Blind Guardian: Studio session with Kai Hansen

Blind Guardian: Studio session with Kai Hansen

Interview – Studio session with Kai Hansen

During the recordings session for Follow The Blind album Hansi got some small

interviews. There are one from them for Metal Hammer magazine.

...important message from metal underground stand material for following interview. What

happend? During short visit at Karo studio Münster arise decision: new Blind Guardian

album see featured Kai Hansen.

His coaction you can hear on two tracks. More information betray Hansi Kürsch /bs,voc/...

Specifically Kai´s work rised from songs Hall Of The King and Valhalla. On both tracks

he recorded guitar solos, besides he sing break /pre-chorus/ and backing vocals on

Valhalla. All recording event we did close during one afternoon.

It was one-shot action, sure. Kai Hansen continue...

Kalle Trapp (producer) and me, we have relationship extended time already. Besides I

hear something about Blind Guardian. Debut album this band somebody through the

discuss compared to old time Helloween album Walls Of Jericho, particularly in the case of

singing. Sure, I was inquisitive to the band. But after the experience with the band in studio

I have to say, in reality they have with old Helloween not so much common things, even

though played speed and melodically. But from all new comer bands they have parallel

nearly to the big bands. The same comparison received old Helloween when all simulacred

us to Iron Maiden.

Second Blind Guardian album take the name Follow The Blind. There guys from Krefeld can

confirm their better musically craft. They played during last year over twenty live shows and

did gather practice. During the second album recording session they demonstrate these

experiencies. Now they know more than during the Battalions Of Fear recording session

1988. Hansi continue...

I consider more well thought out and grown-up new tracks tna tracks from Battalions

album. Some new tracks taken quickly tempo too. Besides self-created songs new album

contain one cover song from sixtieth´years (I don´t disclose) and I think many peoples will

be surprised by new album.

Supply only, Follow The Blind album released by No Remorse Records again, up to end of

March or at beginning of April.

Editor: Dieter Eggert (Germany Metal Hammer 3/1989, translated Milan Skoda)

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