Start in January, February or June

For further information phone Liz Clark on (07) 3138 2211 or email ea.clark@qut.edu.au


CRICOS No.00213J © QUT 2014 LAW-14-751 20947

Australian Securities and

Investments Commission


Level 20, 240 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4001

(02) 9911 5267 CAREERS@ASIC.GOV.AU



GRADUATE 04/03/2015 23/03/2015

Who are we and what makes us unique

ASIC is Australia’s corporate, markets and financial

services regulator. We contribute to Australia’s

economic reputation and wellbeing by ensuring that

Australia’s financial markets are fair and transparent,

supported by confident and informed investors and

consumers. We are an independent Commonwealth

Government body. We are set up under and administer

the Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Act (ASIC Act), and we carry out most of our work

under the Corporations Act.

What other aspects aside from work can you offer

your employees?

Balance is important to our people and means different

things to different people. As such, we provide you the

following options to navigate personal and

organisational needs:

• Negotiable start and finish times.

• Flextime if you are an ASIC 1 -4 employee.

• Part-time employment where your circumstances

may change.

• Purchased leave scheme.

• Compassionate, personal and carer's leave.

During the Christmas holidays, ASIC remains closed for

business between Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

What we look for in an employee

Aside from the relevant degree disciplines, we look

for energetic, proficient communicators who are

comfortable with change and teamwork. We also look

for people who can multitask and pick up new

concepts quickly.

Graduate Program

The ASIC Graduate Program has continually evolved

over the last 1 5 years and is specifically designed to

make the most of your strengths and skills. We are

looking for graduates in many disciplines:

• Accounting

• Business & Commerce

• Economics


• Information Technology (Sydney & Traralgon)

At ASIC we focus on developing both your technical and

professional skills. It's a process that starts in your first

year and continues throughout your career. Our aim is

to develop your talents through a balance of on-the-job

training, structured programs and rotations. You'll be

involved in live investigations and topical cases from

the word 'go'. That doesn't mean we'll leave you to go it

alone. You'll find mentors on hand for each rotation,

support from your team and a buddy from last year's

program to help you.

Application and Recruitment Process

See website for details




Australian Security

Intelligence Organisation


ASIO Central Office, GPO Box 2176, CANBERRA, ACT, 2601

(02) 6267 4916



GRADUATE 05/03/2015 05/04/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

Our main responsibility is collecting, analysing and

reporting intelligence on threats to security. The

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1 979

defines security as the protection of Australia's

territorial and border integrity from serious threats,

and the protection of Australia and its people from

espionage, sabotage, politically motivated violence,

the promotion of communal violence, attacks on

Australia's defence system, and acts of foreign

interference – whether directed from, or committed

within, Australia or not.

What other aspects aside from work can you offer

your employees?

Whether it is a half-day course or a 12 month training

program, you will never be short of opportunities to

improve your knowledge or skills. We recognise the

benefit in investing in your personal development. The

type of training you receive upon commencement will

depend on the role you are employed to perform.

However, all ASIO officers will have appropriate formal

induction into the Organisation followed by on-the-job

induction and training. Some roles will include specific

training courses which may be undertaken immediately

or during your employment.

What we look for in an employee

This highly competent and professional area provides

legal and policy-related advice on a range of sensitive

and complex security matters. It also provides

litigation-related advice within the administrative,

criminal and civil law jurisdictions. As a lawyer you

might not have previously considered ASIO as an

exciting alternative avenue for your career.

Application and Recruitment Process

The rewarding career you shape will satisfy you

personally and professionally. Your like-minded

colleagues will motivate and inspire you to challenge

yourself to do your best. Your professional

development is important to us, so you will never feel

stale. The tasks you do may be similar to that of other

organisations but ASIO’s subject matter and objective

is unlike any other. You will feel a significant sense of

achievement and satisfaction when you are

contributing to the security of Australia.

However, you must consider the following before

submitting an application:

• Australian citizenship.

• Approval to hold and maintain a Top Secret (positive

vet) clearance.

• Relocation to Canberra.

• Specific requirements.

• Discretion




Australian Signals



PO Box 5076, Kingston, ACT, 2604




GRADUATE 24/02/2015 07/04/2015

Who are we and what makes us unique

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD, formerly DSD)

is an intelligence agency in the Australian Government

Department of Defence, with its headquarters in


ASD provides information security advice and services

mainly to Australian federal and state government

agencies. ASD also works closely with industry to

develop and deploy secure cryptographic products.

What other aspects aside from work can

you offer your employees?

• Challenging and interesting work that directly

supports the Australian Defence Force and Australian

Government decision-making

• Unique work opportunities for many staff

• Ongoing commitment to training in trade, technical,

business and personal skills

• Australian Public Service conditions of service, in

modern offices with free parking (until June 201 4)

• National and international travel opportunities for

some staff

What we look for in an employee

Our selection process:

• Applications are rated against the selection criteria in

the information pack.

• Short-listed applicants are usually interviewed.

• Referees will be asked to confirm relevant workrelated


• The preferred applicant will be asked to undergo a

security assessment.

Graduate Program

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) graduate

program is part of the Defence Intelligence and

Security Development Program. Graduates joining the

ASD graduate program complete three work rotations

over a year doing complex and rewarding Analysis or

IT/Cyber and Information Security work. After a taste

of the diverse and unique work ASD is involved in, you

will have the foundations for a rewarding career

directly supporting the Australian Defence Force and

Australian Government.

We are looking for people with strong critical thinking

and research skills. You will need the ability to quickly

understand new and complex concepts and issues, and

the intellectual and personal skills to solve difficult

problems. You will have completed an undergraduate

or postgraduate degree, which may be complemented

by work experience in a specialty area.

You will receive excellent training on personal and

professional topics. You will enjoy working in

multidisciplinary teams and learn to use our specialised

systems. You will have opportunities to travel. You will

be encouraged to develop your skills and build strong

foundations for a diverse and rewarding career.

Application and Recruitment Process

Apply through website.




Australian Taxation Office


Suncorp Plaza, 143 Turbot Street, Brisbane QLD 4000




GRADUATE 01/01/2015 20/04/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

The Australian Taxation office is the Government's

principal revenue collection agency, and is part of the

Treasurer's portfolio. Our role is to manage and shape

tax, excise and superannuation systems that fund

services for Australians. We also support the delivery of

community benefits with roles in private health

insurance, family assistance and cross-agency support.

What other aspects aside from work can

you offer your employees?

The ATO is committed to providing excellent working

conditions designed to balance your personal and

professional needs. More information is available in the

ATO Enterprise Agreement 201 1 –201 4.

What we look for in an employee

If you have a degree with at least 50% credit level or

above, you may qualify for our graduate development


There are 2 key mandatory requirements to be able

to apply:

• Be an Australian Citizen

• Have successfully completed a relevant bachelor


Graduate Program

The ATO will provide you with a dynamic and rewarding

career in a high-profile national organisation. We offer

excellent professional development opportunities

through our highly regarded graduate development

program and beyond.

Our graduate development programs are designed to

build our future leaders and technical experts by

developing your skills, knowledge and networks to help

you throughout your career with us.

Features of the graduate development program


• joining the ATO, a leader in tax administration

• completing interesting work relating to your field of


• taking part in an intensive, challenging 1 2-month


• receiving lots of training and development


• experiencing two work rotations in areas that suit

your skills

• possibly participating in client contact experiences •

receiving support from a dedicated program manager,

mentors and buddies

• benefiting from flexible working conditions that

promote work/life balance

• receiving excellent working conditions and great

superannuation benefits

• a permanent job on successful completion of the


• starting on a salary of over $57,000.

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications accepted via website.






Level 13, 410 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000




GRADUATE 07/11/2015 23/11/2015

Who are we and what makes us unique

Comcare partners with workers, their employers and

unions to keep workers healthy and safe, and reduce

the incidence and cost of workplace injury and disease.

We implement the Australian Government’s policies in

federal workplaces to drive social inclusion and


What we look for in an employee

Comcare employs Graduates from a range of

educational disciplines. Comcare seeks Graduates who

are innovative, passionate, have energy, adaptability

and enthusiasm and who would value and enjoy being

part of a high performing dynamic government agency.

Comcare can offer you a challenging and rewarding

career in a number of different business areas. Several

opportunities exist in our Canberra office and maybe

filled across the following areas:

• Work health and safety regulation and policy

• Health and safety prevention

• Support injured workers in their recovery

• Allied health and medical science roles

• Safety, rehabilitation and compensation policy

• Communications and marketing

• Financial and actuarial services

• Legal services

• Research and data analysis

• Information and communications technology

In addition to your academic qualifications, Comcare

will be looking for Graduates that are:

• committed to creating positive working environments

• honest and truthful in their interactions with others

• capable of delivering high quality performance

• collaborative in their approach

• committed to finding innovative and practical


• responsive to changing needs

• customer and client focused, and

• ready to use their experience and knowledge to

deliver results.

Graduate Program

Comcare and Safe Work Australia have partnered

together to employ Graduates from a range of

educational disciplines and work together closely on a

number of projects relating to work health and safety

and workers' compensation. Comcare is seeking to

employ several Graduates and Safe Work Australia is

seeking to employ one Graduate for the Graduate

Program 201 4. As a Graduate, you will be provided

with a variety of training and development

opportunities, an attractive remuneration package in a

challenging, rewarding and supportive work


Application and Recruitment Process

See website for details.




Crown Law


50 Ann Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000





Who we are and what makes us unique

Crown Law is as old as Queensland itself, and we’ve

been the principal provider of legal services to

Queensland Government for over 1 50 years.

Working exclusively for Queensland Government, as a

part of it, we don’t just understand their priorities and

the environment in which it operates - we share them.

As one of the largest firms in the state, our extensive

pool of experienced and talented lawyers both advise

and represent our clients in all areas of law affecting

the public sector and the State of Queensland. Our

specialist legal teams work collaboratively with one

another to deliver seamless client service

encompassing a whole-of-Government perspective.

What other aspects aside from work can

you offer your employees?

Career development:

• Supportive team environments with inter-team

transfers and mentoring opportunities

• Study assistance scheme

• Graduate and junior lawyer development program

• Allocated funding for professional development


• Continuing Professional Development program

• Leadership development programs

• Diverse calendar of in-house education sessions.

Work-life balance

• Flexible working hours including part-time and

compressed hours

• Telecommuting and job-share arrangements

• Reward and recognition program

• Wide range of generous leave provisions

• Health assessments and discounted corporate private

health insurance

• Active social club.

Rewarding employment

• Competitive salary and generous superannuation

scheme with income protection insurance

• Performance-based contracts for team leaders

• Pro bono program and participation in community


• Salary packaging options

• Job security

Application and Recruitment Process

Check SmartJobs for current vacancies of all types.

Support facilities

• Full range of in-house administration and support


• Queensland’s second-largest law library

• Cutting-edge ICT support facilities.




Department of Agriculture,

Fisheries and Forestry


42–44 Qantas Drive, Eagle Farm, QLD, 4009



GRADUATE 16/04/2015 14/05/2015

Who are we and what makes us unique

The Australian Department of Agriculture's role is to

develop and implement policies and programs that

ensure Australia's agricultural, fisheries, food and

forestry industries remain competitive, profitable and


The department specialises in policy and program

development, economic and scientific research,

quarantine and inspection

What we look for in an employee

Graduate Program

Our Graduate Development Program is delivered over

10 months. You will be part of a team of graduates who

will enjoy a year of structured training and


The Graduate Development Program is designed to

provide you with a solid foundation to commence your

career with the department and the Australian Public


Please note that there are streams within the Graduate

Development Program.

To help us achieve our goals and foster our positive

workplace culture we are seeking graduates with the

following characteristics:

• aspiring leaders – you willingly tackle important


• creative minds – you are open to doing things

differently to achieve success

• future thinkers – you anticipate and adapt to new


• compassionate – you are mindful of the impact you

have on others

• responsive and collaborative individuals – you make

things happen and build on partnerships to succeed.

Application and Recruitment Process

See website for details.




Department of Communications


38 Sydney Avenue, Forrest, ACT, 2603



GRADUATE 08/03/2015 19/04/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

The objective of the Department of Communications is

to develop vibrant, sustainable and internationally

competitive communications and entertainment sectors

of the Australian economy.

The department supports the Minister for

Communications through the provision of policies,

expert advice, and planning and managing the

implementation of initiatives across Australia.

What other aspects aside from work can

you offer your employees?

The department provides a range of programs to

support staff in learning and development, including:

• an induction program for new staff

• a core training program which comprises a menu of

short courses that address essential business skills and


• capability development programs which build

management and leadership skills

• an internal rotation program to help staff broaden

their skills and knowledge about the department.

visits to Parliament House and meeting with senior

executives within the Department.

You then commence your Diploma of Government

studies and short course components that will enable

you to smoothly transition through your three

rotations. Our comprehensive training courses include

topics such as policy and program management,

financial and legal awareness, ministerial writing and

legislative processes.

The program addresses four key areas:

• The work of the Department

• The way in which the Department operates

• Working in the Australian Public Service

• Skills development

Application and Recruitment Process

See website for all details and for how to apply.

Graduate Program

We understand that for many of you a graduate

position may be your first full-time job or maybe your

first work experience in federal government, so we

provide a learning and development program to support


You will participate in 11 months of development

activities, structured to equip you with the skills and

knowledge to become a high-quality employee and to

underpin your future career progression.

The first part of the Graduate Development Program

consists of learning and development related to

working in the Department and the APS. This also

includes networking sessions and key events such as




Department of Foreign

Affairs and Trade


150 Charlotte Street, Brisbane, Qld, 4000

(02) 6261 1111 DFAT@CLARIUS.COM.AU



GRADUATE 19/02/2015 16/03/2015

Who are we and what makes us unique

The department’s role is to advance the interests of

Australia and Australians internationally. This involves

working to strengthen Australia’s security; enhancing

Australia’s prosperity; delivering an effective and high

quality aid programme; and helping Australian

travellers and Australians overseas.

What other aspects aside from work can

you offer your employees?

Working overseas is one of the most interesting and

challenging aspects of a DFAT employee's career. The

graduate program aims to prepare officers for work in

the department, including overseas. After completing

the program, graduates are eligible to start applying

for overseas postings. Generally, graduates can expect

to be in Canberra for up to three years before their

first posting. While individual preferences will be taken

into account, these will not necessarily be the

determining factor in a posting decision. You will also

be expected to serve in a variety of locations, including

difficult and demanding ones.

What we look for in an employee

The department operates in a complex and highly

dynamic international environment. We look for, and

value in our employees:

• Comprehensive and contemporary management

approaches, and

• Personal and corporate flexibility, versatility and


Graduate Program

The Policy Graduate Program is for applicants from all

academic backgrounds and prepares successful

candidates for a career as a generalist policy officer.

Policy graduates work to advance Australia's interests

across a broad range of areas — from security to human

rights, international trade to development and aid

management, and represent Australia in a formal

capacity while serving overseas.

The graduate program includes a block of courses

designed to build upon and give graduates the

opportunity to fill gaps in their academic studies.

There are also workshops to develop graduates'

presentation and negotiation skills, as well as courses

in human rights, diplomacy, international

development, people and financial management, and

consular services.

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications through website.

• Responsiveness,

• Knowledge of the international environment and

issues relevant to the promotion and protection of

Australia's national interests

• The capacity to operate with sensitivity in many

distinct cultural environments, while projecting clearly

and confidently our Australian identity;

• Vigilance in the protection of sensitive information

handled in the department, both in Australia and


• High standards of ethical and personal conduct,




Department of Health


Sirius Building, Furzer Street, Woden Town Centre, ACT




GRADUATE 17/02/2015 31/03/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

The Department of Health and Ageing leads the

development of Australia's health and aged care system

by providing expert policy advice, analysis and other

services to Government. It provides advice to the

Minister on an enormous range of policy and program

issues, from HIV/AIDS awareness to obesity and

nutrient, infectious disease control. Pharmaceutical,

aged care and Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander


What we look for in an employee

We need capable and motivated people to help us

achieve a better health and active ageing for all

Australians. This means people who: are smart and

keen to learn and grow; Aren't afraid of a challenge;

are prepared for issues that can be difficult yet also

rewarding; are good communicators; are prepared to

tackle complex subjects which affect the lives of

Australians everyday; and can multi-task.

Graduate Program

The department has a stream tailored to applicants

with a legal background. Throughout your graduate

year you will be using your specific skill set acquired

during your degree to provide legal-related support

across divisions. You may provide legal advice and

interpretation, draft contracts, funding agreements

and other instruments, assist with the drafting of

legislation, assist the representation of the department

in litigation, assist with legal awareness training and

assist with Freedom of Information requests.

Application and Recruitment Process

See website for details.

• Australian Citizenship

• Degree level qualification

• Are willing to move to Canberra

You do not need a degree in a health-related subject,

although you should have a genuine interest in healthrelated

issues and working in a public service

environment. We consider applicants with an

undergraduate degree from a broad range of





Department of Human Services


Level 8, Terrica Place, 140 Creek Street, Brisbane, Qld, 4000




GRADUATE 18/10/2015 18/10/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

The Department of Human Services is responsible for

the development of service delivery policy and provides

access to social, health and other payments and

services. It was created on 26 October 2004 as part of

the Finance and Administration portfolio. The Human

Services Legislation Amendment Act 2011 integrated

Medicare Australia, Centrelink and CRS Australia on 1

July 2011 into the Department of Human Services.

What we look for in an employee

Successful applicants will demonstrate:

- an ability to undertake specialist or technical

research and analysis and present information and


- strong written and verbal communication skills

- proven drive and integrity in relation to achieving

work objectives and the ability to respond ethically to

demands and circumstances

- an ability to establish positive working relationships

with team members and stakeholders

- the ability to problem solve, think laterally and with

innovation to make sound judgements and decisions.

Graduate Program

Our National Graduate Program (NGP) is not your

ordinary graduate program. When you apply for our

NGP you are applying to be part of something big.

The NGP offers a multitude of opportunities that will

allow you to use the skills and knowledge you gained

through university and prior work experience.

As part of the NGP, you will have access to numerous

professional development opportunities, mentoring

arrangements and specialist events.

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications accepted through website.

In addition, Professional pathway applicants will

demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of

contemporary issues and practices related to their

professional area of expertise or technical discipline.




Department of Industry


10 Binara Street, Canberra, ACT, 2600




GRADUATE 02/03/2015 28/04/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

The Department of Industry Portfolio was established

on 18 September 2013.

The new department consolidates the Australian

Government’s efforts to drive economic growth,

productivity and competitiveness by bringing together

industry, energy, resources, science and skills.

Through our policies we:

• develop a highly skilled, educated and productive

community through higher education, vocational

education and training

• invest in scientific engagement and awareness

• focus Australia's research efforts to help our world

class researchers and scientists carry out their work

• drive productive, competitive and innovative business

to face the challenge of a global economy

• develop industries for the future that can recognise

and capitalise on innovative ideas

• foster collaboration and build capability as we work

towards creating a more prosperous and internationally

competitive Australia.

• comprehensive training and development

opportunities designed to provide you with the skills

and capability to meet the challenges of working in the

APS, leading to a formal qualification in management

or economics.

To be eligible for a graduate position you must:

• Have completed a minimum of a three-year

undergraduate degree, or have completed one by the

end of 2013

• Have an overseas qualification recognised by National

Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR)

• Be an Australian citizen

• Be prepared to relocate to Canberra.

Successful candidates will be required to undertake

security and medical clearances and provide evidence

of their tertiary qualifications and Australian


Application and Recruitment Process

Applications accepted through website.

Graduate Program

Our department offers a wide range of opportunities

for the development of your career in the Australian

Public Service, including:

• our new two year Graduate Development Program

which includes a range of diverse work placements

• a competitive salary and the opportunity for

advancement during the program

• central city location in Canberra

• excellent working conditions

• relocation assistance with interstate graduates

receiving up to 21 days of accommodation after





Department of Infrastructure

and Regional Development


111 Alinga Street, Canberra, ACT, 2601



GRADUATE 02/03/2015 06/04/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional

Development contributes to the wellbeing of all

Australians by assisting the Government to: promote,

evaluate, plan and invest in infrastructure; foster an

efficient, sustainable, competitive, safe and secure

transport system; and ensure a strong and liveable

Australia by focusing on effective local government and

external territories administration and regional

development that enables communities to achieve

economic and social dividends.

Above all, the program is designed to ensure you are

able to meet your career progression goals.

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications accepted through website.

Graduate Program

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional

Development's Graduate Development Program (GDP)

runs from mid-January to early December each year.

During this time, you'll undertake a number of learning

and development activities to prepare you for career

progression at the end of the program.

From roads to high speed rail initiatives, airport

security to large scale shipping, city planning to

transport logistics, the Department of Infrastructure

and Regional Development really is shaping the future

direction of Australia. As part of our Graduate

Development Program you will be right in the thick of

it as you build your career. This really is the IN to what

you want!

- You will undertake a structured learning and

development program including a Graduate

Certificate in Public Administration to keep your brain

pumping and other training to provide you with job

ready skills, both during work time.

- You will be paid a minimum of $54,679 during your

grad year, which means you can say goodbye to 2

minute noodles.

- Once you've successfully completed the program, you

will jump to an APS level 5 position earning a minimum

of $67,635. Definitely no more 2 minute





Department of Justice and



State Law Building, 50 Ann Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

(07)3239 3520 CROWNLAW@QLD.GOV.AU



Who we are and what makes us unique

The Department of Justice and Attorney-General is the

government agency responsible for administering

justice in Queensland. The Department also leads

policy development and delivers services to ensure

safe, fair and productive work environments which

contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of


Successful applicants will be paid a rate of $19.72 per

hour plus 23% leave loading which equates to the

AO2/4 classification level.

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications accepted through website.

The Justice portfolio consists of business units, and

numerous government and statutory bodies and officers

in the areas of Justice Services and Fair and Safe Work.

We work together to deliver an open and accessible

justice system that protects and supports a fair and

stable society based on the rule of law. Our wide and

varied services help to build a safe, just and supportive

society. The department delivers diverse services

through its courts and tribunals, legal and advocacy

services and through a range of community-focused

programs, policies and services.

Clerkship Program

To be eligible for the program, you must:

- Have completed a minimum two years of your current

degree before the start of the program

- Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or have

Australian permanent residency status.

You will be employed on a temporary contract

working up to 21 ¾ hours per week, which is

negotiable with the business director.

During the program you will have the opportunity to:

- Share experiences with other students

- Receive support and guidance through a buddy

relationship with a staff member who has completed

the graduate development program

- Attend a range of learning and development





Department of the



John Gorton Building, King Edward Terrace Parkes, ACT, 2600




Who we are and what makes us unique

The Department of the Environment designs and

implements the Australian Government’s policies and

programmes to protect and conserve the environment,

water and heritage and promote climate action.

The environmental framework is being delivered under

four pillars:

• Clean air

• Clean water

• Clean land

• National heritage

What we look for in an employee

In most cases it is essential that you specifically

address each of the selection criteria for a position.

The information you provide in your application must

be clear and concise as it will be the basis for the

selection of applicants.

Graduate Program

Our Graduate Programme offers you numerous

benefits, the biggest being an introduction to the APS

in a genuinely caring and supportive environment. Our

programme has a good retention rate, with a high

percentage of our graduates still employed many years

after they have completed their graduate year. This is

because the Department offers you interesting work,

excellent work/life balance and a diverse and exciting

work culture.

• Three work rotations across the Department including

the possibility of working in the Australian Antarctic

Division in Tasmania, Kakadu National Park in the

Northern Territory, Booderee National Park on the NSW

South Coast, the Australian National Botanic Gardens in

Canberra or the Supervising Scientist Division in


• A professional learning and development programme

including $1 000 towards individual development.

• One on one mentoring from executive and senior

executive staff and a supportive environment in which

to develop your personal and professional skills.

• Excellent conditions in a department which values a

work-life balance.

• The possibility of site visits during rotation, providing

you with the opportunity to experience the

Department's policies and programmes at ground level.

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications accepted via website or through mail. The

recruitment process is different for each position.

The programme consists of a number of key

components, including:

• An innovative, dynamic and supportive workplace

which deals with some of the most cutting edge

environmental and water related issues in Australia





Queensland Treasury


Executive Building, 100 George Street Brisbane, QLD, 4001



CLERKSHIP 01/03/2015 01/03/2015

GRADUATE 18/10/2015 18/10/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

Queensland Treasury and Trade provides a fiscal,

commercial and economic leadership role for the

Queensland Government to enhance our State’s

financial position and economic performance. We also

take a lead role in the Government’s accountability

and transparency in delivering services to the


We are responsible for two statutory authorities: the

Motor Accident Insurance Commission and Queensland

Treasury Corporation.

What we look for in an employee

Queensland Treasury and Trade is a diverse

organisation and provides an exciting range of

employment opportunities for recent graduates from a

number of academic disciplines.

We encourage applications for our graduate program

from all disciplines, but particularly:

• economics

• accounting

• business

• law

• commerce

• finance

Not only will you be assessed on your technical

knowledge, but throughout the selection process you

will also be assessed against a number of desirable

business attributes. Ideal candidates will perform well

in the following areas: problem solving, business

acumen, drive for results, building relationships, selfmotivation

and written communication.

Clerkship Program

Queensland Treasury and Trade offers short-term

placements to university students (across a range of

disciplines) in both winter and summer semester


The program is an excellent opportunity for you to see

the diversity of services that Queensland Treasury and

Trade provides to the State Government and the

community. You will also have the opportunity to meet

new people and build networks to help you with your

career options. We are able to offer flexible working

hours as we understand that individual students have a

number of commitments outside of study and we will

try to accommodate these.

Graduate Program

Our graduate program is a 1 2-month program during

which time you can negotiate to rotate to different

work areas, participate in training and development

programs and build on your internal and external


To be eligible for the 2016 graduate program you must:

• be an Australian citizen; or reside in Australia and

have permission, under a Commonwealth law, to work

in Australia and remain in Australia indefinitely

• have completed graduate study prior to the

commencement of the program (or within the last two


Application and Recruitment Process

Applications accepted through website.








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GPO BOX 1916, Brisbane, Queensland, 4001





Who we are and what makes us unique

The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) is

an independent, non-profit organisation seeking to

promote interest in, and understanding of,

international affairs in Australia.

The AIIA provides a wide range of opportunities for the

dissemination of information and free expression of

views on these matters through discussion and


Internship Program

The Australian Institute of International Affairs seeks

students from Australia and throughout the world who

are interested in completing a voluntary internship.

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications for an internship at the National Office

can be made at any time during the year and are to be

made by email to Chris Farnham, National Office



at internships@internationalaffairs.org.au

The application should include:

• An expression of interest stating your

goals/motivations in undertaking an internship

and the period of time you are available to

spend at the AIIA

• Curriculum vitae including educational

qualifications and work experience plus at least

two referees’ email contact details.

As an intern you will work at the AIIA’s National Office

in Canberra. A customised program will be designed for

each intern according to the intern’s learning and

career development needs that can include a mix of

training and practical experience in research projects,

events, communications and office management.

The AIIA can supervise the following programs to suit

individual needs:

• Internships can focus on international affairs

research, event development and management

and/or communication tasks, including website

development, media and publications;

• Internships can be full-time or part-time

(minimum one day per week) for a 3-12 month

period. Placements less than 3 months are


• Internships at National Office can be for

academic credit through the Australian

National University Internship Program

• Interns will be provided with support including

induction, regular supervision, access to events

and opportunity to work with other interns.











Who we are and what makes us unique

Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of

people campaigning to protect human rights. We have

a vision of a world in which every person enjoys all of

the rights stated in the Universal Declaration of Human

Rights and other international human rights standards.

When those human rights are violated, we:

• Search out the facts

• Expose what is happening

• Mobilise people to put pressure on governments

and others to stop the violations.

Around the world we protect people and communities

who come under attack, encourage governments and

others to respect human rights and raise awareness of

the international standards that protect us all.

What we look for in an employee

Amnesty International Australia employs around 90

staff across a range of positions, and our employees

bring a variety of skills and qualifications from diverse

backgrounds. Our employees are dedicated, passionate

individuals, united in the belief that together we can

campaign for human rights impact and make a


Internship Internship Program Program

Our interns play a critical role in helping us achieve

human rights impact in Australia and across the globe.

Internships are a great way to get hands on experience

in certain areas, or on issues that you’re passionate


Internship candidates are made available on an as

needs basis. Opportunities often exist in the following

teams throughout the year:

• Media and Public relations

• Finance

• Community Campaigns

• Administration

Please note that not all teams in Amnesty International

Australia offer internship placements.

Internships are different to volunteering. Placements

run for a defined length of time, are often based

around specific learning requirements and project

outcomes, and can be a requirement for certain

tertiary study requirements.

Please be aware that out internships are voluntary, and

that we do not provide interns with:

• Any monetary allowances or remuneration

• Accommodation or accommodation allowances

• Assistance with travel or reimbursement of

travel costs

• Any assistance in organising visas or completing

visa applications

Application and Recruitment Process

See website for details.












Who we are and what makes us unique

The Arts Law Centre of Australia (Arts Law) is the

national community legal centre for the arts. Arts Law

is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee which

was established with the support of the Australia

Council for the Arts in 1983 to provide specialised legal

and business advice and referral services, professional

development resources, and advocacy for artists and


have completed intellectual property or media law in

Australia to be considered for a position as a notetaker.

Application and Recruitment Process

If you are interested in a volunteer position, please fill

out the application form, attach your CV and your

current academic record and send to Arts Law. Please

clearly label your attachments.

Arts Law provides legal advice and information on a

wide range of arts related legal and business matters

including contracts, copyright, business structures,

defamation, insurance, employment and taxation to

artists and arts organisations across all art forms.

Volunteer Program

Daytime volunteers provide valuable assistance in

various ways, including legal research and

administration tasks.

Daytime volunteers must commit to working one day

per week at Arts Law’s Sydney office for a minimum

period of 6 months.

Daytime volunteers are usually final year law students

and recent graduates. Knowledge and/or study of

intellectual property or media law subjects is required.

Volunteers sometimes attend document review sessions

if the lawyer providing the document review requests a

note-taker. The role of note-takers is to assist the

volunteer lawyer by keeping detailed file notes of

advice given.

Generally, our note-takers are final year law students,

recent graduates or junior lawyers. You are required to











Who we are and what makes us unique

The Commission was established in 1986 by an act of

the federal Parliament. We are an independent

statutory organisation and report to the federal

Parliament though the Attorney-General.

Our statutory responsibilities include:

• education and public awareness

• discrimination and human rights complaints

• human rights compliance

• policy and legislative development.

What we look for in an employee

Selections for Commission positions are based on merit,

meaning that:

• an assessment is made of the relative

suitability of the candidates for the duties,

using a competitive selection process; and

• the assessment is based on the relationship

between the candidates’ work-related qualities

and the work-related qualities genuinely

required for the duties; and

• the assessment is the primary consideration in

making the decision.

Graduate Program

The Commission does not have a formal Graduate

Program, however graduates are encouraged to apply

for vacant positions at the Commission.

Application and Recruitment Process

Send you application to:

The Human Resources Officer

Australian Human Rights Commission

GPO Box 5218

Sydney, NSW, 2001

Or electronically to jobs@humanrights.gov.au in Word

for Windows format. Emailed applications should be

sent as one attachment and hard copy applications are

not required to be sent.

Internship Program

Australian university students wishing to undertake an

internship at the Commission should apply during the

internship period in September of each year. Please

refer to the Jobs page during this period for further

information. Appropriate insurance coverage is

required through the relevant institution. Opportunities

for internships at the Commission are limited.











Who we are and what makes us unique

The Queensland Association of Independent Legal

Services (QAILS) is the state based peak body

representing funded and unfunded Community Legal

Centres (CLCs) operating throughout Queensland.

There are 33 independent community legal centres in

Queensland and over 200 throughout Australia.

Application and Recruitment Process

See website for details.

Volunteer Program

Most CLCs welcome student volunteers. Where CLCs are

affiliated with universities, students may be able to

undertake internships for academic credit as part of a

legal clinic education course. Other CLCs give students

a particular opportunity to work with a solicitor in a

mentor arrangement, and to undertake policy and

casework, depending upon the volunteer student’s

interest and availability. Often a CLC will encourage

volunteer student involvement from the 3 rd year of

their degree onwards. Placements may also be

available during university breaks. It is important to

note that some CLCs are very well known among

students and it may be difficult to obtain a volunteer

position. Do not be discouraged. If you are not

prepared to be placed on a waiting list, there are many

other volunteer opportunities at other CLCs. Be

persistent and proactive in seeking your volunteer


Depending on areas of interest and expertise, students

might also be involved in:

• conducting initial client interviews, and

discussing factual scenarios with staff lawyers

and volunteer lawyers;

• responding to general inquiries about the CLC

and its services;

• referring clients to appropriate community and

government agencies;

• case management, maintaining client files and

documentation; assisting in advocacy work of

staff lawyers (including attending courts and







1 Manning Street, South Brisbane, QLD, 4101

(07) 3214 6333 CAXTON@CAXTON.ORG.AU




Who we are and what makes us unique

Caxton Legal Centre’s objects are to provide legal and

social welfare services to low income and disadvantage

persons in need of relief from poverty, distress,

misfortune, destitution and helplessness and to

educate such people in legal, social welfare and

related matters.

Application and Recruitment Process

Student positions for Semester 1 2015 are currently


An intake of new students will take place mid-year.

Please go to our website closer to that time in order to

access application details.

We are an independent, non-profit community

organisation providing free legal advice, social work

services, information and referrals.

Caxton Legal Centre employs a small team of staff who

are passionate about their work.

Caxton Legal Centre has expertise in a range of areas

of law including credit and debt, neighbourhood law,

incorporated associations, employment law,

discrimination, insurance, family law, domestic

violence, and guardianship law.






(07) 3254 1811 NACLC@CLC.NET.AU



Who we are and what makes us unique

CLC Volunteers is a joint project of the National Pro

Bono Resource Centre (NPBRC) and the National

Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC).

NPBRC is an independent, non-profit organisation

committed to supporting and promoting pro bono legal

services in Australia.

NACLC is the association of state community legal

centre (CLC) organisations in Australia. Member

organisations represent around 200 community legal

centres nationally.

The project was devised in order to make it easier for

members of the public, both lawyers and non-lawyers

to find relevant information about how to volunteer at

a community legal centre in an appropriate geographic


Volunteer Program

• case management, maintaining client files and


• assisting in advocacy work of staff lawyers

(including attending courts and tribunals);

• drafting letters and other legal documents;

• researching legal issues, administrative

procedures and relevant policy areas;

• maintaining CLC legal resources, loose leaf

services and periodicals.

Application and Recruitment Process

It is important to note that some CLCs are very well

known among students and it may be difficult to obtain

a volunteer position. Do not be discouraged. If you are

not prepared to be placed on a waiting list, there are

many other volunteer opportunities at other CLCs. Be

persistent and proactive in seeking your volunteer


See website for application process.

Most CLCs welcome student volunteers. Where CLCs are

affiliated with universities, students may be able to

undertake internships for academic credit as part of a

clinical legal education course. Other CLCs give

students a particular opportunity to work with a

solicitor in a mentor arrangement, and to undertake

policy and casework, depending upon the volunteer

student’s interest and availability. Often a CLC will

encourage volunteer student involvement from the 3 rd

year of their degree onwards. Placements may also be

available during university breaks.

Depending on areas of interest and expert, students

might also be involved in:

• conducting initial client interviews, and

discussing factual scenarios with staff lawyers

and volunteer lawyers;

• responding to general inquiries about the CLC

and its services;

• referring clients to appropriate community and

government agencies;






Level 1, 415 George Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000




Who we are and what makes us unique

Court Network was established in 1980, in the

Melbourne suburb of Prahran in a small court when

Carmel Benjamin AM saw a gap in the justice system

for a service providing support, information and

referral. The service has grown significantly since with

volunteers in almost every court in Victoria. In 2006

the service expanded to Queensland in the Brisbane

CBD courts and in 2010 to Cairns and Townsville.

Court Network is a unique court support service

operating throughout Victoria and Queensland. We are

the only court based service explicitly and solely

concerned with the needs of court users. Information,

support and referral services are provided by over 400

trained volunteers supporting:

• Victims of crime

• People accused of crime

• Families, adults and children who attend court

and require support

• Adults and children who have been violated or

exploited by crime

• Litigants who have little or no support

Volunteer Program

Volunteer participation is integral to the function of

Court Network. It is a valued component enabling the

organisation to achieve its mission in providing services

to those in contact with the justice system.

Court Network volunteers contribute time and service

to a non-profit cause in the belief that their activity is

beneficial to others and satisfying to themselves. In

return volunteers are treated with respect and dignity

through training, ongoing education, skills

enhancement, support and responsible management.

Volunteering provides an opportunity to participate in

social change in line with the organisation’s mission

statement “to provide effective and innovative

support, information and referral services to court


Volunteers (Networkers) receive professional training.

Once they have graduated, they are placed in a court

with a mentor, until he/she has completed training.

Most Networkers stay on for many years and some have

been with the organisation for up to 25 years.

Networkers are required to attend a number of

compulsory continuous education sessions.

Application and Recruitment Process

Register interest through the website.






44 Herschell Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000




Who we are and what makes us unique

Legal Aid Queensland is a statutory authority that

provides legal information, advice and representation

to financially disadvantaged Queenslanders.

We specialise in criminal, family and civil law. We offer

legal help - information, advice and representation -

across all areas. Our information and advice services

are free to all Queenslanders. Representation is

available to people who meet our means and merit test


Our first priority is ensuring as many Queenslanders as

possible have access to quality legal services.

Volunteer Program

Legal Aid Queensland does not currently offer

volunteer work opportunities or work experience

directly to the public. Legal Aid Queensland is

participating in a number of university based work

experience programs. People interested in those

programs, are encouraged to contact the law faculty at

their university.

Any inquiries about volunteer work opportunities or

work experience should be directed to Legal Aid

Queensland’s Principal learning and development

officer at jhanley@legalaid.qld.gov.au.

We work tirelessly to help Queenslanders overcome

hurdles which would normally see them unable to

access legal help. From financial and social

disadvantage to the challenges created by distance and

geographical location, we tailor our services to address

the needs of a diverse range of stakeholders.







865 Gympie Road, Lawnton, Qld, 4501

(07) 3889 0063 COORD@PRNC.ORG.AU



Who we are and what makes us unique

The Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre is a not for

profit community owned and operated organisation for

individuals and families in the Pie Rivers district.

The Centre responds to personal and community needs

within a safe and welcoming environment. Support

services are offered to community members using an

approach which values each individual and their

strengths. We provide a voice for the community by

building and maintaining partnerships and offer low

cost meeting space for local community groups and


The Pine Rivers Community Legal Service is a full time,

free and confidential general legal service provided

within the Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre for the

benefit of socially and financially disadvantaged

members of the Pine Rivers community. We offer

advice on all general aspects of the law, assistance

with information (including printed materials), advice

on how to proceed with a legal problem, referral to

solicitors who specialise in various areas of the law and

assistance with applications and consent orders.

Volunteer Program

The Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre considers itself

to be a learning ground for many and therefore

encourages and welcomes students on placement. We

take our commitment to students seriously, prioritising

their learning and development, and therefore are

unable to take on a large number of students each


Enquires or requests for student placement can be

directed to the Director or Focus Area Managers. In

making our decision we will consider the following:

• manageability of the placement in terms of

present staff workload;

• availability of physical space for the student

• back-up support given by the university or


• identified projects and/or work opportunities

available within the centre

• availability of appropriately qualified


• length of the placement

• how far in the qualification the student has

progressed, generally students in their second

or third year of study are preferred

Application and Recruitment Process

Applications can be directed to the Director or Focus

Area Managers.






PO Box 5162, West End, QLD, 4101

(07) 3846 5074 ADMIN@PLSQLD.COM


SUMMER INTERNS Now Open 30/09/2015

WINTER INTERNS Now Open 31/05/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

Prisoners' Legal Service Inc. (PLS) was established in

1985, incorporated as an Association in August, 1987

and registered as a charity in July 1993.

The PLS is an independent community legal centre

overseen by a management committee (including legal,

academic, welfare and community representatives)

who volunteer their time and expertise.

PLS receives its operational funding from the

Community Legal Centre Program, which is

administered by Legal Aid Qld (which in turn receives

funding from the Federal Government CLC Program and

the Qld Government CLC program). The current funding

level is sufficient to employ three full time staff, being

a Co-ordinator Solicitor, Casework Solicitor and a full

time Administrator.

The Service is continually lobbying for funding to

conduct projects such as the provision of community

legal education in the form of information fact sheets

and prison forums. PLS conducts annual tours of

northern and regional correctional centres when funds

are available.

The PLS offers free legal advice, information,

assistance, and referrals to Queensland prisoners and

their families on matters relating to their

imprisonment. (Presently there are approximately

5,500 prisoners in correctional centres throughout the

state and thousands more on parole or other forms of

supervision). The Service also maintains a watching

brief over prisons administration and law reform in

Queensland in so far as these affect prisoners and the

public interest.

Volunteer Program

The role of the Volunteer law student and interns is to

provide a legal and administrative support to the

solicitors of the service. They will also be responsible

for providing general administrative support and

research assistance to the Centre. Legal volunteers are

expected to be enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws program

at a recognised Australian University/College, be highly

motivated, resourceful and have the ability to work as

part of a multidisciplinary team.

What we look for in a Volunteer:

Prospective volunteers must satisfy the following


• Currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws

program at an Australian University with

Administrative Law completed or commenced.

• Commitment to and understanding of social

justice, particularly working with marginalised


• Advanced interpersonal communication skills

with the ability to liaise with a broad range of

disadvantaged people.

• Ability to work collaboratively, problem solve,

and prioritise workloads.

• Commitment to maintaining confidentiality.

• Commitment to a set 7.6 hour shift during


Application and Recruitment Process

Please send a cover letter (one page) and short CV to

admin@plsqld.com on or before the following dates:

• Summer Internship: 30 September

• Winter Internship: 31 May

• Volunteer Legal Assistant: Applications

accepted on a rolling basis

Applications received outside of these times may be

considered from time to time. Flexible arrangements

may be negotiated on request.







PO BOX 2281, BRISBANE, QLD, 4001




Who we are and what makes us unique

The Queensland Council for Civil Liberties (QCCL) is a

voluntary organisation concerned with the protection

of individual rights and civil liberties. It was founded in

1966 in order to protect and promote the human rights

and freedoms of Queensland citizens. The desire to

create a civil liberties organisation began in the

shadow of the Queensland Government’s repression of

civil liberties during anti-Vietnam War protests. The

first public AGM was held on 29 March 1967 and QCCL

has worked ceaselessly to promoted civil liberties ever

since. QCCL works towards a society in which the

human rights enshrined in such documents as the

Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to

which Australia is signatory, are enjoyed by all

Queenslanders and indeed Australian citizens.

Volunteer Program

QCCL is a non-profit community organisation that

receives no government or corporate funding. We

encourage our members to be involved in creating a

truly civil society. To become a member, visit our


QCCL performs the following activities:

• Makes submissions to governments, inquiries or

relevant authorities

• Publicly opposes laws and actions that

undermine civil liberties

• Encourages public discussion on civil liberties

issues by addressing groups and media releases

• Supports publication of books and pamphlets on

relevant subjects

• Holds lectures and seminars on civil liberties

and addresses groups by invitation

• Mobilises citizens to actively engage with their

local, state and federal members about human

rights violations

As a voluntary organisation we do not receive financial

support from government or corporations. We rely on

the financial contributions of our members and on

donations. We encourage members to get involved and

take action to raise awareness of civil liberties issues

that affect us all







170 Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane, 4101

(07) 3846 9300 ADMIN@RAILS.ORG.AU


SEMESTER 2 VOLUNTEERS 01/07/2015 27/07/2015

Who we are and what makes us unique

RAILS is an independent not-for-profit organization

working with volunteers to provide free legal advice,

assistance and community education to disadvantaged

people. It advocates in cases of most need before the

Department of Immigration, review tribunals and, on

occasions, to judicial review. The Service has a demand

that far exceeds its resources and takes on only those

highest priority cases with most merit.

RAILS began in 1980 as a volunteer advice service at

the then Brisbane Migrant Resource Centre. It did not

receive government funding until 1984 (a grant of

$8000), when its first staff member was employed parttime.

The Service operates under a community

management committee and is staffed by a director,

principal solicitor, caseworkers, and financial and

administration workers with support from a large team

of dedicated volunteers.

The Service has assisted thousands of refugees and

their families since 1980 from countries suffering from

the major political humanitarian crises of our times and

works closely with other support organizations to

provide a network of support for the most vulnerable

clients. RAILS has provided advice and assistance to a

wide range of people, including onshore and offshore

refugees and asylum seekers, migrants, sponsors of

migrants, migrant women suffering from domestic

violence, Australian citizens seeking to sponsor

relatives in need, spouses and employees.

Volunteer Program

RAILS could not exist and provide the range of valuable

services it does without the help of its many


Legal day volunteers (e.g. law students) work for RAILS

as day time researchers and assistants to caseworkers.

We also require registered migration agents for evening

advice sessions, evening session coordinators,

administrative/reception workers, and in many other


We greatly appreciate the dedication, time and effort

given by volunteers.

For legal day volunteers, it is requested a minimal

commitment for the whole semester Feb to June or

August to December, attending once per week if you

are a law student.

Application and Recruitment Process

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an

email with your CV to admin@rails.org.au during the

recruitment period.






Suite 3, 67 St Pauls Terrace, Spring Hill, Qld, 4000




Who we are and what makes us unique

Tenants Queensland (formerly Tenants’ Union of

Queensland) is a specialist state-wide community legal

service for tenancy law matters and provides a free

tenancy law advice service for residential tenants.

Volunteer Program

Our volunteer program is based in our Brisbane office.

If you would like to learn to become a volunteer tenant

advice worker email us at volunteer@tuq.org.au

Tenants Queensland seeks to represent the concerns of

all Queensland tenants who live in rental

accommodation, including caravan park and boarding

house residents.

Tenants Queensland aims to improve conditions for

residential tenants by assisting tenants to understand

and exercise their legal rights and responsibilities. Our

vision is a society where renting is a secure tenure and

tenants are able to understand and exercise their rights

and responsibilities under tenancy law.

Tenants Queensland was established in 1986 and

provides a range of tenancy information and advocacy

services including: a state-wide telephone advice

service for tenants, tenancy publications, a tenancy

law training program, and research and policy

development in relation to tenancy law issues.

Tenants Queensland has a state-wide office in

Brisbane. Our specialist tenancy law legal service is

funded under the Legal Aid Community Legal Services


For many years Tenants Queensland has performed an

important role, providing advice for tenants and

advocating on behalf of tenants, to secure

improvements to Queensland’s residential tenancy








(07) 3392 0570 SMARSHALL@WLSQ.ORG.AU



Who we are and what makes us unique

Women’s Legal Service is a specialist community legal

centre providing free legal and social work services to

Queensland women. We assist women in the areas of

family law, child support, domestic violence and child

protection, as well as providing community legal

education. Women’s Legal Service is a feminist

organisation that has been developed and operated by

women for women since 1984. It is our mission to

advocate to achieve justice for women.

Women’s Legal Service is committed to the creation of

a society in which every woman:

• Is safe from violence

• Is able to tell her story, have it heard and


• Receives a fair and just outcome from legal and

social welfare systems.

Women’s Legal Service experiences a high level of

demand. In the last year, we provided over 3,000

advices to Queensland women. The work of Women’s

Legal Service is made possible by over 100 volunteer

lawyers, support workers and pro bono counsel.

Volunteer Program

Women’s Legal Centre is reliant on the invaluable

contribution volunteers make in order to provide our

vital services. Without volunteers, we would be unable

to draw on the extensive base of skills and experience

with which we provide quality legal assistance to


As a volunteer with Women’s Legal Service, your skills

will make a positive difference to the many women

who access our service. We will endeavour to make

volunteering a positive and rewarding experience for


Your key responsibilities will be to:

• Provide initial contact with women who attend

evening advice sessions

• Assist clients with filling out forms where


• Identify specific legal issues on which the client

requires advice

• Provide information and advice, support and

referral within the expertise, experience and

knowledge of the worker

• Consult and brief evening colleagues

The volunteer program operates two nights per week

(Monday and Wednesday evenings) from 6.00pm –

8.00pm. The purpose of the program is to assist women

who are seeking legal advice and support in relation to

family law matters. A high proportion of women who

access the service also experience domestic violence.

Application and Recruitment Process

Volunteers must have a degree or be working towards a

degree in law, social work, human services or have a

minimum of 1 year experience in the domestic violence


To apply, contact our volunteer co-ordinator at








(07) 3356 1002 ADMIN@YAC.NET.AU



Who we are and what makes us unique

Youth Advocacy Centre (YAC) can assist young people


• legal hassles – including being charged with

breaking the law or child protection issues.

• problems at home or school

• lack of accommodation and/or income

• being the victim of a crime (including abuse)

• discrimination issues

• general hassles

All services offered are VOLUNTARY and CONFIDENTIAL.

This means that YAC only works with a young person if

they want to work with YAC staff and no contact is

made with anyone (eg. families, teachers, police, other

adults) without the young person’s permission (unless

there is a risk of serious, immediate harm to the young

person or someone else). YAC also tries to link young

people up with other services in the community that

can assist them.

Volunteer Program

If you do have time and are interested in volunteering

at YAC (including in relation to administrative

assistance), please forward your CV to us with a cover

letter indicating why you would like to volunteer at

YAC; what you can offer; what you are seeking from

this experience; and the time you have available.

Application and Recruitment Process

Please forward your CV to us with a cover letter

indicating why you would like to volunteer at YAC;

what you can offer; what you are seeking from this

experience; and the time you have available.






Press play on a forward thinking career choice

• High performance culture

• Competitive team spirit

• Drive and passion to be #1

“We learnt court etiquette

during the course and it’s

something I use every day.

I found the scenario-based

learning to be excellent.

It prepared me for life as a

criminal lawyer.”

Dave Garratt

The only choice for PLT is QUT

QUT’s Faculty of Law is home to the leading provider of Practical Legal Training in Queensland.

We have a strong reputation for our practical approach. We offer problem solving scenarios that

reflect the realities of a daily modern legal practice – just ask any of our successful graduates.

We will arrange a work placement for you and we can ensure a smooth transition from your

undergraduate studies to our PLT course.

The only choice for PLT is QUT. Full time, part time and online.

Apply Now

Start in January, February or June

For further information phone Liz Clark on (07) 3138 2211 or email ea.clark@qut.edu.au


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