2011 Polk County Sheriff's Office Annual Report.pdf


2011 Polk County Sheriff's Office Annual Report.pdf

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Polk County Sheriff’s Office

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2011 PCSO Major Events..................................

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PCSO Motivational Poster...........................

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Polk County Sheriff’s Office

executive staff

Steve Lester

Chief of


Andria McDonald

Executive Director of

Business Affairs

Grady Judd


Bryant Grant

Chief of

Department of


W.J. Martin

Chief of

Department of

Law Enforcement

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Members will protect the community by pro actively preventing crime

and safely detaining those arrested. Quality of life will be improved

through innovation, education, teamwork, community partnerships,

and exceptional customer service. We will measure, benchmark, and

create models to ensure professional, efficient, quality service is

provided to those we serve.



Grady Judd

Grady Judd began his career at the Polk County

Sheriff’s Office in 1972 as a dispatcher. After

transferring to the Patrol Division in 1974,

he quickly progressed through the ranks –

holding every rank from Sergeant to Colonel.

In 2004, Polk County overwhelmingly elected

Grady to serve as Sheriff by a 64% majority

vote against two opponents. In November

2008, he was re-elected, with 99% of the

vote. He is now seeking re-election to his

third term as Sheriff.

Sheriff Judd has earned higher education

degrees through the Masters level – having

obtained both a Masters and Bachelor degree

from Rollins College. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, the Senior Management

Institute for Police, the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar, and the FBI

National Executive Institute. He was a recent participant of the Jewish Institute for National

Security Affairs (JINSA) Law Enforcement Exchange Program (LEEP).

Sheriff Judd has taught as an adjunct professor at both the University of South Florida and

Florida Southern College. He is a past recipient of Polk State College’s prestigious Distinguished

Alumni Award, the 2008 Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Citizen Award, and the 2011

Protect Our Children Junny Award. He continues to serve the community on several boards and

committees, including the Volunteers in Service to the Elderly (VISTE) and Polk Vision. He is

currently the Secretary of the Florida Sheriffs Association Board of Directors and the Florida

Sheriffs Emergency Task Force Chairman.

Grady is married to Marisa, his wife of 39 years.


He has two grown sons and eight



from the


In 1861, Polk County was formed with a bright and promising future ahead. The

first Sheriff of Polk County, W.H. Durrance, was elected on February 13, 1861, with great

opportunity and quite a weight of responsibility. Now, 150 years later, the Polk County

Sheriff’s Office is an award-winning, highly effective, comprehensive, and professional

public service agency. We currently hold eight professional accreditations, in conjunction

with a prestigious dual-flagship designation, held by only four law enforcement agencies in

the nation (out of over 15,000).

As we present the Polk County Sheriff’s Office 2011 Annual Report, I can’t help but

wonder what Sheriff Durance would think of our agency today. I believe he would be proud.

The men and women of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office are dedicated – every day – to

keeping you and your family safe by providing the highest quality of law enforcement and

detention services possible.

For yet another year, our proactive crime-fighting efforts and community relationships

have resulted in a safer community for those who live, work, and play in Polk County. The

crime rate in unincorporated Polk County and our contract cities is down 9.1% from 2010 to

2011. Since implementing PROCAP (Proactive Community Attack on Problems) in 1997,

our crime rate has decreased 59.5%! We are safer today than we have been in 40 years!

Our agency suffered a tremendous loss in 2011 – one that hit hard and cut deep. On

September 18, 2011, Bea Reid, Executive Director of the Office of Business Affairs, was

tragically taken from us. Bea was small in stature, but was larger than life, brave, always

upbeat, always smiling – and is sorely missed. She charted new territory, paving the way

for civilians to advance in our agency. As a member of our Executive Staff, Bea held the

third highest position in the agency; she was also the highest ranking female and the highest

ranking civilian in Sheriff’s Office history. We miss her every day! But, we will strive to

live every day like she did – with strength, perseverance, and a bit of humor.

My pledge to the citizens of Polk County is to continue to provide value through

reduced crime and increased quality of life. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office will remain on

the cutting edge in pursuing innovation and maintaining our professional accreditations. In

service to our community, we will ensure professional, efficient, quality service is provided

to those we serve!

Sheriff Grady Judd


Department of

Law Enforcement




Department of

Law Enforcement

The Department of Law Enforcement consists of over 800 men and woman who provide professional

services to Polk County. The Department of Law Enforcement is organized into to four major divisions to

include: West Division, East Division, Criminal Investigations Division, and Special Operations Division.

Polk County

Main Office

Central District

Northeast District

Northwest District

Southeast District

Southwest District

In 2011, the population of the Sheriff ’s primary

service area, including all contract cities was



East and West Division

The East Division, under the leadership of Major Paul A. Baggett,

consists of the Central District, the Southeast District, and the Northeast


The East Division geographically includes the eastern portion of the

county and includes components in each district to deliver services to the

people of Polk County residing or traveling in those areas. Each district is

commanded by a Captain who reports to the Division Commander.

The West Division, under the leadership of Major Larry G. Williams,

Jr., consists of the Southwest District and the Northwest District.


Division Law title

here Enforcement

West and East Division continued

The West Division geographically includes the

western portion of the county.

Within each district there are patrol platoons

which are broken down into different units such as

Community Oriented Policing (COP) Unit, Crime

Suppression Unit, General Crimes Unit, Traffic Unit

and Canine Unit.

The Community Oriented Policing Squads

(COPS) are located in each district and serve specific

communities. Deputies assigned to COPS provide

direct support to their communities in a variety of ways

to address crime and social issues through community

partnerships and different methods of service delivery.

The General Crimes Unit (GCU) is located

within each of the patrol districts. Detectives assigned

to the GCU are responsible for conducting followup

investigations on felony property crimes, and a

number of felony person crimes.

Community Contacts


Proactive Law Enforcement

In 1997, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office

adopted “PROCAP”, a proactive approach to combating

crime and its effects on the community. The Proactive

Community Attack on Problems program uses crime

analysts and mapping software to alert deputies to realtime

crime trends, allowing them to immediately deploy

the necessary resources to effectively fight crime. The

basis of PROCAP is to prevent crime from occurring in

the first place, instead of relying solely on the reactive

policing method of investigating past-occurred crimes.

PROCAP has been a highly successful tool in reducing

the crime rate in Polk County since its inception 12

years ago.

did you


In 2011, PCSO deputies made 724,318

community contacts. Almost 2,000 a day! A

community contact is defined as interaction

with the Polk County community in reference

to criminal activity, prevention and deterrence

of crime, quality of life issues, holiday season

prevention tips for our neighborhood children,

and/or just to be friendly and show that we



Community Partnerships

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is proud

to provide six municipalities with top quality law

enforcement services. These municipalities can take

advantage of our winning formula for law enforcement

as well as save time and money by eliminating the

taxing administrative overhead of maintaining their

own separate law enforcement agency.

Each of these six municipalities are provided

the same level of excellent customer service to

which they are accustomed, at a cost savings to their

taxpayers. Officers who were previously employed by

them, who met PCSO qualifications, are now sworn

deputy sheriffs answering calls for service in their

“hometown.” A sergeant is assigned to oversee each

substation and the deputies who serve in the area.

Thanks to joint communications and

community partnerships, deputies and police officers

now work together more expeditiously towards crime

suppression and apprehending those who prey upon

our citizens.

Division Law title

Here Enforcement

PCSO District Offices

Sheriff’s Operations Center:

1891 Jim Keene Blvd., Winter Haven


Northwest District:

1045 Wedgewood Estates Blvd., Lakeland


Northeast District:

1100 Dunson Road., Davenport


Southwest District:

4120 US Hwy 98 South, Lakeland


Southeast District:

4011 Sgt. Mary Campbell Way, Lake Wales


Central District:

3635 Avenue G NW., Winter Haven


PCSO substation

contact information

Eagle Lake Sheriff’s Station:

75 North 7th Street, Eagle Lake


Fort Meade Sheriff’s Station:

15 Northwest 1st Street, Fort Meade


did you


The cities of Auburndale, Lake Wales,

Davenport, and Winter Haven have

contracted to have their dispatch services

operated through the PCSO Emergency

Communications Center.

Frostproof Sheriff’s Station:

111 West 1st Street. Frostproof


Polk City Sheriff’s Station:

123 Broadway Blvd, Polk City


Dundee Sheriff’s Station:

204 East Main Street, Dundee


Mulberry Sheriff’s Station:

104 South Church Ave., Mulberry



Division Law title

here Enforcement

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division consists of the Bureau of Special Investigations, which investigates

crimes involving illegal narcotics, vice crimes, organized auto theft, street gangs, and computer crimes; and the

Bureau of Criminal Investigations, which investigates homicides, robberies, crimes against children and the

elderly, and missing persons.

The Criminal Investigations Division is an integral component in solving crime.

Bureau of Criminal Investigations

On Tuesday, June 7, 2011, just after midnight,

a man positively identified as the suspect responsible

for seven home invasions, an occupied burglary, and a

stolen vehicle in the north Lakeland area was shot and

killed by PCSO deputies after he pointed a handgun at

the deputies and refused to surrender.

At just after midnight that morning, PCSO

deputies, who had worked around the clock during the

months of May and June 2011 to identify the suspect

or suspects responsible for a series of armed home

invasions, received information that the suspect vehicle

was in the area of the 3200 block of Crutchfield Road.

Deputies responded to the area and located the suspect

vehicle, a gold 1996 Lincoln Town Car, backed into a

vacant lot. They then saw a black male suspect dressed

in all dark clothing, with a black stocking cap on his

head, and a camouflage bandanna around his neck,

walking directly towards two PCSO deputies parked in

a surveillance vehicle. The suspect walked around the

PCSO unmarked vehicle and headed back west. As he

did so, the deputies in the surveillance vehicle saw a

black handgun in the suspect’s hand.

The deputies immediately exited their vehicle,

identified themselves as PCSO deputies, and demanded

that the suspect drop his weapon and surrender. Instead,

the suspect pointed the handgun at the deputies and

ran. The deputies fired their agency-issued Glock .40

caliber handguns at the suspect to eliminate the deadly

threat posed by him. The suspect, positively identified

as 29-year-old Eric Terrell Bradwell, was declared

deceased on scene. The suspect’s handgun, a Taurus

9mm confirmed stolen during the first home invasion

investigated by PCSO, on May 10, 2011, was located on

the ground nearby.


prints filed


Crime Scene response

calls for service


Crime Scene hours

spent processing

evidence 7,816

pieces of



in ID Section



did you


Division Crime Rate title




Crime Down 59.9%


Homicides 12

Forced Sex Offenses 136

Robberies 185

Agg. Assault/Battery 955

Thanks to PROCAP, COPS, and other community

partnerships implemented over the past 11 years,

crime decreased 59.9% comparing 2011 to 1997.

Each year, PCSO reports to the FDLE its Uniform

Crime Report (UCR) statistics, broken down

between violent crimes and non-violent crimes. The

total number of crimes worked by PCSO in 1997

were 19,169, compared to 10,761 in 2011 (including

contract municipalities), despite population

growth and an increase in calls for service.


Burglaries 3,274

Larcenies 5,779

Motor Vehicle Thefts 420




Division Law title

here Enforcement

Bureau of Special Investigations

On March 30, 2011, George “Georgie”

Pizano, Jr.; Charles “Casper” Harrison; and Omero

Penaloza were federally charged and sentenced to

federal prison for 20 years, followed by 10 years of

probation. The indictments came after an extensive

investigation and the arrest of 50 suspects during

“Operation Clean Sweep.”

Through the diligent efforts of the PCSO

undercover narcotics detectives, partnering with

special agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement

Administration, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the

State Attorney’s Office of the 10th Judicial Circuit,

these three suspects were indicted on Federal

Methamphetamine Trafficking charges.

During this investigation, detectives

identified 47 additional drug traffickers operating

mainly on the East side of Polk County, specifically

in the areas of Dundee, Lake Hamilton, and Lake

Wales. Charges on these investigations range from

Trafficking to Sales charges, including the following

illegal narcotics: Methamphetamine, Cocaine,

MDMA (“Ecstasy”), Marijuana, Alprazolam

(Xanax), Steroids, and Morphine. Polk County

arrest warrants were obtained on these 47 subjects

as a result of this East Polk County initiative.

In all, detectives and special agents made

248 felony charges, 32 misdemeanor charges, and

32 trafficking charges against the 50 suspects.

They seized 508 grams of Marijuana, 440 grams

of Meth, 132 grams of Cocaine, over 160 grams

of other illegal narcotics, and over $3,000 in U.S.

currency during the investigation.

crime stoppers

tips received:

arrests made:



CASH REWARDS for tips leading

to arrests: $31,335


Crime Stoppers



PCSO Drug Hotline


Child Abuse Hotline


PCSO Graffiti

Eradication Program


iPhone and Droid users can download

a free tip submit app to anonymously

report crime.

To install these free apps,

please visit www.tipsoft.com.


Traffic Unit

The traffic unit

is comprised of

two sergeants and

twenty deputy


In 2011, the


Squad of the Polk

County Sheriff ’s

Office Traffic Unit participated in the 5th annual

Police Motorcycle Skills Championships held at Bruce

Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson, Destination Daytona

in Ormond Beach. The competition is a fast paced

rolling display of motorcycle skill and safety. Seventy

police and sheriff ’s motorcycle officers from 22

agencies across Florida and the Southeastern United

States attended the event. The motor units pushed

themselves and their machines through a series of six

courses laid out across the three-acre parking lot of the

Daytona Harley-Davidson. The event helped the law

enforcement officers sharpen their skills by simulating

Division Law title

Here enforcement




did you


In 2011, the PCSO Traffic Homicide

Unit participated in two programs

sponsored by the Florida Department of


The first was the Florida Law

Enforcement Challenge which tracks

and analyzes agencies’ traffic safety and

enforcement programs such as “Drive

Sober or Get Pulled Over,” and “Click It

or Ticket.” For agencies of the same size,

the PCSO was awarded first place.

The second was FDOT’s Florida

Law Enforcement DUI Challenge, which

tracks and analyzes an agency DUI

Enforcement program as it pertains to

traffic safety, training, and enforcement

programs and compares these to the

amount of crash/injury reduction in a

variety of areas for a set time period.

PCSO was awarded second place for an

agency their size

real world emergency situations a motor deputy may

face. The PCSO Traffic deputies earned several awards:

Deputy Nick Taylor received first place in the Class

2 individual competition with Deputy Mike Walsh

taking 8th, Deputy Steve Neil taking 9th, and Deputy

David Ogg finishing 10th.

Traffic crashes




Division Law title

here Enforcement

Canine Unit

The Canine Unit is comprised of a Sergeant and 22 canine teams.

The deputies selected for the Canine Unit are among the most

motivated and dedicated members of the agency. Each patrol

canine handler must complete 400 hours (10 weeks) of tracking

and detector training (narcotics or explosives) prior to graduating

to another 400 hour course by the Florida Department of Law

Enforcement Basic Canine Team Training. This course teaches

the dog and handler all aspects of law enforcement canine

including suspect apprehension, handler protection, tracking

of suspects and missing persons, area searches for suspects,

canine agility, and intense obedience training. The Canine Unit

conducts all basic and in-service training utilizing experienced

canine handlers as instructors. These instructors are certified

canine trainers by the FDLE Criminal Justice Standards and

Training Commission. The FDLE Basic Canine Team Training

Course is sanctioned by the Kenneth C. Thompson Institute of

Public Safety.

did you


Seventeen of the Canine Unit’s

dogs are trained in both patrol work and

detection. Twelve of the canines are cross

trained to detect illegal narcotics and 4

of them are trained to detect explosives.

The explosive detection canine teams

are routinely utilized to conduct security

sweeps of public buildings, respond to

bomb threats, and are tasked with dignitary

protection when high profile personnel

visit Polk County.

Scenario based training has evolved

to each training day in order to present

“real world” situations to canine handlers

and canines so they are best prepared for

incidents which may occur on the street.


Vehicles searches

by PCSO canine 429

In 2011, the PCSO

Canine Unit

assisted other

agencies 670 times

Division title


Special Operations

The Special Operations Division supports law

enforcement through the innovative use of Aviation,

Environmental and Marine Unit, Agriculture, School

Resource, School Crossing, Telecommunication, and

Animal Control services. Special Operations also

provides crisis response and control teams to include

the PCSO Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team,

Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT), the Mounted Search

and Rescue Team (MSART), the Protective Service

Team, and the Honor Guard.

Environmental and Marine, Agriculture, and

Aviation deputies are specially-trained to deploy a

variety of specialty vehicles and equipment, including

several types of watercraft, all-terrain vehicles, as well

as fixed-wing and rotor aircraft. They also investigate

special crimes that occur in the rural areas of the

county. In 2011, Environmental and Marine units

had 135 felony arrests and spent approximately 6,591

hours conducting investigations.

In 2011, 600 people

attended the Adoption

Event at Animal Control

for Miranda Trail Animals.

79 animals were adopted

that day.

animal cruelty




did you


Environmental and Marine, Aviation,

and Agricultural total calls

for service 4,448

During 2011, agricultural deputies

responded to 2,681 calls for service.



Communications Center

Emergency Communications Center (ECC)

The ECC blends

law enforcement,

emergency medical, and

fire communications

into one state-of-theart

emergency dispatch

services facility. Sheriff

Grady Judd was the

leading proponent for

blending all emergency

dispatch services under

one authority, centrally

located, and housed

together for efficiency and effective management.

The planning process began after 3 major

hurricanes hit Polk County in 2004.

In July of 2010, Florida legislation

was passed that requires public safety

telecommunicators become state certified by

October 1, 2012. The Department of Health

developed the required curriculum for the Public

Safety Telecommunicators Training Course

(PSTC). The training program consists of a

minimum of 232 hours. In order to be certified,

the telecommunicator must complete a PSTC and

pass a state exam.

did you


In order to be fully trained in all disciplines,

the Telecommunicator is required to

complete 2,036 hours of training.


Classroom training (all telecommunicators)

LE Call Taking

LE Dispatch

Animal Control Dispatch

Fire/EMS Call Taking

Fire/EMS Radio

Fire/EMS Dispatch

911 Call Taking

did you











The Emergency Communications Center

is one of the first buildings in Polk County

with LEED certification - the first green,

environmentally friendly government

building in the county.




Northeast District

1100 Dunson Road

Davenport, FL 33896


Northwest District

1045 Wedgewood Estates Blvd.

Lakeland, FL 33809


Central District

3635 Avenue G, NW

Winter Haven, FL 33880


Southwest District

4120 US HWY 98, South

Lakeland, FL 33801


Sheriff’s Operations Center

1891 Jim Keene Blvd.

Winter Haven, Florida 33880


Southeast District

4011 Sgt. Mary Campbell Way.

Lake Wales, FL 33859



Department of



Department of Detention

The Department of Detention

provides booking and detention services for

all law enforcement agencies within Polk

County, and houses out-of-county and outof-state

inmates awaiting transport.

In addition to providing inmate

processing, security, housing, food, and

medical services within the two large jail

facilities, the members of the Department of

Detention are also responsible for courthouse

security, court processing services,

transportation services, and the inmate work


The Department of Detention is

comprised of certified detention deputies,

civilian support members, and sworn deputy

sheriffs. It is divided into two Divisions: the

Support Division and the Security Division.

The Support Division encompasses

Inmate Intake, Inmate Records, Inmate

Programs, Court Security, Court Process, and

Food Services.

The Security Division encompasses

the Central County Jail in Bartow and the

South County Jail in Frostproof.

2011 Jail Population

Daily Average Population: 2,109

Rated Capacity: 2,576

(Central County Jail and South County Jail year end 2011)



Central County Jail

Four G.E.D. Courses


1 course for females

3 courses for males

JASA (Jail Alternatives to

Substance Abuse)

offered to males and females

Faith-Based Dormitories

dormitories in which

numerous on-going programs occur

Better Dads (by court order)

parenting-skills classes offered to

male parents

Parenting by Grace

(by court order)

parenting-skills class offered to

female parents




South County Jail


N.A. (Narcotics


A.A. (Alcoholics


Weekly Religious


G.E.D. Courses

(Offered to juveniles)

did you


In 2011, the Court Security

section of the Department of

Detention completed 226,095

cases and had 1,451,610

courthouse visitors.

Inmates Booked into PCSO jail



Division title



In 2011,

Central Booking



27 jail tours

were conducted and

521 people toured our


Polk County Jail Daily Subsistence Fee

On April 15, 2009, the Polk County

Sheriff ’s Office started charging inmates a $2.00

a day “subsistence fee.” The new fee is specifically

authorized in Florida Statue 951.033. The fees are

used to subsidize the cost of incarcerating inmatesincluding

costs and services for items such as food,

clothing, laundry, etc.

The $2.00 subsistence fee is assessed daily and

collected through the inmate accounting system. If

an inmate has insufficient funds in his/her account

to pay the fee, the fee will be charged to the account

and a running balance will be maintained.

No inmate is denied access to food, medical

care, or hygienic products if they do not have funds

in their inmate accounts or if they do not have funds

available during the booking process to pay the fees.

In FY 10/11, $292,051 was collected from

Polk County Jail inmates based on the subsistence


Aside from the $2.00 daily fee the following

fees have already been implemented and are currently

in place in order to defray the cost of booking and

incarceration: for medical co-payments ($21,473

collected), hygiene items ($45,663 collected), and

per diem charges ($233,805 collected). These

funds help to reduce the overall operating costs for

jail booking, housing prisoners, as well as feeding

and clothing prisoners. The average cost per day

per Polk County Jail inmate for fiscal year 2011 is



total cost per meal

served 3 times a day


miles were driven by

the transportation unit







did you


inmates were sent to prison

inmates transported

victim notifications

meals served

tons of laundry serviced

people visited inmates


Division Detention title


Inmate Labor

Inmate labor provides valuable assistance

to the Department of Detention. Inmates work

in the jail kitchens, laundry room, and clean and

maintain all jail areas. In 2011, the free inmate labor,

is conservatively valued at $4.8 MILLION





PCSO Jail Inmate

Work Program

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Work

Program consists of both weekday and weekend


The Inmate Work Program serves a three-fold

purpose: it allows an individual to pay his/her debt

to society, allows an individual to maintain gainful

employment, and also eliminates the expense to the

taxpayer to house these individuals in the detention

facilities. Inmates pay a daily fee for the privilege of

working in the program.

Provided the person successfully completes

the program, his/her sentence is served. If the Inmate

Work Program inmate fails to obey the rules or fails

to show up as directed, he/she will be arrested and

must serve the remainder of their sentence in jail.

did you


70 participants of the Faith Based

Program graduated and 50 were


In 2011, there were 442 new inmate


QWhat types of tasks are

performed by inmates

participating in the work


inmates in the work program

clean roadways, service &

clean county vehicles and

buildings, & maintain county

and city grounds.

Inmates collected 3,471

tires in 2011

Weekday Program

PCSO Inmate Work

Program total man hours


Polk County road

miles cleaned 2,126

Partnering with municipal and county agencies,

the Polk County Sheriff’s Office provides inmate labor

to many work locations. Inmates who participate in the

Weekday Program report directly to a work location.

This program was created to assist the county and cities

to reduce personnel costs and allows the Polk County

Sheriff’s Office an opportunity to maximize the use of

inmates sentenced to this program.

Weekend Program

The Weekend Work Program consists of

individuals who have been sentenced to spend a certain

number of weekends on a work program instead of

completing their sentence in jail.


Division title



Office of

Business Affairs

Office Division of title

Business Here Affairs

Office of Business Affairs

The Office of Business Affairs is comprised of Fiscal Services, Human Resources, Information Technology,

and Business Services. Each of these four integral parts work behind the scenes in positions that allow our sworn

law enforcement and certified detention members to better combat criminal activity and safely detain those




1,675 Full-Time Members

659 Sworn

358 Detention

658 Civilian

72 Part-Time Members

1,747 Total Members






did you


applications/prescreens were processed

attended mandatory training courses

pre-employment testings conducted

employment interviews

vendor background checks

Human Resource Division

In 2011, the Human Resource Division

continued to promote our mission “ Pride in Service”

with the underlying messages of Customer Service

and Ethics.

In August, the Human Resource Division

held an Education Fair for agency members as well

county personnel and local police departments. Sixtyseven

people attended the fair with 550 Education


In continuing to work with the High Liability

Special Project Team, a 5-Minute Safety Training

topic is prepared and sent out every two weeks for

supervisors to discuss with members.

Members of the Benefits Unit continue to

partner with the BoCC in planning the annual

Health Fair, which include one day being held at the

SOC for the first time since its inception. During the

four days, a total of 528 blood draws were collected

and more than 700 flu vaccines were administered.

Our members seemed to be pleased that we were

able to bring the Health Fair to the SOC. We have

also implemented our new Wellness Program with

Preventure and have sent our information regarding

the benefits of the program to members’ homes as well

as email blasts. The Wellness Committee is working

with Preventure for them to assist us in selecting and

training Wellness Advocates to increase the awareness

of the program.


Division title




667 full-time

members hold college


Of the 667 of degreeholding


the breakdown of the

highest level of degrees

held is as follows:










The Polk County Sheriff ’s Office supports

members seeking higher education and professional

certification. By doing so, the agency not only provides

enhanced, professional services, but also more

effectively manages its workload. Currently, 253 fulltime

members hold Associate’s degrees, 291 full-time

members hold Bachelor’s degrees, 122 members hold

Master’s degrees, and 5 hold Doctorate degrees.


The Certified Public Manager (CPM) program

is an intense, 8-level course spread over 18 months,

taught by Florida State University. The curriculum is

geared toward the development of highly-professional

and competent managers and leaders in the public

sector. The Polk County Sheriff ’s Office offers the

CPM program to members in management positions

throughout the agency in an effort to maintain the

highest standard of professionalism.

Records Division

The Records Section is responsible for recording

and storing case files. It is composed of the Offense

Records Unit, Data Entry Unit, and Technical Services

Unit. These three units work together to service law

enforcement agencies and public demands.




did you


felony warrants were processed

offense/incident reports were processed

walk-up requests for assistance were served


Division title


did you


In 2011, Training staff facilitated

more than 1,500 hours of classes

to Federal, State, County, and

Municipal agencies.


The Polk County Sheriff ’s Office training function

is headquartered at the Burnham-McCall Training

Center located at 2201 Old Bartow-Eagle Lake Road,

Bartow. The center includes administrative offices, classrooms,

and training areas for the Emergency Response

Team, the Canine Unit, an agility course, and ranges for

various weaponry training.

The training staff developed a compressive plan

for future development of the Training site in 2011.

During this past calendar year, the staff of the Training

Center has facilitated the construction of two additional


At no cost to the tax payers of Polk County, a new

shoot house was constructed using grant funding and

inmate labor. This new facility uses modern materials

that will provide even greater training opportunities.

The virtual simulator has been a tool widely used

by both the Department of Law Enforcement and the

Department of Detention. Most notably, the use of this

tool has significantly reduced the costs associated with

Taser® recertifications by eliminating the need to shoot

live cartridges at a cost of $15.00 per unit.

While the Driving Pad project was postponed, a

new bathroom facility was purchased and installed as we

closed fiscal year 2011.


hours of


were delivered to

PCSO personnel


courses were offered

throughout the 2011 year.


Division Office of title

here Business Affairs

Information Technology (IT)

The PCSO Information Technologies Division

manages the equipment and software utilized

throughout the agency. They are responsible for the

storing, protecting, processing, transmitting, and

retrieving information generated by agency members.

In 2011, the PCSO Information Technology

Section implemented the false alarm reporting

software, CryWolf. The CryWolf system works with

the agency’s Tiburon CAD (computer automated

dispatch) system and automatically pulls false alarm

data and generates a report. The software records the

number of false alarms at each location. Letters of

notice regarding frequent abuses in the False Alarm

Ordinance are then automatically generated. The

process saves time and reduces the chance of error in

tracking false alarms.

In 2011, IT, in conjunction with the PCSO Identification

Section, implemented a RapidID system. This system

is comprised of a server as well as the RapidID devices

themselves. RapidID allows a deputy on a scene to capture

suspect fingerprints and run those prints against the FDLE

database getting results within a few minutes. This technology

is especially helpful if suspects have no ID or are supplying

false information.


The Fleet Services Section currently services

approximately 1,400 vehicles for both mechanical

and cosmetic appearances.

Throughout 2011, Fleet personnel performed

5,000 repair orders. These repairs equaled 11,814

hours in labor with a parts cost of $1,327,951. They

strive to reduce the “down time” for vehicles and

average 6-8 hours on each vehicle’s time in the

maintenance shop.

did you


over 17 million

miles were logged on

agency vehicles in FY 10/11

◆ Combined, the Fleet staff has more than 70 years

experience and is ASE certified.

◆ By performing in-house regular maintenance on

our vehicles, considerable amounts of money and

time are saved. Routine maintenance is performed

at regular intervals.



FY 2010/2011


lock up/ housing

fee per diem


was collected from

inmates for medical





hygiene kits

$2 million

was saved from hours

donated by Reserve

Deputies & civilians

did you



total subsistence

fee collect

In 2011, $114,800 was collected as reward

money from the Social Security Administration

for identifying inmates who were receiving

ineligible Social Security benefits.

Office Division of title

Business Here Affair

did you


Sheriff Grady Judd


$6.5 million

to the County Commissioners

from fiscal year 10-11

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is

recognized for its practice of optimizing the

use of sworn and certified employees, deputy

sheriffs, and detention deputies, to perform high

risk law enforcement and detention duties. For

administrative functions, the agency employs

civilians in many positions that other agencies

may staff with sworn and certified deputies, which

has reduced our personnel and operating costs



Division title

here Budget


On July 14, 2011, Sheriff Grady Judd

presented the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Fiscal Year

2011-2012 proposed budget for approval by the Board of

County Commissioners. The proposed budget is about

$128 million, down from the $130.5 million the year

before. This is the third consecutive year that Sheriff

Judd has proposed a budget that is less than that of the

previous year. In addition to presenting his proposed

budget, Sheriff Judd told Polk County commissioners

he was going to cut down an additional $45,000 from his

annual jail costs by not giving free underwear to male

inmates when they’re booked in the Polk County Jail.

Personnel 76.5%


Operating 22.5%


Capital 1%


Law Enforcement 61.4%

(including Animal Control)


Detention 33.9%


Court Services 4.7%



Office of

the Sheriff


Division Office oftitle

here the Sheriff

Office of

Professional Compliance

The Office of Professional Compliance

strives to achieve and maintain the highest level of

“organizational excellence” throughout the agency. Its

three main components are the Strategic Planning Unit,

Accreditation Unit, and Property and Evidence.




did you


The population of the Sheriff’s primary service

area, including all contract cities, was 397,925 in 2011.

Polk County’s total population has increased

approximately 24.98% since 2000, ranking Polk as

the ninth most populated county in Florida.

According to the University of Florida’s Bureau

of Economic and Business Research (BEBR) 2011

estimates, Polk County’s estimated population in

2015 could range from a low of 631,000 to a high of


According to BEBR, the population of Polk

County was estimated at 604,792 in 2011.


The Polk County Sheriff ’s Office is a

proven, professional leader in law enforcement and

has maintained eight national and international


PCSO was named a Flagship Agency in 2006

and 2009, and with the second designation as a

Flagship Agency for Public Safety Communications in

2011, the agency is one of only four law enforcement

agencies in the nation with both the CALEA

and PSCA Flagship designations. In order to be

nominated as a Flagship Agency, a law enforcement

agency must have had three on-site assessments

which demonstrated that the agency is the best of the

best. An on-site assessment is conducted once every

three years.

pieces of evidence in the custody

of the Property and Evidence Unit

as of December 2011: 223,644

Office of Legal Affairs

The Office of Legal Affairs works directly with

local, state, and federal agencies, including Judges and

other attorney’s offices. It also works in conjunction

with the Department of Law Enforcement,

Department of Detention, and Office of Business


Due to the efforts of the Office of Legal Affairs,

$140,206.43 was recovered in forfeiture cases.

Division Office title of

Here the Sheriff


contracts were



Office of Legal Affairs...

• 206 contracts created or entered into

• filed 33 animal cruelty cases

• closed 20 animal cruelty cases


Investigations Section

The Administrative Investigations Section’s

primary mission is to establish and maintain the

integrity of the Polk County Sheriff ’s Office and its

members, maintain the confidence of the citizens

of Polk County, and to protect the public from

unprofessional conduct by agency members as a part

of the agency’s legal and ethical responsibility to its

members and the citizens of Polk County.

• collected $2,635.50 in animal

cruelty cases

• successfully closed 96 new PCSO

forfeiture cases

did you


In 2011, the AI section trained

for 756 hours and conducted

210 interviews.


Division Office oftitle

here the Sheriff

Office of


The Office of Communications is comprised of the Public Information Office, the Crime Prevention

Unit, the Volunteer Services Unit (including Citizens’ Assisted Patrol), the Volunteer Chaplain’s Program,

and the Multimedia Education and Training Unit.

The Public Information Office is responsible for disseminating information to the community, as well

as members of the Sheriff ’s Office, through audio, visual, print, and Internet communications. The Public

Information Office serves as the liaison to local and national news media (print, radio, and broadcast). The

Public Information Office aids in crime prevention and community awareness by writing and distributing

news releases, Crime Stoppers Bulletins, The Cyber Star monthly PCSO external e-newsletter, and The

Shining Star monthly internal e-newsletter.

Public Information Office

Multimedia Education and Training Unit

In 2011, the Multimedia Education and

Training Unit provided audio and visual assistance

to the Law Enforcement Memorial dedication,

Director Bea Reid’s funeral, Officer Crispin’s funeral

and completed filming projects for Peace River, the

American Red Cross, and Citizen’s CPR as well as

many more internal projects.

• 120 hours assisting other agencies

• 98 external video segments

• 881 internal video segments

• 214

• 426

• 207

• 28

• 5,336

crime stoppers releases

news releases

news stories


news conferences


contacts with the


• 87,976 newsletters


• 105 video production requests

Citizen CPR Public Service

Announcement video shoot


Division Office title of

Here the Sheriff

Social Media

Social media is a phenomenon that has totally

changed how we communicate with each other. Now,

instead of relying on traditional methods for getting news,

we go to the Internet and our social media sites. We get

news faster and with less filtering or interpretation from

traditional news providers. We meet new friends and

business associates, and we catch up with old friends and


By the end of 2011...

the PCSO facebook page had

10,834 fans!

the PCSO Facebook page had

28,464 “likes and comments”

on News Feed stories.

624,933 people viewed the

PCSO facebook page.

did you


In 2011, our PCSO Facebook page received

numerous tips throughout the year from our PCSO

fans to help our detectives solve crimes and capture


Follow Us! Like Us! Watch Us!


Office of

the Sheriff

Crime Prevention Section

The Crime Prevention Section offers many

valuable services to the community by hosting

education and awareness programs, and safety

training courses for children, adults, and seniors,

in order to assist and equip community members

seeking to enhance the quality of life and the safety

of their homes, businesses, personal property, and

loved ones.

The Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with

Polk County Emergency Operations, implemented

the “First Call” alert system during February 2011.

The First Call system, and the previously used

system, allowed us to send 452 communicator

messages to Polk County residents, reaching

260,819 citizens. In 2011, the Suncoast Crime

Prevention Association presented Volunteer

Services Coordinator Robert Groover with the

Arthur S. Walls Award for being The Outstanding

Crime Prevention Practitioner in 2011.

did you


In 2011, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and

the State Attorney’s Office (10th Judicial Circuit)

sponsored a Drug Prevention Video/Poster Contest

within Polk County public, charter, and private

middle/senior high schools. The video contest rules

required students in the audio visual departments

of the schools to create a 25 second video containing

a drug prevention message, while the poster contest

required students in the art departments to create

either a hand drawn or digital created poster, also

with a drug prevention message.

• 69

• 200

• 14

• 930

• 74,209

• 452

Crime Prevention

• 260,819

car seat check


car seat checks


women’s selfdefense


crime prevention


citizen contacts

First Call Alert messages


successful First Call


Video Winners

1st place: All Saints’ Academy

2nd Place: Stambaugh Middle School

3rd Place: Bartow High School

Poster Contest Winners:

1st Place: Union Academy

2nd Place: Lake Region High School

3rd Place: Boone Middle School


Volunteer Services

The largest component of the Volunteer Services

Section is the Citizen’s Assisted Patrol program (CAP).

It is organized in 53 communities and 2 trails across

Polk County. Not only are they in the unincorporated

areas of the county but also in the cities of Lakeland and

Haines City. This highly successful program assists the

Sheriff’s Office in deterring crime by providing high

visibility patrol and reporting suspicious activities to

the Emergency Communications Center and district

supervisors. Other areas where volunteers are utilized

are: Animal Control, Detention, Human Resources,

Records, Seniors vs Crime, and Special Operations.

The PCSO CAP program received the 2011

Public Service Award from the Quality Senior Living

Awards in August 23, 2011. The award was presented

by the Florida Council on Aging.

Volunteer Chaplaincy Program

The Volunteer Chaplaincy Program consists of

21 volunteer chaplains from various denominations.

Their duties involve counseling with the members of

the public and their families who are victims of crime

and other traumatic occurrences, such as fatal crashes.

They also counsel and provide support for members of

the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and their families.

In 2011, lead PCSO detention counselor

Chaplain Daniel “Heath” Woolman, happened to

drive by a crash site just after it occurred. Chaplain

Woolman and his wife, along with other bystanders,

stopped their cars and got out to assist, pulling nearly

everyone involved from the wrecked vehicles before

both vehicles were engulfed in flames.

Office of

the Sheriff

2011 Volunteer Services

• 208 PCSO volunteers

• 2,751 CAP Volunteers

• 107,562 PCSO and CAP

volunteer hours

Volunteer Chaplaincy


190 ride-alongs

450 counseling sessions

179 hospital & home visits

50 trauma/death


2,112 volunteer hours


Division 2011 PCSO title

here News Events


Sheriff Judd warns Polk store owners about illegal sale of

“bath salts” containing “fake Cocaine”

On January 26, 2011, Secretary of State’s Office, Attorney General Pam Bondi signed a “Notice Of

Emergency Rule” designating compounds commonly known as “bath salts” (MDPV and others) a

controlled substance.


Polk County Sheriff’s Office Detectives Arrest 17 in Prostitution


In a nine-hour-investigation on Thursday, February 3, 2011, targeting solicitation to

commit prostitution, Polk County Sheriff ’s Office Vice Unit detectives arrested 17 males

charging them with crimes ranging from Solicit to Commit Prostitution, to Possession of

Hydrocodone. The investigation concentrated on the Wabash area of Lakeland.


Three Sent to Federal Prison from Eastside Clean Sweep Operation

On March 30, 2011, George “Georgie” Pizano, Jr., Charles ‘Casper’ Harrison, and Omero Penaloza

have been charged and would be sentenced to 20 years of federal prison time followed by 10 years

of probation.




Polk County Sheriff’s Office Detectives Arrest 60 in Operation

Targeting Online Prostitution

In an undercover investigation targeting online adult ads, which began Monday, April 11, 2011,

and through Sunday, April 17, 2011, Polk County Sheriff ’s Office detectives arrested 60 suspects,

both male and female, and charged them with either Soliciting another for Prostitution, Deriving

Proceeds from Prostitution, or Aiding and Abetting Prostitution. Additional charges included

Drug Possession and Violation of Probation.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Woman for Child Abuse

and Child Pornography Charges

45-year-old Robin Leigh Pagoria, was charged by Polk County deputies with: Aggravated Child

Abuse (3 counts), Production of Child Pornography (3 counts), Promotion of Child Pornography

(3 counts), and Possession of Child Pornography (3 counts). She is charged with severely whipping

two children she had access to, between the ages of 10 and 18. She also filmed and distributed the

video of the whippings to another person. The other person lives outside the state and is currently

under investigation.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office Dismantles Heroin Trafficking


A total of 33 people have been arrested after a 14-month-long investigation into one of Polk County’s

largest heroin trafficking organizations in Polk County history. On Tuesday, June 14, 2011, Polk

County Sheriff ’s Office undercover narcotics detectives, in conjunction with the U.S. Immigration

and Customs Enforcement, arrested five males who were part of the Lakeland based organization.

Twenty-seven others were arrested and charged throughout the duration of the investigation with

one suspect being sought.


Division 2011 PCSO title

Here News Events

No more free men’s underwear at the Polk County Jail

Sheriff Grady Judd announced during a budget presentation to the Polk County Board of County

Commissioners that the Polk County Jail would no longer provide free underwear to male inmates

booked into the jail. The move will save an estimated $45,000 per year in operation costs.


“Clumsy Beer Thief” Arrested In Lake Wales

On Wednesday, August 24, 2011, Polk County Sheriff ’s deputies arrested the suspect known as the

“clumsy beer thief ” who tripped and fell on his saggy pants when he attempted to steal beer from

a convenience store, and charged him with one count of Petit Theft. The suspect was positively

identified via the suspect vehicle seen in the surveillance video from the store.


Mulberry Man Charged With Attempted Murder And Animal

Cruelty After Stabbing Girlfriend, And Stabbing Dog To Death

Polk County Sheriff ’s deputies arrested a Mulberry man on Tuesday, September 6, 2011, and

charged him with 1 count Attempted Murder - Domestic Violence, 1 count Aggravated Assault

of LEO, and 1 count Animal Cruelty Causing Death, after he used an 8-inch long butcher knife to

stab his live-in girlfriend and his dog, severely wounding his girlfriend and killing the dog.




Polk County Juvenile Detention Facility Safe, Secure, & Cost

Effective Polk Taxpayers to save $7 million to $10 million over five


Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced today that the Polk County Sheriff ’s Office has

successfully begun operation of the new Polk County Juvenile Detention Facility in East Bartow.

Pre-adjudicated juveniles were moved from the State Department of Juvenile Justice’s Polk County

Juvenile Detention Center on Saturday, October 1, 2011. The facilities are one block from each


Sheriff Judd to receive award this morning from Protect Our

Children, Inc.

The annual PROTECT OUR CHILDREN, INC. Junny Award was presented to Sheriff Grady

Judd at the Polk County Sheriff ’s Office located at 1891 Jim Keene Blvd., Winter Haven, Tuesday,

November 15, 2011, at 10:30 AM. The Board of Directors of P.O.C. selected Sheriff Judd in

recognition of the outstanding work done by the P.C.S.O. Cyber Crimes Unit during 2010. Using

a variety of innovative Internet-based investigative techniques, Polk County Sheriff ’s Office

investigators apprehended 109 suspected sex predators during the year.

PCSO K-9 Team and Deputies Assigned to U.S. Marshals Florida

Regional Fugitive Task Force Apprehend Three Escaped Prisoners

From Arkansas

On Wednesday, November 30, 2011, PCSO deputies, including a K-9 team, along with detectives

and agents assigned to the U.S. Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force (FRFTF)

apprehended three men wanted for escaping the Craighead County Jail in Jonesboro, Arkansas

last week (November 23rd).

Kenneth Lee

Conrad Case

Brian Hanger

Craig Powers

Mark Pothier

Keith Cloninger

Daniel Munzner

Sonja Smith

George Fahlgren

Terrance Jones

Eric Sowell

Kenneth Von Leue

Trevor Atkinson

Joseph Jenson, Jr

Jennifer Harris

August 21, 1967 - September 18, 2011

Those of us who were blessed enough to work with Bea Reid knew

her value and her strength. She was much like the bee as described

in a nursery rhyme from the 16th century :

Little bird of Paradise,

She works her work both neat and nice;

She pleases God, she pleases man,

She does the work that no man can.

Her friends and her coworkers were graced with her beautiful

presence every day, as she flew from person to person, spreading

joy like a bee spreads pollen, and doing the work that ‘no man

could.’ She will always be missed, and will never be replaced.

In Memory of our

Fallen Heroes

Oliver Thomas Smith

J. Edward Harrelson

Leon A. Bernard

Paul A. Powell

Sollie Waller rabun, Jr.

T.A. Burnham

Waymon D. Allen

David Michael Goddard

Larry W. Rhoden

G. Brian Wilkinson

Vernon “Matt” Williams

Ronnie O’Neal Brown

Wesley “Wes” Whitmore

In Memory of Fallen Heroes

for our contract cities:

Pascal Powell Brown

Fort Meade Police Department

Henry David McCall

Johnny Boyd Smith

Frostproof Police Department

“Greater love hath no man than this, that

a man lay down his life for his friends.”

-John 15:13



They fight when others fold, pursue while others retreat,

conquer while others quit and make right when all else is wrong.






































proud to



2011 Polk County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report

Produced by the PCSO Office of Communications

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