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Health and Human Development - Education Development Center ...

Health and

Human Development

Health and well-being have a profound effect on

quality of life, academic performance, workplace

productivity, and the development of communities

and nations.

what we do

to produce lasting change

Conduct basic health and social science research to understand how

individuals, populations, and organizations behave, and to inform the

development of health interventions

Synthesize research and publish findings to inform policymakers and

program developers about effective strategies

Monitor and evaluate programs to determine their success by

documenting the numbers of people they reach and with what duration,

intensity, and results

Build organizational capacity to use evidence-based strategies that

promote health by coupling training and technical assistance with ongoing

coaching to address organizational policies, structures, resources, and

workforce development

Develop curricula and training materials that equip people with

knowledge, skills, and competencies to adopt healthy behaviors and create

healthy environments

Use information and communications technologies

to provide professional development, resources, and

interventions that foster peer learning and

overcome barriers such as distance, cost, and

diverse learning styles

Design and manage projects, driven by our

values and passion for the work and the people

we serve, to address the most pressing public

health challenges

dedicated to improving

health worldwide

Health and Human Development (HHD), a

division of Education Development Center,

Inc. (EDC), creates innovations that promote

healthy development worldwide. Our work

spans the continuum from health promotion

and prevention to early intervention and care

for chronic conditions and at the end of life.

We address the interrelated aspects of

health—physical, mental, social, emotional,

and spiritual. We also concentrate on the

social and economic factors that affect health.

Drawing on public health and social science

strategies, we conduct research, design

interventions that promote health and

prevent disease and injury, and improve

health care delivery. Through training and

technical assistance, we strengthen the

capacity of organizations to tackle the most

pressing health issues of the people they


At the international, national, state, tribal,

and local levels, our work engages government

agencies, schools and universities, community

organizations, hospitals and clinics, law

enforcement, and the workplace. To solve

complex problems and provide a coordinated

response, we also strengthen collaboration

among public health, health care, mental

health, education, juvenile justice, and social

service agencies.

We see many challenges and opportunities

that affect healthy human development—

economic hardship, health care reform, the

ongoing demand to prepare the health care

workforce, increasing diversity and

immigration, and climate change. We are

dedicated to using the most current research

and technologies to improve the human

condition, especially for those in the most

vulnerable circumstances and for the growing

number of adolescents and older adults.

results of our work

Training and Technical Assistance

Operating the National Center for Mental

Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention,

HHD provides training and ongoing

support to more than 300 school and community

programs, improving child mental

health and reaching more than 6 million

students across the United States.

Funder: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Administration’s (SAMHSA) Center for Mental

Health Services

Randomized Clinical Trials

Developing video soap operas to address

HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted

diseases, HHD has demonstrated effectiveness

in reducing new infections and

increasing condom use, particularly among

disadvantaged multi-ethnic groups disproportionately

affected by the epidemic.

Funder: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Professional Development

Training more than 12,000 mental health

professionals using our curriculum Assessing

and Managing Suicide Risk, HHD has

significantly increased clinical confidence and

competence with suicidal patients.

Funder: SAMHSA’S Center for Mental Health Services

Survey Research

Surveying 32,000 adolescents in 22 communities

west of Boston, Massachusetts,

HHD’s results inform schools and community

agencies about health behaviors, guiding the

development of new programs and policies.

Funder: MetroWest Community Health Care Foundation

Curriculum Development

Reaching 520,000 youth in Botswana, a

new life-skills curriculum for grades K–12

developed collaboratively by HHD teaches

students self-respect, decision-making, and

responsibility so they make choices that protect

their health, prevent HIV, and support

those infected or affected by the virus.

Funders: CDC and the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan

for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

our websites

Health and

Human Development (HHD)

examples of

health issues we address

Mental health

Posttraumatic stress disorder




Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

Sexuality and reproductive health

HIV and sexually transmitted infections

Nutrition and fitness

Chronic and end-of-life care

Research ethics

Education Development Center, Inc.

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Center for Application of Prevention Technologies

Children’s Safety Network

EDC e-Learning & Capacity Building Assistance Center

EDC Health and Human Development in Asia

EDC Health and Human Development in Botswana


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Abuse and Violence Prevention

National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth

Violence Prevention

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Tribal Youth Program

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