March 2015 Issue 11 features an exclusive interview with Dance pioneers Mr C and Nathan Coles. Alternative cover band All About Johnny gets a grilling and we look into Apple's aims to conquer the music industry.

March 2015 Issue 11 features an exclusive interview with Dance pioneers Mr C and Nathan Coles. Alternative cover band All About Johnny gets a grilling and we look into Apple's aims to conquer the music industry.


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Will Apple be the

core of digital




Mr C & Nathan Coles have made an imprint in the

Dance music industry and have now brought their

historic brands together


Music magazine giving exposure to the freshest music sounds

and talent, as well as discussing industry related topics. We aim

to showcase the amazing unheard talent in the International &

Underground music scene.

For the love of music you will most definitely be able to find

something you enjoy in our eclectic selection. Whether your

groove is house, garage, dance or soul; we will cater to your



For the love of music..

"Music is the voice of the soul. It is much more than

sound. Music can be a comforter, party maker,

career path or a way of life. "

Mizz Ruby, Company Director

"Music joins people together from all around the

world, without music life would be pretty boring."

Rokuro, Associate Editor.

"The birth of one's child is the only feeling that

comes close to getting lost in music."

Cessle, Associate Editor.

"Music is a form of art that reveals a truth in a

world full of mystery."

Sarah, Staff Writer.

"No matter what's happening in life, it's usually great

music will keep you going.."

Malachi, Staff Writer.

Feature column from Slime Recordings


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3pm Pure Music 24/7

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Hello readers, I am excited to present Audiation Magazine's first

birthday edition! We'll be 1 on March 13th, how exciting!

Audiation Magazine begun from my tiny idea to collate music projects

and really grew from there. The musical term "Audiation" means

imaganation, not with visuals but with sound. The journey from ideas to

research to development has been such a learning curve with

excitement throughout. The business has progressed nicely since our

debut issue in May 2014. then, now alongside a fabuluous team of

feature writers: Rokuro, Cessle, Sarah & Malachi. They have been doing

an excellent job and each have their own music ventures, so please do

check them out. Each team member brings their own unique styles and

bring diversity to the publication.

The business side is also developing well, we are now officially Audiation

Magazine Ltd, and have gained some really producive distributors to

help reach as much as the world possible! You can now read us through

Kobo, iBooks, Issuu, Barnes & Noble and more! As always, Audiation

Magazine will remain FREE! Why? We believe in reaching the maximum

audience possible in order to help the amazing music talent & industry

voice's get out there.

We are so ecstatic with all your support, thank you, thank you, thank you!

We love each and every one of our readers and music connections, you

inspire us. This is not just our magazine, it is yours too!

So, bring on the next few years, and let's see what the future holds for





Marlon Sadler ft Martin Carr - Never Let You Go

"An uplifiting dance track accompanied by entrancing male vocals.

Charles Jay giving a vibrant rework, and the Junior UK remix adding a

bumpy touch." Mizz Ruby

Marlon Sadler joins forces with Martin Carr to deliver this big room

sound, with high energy vocals which is perfect for the summer

crowds. This song opens up with powerful drums and tense build-up’s,

which switches into a melodic breakdown and soundscapes. Martin

Carr delivers powerful vocals with a huge chorus, which leads you to

the main drop. Fused with huge lead sounds, big drums, big bass and

melodies. This is a track sure to be a huge anthem for 2015.

Charles Jay delivers an epic twist on his Electro remix. While Junior UK

adds a UK Garage remix perfect for dance floors, which will get the

crowd going.



Jaded resident DJ, quality track selector,

with releases on Save You, 3am, Hot

Creations, Viva Music & Nathan Cole’s

Wiggle. Just a few reasons as to why Ceri is

up there as one of my personal favourites

and her talents are adored by so many

others. The london based DJ/Producer has a

real ear for music and at times her mixes can

give you that real old school

house and techno feel. If you can, think back

to the days of The End, Public Life or Retox

at Sosho’s, think back to the days when the

techno was just nothing but stripped back

grooves and you will not be surprised to feel

a sense of euphoria whilst listening to a Ceri

DJ set. Audiation magazine decided to catch

up Ceri and get an insight into what makes

her tick musically.

How did you get into get into DJ’in and


It’s weird, when I was younger I always felt

like I never really belonged anywhere, but

when I discovered dance music I felt like i’d

finally found somewhere I could finally be

myself. I instantly fell in love with the music

and felt at home. I was going to The End,

The Key, The Cross, T-Bar, Fabric etc every

weekend for years (very underage) and

eventually decided to have a go myself. I

started off just offering to play for free at

smaller bars and clubs so get my name out

there and it must have worked because

eventually people started asking me to play

for them instead of me offering to play for

free. Once i had been playing out for a few

years and starting to play at my beloved

Jaded (which was a dream come true for me

at the time and still is!) and getting more

regular gigs, I also started to think about

starting to take another step and start

making my own music too. It was, and still is

a slow process, i am quite indecisive and

also extremely self critical. So it can take

me a long time to finish a track but i am

getting better at this. I did a music

production course at uni, mainly so i could

have access to free studio time while i was

there. the course gave me the theoretical

skills but it's also important to learn that

you can break those rules and that music

should come from the heart. Those rare

moments that happen, when you are taken

over and the music is coming out of you,

rather than you making the music, are the

best times and when you know you are on

to something good.

What’s your preferred set up for


I use logic pro, although i keep being told i

need to move to Ableton Live (by the way i

know everyone calls it Ableton but the

actual name is live - calling it Ableton is the

equivalent of calling logic; apple. just saying.

It doesn't really bother me but it does

bother a few friends of mine so thought it

worth mentioning for them!) by a lot of

people so maybe i will soon (although i've

been saying that for years!). I have a mixture

of soft and hardware synths i use; my

favourite soft synth is the arturia mini moog

and the new roland aira range is good

although you can't beat the older versions

either. Since I finished my uni course and

didn't have a free studio to use anymore, I

have been begging, borrowing and stealing

time in other peoples studios up until now

but am finally getting my very own studio

which will I will be moving into in a few

months. So I am really excited about getting

it finished and making it a creative space and

also getting some new equipment to get to

grips with too. I

am hoping to get the new roland JD-xi and

Korg's reissue of the Oddesy as well as

some older vintage stuff too. That's the

great thing about making music, especially

electronically, you're always learning new

things and there will always be new things

to learn, thats one of the things that makes

it so exciting.

10 www.AudiationMagazine.com

Who or what would you say has been

the biggest inspiration in your career?

WHAT - the biggest inspiration in my career

would have to be The End, Fabric, Jaded and

ibiza. without going to the end and fabric i

would have never discovered so many of

the dj's / producers that inspired me to start

dj'ing myself. I was already dj’in a bit when i

started going to jaded and then to ibiza but

going to both made me love the music even

more. Doing a season in ibiza seems to be a

right of passage for most dj's and really help

you experience so much amazing music in

one place. Yes people say its changed and its

not the same any more but it;s a natural

progression like anything. I went to burning

man for the first time a few years ago and

thought it was one of the best experiences

of my life! however, you get people who've

been going for years saying 'its' not the

same' / 'the people aren't what they used to

be' blah blah blah, suppose that's the same

thing. Jaded was a huge inspiration for me.

Raymundo and Mouj were not only

inspirations to me as dj's musically but also

personally, giving me a lot of helpful advice.

Its crazy to think they were some of the dj's

who i most looked up to and respected

when i first started and now i am a resident

for jaded alongside them and playing back to

back with them and showing them how it's

done ;-) WHO - apart from the above, far

too many to mention.

How did you end up in the jaded set up?

As i mentioned i was going there as a punter

for a while but at first they didn't know i was

a DJ too. I suppose i was a bit embarrassed /

self conscious in a way that i was only

playing in a few small bars and in my

bedroom and they were booking massive

headliners from all over the world. That

probably sounds silly to you but thats an

insight into how my crazy mind works and i

suppose i thought they would think i was

insignificant compared to them. I wanted to

tell them that i DJ’ed too but didn't know

how, so i used to play my mixes to them

without telling them who did the mix, just to

see what they said. Luckily the reaction was

good and i remember ray once not believing

me that the mix i had on was mine, he

eventually realised it was and Krista offered

me a gig at jaded shortly afterwards. Since

then I have been playing as a guest for them

for years but I wasn’t invited to become an

official resident until last year, which I am

over the moon about. I have always loved

jaded since the AKA days and with each

venue change (they’ve moved 3 times since

then, now residing in corsica studios) they

seem to just get better and better. It was

the tenth birthday in November and as well

as the massive techno line ups in room one,

we are also focussing on some killer house

music in room 2 too, so there's the best of

both worlds. A journalist recently described

jaded as 'london's foremost after-hours' so

it's a pleasure to have been involved this

long and hopefully for many more years to


What inspired the idea behind Rave to


When i came back from my first season in

ibiza, i decided i wanted to go travelling. No, I

didn't steal charity money to go travelling if

that's what you;re thinking! I did, however,

need a job, so I got a job as an event

manager for a charity. As i was clubbing

loads and dj’in at the time i decided to ask

them if i could put on a club night to raise

money for the charity as one of my in house

events but they were quite old fashioned

and said they didn't think it was a good idea.

SO i did it myself and raised money for them

anyways but outside of my job and it

started from there. I decided to do it for a

different charity each time so that i am

spreading the love to different causes.



What plans have you got for the Rave

to Save event?

I had a break because of other

commitments but i would really like to do

another one, hopefully this year. My only

issue is, that since i have done the other

events, my view on certain charities has

changed a lot. I don't want to come across

as a conspiracy theorist but there's so

much more information available to us now

and people are waking up to the realisation

that society is often just feeding large

corporations and money making machines

and that western medicine only treats the

symptoms not the cause in most cases. So

my first plan would have to be researching a

charity that is more aligned to my current

views to support this time, as well as finding

dj's who would want to help that cause by

being involved. I also always make sure i

support a charity that is UK based and also

one that gives a large percentage of its

funds back to supporting the cause (which if

you dig a little deeper you will find out a lot


Singing advice for beginners to advanced.

What was it like playing at fabric for

the 1st time?

The first time I played was for WetYourSelf

on a Sunday night in 2013 and it was

amazing! Getting let loose on that room 1

sound system was an absolute dream come

true. I was really nervous beforehand but

once i’d played a few tracks and got in to

the groove so to speak, it it was so good and

i really enjoyed it. All the guys there are so

welcoming, professional and friendly so it’s

a pleasure to play there. The WetYourSelf

guys all have an infectious positive energy

and it's a pleasure to spend time with them

and play for them. The first time i played on

a Saturday was even more magical because

it was also my birthday weekend although i

was slightly delirious because i had come

straight from another gig and not slept for 2

days! I was again a bit nervous but also felt

really at home as the fabric staff always

make you feel so welcomed and at ease. Big

love especially to Rami, Judy and Sanj for this

as well as the Sunnday night boys, they're a

great team and look after everyone so well.

What was it like playing at Burning Man

and how did it come about?

I got offered my first gig to play on a

Saturday at fabric the same week i had

already planned to go to burning man. So I

almost canceled going to burning man so

that I could do the fabric gig because i was

so happy to have been offered it! In

hindsight i’m glad i didn’t cancel though

because I ended up playing at fabric anyways

and burning man was amazing. Getting to

play there was one of the bets experiences

of my life. I was so happy and had so much

fun. It came about because I sent Jamie

Jones a link to a mix i had done for my gig at

the TreeHouse Miami which included the

remix i did for him. I actually didn’t even think

he would have time to read the message let

alone listen to the mix but he got back to

me the same day saying that he loved the

mix and wanted me to play for his party at

burning man! I had to re-read the email a

few times before i actually believed it!

Another dream come true for me and one

of the best experiences of my life so far so

massive thanks to Jamie for that. I love how

even though he has got massive now he is

still genuinely one of the nicest people i've

met and makes effort to support up and

coming artists. A lot of people when they

get to his level can become up their own

arses but he has stayed down to earth

which is probably one of the contributing

factors to why he's so successful now.

Interview by Cessle

12 www.AudiationMagazine.com




Ciao! First off let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDIATION!! I would sing, but

nobody wants to hear my singing voice, even over paper, especially a music


Wow. What a month it has been living and studying in la città eterna. If I am

going to be completely honest, I have not really had a chance to take it all in.

There is so much history (physically and theoretically) built into this city, it is

a huge transition for a girl from Chicago, which now seems like an extremely

modern city.

I am not sure about every European country, but Italian MTV is almost polar

opposite from American MTV in the sense that the Italian one actually plays

music (no offense to the homeland). It seems almost every restaurant and

café shows MTV nearly 24/7, including a café on my campus. Music videos are

played constantly, some very familiar, some very Italian. But overall very

enjoyable tunes. This is actually the primary way I learn the popular music

here in Italy. That and taking taxis.

Here is the current Italian iTunes Top 10 chart. Even spread of Italian and

global sensations.

1. Il Volo - Grande amore

2. Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do

3. Hozier- Take Me to Church

4. Nek - Fatti Avanti Amore

5. Annalisa - Una Finestra tra le Stelle

6. Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

7. Malika Ayane - Adesso e qui

8. Chiara - Straordinario

9. Tiziano Ferro - Incanto

10. Mark Ronson (ft Bruno Mars) - Uptown Funk

16 www.AudiationMagazine.com

My favorite one so far is called “Sabato” by Jovanotti. It always makes its way

onto the radio while in a taxi, automatically starting a party. Wanting to find

out more about his music, I learned that his lyrics address political,

philosophical and religious ideas. I would have no clue since I speak minimal

Italian, but all the while his sound is still very appealing. After learning this, I

have a totally different outlook on his music video, which sometimes was

pretty awkward to watch in public.

Jovanotti is the stage name of Italian singer-songwriter (or Cantautori, in

Italian) Lorenzo Cherubini, also known as “Jova” by his fans. He has taken on

genres galore by changing from hip hop to rap to disco to funk to classical to

world, all the while changing the topics of his songs. Even though his

breakthrough in 1988 with the album “Jovanotti for President” was a

commercial success with the youth, he revamped his style to his current

niche. For any Sopranos fans, his song “Piove” was used for a second season

ending credits tune. In the UK, he was known as the presenter of the DEF II

program called “Gimme 5.”

This guy is really involved with philanthropy and I can tell he wants to change

the world. He has previously worked with organizations like Amnesty

International, Make Poverty History and dedicated time to events like Global

Call to Action Against Poverty. He even befriended U2 lead singer Bono in a

mutual interest of helping African foreign debt.

Definitely will look out for him more. Now it’s time to hit the clubs!


A gorgeous singer with the

ability to enhance any track

adding her pretty vocals and

a little fun attitude. Leah's

best work is simply being

accompanied by piano

melodies while her vocals

sounds step up and take

focus beautifully.



Nicki Minaj ft Leah Lost & 1ife - Grand Piano

Leah's soft beautiful piano version contrasted nicely by the urban edge from


Frank Ocean ft Leah Lost & Rob Wood - American Wedding

Leah gives this peice a lovely rhythmic style which is also reflected by Rob

Wood on guitar.

The Weekend ft Leah Lost - Earned It

Leah exceeds herself by taking on the tricky highs and dips in this sexy cover.

Ariana Grande ft Leah Lost & The Weeknd - Love Me Harder

Leah brings a bright vibrance with this fun piano rework.




As we all well know, and you’d have to been living in a cardboard box

somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle for the last 5 years not to know,

House & Techno has had astronomical rise in popularity, across the globe.

The likes of Jamie Jones, Breach & Second City notably producing music

that has bought us to the forefront of interest with tracks such as

“Hungry For The Power”, “Jack” & “ I Wanna Feel”. The history behind the

success of these records will always stem back to the history of the scene

and this is where we come to our feature article on House & techno

Pioneers Nathan Coles & Mr C aka Richard West.

In terms of involvement within the dance music industry there are very

few who can claim to have had made more of an imprint on the scene than

these 2 individuals. Mr C & Nathan Coles are true stalwarts, having graced

the DJ booths, promoted events or been involved in the release of music

that have inspired a good number of the acts that now captivate us. In the

month of May as Superfreq turns 13 and and Wiggle celebrates turning

the grand old age of 21, Mr C and Nathan Coles have decided to bring these

2 historic brand together and celebrate in unison, with an event entitled

SuperWiggleFreq. As we descend upon to the next SuperWiggleFreq on

the 13th March, we decided to catch up with them both for this historical


20 www.AudiationMagazine.com

Mr C

Hello Mr.C, thanks for taking the time to

take part in this interview for Audiation

magazine. How are things over in over

there in the USA and what was the 1st

piece of music you listened to?

Things in the USA are very good indeed. The

quality of life in California is exactly what I need

at my age. I’ve been working very hard so far

this year recording music, working on the

Superfreq label in general & setting up the USA

Superfreq anniversary tour for the Spring as

well as setting up other events. The first piece

of music I remember listening to? I was very

young in the early 70s. A Country song called

Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson, that my mum

used to play springs to mind & I loved Elvis as a

little kid too.

Mr.C with out a shadow of a doubt you

are one of the pioneers of the London

underground scene. Unbeknown to many

your 1st venture into the “industry” was

as a rapper/MC. How did this come


I’ve always loved dance music, funk, disco, ska

& fell in love with rap music from when I first

head Rappers Delight by the Sugarhill Gang as a

13 year old kid. I learned every word of the

extended version & then that was it, I was

hooked. From then on I was searching out the

music & 3 years later decided to become a

rapper. Before rapping I was into body popping

& pop locking. At 16 years old there were all

these 12 or 13 year old kids coming through,

break dancing & doing crazy shit, which I simply

couldn’t do due to being not so supple & having

thin hair. Spinning on the head was a big no no.

So to stay ahead of the pack I decided to take

my love of rap & old school electro a step

further & became a rapper. I was just a street

rapper at first but soon took it into the clubs &

got pretty well know pretty quickly.

From working with the likes of Jasper the

Vinyl Junkie & the legendary Evil Eddie

Richards your career progressed from

being resident MC at London’s Camden

Palace in the year of 86 to forging career

as a Disc Jockey. What provoked the

change in direction and how did it change


It was actually autumn of 87 that I started

DJing. I made my first deep house record with

Eddie Richards in 86 doing a spoken work vocal

song about the power of meditation & positive

thinking called Page 67 under the name Myster-

E on Eddie’s Baad imprint. That was released in

August 87 & from that moment I knew I

wanted to be more involved in the music

making & playing process. It was then that I

decided I’d become a DJ & start writing my own

music. That changed everything for me as I also

had to give up my real job as a milkman & make

a commitment to making DJing & making music

my career.

You’ve been a professional recording


artist for over 25 years now.

Releasing material under an number of

monikers including Indigo Kidz, Mr C

and you are arguably most known as

being the frontman of pop group “The

Shamen” clocking up a string of top 10

hits. Having been involved so long and

seeing the way in which the

production & deliverance of music has

changed, how if any has your approach

to creating music changed?

It’s almost 30 years since I started making

music, but the way I make music hasn’t

really changed much at all. Of course the

equipment is very different now, with so

much amazing hardware & software

available we can make incredibly highly

produced music at a fraction of the cost.

To have a huge production sound back in

the day you had to have access to an

expensive mixing desk & studio facility. Now

similar results can be reached at home with

a good combination of the right hardware &

software, so the physical making of music is

very different, but for me the attitude &

the process is the same as it ever was.

Sometimes I’ll go into the studio with an

idea of what I want to do & sometimes I

simply let the Universe lead me & follow the

arrow. It’s then that I feel I get my best


The number of different parties,

events & venue’s that you’ve had the

opportunity play at are endless. What

have been your favourites over the


There have been so many but playing at The

End was the best. Playing amazing clubs like

Twilo in New York, Zouk in Singapore, Pasha

in Buenos Aires, Womb in Tokyo, Panorama

Bar in Berlin, Fabric in London & all the big

Ibiza clubs have all been amazing & among

my favourites. Then there’s all the great

festivals like Glastonbury & all the dance

festivals, but Burning Man is going to be

hard to beat.

I was a bit of a late-comer in getting to

experience what many would describe

as the greatest nightclub to ever exist

in London “The End & AKA”. This was a

venue that you along with Layo (one of

half of Layo & Bushwhacka!) opened in

’95, what was the story behind this?

Layo’s father Douglas Paskin is an amazing

architect & his company PKS were

commissioned to turn a West End space

into some sort of a shell that could possibly

be used as an entertainments space. Layo

being a promoter saw the potential in the

place & through a mutual friend contacted

me to see if I’d be interested in having a look

at the venue. I was riding high as a pop star

at the time & also doing my Plink Plonk label

& events with Paul Rip & was intrigued by

the project so I went & had a look. On seeing

the space I knew with a lot of vision, a lot of

money & with such an amazing architect as

Douglas that this project could be a winner.

I was then the first to put their money were

their mouth was, put some money in & we

then went about finding investors to get

the project under way. Over 2 years later

after some serious development we open

the greatest club in the world. The End was


What you would say was your

greatest memory from “The End &


The closing party was the single best event

I’ve experienced in my life by a long

mile.There were no tickets so people had to

line up for 3, 4 even 5 hours to get in.

Everyone that was there were there like

their life depended on it. Every person

present loved the place as much as we did,

with a passion & the vibe, energy & pure

love that was flowing those 30 hours or so

was mind-blowing. Of course the opening

party was incredible & all the anniversaries

were extremely memorable. There’s so

many nights that were amazing, but none

22 www.AudiationMagazine.com

party was incredible & all the anniversaries

were extremely memorable. There’s so

many nights that were amazing, but none

would come close to that final night in

January 2009.

Superfreq 13th Birthday rapidly

approaching. Quite simply how have

the last 13 years faired?

The last 13 years have been an amazing

journey. I’ve always kept Superfreq events

boutique & wish to keep them that way.

This is so that the crowd doesn’t get

diluted, which in turn means we don’t have

to compromise in any way with the musical

integrity of the brand. Superfreq is a party

for discerning adults who have good taste &

demand high quality in everything on their

lives, but especially music & the company

that they keep. Due to this I’m very careful

not to over promote Superfreq. It’s not

always easy throwing events without the

all the hype & pomp we see nowadays, as

the hyped up events that happen on the

same night as ours can be a little bit of a

distraction for some people. But saying

that, it separates the wheat from the chaff

& we always end up with an amazing crowd

who are with us for all the right reasons.

The birth of Superfreq was actually at

“The End & AKA” if i’m correct in


Yes it was. We did the first Superfreq in

February 2002 at The End. It was a monthly

Saturday night event that was my

replacement for the Subterrain parties. At

Subterrain I would be resident in the main

room with Murf & special guest DJs & Layo &

Bushwacka! were residents in the lounge.

However Layo & Bushwacka! out grew that

room & needed a night of their own in the

main room. This created the perfect

opportunity for me to make a music & style

change to my own monthly parties & move

forward a bit. I was getting a little bored

with the tech house scene at that time.

There wasn’t much of a fashion element in

the tech house scene, it was boy heavy & I

really wanted a little more glamour in my

parties, more girls & more of a fashion

element. Also the music on the tech house

scene at that time had become somewhat

formulaic. 130BPM, loaded with congas &

bongo loops & just not electronic & trippy

enough for my own personal taste. For me

tech house was never meant to be a

formula, but an open minded musical genre

that was the last bastion of acid house

incorporating innovative & forward thinking

house, acid & techno. My own music was

changing at that time with a more

electronic & minimal attitude to it, so

starting Superfreq was the perfect move.

From the formation as a London based

party, you then took Superfreq on the

road. 7 full seasons in Ibiza and special

one off shows across the world. What

was it like having the 1st ever

Superfreq in the world renowned


Superfreq had already had 3 amazing

seasons at Underground in Ibiza before we

moved to DC10. I really loved that place &

really didn’t want to move. There was a

falling out of my Ibiza partner Lewis & one of

the owners of Underground, so of course I

stood loyal with my mate & we sadly left

Underground. This happened just before the

season started, so for July & August we

didn’t have a home. However, those

wonderful people Andrea & Antonio from

DC10 came to the rescue & we did the

month of September 2006 on Wednesdays

at DC10. It was an excellent opening night &

funny to be doing an opening when other

nights in Ibiza are starting to do their closing

parties. We then went back the following

season for the whole season of Superfreq

at DC10. The nights were excellent & hold

many great memories.

Superfreq 13th Birthday rapidly

approaching. Quite simply how have


the last 13 years faired?

The last 13 years have been an amazing

journey. I’ve always kept Superfreq events

boutique & wish to keep them that way.

This is so that the crowd doesn’t get

diluted, which in turn means we don’t have

to compromise in any way with the musical

integrity of the brand. Superfreq is a party

for discerning adults who have good taste &

demand high quality in everything on their

lives, but especially music & the company

that they keep. Due to this I’m very careful

not to over promote Superfreq. It’s not

always easy throwing events without the

all the hype & pomp we see nowadays, as

the hyped up events that happen on the

same night as ours can be a little bit of a

distraction for some people. But saying

that, it separates the wheat from the chaff

& we always end up with an amazing crowd

who are with us for all the right reasons.

The birth of Superfreq was actually at

“The End & AKA” if i’m correct in


Yes it was. We did the first Superfreq in

February 2002 at The End. It was a monthly

Saturday night event that was my

replacement for the Subterrain parties. At

Subterrain I would be resident in the main

room with Murf & special guest DJs & Layo &

Bushwacka! were residents in the lounge.

However Layo & Bushwacka! out grew that

room & needed a night of their own in the

main room. This created the perfect

opportunity for me to make a music & style

change to my own monthly parties & move

forward a bit. I was getting a little bored

with the tech house scene at that time.

There wasn’t much of a fashion element in

the tech house scene, it was boy heavy & I

really wanted a little more glamour in my

parties, more girls & more of a fashion

element. Also the music on the tech house

scene at that time had become somewhat

formulaic. 130BPM, loaded with congas &

bongo loops & just not electronic & trippy

enough for my own personal taste. For me

tech house was never meant to be a

formula, but an open minded musical genre

that was the last bastion of acid house

incorporating innovative & forward thinking

house, acid & techno. My own music was

changing at that time with a more

electronic & minimal attitude to it, so

starting Superfreq was the perfect move.

From the formation as a London based

party, you then took Superfreq on the

road. 7 full seasons in Ibiza and special

one off shows across the world. What

was it like having the 1st ever

Superfreq in the world renowned


Superfreq had already had 3 amazing

seasons at Underground in Ibiza before we

moved to DC10. I really loved that place &

really didn’t want to move. There was a

falling out of my Ibiza partner Lewis & one

of the owners of Underground, so of course

I stood loyal with my mate & we sadly left

Underground. This happened just before the

season started, so for July & August we

didn’t have a home. However, those

wonderful people Andrea & Antonio from

DC10 came to the rescue & we did the

month of September 2006 on Wednesdays

at DC10. It was an excellent opening night &

funny to be doing an opening when other

nights in Ibiza are starting to do their

closing parties. We then went back the

following season for the whole season of

Superfreq at DC10. The nights were

excellent & hold many great memories.

Along with being an incredible party

Superfreq is also the name of one of

your labels. Would it be fair to ask the

name of a track released on the label

that really touched you?

Superfreq is now my only functioning label.

We’re quite prolific & have released 21 EPs



& an album in the last 22 months & have a

ton of great music ready for release, so

we’re going to be releasing a new EP at

least every 3 weeks or so & also start doing

more albums too. Picking one track that

has really touched me is very difficult as I

love ever track that we've released. I’m very

fussy as an A&R man with the music I sign

to the label. The music has to be what I

want to play & also very different to what

I’m hearing when i’m out. My artists also

make music with my taste in mind, which

means there’s a real thread running through

the label. If I had to pick some Superfreq

classics that have really touched me, I’d say

Thrill Of Love by Levon Vincent, Myself by

BarBQ & Bettie Crocker Moves To Berlin by

Adultnapper from the label’s first phase.

From the last 2 years every track on every

EP has been out of this world so picking

something out is just impossible. The

newest EP Gurdjieff by Just Be in mind


Nathan Coles, a highly respected

individual within the House & techno

scene. I understand that you’ve been

friends for a number of years. You’ve

both decided to collaborate this month

and have a joint Birthday Celebration

for Superfreq & Wiggle. 2 strong world

renowned brands, why the joint


Nathan Coles & I have been very good

friends for well over 25 years. Back in 1991

we did the Release parties together in

Shoreditch & then other places in London.

They were amazing parties. In November,

Nathan came up with the brilliant idea of us

teaming up for a New Years Eve party. He

asked me if I was up for it, which was a no

brainer to be fair. The coming together of

two close tribes & also Nathan & I working

together again after all these years was

simply too much to resist so we did

SuperWiggleFreq on New Years Eve. This

party was a roaring success in every

possible way & the best New Years Eve I’ve

had out since I can remember. I usually do

my Superfreq anniversary events in London

on the first Saturday of March. Wiggle also

celebrates it anniversary in March so after

the success of the New Years Eve party,

we’ve decided to join forces again as it

makes a nice change from doing our

anniversary parties alone & also we know

that this forthcoming joint anniversary bash

will be bonkers & also a roaring success.

Finally, what makes the Superfreq

parties so special & what is your most

favoured Superfreq memory from the

past 13 years?

The boutique nature & the family

atmosphere would be the first things that

come to mind. The Superfreq crowd are

very friendly indeed & always have open

arms to welcome new people into the fold.

Of course the music being completely

different from any other event out there is

also a main proponent in making Superfreq

so special. Again, picking a favourite

Superfreq moment is nigh on impossible. All

of The End & AKA parties were special.

Every week at Underground & DC10 in Ibiza

were special, even when a lightening bolt

from a thunder storm hit Underground &

knocked the electricity out just as the

party was getting into full swing was

special. All of the anniversary parties have

been amazing. I think my favourite was the

one with Magda three years ago at

Paramount in London. Our Superfreq 10th

anniversary warehouse party in Brooklyn

was excellent. The Superfreq warehouse

parties in Dallas are crazy. Room One of

Fabric is always excellent too. This years

BPM was amazing. Lets just say it’s always

bloody good.

Thank you very much for taking part

Mr.C. Much appreciated. You are a



Nathan Coles

Hello Nathan, thanks bunch for taking part

in this Interview for Audiation Magazine.

You are most notarially recognised, along

with Terry Francis as the stalwart behind

Wiggle. For our readers could you give us

3 facts about Nathan Coles?

1. I have become pretty handy at making Sushi

over the last few years and have self taught

myself, as it's our families favourite food and i

really enjoy it.

2. I started a new villa rentals, sales and

concierge company last year, called

loveibizavillas.com and we have and amazing

selection on beautiful places all over the island.

Im really enjoying getting my teeth into

something new and feel very excited about it's


3. I love playing tennis and used to do a bit of

coaching in my younger years, helping out my

tennis coach at the time.

How did you get into the art of DJ’in? Who

were your influences?

I've always loved my music and I bought a pair of

belt driven turntables and a mixer from a friend

of mine when I was in my teens. It was really

difficult to mix on them, but it gave me the taste

and it was only when I started organising my

own parties, that i really started to concentrate

on wanting to get good enough to play at my

own parties. I learn't a few tricks watching Mr C

dj at his house, when we started doing parties

together. He showed me that you didn't need to

touch the turntables and that you just used the

pitch control to sync the beats and thats how I

mix to this day.

Your DJ career has taken you to play at

some incredible venues across the world.

What was it like playing for crowd in a

different country for the 1st time?

It was a hell of a buzz getting invited to play

abroad for the first time and that gig turned into

one hell of an adventure. I got invited to play on

the Greek Island of Rhodes by my longtime

friend and production partner David Coker. He

was helping a rich Persian playboy organise a

beach party and David got myself and my old

mate Liam Foley aka Don Smoke along to dj also.

We couldn't believe our luck and they even gave

us our own car and neither of us had a licence. It

was 1991 and we were playing alongside Judge

Jules and the whole thing turned into one

disaster after another. The beach party got

stopped before it had even started by the police,

as they hadn't been payed off properly, so we

moved the speakers inside the club next to the

beach and carries on the party. We had a good

time, but the promoter must have lost a

fortune and to cut a long story short, we all had

to leave the Island quickly, as the local mafia

weren't happy with the whole situation and me

and my friend Liam ended up getting a boat to I

taly, where we managed to blag a dj



gig together in Florence and then after Italy we

moved onto Munich and got ourselves a gig

there also. It was an amazing adventure, that

i'll never forget and it was definitely a huge part

in giving me the dj itch.

What has been your favourite venue to

play at over the years?

There have been so many amazing venues and

some of the best have not been venues and

have been locations. One amazing place was in

the middle of the jungle by a lagoon for cave

diving.. near Playa Del Carman. That was unreal

and felt almost prehistoric and as if a dinosaur

could have walked past at any minute.. or

maybe that was the lack of sleep.

You’ve a career within the industry

spanning over 25 years and to have

amassed such a longevity and still be

deemed relevant that takes some doing.

What are your most memorable

moments from organising legal & illegal

underground parties?

Our first Wiggle was a really close shave, as we

lost the venue the night before. I had to run

around all day trying to find another space for

the party for that night. I managed to find

some where at the last minute and we ended

having a brilliant first party and Wiggle was

born... i'll never forget that one!

How did you deal with and over come the

issues the licensing of the unique venues

in the early years?

There was no such thing as a licence back then

and you just put the party on as a and hoped

you wouldn't get closed down. Fortunately

none of the parties i've been involved in, have

been stopped... but i've had to do some serious

smooth talking with my fair share of local chief


How did the link up with Terry Francis,

which transpired into the curating of

WIGGLE, fall into place?

Terry and I met through our girlfriends back in

the early 90's and he actually played at the

first party I ever did. I'd wanted to organise a

party ever since I went to my first warehouse

party, which was one of the Sunrise parties in

1989. One day I found a big old abandoned

victorian house in Blackheath, that had the

basement windows boarded up and I managed

to get in and transform it. There was fungus on

the walls and it was really run down.. but it's

amazing what you can achieve if you put your

mind to it and I roped some friends into help

and we cleaned it up and put bin liners on the

wales to cover up the damp, got a sound

system, some lights and I asked Terry to come

and play. it turned out to be a great night and it

gave me a taste to wanna do more parties. I

lost touch with Terry for a bit after that, but

we linked up when I got involved in co founding

a party called Heart & Soul and Terry started

playing for us and they were really special

parties and amazing times. After a year of

Heart & Soul, I decided to move on and Terry,

myself and our girlfriends started Wiggle.. the

rest is history.

Wiggle was one one the original brands

that began distributing bass driven

grooves through events and as a label, in

part forming the sound that we now

know as Tech House. How have you

managed to maintain such a high

standard and consistently set n?

We've just played, made and released the

music we love over the years and it's as simple

as that really.

Over the years you’ve showcased world

renown acts such as Richie Hawtin, Alex

Arnout & Stimming, what was it like

working with acts of such calibre and

who have been your favourite guest over

the years?

So many to mention really, but Maetrik live in

the Wiggle room at Fabric was really special

and it was before he had blown up.. so not

many people knew what was coming. He fried

everyones onions!

You’ve released over 200 tracks and

have a number of respected artists

release on Wiggle, including Phillip Ort,

Saytek & one my favourite DJ’s Ceri.

What 3 tracks that have been released


on the Wiggle label still manage to touch

every time?

Im not one for dwelling in the past too much

really and Wiggle has always been upfront

when it comes to music, but some of our early

Housey Doings tracks take me back and still

have a good vibe. Also Groove Me Last by

Corrie was a classic. We've got some great

releases lined up form Dub Taylor, Dzeta N

Basile, Bravofox's Spyderman remixes, Terry

Francis, Lee Guthrie, Myself and David Coker,

Philipp Ort, Nicolas Duvoisin, Saytek and more.

MR C, a highly respected individual within

the House & techno scene. I understand

that you’ve been friend for a number of

years. You’ve both decided to collaborate

this month and have a joint birthday

Celebration for Superfreq & Wiggle. 2

strong world renown brands, why the

joint celebration?

Mr C and I started a party called Release in

1990, after I booked him to play at the second

party I ever organised, called Face The Bass. It

was in a photographers studio in the old kent

road and I did the party with long time friend

Justin Bailey. We nearly got stopped by the

police before it had even started, but we

managed to talk our way out of it. It went

really well and Mr C loved it so much, he asked

me if I would like to team up with him and do a

party. Thats how Release started and we did

some amazing parties over the following two

years, in all sorts of crazy venues. One place in

particular that will always stay etched in my

mind.. was owned by the same photographer

who had the place in the Old kent road. It was a

loft space on the Shoreditch one way system,

back when Shoreditch was pretty much a

ghost town. It was a nightmare getting the

turbo sound up to the top floor.. but boy was

it worth it. They were incredible parties and I

can still see the flashbacks in my mind of

certain moments.. which isn't bad with my

disco damaged brain.

Finally, what makes the Wiggle parties so

special & what is your most favoured

Wiggle memory from the past 21 years?

What makes Wiggle so special, is the people

that have supported it all these years and still

do. Now loads of their kids have got into it too

and a new generation have embraced the vibe

and sound that makes Wiggle what it is. There

are too many memories to pick one in

particular, it's all been one big lovely fuzzy glow!


Next event 13th March 2015

SuperWiggleFreq feature & interviews by


28 www.AudiationMagazine.com

The Superfreq & Wiggle events collectively have touched an untold

amount of people across the world. We asked a few people who

over the years who have attended a few of their most favoured


David Scuba (Superfreq Partner)

Well here is something funny... My first gig/Superfreq in South America was in Bogota

last year... As always Richard and I were truly acting like goofy teenagers.... He sitting

behind me I messing with him when he sleeping... Messing with his ears just trying to

piss him off which was impossible cause we've been having so much fun already... So

he finally wakes up then nudged me and with a giant goofy smile says "whoo sure

looks like they put the yayo to work here this airport is nice".... That funny comment

had me in stitches and truly set the tone for an amazing show ... We walked into the

club the cue outside was wrapped around the block.... Classic memory ,awesome

quote, and great Superfreq!!!

Cessle (Audiation Magazine & Kurvature)

I was fortunate enough to have visited The End much such was my naivety at that

age i was unaware as to how truly spoilt i was in terms of the DJ’s i got to listen to. My

favoured memory of MR C would have to be hearing him play at one of Tred

Benedict’s Spilt Milk Parties. The deliverance of the House & Techno on display was

immense, the whole dance floor never moved. My memory of Nathan Coles & Wiggle

was one halloween where a friend Samantha blackburn was playing. The choice of

venue being upon the top floor of a city building where you could see the whole of

London, whilst the room was filed with individuals in costume rocking to bass driven

grooves. A captivating experience


Joanna Miles (MN2S Booking Agent)

Superfreq – my favourite memory is of the crowd and how nice everyone was. I

always felt at home and often went with one group of friends only to lose them and

make brand new friends! no one could fault The End as venue but and when it was

Superfreq is had that added bit of sparkle dust…oh those were the days!


I cant even lie but my memories is sketchy, but i can remember this one time i was at

a Wiggle event the all the old skool lot and i just remember being dragged t the front

by a friend of mine and having her tell me about 6 times, "Thats Nathan Coles, He's

amazing" lol ... have to admit that it was a great experience because the vibe and

atmosphere more than matched the quality of the music. One of the reasons i've

always wanted to get into doing parties


Richard West, or Mr C, has always been a great influence for electronic music

worldwide. Just to name The Shamen, The End club and The End Recordings were all

top notch. As it goes for acid house, he influenced many musicians in the past and

even today. I had the privilege to play with him in Belgium, in Decadance and the

Muzzic events in Ghent, and as a friendly colleague he liked my dj sets and always had

a supportive friendly word for you. Besides all this, Richard is just a very talented DJ,

musician, organizer and event promoter. The good times I had while visiting The End

club on a regularly base will always be remembered.








Apple Beats the rivals and aims to "be the music


Facts show that consumers are turning more to music streaming with it

already outnumbering other sales figures in some countries. Services like

Spotify and Pandora can expect some competition with news that Apple will

be joining the streaming ranks. Of course this will not be below par. Apple,

known for developing top services enough to rival and lead the digital

generation, are sure to create a service which will demand attention.

Developments are being made to completely relaunch the Beats Music with

Apple leading the way. This is set to be an "all-you-can-eat music service"

with a competitive subscription fee. Along with the upcoming plans, Zane

Lowe quit his show at BBC Radio 1 to join the Apple ahead of the new service.

Having almost a 12 year career at the popular station, Zane has played a big

part in introducing new acts to the British public.

Apple also making news in the music industry for their controversial decision

to change itunes as we know it, in favour of the commercial industry. As

Billboard reported, the greatly popular music store is clamping down the rules

for what Independent artists are able to release, even to the extent of

removing thousands of titles which do not comply with the new regulations.

Other news also report that Apple have supposedly purchased the Camel

Audio company which provide plugins, apps and software including Alchemy

synth. Camel Audio closed unexpectedly early 2015, leaving customers

wondering about the company's plans. As researched by MacRumors, Camel

Audio have updated their company registration details with some of Apple's

corporate information suggesting the acquisition. This development could be

intended to improve Logic Pro X software, incorporate with GarageBand or

create a new music service.

Apple clearly making their mark in the music business this year, great for

major artists, but does this mean there is an gap in the market for a system

which will benefit the Independent industry?

Article by


Well thank god February is over.. And to celebrate, first up is Of the biggest

remixes around at the moment with a summer tropical vibe, Ella Henderson -

Mirror Man (Alex Adair Remix). The Sassy Yank recently interviewed this rising

producer star from Sussex in the UK in December 2014 issue Of Audiation

Magazine.. And he’s going from strength to strengh.. Lovely guitar riffs, piano

House And tropical percussion make this one of my favourite remixes around at

the moment, Ella Henderson’s Soulful Vocals seem to blend seemessly between

her Pop originals and when people remix her on a more of a dance Vibe.. Look out

for even bigger things from Alex In 2015, And also there is a Henry Krinkle

Remix of this track.

A really nice track that features the cocal talents Of Kate Wild from Brighton UK,

who I recently interviewed for Audiation Is Djoko - With Me (feat Kate Wild). I

think The vocal is taken from Kate’s Fantastic sample pack that is out now on

Loopmasters.. Really cool well produced track this. Very Soulful Piano House

Garage vibe to this.. Breaks down into really emotive strings and Piano Solo.

Always good to include a great free download.. I think the best one this week

must be Apres - Chicago. As Featured on the Annie Mac show recently on Radio

One.. This Starts off with the arpeggiator from The Candi Staton classic "You’ve

Got The Love", then breaks into stabby chords that remind me of Rui Da Silva -

Touch Me.. Very old school revival early 90’s track, thats a must on a free


One Of the best future tracks around at the moment, as championed by the one

and only Oliver Heldens, is Discharge by Curbi. It's hard to believe Curbi is just

Sixteen years old and already has major releases on Spinnin Deep Records..


While We mentioned Oliver Heldens, one of the biggest tracks that's set to rip

dance floors apart this spring is "Melody" By Oliver Heldens. Starts odf with killer

emotive orchestral strings before breaking into An old school house 90’s piano

riff. Before dropping into a killer bass and piano groove.. Huge track this, avaliable

March 16th 2015 on Spinnin Records.



Other Great Piano House tracks around at the mo more than worth a

mention are:

Simion - Give Your Love Out

Crime - Devotion (promo only at the moment)

Purple Disco Machine - Where we Belong (Out on Kitball Records)

Probably my favourite track out at the moment coming out of Plymouth UK

is a really great producer.. Freejak - Don’t wanna Love You, Really nice old

school vibe to this with a Robin S - Show Me Love kinda vibe. Complete with

pitched formant vocals, I think this guy is one to watch out for 2015. Also

check out his brand new remix of Disiples - They Don’t Know, Garage

piano house at it's best.. Top Stuff.

Article by Rokuro


A three day electronic music festival hosting one of the biggest contemporary

line-ups in this part of Africa.

It aims to fuse the most inspiring, genuine and forward thinking electronic

artists from past, present and future with a touch of speculative goodness to

please even the pickiest of ears.

The Inaugural festival dons a 'Futuristic Safari' theme and is held over seven

carefully constructed stages and arenas to provide a multi-sensory

experience presenting over 60 international and local artists. These include a

slew of first time performances in Africa.

"Together at, FFF HQ, we worked day and night, hand selecting artists and

brands for the line-up and to create the most innovative and daring

production setups. The stage designs and entertainment options are in a

scenic setting that is both wild and breathtakingly beautiful. We want nothing

more than to provide you with a truly memorable festival experience with an

eccentric focus on the sound quality and music," said Rickhard Hein, Director

of BreatheOut Entertainment, the company spearheading FFF. Our decade

has seen a monumental boom in electronic music and South Africa is

currently at its core. The sub Saharan cradle of humankind is now under a

global spotlight for its catapulting electronic and house music culture. all in all

these are very exciting times in South Africa’s dance music history so come



36 www.AudiationMagazine.com

All About Johnny

Hello, Who are All About Johnny,

and how did you all come together

as a band?

Cath: All About Johnny are...Lorna, Joe,

Casper, Johnny and Cath. We got

together through the join my band

website. Originally the band was a 3

piece and Cath and johnny joined


How did you each find your passion

for music and start out in the


Cath: My dad has always played music

(mainly accordion and keyboards), and

loved Iistening to Led Zeppelin, Pink

Floyd, Deep Purple and stuff like that. Me

and my sis got into music from him. I

played acoustic guitar first, but bought

myself a bass when my sister's band had

trouble finding a bass player.

Johnny: My dad is tone deaf and bought a

drum kit for himself, it was so painful I

had to have ago myself to see how hard

it was, I took drum lessons and

eventually did a music course at college.

Casper: I was born with my passion and

started out singing in a covers band

Lorna: Doing little shows for Mum and

Dad in the back garden in the 1980’s

Who are your music influences?

Cath: Mine are Elvis Costello, Madness,

Squeeze, 70s Glam rock, disco....but led

Zeppelin and pink Floyd are in there som

ewhere too. I'm into a variety of stuff.

Mainly anything that makes me dance

about like a maniac!

Johnny: 1960s music, MoTown/Northern

Soul, 90s Britpop, Faithless, Chemical

Brothers, DJ Shadow

Casper: Clash, Rolling Stones, Chuck

Berry, Buddy Holly

Lorna: AC/DC, Jewell, Jack White,

Florence and the Machine

Joe: Chuck Berry, Peter Green, BB King,

Scotty Moore

You cover a lot of classic alternative

tracks, do you also create your own

tracks? If so, how do you come up

with ideas?

Cath: Although All About Johnny is a

covers band, I would like to give it a try

sometime as a separate project. Wrote a

song once when I was younger, but it was

all about buying meat from a butcher and

losing your underwear. Not really a hit. I

have written lyrics, but not put tunes to

them. Things might pop into my head

through the day and I make a note of

them. Sometimes if someone really

annoys you it can be good inspiration. It's

a good way to let it all out without having

to have it out with them!

Johnny: In previous bands we have

written our own material which was fun.

In the future I would like to write some

funk tracks.

38 www.AudiationMagazine.com

What are your best ways of getting

psyched up before gigs - or are you a

bundle of nerves?

Cath: I do get a bit nervous, but really

excited at the same time. I don't need to

psyche myself up as I'm pretty much up

there anyway

Johnny: I like to warm up before the gig

using a practice pad.

Casper: S** Parties!

Joe: Still get slightly nervous but not a big

deal anymore

Lorna: Excited and a bundle of nerves, I

also have alcohol which does not help!

What are your favourite tracks?

Cath: My favourite tracks that we do are

Basketcase by Greenday, don't look back

in.anger (oasis), genie in a bottle by

Speedway and now I'm loving Country

Girl by Primal Scream.

Joe: North Country Boy The Charlatans,

Brown Sugar Rolling Stones, Country Girl

Primal Scream.

Johnny: Broken Stones Paul Weller, God is

a DJ Faithless, There’s a Ghost in my

House R Dean Taylor

Casper: North Country Boy The

40 www.AudiationMagazine.com

Charlatans, Brown Sugar Rolling Stones,

Honky Tonk Rolling Stones

Lorna: Highway to Hell AC/DC, Nutbush

City Limits Ike and Tina Turner, Genie in

the Bottle Christina Aguileia

What tips & advice do you have for

budding musicians?

Cath: My tips for budding musicians

would be to practice whenever you can.

Put the songs on your ipod and listen at

any opportunity, so you know them

inside out. Most of all,have fun playing

Johnny: Practice hard and get a good


Joe: Practice, practice, practice and get a

good teacher

Joe: Much the same as air and water – it

is vital to my life.

What have you got planned for the

future and where can we hear you


Cath: We just want to play as much as

we can. Hoping to play all over the UK

Joe: To reach the point I am a full time

musician – you can see us at John Burns

Clyde Bank on the 28/03/15

Lorna: We would like to start playing at

wedding and gigs on a regular basis and

would love it to be my full time job.

Casper: Gigging as much as possible and

hopefully at a venue near you.

Casper: Practice makes the difference

Lorna: Don’t give up, practice lots and

surround yourself with inspirational


What does music mean to you?

Cath: Music gets me going. And when I'm

going, I don't wanna stop. Music can bring

out every emotion. Frantically happy,

thought-provokingly sad, down right

sexy, angry...or just sweet. These

questions are soooo hard! xx I'm probably

rambling on too much, but feel free to

just shut me up.

Lorna: Happiness and escape

Johnny: Music is passion

Johnny: I would love to be a drummer on

course ship getting paid to travel the


Anything else you'd like to tell the

Audiation Magazine readers?

Cath: Johnny has a massive stick and Joe

has a magic carpet

Casper: I wear women’s underwear

Johnny: I am in the Guinness Book of

Records for taking part in the biggest

drum assemble in the world 2012



Casper: For me it’s the opportunity to put

a smile on the audiences faces

interview by


Utopia Warehouse Party with Audiofly, Matt Fear, Reset Safari,

Luke Larrell, Sol Edge at The Steelyard

Utopia Warehouse Party hosted by London based Dazed (The Legendry

Summer 12Hour Party) was a night not for the faint hearted. Londons Lovers

of Tech House came out together to enjoy an electrifying line of of DJ’s in one

of London’s hidden gems The SteelYard just on the embankment.

This brand new event space was a perfect choice for Utopia 2015 opening

party, it’s tall walls give the venue the industrial feeling that most of us all

know and love, but as it has been newly refurbished, it's softly lit bar area

brings a touch of elegance to the venue very much missed in many other

London venues.

Luke Larrel, Dazed resident, played a set of infectious dancefloor bangers

which kept the crowd moving their feet continuously. The promoters

definitely put a lot of thought into this year's opening event, with Audiofly

flown in from Ibiza, it was hard to say no to such a great line up.

Audiofly played a crowd pleasing set filled with many fresh tracks all of which

were well received from the crowd of young ravers. The night was closed by

Sol Edge, a young Londoner who has been taking the country by storm with

his upbeat dirty house mixes. He played a set that was fit for the closing for

what was an amazing night full of great electronic music. This is definitely one

for those who love a party with a continuous flow of good music and a great

vibe. Everyone in attendance will definitely be looking forward to the next

Utopia event which is on 16th of May 2015 at The Qube Project London.

Article by Malachi



Magda Presnts Balance 027

CD1 pitches electronic composition as

conceptual art. It’s a journey through the

outer reaches of electronica: experimental

soundscapes like Dinos Chapman’s ‘Alltid’

side-by-side with more ‘conventional’ slivers

of tripped-out melody like NYMA & Carreno

Is LB’s stuttering ‘Solaria’. We’re led from

these more abstract pieces through the

electro jazz of Gregory Fleckner Quintet

into wigged-out 4/4 selections midway

through the disc, ushering us towards a

warped dancefloor where percolating

concoctions like Hauntologists’ ‘Shakes’ are

considered the norm.

CD2 delivers a more uptempo groove with the the journey of this compilation

leading us to the dance floor. A smattering of exclusives includes Mathew

Jonson & Jesse ‘Heartthrob’ Siminski’s jacking rework of Seth Troxler’s

‘Evangelon’ and the severely wonky undulations of Magda’s own ‘Trailerfork’

thereafter. Etcher’s ‘They Are Us’ channels acid trax simplicity, before techno

luminaries Planetary Assault Systems and DVS1 lead us through paranoid and

gently euphoric terrains by turns. Magda tests out new wiggling cut ‘Scrumps’

before heading towards the home stretch with some electro-infused gear

courtesy of Tom Trago, Transllusion and Obergman.

How does Magda recommend this mix should be accompanied?

Disc One: “With a pillow, cozy surroundings and a space cake?”

Disc Two: "With your eyes closed, a fat sound system, and a wooden floor"

This compilation displays the sound of a true crate digger; a dedicated DJ who

searches far and wide for inspiration and fascination. It truly embodies every

element of her eclectic sound, and is sure to unearth many an unknown gem for

even the most avid of electronic aficionados. And it’s that journey of discovery,

which is ultimately what every good selector should take their listener on.

44 www.AudiationMagazine.com

Himalia - Distances

"Versatile, beautiful & intriguing." Mizz Ruby



Himalia is a UK based multi instrumentalist musician and producer who

explores smooth, melodic sounds whilst retaining a deep, dark, expansive and

resonant feel to his compositions. ‘Distances’ is the debut album release from

Himalia who has previously released on Medschool, Boomting and Planet


'Kingdom' is the first single from the Album 'Distances' released on Pegdoll

Records. A downtempo experimental rhythm track leads 'Kingdom' to

perfectly mesh with the fascinating vocals of Sakima.

Sakima's previous release has been featured on the Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1,

show. His vocal talent on 'Kingdom' shines through and goes perfectly with

Himalias production,

There are a number of notable tracks on the 'Distances' album. Himalia has

collaborated with vocalists Laurelle on ‘If’, who has previously released on

Jakwob's Boomting label and Chicagoan Alex Jordahl on the track 'Love Like A

Drug' resulting in an album which has depth and balance.

The tempo increases on 'Falling' whilst retaining a haunting downtempo style

and 'Drowning' was written as a nod towards the TV show 'Breaking Bad'.



DGTL Festival is back in 2015! The

Amsterdam festival – renowned for it’s

line-up, art and sustainability program -

returns to the NDSM Docklands. During

the Easter Holiday over 80 artists from

around the world showcase the best of

innovative electronic music. Headliners

include popular international acts like

Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex, Dixon and Ten

Walls and underground masterminds

such as Michael Mayer, Move D and John

Talabot. Combined with an extensive art

and awareness program, DGTL Festival

2015 is the perfect start of the festival

season. Expect innovative stage designs,

art installations from around the world

and sustainable innovation through our

DGTL Revolution project, which has been

awarded a two out of four star rating by ‘A

Greener Festival’ last month.

Besides a line-up including the best DJ’s of

modern underground music and a crazy

DGTL ART program, also its very own

DGTL Revolution is a vital part of the

festival. The theme of this year’s

Revolution is power. The festival will run

on renewable energy such as wind and

solar power, and will showcase the

newest sustainable energy solutions. The

theme of the Art program, Kinetic Art, will

result in over 20 smaller and bigger acts

and art installations from our very own

Kinetic Art Collective. For the whole

program, tickets and travel information,

take a look at the website: www.dgtl.nl

Article by Cessle



Milen - Amsterdam

AWJ Recordings is proud to present a brand new project from Austrian

producer with his latest banging sound called Amsterdam.

"After a vacation in Amsterdam, I had the idea to step out of my comfort

zone and produce a track mainly for the dance floor. I've never produced

Melbourne House before but I couldn't resist and so the track Amsterdam

was born. The track contains a massive chord section, epic trancy vocal

gates and a Melbourne House drop." Milen


Genre: House-Electro

Release Date: 12.03.2015

Label: AWJ Recordings


Toddla T Meets Protoje - England Be Wise

"An intoxicating blend of styles." Mizz Ruby

England meets Jamaica, Reggae meets Grime, Dubstep and Drum & Bass,

and Toddla T meets Protoje for the awesome collaborative mixtape

‘England Be Wise’ premiered online via i-D.

Playing on the title of Protoje’s huge track, ‘Kingston Be Wise’, which

happened to be the track that first grabbed Toddla T’s attention as a fan,

the pair have mixed it up to create a one-off, eclectic, zestful tape full of

gems that you’ll only hear once in a lifetime.

Proteje “merks every riddim to the highest degree” as he jumps on the

wickedest selection of unexpected beats from Skepta’s ‘That’s Not Me’ to

jungle classic ‘The Burial’ from Leviticus, Krept & Konan’s ‘Don’t Waste My

Time’ and Schoolboy Q’s ‘Collard Greens’. Bringing that genuine Jamaican

Reggae sunshine to some of the deepest, synth filled, 140 Grime beats.

“I was such a fan of him any way, this was a great project to get my hands

on because I get to indulge in what he does” says Toddla T. “The whole UK

VS Jamaica thing has been prominent in our music and culture for years and

years so all I’m doing is doing my spin on it: blending the Reggae with Grime,

Dubstep, Drum and Bass, plus they’re all cousins of each other anyway, so

for me it was very organic and a fun project, and an honor to work with such

a great artist from Jamaica.”

www.toddlat.com | www.protoje.com

48 www.AudiationMagazine.com

“Over here at Slime HQ we’re always on the hunt for new producers with a fresh

take on garage, house or dubstep. One of the most exciting artists to come out of

UKG in years is the Edinburgh-based producer Blackboxx. He came to our

attention last year when we heard demos for some of the tracks that would

formulate his debut EP with the label, ‘Sayonara’. We really loved every track on

that release, but knew the stand-out ‘Words Just Ain’t Enough’ would really

capture people’s imaginations. Sure enough it got a lot of love from fans of deep

UKG and house, and was picked up in a mix by Hannah Wants – which only

increased the hype.

What impressed us about Blackboxx was his considerable work ethic – he was

always busy making new beats and the standard was consistently high. Right

there and then we knew we’d want to sign him up for a second release, which

became the incredible ‘Osaka’ EP. Deep garage has taken a bit of a back seat over

the past year or so thanks to the cross-fertilisation of the UKG scene with deep

tech and bass-heavy house, so it was incredibly refreshing to hear this collection

of songs, intended as cycle, buck that trend. We’d argue it’s one of the strongest

releases we’ve ever put out on the label.

What strikes us about Blackboxx the most though is his style isn’t rigid to garage

– whilst it adheres to that template it absorbs so much of the goodness from

house, techno and dubstep but sets it all into widescreen mode to generate some

really cinematic, emotional resonance. We think he’s got a bright future in the

scene so keep an eye out for more releases and remixes from him on Slime!”



Basheba - Hold On (TWB Remix)

"Sweet vocals paired with a bumpy touch and a unique visual concept. You

may be in a tricky situation, but 'Hold On' it'll be okay! " Mizz Ruby

“Uniquely British black music…I suspect we will see her follow the likes of

Emeli Sande and Laura Mvula on to much larger and more mainstream

stages” Lindsay Wesker, MTV Music Editor

London producers The Writers Block (TWB) have contributed to a stunning remix

package which also includes remixes from Drum & Bass legend, Ray Keith and

producers Thief in the Night. Previously a BBC Introducing artist with her track ‘Dirty

Love’, Basheba is a name you will soon be familiar with. 'Hold On' is taken from her

debut E.P ‘Bad Friends, Good Enemies’ (out now).This darkly lyrical dance record, with

a hard edge drum and bass beat and sultry vocal, explain why the likes of Rudimental

have already asked to work with her on their album projects.

Basheba played the I Luv Live x Mobo unsung show and is being heavily championed

by both. Oct 14 saw her play an EP launch party at The Social, London Live’s ‘Not The

One Show’ (live) and a special set for Juicy Couture at their store at Westfields.

*Top 10 finalist of Mobo Unsung 2014*

NW London vocalist Basheba is back with another darkly lyrical dance record and

hard hitting music video. 2014 has been a big year for Basheba. Having made it to the

final ten on MOBO Unsung’s competition (beating over 400 other unsigned artists)

and featuring on platforms such as BBC R1, 1xtra, Kiss FM, MTV Base, London Live,

Record of the Day, Fred Perry Subculture, Refinery 29 and SB.TV. Perfecting her

sound since the age of 14, Basheba combines dark, blues influenced vocals with hardedged

drum & bass beats so it’s no wonder that the likes of Rudimental and Lyracis

have already asked to work with her on their album projects. A creative through &

through, watch out for her own clothing brand launching in 2015. October saw

Basheba performing at ‘Juicy Live Couture’ in Westfield shopping centre, alongside

Show’N’Prove and Fabienne plus launching her ‘Bad Friends, Good Enemies’ EP with a

headline show at London’s The Social, Oxford Circus.



"My music is an extension of myself and my

personality. I sing and write about real events that

have happened in my life. So for people to be enjoying

my music makes it even more meaningful."




London's heavyweight dance music


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6 - 7 March 2015

London, United Kingdom

Horizon Festival

7 - 13 March 2015

Bansko, Bulgaria

Future Music Festival Asia

13 - 14 March 2015

Singapore, Singapore


21 - 28 March 2015

Huez, France

Apokalypsa Dark Angels

27 - 28 March 2015

Brno, Czech Republic

Garosnow - Gourette

27 - 30 March 2015

Gourette, France

Awakenings Easter Special

2 - 3 April 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Annia Mac presents: Lost and

Found Festival

3 - 5 April 2015

Limits of Rabat, Malta

Awakenings Easter: Adam & Joseph

3 - 4 April 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Trancefusion: Time to Say


4 - 5 April 2015

Prague,Czech Republic

Awakenings Easter Special

4 - 5 April 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands

DGTL Festival

4 - 5 April 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Time Warp Manheim

5 April

Manheim, Germany

Awakenings Easter: Ben & Marcel

5 - 6 April 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Caprices Festival

9 - 12 April 2015

Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Insane Festival

18 - 19 April 2015

Avignon, France

Future Fusion Festival

24 - 26 April 2015

Manzini Wild Life Resort, South



27 April 2015

Utrecht, Netherlands


Tomorrowland Brasil

30 April - 3 May 2015

Sao Paulo, Brazil

MAYDAY Dortmund

30 April - 1 May 2015

Dortmund, Germany

Geheime Liefde

2 May 2015

Utrecht, Netherlands

Mumbai Color Festival

5 May 2015

Utrecht, Netherlands

Marvellous Island

8 - 10 May 2015

Paris, France

Nuits Sonores

13 - 17 May 2015

Lyon, France

Papillions de Nuit

22 - 24 May 2015

Saint-Laurent-de-Cuves, France

Pfingst Open Air

22 - 24 May 2015

Straubing, Germany

Pacha Festival

23 May 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Common People

23 - 24 May 2015

Southamptom, United Kingdom

Primavera Sound

28 - 30 May 2015

Barcelona, Spain

Der Ring - Grune Holle Rock

29 - 31 May 2015

Nurburg, Germany

Wychwood Festival

29 - 31 May 2015

Cheltenham, United Kingdom


29 - 31 May 2015

Munich, Germanycrowdcro

Electronic Beats Festival


29 May 2015

Cologne, Germany


30 - 31 May 2015

Upminster, United Kingdom

We Love Green

30 - 31 May 2015

Paris, France

Loveland 909

31 May 2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands


HOT 6 with Claude Vonstroke

Riva Starr, The Martin Brothers, Kill Frenzy, Catz n Dogz, Breach & J.Phlip. Just

a a fraction of the quality of artists that can make claim to having helped

Dirtybird become one of the most acclaimed and sought after labels to

release with. The story has been well documented that Claude Vonstroke's

wife gave him one year to turn the label into something successful. Along

with a strong team around him, the Dirtybird Players have churned out many

club favourites such as Claude’s “Who’s Afraid Of Detroit “ Justin Martin’s

“Don’t Go” & Shiba San’s “Okay” repaying the faith first invested. So as

Dirtybird celebrate 10 years of being one of the leaders in pushing the

boundaries in dance music, Audiation Magazine managed to catch up with the

man who began the birth of this project from within the 4 walls of his


56 www.AudiationMagazine.com

1st record you ever bought?

RUN DMC - RUN DMC in 1984 i snuck out of a school field trip and went to

the record store instead of the museum. i got back before anyone noticed.

Favourite track you have made?

Aundy. I made it for my wife and i think the sounds it in are really special.

Favourite kit for making music?

Abelton Live + Native instruments Maschine is my go to combination. Then I

use a bunch of keyboards and out board gear to mess with that but all the

core ideas almost always start in Maschine for loops and then move to

Ableton for track building.

Your Dream Line up (self included)

Tribe Called Quest Reuinited, Rage Against the Machine Re-united, James

Brown back from the dead, Portishead Re-united, Prince, Cameo, Funkadelic,

Led Zeppelin

If you had to DJ a 3hr set of a different Genre what would it be?


One sentence that defines house and techno music?

The formula has always been the same and maybe the solid form of it is why

people have figured out every possible which way to squeeze creativity in

between these same 4 kick drums per measure. Human beings are attracted

to this pattern, that is for sure.


On the cover:

Mr C & Nathan Coles

Issue AM011







With love

Mizz Ruby, Rokuro, Cessle, Sarah & Malachi xx


AM011 Copyright 2015 © Audiation Magazine Ltd

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