to download the full newsletter - Society for Photographic Education

to download the full newsletter - Society for Photographic Education

Conferring Significance:

Celebrating Photography’s




Winter 2013

March 7-10, 2013


Palmer House Hilton

The 50th Annual National

Conference will be here

before you know it! If you

haven’t already done so,

register today! Take a look

inside this eNewsletter for

the full lineup of conference

events & activities.

In this issue

Martin Parr, CAMBODIA. Siem Reap. Ta Prohm. 2012

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spe members’ eNewsletter winter 2013

is a nonprofit membership organization

that provides and fosters an understanding of

photography as a means of diverse creative expression,

cultural insight, and experimental practice.

Executive Committee of SPE's National Board

Tom Fischer, Chair

Michael Marshall, Vice Chair

Nate Larson, Secretary

Nancy Stuart, Treasurer

Executive Director

Virginia Morrison


Meghan Borato

Advertising, Exhibits & Design

and eNewsletter Editor & Designer

Nina Barcellona

Office & Accounts Manager and Regional Liaison

Carla Kurtz

Events & Publications Coordinator

Ginenne Lanese

exposure Editor

Stacey McCarroll Cutshaw

exposure Designer

Amy Schelemanow

SPE National Office

2530 Superior Avenue, #403

Cleveland, OH 44114

Phone 216.622.2733

Fax 216.622.2712




Nina Barcellona

director’s column

In September, SPE was

invited by the World

Photography Organization

to participate in

an inaugural international

educators’ Forum

as part of Photokina in

Cologne. I was asked

to lead a session about

issues facing photographic

education today,

in search of common

challenges and possible

solutions. It was an

engaged group with

representatives from all around Western Europe, and

the conversation was lively and productive yielding a

summary paper and a collaborative list of core competencies

for students of photography. The gathering

included a student for every educator, and we had a

wonderful group portfolio sharing session as well. SPE

made a lot of new friends and some significant headway

toward our goal of global expansion of our membership,

and I look forward to continued exchange with

this group.

SPE’s regions had an exciting fall season of conferences

and activities! This was the first year that regions

were using the new integrated SPE website system to

manage registrations and promotion. Although with any

new method there are always a few bugs, we observed

a wonderful streamlining of the registration process and

are encouraged by the availability of this new resource

for the regional chapters. The regional leaders and

conference organizers all deserve a big shout for their

hard work!

A special note regarding our members in the Mid-Atlantic

region: About 10 days before their well-planned

event was to take place in Jersey City, Super Storm

Sandy moved through the east coast. We made the

difficult decision to cancel the event due to the aftermath

of the storm, and invited members to apply some

of their refund to hurricane relief funds. Let’s have a

shout-out to all the folks who worked toward making

that event a success.

Behind the scenes a very dedicated and hardworking

committee has been working to get traction with SPE’s

50th Anniversary Campaign “Future Focus.” The

group, led by Nancy Stuart with honorary chairs Joan

and Nathan Lyons, have been engaged in getting

pledges during the Inner Family and Pacesetting

phases of the campaign. In March, we will invite the entire

membership to participate, at whatever level works

for each individual. This campaign will fuel exciting new

initiatives generated by SPE’s strategic plan, carefully

forged by SPE’s national board. SPE’s leaders are eager

to help SPE expand its programming and benefits

to members, to move the organization into a robust and

dynamic future, and launched this campaign to achieve

these goals.

The 50th Anniversary Campaign will span 2011-2015

to give us a chance to reach our ambitious fundraising

goal of $150,000. Some of the new initiatives that will

be funded by the campaign include commemorative

publications showcasing member work and SPE’s journal,

an SPE lecture series, member exhibitions, portfolio

reviews, project grants for members, and much more.

Stay tuned for updates, and feel free to contact SPE’s

national office if you are interested in learning more, or

participating sooner! Consider purchasing the book,

SPE: The Formative Years, edited by Nathan Lyons and

commemorating the beginnings of SPE—a portion of

the proceeds will go directly into the campaign! See

the next page of this eNewsletter for more details.

We have continued with SPE’s Online Portfolio

Reviews, a program that celebrates the SPE website

online member galleries. Member portfolios can

be viewed by the public or shared only with the SPE

community, depending on members’ preferences. 2012

reviewers included Mark Malloy, Nate Larson and Heike

Lowenstein who all shared feedback with members.

Reviewers select work to be included on the SPE’s

home page rotation, creating an online “exhibition.”

Those interested in being considered as future online

portfolio reviewers or in nominating others should send

me an email at

We continue to encourage more engagement in this

dynamic area of SPE’s site. Greater member participation

will make us all stronger. We’ve heard from a

number of members who use the galleries in the classroom

to show students very new and interesting work

not available anywhere else. So get your work posted

to SPE’s member gallery, if it’s not already there, and

consider including artist statements and bio info to help

people get more access to your work and your creative

process. Since the website launched in August 2010,

we have featured 130 members’ work on the home

page through twelve home page “exhibitions!” There

are currently 500 members represented in SPE’s online


I’d like to give a warm welcome to SPE’s newly elected

board members: Claude Baillargeon, Jeff Curto,

Amy Holmes George, Robin Germany and Michelle

Bogre. Jeff is returning for a second term, which is

great news given all the contributions he has made

during his first term. Amy, Robin and Michelle are

beginning their first full terms in March, and we look

forward to having their voices on SPE’s national board.

Many thanks to outgoing board members Dornith

Doherty, Sama Alshaibi, and Richard Gray whose contributions

to SPE’s management are far reaching. Richard

served as Chairman of the Board during a pivotal

time for SPE, and helped guide a management transition

and a number of big initiatives. Dornith has served

in a number of capacities, most notably as the chair of

the nominating committee. Under her leadership, the

committee has provided balanced and qualified slates

of nominees and also shifted to electronic voting. In

addition to being the board liaison to the Multicultural

Caucus, Sama assumed lead roles in the submission

of major grant applications and helped develop a

resource of possible sources for external funding for

SPE. They all wore many more hats, and showed true

generosity of spirit throughout their terms.

In March of 2013, we’ll host a celebration in Chicago

—SPE national conference-style—to commemorate

50 years since the first national conference held in

Chicago. The stunning Palmer House Hilton will be

the ideal backdrop for this special gathering, with a

low room rate brokered for SPE attendees. Jeff Curto

is chairing the conference and his theme, “Conferring

Significance: Celebrating Photography’s Continuum,”

reflects SPE’s future as well as its past. The programming

for the conference is outstanding and updates are

being entered regularly on the website: https://www. Many thanks to the 2013

conference committee, the peer review committee,

SPE’s national office staff and the nimble local Chicago

committee for all the efforts at bringing this event to life!

Happy Anniversary SPE—look forward to catching up

in Chicago!

With appreciation,

Virginia “Ginny” Morrison

SPE Excecutive Director

spe members’ eNewsletter winter 2013

spe news

SPE Board Election 2013–2017 Term

The recent SPE national board election had an

impressive slate of candidates, which resulted in

a very close race. We appreciate the engagement

of our members and would like to extend our

congratulations to the following newly-elected

Board Members whose terms will begin in March

2013: Claude Baillargeon, Michelle Bogre, Jeff

Curto (returning), Robin Germany, and Amy Holmes


We would like to thank the Nominating Committee,

chaired by Dornith Doherty, for its excellent work

and express our appreciation to all candidates on

the slate. Thanks to everyone who voted!


SPE was saddened to learn of the passing of

Marlene Hawthrone Thomas, artist, student and

our 2011 Conference Photographer. Savannah

College of Art and Design Atlanta has set up a

memorial scholarship in Marlene’s memory, for

more information click here. The Atlanta memorial

is scheduled for Sunday, January 27th.

Professor Leslie Stroebel was a participant in the

formation of SPE. He passed away peacefully

at the age of 92 on November 14, 2012. A

well-liked and respected Professor Emeritus

of Photography who taught countless students

during his 44 years at Rochester Institute of

Technology (RIT), Dr. Stroebel wrote and coauthored

photography reference books and texts

used to teach generations of photographers. As

one former student put it, “An icon of large format

photography, he had a large format heart.” Click

here to view Leslie Stroebel’s obituary.

Reg Heron, of Dresden, Maine, passed away

on December 15, 2012. He received his BS in

photography the Illinois Institute of Technology in

1963, followed by an MS in 1966. Teaching was

his passion. After positions at the Visual Studies

Workshop in Rochester, Purdue University, and

Indiana University, his beloved mentor Henry

Holmes Smith, an SPE founder, hired Reg at

Indiana University in Bloomington, where he taught

until retiring in 1997. He will be remembered all his

Caryn Coyle

students for whom he was not only mentor, but also

often a second father. The family has suggested

memorial contributions may be sent to:

Reg Heron Memorial Fund


2530 Superior Avenue, #403

Cleveland, OH 44114

2013 National conference

award winners

Congratulations to all award winners!

For full award details click here.

SPE Honored Educator Elaine Mayes

SPE Insight Award

Ken Josephson, Nathan Lyons, Elaine Mayes, Jerry

Uelsmann, Jack Wilgus and Cheryl Younger

The SPE Art Sinsabaugh Creative Artist

Project Support Grant Sylvia de Swaan

SPE conference Award for Excellence

in Historical, Critical and Theoretical

Writing in honor of Jennifer Yamashiro

Dr. Kate Palmer Albers for her essay, “Abundant

Images and the Collective Sublime”

SPE Imagemaker award Dana Fritz

Student Scholarship Recipients

SPE Award for Innovations in Imaging in

Honor of Jeannie Pearce

Malina Chavez, Duke University, Graduate Student

SPE Student Awards

Graduate Students

Malena Barnhart, Arizona State University

Clare Benson, University of Arizona

Anne Brye, Arizona State University

Meri Page, Mills College

Maggie Pinke, Rochester Institute of Technology

Jeremy Underwood, University of Houston

Keith Yahrling, Rhode Island School of Design

Hyounsang Yoo, School of the Art Institute of


Undergraduate Students

Marcie Hancock, Savannah College of Art

and Design

Whitten Sabbatini, Mississippi State University

FUTUrE FOCUS: SPE’s 50th Anniversary Campaign Update

Many thanks to the 50cc committee (Mark Klett, Gary Kolb, Steven Benson, Dennis Keeley, Richard Gray,

Joann Brennan, Nate Larson, Michael Marshall, Tom Fischer, committee chair, Nancy Stuart and honorary

co-chairs Joan and Nathan Lyons) who have been working behind the scenes laying the groundwork for

the campaign launch at the national conference in Chicago. Board members have been considering their

own pledges recognizing the importance of having the organization’s leadership fully involved prior to the

conference. Many conversations have taken place over the phone lines to engage many long term SPE

members by getting their feedback and suggestions.

“This is the first time that SPE has reached out beyond membership drives and silent auctions to secure

its future and expand its programming. Many of us have enjoyed careers in photographic education that

have been enriched by SPE conferences and publications.

It feels like the right time to honor its founders and give

back,” said campaign chair Nancy Stuart.

Honorary campaign co-chair Nathan Lyons was on stage

at the recent NE Regional meeting with Ken Josephson

reminiscing on the 1962 Conference on Teaching

Photography at the George Eastman House. Historian

Jessica McDonald posed questions based on the book

she edited entitled Nathan Lyons: Selected Essays,

Lectures, and Interviews. The audience was reminded

of the void that existed pre 1960 in photographic

scholarship, pedagogy, and collegiality. We’ve come a

long way and that is something to celebrate!

See you in Chicago!

Nathon Lyons and his students. (From left to right) Kenda North,

Lionel Suntop, Les Krims, Alex Sweetman, Joan Lyons, Nathan Lyons,

Eikoh Hosoe and the former Mrs. Krims also named Les.

Image by Eikoh Hosoe,1973

A portion of the proceeds for the sales of this book

will go to SPE's 50th Anniversary Campaign.

spe members’ eNewsletter winter 2013

2013 national


View SPE‘s full conference schedule here.

Thursday Industry seminars

10:30 – 11:45 am

“Understanding the Color Managed Workflow”

with Joshua M. Fischer, Sponsored by MAC Group

adobe demo sessions with Julieanne Kost

Sponsored by Adobe Systems, Inc.

Friday, March 8

9:00 – 10:30 am

“Unleash the Capabilities of Adobe Photoshop

Lightroom Develop Module”

Thursday Keynote Speaker

Martin Parr, “Photobiography,”

Sponsored by Columbia

College Chicago’s Photography

Department and Museum of

Contemporary Photography

“Trends and Tools in Photographic Education,

Where Photographic Education is now…and

where it’s Heading” with Joe Lavine and Ted Waitt,

Sponsored by Peachpit

12:00 – 1:15 pm

“Creating and Improving your HDSLR Video” with

Victor Ha, Sponsored by MAC Group

2:00 – 3:30 pm

“Julieanne’s Favorite Lightroom Tips, Tricks and


Saturday, March 9

10:00 – 11:30 am

“Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw and Smart

Objects and Smart Filters”

Friday Keynote Speaker

Richard Misrach, “Petrochemical

America, A Museum of Entropy,

On The Beach 2.0 and an i-phone

novel,” Sponsored by MAC Group

Saturday Keynote Speaker

Zwelethu Mthethwa, “Who is


Invited Speakers

Mona Kuhn, “Mona Kuhn:

Embracing the Body,” Sponsored

by Sprint Systems of Photography

John Upton, “The Golden

Decade: The Students of Ansel

Adams, Minor White and Edward

Weston at the California School of

Fine Arts”

Olivia Parker, “The Eye’s Mind”

“Keeping Up with Technology” with Peter Krogh,

Sponsored by ASMP

1:30 – 2:45 pm

“Video Boot Camp” with Richard Newman,

Sponsored by Calumet Photographic

“The Business of Video” with Gail Mooney,

Sponsored by ASMP

3:00 – 4:15 pm

“Understanding Opportunities for Photographers

as Stills and Video Converge: A Case Study” with

David McLain, Sponsored by Sony

“The Evolution of Your Creative Rights” with

Richard Kelly, Sponsored by ASMP

4:30 – 5:45 pm

“Alternative Photography and How It Relates

to the Digital Age” with Jill Enfield, Sponsored by

Focal Press

“New Markets in Photography” with Judy

Herrmann, Sponsored by ASMP

1:00 – 2:30 pm

“The Powerful Duo—Compositing and Video

Editing in Photoshop”

Saturday Industry Demo Session

in the Exhibits hall room

11:00 – 11:45 pm

”Beyond the Book” with Daniel Milnor,

Sponsored by Blurb Inc.

General Session Presentations

Five concurrent sessions all day Friday

and Saturday!

Imagemaker • David Emitt Adams; Dana

Fritz; Amy Theiss Giese; Carol Golemboski;

Hillerbrand+Magsamen; Angela Kelly; Emily

Hanako Momohara; Richard Renaldi; Sonja

Thomsen; Terri Warpinski

Teaching & Learning • Tricia Buchhorn with

Libby Rowe and H. Jennings Sheffield; MK

Foltz; Bill Gaskins; Muriel Hasbun; Garin Horner;

Michael Marshall; Nigel Poor with Doug Dertinger;

Kim Snyder with Jennifer Brandon and Doug

Highland; Rafael Soldi with Jessica Emily Marx

and Elle Perez; Philip Zimmermann

Lecture • John Aasap; Kate Palmer Albers; Julia

Bradshaw; Leslie K. Brown; Cass Fey with Leslie

Squyres; Mary Goodwin; Darlene Kaczmarczyk

with Jennifer Steensma Hoag; Mona Kasra; Judy

Natal; Steven Skopik

Emily Hanako Momohara, Koi, 2012

Panel • Ann Kaplan with Katharine Kreisher,

Patricia Lois Nuss, Laurie Schorr, and Marcia

Vaitsman; David N. Martin with Jess T.

Dugan, Logan Rollins, and Rafael Soldi; Annu

Palakunnathu Matthew with Anna Fox, Nicolas

Grandi, Peter Sramek, Juha Suonpää, and Mara

Trachtenberg; Anh-Thuy Nguyen with River

Bullock, Coriana Close, and Cat Marino; Stacy

E. Schultz with Jamianessa Davis, Staci Gem

Scheiwiller, and Alexey Ulko

Graduate • Adam Abel; Jess T. Dugan; Daniel

Leivick; Jeffrey Opp; Jacquelyn Sparks

spe members’ eNewsletter winter 2013

2013 national

conference cont.

Conference Hotel

• Palmer House Hilton

• Special rate of $179, plus tax

• Click here to make reservations online.

• Call 877.865.5921 – Refer to SPE national conference to

receive group rate.

• HURRY the reservation deadline is February 2, 2013

• Roommate matching is also available. Click here for details.

DISCOUNT FLIGHT OFFER with united airlines

We are pleased to offer special discounts for your travel with United

Airlines. You may book online at and enter

the Offer Code: ZPCN485729 in the Offer Code box when searching

for your flights. If booking through a travel professional or

United Meetings at 800-426-1122, please give them the following

information: Agreement Code: 485729 | Z Code: ZPCN. Outside of

the USA, please call your local United Airlines Reservation Office.

Welcome Reception & 50th Anniversary Celebration

Join us Thursday evening to kick off the conference and celebrate

SPE’s 50th Anniversary! Sponsored by the Museum of Contemporary

Photography at Columbia College Chicago, this event

provides an opportunity to meet fellow conference attendees and

catch up with old friends.

SPE “Family Tree”

As part of SPE’s 50th anniversary celebration, we are working

with artist Jonathan Gitelson to create an interactive, mobile,

installation piece that will showcase the transformative relationships

forged through the organization over its history. The piece will

commemorate that aspect which members value so highly: the

relationships within SPE. Join Jonathan and fellow members in

Chicago where the project will continue in real time. Look for the

giant scroll being worked on in and around conference activities.

Student Awards Ceremony & Poster Session

Be sure to stop by the Exhibits Hall meeting room on Saturday,

March 9 beginning at 1:00 pm for the student awards ceremony.

This year you will have the opportunity to check out the work of all

student award recipients at the poster session directly following

the awards ceremony.

Curator Portfolio Walkthrough

The Curator Portfolio Walkthrough is back and better than ever

with a larger event space! Imagine setting out your work with

hundreds of other conference attendees while invited curators,

collectors, and gallery owners prowl through to see what looks interesting!

SPE’s own curators, collectors, historians, and scholars

also participate in this must-attend event to give informal feedback

on both student and professional members’ work. Bring your

portfolios to Chicago and attend the walkthrough on Friday, March

8th from 8:30 – 11:00 pm.

Student Portfolio Critiques & Professional

Portfolio Reviews

These sessions provide a platform for all artists to present their

body of work to leading experts in the field of photography, art,

and media, and receive valuable feedback and guidance at no

extra cost.

• Student Portfolio Critiques (reserved for student attendees)

– Friday, March 8 from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm. SLOTS STILL


• Professional Portfolio Reviews - Saturday, March 9 from

9:00 am – 3:30 pm. SLOTS ARE FULL. Canceled and forfeited

slots will be available on a first come, first served basis

to attendees on a “stand by” waiting list. To be added to the

stand by list, you will need to see a portfolio reviews staff

member onsite in Salon 1 at the Palmer House.

Please note that the critiques and reviews are not the only opportunity

to share your work and get feedback at the conference.

Informal portfolio sharing is highly encouraged throughout the

conference weekend, and space and times will be provided for

this activity.

Industry & Education Forum

The Industry & Education Forum will take place on Saturday,

March 9 in the exhibits hall meeting room. This session is a venue

for photo industry professionals and members of the education

community to explore ideas and work together to accomplish

common goals. Topics will include emerging issues in education,

photography and technology.

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction is a very popular part of the annual conference,

and serves as a vital fundraiser for the society. Thanks to the

generosity of members, sponsors, and friends of SPE who donate

products including books, photographic supplies, marketing

consultations, premium inkjet photo paper, online photography

services, and much more. Silent Auction items will be on view and

open for bids in the Exhibits Fair. Participation is open to all conference

attendees. If you wish to donate an item or service to the

silent auction, please contact Carla Kurtz, Silent Auction Coordinator,


Member Meeting & New Member Orientation

Learn what SPE has to offer its membership, discuss hot topics,

ask questions, and meet other members. We encourage new SPE

Richard Renaldi, Reginald and Nicole, 2007

members to attend the annual members meeting to meet the SPE

national office staff and board members. Light refreshments will

be served.

Film Festival Showcase

This year’s film festival will include an incredible array of independent

films composed and curated by the SPE Multicultural

Caucus and SPE Women’s Caucus. The films will be viewable on

the Palmer House Hilton’s TV network on channel 58 which can be

viewed in the comfort of your hotel room!

Dance Party

Mark your calendars for the best celebration of the year, SPE’s annual

dance party! Three days of intellectual stimulation can sometimes

lead to oversaturation, so blow off that excess steam on the

SPE dance floor. In honor of our 50th anniversary, we encourage

you to dress in 1960’s attire. Whether you’re a Mod, Hippy, Rock

n Roller, Surfer, Mad Man/Woman, Bond Girl, into Motown, Soul

or Rock ‘n Roll, come boogie the night away! Sponsored by MAC


spe members’ eNewsletter winter 2013

2013 sponsors

& exhibitors

Marlene HawthroneThomas

Host Institution

Columbia College Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Photography and Department of Photography

Gold Level Sponsors • Adobe Systems, Inc • IT Supplies • MAC Group • Sprint Systems of Photography

Silver Level Sponsors • American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) • Archival Methods • Brooks

Institute • Calumet Photographic • College of DuPage • CRU DataPort • Focal Press • FUJIFILM North

America Corporation • Innova Art Ltd. • Midwest Photo Exchange • Peachpit • Shades of Paper • Sony

Exhibits Fair (as of 1.10.13) · 21st Editions · Adobe Systems, Inc. · American Photo on Campus · American Society of Media

Photographers (ASMP) · Aperture · Archival Methods · ARTBOOK | D.A.P. · Blurb Inc. · Bostick & Sullivan, Inc. · Brooks Institute · Calumet

Photographic · Canon · Charles Beseler Co. · Charles Lane Press · Coda, Inc. · Columbia College Chicago’s Photography Department

and Museum of Contemporary Photography · CRU DataPort · Digitaltruth Photo Ltd · Eastman Kodak Company · Focal Press · FUJIFILM

North America Corporation · George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film · Harman Technology · Hartford Art

School – International Limited-Residency MFA in Photography · Hen Laying Egg Screen Printing & Wide Format Inkjet · Herron School

of Art and Design · InkjetMall · Innova Art Ltd. · IT Supplies · JVC Advanced Media U.S.A. Inc. · MAC Group · Maine Media Workshops

+ College · Midwest Photo Exchange · Parsons The New School for Design · PDN / Nielsen Photo Group · Peachpit · Penland School of

Crafts · photo-eye · Print File, Inc. · PROGEAR · San Francisco Art Institute · Santa Fe Photographic Workshops · Savannah College of Art

and Design · School of Visual Arts · Shades of Paper · SIGMA · Sony · SPE exposure · Sprint Systems of Photography · Texas Woman’s

University · Tilt Shift · University of Chicago Press · University of Wisconsin Press · VanArts (Vancouver Institute of Media Arts) · Visual

Studies Workshop · Wacom Technology Services Corp.

Click here for the most up-to-date 2013 sponsor & exhibitor list.

spe members’ eNewsletter winter 2013

member news &

calls for entry

SPE’s website features member news.

Celebrate the accomplishments of your

colleagues and list your own!

Nate Larson and Marni Shindleman win the

Public Art Commission from Atlanta Celebrates


Beth Lilly’s new book, “The Oracle@WiFi”

SPE’s website features photographic calls for

entry. Find opportunities to submit your work

and upload your organization’s calls directly.

Maine Media Workshops, Spirit of Place Photo

and Video Contest – Spirit of Place embodies

geography, connections, stories, memories and presence.

To celebrate Maine Media Workshops & College 40th

Anniversary, we honor the spirit of place. Over $25,000 in

total prizes will be awarded. Deadline: February 1, 2013

Creative Artist Program, Japan U.S. Friendship

Commission – The Japan U.S. Friendship Commission

offers leading contemporary and traditional artists from

the United States the opportunity to spend three months

in Japan through the U.S./Japan Creative Artists Program.

A grant award in the amount of $20,000 will be provided

to each artist to cover housing, living, and professional

expenses. Deadline: March 1, 2013

Jimmy Fike included in the Ecology of Food


Cynthia Greig included in BODY/OBJECTS:

Works by 10 Photographers Exhibition

SPE Member Portfolios

Staff Picks

Check ‘em out!


Alexis Clements

Lanola Stone

Be on the lookout, your

portfolio may be featured! If

you would like to participate,

make your portfolio public on

SPE’s site.

F. Walter Bistline, Jr.

Richard Koenig

Emily Franklin

spe members’ eNewsletter winter 2013

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