Blind Guardian: Oliver Holzwarth for Czech Fanclub

Blind Guardian: Oliver Holzwarth for Czech Fanclub

Interview – Oliver Holzwarth for Czech Fanclub

22nd August 2003 during Fantasy Metalfest at Pardubice (Czech Republic), I had first

time ever possibility talk face to face with Oliver Holzwrath. Bonhomous guy Oli fulfilled his

promise and some weeks later me and some fans did interview with him through the e-mail.

During nowadays or in the past you worked or joined your bass job with any other band than

with Blind Guardian? (Peter Lukac, Slovakia)

I had my own band SIEGES EVEN when I joined BLIND GUARDIAN for the first time

and I still do have my own project VALPARAISO (

Besides, I play jobs live or in the studio with bands you all do not know about.

And in the future if Blind Guardian be not on the tour or in the studio, would you like subjoin

with your bass craft any other band? (Snek)

I am allways interested in playing live/studio. If it is something interesting and

something done by heart I am convinced that at least it is worth a try.

You take anytime the idea about Sieges Even another album recordings? (Snek)

VALPARAISO is the legitimatre successor of SIEGES EVEN. It is the same line-up with a

new singer from Holland and the same spirit as in the early days when we were doing our

first progressive steps...

I just want to ask to Oliver Holzwarth if Hansi will play bass again in the future. (Jose Lopez

Moreno, Brasil)

You have to ask Hansi. Honestly, I do not have any idea.

Ask Oliver how he found (or has been founded) by Blind Guardian. (Wojciech Oskard

Tapirianus, Poland)

The guys were recording drums for Nightfall in Middle-Eearth when they decided to

take somebody else to do the bass lines. Charlie Bauerfeind, who had been producing the

drum tracks, suggested my name and that is how it started. Sometimes it is so easy: you

just need somebody to incidently think of your name and the most incredible things

instantly start to happen...

If you look back to your musicaly beginnings...Sieges Even was your first band? Tell me

something about your start the music journey. (Snek)

SIEGES EVEN was me and my brothers first real band. We were so impressed and

caught by the new musical spirit of bands like Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Metallica or

Watchtower (just to name a few) that we decided to do our own thing. We had the idea of

creating something special and we invested all our energy and aspiration in this big thing.

That is how we started our musical journey...

I noted that Charlie Bauerfeind arrange one Sieges Even website. He was Sieges Even

producer and your friend any years early than you come to Blind Guardian? (Snek)

Yes - we first met back in 1990 when we were searching for a good and competent

producer for our second album STEPS (SPV). Since that time we have been working

together on several albums. In fact, he somehow is to be made responsible for the fact that I

play with BLIND GUARDIAN;-) I think we are going to do the first VALPARAISO album

together maybe in march 2004. I am really looking forward to this occasion!

What a songs of Blind Guardian contains any your ideas or arrangements? Even your name

never was under Blind Guardian songs like author, I guess after all some your ideas you subjoined

there...right? (Snek)

No - I do not have any influence on the songs. I do contribute my ideas concerning the

basslines; but: there is no space for being really creative in defining rhythm or harmony. I

play bass and that is it.

What a equipment and bass instrument using by you? (Snek)

I play a music man 4 string stingray bass - for rock music it is maybe the most

appropriate solution because it has its own characteristic sound. With this bass you can

penetrate any wall of sound produced by tons of heavy guitars and drums - it is allways

present and definite. You think that you cannot hear it on the BLIND GUARDIAN

recordings? You can! Try it with a good headphone and you will feel it...

What a feeling you shared when you played again with your brother together on one stage

during Thomen illness on south American part of Blind Guardian tour 2002? (Snek)

I just enjoyed the whole situation - especially because we both had not been playing

together for 3 years when they called him to go on stage together in Brasil. A very exciting

and totally amazing tour in my favourite continent.

Where in south America Alex played with Blind Guardian...Sao Paolo etc...? (Snek)

Check out the BLIND GUARDIAN homepage.

Six guys inside one band (I talk about BG)...I guess it´s not too simply for big friendship with

all of five remaining members. With who from Blind Guardian you can talk about anything all

night long without quarrel...or really all four Blind Guardian members are so kindly every

day? ))) (Snek)

First of all it is business. Nevertheless I do have a good relationship especially with

Thomen and Hansi.

What is state of Sieges Even this day? The band finished musicaly life before Paradox

period/era? (Snek)

As I mentioned above, VALPARAISO more or less is SIEGES EVEN - the difference is

that ARNO is our new singer and that we have matured a lot over the years. That is why the

new material sounds similiar to A SENSE OF CHANGE (1992 SPV), the record that we did

with MARKUS before we decided to split. At that time we needed a break but in my opinion

it was almost clear that someday a reunion would take place...

Did you recieved any offer or request from any another band join to other band for example

to the tour or to the recording session than Blind Guardian? (Snek)


Your hobbies (jogging...I know, do you liked Elbe river in my city? ))))) (Snek)

Jogging is what I like to do frequently. At the moment I focus on big band arrangements

- as I am not earning money with this I would consider it to be a hobby;-). And I do like

cooking very much - this is my big passion.

What a musicaly stuff you prefered and listen? (Snek)

I do listen to more complex music like YES, for exemple. And I do not like clones.

When you talked with Hansi and other guys about Blind Guardian plans in the future, your

name will be still bounded with the name Blind Guardian? (Snek)

Nobody knows right now.

You are like guest musician at Blind Guardian from 1997 Nightfall recording session, but so

far I know, most Blind Guardian fans take you as Blind Guaridan band member, me too. The

title "guest musician" comes from what a reasons? It was problem with public the copyrights

under B.G.Pulbishing or the band to have back-door for the case even if Hansi take bass

instrument again in the future? (Snek)

Difficult to answer. In my opinion it is just a matter of not deleting any options. With my

actual status everything for me and the band is possible in the long run. Why should

anybody try to change this?

When you first time hear about Blind Guardian? Do you liked their erstwhile stuff? (Snek)

I prefer their complex stuff, especially the stuff they recorded on their last two records. It

is well written and very interesting stuff.

And, some words to the end...I and many fans would be say you "a big thanx for your job,


THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I appreciate this a lot. Honestly I am looking forward to

play in Czech Republik, again. No matter if it will be with BLIND GUARDIAN or

VALPARAISO or whatever band.

Editor: Milan Skoda (by e-mail on 21st September 2003)

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