Information Leaflet - New Year Retreat 2013 in Israel - Thomas Hübl

Information Leaflet - New Year Retreat 2013 in Israel - Thomas Hübl

New Year Retreat 2013 in Israel

From December 27th, 2013 at 5pm

till January 2nd, 2014 at 1.30pm

in Neve Shalom, Israel

A journey of individual and collective spirituality

Participants from Europe, the US, Israel and beyond will gather for six days to explore their personal spiritual

journey, as well as collective and ancient spiritual sources. Time will also be dedicated to collective shadow

healing work.

Israel -­‐ source place for three of the world’s largest religions, melting-­‐pot of conflict and profound tradition,

Thomas feels that Israel has a very high energy field, allowing individual and collective spiritual journeys of

particular intensity.

The workshop will take place in Neve Shalom, a beautiful Arab/Jewish peace village, 30 minutes outside


One–day workshop with Thomas Hübl on

December 24th, 2013 from 10am till 6pm in Jerusalem

Exploring the mystical roots of Christianity

On the 24th December Thomas will accompany the group through Jerusalem Old City to explore the mystical

principles of Christianity. To go back to the roots of a spiritual tradition that has inspired millions of people can

link us to ancient spiritual energy.

To experience the love of Christ in Jerusalem on that day, Thomas will take the group to various sacred places

for meditation, and also give some talks.


Organisational matters

1. Workshop from December 27th, 2013 to January 2nd, 2014

Cost of workshop € 460,-­‐ plus accomodation/food

50% reduction for students with a valid student card


IL-­‐Doar Na Shimshon 99761


Neve Shalom, Oasis of Peace

Language English with simultaneous translation into German and Hebrew.

If you need translation, please bring a radio receiver with headphones (integrated into most MP3 players,

iPods and cellphones)

Cost per person for accommodation and food for 6 nights

(all rooms have their own toilet/shower)

€ 510,-­‐ In a room for two people

€ 363,-­‐ In a room for four people

€ 320,-­‐ In a room for five people

For people from Israel prices for accommodation/food plus 18% VAT

2. Day Workshop December 24th, 2013 in Jerusalem

Cost of workshop € 60,-­‐ plus food for the day (organized joint lunch)

The meeting point in Jerusalem will be announced later.

Some references of hotels/hostels in Jerusalem (booking by yourself)­‐of-­‐


General terms and conditions

1. Course fee and participation

Enrollment for the seminar creates a legally binding contract upon payment of the course fee. Cancellations

must be made in writing. Cancellations received up to 4 weeks before the seminar will incur a €200

administration fee. Where cancellation is received within 4 weeks of the date of the seminar, you will be liable

to forfeit 50% of the course fee and 50% oft the cost for accommodation/food in the case of failure to attend

the seminar, or early departure from the seminar, the full fee for the workshop and accommodation/food is


2. Liability

Sharing the Presence UG accepts no liability for loss or damage howsoever caused during the course save

liability in relation to Criminal Intent and Gross Negligence on the part of Sharing the Presence UG its servants

or agents. Sharing the Presence UG accepts no liability for loss or damage arising in particular from the use of

the course content and the associated advice, the direct or indirect interpretation of such advice and any

consequences thereof. The exclusion from liability does not apply to damages in relation to loss of life, bodily

injury or damage to health which occur due to negligence or willful neglect of duty by Sharing the Presence

UG, or any of its servants or agents.

Exclusion of liability does not apply in the case of fraud on the part of Sharing the Presence UG its servants or

agents, or where a guarantee is provided by Sharing the Presence UG. The exclusion of liability also does not

apply in the case of failure to fulfill fundamental contractual obligations (i.e. a contractual obligation

necessary to enable the correct implementation of the contract, and upon the fulfillment of which the

participant regularly places and should reasonably be able to place his or her reliance). Where an exclusion or

limitation of liabllity does apply, this also covers seminar leaders, organizers, representatives, servants and

agents of Sharing the Presence UG (Ltd).

3. Participants Obligations

Please note that the topics and activities covered are not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of

medical or psychological illness. Participants and end users are encouraged to take responsibility for

themselves and where appropriate to seek the assistance of a suitably qualified medical specialist, psycho-­logist,

alternative practitioner or therapist.

Participants/end users must inform the course organizer before the start of the course if they are undergoing

psychotherapeutic or psychiatric treatment, or are taking medication for any such condition.

Online Registration via:


By plane to Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport.

The way to get to Neve Shalom from the airport is by private taxi which is easy to get at the airport. The cost

is between 150-­‐200 NIS (40-­‐50 $) depending on the time of day or group taxi (Nesher cab): 60 NIS. It is about a

40 minutes ride. You also can take the Public bus (Egged bus) to the central bus station in Jerusalem which

runs about every ½ h for 30 NIS, but it does not bring you right to the kibbutz. You would have to take a taxi

from Jerusalem to Neve Shalom (a 20 minutes drive).

It is recommended to take out travel insurance.


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