Application for Membership - Pacific AIDS Network

Application for Membership - Pacific AIDS Network

Important Information:

Application for Membership

1. The Pacific AIDS Network’s Policy regarding Membership is provided on page 2 of this form. Please

read this policy, as it outlines the procedure for Membership approval.

2. Submitting this form does not mean that your organization has become a member. An application for

membership must be moved by an existing PAN member agency at a General Assembly, and must be

accepted by majority vote of PAN’s membership at that meeting.

3. The submission of this form no less than one month before an Annual General Meeting ensures that

the application for membership will be moved and discussed.

4. Membership in the Pacific AIDS Network is currently free, as membership fees are not being

implemented this year.

Please read PAN’s constitution & bylaws (at before completing this application.

Agency: _______________________________________________________________

Project/Program (if applicable): _____________________________________________

Executive Director or Board Chair: __________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________


City: ________________________________ Postal Code: _____________________

Telephone: ___________________________ Fax: ___________________________

Email: _______________________________

Please send weekly PAN E-news!

Website: ______________________________________________________________

We agree with the aims, purposes and bylaws of the Pacific AIDS Network, (available at and would like to apply for membership in the Network.

We have spoken with a current member organization that has agreed to sponsor our

application for PAN membership.

Our Sponsor organization: ____________________________________

Signed: ____________________________ Date: ____________________________

(ED or Chair of the applicant organization)

PACIFIC AIDS NETWORK c/o Positive Women’s Network 614-1033 Davie St. Vancouver, BC V6E 1M7

Tel: 604.692.3012 / Toll-free: 1.866.692.3001 / FAX: 604.684.3126





Title: Membership Number: E.4

Category: Services to Agencies Approval Date: August 14, 2007

Approval (Initials):

Revision Date:


The society relies on identified registered members to conduct work in partnership throughout British



1) Any British Columbia organization (including body corporate, agency, group or project) that is

interested in becoming a member of the society must complete an Application for Membership 1 and

submit to PAN’s administrative desk no less than one month prior to an Annual General Meeting. The

applicant must subscribe to the aims, purposes and bylaws of the society and have a mandate or

service directed to work in the area of HIV.

2) The organization’s application for membership must be sponsored by an existing society member.

3) The administrator will ensure all information on the application is complete and accurate.

4) The Board of Directors will review all applications for membership and present applicants to the

General Assembly for acceptance.

5) Members of the society are responsible for selecting two full (voting) delegates to attend the meetings

of the society. At least one delegate from each member must be HIV+.

6) Every member and their voting delegates will agree to abide by the society’s constitution, adhere to

the purpose of the society, and to comply with these bylaws and its policies and procedures.

7) Every member, to remain in good standing, will complete an annual membership renewal form.

8) Annual membership fees will be set from time to time as determined at the Annual General Meeting

of the society.

9) With the exception of financial information, all membership information shall be made publicly

available by the society's Membership Register.

10) A member whose membership has lapsed shall be deemed a member in good standing for 90 days

immediately following the date on which their membership lapsed. Should that 90 -day grace period

encompass an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting, the member must

renew their membership on or before the day of the meeting to be considered a member in good


1 In accordance with the provisions of section 2.3 of the bylaws, the following is the set of Criteria for Membership which must be

met by any and all organizations seeking to become members of the Society:

AIDS mission stated; Support the Society's Community Action Principals; Organization must have Care, Prevention, Treatment,

Support, Education, Advocacy, Reduction of Vulnerability or Harm Reduction as one of their goals; Demonstrate significant and

appropriate representation of people living with HIV disease.

AIDS project within a parent organization: the project meets the aforementioned criteria; Only one project under a parent

organization is allowed membership within Society; if two or more projects wish to join, they can join together for a single

membership; The parent group is not a member of the Society; The project has a reasonable expectation of continuing over an

extended period (at least one fiscal year). Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the membership.

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