Newsletter - Fall 2011 - Quinte United Immigrant Services

Newsletter - Fall 2011 - Quinte United Immigrant Services




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Volume 5, Issue 3

Suiting Up For Success

Cat Fisher, Settlement Services Worker

matching ties for Farid Andar.

Our clients are “suited” for fall! Our second

annual suit drive in partnership with

Moore’s Clothing for Men has once again

allowed us to give away hundreds of items

of clothing including suits, but also sport

coats, pants, shirts, belts, ties and shoes!

The suit drive took place on Saturday, October

1, 2011 and QUIS had an overwhelming

amount of donations from

Moore’s this year. There were over 500

items for newcomer clients to look at and

try on!

META Employment Services attended the

event to give an informative and fun

presentation on employment services in

the Quinte area. They also provided a free

draw for two gift baskets. It inspired our

Fall 2011

clients to get outfitted for any upcoming

job interviews!

Agencies such as META are important

because provincial cuts to employment

services at QUIS have led to limitations in

being able to provide all-inclusive service

to newcomer clients seeking employment.

While some of the participants were a

little shy at first, they soon realized as the

day went on that trying on suits can be

very fun! Many left the event with high

spirits and feeling good about their choices!

Participants looked sharp and polished

in the various styles, from formal tuxes to

business wear to office casual! Ties and

shirts were flying through the air as the

staff and board members busily tried to

attend to everyone and pair them up with

the latest look.

QUIS is grateful to Moores Clothing for

Men in Belleville for partnering with us

again this year to provide the tremendous

amount of clothing donations that they

received from the public.

Last, but not least, thanks to our

volunteers, staff and board members who

brought their expertise to assist our clients

with suiting up!

Volume 5, Issue 3

Ontario Provincial

Election 2011

The Liberals won the Ontario

Provincial election and have

formed what is called a minority

government as they failed to win

enough seats to form a majority

government. The required seats

for a majority government in

Ontario are 54, and the Liberals

won 53 seats in the Provincial Parliament.

In the Belleville area Todd Smith,

the Progressive Conservative

candidate, won the seat for Prince

Edward-Hastings defeating the

incumbent Leona Dombrowsky

after twelve years in office. Todd

Smith has opened his campaign

office and it is located at 180

North Front Street. In Northumberland-Quinte

West the Progressive

Conservative candidate Rob

Milligan was elected.

It is important to know that

Canadian citizens who reside in

Page 2

Ontario and are at least 18 years of

age or older on election day are

eligible to vote.

The right to vote is a fundamental

democratic right protected by the

Canadian Charter of Rights and

Freedoms and is the cornerstone

of democracy. By voting we

choose the representatives who

make the laws and the policies

that will govern how we live

together. The peoples voice counts

in a democracy and every voice is


Learn English in the Evening with Loyola Community Learning Centre

Evening ESL/LINC classes have

started at Loyola!

Many newcomers are looking for

English classes that are delivered

with flexible hours due to issues

like their work schedules, transportation

needs or childcare needs.

Now flexible hours are available!

Loyola School for Continuing Education

is offering evening classes

for newcomers who would like to

improve their business English.

Classes began on Monday, September

26 th and students can contact

Loyola to sign up any time between

now and the end of June 2012.

Become a QUIS Sponsor Today!

Classes will be held on Mondays

and Wednesdays from 6:00 pm to

9:00 pm.

Evening English classes are generally

for students whose language

level is 5, 6 or 7. Students who

need an assessment to find out

their language level should contact

Loyola School of Continuing Education

at 613-966-9210.

Students who want evening classes

and whose English is at a lower

level such as 1, 2, 3 or 4, should

inform Loyola or QUIS of their

interest. If evening classes open

up for lower levels, Loyola will con-

For as Little as $20.00

With your help we can continue to provide the much

needed programs for you and your family.

Please visit our office today to learn more or visit:



tact interested students.

There is no cost for newcomers

who have permanent resident status

in Canada.

Loyola School for Continuing Education

is located at 41 Octavia

Street. The registration office is on

the 2 nd floor. Please call 613-966-

9210 for more information.

Volume 5, Issue 3

Page 3

Volume 5, Issue 3

Page 4

Volume 5, Issue 3

Since 1987 Canadians have been

celebrating Citizenship Week on the

third week of October. This year

was no exception.

Citizenship Week recognizes the

value of immigration

and citizenship and

focuses on the rights,

privileges, obligations

and responsibilities of


For a new citizen, the

Canadian citizenship

ceremony is the formal

entry into the Canadian

family. Citizenship

Week celebrates our

shared values and traditions,

and of the remarkable

diversity of

Canadian society.

Citizenship & Immigration Canada,

in partnership with QUIS and Albert

College held a special Citizenship

Week Citizenship Ceremony

on Wednesday October 19 th where

42 proud new Canadians were

sworn in from 18 different countries,

representing Australia, Brazil,

China, Cuba, England, France, India,

Italy, Iran, Malta, Mexico, Pakistan,

Philippines, Saint Lucia,

Scotland, South Korea, Trinidad &

Tobago and Vietnam.

Every year about 170,000 people

become new citizens of Canada.

This year Citizenship & Immigration

Canada is holding 55 ceremonies

across Canada.

The presiding official at the Belleville

ceremony was Roy Bonisteel,

recipient of the Order of Canada.

“Citizenship is a very special status….its

like a club you are proud to

be a part of,” said Bonisteel. “To

paraphrase the Supreme Court of

Canada, welcome to the club.”

Bonisteel was joined by invited

guests Denise Gray, representing

MP Daryl Kramp, Neil Ellis, Mayor

of Belleville, Paul Osborne, President

of QUIS and Keith Stansfield,

Head of School at Albert College.

“I hope that you will always remember

this day as milestone

event in your lives,” said QUIS

board of directors president Paul

Osborne during his address to the

new Canadian citizens.

“I would like to

e m p h a s i z e t h e

importance of volunt

e e r i n g , b e i n g

involved with your

community, giving

back to your community.

I can assure

you that this is one of

the most rewarding

contributions you can

make, enriching not

only your community

but yourself as well,

Page 5

Proud to be Canadian: Celebrating Citizenship Week, October 17-23

and in my opinion, embodies one

of the most important aspects of

what it is to be Canadian.”

For those immigrants taking the

Oath of Citizenship at the citizenship

ceremony, it is an

end to a long journey

and the beginning of a

new one!

To become a Canadian

citizen, adults must

have lived in Canada

for at least three years

(1,095 days) in the

past four years before


Applicants for citizenship

must demonstrate

a knowledge of

one of Canada’s two

official languages,

pass a security clearance and complete

a citizenship test.

“Although most immigrants worry

about the test, they have a chance

to practice online. Most are relieved

to know they have many

months to study and they usually

do well,” said Cat Fisher who assists

persons applying for their Canadian


QUIS Gold Sponsor

Tina Osborne, visual multi-media artist and

designer of unique jewellery .

Contact 613.920-4231 or go to

Volume 5, Issue 3

Community Development Council of Quinte Visits QUIS Office

On Tuesday October 20, QUIS held

an informative workshop about the

“Good Food Box” and the “Good Baby

Box,” programs provided by

Community Development Council of

Quinte (CDC).

The Good Baby Box helps families to

stretch their food dollar, reduce food

costs and meet the food needs of

their infants and toddlers. A family

may purchase a Baby Box for each

eligible child two years of age and


The Good Baby Box is a weekly program

and customers can choose

from three different boxes. Choices

range from foods such as infant cereal,

starter or junior baby foods and

a variety of baby care items including

shampoo, soap, baby oil or

wipes. You can go to the office Tuesdays,

Wednesdays or Thursdays to

pick up a box.

Brittany Sanders, Social Service

Worker Student of Loyalist College

Brittany, our new student, has

been a welcome addition to the

team at QUIS. Her work at the

office has been very helpful and


She is currently enrolled in her

second year at Loyalist College in

the Social Service Worker program.

This gives her insight that

lends itself well to the daily demands

of our organization in its

provision of service to our diverse

client base.

Once Brittany completes her studies

and receives her diploma from

Loyalist College she hopes to attend

university to further her stud-

The Good Food Box is offered in two

different sizes and it provides the

grocery staples to help your family

stretch food dollars, reduce food

costs and meet the food needs of the

family. The food box is available


• Small food box - Fresh Fruit &

Vegetables - only $10.00 per


• Large food box - Fresh Fruit &

Vegetables $15.00 per month

Payment for the food boxes is due by

the 1st Thursday of each month and

the box is ready for pick-up on the


Brittany enjoys traveling

and has visited and

worked in Alberta and

Ireland. She also enjoys

cooking and the

staff at QUIS has had

the pleasure of trying

her amazing apple pie.

Brittany will be completing her

placement with QUIS in December

and plans to move to Alberta in


Although her

placement is not

yet complete we

Page 6

3rd Thursday of each month. (Cash


If you are interested in any of the

Good Box programs please call or

visit Community Development

Council of Quinte.

A big thank you to Ruth Ingersoll –

Director of Community Engagement

of Community Development Council

of Quinte (CDC) for conducting this

workshop and informing our clients

about the wonderful services that

CDC provides.

For additional information please





249 William Street; Belleville

Phone: 613-968-2466

Fax: 613-968-2251

QUIS Gold Sponsor

Voted Favorite Paralegal 2011

Intelligencer Readers’ Choice Award

would like to thank her for all of

her contribution thus far. She is a

pleasure to have and we know she

will have a bright future.

Thank you to QUIS Bronze Sponsor:

Evangeline Cartagena

Volume 5, Issue 3

On-Line Interpreter Training Program

Become a Certified Free Lance Interpreter today!

Test dates available Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm.

Contact us for more details:

41 Octavia Street, Belleville, ON. K8P 3P1


Phone: 1-888-968-1065

Positive Spaces

Initiative Training

Held October 18 & 19

Quinte United Immigrant Services

along with 4 other nonprofit

service providers in the

Quinte area have been fortunate

enough to receive Positive Spaces


The Positive Spaces Initiative

(PSI) was developed by Ontario

Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants

to share resources and

increase organizational capacity

across services to more effectively

serve LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bis

e x u a l , T r a n s . , Q u e e r /

Questioning) newcomers.

QUIS would like to thank Leslie

Ramsay-Taylor, OCASI Communications

& Partnership Coordinator

LGBTQ Positive Spaces

Initiative Trainer for two amazing

days of learning.

QUIS is proud to be a Positive


Page 7

•CILISAT Proficiency Language Test

offered in 44 languages

•On line (E-Book) Community

Interpreter Program

•Final exam for interpreter certification

Central Eastern Ontario Translation and Interpretation Services is a division

of Quinte United Immigrant Services

Best Wishes Lisa and Welcome John

John Robertson, new

LIP Coordinator

We would like to wish Lisa Boudreau,

former Local Immigrant

Partnership (LIP) Coordinator all

the best in her future


Also, we are welcoming

John Robertson

into the LIP

Coordinator position

with QUIS.

John has previously

worked in partnership

with QUIS

as the Coordinator

of the Global Experience @ Work


The Global Experience @ Work

Program was a partnership of

Quinte West Chamber of Commerce,

Quinte Manufacturers Association,

East Central Training

Board and QUIS.

John is an avid diver and has

dived in multiple countries. He is

a welcome addition to the QUIS

team and know he will continue

the great work of the LIP program.

QUIS Gold Sponsor




41 Octavia Street, U1

Belleville, ON

Mailing Address:

PO Box 22141

Belleville, ON

K8N 5V7






Thanks to our Funders

for their continued


(CIC) Citizenship &

Immigration Canada,

(MCI) Ministry of

Citizenship &

Immigration and United

Way of Quinte

Volume 5, Issue 3

Page 8

Our mission at Quinte United Immigrant Services is to guide those newcomers

isolated by culture and language in the Quinte area through the

process of settlement and adjustment, encourage the community to respect

the diversity of immigrants by promoting recognition of the value

of racial and cultural differences, and facilitate the integration and participation

of newcomers into the social, economic, and cultural life of

the community.


Thank You To Our Newsletter Contributors:

Cat Fisher, QUIS

John Robertson, QUIS

Yvonne Ferguson, QUIS

Nancy Sayeau, QUIS

Upcoming Community Events

Sunday November 6 - Daylight Saving

Time, remember to change your clocks

back 1 hour.

Friday November 11 - Remembrance

Day (QUIS office will be closed).

Sunday November 20 at 5:00pm -

The Belleville Santa Claus Parade beginning

at Quinte Secondary School, College

St., and then South along Front St.

Sunday November 27 at 4:30pm -

The Trenton Santa Claus Parade beginning

at Centennial Park and continuing

through downtown

Monday November 28 - The CP

(Canadian Pacific) Holiday Train will be

arriving in Belleville at 1:20pm at the

South Church St. railway crossing and

arriving in Trenton at 2:35pm at the

RCAF Road railway crossing.

Thursday November 17 - Thursday

December 1 - The Festival of Trees is

back for a 17th year for everyone in the

Quinte community and their families.

For more information please visit

Friday December 2, 5:30pm to

7:30pm - QUIS Annual Children’s Holiday

Celebration (See page 4 for more information)

Saturday December 10, 1:00pm to

3:00pm - Trenton Library - Children

and parents can celebrate Christmas at

the Library. Fun crafts and handmade

tree ornaments to make.

Wednesday December 21 - First day

of winter

Notice - Quinte United Immigrant Services office will be closed:

Friday November 11, 2011 Tuesday December 27, 2011

Monday December 26, 2011 Monday January 2, 2012


Colleen Tripp, QUIS Board of Directors

Yvonne Ferguson, QUIS

Orlando Ferro, QUIS

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