January Newsletter 2 - March Golf Club


January Newsletter 2 - March Golf Club

July 2010

Frogs Abbey

Grange Road





And a Happy New Year to all our readers. The weather over the December period has

certainly been testing and with more snow and ice forecast we could well see some

unavoidable course closures in January 2011. So if you are considering putting on your

winter warmers and getting out your clubs, make sure you check on the club web site,

contact the club, or club Pro for course information. Despite the poor weather there has

been some exciting and enjoyable events taking place over the winter months both in and

out of the clubhouse. There's more information over the next few pages of whats being

going on . If you have any articles of interest you would like adding to the monthly

newsletter, please send them to me brian.salih@btinternet.com or let Michal, the club

Secretary know. Remember, this is your newsletter and your points of view will always be

considered for publishing. Finally, I hope you have an enjoyable and prosperous 2011 and

that you will continue to support your club.

Editor: Brian Salih

1. New Captains For The Club 2. Christmas Events

3. Pros Corner 4. Rules Of Play 5. Other News

6. Club House Proposal

©March Golf Club Ltd

Phil Softley

Club Captain


Brenda Softley

Lady Captain


Charlie Dickson

Seniors Captain


Chris Hodgson the 2010 Club Captain, hands

over the honours to Phil Softley the new

2011 Club Captain.

Chris Hodson

Club Captain


©March Golf Club Ltd

Seniors Section

The Seniors Section is a thriving and active part of the life of the Club. As well

as its regular competitions and events throughout the year. (see the march

web page for some of the planned events for 2011), members meet to play

golf every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings. The Seniors take part

in 26 Friendly Games (13 Home and 13 Away).

Seniors' Captain, Charlie Dickson (pictured right), can be emailed via the

march golf club web page. Over the years, the Seniors have raised nearly

£10,000 for the "Papworth Hospital Charity". Fundraising for the Charity was

started by member Les Bridgeford, who was warmly praised by Seniors

Captain Charlie Dickson. The work was then taken over by Fred Gordon and

Peter Flint. Charlie Dickson commented that, over the years, several members have benefited

from the highly skilled work of the hospital. The Seniors also participated in a very successful

Christmas Dinner. 78 people sat down to a wonderful meal. The Senior's Captain presented a

banner (see Image below) that was accepted by P. Flint and F. Gordon. The banner will be used

when the Seniors play in the Papworth Hospital Cup. Charlie on behalf of the Seniors, also

congratulated Maurice Wiles on his achievement of life membership of the club which the

Seniors captain said was well deserved.

Christmas Programme:

E. Valentine 3 Club Competition was cancelled. To be played at a later date.

2010 Trophies presented to winners:

Medal winner: J. Farnsworth (best 6 cards)

Runner up: P. Flint

Eclectic Winner: P. Flint

Runner up: T. Kent

Knock out winner: J. Farnsworth

Runner up: T. Smith

Pairs Knockout, presented by W. Hudson. (New Competition)

Christmas Dinner 2010

During a weekend where the course was closed due to severe frost and snow and the rest of the

country experiencing even worse weather than that seen in the micro-climate of March Golf

Club, over 50 members and guests enjoyed a superb Christmas Dinner held in the clubhouse on

Sunday the 19th December.

The Christmas Dinner consisted of a four course meal plus cheese and biscuits and coffee. Club

Captain, Phil Softley, thanked everyone for attending and hoped that they had enjoyed a

wonderfully Christmas meal. He wished everyone a very Happy Christmas and a safe journey


©March Golf Club Ltd

Ladies Christmas Dinner 2010

The Ladies' Section of the Club held their 2010 Christmas Dinner on

Wednesday the 8th December. Twenty nine members attended a

three course meal which was enjoyed by all.

Picture below are some of the happy attendees.

Roger's Do 2010

A total of thirty members took part in the 2010" Roger's Do", very successfully organised by Nick

Carter, Competitions' Secretary.

Prizes were awarded for nearest the pin on the 2nd, 6th and 9th holes as well as "Canada Cup"

winners for the runners up. However, the overall winner of the competition was Andy Parsonage

who came in with a Stableford total score of 41 points. Forty four members and guests attended

an excellent three course evening meal. Pictured below are some of the attendees.

©March Golf Club Ltd

Professionals Corner

Improve Your Game

Happy New Year Members!!!

I hope by the time you read this the course has dried out, open and proper greens. Somehow sat here on the 28th December, it seems a

little way away. May I thank everyone who came down before christmas and purchased gifts for their friends or loved ones from the shop.

On quiet days when the course was closed, your visits really did brighten my day. Unfortunately the Pros christmas competition was

doomed for its second year in a row but big thanks to everyone who supported my Grand Christmas Draw. We hope to have a list of

results published. As the Pitchmark magazine seems to have disbanded I will concentrate for the next few months on a series of "looking

after your kit" specials. In the meantime, whilst we look forward to pre-booked 2011 equipment from Adidas, Ping, Cobra and Greg

Norman, the New Year Pro Shop offers are as follows:

• Cobra S2 AFT mens right hand regular 10.5 & 11.5 degree drivers now only £149.00. Headcover, advice, fitting and torque wrench

all included!! I used this driver for most of 2010 and can say it is the best driver for several years in terms of performance, a

traditional appearance and an appeasing sound at impact. Come and see Alex!!!

• One only - secondhand powakaddy, complete with charger, battery and an assurance from your local PGA Professional that this is

a great buy, this is not an opportunity to be missed if you are considering going electric. Decent secondhand powakaddy`s dont

come along very often so the 1st email to alexoldham@btinternet.com gets it!!

• Cobra Optica Putters in stock - mens and ladies, only one of each in stock. This putter has the highest moment of inertia for its size

of any putter on the market. The aluminuim face provides exceptional feel and coupled with the stabilty through impact, makes

this a superb putter. The best bit - £80 - most websites are selling at £129.

• Mens clothing sale rail is now back on as well as some items on the sale table - pick up some genuine branded sale items in

particular if you are a size small or medium then you can get 3 greg norman patterned shirts (rrp £45 each) for just £50 whilst

stocks last. £20 each individually. Pop in today and see what we have.

• Footjoy waterproof suits from just £100. Footjoy are now the number 2 waterproof brand of choice on £££ sales. You can pick up

a 2 year guarranteed suit with finished leg lengths and all the trimmings from just £100, rrp £175.00. We have many different

combinations available - pop in today and see what we have whilst stocks last.

January: Look after your clubs and they will look after you.

Golf clubs - Lets consider two scenarios. Golfer A has custom fitted clubs throughout, cleans them after every game, including the grooves

and cavities, and has them regripped and sized professionally when required. His clubs are organized neatly in the bag and can access all his

equipment with no fuss. Golfer B plays with off the shelf clubs, grooves and cavities full of dirt, with pitted shafts and worn grips, that are

different sizes throughout his set. His golf bag is falling apart and because zips have gone on certain pockets, he crams extra gear into less

pockets. He doesnt know where everything is, and when he needs to hit a provisional ball, he does so in a rush as it has taken him a

minute or more to locate another ball from his bag. Not only will Golfer A inevitably perform better on the golf course, he will also be

"quids in" as we say up North - his clubs will be worth loads more when he trades them in against a new set.

Here are my top five tips for looking after your gear, I`ll assume you already have custom fitted/appropriate gear to begin with:

• If you use a trolley, and you dont already have one, make sure your next trolley bag has a 14 way divider system so that each club

has its own compartment. Put the woods at the top of the bag and the shorter irons at the bottom. If you would like a demo -

please pop in and ask. My clubs never annoyingly rattle!!!!

• Never ever use those plastic tubes that those blasted discount stores sell for about 50 p each. Not only do they add a load of

weight to your bag, they wear the shafts on your graphite clubs, causing a massive devaluing of your equipment when you come

to trade in. On dark coloured shafts, you cant even see it!!!! Bin `em today.

• After a game in the wet, take each club out of the bag and dry off completely with a towel, The shaft, grip and head all need to be

dry as this is the quickest way for shafts to pitt and grips to get smooth. Only the other week, I bumped into a member in the car

park who had spent several hundred pounds on a set of irons two months earlier. I picked an iron out of his bag and asked how he

was getting on with them. To my horror, they were wet through. I gave him the afore mentioned advice as he told me his clubs

had been in the car for over a week after playing in the rain on his previous game. If he continues to do this, two things will

happen; either he will have to come in and have his clubs regripped prematurely at considerable cost (not "quids in" as my

grandfather would say) or, begrudging this unexpected expenditure, will continue to play with the poor grips which will harm his


• Try and play with the same brand and model of ball all the time through the season. Its never a bad idea to move away from a

high spinning, softer ball, to a firmer two piece construction in the winter. Buy a sharpie marker (we sell them in the shop) and

make sure every ball in your bag has your own unique markings on it. I sell lots of Srixon Soft Feel number ones you know, and on

medal days with a busy course you need to be able to identify a ball as yours otherwise you have to declare your ball lost.

• When you clean your clubs, use warm soapy water and immerse the iron heads whilst you scrub away at the grooves with a

toothbrush or similar. This frees the grooves of dirt and gives you a chance of some control on that ball, as well as making them

look nice. Never, ever submerge a metal wood in water - modern "woods" have lots of screws, etc that can easily allow water to

penetrate into the head, which is hollow.

When I go over to the clubhouse, I aways look in people`s bags and see the varying conditions of equipment in there. If you`re not prepared

to win, you are already preparing to loose. And if you can`t be bothered looking after your gear, please drop them into the pro shop every

once in a while where we will make your clubs look like new after an overnight stay for the small sum of just £3. Any advice you need or

questions, please email me alexoldham@btinternet.com , ring or pop in. I am here to help, and for those of you that dont come in - what

have you to loose - lets strike up a friendship that will help you and your game.


©March Golf Club Ltd


Before commencing your round:

Read the Local Rules on the score card.

Put an identification mark on your ball. Many golfers play the same brand of ball and if you

can't identify your ball, it's lost.

Count your clubs. You are allowed a maximum of 14 clubs.

During the round, don't ask for "advice" from anyone except your partner or caddie. Don't give

advice to anyone except your partner.

During a hole you may not play a practice stroke.


Tee off between and not in front of the tee-markers. You may tee off up to two club-lengths

behind the front line of the tee-markers.

Teeing off outside this area - in match play there is no penalty but your opponent may ask you

to replay your stroke; in stroke play you incur a two-stroke penalty and must then play from

within the proper area.


Play the ball as it lies. Don't improve your lie, the area of your intended swing or your line of

play by moving, bending or breaking anything fixed or growing except in fairly taking your

stance or making your swing. Don't press anything down or build a stance.

If your ball lies in a bunker or a water hazard don't touch the ground in the bunker, or the

ground or water in the water hazard, before your downswing.

The ball must be fairly struck, not pushed or spooned.

Playing a wrong ball (except in a hazard) - in match play you lose the hole; in stroke play you

incur a two-stroke penalty and you must then play the correct ball.


You may repair ball marks and old hole plugs on the line of your putt but not any other

damage, including spike marks.

You may mark, lift and clean your ball on the putting green. Always replace it on the exact


Don't test the putting surface by scraping it or rolling a ball over it.

Ball played from putting green strikes flagstick - in match play you lose the hole; in stroke play

you incur a two-stroke penalty.


If your ball is at rest and it is moved by you, your partner or your caddie, except as permitted

by the Rules, or if it moves after you have addressed it, add a penalty stroke and replace your


If your ball is at rest and is moved by someone else or another ball, replace it without penalty

to you.

©March Golf Club Ltd


The clubhouse is available for hire. It is an ideal venue for a wedding reception, birthday

party, engagement or christening and can accommodate up to 90 people.


Non-members: £80 for the hire, plus a £50 returnable deposit

Members: No charge for hire. £50 returnable deposit

Catering can be arranged through the club’s caterers.

Contact the Secretary on 01354 652364 or e-mail on secretary@marchgolfclub.co.uk for

more information.


Members can collect their 2011 bag tag stickers from the Secretary or Steward.


We welcome society bookings of 12 or more on weekdays and Sundays with packages to suit

your needs.

1 Bacon Bap & Coffee 18 holes £20 per person

2 Bacon Bap & Coffee 18 holes 1 Course Meal £25 per person

3 Bacon Bap & Coffee 18 holes 2 Course Meal £28 per person

Contact the Secretary on 01354 652364 or secretary@marchgolfclub.co.uk for more



Members should be aware that a new sign for directions to the club has now been erected

on the bypass. So if you've invited guests just tell them to follow the sign for the best Golf

Club in the area.

©March Golf Club Ltd

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