September Newsletter - Easley Presbyterian Church

September Newsletter - Easley Presbyterian Church

was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!”

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!”

Psalm 122:1

Psalm 122:1

the good news:

September 2013

a publication of

Easley Presbyterian


Courtyard and Library Renovations

Brought to you on behalf of the Mission Committee

Come and see what God has done:

he is awesome in his deeds toward

the children of man. Psalm 66:5

The roof is on and all the good work continues!

We will be working from 8:30 AM—12:30 PM

every Saturday until the home is complete.

Anyone 16 years old and above is encouraged to sign up!

All skill All skill levels levels are welcomed! are Sign-up in the Glass Hallway or on our church website for the Saturday(s) that you

would like to work. If you have any questions, contact Amy Moore or Martha Daniels.

Wonderful Wednesday

Resumes September 11!

Bring yourself, your family, your friends and your

neighbors to the church at 5:30 for a meal prepared

for you, followed by Bible Study and activities for all


Adult Class: “New Name, New Life”

Led by Dr. Bill Seel and Rev. Christie Gravely

September 11 through October 2

This class will meet in the Sanctuary and will feature

characters in the Bible whose lives and names were

dramatically changed by the grace and love of God.

Communion Education Class

For 3rd Graders & Parents

Sunday, September 22, 10:00 a.m.

This class will meet in the Fellowship Hall and will begin

the conversation about the significance of the Sacrament

and why we celebrate this joyful Feast.

Please note: This class will be a repeat of previous classes

offered. If 4 th and 5 th graders missed the previous classes,

or would like a refresher course, they are welcome to

attend. The class will be led by Rev. Christie Gravely and

Ginna Lister.

End of Summer Sizzle

September 11 – Abraham and Sarah (Christie)

September 18 – Jacob (Bill)

September 25 – Daniel (Bill)

October 2 – Peter (Christie)

Children & Youth Classes

Come find out more on September 11.

programs for all ages.

We have

September 11-

September 18-

September 25-

September Menu

Taco Bar, Assorted Pies, PB&J

Baked Chicken, Garlic Mashed

Potatoes, Broccoli Salad, Cakes,


Lasagna, Salad, Garlic Bread,

Cookies, PB&J

Please remember to sign up for a meal online or on

the bulletin tear slip each week so that we can be

good stewards of the food prepared for us.

At the end of July, the SOAR day campers chose 2 worthy

places to receive their donations made from lemonade

stands. Thornwell Home for Children and Marys House

each received $155.61. Way to go SOAR!

Pictured below are our current 6 th graders who “moved on

up” this summer at an overnight retreat at Camp

Buc. Please be in prayer for these and all our students as

they begin a new school year.



Rooted and Grounded

Elementary Sunday School

This Fall, using the “We Believe” curriculum, children will learn about God’s

Messengers. First, they will read some of the letter’s that Paul wrote to the churches

of the first century. Then will hear from Old Testament prophets who spoke of justice,

kindness and humility. Children will learn through reading the Scriptures together as

well as hands-on activities.

The K2/Toddler class will meet in the Nursey and be led by Sherry Erickson.

The K3/K4 class will meet in room S8 and be led by Mary & Eddie Crittendon and

Laura & Eric Anthony.

The K5/1st grade class will meet in room S7 and be led by Julie & Kevin Bishop

and Rebecca & Michael Scott.

The 2nd/3rd grade class will meet in room S1 &S2 and be led by Kelly & Chris

Stover and Cathy & David Mitchell.

The 4th grade class will meet in room S9 and be led Angela & Greg Lucas and

Meredith & Mitch Greene.

The 5th grade class will meet in room E202 and be led by Tony Brock & Ricky

Gantt and Rebecca & Chris Robinson.

6th Grade

Youth Sunday School

This class will spend the year exploring the Old Testament.

We will begin with

Creation and make our way through Exodus before learning about the Prophets and

Kings. This class will meet in room E208 and will be led by Lori & Barry Brock and

Kelvin Kearse & Phil Darity.

7th grade

This class will spend the year discovering the promises, parables and stories of the

New Testament. From the birth of Jesus to the travels of Paul, there is so much to be

learned. This class will meet in room E104.

8th grade

This class will begin their Confirmation journey. Their time will be spent discussing

topics such as discipleship and what it means to be Presbyterian as they prepare to

write statements of faith and join the church. This class will meet in room E102 and

be led by Stacey & Brian Garrison and Candice & Joel Ledbetter.

9th-12th grade

This class will focus on the Bible and its foundation for their lives through short-term

studies. Prayer and discussion are important components of the high school class.

This class will meet in room E103 and be led Chad Lister and Pam & Eric Dillon.


Adult Sunday School

Fall 2013

This class will continue to journey through the book of Exodus and read how God formed the

Hebrews into His people. There will also be other short term studies at various times

throughout the year. This class is taught by Anne Seel and is located downstairs in room E101.


This class will continue an in-depth look at Paul’s letter to the Romans. This class is lead by

Billy Waddell and Edward Gravely along with other class members who will share in the

teaching. The Sojourners class is located upstairs in room E201.

Discovery Class

This class will study the “Growing Disciples Series”. Topics include: Abide in Christ, Live in the

Word, Pray in Faith, Fellowship with Believers, Witness to the World and Minister to Others.

This class is taught by Kathy Lyles and is located upstairs in E203.

Life and Faith

This class will begin with a study of John Ortberg's book Everybody's Normal Till You Get to

Know Them. A down to earth discussion about the benefits of connecting with others and

overcoming the "porcupine dilemma"-- How do we get past the quills and grow together in

Christ? This class is taught by Floride and Nick Caldwell and located in room E204.

Seeking Fellowship

This class will begin the fall with “First Things” – a study of Genesis and Exodus from The

Present Word curriculum. Class members will share teaching responsibilities. This class is

located upstairs, closest to the glass hallway, in room E205.

All adult Sunday School classes welcome new members at any time during the year. If you do

not attend a class and help finding the one that is right for you, please see Ginna Lister or

Carolyn Brice.

“Living the Six Marks of Discipleship”

Join us every Friday morning from 10:00 a.m.—

11:30 a.m. in the Senior High Room for reflection,

discussion, fellowship, and light refreshments. We

will be studying the book Real Faith for Real Life:

Living the Six Marks of Discipleship by Michael W.

Foss. Using Scripture and real-life stories, Foss

illustrates how six marks of discipleship enhance

and support our faith journey.

Please sign up in the church office. Cost for book is

$12. This book is also available in digital form on

September 13


September 20 Chapter 1

September 27 Chapter 2

October 4 Chapter 3

October 11 Chapter 4

October 18 Chapter 5

October 25 Chapter 6

“Knowing God”

A Spiritual and Theological Exploration of the

Attributes of God

Equipping the Saints – Fall Elective Class

Our Lord said: “This is eternal life, that they know you

the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have

sent” (John 17:3). By this He did not mean that knowing

things about God is the key to going to heaven.

Rather, He meant that knowing God – being able to

think about and increasingly understand and experience

and interact with and delight in this Being of

inconceivable goodness, power, and light – is itself the

greatest human undertaking, the greatest relationship

we can ever know, the ultimate fulfillment of our

human existence.

In this class, we will explore what God has revealed to

us about his nature and person. We will do so through

a Biblical, theological, and spiritual study of what have

been traditionally called “the attributes of God” – such

things as His holiness, omniscience, omnipotence,

mercy, righteousness, wrath, immanence, love, etc.

The goal of this class is not only to increase our

knowledge of God as He has revealed Himself to be,

but also to increase our “knowing” God – the intimate

relationship with Him into which He invites us all.

Easley Presbyterian Church


A new school year begins on September 3!

There are still a few spots available for K2, K3 and K4.

Your child can experience low student/teacher ratios

in a loving and caring environment.

Call Libby Dodson, director (859-0737) for more


Class meets on Sunday afternoons at 4:00

Six sessions, beginning on Sunday, September 29

Prior participation in the Equipping the Saints

program is not required

Cost for the textbook and other materials is $10.00

Sign-up on the bulletin board in the glass hallway,

through the church website, or by calling the

church office.

EPC Book Club

The book club meets on the third

Monday of each month at 7:00

p.m. in the Church Parlor.

Next Book Club Meeting:

October 21

October Book Selection:


by Laura Hillenbrand

If you have any questions, call

Wilma Shealy at 855-0650.


Please bring by 12:00 Noon

on September 18

For many in prison, they have hit rock bottom. They feel

isolated, cast out, unloved, and abandoned by their families.

Baking homemade cookies for them tells the prisoners

that someone who doesn’t know them still cares

enough to do this. Brochures with more information on

this ministry are available in the glass hallway. If you

have any questions, call Wanda Hagood at 859-7323.

Thank you!

Thank You!

Dear EPC and Children of SOAR Day


Thank you so very much for the work

you did to raise money for Marys

House! Your loving gift will help us

save lives! Thank you for instilling a

generous spirit in the next generation.

May God Bless You All,

Lisa Cope, Director

Amazing Grays

Join us on Wednesday, October 16 for a good old-fashioned

picnic at the beautiful home of John and Debbie Cutchin.

We will meet at the church at 11;30 a.m. and take the bus to

their house and enjoy fried chicken and all the fixin’s!

Please sign up on the bulletin board in the glass hallway and

come enjoy a great time of fellowship and relaxation. If you

have any questions, call Denise Rettberg at 878-6442.

We will be going on an overnight trip to Charleston, SC on

December 4-5. We will be traveling by motor coach to

Moncks Corner for the Mepkin Abbey Creche Festival, then

travel to Charleston, eat dinner and see the Festival of Lights

at James Island. The next day, we will enjoy a carriage ride

then tour and eat lunch at Middleton Plantation. The cost of

the trip is $239/ per person 4 to a room, $259/ per person

for 3 to a room, $289 per for 2, $319 for 1 to a room. Three

meals are included in these prices. The $100 deposit is due

in the church office by September 11. Anyone is welcome to

join us. More information will be posted on the bulletin

board. Call Denise Rettburg at 878-6442 for more details.

Parents of College Students

Please contact Eleanor Swillen, at 859-3440, with your

student’s name, college mailing address, email address,

and birthday. She will use this information to either

mail cards or send e-cards for special occasions on

behalf of the Presbyterian Women.

A belated thank you to all who helped rebuild/repair so

much at my house, out and in. Especially Duane and

Jay, for the not-so-little details. There have been many

compliments from even complete strangers! Those

who thought to help, organize, work, and are blessed in

and for their giving – also for helping understand that it

can be a blessing to accept at gift. Thanks to all who

have kept praying for us.

Humbly and Gratefully,

Esther–Hannah Volk and Kerry–Lee Smith

congregational life

Bowling Party for 1st-5th Grades

Wednesday, September 4, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

All children interested in joining the Children’s

Choir (Grades 1-5) and Children’s Handchime Choir

(Grades 3-5) will meet at Tri-City Lanes in Easley.

Cost is $5.00.

Adult Choir Potluck Dinner

& Sing-Through of Music

Sunday, September 8, 6:00 p.m.

All present and former choir members, plus any 9th

graders through adults interested in possibly joining

the choir, are invited to the home of Dr. Tal & Kim

Seabrook at 217 Inverness Way, Easley. Please

bring a dish to share. We will sing through music

for Fall and Christmas. For more information,

contact Dr. Boggess. Call/text him at 423-5206 or

email him at

Children’s Choir & Handchime Choir

Bowling Party September 4, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Middle School Handbell Choir (Grades 6-8)

September 8, 4:00 p.m.

Youth Choir (Grades 6-12)

September 8, 4:45 p.m.

High School Handbell Choir (Grades 9-12)

September 8, 5:30 p.m.

Children’s Handchime Choir (Grades 3-5)

September 11, 4:15 p.m.

Children’s Choir (Grades 1-5)

September 11, 5:00 p.m.

Adult Handbell Choir

September 15, 6:30 p.m.

King’s Kids Choir (3-5 year-olds)

October 6, 4:00 p.m.

music notes details

easley presbyterian


Circle Meetings

All women in the congregation are encouraged to join

the Easley Presbyterian Women, an inclusive and caring

community of women who are committed to nurturing

faith through prayer and Bible study, supporting the

mission of the church worldwide, and working for

justice and peace. Presbyterian Women in Circles (small

groups) meet regularly for fellowship, Bible study and to

support the compassionate work of the church community.

The Presbyterian Women also serve the church by

providing other missions-related or spiritual growthrelated

events and activities each year. The Circle Bible

study for the 2013-2014 year is called “An Abiding

Hope: The Presence of God in Exodus and Deuteronomy.”

For more information about this study, Easley

Presbyterian Women, or about joining a Circle, please

contact EPW Moderator Terri French at 859-2756 or

email at

F.I.S.H., the “Females in Search of Him” High

School Circle, meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third

Monday evening of each month in a member’s


F.R.O.G. Circle meets the second Thursday of each

month in the Church Parlor at 10:00 a.m.

Joy Circle meets in a member’s home on the first

Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Journey Circle meets in a member’s home on the

second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Supper Circle meets in a local restaurant on the

third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday Morning Circle meets in the Church

Library on the second Wednesday of each month at

10:00 a.m.

We need all crafters to begin working on your crafts for

our annual Arts & Craft Fair. (paintings, hand-knit items,

crochet, sewing, canned goods, pottery, jewelry, etc.)

The date for the annual fair is November 1 & 2. More

to come.

Rooted and Grounded

Rally Day 2013

High School Youth Group

Sunday, September 8

You’re invited...

to a Pool Party

2:30—4:30 PM

at the home of Eric and Pam Dillon

You’ll get to swim, hang out with your friends and

youth advisors and eat lots of ice cream!

The Dillon’s address is 457 Pace Valley Road

Sunday, September 22

Parents of Middle School Youth

5:30 PM—6:45 PM

Parents of High School Youth

6:15 PM—6:45 PM

Join us in the Fellowship Hall for fun, fellowship,

lots of information about the year ahead and of

course food!

Sunday Afternoon Schedule

4:00 PM-4:45 PM: Middle School Handbells

4:45 PM-5:30 PM: Youth Choir

5:30 PM-6:15 PM: High School Handbells

5:30 PM-6:15 PM: Middle School Youth Group

6:15 PM-6:45 PM: Dinner

Sunday, September 8

5:30—6:45 PM

Join us in the gym for an evening of fun and

food as we kick-off a new year of Youth


Middle School Retreat registration deadline is

Wednesday, September 25. You should have

received registration information in the mail.

Copies will also be available at the Parents

meeting on the 15th.

September 2013

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

1 2






Labor Day-




EPK begins

10:00 Prayer


7:00 Joy Circle

3:00 Children’s Choir

& Handchime Bowling


5:30 WW Teacher


6:30 AM

Men’s Bible



10:00 bff

8 Youth Kick-off

12:00 CE Meeting

4:00 MS Handbells

4:45 Youth Choir

5:30 HS Handbells

6:00 Diaconate

6:00 Adult Choir


9 10

10:00 Prayer


6:30 Journey



4:15 Handchimes

5:00 Child Choir

5:30 Dinner

6:15 Classes

7:10 Adult Choir

12 6:30 AM

Men’s Bible




10:00 AM


10:00 bff



4:00 MS Handbells

4:45 Youth Choir

5:30 HS Handbells

6 Session

6:30Adult Handbells




7:00 Book



10:00 Prayer



4:15 Handchimes

5:00 Child Choir

5:30 Dinner

6:15 Classes

7:10 Adult Choir

19 6:30 AM

Men’s Bible



6:30 PM

Supper Sisters


10:00 bff



10:00 Communion

Education Class

4:00 MS Handbells

4:45 Youth Choir

5:30 HS Handbells

5:30 MS Parent Mtg

6 Session

6:30Adult Handbells

6:30 HS Parent Mtg

23 24

10:00 Prayer


4:30 S.H.I.N.E.


4:15 Handchimes

5:00 Child Choir

5:30 Dinner

6:15 Classes

7:10 Adult Choir

26 6:30 AM

Men’s Bible




10:00 bff




4:00 Equipping the Saints

4:00 MS Handbells

4:45 Youth Choir

5:30 HS Handbells

6 Session

6:30Adult Handbells

Birthdays & Anniversaries

September Birthdays

September 1

Jonene Garrett

Ellen Crumbaker

Avannah Lewis

David Kearns

September 12

Traci Mathvink

Zachary Fowler

Ali Riehm

Mary Jo Phail

Greg Welborn

September 13

September 2

Ann Furr

Ron English

Herb Mann

Carol Ferree

September 14

Hal Smith

Griffin Cassell

September 3

Cherie Latham

Andrea Southerland Whitney Fulcher

Chris Stuart

September 15

September 4

Joe Foster

Kay Cowan

September 16

David Mitchell

Stacey Elgin

Bill Seel

Tyler Westfall

September 5

Linda Winemiller

Heather Foster September 18

Malcolm Rogers

Roland Cobb

September 6

Susan Julian

Lori Brock

Paisley Lewis

Rosemary Cook September 19

Mollie Lewis

Jerry Allen

September 7

Sarah Freeman

Mike Meece

Madison Cook

John Moore

Josh Schonhar

Bill Ragsdale

September 20

September 8

Grace Hamilton

Jake Foster

September 22

Valerie Yoder

Nelda Moss

September 9

September 23

Jo Anne Fox

Ryan Bowick

September 10

Nancy Kearns

Rebekah Martin

Cliff Lutz

September 11

September 24

Jennie Allen

Kathleen Bossert

Ginger Colvin

Susan Dockery

Kelli Dulin

Shakey Meece

September 25

Maggie Lowery

Carolyn Schmidt

September 26

Robyn Easlick

Drew Welborn

September 27

Glenn Farrow

Frances King

Becky Ross

Lynn Sullivan

Lynn Youngblood

September 28

Leslie Ledbetter

Tal Seabrook

September 29

Rose Kwasniewski

Kim Seabrook

James Weaver

September 30

Joel Ledbetter

Phyl Stevenson

September Anniversaries

Jim & Sharon Mahanes 05

Wayne & Talita Prins 06

Charlie & Cathy Clark 07

David & Mandy Cook 08

Duane & Shari Hurne 09

Charlie & Elizabeth Syracuse 09

Frank & Mildred Ward 12

Dick & Gail McConnell 13

J.B. & Kelli Stuckey 15

Bill & Lilibet Lowrance 18

Gregg & Melanie Branham 19

Robert & Phyllis Sams 21

Will & Ellen Young 25

Greg & Angela Lucas 28

May the


bless you

as you





Easley Presbyterian Church

200 South 1st Street

Easley, SC 29640

OFFICE 864.859.4220 FAX 864.859.0212

Worship: Sunday 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Sunday School: 10:00 a.m.

Church Staff


Rev. Dr. Bill Seel

Associate Pastor

Rev. Christie S. Gravely

Director of Christian Education

Ginna Lister

Director of Youth & Missions

Leigh McManus

Director of Music

Dr. Ralph Boggess

Youth Choir Director

Angela Weisner

Youth Handbell Director

Bunny Deener

Kindergarten Director

Libby Dodson

Church Secretary

Jonene Garrett

Financial Secretary

Nancy Cochran

Building Superintendent

Tony Brock

Asst. Building Superintendent

Mel Brock

Church Officers


Class of 2013 Class of 2014 Class of 2015

Nick Caldwell Carolyn Brice Stewart Bauknight

Eddie Crittendon John Cooper Scott Beane

John Cutchin Tracey Lake Karen Cooper

Sloan Emerson Dennis Latham Joel Ledbetter

Kim Furr Alfred Robinson Phil Lyles

Kathy Lyles Chris Robinson Monty Oxendine

Ruth Rice Dexter Rogers Carl Walsh

David Weaver Billy Waddell Scott Wilbanks

Elder Emeritus: Bill Robinson


Class of 2013 Class of 2014 Class of 2015

Hal Black Julie Bishop Linda Black

Jack Drawdy Gregg Branham Rick Gantt

Dottie Grantham Ronnie Colón Jennifer Graham

Greg Lucas Rachel Coon Meg Jewell

Jennifer McAlister Ann Houck Steve Lewis

David Mitchell Avannah Lewis Wilma Shealy

Dan Nunnery Richard Mintz Elizabeth Weaver

Charlie Syracuse Robert Sams David Whittemore


Jim Findley Jim Brice Hubert Bowick

The mission of Easley Presbyterian Church is to reach out

and invite people to join in the life and love of Jesus Christ,

to nurture them in the Christian faith within the tenets of

Presbyterianism and to send them into the world to serve.

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