Download our Practice Brochure! - Flax Dental

Download our Practice Brochure! - Flax Dental

Important Appointment Information

We ask that you be on time for your appointments. Except for

emergency situations, you can expect us to keep to the appointment

schedule. Your appointment is reserved time, so if you need

to cancel, please call us immediately and we can offer your time to

another patient. 404-255-9080

Insurance Information

Our goal in this office is to provide the very highest quality dental

treatment available at a fair value. If you have insurance, we will

do everything to maximize your dental insurance benefits. We can

estimate your copayment far in advance of your treatment.

While some might rely exclusively on insurance to fund their care,

we believe most will see insurance as a supplemental benefit to

superior, modern care.

ImportantNote: We ask that you pay all estimated copayments

and deductibles for treatment at the time it is registered. Our estimates

are subject to final approval by your insurance company.

That means the amount we calculate as due, is subject to change.

Financing Options

We’ll sit down with you for a confidential, informal

discussion and develop a plan to help you attain

the confidence, health, and beauty you deserve.

We strive to provide this exciting, long lasting care

to all those who have highly prioritized its value.

It’s an investment for our patients that matches our

investment in esthetic/restorative education, technology,

and modern dentistry techniques.

Financial Arrangements

First, insurance is often based on minimal levels of restoration or

traditional treatments, so it usually will under-reimburse patients

for modern, effective treatments.

Second, many people are not able to pay everything up front for

this important treatment.

Fortunately, we can develop flexible financing arrangements

that include:

* Cash - which includes money orders and personal checks.

Complete cash payments before treatment qualify for a 5%

early payment reduction.

* Credit Card - we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express

and Discover.

* We are pleased to offer Capital One Healthcare Finance to our

patients. Capital One Healthcare Finance is a convenient, no

initial payment, low monthly payment plan for dental treatments

of $1,000 to $25,000. Offering Capital One Healthcare

Finance allows us to make the smile you’ve always

wanted affordable.

* Dental Fee Plan

• No initial payment

• Low monthly payments

• As long as 60 months to pay

• No prepayment penalty

• $1,500 to $25,000 is available (apr)

Congratulations on your interest in enjoying the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile!

With our total commitment and 22 years of experience in world class smile design

and laser technology, you will also receive extraordinary service and individualized

care that is unsurpassed. On our walls, you’ll see the photos of real people — many

others who are just like you and have benefited from one of the best kept secrets in

aesthetic dentistry — and got the smile they’ve always dreamed of.

Come in and stay awhile. Be sure to let us know if there is anything we can do to

make your visit with us even better.. We are happy to serve you.

Dr Flax & Team

Your New Secret Weapon.

Atlanta Aesthetic and Laser Dentistry

Modern cosmetic dentistry has revolutionized the way

people think about their smile. Improvements in care

and materials can do wonders to get teeth healthy and

beautiful so that you look good on the outside but feel

great about yourself on the inside.

Socially and professionally, others will take notice. This

has been confirmed by a recent independent study conducted

on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic

Dentistry (AACD), the world largest group of cosmetic


• Virtually all Americans (99.7%) believe a smile is an

important social asset.

• 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a

person more appealing to members of the opposite


• Three-quarters (74%) of adults feels an unattractive

smile can hurt a person’s chances for

career success.

Each of our aesthetic dentistry cases is treated as a

work of art. Through a caring one on one approach,

our goal is to engineer and blueprint dazzling smiles

for our patients that are designed to last. We treat the

overall beauty of a person rather than just the individual

teeth. Often, we work with talented specialists

in the dental and plastic surgery fields to get the best

possible outcomes.

Through the evolution of porcelain restorations and

advances in occlusion research, we can rejuvenate not

only the smile itself but also the entire face to make

our patients look exceptional. Our goal is to change our

patients’ lives and exceed their expectations.

Our happy patients can’t wait to tell us about how we

made their smiles into one of their most important assets

improving their self-confidence and their prospects

for romantic and career success.

Are you are ready for a life-changing smile makeover?

We can now combine painless laser dentistry with the

miracle of conscious oral sedation,

add in a little of the art and science of

cosmetic dentistry, and together we

will reverse the ravages of time and neglect in fewer,

painless, life-changing visits.

At Flax Dental, it all starts with the nurturing atmosphere

that we provide for all of our patients. “We’ll

never lecture you or put you down because of natural

anxiety, even phobia,” says Edi Sprouse, our Business

Concierge. “We’ll listen and give you the chance

to share your previous experiences with us and talk

about your individual situation. This way, we can address

your concerns

about dental care, and

then treat your needs

while you are in our


Dr. Hugh Flax has been

at the forefront of a

new movement in dentistry

-- laser dentistry.

“Instead of using outdated,

painful drills, we

can now use lasers to

treat our patients. This

means significantly less

trauma to the tooth

structure, a quicker recovery

time and a better

overall experience

in the dental chair,” he


As a nationally known lecturer and teacher of using

lasers, Dr. Flax is a secret weapon in the fight to revoluionize

how we think about visiting the dentist. Using

the state-of-the-art Waterlase, Dr. Flax gently

and conservatively treat cavities, gum abnormalities,

and even root canals... often without anesthesia.

The secret is the proprietary Erbium Garnet wavelength

of light that turbo charges water droplets to

patient comforts


cleanse the debris from the tooth

and gums without the heat and vibration

of the typical dental drill.

Just like pressure washing the deck of a house!

Even better, the laser creates a wave of analgesia

to make the tooth more comfortable, desensitizing

it. Dr. Flax calls this “biostimulation” a huge

breakthrough with dental lasers by promoting a

much better and quicker healing response with

less need for medications.

One of the other advantages of the Waterlase is

that by minimizing the need for any anesthesia,

a busy person can get

dentistry work done

“I will never forget

the great movies, the

warm neck pillows, the

blanket for my cold

feet, the phone calls the

afternoon of a procedure

just to make sure I

was feeling ok, but

most of all the Chinese

soup you sent home

with me.... Now that’s

good bedside manners!!

Again, thank you for a

great experience and a

little more confidence in


Jennifer Wertheimer

in fewer visits as well

as causing less interruption

of their ability

to speak or chew

during the business


And because of the

healing powers of laser

technology, gum

abnormalities, infections

and ulcers can

be more comfortably

improved than with

conventional methods.

And now we’ve raised

the bar even higher

by making sedation

a normal aspect of

treatment for those of

our patients who want

to “wake up” with incredible

smiles and no

unhappy memories.


All our patients deserve a high-level of treatment

comfort and results. We present educational

information so our patients understand their

options and can make an informed decision. In

addition, we add technology that removes the

boredom from your visit.

We use no-drill dentistry techniques, one visit

smile whitening, intra-oral cameras, video

glasses, headphones, new smile previewing

software, and more comfortable general care


All of our patients are VIPs... so it is a pleasure

to provide you with 1st Class pampering. Always

feel free to enjoy any of our Comfort Menu


Start your visit off with something from our

Juice Bar just inside the door, offering:

• Filtered Water

• Juices

• Tea

• Coffee

During your treatment, we offer exceptional


• Personal CD players for jazz, R&B, new

age, rock, and country listening.

• Movies Galore - classics and those

destined to be

• Warm neck pillows with aromatherapy

• Cozy blankets

• Scented face towels

Please let us know how we can make your visits

even more comfortable. After your treatment,

you’ll feel very comfortable about your smile.

passionate about your smile

Conscious oral sedation is accomplished with just

a small blue pill, no IVs and no injections. The

effects of the pill are extremely

mild -- similar to

slight intoxication -- but

after the appointment, our

patients have no memory

of the experience. The pill

is a very safe, short-acting

sedative-hypnotic related to Valium and often prescribed

by many physicians to help people sleep

better. The pill is taken at home one hour before

their scheduled appointment and the patient is

driven to the office.

When they arrive at the office, they are covered

with one or two warm blankets and will sink into

a very, very soft Tempurpedic mattress especially

fitted to Dr. Flax’s chairs. All their vital signs are

Most people will tend to sleep very lightly through

their appointment. “Because you are so totally

comfortable, we can transform a smile often without

numerous dental appointments.

“That is a big time saver for people with busy

schedules,” says Sandie Abernathy, the Treatment

Concierge who coordinates the smile and health

transformations in the office.

When the visit is over, a small cup of fruit juice

helps people wake up.

Most patients will go home and sleep restfully.

They usually remember nothing about their visit

and feel much less discomfort because they had

no anxiety from their care. Best of all, when they

look in the mirror, they see a smile rejuvenated

and regain their confidence.

Sedation dentistry and the Waterlase have answered

the prayers of many anxious people who

have been avoiding improving their health and

having the smile they’ve always wanted. Their

confidence and appearance are rejuvenated!

Even better, when combining lasers and sedation

with cosmetic dentistry, they remember little of

their visit, have much less discomfort than with

other techniques and receive all the benefits of a

world-class smile.

Dr. Flax adds, “For my staff and I, who pride ourselves

in providing high levels of customer service

and results, we feel that we have a special place

for people to have total comfort and respect. We

finally have a way to bridge the gap between technology

and comfort.”

continually monitored by a sophisticated medical

instrument called a “pulse-oximeter.” When the

patient is absolutely comfortable and totally relaxed,

the actual dental care is done.

Dr. Hugh Flax, Atlanta’s best kept secret, has

invested thousands of hours into becoming

one of the nation’s most accomplished

cosmetic dentists and has earned the honor

of being Accreditied by the AACD.

“I have completed a total mouth

‘makeover’ and the results are

spectacular! I am constantly

complimented on my smile and

teeth. They look so natural

that no one seems to suspect

crowns or veneers... This was one

expenditure, one investment in

myself that was so well worth the

research, the consideration, the

time and the money.”

Ann Speed

passionate about your smile

Dr. Hugh Flax

Drive, determination, dedication. Dr. Hugh Flax

brings new meaning to the usual buzzwords. With

all hype aside, Dr. Flax simply loves cosmetic dentistry.

Since graduating with honors from Emory University

Dental School in 1983, achieving perfection

has been his main purpose in life. He has since

graduation attended and participated in the industry’s

best continuing education courses and now

teaches them himself.

Dr. Flax built his boutique Atlanta practice in 1987

with perfection in mind, bringing together health,

function, and natural beauty -- transforming the

lives of his patients.

Dr. Flax was the fourth dentist in Georgia to be

accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic

Dentistry (AACD), and is on track to become the

second Georgian Fellow of the Academy.

The AACD is the most prestigious group of its kind

in the world, dedicated to the art and science of

cosmetic dentistry. Boasting over 7,000 members,

less than 200 members have achieved the honor

of accreditation and less than 40 have reached the

level of Fellow.

Dr. Hugh Flax

As an active leader

in the AACD, Dr.

Flax hopes to infuse

incoming members

with his dedication

to excellence. In

2004, Dr. Flax was

named one of the

Board of Directors

of the AACD and

serves as the Co-

Chairman of the International


Session for 2008

as he did in 2003.

He has served on

the editorial board

of the AACD’s Scientific Journal and is a member

of the Public Relations Committee.

In addition to his leadership with the AACD, Dr.

Flax is also a well known author and lecturer on

the recently developing field of Laser Dentistry.

With his background in cosmetic and laser dentistry,

Dr. Flax is a frequent author of articles in dental

and local Atlanta publications and a frequent

lecturer in the dental industry.


American Dental Association

Georgia Dental Association

Academy of General Dentistry

Hinman Dental Society

American Academy of Cosmetic


Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Pankey Dawson Study Club for Advanced

Dental Studies

Crown Council


1998 – Present, Big Brothers Organization

1989, Chairman, United Way committee of

Northern District Dental Society

1998-2000, “Smiles for Life” campaign to

raise funds for cancer research

1998-Present, “Give Back A Smile” program

to help abused women

2001-Present, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,

Team In-Training

2005 – Planning Committee and Professional

Liaison for Southeastern 22Q Support


2005 Fundraiser for Academy of Comprehensive

Esthetics Hurricane Relief Fund and

other related charities

dental concierge

Extraordinary Team to Serve YOU

At Atlanta Aesthetic and Laser Dentistry,

our well trained team focuses on you

as a unique and significant individual.

You’ll see the differences in the care

we provide from the minute you pick

up the phone or enter our comfortable,

modern office. During your visits, every

member of our team is committed to

making you feel welcome and relaxed.

With small touches — warm neck

pillows, heated facial towels, paraffin

hand treatments, headphones, DVDs,

etc. — you feel at you will feel at

ease while you have your dental care.

Everyone is treated first-class! Of

course, if you need more to relieve any

further fears, we are one of the few

in the world that are trained to offer

both no anesthesia laser dentistry and

sedation care.

Here’s something else unique: You’ll

notice our team asks you questions

specially designed to find out what’s

important to you. During your visits,

we will listen carefully to your needs

and your concerns before suggesting

treatments. We’ll help you take an

active role in your own oral health so

together we can achieve the results you

want. You will never be lectured in our


Our goal is to make your dental visits

memorable — for the right reasons.

“I thank you

for the experience

and the wonderful

opportunity you

gave me this

summer! I truly

appreciate all your

amazing work and

helping to perfect

my smile. I couldn’t be happier now-

I just can’t stop smiling!!! J Thanks

again for everything!”

Rachel Berry

“The first

appointment, I

must admit, was

very hard for

me. I was so

ashamed to even

tell you about

my experience let

alone actually

open my mouth to show you my unsightly

smile... And, after all of your labor and

support along with your staff, I finally

have a smile that I am so very proud

of.... Thank you so much, Dr. Flax, for

sticking by me and making me proud to

smile again!!”

Sandy Phelps Kwarsick

passionate about your smile

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