BC-Health-of-the-Homeless-Survey-FINAL[1] - Pacific AIDS Network


BC-Health-of-the-Homeless-Survey-FINAL[1] - Pacific AIDS Network

Homeless Women Fact Sheet

Homeless women have specifi

challenges and health care needs. Many

have been victims of violence and many

have children in their custody, with

friends or relatives or in government


The average age of female participants

was 35.3 years and 54 percent were

Aboriginal. Sixty-five percent had not

received a high-school diploma, 21

percent participated in survival sexwork

for income and four percent were

pregnant at the time of interview.

Female participants reported different

rates than men for select mental

disorders, substance use behaviours and

physical conditions and higher rates

for all forms of childhood and adult

traumas. The most prevalent health

indicators and service use data reported

by female participants are included in

the table below.

Designated services for homeless women are urgently needed. Services must integrate

harm-reduction and trauma informed care.

Key Results

Female participants were more likelyc

than male participants:

• To be younger and to be


• To be at high risk of suicide

• To engage in sex work

• To meet criteria for depression

and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder


• To report hepatitis B or C and


• To report emotional, physical and

sexual abuse in adulthood

• To have a family physician and to

have gotten health care from the

Emergency Department

Adjusting for age, ethnicity and survey

locationd, women compared to men were:

• 3.4 times more likely to report

childhood sexual abuse

• 1.8 times more likely to report

recent heroin use

• 1.5 times more likely to report

recent crack cocaine use

Health Indicators


(n=196) e


(n=304) e

Agoraphobia a 32% 26%

Depression a* 31% 17%

PTSD a** 28% 16%

Generalized Anxiety Disorder a+ 24% 17%

Past Suicide Attempt ** 50% 29%

Drug Dependence a 70% 70%

Alcohol Dependence a 38% 37%

Crack Cocaine Use b* 58% 48%

Alcohol Use b* 53% 63%

Cannabis Use b** 41% 56%

Heroin Use b* 30% 22%

Past Head Injury * 55% 67%

Back Problems 42% 37%

Hepatitis * 41% 31%

Asthma * 31% 18%

Migraine 30% 29%

Arthritis 29% 28%

Childhood Sexual Abuse ** 71% 38%

Childhood Emotional Abuse * 66% 56%

Childhood Physical Abuse * 64% 52%

Adult Emotional Abuse ** 88% 72%

Adult Physical Abuse * 74% 61%

Adult Sexual Abuse ** 53% 13%

Has a Family Physician * 71% 58%

Emergency Room Use a* 67% 52%

Walk-in Clinic Use a 46% 43%

Street Nurse Use a 32% 28%


In 12 months prior to interview;


In 30 days prior to interview


Statistically different at p

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