Interaction with..

Interaction with..

Interaction with..

‣Academic Circles

With beneficiaries in the field

‣ communication goes both ways

‣ a good communicator listens carefully

A special attention for Women

"Women shall be especially protected against any attack on

their honour, in particular against rape, enforced prostitution, or

any form of indecent assault." (Art 27-2 CGIV; Art 75/76 PA I)

Interaction with..


Media support


‣ Allow outside actors to shape response (Persuasion)

‣ Gather support for ICRC mandate protection and

assistance (Mobilisation)

‣ Counter culture of impunity (Denunciation)

The End of the "Cold War": new sources of armed violence

‣ identity conflicts: ethnic, tribal, religious, fanatism, terrorism, genocide

Contact with..

‣Non-state actors

‣Non-state actors

‣Political agreements not respected

‣IHL/HR not respected

‣Illegal cross-border operations

‣Peace agreements do not hold

‣Civilians = targets

‣Humanitarian space not respected



Promotion : IHL to non-state actors, child soldiers…

The End of the "Cold War": "other situations of violence"

‣ criminality conflicts: drug cartels

(Mexico, Colombia), South America

urban gangs, Russian mafias etc.

Resisting the temptation to distinguish between

"honourable political violence" and " villainous social

violence" is a challenge…

The Challenges

‣ "Unlike Love, Wars Have Limits": definition and evolution of conflicts: from the

"Cold War" to the "GWOT" and to the new sources of violence

‣ Means and Methods of Warfare

‣ The evolution of the ICRC and IHL

‣ "It is not only the good you are doing which matters, but also the evil

you prevent from happening" (N. Mandela, Robben Island, RSA)

Professional skills the ICRC needs

•project management

•financial management

•supervision of multicultural staff

•strategic analysis,

•logistics, the management of stock, transport and

buildings, and the procurement and sale of goods;

•network management

•interpersonal skills

•openness to the international world

•language skills, sometimes in rare languages. (...)

Dômo Arigato Gozaimasu



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