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With Symcor's new

Appreciation Awards

everyone can win!

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A message from the CEO


I am delighted to tell you about the “Appreciation Awards” – our new reward and recognition program,

created by over 400 of your Symcor teammates. This program recognizes any employee or team of

employees who has gone over and above their regular duties to meet the needs of our business.

Thanks to your input, we’ve created a program where you can “get the feeling” of appreciation,

or “give the feeling” to a fellow co-worker or team. We’ve done this by:

➤ Creating a simple nomination form that is easy and quick to complete

➤ Making the criteria clear so that it is straightforward to award an employee or team

➤ Letting you choose how you are rewarded – with the points system, you can redeem

your points immediately or save them for a bigger prize in the future

➤ Offering quality prizes that are meant to show winners just how much

their contributions are appreciated

➤ Recognizing employees with awards within three business days of being nominated

Giving the feeling of appreciation is easy. You can nominate any Symcor employee for an award –

including your teammate, employees in other departments or regions, an employee who reports

to you, your manager, or a team of employees.

Think about employees who are making a positive impact in our company, whether they are

improving the level of customer service we deliver, supporting the people they work with, or

helping Symcor save time or money. Then fill out a nomination form online at Symcor’s intranet

site, or on paper. Completed paper forms should be given to your manager or dropped in the

Appreciation Awards box.

Within three business days, the employee or team you nominated will receive their award

of either 1000, 2000, or 4000 points, which can be redeemed for some wonderful prizes.

It’s that simple!

The success of this program depends on all of us. Show your appreciation by nominating

someone today!

Ed Kilroy



You can get the feeling of appreciation by being nominated for an award. The size of your reward

will be based on the impact of your actions. So, the bigger the impact – the bigger your reward!

Nominations that have a positive impact on an individual or team in their own department will

have a value of 1000 points; an impact on another department, business unit, or region would

have a value of 2000 points; or those that have Symcor-wide impact or direct client impact will

be valued at 4000 points.

To redeem your points for a prize immediately, follow these easy steps:

1. View the prizes either online on Symcor’s intranet OR in our Appreciation Awards

catalogue (your local Appreciation Awards program coordinator will let you know

where you can find the catalogue).

2. Select the prize of your choice that matches the number of points you have been awarded.

3. Complete an order form, either online or on paper, and give it to your regional program

coordinator or drop it in an Appreciation Awards box.

OR you can save and accumulate your points over time, for a larger award.

And, every six months, we will recognize our top award winners, with an additional 8000 points,

by selecting employees from each region who have received the most points during that time.

Your support and participation is essential in making this program successful. Why wait?

You can start today, by helping us recognize and reward employees who are going the extra mile.

Here are some examples of what we are looking to appreciate:

➤ A proof operator consistently achieves a throughput of 2500 items or higher with

an error rate of zero.

➤ An employee takes on extra tasks or activities to meet an important deadline.

➤ A CNS Service Desk employee takes ownership of a problem and works tirelessly

with his/her client or a fellow employee, until the issue is solved.

➤ An employee works collaboratively with his/her client group in another department,

meeting commitments in a timely manner

➤ An employee reports and/or helps to resolve a client incident so that there is no

negative impact to the client.

➤ An employee notices a missing insert and takes timely actions to fix the problem early,

resulting in significant cost savings for Symcor.

Do you know someone who deserves an award?

Don’t wait…nominate!

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