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BNA INDIA - March / April 2015


Cast: Akshay Kumar,

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Taapsee Pannu, Rana Daggubati, Anupam Kher, Kay Kay Menon, Danny Denzongpa Director: Neeraj Pandey Genre: Thriller Run Time: 159 Minutes Release Date: 23rd January 2015 Rating: 22 BNA INDIA March / April 2015

FILM REVIEW BABY A well shot, inspired espionage thriller If one delivers a path breaking, trendsetter classic as his very first film then it surely raises the bar substantially that is quite tough to manage in the subsequent projects. Thankfully Neeraj Pandey is a director constantly trying to deliver quality products post his A WEDNESDAY unanimously acclaimed by both the critics and the masses together. And though he might not have excelled himself in his next films as seen in both SPECIAL 26 and BABY, the fact remains that he does come up with all off-beat themes on a constant basis and tries to present them in an unconventional way too that more or less works with a larger part of the audience. However in case of BABY, it was not a completely satisfying experience due to pretty lousy first half and big flaws in the execution that was too convenient to be considered as a realistic take on the serious issue of terrorism. Yet what largely saves the film are some particular sequences having that thrilling pull and its last hour where the director finally finds his brilliant form to end it all on a spirited note. Beginning with a typical filmy action hero sequence with a racy background score (where the loud beep of the transmitter/phone is strangely not being heard by the goons), it loudly declares itself as a more action oriented film till Kay Kay Menon comes in to impress right away followed by another engaging scene featuring Rasheed Naaz from Pakistan. Offering just the usual, uninteresting stuff in its first hour (with another completely filmy jail escape happening in the middle of the road in broad daylight), the first major entertaining sequence of a clash comes in post 50 minutes leaving you stunned that how can the ATS team leave a self confessed, proven agent of terrorism just like that without making an arrest, after getting the desired information from him about another key suspect. The visible flaws continue in the next sequence right before the interval too when again a terrorist (caught while making a possible bomb lying open on the table) is not arrested as per the strict procedure and is allowed sufficient time to trigger a blast killing many. Whereas in reality, the moment such a wanted man is caught, the first step taken is to see his clear hands, get hold of them quickly, so that he cannot press any button or take anything in his mouth leading to any further disaster. Hence till interval, BABY remains a well shot but average escapist kind of thriller that fails to make any major impact on the audience and offers nothing path breaking or fresh as compared to even Neeraj’s last venture SPECIAL 26. But fortunately, the tables get turned in the second half when all new faces enter the scene led by Anupam Kher, Tapsee Punnu, Sushant and Rana Dagubatti infusing new life into the BABY making it alive again. Here at first we have another long chase sequence involving Tapsee and Sushant with Tapsee simply excelling in her well-directed action scene performed superbly. And from here onwards ... Continue reading here (click) BNA INDIA March / April 2015 23

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