Blackboard is a web-based learning environment used at Eastern Washington

University to enable educators to enhance on-campus learning and/or deliver distanceonly

learning by bringing their course materials, class discussions, assignments and

assessments to the Web.

Logging In…


Start your favorite internet web browser – see back of this leaflet for the

suggested system / browser requirements.

Enrolling in a Blackboard Course

Every time you log on to Blackboard the “My Blackboard” screen will appear. Here

you will find a listing of all of the on-line Blackboard courses that you are currently

involved with. See below for instructions on how to enroll in a Blackboard course site.



You must have a Blackboard account (see this sheet for instructions on creating

an account) AND you must be logged into your Blackboard account.

Locate the Course that you are to enroll in:

(a) Click on the "Courses" tab (to the right of the "My Institution" tab),

(b) Use the “Course Search” box on the left for a basic search or the

“Browse Course Catalog” link on right for an advanced search.


In the address window at the top of the browser type in the following web

address: and press the enter key.


Once the EWU Blackboard Login page appears, click on the Create Account

button if you don’t have a Blackboard Account. Click on the Login button

when you have an account and are ready to connect to your Backboard courses.


NOTE: Blackboard has it’s own account system. Currently it does not

share account names and passwords with any other EWU system. Upon

your first exposure to Blackboard please create an account – providing

your own username, password, and account details.

Type your name and email address.

Provide a username and password

you’ll remember. Click the submit

button to create your new account.


When you have a Blackboard account,

type your username and password.

Click the Login button.


(c) To execute the search click the "GO" button (right of the search tool.)

The result of your search will be a list of courses that met your search request, if

the course you want to enroll in is listed on screen then:

Click the "Enroll" button (right-hand side of screen, opposite the name of the

course) and then Click the "Submit" button when it appears.

A message should be returned telling you that you have been successfully

enrolled in the course. Click the OK button to enter the course site.

If you can't find the course via the basic "Course Search" tool, try again with the

“Browse Course Catalog” link which allows a more complex search and

searches different fields. Contact the Instructor if you still can’t find the course.

Your Blackboard Page

Once you have enrolled in one or more Blackboard course, your “My Institution” page

will display the courses you are enrolled in. See the screen graphic below for a brief

description of some of the parts of the “My Institution” page.

Your Course Page

Your course page should look something like the image below. Note: Because the

instructor can customize Blackboard pages, some of the features shown below may not

be enabled in your courses.


Includes links for common

functions such as viewing

announcements or tasks,

reviewing grades, etc.


A consolidated view

of announcements

from all courses you

are enrolled in.

My Courses

This is a list of all the Blackboard

courses that you are involved with.

Click on the course name to open that


Use the Tools menu, Personal Information link to update your email address or password.

Please keep your email address up-to-date in Blackboard!

Blackboard @EWU Computer Guidelines

Windows PC: Pentium PC with Windows 2000 or Windows XP

Macintosh: Mac PowerPC with System 10.2 or later

Windows or Macintosh:

Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser 6.0 (version 5.2 for Mac)

Netscape Web Browser 7.1

Apple Safari Web Browser for Mac

AOL Browser is not supported and not tested for Blackboard

56k modem (broadband connection recommended)

Ensure Java, JavaScript, and Cookies are enabled on your browser.

Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in and RealAudio plug-in


View documents for a course by clicking on the button or link on the left. Menu options vary

from course to course. Blackboard sites can contain Word and Excel files, PDF’s, links to

other web sites, etc. Click on a file to open it. If your web browser recognizes the file’s format

it should open the file, if not, the file will be downloaded to the computer you are working on.

Having problems with Blackboard?




Can’t remember your password? On the Blackboard Login page click on

the “Forgot your password?” link. Then follow the instructions.

Help is available for Eastern’s students:

• Go to the student help desk web address:

and click on the “Find Answers” link, or

• Call a Tech-eze help desk consultant at: 509-359-6411, or

• If you are on the Cheney campus, stop by the Tech-eze service desk

on the lower floor of the JFK Library.

On-line manual for Blackboard: Available from the tools button in one of

your Blackboard courses then click on the on-line manual icon.

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