possible integration of biogas+bioethanol processing - bioenergybaltic


possible integration of biogas+bioethanol processing - bioenergybaltic

Safe recycling of digestate

Good agricultural practice - experience from Denmark

• Source sorting and separate collection of digestible wastes, preferably in

biodegradable recipients.

• Selection / excluding from AD of the unsuitable waste types / loads, based

on the complete declaration of each load: origin, content of heavy metals

and persistent organic compounds, pathogen contamination, other potential

hazards etc.

• Periodical sampling and analysing of the biomass feedstock.

• Extensive pre-treatment/on site separation (especially for unsorted waste).

• Process control (temperature, retention time etc.) to obtain a stabilised end


• Pasteurization / controlled sanitation for effective pathogen reduction.

• Periodical sampling, analysing and declaration of digestate.

• Including digestate in the fertiliser plan of the farm and using a “good

agricultural practice” for application of digestate on farmland.

Al Seadi T. ed.: Biogas from AD, Bioexell training manual; Department of Bioenergy; University of Southern Denmark.


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