C-100 and SSC-100 Super-Compact, High-Intensity UV Lamps


C-100 and SSC-100 Super-Compact, High-Intensity UV Lamps


C-100 and SSC-100

Super-Compact, High-Intensity UV Lamps

With Lamp Heads Weighing Only 1 3 /4 Pounds, These Are the

Lightest High-Intensity UV Inspection Lamps for NDT!

SSC-100 with solid-state power supply

C-100 with magnetic ballast power supply

• Powerful – Both 100-watt units produce a steady-state long-wave UV (black light) irradiance of

4,000 µW/cm 2 at 15 inches

• Extremely Compact – Small enough to easily fit in tight places

• Very Lightweight Lamp Heads – Provide inspectors with hours of fatigue-free use

• Affordable – The C-100, our lowest-priced compact, high-intensity lamp, is powered by a

magnetic ballast encapsulated in a high-impact plastic housing

• Versatile – The solid-state SSC-100 can be powered by any standard AC line — even a 400-Hz

source — or an inverter and 12-volt battery

• Minimal Visible Light Emission – Under two footcandles

• Safe – UL listed and CSA approved

• Quick and Easy Bulb Replacement – No tools necessary

• Easily Meet MIL and ASTM Specs for FPI and MPI

• Built Tough and Backed by Spectronics Corporation – the world leader in UV technology since 1955

Only the C-100 and SSC-100 UV Lamps Provide All This:

Smaller Lamp Head and Lighter Weight Provide Maximum User Comfort.

Ergonomically designed to enable technicians to comfortably inspect even the tightest spots, the C-100 and SSC-100 lamp heads are

so lightweight – just 1 3 /4 lbs. (0.8kg) – they can be hand-held for hours without fatigue. These extremely compact units measure only

5 1 /2W x 8"L (14 x 20cm) at their widest points. Both lamps are ideal for nondestructive testing, quality control, UV curing, leak

detection, security control and other applications. They easily meet MIL and ASTM specifications for FPI and MPI.

Produce High-Intensity UV with Minimal Visible Light Emission.

Both 100-watt UV lamps produce a steady-state 365nm intensity of 4,000 µW/cm 2 at 15 inches (38.1cm), without excess visible light

or heat. Despite their very compact lamp heads, the UV output of the C-100 and SSC-100 is comparable to that of larger, conventional

100-watt lamps, due to a special bulb design. Both lamps are fitted with a crack-resistant, tempered filter that is secured by a

unique, heat-resistant silicone-rubber filter holder. This holder is easily removed for bulb and filter maintenance without any tools. It

also minimizes filter movement during handling, greatly reducing the risk of breakage, and prevents any visible-light leakage.

C-100 Provides High Performance at an Affordable Price.

The C-100 is powered by an encapsulated, magnetic ballast weighing 11 1 /2 lbs. (5.4kg). Its lamp head easily detaches from the metal

handle of the ballast housing, or it can be rotated 3607 in both vertical and horizontal positions while mounted for hands-free use.

SSC-100 Plugs Into Any AC Source.

The SSC-100 has a solid-state power supply that weighs just one pound (0.45kg) for increased portability. It can be used with any

AC-line source, whether it is a standard wall outlet or an aircraft with 400 Hz.

Optional Heat Guard/Stand Protects Users.

The vinyl-coated, stainless-steel HGS-50B heat guard/stand makes operating the C-100

and SSC-100 lamps safer by protecting against burns. Special insulators isolate the lamp

housings, minimizing heat conduction. The HGS-50B helps prevent mechanical shock

damage, resulting in substantial savings on bulb and filter replacement costs. Also, it acts

as a convenient stand so that the unit can be placed filter-side down on a level surface

without damage to the lamp.

Battery Pack Accessory Provides Versatility and Portability.

The SSC-100 can also be powered by the optional SSI-100 solid-state inverter or the

BP-100 battery pack. The BP-100 contains a high-frequency inverter (for maximum power

conversion efficiency) and a “smart” charger that requires only 3 1 /2 hours to recharge the

battery following operation. A step-down transformer is provided with the BP-100 to charge

the battery. A 12-volt, 17-amp hour battery is available separately.

Built Tough for Safety and Long Life.

The C-100 and SSC-100 lamp heads are constructed of anodized aluminum with a stay-cool pistol grip. Their

3-wire, heat-resistant power cords reduce the chance of shock hazard. Both models are UL listed and CSAapproved

versions are also available. The lamps can be ordered in either 115-volt or 230-volt models.

Lamp with optional heat guard/stand

Model Description

C-100 LAMP, Long Wave (UV-A), Complete with 100-Watt Spot Bulb, Filter, 8 Foot Primary Cord and 8 Foot Secondary Cord

C-100X LAMP, Same as Above, with 8 Foot Primary Cord and 20 Foot Secondary Cord

C-100XR LAMP, Same as Above, with 20 Foot Primary Cord, 20 Foot Secondary Cord and Cord Mounting Brackets

C-100R LAMP, Same as Above, with 8 Foot Primary Cord and 30 Foot Retractable Secondary Cord in “Flying” Reel

SSC-100 LAMP, Long Wave (UV-A), Complete with 100-Watt Spot Bulb, Filter and 8 Foot Cord

2F123 Filter, Replacement

BLE-100S/MR 100-Watt Spot Bulb, Replacement

FR-50 Filter Retainer, Replacement


BP-100 BATTERY PACK, Complete with Inverter, Step-Down Transformer and “Smart” Charger in Carrying Case, Less Battery

(for SSC-100 Only)

SSI-100 SOLID-STATE INVERTER, Less Battery (for SSC-100 Only)

9B150 Battery, 12V, 17 Ahr, Rechargeable (for BP-100 Only)



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