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The Aztec Herbal

by Luigi Guerrini,

Amanda Herrin

and Simon Varey

The album

published here is

Cassiano’s copy

of the Codex

Badianus, a remarkable


of Aztec plants

and medicine

prepared for the

Viceroy of Mexico

in 1552 and presented

to Cassiano’s patron, Cardinal Francesco

Barberini, during a papal legation to Spain in 1626.

The earliest medical text and herbal known to have

been written in the New World, the Codex Badianus

was copied on the Cardinal’s return to Rome for

Cassiano’s fellow members of the Accademia dei

Lincei, engaged at that time in completing their own

vast illustrated natural history of Central America, the

Tesoro Messicano (based on the notes and illustrations

collected in Mexico by Francisco Hernández).

272p, 160 col illus (Harvey Miller Publishers 2009, The Paper

Museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo. Series B: Natural History 8)

hardback, 9781905375301, $196.00. Special Offer $157.00

The Technology

of Maya Civilization

Political Economy

and Beyond

in Lithic Studies

by Zachary X Hruby,

Geoffrey E Braswell

and Oswaldo Chinchilla


The ancient Maya shaped

their world with stone tools.

Lithic artifacts helped create

the cityscape, were central

to warfare and hunting,

were key to craft activities,

were used to process food, and were employed in ritual

performance. This volume expands our understanding of the

past by considering Maya lithic artifacts made of chert, obsidian,

silicified limestone, and jade. Using these as sources

of data, lithic specialists examine the relationship between

ancient people and natural resources, and ask questions

regarding social organization and political economy. The editors

bring together a detailed, comprehensive view of Maya

stone artifacts that is crafted from new research, progressive

analytical methods, and innovative anthropological theory.

288p, 58 illus (Equinox Publishing, April 2010, Approaches to

Anthropological Archaeology) hardback, 9781845535087, $100.00.

Pre-publication Offer $80.00

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New & Forthcoming Titles


An Early Cultural Tradition

on the Peruvian North Coast

edited by Jean-François Millaire

and Magali Morlion

Over the last decades, considerable

effort has been directed

towards the study of early

complex societies of northern

Peru. Yet, comparatively little

attention has been paid to the

earlier cultural foundations of

north coast civilization: the Gallinazo. This volume is the result

of a round table, which discussed the Gallinazo phenomenon.

In fourteen chapters, authors with different perspectives and

backgrounds reconsider the nature of the Gallinazo culture

and its position within north-coast cultural history, while

addressing wider issues about the development of complex

societies in this area and within the Andean region in general.

The contributions reveal a diversity of perspectives.

267p (Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press 2009, Cotsen Monograph 66)

paperback, 9781931745758, $55.00. Special Offer $44.00

hardback, 9781931745741, $95.00. Special Offer $76.00

Inca Rituals and Sacred Mountains

A Study of the World’s Highest Archaeological Site

by Johan Reinhard and Maria Constanza Ceruti

The Incas carried out some of the most dramatic ceremonies

known to us from ancient times. Groups of people walked hundreds

of miles across arid and mountainous terrain to perform

them on mountains over 6,096 m (20,000 feet) high. The most

important offerings made during these pilgrimages involved

human sacrifices (capacochas). Although Spanish chroniclers

wrote about these offerings and the state sponsored processions

of which they were a part, their accounts were based on

second-hand sources, and the only direct evidence we have

of the capacocha sacrifices comes to us from archaeological

excavations. This study describes the results of research

undertaken on Mount Llullaillaco. The types of ruins and artifact

assemblages recovered are described and analyzed.

300p (Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, Summer 2010,

Cotsen Monograph 67)

paperback, 9781931745772, $65.00. Pre-publication Offer $52.00

hardback, 9781931745765, $95.00. Pre-publication Offer $76.00

Blood and Beauty

Organized Violence in the Art

and Archaeology of Mesoamerica

and Central America

edited by Heather Orr

and Rex Koontz

Authors specializing in the

anthropology, archaeology, art history,

and linguistics of Mesoamerica and

Central America bring new data and

interpretive strategies to bear on the

nature of institutional violence in

these ancient societies. The volume covers a broad time frame,

from circa 1200 BCE to the sixteenth century, including recent

ethnography. The volume contextualizes violence and violent

acts within the matrix of indigenous thought and culture.

398p, col illus (Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press 2009,

Ideas, Debates and Perspectives 4)

paperback, 9781931745031, $65.00. Special Offer $52.00

hardback, 9781931745802, $95.00. Special Offer $76.00

Settlement and Subsistence

in Early Formative


El Varal and the Problem of

Inter-Site Assemblage Variation

edited by Richard G Lesure

This volume sets archaeological

excavations at a specialpurpose

estuary site in coastal

Chiapas, Mexico, into the larger

anthropological context of

the origins of agriculture and

sedentary life in ancient Mesoamerica. The site of El Varal is

located in the Soconusco region, a narrow strip of the Pacific

coast of Chiapas and neighboring Guatemala that is sharply

defined inland by the rise of the Sierra Madre escarpment. The

diverse biotic zones of the area run in strips parallel to the ocean.

This work is important for understandings of Early Formative

social life in the region.

275p (Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, Spring 2010,

Cotsen Monograph 65)

paperback, 9781931745796, $55.00. Pre-publication Offer $44.00

hardback, 9781931745789, $85.00. Pre-publication Offer $68.00

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Eliot Werner Publications, Oxbow Books

Maney Publishing, Reichert Verlag

Hunter-Gatherer Foraging

Five Simple Models

by Robert L Bettinger

This is a primer on foraging

models relevant to the study of

hunter-gatherers. It is intended

for students new to the subject

matter, especially those with

little mathematical training, and

similarly challenged ethnographers,

ethnologists, and archaeologists

who are familiar with the

principles of foraging theory but

have never mastered any of its individual models. There are

more of them than one might think. The diet breadth model

is the backbone of hunter-gatherer foraging research.

“This volume presents exercises designed to convey

foraging models in a hands-on manner. An excellent

resource for upper-division undergraduate and

graduate-level classes focused on topics ranging from

analytical methods in anthropology/ archaeology to

hunter-gatherers.” — Gary M Feinman, The Field Museum

124p (Eliot Werner Publications 2009) paperback, 9780979773136,

$29.50. Special Offer $24.00

Talking Artifacts

The Twentieth-Century


by Stanley South

Researchers are becoming

increasingly interested in

understanding the behaviors

and processes representative

of the recent

past. This book provides

an illustration, analysis,

and pattern recognition

of the artifact legacy of a twentieth century middle-class

American family. Historical archaeologists, historians,

and museum curators and exhibit designers will find this

book and the author’s Household Artifact Pattern useful in

furthering their understanding of the role played by artifacts

in the cultural processes at work in the past century.

330p (Eliot Werner Publications, Spring 2010) paperback,

9780979773143, $49.50. Special Offer $40.00

Recent Archaeology of the Early Modern Period

in Québec City

Post-Medieval Archaeology, Volume 43, Part 1 (2009)

edited by William Moss

This volume contains sixteen papers including accounts of exciting

discoveries relating to the port, the great chateau on the crag above

it, the defenses, and the newly discovered remains of the short-lived

colony of the 1540s. The papers underline Quebec’s status as one of

the leading centers of urban research in North America. The volume

provides the only modern overview of archaeological work in the city

in the English language.

256p (Maney Publishing 2009) paperback, 9781906540890, $48.00.

Special Offer $39.00

Journal of

Wetland Archaeology 9 (2009)

Sunken Village, Sauvie Island, Oregon,


edited by Bryony Coles

Volume nine is dedicated to the wellpreserved

wet site of Sunken Village,

on the southern end of Sauvie Island,

Portland, Oregon, USA. The site

report looks at physical setting, the

archaeological investigations, floral

and faunal remains, artifacts, and the

ecological, artifactual, and functional context.

218p (Oxbow Books 2009) paperback, 9781842173619, $40.00.

Special Offer $32.00

Iconografía de la Cultura Tolita

Lecturas del discurso ideológico en

las representaciones figurativas del

Desarrollo Regional

by Maria Fernanda Ugalde

The Tolita culture is known for its intricately

modeled figurines that often

depict beings with both human and

animal traits. Analyzing these figurines,

the author attempts to approach

the imaginative world of their creators

and to draw conclusions about

the social structure of the Tolita culture. Spanish text.

224p, 80 b/w & 65 col illus (Reichert Verlag 2009) hardback,

9783895006968, $135.00. Special Offer $108.00

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