Issue 3 2008 A Quarterly SPC Newsletter

Issue 3 2008 A Quarterly SPC Newsletter

A Quarterly SPC Newsletter

Issue 3 2008








Scoring the





A Quarterly SPC Newsletter

Issue 3 2008

On the nation’s honours list

“I am honoured to receive this award and

be of service to Singapore. I hope fellow

Singaporeans and Keppelites will be

encouraged to continue to perform their

best and contribute to the nation’s growth

and development.”

- SPC Chairman Mr Choo Chiau Beng


We lead hectic lives, most of us here in Singapore. I remember reading

an article which said Singaporeans were the world’s fastest walkers

among 32 cities surveyed, taking just 10.55 seconds to cover a distance

of some 18 meters. That’s about 4.5 car lengths! Too fast and not too


That sets one thinking about the impact a fast-growing organisation

like SPC would have on our environment and with that, our corporate

social responsibility. As the saying goes, with greater power comes

greater responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is simply about doing good and

doing well for now and the future. By integrating social values and

business decision-making, CSR aims to achieve positive and sustainable

outcomes for the business, environment and the community at large.

Many of us have been involved one way or another in corporate

volunteerism, doing our part to care for the elderly and young through

our varied outreach efforts. We have been an avid proponent of health

and safety in the workplace, community engagement and essentially,

paying it forward. In the ensuing pages, you will see our varied efforts

converge as one. We’ve never made it known much that we care but

dear colleagues, we certainly DO!

I hope in the rest of this newsletter, you will be able to judge for yourself

how much we care and how committed SPC is towards CSR. I hope this

would encourage all of us to reflect on the part we play in SPC’s CSR


Let’s start Caring for Tomorrow, Today. This is probably the only time

when too slow is not too good.

SPC Chairman Mr Choo Chiau Beng was conferred the Meritorious

Service Award at this year’s National Day Awards for his outstanding

contributions and services to the country’s success. This prestigious

award is for service of conspicuous merit characterised by resource

and devotion to duty, including long service marked by exceptional

ability, merit and exemplary conduct.

On behalf of all SPC staff, the ROAR Editorial Committee congratulates

Mr Choo on winning such a prestigious award.

Highly deserving of the award, Mr Choo has been playing an instrumental

role in promoting strong corporate governance and expansion for SPC

since his appointment as Chairman of the Company in August 1999.

In March this year, we formed a cross-functional CSR Committee.

Endorsed by SPC’s Board of Directors and senior management, the

Committee strives to provide a focused effort in championing SPC’s

initiatives as a responsible corporate citizen.

As an organisation, we need to consider the interests of society by

taking responsibility for the impact of our activities on customers,

suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities, other stakeholders,

as well as the environment. This responsibility extends beyond the

statutory obligation to comply with legislation, and SPC is voluntarily

taking further steps to improve the quality of life for our employees and

their families as well as for the local community.

Vincent Tay


SPC CSR Committee



A Quarterly SPC Newsletter

Issue 3 2008

Another win for SPC

As a listed oil and gas company, SPC is subjected at all times to intense

scrutiny from the public, media and its shareholders. SPC must continue

to uphold the highest corporate governance standards possible.

SPC is proud to have a strong cohort of long service employees. These

employees are the pillars of SPC and they serve as valuable mentors for

the younger generation of staff. As Mr Choo puts it, an organisation is

as good as the people it has. So let’s all share and exchange knowledge

and work together as a cohesive team. With this collective strength,

we can push ahead for further success.




1 Chiang Hoy Tat Jimmy Residue

2 Doris Tan Human Resource & Administration

3 Molly Low Information Technology

4 Wong Woon Chun Management Services

SPC Director Mr Bertie Cheng

Shao Shiong receiving the

award from Mr S. Iswaran,

Senior Minister of State for

Ministry of Trade & Industry,

at this year’s award ceremony.

SPC has been on the SIAS winners’ list for corporate

governance since 2003.

In the past years, SPC has been recognised and ranked highly for

the quality of its corporate governance practices. It has thus far won

six Singapore Corporate Governance Awards (Main Board category),

including the Third Placing this year and last year. This is an annual

award under the auspices of the Securities Investors Association

of Singapore (SIAS). The consecutive win at this year’s Singapore

Corporate Governance Award on 9 October is a testimony to SPC’s

conscientious efforts in advocating and practising sound corporate


SPC believes that a sound corporate governance framework would

enhance corporate transparency and reinforce sound corporate ethics.

Good corporate governance would generally ensure that honesty, trust,

integrity, openness, responsibility, accountability and commitment to

the organisation and society are part and parcel of the Company’s

daily interactions.

SPC will continue to uphold the highest possible standards of

transparency and corporate governance going forward. The unbroken

string of corporate governance awards will definitely spur us to achieve

even more.


2 3 4

1. The top lucky draw winner, Ms Mak Poh Chun, was the envy of many. 2. Safety

demonstration led by pilot captain Mr Koh Ban Heng (SPC CEO). 3. Best Dressed Male

Winner - Tan Teck Kwang as ‘The Roman’. 4. Best Dressed Female Winner - Noelle Goh

as Cleopatra.

Come fly with SPC

Over 280 SPC staff and partners turned Swissotel Merchant Court into

an international airport overnight, as they partied in costumes on the

theme: Come Fly with SPC. The evening of 3 October for SPC’s annual

Dinner & Dance certainly translated into a roaring good time for the

participants. SPC CEO Mr Koh Ban Heng started the ball rolling. At the

opening segment, Mr Koh joined in the fun by dressing as an airline

pilot captain, leading his team of aircrew members to do a witty safety

demonstration. Another highlight of the evening was the “disco draw”

where all participants took to the dance floor and danced the night

away as the top 10 lucky draw winners were polled. Ms Mak Poh Chun,

the office attendant from SPC head office, walked away as the top

draw winner with a $2000 travel voucher.

SPC Chairman Mr Choo Chiau Beng with 35-year award recipients.

Pillars of strength

SPC held its annual Long Service Award on 28 July 2008 at Keppel

Club. The event was held to thank 26 employees who have devoted

at least 5 years, some even as long as 35 years, of their services to

the organisation. The Company’s Board of Directors, including SPC

Chairman Mr Choo Chiau Beng and CEO Mr Koh Ban Heng, celebrated

the occasion with over 200 employees.

In his address, Mr Koh said that in today’s tight labour market, workers

not only expect attractive pay but also a conducive work environment,

balanced work life, empowerment as well as career and development

opportunities. “Many new colleagues told me that they were drawn

to SPC by the visionary statement of the Company and the many new

business initiatives they read in the news; they want to be part of our

success story and their families are happy and proud that they are part

of the SPC family,” he said.

There is no doubt that SPC’s pursuit of Corporate Social Responsibility

to improve the quality of life for employees and their families as well

as for the local community and society at large is the way to go. Staff

loyalty increases when a happy employee sees the organisation as an

attractive place to work in.

As an organisation which is committed to identify, attract and retain

talents, Mr Koh urged all employees to “Speak well of the Company,

Strive for the Company and Stay with the Company.”




1 Mach Goh Crude Supply & Trading

2 Mak Yue Chong Operations & Logistics

3 Woo Siew Cheng Refining, Supply & Aviation




1 Ben Mak Market Development

2 Jasmine Lim Finance

3 Mohamed Safiee Bin Mokri Pulau Sebarok Terminal

4 Roland Ng Commercial Sales

5 Tan Ee Peng Pulau Sebarok Terminal

6 Teo Keng Poon Lubricant Sales

7 Wong See Meng Distillates




1 Jenny Chua Human Resource & Administration

2 Leon Lau Lubricant Sales

3 Robert Braithwaite Residue

4 Victor Yong Lubricant Sales




1 Benjamin Ho Residue

2 Chong Yew Tuck Internal Audit

3 Edwin Tan Teik Jin Commercial Sales

4 Evonne Chua Distillates

5 Noelle Goh Aviation

6 Tam Kok Man Pulau Sebarok Terminal

7 Teh Chee Hang Pulau Sebarok Terminal

8 Wong Yat Kong Finance



A Quarterly SPC Newsletter

Issue 3 2008

Office Green Tips:

Turn off your computer at the end of the day. If you

need to leave your system on for a long time to run

some application, shut off your monitor. Do also consider

using LCD monitor instead of the conventional

CRT monitor. A LCD monitor provides up to 70% power

savings and almost twice the lifespan as compared to

a CRT monitor. LCD monitor also runs cooler, which

helps save on air conditioning costs.

Kudos to SPC for doing well in upholding its brand name in the battle for consumer mindshare!

Taking the great leap

The SPC brand name has gone into the hearts and minds of Asian


SPC clinched the 560 th position among the 1000 top Asia-Pacific

brands in a survey conducted across 10 countries, including Australia.

This was a marked escalation from its 927 th ranking in 2007.

This year’s survey found ‘cost’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ as key

reasons behind changes in brand perception over the past year. Rising

costs have affected consumer spending habits. With the recent hype

about environment protection, consumers are increasingly moving

towards sustainable products.

The result of the survey is a great confidence boost to SPC. As the

Company strives to attain sustainable development, it will also

continue to reinvent itself to keep ahead of the retail industry trends

to remain competitive.

About the Asia-Pacific Top 1000 Brands survey:

The annual survey was conducted by Media magazine, an

advertising and marketing publication. The survey this year was

carried out across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines,

Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia and Australia.

The survey covered 12 major product and service categories.

People aged 15 to 64 years old, with sample sizes of 300, apart

from China and India, where the sample was 750 across three and

four top-tier cities respectively, were interviewed.

Respondents were asked these two questions:

“When you think of [product/service/category], which is the ‘best’

brand that comes to your mind? By ‘best’, we mean the one that you

trust the most or the one that has the best reputation in [product/


“Apart from the brand that you have just mentioned, which brand

do you consider to be the second-best brand in the [product/


A green piece of mind

SPC is crossing the green line, one step at a time.

As a regional player in the oil and gas industry, SPC recognises the

importance of achieving sustainable business excellence to lessen

the burden on Mother Earth. The Company strives to manage all its

business activities in an environmentally friendly manner.

Helmed with a long-term initiative, the SPC Green Plan will be rolled

out in stages to realise its corporate green vision. Acknowledging

that people are the main catalyst for change, SPC aims to first create

and cultivate green awareness among its employees. Already, SPC’s

Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) Committee has

marked a green milestone when it embarked on a recycling programme

at its head office. Employees were encouraged to dispose of their

paper into the recycling bins. To date, 520 kilograms of waste paper

has been collected.

To drive the green message home further, the EHSS Committee has

also been conducting a series of workshops for SPC employees to

educate and communicate information on environmental protection

and energy conservation.

Here, we would like to share with you how you can get started in the

office to help save the planet we all share. You will find out how easy it

is to save energy, cut costs and reduce the impact on our environment

as you go about your day-to-day activities.

Disable your screen saver. Studies showed that a

monitor in screen saving mode uses significantly more

energy than one in standby mode.

Try to print double sided if the copier allows. This

reduces paper and energy usage. Remember: with every

ton of paper that is recycled, you can actually save

17 trees.*

* Based on guidelines from the US Environment Protection Agency


Switch off all the lights if you are the last to leave

the office or room. Installing motion-activated sensor

is another way of reducing power wastages.

Turn off the equipment if you are not using it. Equipment

on standby mode also consumes some amount

of electricity; do turn it off if you are not using it for

long period of time.

Unplug equipment or electrical appliances if you

are not using them for long period of time. You will

be surprised that equipment or appliances plugged

into the power socket, but not switched on, can consume

electricity termed as “Phantom Load”. This can

be up to 10% of the power bill.

Small changes do add up. Let us all play our part in conserving our

limited resources for the future.



A Quarterly SPC Newsletter

Issue 3 2008

Scoring the

CSR hat trick

Safety of the employees always comes first.

Imagine underage workers in sweatshops labouring through the

night to hand sew a mountain-high pile of football boots. For any shoe

manufacturer, that would be the worst possible scenario to be associated

with his brand.

In today’s context, the business conduct of a company is under intense

scrutiny of the public and media. A successful company now means more

than profitability. Accountability, governance and transparency have gained

in equal importance and increasingly, there is talk of a triple bottom-line


What does this all mean?

It means expanding the conventional reporting of a company’s activities,

taking into account its environmental and social performance in addition

to its economic performance.

How then does SPC attempt to score this hat trick?

Before we move on, we would like to correct the common notion that a

company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) is just about doing more

Corporate volunteerism is pervasive among SPC employees.

in donations and sponsorships. In fact, CSR is also all about business


In March this year, we formed a cross-functional CSR Committee to

establish the management framework for promoting CSR activities. The

Committee members meet every month to hold substantive discussions

to identify issues and challenges, and disseminate information about

the Company’s CSR activities to the rest of the Group. It is also at these

meetings that committee members share and exchange useful information

on CSR topics.

To get the members up to speed on global CSR challenges and

developments, an internal training session was held recently. Conducted

by a reputable external consultant, the session saw an evidently good

turnout that included SPC’s senior management (see side story for more

details). For the Committee, it was indeed encouraging to know that they

have compelling support from the SPC management team to put in place

a CSR framework.

This is how committed SPC is towards CSR.

All the rage

The CSR Committee is driving the Group’s CSR efforts with quarterly

reports to the Board of Directors, and clear objectives and targets.

SPC seeks to achieve triple bottom-line reporting by strengthening

disclosure on its CSR project via communication platforms such as its

newsletters, annual report, corporate website, brochures and corporate

announcements. The Committee is also carrying out a benchmarking and

gap analysis exercise on SPC. This will assist to create a baseline for the

Company’s CSR strategy development going forward.

Let us remind ourselves that today, it is our duty as a corporate citizen to

address the expectations of all stakeholders and manage the challenges

faced by our industry. We have to work hard to reach out to the community,

do what we can to reduce environmental impact and deliver voluntary

reporting, on top of delivering returns to our shareholders. This will all

contribute positively towards the sustainability of our business.

Be it the upgrading of the refinery to produce cleaner diesel, ensuring

that all business operations are conducted in a safe and reliable manner

or promoting staff volunteerism for charitable causes, SPC strives to do it

all responsibly. From fair corporate disclosure, caring for nature to using

energy efficiently, we are all part of SPC’s transformation into a socially

conscious enterprise.

It’s all about doing good and doing well. This is how SPC attempts to score

the CSR hat trick.

With every noteworthy corporation in Singapore looking at Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it was back to the classroom for 27 SPC

staff who attended a full-day in-house training on CSR on 26 June 2008. The session gave them an insight into the fundamentals of CSR, its

developments and prevailing issues. Case studies were also used to promote the participants’ understanding of this very popular topic. SPC

CEO Mr Koh Ban Heng, together with his senior management team, CSR committee members and supporting staff, participated actively in the

interactive exercises which allowed for ideas and views to be shared and exchanged. The training was delivered by CSR Asia, an organisation

with a commendable track record in helping companies develop their CSR strategies. At the end of the day, the participants brought back useful

knowledge that would help them lay a good foundation of a CSR programme for SPC.



A Quarterly SPC Newsletter

A Quarterly SPC Newsletter

Issue 3 2008

In the heat of action

It was a hot and dry morning on 5 June 2008. A tank truck loaded

with 10,000 litres of petrol was reversing towards a Liquefied Petroleum

Gas (LPG) storage tank when the driver suddenly lost control of the

vehicle. The truck hit the LPG pump and pipes, causing a two-inch pipe

flange to snap and LPG to gush out from it. A plant operator working

nearby quickly shut off the valve to prevent more LPG from flowing out

of the storage tank. Alas, he was still a tad too late. Some LPG from

the broken flange flowed out and caused a fire. As a result, the plant

operator sustained a burnt injury on the leg.

It looked real and a scene off the movies but it was just an exercise

by SPC’s Jurong Bulk Plant (JBP) and Singapore Civil Defence Force

(SCDF) to simulate a fire fighting operation.

It may just be an exercise but every participant – about 70 JBP and

SCDF personnel - was serious and engrossed in their roles. When

the fire alarm sounded, all JBP staff stopped work immediately and

proceeded to the assembly area in an orderly manner. Meanwhile,

the SCDF rescue team was despatched immediately to JBP to put out

the fire and provide medical assistance to the injured man. The entire

exercise lasted for three hours.

Every year, SPC undertakes various emergency response exercises to

rehearse and refine the preventive measures and operational actions

that will minimise injury as well as property damage and loss. These

exercises enhance the coordination, communication, command and

control abilities among different departments in times of emergency.

The effectiveness, efficiency and compatibility of the fire-fighting,

rescue and communication equipment are also put to the test.

Top: The ‘injured’ man was being carried away from the accident area by the SCDF team.

Middle: JBP staff sprung into action immediately to assist in the fire fighting.

Bottom: Unfazed by the burning flames, JBP staff worked in tandem to put out the fire.

The shaving process caused no jittery to Jimi who just wanted to do his part for charity.

When no hair brings more care

SPC Customer Service Executive Mr Jimi Lim lost his hair.

It was not the result of a bad haircut or work stress. He became bald

because he cares for people.

On 6 July 2008, Jimi shaved his head to show his support for children

stricken with cancer. Such a daring gesture sent a strong message to

the children that they are not alone in their fight against cancer and that

they should not feel sad about losing hair. This was the 6 th consecutive

year that Hair for Hope 2008, an awareness campaign by the Children’s

Cancer Foundation, was held to raise funds and motivate the little ones

to live on bravely.

And this year was the second time that Jimi ‘lost’ his hair. He first shaved

his head because of his good friend who died of cancer last year.

“He was a brave man. During the two years when he was receiving

treatment, he never stopped encouraging the children with cancer and

supporting the cancer charity in Singapore,” said Jimi. “I still remember

how he braved through the five-kilometre Terry Fox Run, stood in the

hot sun canvassing for donations for the cancer society, and caroled

to terminally-ill patients during Christmas. His love and acts for the

children deeply inspired me.”

It was not easy putting a kind thought into action though. Jimi had

struggled with the idea of being bald but his heart of gold eventually

got the better of him.

“My first shaving last year literally shocked many friends, but that was

good because I had created the awareness,” he chuckled. “For 2008,

besides the money that I aimed to raise, I challenged myself to gather

more people to shave their heads with me, and I did it!” He now boasts

a personal record of two females and four males.

Being an active volunteer, Jimi definitely contributes more than just his

locks of hair. Two years ago during Christmas, he shared season’s joy

with some children and old folks by baking them cookies. Last year, he

fronted SPC’s participation in Heartstrings Walk @ Marina Bay, a fundraising

event for Community Chest. And in support of his charitable

act, the Company made a contribution by matching the participation

fees collected from its employees.

As an acknowledgment of his efforts for charity and rallying his

colleagues to support corporate volunteerism, Jimi was conferred the

SPC Recognition Award For Voluntary Work/Charity in 2007.

SPC encourages employee volunteerism towards society as it not only

helps the community but also builds team cohesion and instills self

value through community service. Jimi and many others in SPC have

been organising such activities regularly and they are very passionate

in doing their share for society,” said Mrs Doris Tan, General Manager

(Human Resource & Administration). “We are very proud of them and

we hope to see more employees involved in spreading the goodwill

and cheer.”



A Quarterly SPC Newsletter

Issue 3 2008

Stairways to Cloud 29

By Ng Meng Hui, FAIR intern

Patron of the Arts

As the anniversary sponsor, SPC presented Singapore Dance

Theatre’s Ballet under the Stars held at Fort Canning Park from 25

to 27 July 2008. For fans of the renowned dance performance who

gathered in full force under the night sky, the event was a great

way to unwind from a week’s work.

Bringing their own picnic dinners and mats, the audience enjoyed

the performance in a casual, open-air setting. About 60 SPC

employees and their families attended the performance with their

complimentary tickets. Such treat was just one of the ways how

SPC rewarded its employees.

I looked up at the 29-storey One Raffles Quay Building and asked myself,

“Why did I sign up for this? I could be sprawling on my comfy bed this very

moment, after all, it’s only 8 a.m. and it’s a Sunday.”

Well, ask me again now and I would say: I am glad I did.

On 31 August 2008, I joined six other SPC colleagues to take part in a

vertical marathon event organised by Keppel Volunteers. It aimed to raise

funds for the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) and at

the same time, helped promote social integration and physical fitness of

the APSN students with their participation in the marathon.

There were eight teams altogether, each comprising five students and five

volunteers. Before the upward race began, the fitness instructors guided

us through warm up exercises. After flexing our muscles, it was time to

stretch our brain cells too. We had to come up with a strategy to conquer

29 floors. In the end, it was decided that the two ladies in my team would

guard the rear to ensure that no one would be left behind and that they

would cheer people on should anyone decide to call it quits halfway up

the stairs.

At the sound of the horn, the groups were released, one at a time with

timings being recorded. Within my group, I was assigned to stay with two

APSN students, Ramadan and Jasni.

Initially, we were talking and climbing at the same time. No sweat, we

thought. But by the time we reached the 15 th floor, we could only feel hot

perspiration and hear the echoes of our heavy breathings bouncing off the

walls. Jasni, who apparently was the fittest among us, darted up the stairs

Team members gathered for memorable shots of their first time co-operation in

this marathon.

and left me behind with Ramadan. Both of us were physically drained but

we never stopped motivating each other by telling ourselves that comfort

was just a few more steps away. The moment the light shone through

the stairway to ‘heaven’, we put our hands on each other’s shoulders

and dashed for the finish line. We clocked in a proud timing of about 11


The students may have a lower intelligence quotient but they were in no

way less fit and determined than us.

Back to ground zero, we were in for some fun-filled games such as using

spoons to pass ping pong balls to the next player and blowing balloons. All

the games demanded a great deal of teamwork and trust. Hey, we scored

well on that. We came in second.

In retrospect, I enjoyed myself tremendously. I completed my first vertical

marathon and helped play a part in raising $3,000 for APSN with my SPC

teammates. I really enjoyed my interactions with the APSN students. Like

what my fellow colleague, Mr Garett Lim of Marketing, said, “The SPC

team might be ranked 6 th in standing, narrowly missing the 5 th spot, but I

believe that the results held little significance compared to the fun enjoyed

and friendships forged.”

Sharing my account with ROAR can only say this much, but this is one

personal experience that would stay with me for many years to come.

I hope others will be encouraged to take part in more meaningful events

such as these. These events do make a difference in people’s lives.

I am glad I did.

Cheers to our great fun and friendships!

Rolling a ball down charity lane

On the morning of 6 July 2008, nine SPC volunteers arrived at SAFRA@

Mt Faber all geared up to bowl their hearts out. This was the third

consecutive year which saw SPC participating in the Down Syndrome

Association’s (DSA) charity bowling tournament as a corporate sponsor

and a player.

Three SPC teams were formed, each paired with a DSA member.

Before the tournament started, everyone was enthusiastically

taking photographs with their teammates and sharing their bowling

experiences. Nervousness and anxiety were apparently absent. During

the game, encouraging words filled the air whenever a player did not

perform well, even though that would mean bringing down the total


It was, indeed, a friendly match of balls rolling down charity lanes.

Although the SPC volunteers did not return home with any trophies,

their hands were still full: of friendships and smiles from the DSA


Staff volunteerism has always been a core value of SPC. As an

organisation with a heart, we continually strive to reach out to the

community to spread joy and happiness.

Since our early beginnings, we have been an avid supporter of the

arts, by contributing in cash or in kind. Ballet under the Stars was

just one of the many performances which we supported. While we

continue to reach for the stars in the commercial arena, we also

strive to enrich the local arts scene for the benefit of all in the


The continual rain left the stage wet and delayed the performances, but it certainly did

not dampen the mood of the enthusiastic concert goers.



A Quarterly SPC Newsletter

Issue 3 2008

Mind their own business

The MINDS employees work hard for

an independent living.

Do you know that having the correct tyre

pressure on your vehicle could help save

money, the environment and your very life?

Safety in acceleration, braking and steering

all depends on good tyres that provide

adequate grip on road surfaces, especially

in wet conditions. More fuel is burnt

moving an under-performing vehicle with

ill-inflated tyres. A vehicle with adequate

tyre pressures therefore emits less carbon

dioxide, thus minimising the impact on the


To promote the benefits of correct tyre pressure to motorists, leading

French tyre producer Michelin collaborated with SPC SpeedyCare

experts to provide free tyre checks at selected SPC service stations.

Held over three weekends from June to August this year, besides the free

checks, motorists also received complimentary professional advice and

re-inflated tyres, if required.

Motorists, don’t tire out your tyres. Be safe and save.

Mind you, they do wash your car

spick and span.

At SPC Telok Blangah, the manual

car wash facility is run by 17

members of MINDS, Movement

for the Intellectually Disabled of


As a firm believer of corporate

philanthropy who does what it can

to better the lives of the needy and

underprivileged, SPC has been

providing gainful employment

opportunity for the intellectually disabled since 2004. And more recently

on 21 June 2008, SPC supported a charity car wash event organised by the

Northwest Community Development Council to raise funds for MINDS.

The MINDS members are as productive and reliable as any other

employees. One satisfied customer, Mr Jonathan Chee who uses

their services regularly, says, “They are so earnest in their job that I’m

never worried about my car. Their dedication and cheerfulness really

heartens me.”

Don’t tire out your tyres

Good tyres can improve road

safety, enhance fuel efficiency

and be environmentally friendly.

Sterling service from the heart

SPC Ang Mo Kio

SPC Hougang

The day was 1 August 2008. It was just one of Mdm Rebecca Tan’s regular

trips to SPC Hougang to buy her favourite magazine. However, much to

her disappointment, she arrived there only to learn that it had run out of

the magazine she was looking for.

Ms Hasliza, the Assistant Station Manager

who was serving Mdm Tan, promptly

offered to help check with the other nearby

SPC service stations for an available copy.

Shortly after making the calls, Ms Hasliza

returned and informed Mdm Tan that

SPC Ang Mo Kio had only one copy of the

magazine left but they would reserve it for

her. Ms Hasliza went on to give directional

guidance to Mdm Tan in a patient and

professional manner. When Mdm Tan

arrived at SPC Ang Mo Kio, never did she

expect to find Ms May Kwang, the Assistant

Station Manager, to be waiting for her with

the magazine.

Ms May Kwang

Assistant Station Manager

SPC Ang Mo Kio

Ms Hasliza

Assistant Station Manager

SPC Hougang

Mdm Tan was so impressed with the

customer service rendered to her that she

put down her gratitude in words. “When

I reached the Ang Mo Kio station to look

for May, wow, she was very friendly and

kept smiling and bowing to me when she

served me. I am very thankful to them for

searching the magazine, serving me and

explaining how to get to the location,” she

commended. “Thanks for their help.”

SPC now has a loyal customer.

Well done, Hasliza and May! Thank you

for acting true to SPC’s motto of “Your

Friendly Neighbourhood Service Station”.

The participants took in breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline while doing

the run.

Up and running

By Kevin Siak, Marketing

As dawn broke on Sunday, 24 August 2008, the 17 th SAFRA Singapore Bay

Run was underway with the first race - the gruelling 21-kilometre marathon

that flagged off at 6.30a.m.

This year’s route promised all 70,000 participants a scenic run experience

up and across the Benjamin Sheares Bridge as well as through landmark

icons in the Marina City area. The 21-kilometre runners were rewarded by

being the first to run across the Marina Barrage to savour the magnificent

city skyline.

As part of SPC’s ongoing commitment to promote fitness at the workplace,

the Company encouraged staff participation in the marathon by sponsoring

Unity is the greatest strength

They were fast. They were furious.

With powerful strokes driving the boat through the water in unison at

incredible speed, the Singapore Refining Company (SRC) team paddled

their way to the 9 th Jurong Island Dragon Boat Race, clinching Gold in

the Veterans Category.

Euphoria came when another SRC team finished second in the Mixed


Congratulations to the SRC Dragon Boat Teams!

A total of 56 teams participated in this dragon boat race which was

organised by the Jurong Island Community Development Committee on

26 July 2008.

their registration fees. The super

fit ones chose to run either the

competitive 10- or 21-kilometre

route. For those who enjoy a cool

morning jog, the six-kilometre run

was their cup of tea. As for myself,

I challenged the 10-kilometre


After the first flag-off, runners for

the 10-kilometre route started

to form up at the starting line,

eagerly waiting to start their race

At the first one-kilometre for my

own race, everyone was jostling

for space along the crowded path

at the Esplanade Bridge. Slowly,

the pack dispersed with the faster

runners taking the lead.

While I earnestly left my shoeprints on the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and

Marina Bay area, my eyes and ears were also in for a treat. Along the

way, there were live band performers and cheerleading groups whose

performances helped boost the runners’ spirits and gave those tired

legs a little more energy to run a little further. The runners also had the

rare chance to run on a stretch of the Singapore Grand Prix race course

before reaching the floating platform at Marina Bay. Next, they hit Marina

Boulevard before arriving at the finish point in front of City Hall.

For me, crossing the finish line was euphoric. It was not about how fast

you ran but how you soldiered on to complete the race. To the 24 fellow

colleagues who participated, give yourselves a pat on the back. I hope to

see you again in other races to come. For those who have missed this race,

there will always be another one.

Team spirit and unity were clearly

demonstrated at this dragon boat race.

Everyone has a reason to smile: they

completed the entire race.

The paddlers rowed in unison to

the sound of the drums.



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