MAT Program - Pacific AIDS Network

MAT Program - Pacific AIDS Network

The MAT Program


An Adherence Program and More!

What is MAT?

• Product of VIDUS study, 1999

• Med administration for people

who are HIV positive (and other

supports to maintain adherence)

• All meds, excluding methadone

• Daily, weekly or monthly support

• Open seven days/week, 365


MAT Mandate

To improve access and

adherence to anti-retrovirals

(ARVs) in the inner-city

community by minimizing

barriers through a

multidisciplinary approach.

Who Are The MAT Members?

Persons dealing with:

• Complex socioeconomic


• Poverty

• Food insecurity

• Substance Dependence

• Mental Health

• Unstable housing or


• Chronic diseases (e.g.

Hep C)

• Incarceration

• Frequent


• Street based economies

Our Approach

• Stabilize current

crises first

• Build rapport and


• Liaise with

physician and

other supports

• Regular follow up

Services offered at DCHC

• Primary care physicians and nurses

• Mental Health and Addiction Counsellors

• Pharmacy

• TB services

• Home support services

• Wound care clinician

• Dietitian

• Respiratory Therapist

• Podiatry, Acupuncture, Massage

MAT Program Multidisciplinary Team

• Case Management

(Social worker, CLW)

• Administrative Assistant

• Nursing

• Clinical Pharmacist

• Clinical Coordinator

AIDS Vancouver case


Keys to MAT’s Success

• Relationships

• Social supports

• Custom care


• Convenience

• Routine

• Cereal, juice,

ALS meals

Keys to MAT’s Success

• Outreach

• Safe environment

• Peer support

• Health promotion

• Harm reduction

• Flexibility


• 2:30-4:00pm

• SROs, streets,

parks, bars, drop-ins

•RN and CLW

MAT STOP Outreach Team

• Team of RN and CLW

• Outside of catchment area, difficult to engage,

and/or who are lost to care

Some of our Challenges…

• Mental Illness

• Substance Dependence

• Trauma and abuse

• Space, or lack there of

• Cheque day

• Coordinating care with many providers

• Funding

Thank you!!!

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