BYOD - Bring Your Own Device - CS LoxInfo

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device - CS LoxInfo

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device - CS LoxInfo


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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

BYOD or bringing their own device to use at work ,currently

popular trend which inevitable tablets from Apple especially

iPad and iPhone. Many use them for pleasure like listening

music, seeing a movie, reading a book. Some use them for

financial benefit like stock market trading or social activities like

checking email and social network. By using their own devices

may increase more convenience and help them more productive

but on other hands this could make more troubles to IT

department. Let’s see how BYOD play a role ?

Security Management and BYOD



Several organizations start to pay attention on Secure BYOD

Policy issue due to unlike in the past that employee use only

company device which had policy and regulation to protect

company’s confidential data and information and also to control

access for each individual for the completion on their work.

But nowadays several employees used their private device on

working more and more which can cause data leaks and

threaten corporate security. Additionally, employees are

restrict on access to corporate information so how we find

means to compromise this?

Register to Authorized BYOD Device List are popular as

once company know names and type of devices they own,

company can acknowledge and training them to configure authentication and protect sensitive

corporate data when they lose their own device for instance iPad, iPhone or Blackberry are able to

remote wipe data off or lock device. Other devices or laptop would need Remote Access Software for

remote access, usability restriction and encryption i.e. Symantec Endpoint Encryption, Symantec

Whole Disk Encryption, PGP, Check Point Full Disk Encryption and so on.

Specifying entity before usability to verify authorized user . In general, employees working

outside the office require VPN connection in order to prevent entrapping data and additional One-

Time Password (OTP) or 2-Factors Authentication like whole Symantec VIP, RSA Secure ID, Vasco can

increase more security and this apply well with all smart phones.


Authority Restriction on accessing to the data and software. Some companies might set

policy to allow full access to data and application for users particularly work inside company’s

network but limit access work outside company’s network to prevent data leaks.

Pros and Cons of BYOD




• Reduce IT expenditures

• Employee would take care of their

own devices better

• Benefit from latest technology

• Insecure company’s confidential data

and information

• Company might pay service charge

for employee’s device even if usability

beyond office hours


• More convenient and own device

as they prefer

• Improve employee morale

• Increase productivity

• Employee may be not use their device

fully and are command with various rule

in order to secure data ,

• Employee might pay maintenance fee

by themselves if damage arise

Best Practices

When the employee first bring their device to work then limitation began following soon such

software copyright which install in employee’s device ,data storing on management aspect

need to separate privacy and work from each other that cause to apply together with virtual

desktop in order to apply those device as monitor or interface for the purpose of calling for

actual device which are in data center of the company . The most 2 popular system which apply

on those purpose are Citrix XenDesktop and vmWare view that make user feel as work on the

same environment such as they ever used windows and excel then they remain use them

on tablet like iPad and Galaxy Tab

Somchai Suramanee

Assistant Director - Business Development


What’s Up

CS LOXINFO cooperate with HP on bringing

Virtualization Solution for present in HP Storage

Summit 2012

CS LOXINFO take part in HP Storage Summit 2012 where global

leading alliance as HP organize at Crystal Hall of Plaza Athenee

Hotel on 16 October 2012 in order to propose trend of data storage

that are worth to investment . On these event HP invite IT executive

customer of leading business organization more than 200 person

to listen to depiction and see product demonstration from HP and

various alliance

CS LOXINFO one of HP alliance exhibit solution about Virtualization

and obtain attention from many attendees both saw demonstration

VMware usability which install in HP Storage and inquired about

service from CS LOXINFO as ICT Service Provider that regard as

success on introduction to new customers base under motto as

One Stop ICT Service and regard as well cooperation with leading

brand as HP as well

LOVE is East

@ Siam Country Club Pattaya Plantation

CS LOXINFO invite the important customer to absorb

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together with see Thai music in new dimension ,fun

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plentiful prizes at Siam Country Club Pattaya


CS LOXINFO Car Rally @ Bu-nghasari resort,

khao phaengma

NakhonRatchasima Flagged off from Cyber World to

WangNamKheo with full of fun and excitement all the

way till the finishing point,Bu-nghasari Resort. Then,

relaxing with herbal footspa ,enjoy stunning mountain

view and spectacular sunset. Party Si-Som at night,

everyone dressed up in orange and had a great time, won

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CSL travelling and take a camera@PATTAYA

CS LOXINFO invite the customer to gather memory

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we bring the customer to create unlimited imagination

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Company Visit

The instructors and students of Information

Technology program, Rajamangala University

of Technology Krungthep and High Vocational

Certificate student in program of business

administration and Webpage Development

program , Chitralada school had observed

activities of CS LOXINFO on subjects of : standard

of building Data Internet Center and superior

management of call center system in order to

create difference on customer service

CS LOXINFO retrospect to seaside heaven exclusive

trip for customer of Internet Data Center

Internet Data Center Team bring customer to special experience

CS LOXINFO retrospect to seaside heaven” exclusive trip take a fresh

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