WPU1370 Yearbook Newsletter, November 1 2006.pub


WPU1370 Yearbook Newsletter, November 1 2006.pub

November 2006


School Year













Yearbook Planning Calendar

Your Cover Deadline is Looming

It’s early November and if you are

planning to put student art on your

yearbook cover you should be well

on the way to having a selection of

student art to choose from. Your

yearbook cover is due to Irvin

Simon Photographers on

December 1st. Check our Cover

Spotlight for how St. Thomas More

handled their student art cover last


Data Proofs are Coming

By the end of November you

should be on the look out for your

Data Proof. You can pass these

out to the teachers, have them

proofed very quickly and return

them to Irvin Simon Photographers

by the deadline date on the Proof

Cover. The sooner you get your

proofs back to us, the sooner we’ll

produce your panel pages.

Teams, Clubs and Candids

Most schools have their

Teams, Clubs and Candid Pictures

taken in December or January.

Check with your school office or

with Melissa Trent for the picture

date if you would like to be there on

picture day.

Yearbook Cover Deadline

December 1st.


tips & tricks

Contact Us

Irvin Simon Photographers

7297-L Lee Hwy

Falls Church, Va. 22042

Melissa Trent

Yearbook Publishing Liaison

800.230.4602, ext. 106


Ian Everett

Yearbook Production Coordinator

800.230.4602, ext. 120


Bryce Erdman

Digital Products Coordinator

800.230.4602, ext. 100


Don Brodie

Graphic Designer

800.230.4602, ext. 305


Our Shameless Celebrity Issue!

It’s the calm before the storm as we,

at Irvin Simon, are busy

photographing your students and

filling your image database with

student names, teachers and grades.

November, 2006

tips yearbook

& tricks

The Yearbook Publishing Newsletter from Irvin Simon Photographers

Every Newsletter Needs a

Shameless Celebrity Issue

OK, we’re not People Magazine, but this will have to do.

Can you guess who they are?

1 2 3


tips & tricks


tips & tricks

Irvin Simon Photographers, Inc.

7297 Lee Hwy, Suite L

Falls Church, Virginia 22042


• Every Newsletter has one.

• Cover Spotlight, St. Thomas More Catholic School

• Tech Tip: Eliminating Red Eye

• How to Build This Page

• FAQ’s—Yearbook Order Envelopes

• Advertising to Defray Costs

Just after your Make-up Day you’ll

receive your Data Proof so that you

can make sure all of the students

match up to their names. The sooner

you return your Data Proof, the

sooner we will create your Student

and Faculty Panel Pages. In the

meantime, sit back and relax.

A reminder that the Cover Deadline

is December 1st.

As always, if I can be of any

assistance, don’t hesitate to contact


Melissa Trent

Yearbook Publishing Liaison

800.230.4602, ext. 106


5 6 7

9 10 11

12 13 14


1. Jack Nicholson

2. Bob Dylan

3. Bruce Springstein

4. Clint Eastwood

5. Opra Winfrey

6. Bill Clinton

7. Elvis Presley

8. Eva Lagoria

9. Tiger Woods

10. Ken Howard

11. Leonardo .DeCaprrio

12. Cameron Diaz

13. Pamela Anderson

14. George Clooney

in our community...

The Best of Photoshop TV -

Season One

The most popular technology podcast in iTunes

is now the hottest instructional DVD.

On this


disc, you’ll






correction revelations, mind-blowing special

effects, and scintillating shortcuts that will fill your

Photoshop toolbox with all the latest essential



digital photography tips...

Create a directory of intuitive and well named folders

to store your digital images.

Organizing your images

Its very important to organize the

hundreds of images you may

accumulate throughout the school

year. We recommend creating

Folders with names that group

images together. For example,

“Grade 5 Candids” or “Faculty


Suggestions for File Names

We recommend initially naming your

images with long descriptions like

Grade Six Field trip to Pumpkin Patch,

Sally and Jimmy in corn field. If you

decide to use the image, you’ll need

to rename the image with it’s page

and position in the yearbook.

How to name an image for

placement in the yearbook.

Name your final images using the

Page Number and Position Number.

For example, an image on page four–

second from the left would be named

image Page 4_ 2. (Always number

your images from left to right.)

Cover Spotlight

St. Thomas More

Cover Contest Yields Great Results!

Front Cover


Back Cover

Yearbook Order Envelopes

When is the deadline to turn in the Yearbook

Order Envelope Request Form?

We will provide you with your Yearbook Order

Envelopes anytime you request it.

How do I get them?

Fax (703.237.8069) or mail your Yearbook Order

Envelope Request Form to Irvin Simon’s

Yearbook Department.

What’s the best

time to hand them


We recommend you

distribute Yearbook

Order Envelopes

after the first of the

year so that you can

get a good

approximation for

how many

yearbooks you’re

going to need to




How to Build this Page...

Before Getting Started

First, make sure your images are high-resolution digital

images. Second, create a folder called PTA and School

Events. Put all of your candid images in that folder.

The Background

Open PhotoShop Elements and click on Start from

Scratch. Set your page settings to 8.5x11”, 300 dpi.

Select the yellow background color from the color palette and

then paint your background using the Paint Bucket Tool.

The Text

Select the Text Tool. Now you will be able to select the font

and point size of your choice. Use the Pointer Tool to

move the text blocks around and size them as you wish.

Ian’s Tech Tip...

Turn those Devils into Little Angels

Placing the Images

Minimize PhotoShop; now drag in all the photos you want

on the page. By holding down the Control Key, you can

select and drag multiple photos all at once. Selecting each

photo one at a time; edit the photo and drag it onto your

page. Once the photo is on the page, size it, rotate and

place it. Repeat this process for each photo.

Shaping the Images

After the photos are on the page, select the Cookie

Cutter Tool on the side toolbar and then select your

desired shape from the Shape Selector on the top

toolbar. Drag your selected shape across the image and

the image will crop itself to that shape! If you choose a

shape with edging effects, the cropped image will inherit

those edging effects too.

Few things can ruin a great image faster than “Red Eye”. This has always been a

frustrating problem for photographers using a flash in low light situations. Now, thanks to

Elements, fixing “Red Eye” and saving those otherwise perfect images is a snap!

Fixing Red Eye...




First Open your Image in

Photoshop Elements. Use the

Magnifying glass to zoom in on

the eye area.

Next, select the Red Eye

Removal Tool from the tool


Draw a selection box around

first one red eye, then the other.

Voila! Your red eye should be

gone and your image saved.

Some cases of Red Eye may require

an adjustment of the Red Eye removal

Tool’s options. Adjust the Pupil Size,

and Darken Amount settings at the top

of the screen until you find what works

for your image.

Note: The Red

Eye Removal

Tool may not

work on animals

or in other



F resh D esign I deas

Arlington Traditional School


Help defray the cost of

your yearbook

Your readers have very desirable

demographics and community businesses

are eager to reach them. Local dentists,

orthodontists, restaurants, insurance

agents, home improvements contractors,

carpet cleaners and photographers all

value the exposure gained in your “must

read” community publication.

Ask for camera-ready copy or a JPG file

and simply place the ads on your Adobe

Page just like you would any other image.

Cactus Cantina purchased a full page ad in

St. Martins Catholic School yearbook.

Fifth Grader Raising Flag on Snowy Day

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