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Ultra For Men - November 2005 - Free


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Ball of confusion. Some would

say that term has never fit the state

of world affairs so perfectly as it

does right now. The war in Iraq,

the threat of terrorism at home, the

horrors in the Sudan, the poverty

of our inner cities and rural com-

munities, man’s inhumanity to man

and the list can unfortunately go

on, and on and on.

However, now it’s time to put

all those concerns out of your

head and concentrate at the situa-

tion at hand — the girls of Ultra.

This month we uncovered a few

women that will literally take your

breath away with their stunning

beauty. We’ve also changed our

format slightly. Over the years we

received scores of letters request-

ing that the photo sets go longer,

well you’ve got it. Now you can

get lost as you sit back and linger

for page-after-page at the exqui-

site splendor of the female form.

Plus, don’t miss the interview

with timeless superstar John

Travolta, our NFL Preview, a look

back at Angie Dickinson, Ultra

World, Stuff and a whole lot more

—The Editors


Jess 10

Roxanne 19

Liz 30

Bobbi 38

Katerina 50

Adella 60

Eva 70

Tianna 74

Lenna 80

Letitia 90



John Travolta 26

by Spalding White

Stacey Keibler 67

by Steven Dowsett


2005 Football Preview 46

by James Campion & Dan Davis


Letters to ULTRA 18

ultra stuff 58

ULTRA Classic: Angie Dickinson 86

ULTRA World 96





It’s great to see a magazine

like Ultra take notice of a hottie

like Fuse’s metal goddess, Juliya.

She’s not your carbon copy VJ

like on some of those other music

stations. Also, the shots you guys

did of her were amazing.


Via Email

Your piece on Juliya in the

September issue of Ultra was a

breath of fresh air. It was cool to

see a girl who wasn’t/isn’t the

“norm” picked by you guys. Try

to be more cutting edge like this

in the future and you’ll have a

reader for life!

Hank T.

Jackson, TN

18 ULTRA for MEN


Thanks for a riveting interview

with one of the most under-appreciated

actors of our generation. I

haven’t always agreed with your

choice for the Ultra Interview, but

with Bruce Willis, I most certainly

did. He made two of the better

movies in the past year and his

string of hits certainly qualifies

him as an incredible actor.

Jacob B.

Youngstown, OH



I love, love, love your selection

of timeless beauties in your

September edition. I would tell

you who my favorite was, but I

just can’t choose between all of

these sexy sweeties! Amazing

job you’re doing over there!


London, England



As an “older” and regular

reader of Ultra for Men, one of

my favorite sections of the magazine

is your “Ultra Classic” feature.

It’s always a treat to see

some of my favorite babes of

yore, so imagine my glee when I

saw my all-time favorite, Mamie

Van Doren. When people countdown

their favorite classic sex

symbols, they often leave this

bombshell out. Now all you have

to do is revisit my other all-time

fave, Anita Ekberg. Any chance?

Jim P.

Harlingen, TX

Editor: We’re on it! Your wish

is our command, Jim, and our

pleasure for this beauty! If anyone

else has any suggestions for

the ‘Ultra Classic,’ feel free to

drop us a line!



Interview by Spalding White

The Great Gatsby author F.

Scott Fitzgerald said that

“in American lives, there

are no second acts.” For many

of us, that may be the awful

truth. But if you’re John

Travolta, not only do you get a

second shot (overcoming a late

’80s funk with 1994’s indelible

Pulp Fiction), but the rebirth

leads to your greatest creative

challenges, biggest paychecks,

and most interesting work.

Now 51, Travolta has

always possessed a cool

swagger and an air of mystery.

There’s that giant, sometimes

goofy grin. That piercing,

sometimes trenchant gaze.

That acrobat’s precision with

his body. If his characters

occasionally seem a little

dumb, they’re twice as deadly.

If they seem a little simple-minded,

they’re twice as driven.

He’s like Cary Grant and

Jimmy Cagney all in one —

movie star stuff that, unexpectedly,

feels like your suffering,

and mine, often enough to resonate.

Think Pulp Fiction, She’s

So Lovely, Swordfish, A Love

Song For Bobby Long. Earlier

this summer, MGM released

Travolta’s Be Cool on DVD.

This winter, he will appear with

“Sopranos” star James

Gandolfini in Lonely Hearts, a

psychological thriller about serial

killers in the 1940’s.

We got to “be cool” and

got a sit-down with the megastar,

and he showed us why the

second act plays on.

26 ULTRA for MEN

Be Cool © MGM, Basic © Sony Pictures, Pulp Fiction © Miramax, Stayin Alive © Paramount

ULTRA: You’re known for being

one of the coolest actors around,

and you have been for almost 30

years. Cool, cocky, sure, and a

little dangerous. No man is really

like that, right? So tell us where it

comes from in you.

John Travolta: It just comes from

my imagination. Track with me a little

bit on my past here. I grew up in

an era where cool, for the first time,

was part of pop culture. For the first

time ever, we were seeing the likes

of James Dean, Marlon Brando, The

Beatles, Motown, that R&B sound at

its birth. These things are unforgettable

if you are old enough to be

there when they first happened. I

was part of all those initial pop culture

phenomena. I was there. I

absorbed it. I have a memory — a

resource of what pop culture cool is

like and that is probably one of my

biggest assets. It’s not any one

movie. It’s not any one person or

any one thing. It’s James Bond, the first one,

and you’re eight years old and you’re seeing

something no one’s ever seen before. And then

I have some innate ability to mirror those

things, or to vent my version of them. I think

that’s why I’ve been able to do these pop culture

characters and have them affect the public

in a certain way. And that’s just a guess. But

not a bad guess. (Laughs) I’m spitballing here.

You’ve danced in a lot of movies. It’s one

of the ‘cool’ things you’re known for.

I don’t get to dance in everything. I didn’t

get to dance in Broken Arrow, for example.

(Laughs) And I’m okay with that. But there are

certain characters that should dance. Chili

Palmer is a character like that, and so I got

to dance with Uma Thurman again. She’s a

great dancer. You know else is a great

dancer? My wife, Kelly Preston. We did that

little film, The Experts, that was not particularly

good, but she was better in the dance in

that movie than I was. She’s a great partner.

There are more partners to have out there.

Who else have you had as great dance


Princess Diana, she was a nice partner.

She had confidence. Maybe a little too much

confidence for me. Meaning: she started to

lead. I looked right in here eyes and said,

‘You have to let me lead.’ She and Charles

danced very strongly, rigidly out there, and

so I thought to myself, ‘Okay, you’ve got to

modify here. Not too much movement.’ But

we got out there together and she’s lifting my

hand to hers and putting her hands on me,

and we were off to the races.

In addition to being cool, a lot of women

find you terribly sexy. What’s it like being

an icon in that way?

I don’t know. I guess I feel like I’m an

actor who, when one has to be sexy, I am

that, and when I do not have to be that, I’m

not that. You look at a character like Chili

Palmer and the guy in A Love Song for

Bobby Long, they’re two different men. I turn

it on for one character and I turn it off for the

other one, because that’s what the character

dictates. So I don’t know if I really live the

legend of being a ‘babe’ or a ‘sex god.’ It’s

hard to even think in those terms, unless I’m

playing a character who has to be a ‘babe.’

You must be doing something right at

home. You’ve got a jet parked in your

driveway, and most of men can’t even

sneak a new stereo into the house.

When I met Kelly, I had a jet parked outside

my house. It was a different house in a

different part of the state — smaller and all.

But a jet in the driveway, that’s part of my life.

And Kelly knew that. I think it was one of those

‘don’t marry me if this is a problem’ things.

So the jet in the driveway, is this one of

your annoying habits, or do you have

something much worse — something that

might dissuade our girlfriends and wives

from adoring you?

ULTRA for MEN 27

I think the most irritating habit that I have,

something that irritates me anyway, is that I

have a little bit of a perfectionist thing with

machines and with cleanliness. I like things to

work and I like things to be neat. I have kneejerk

reactions when things go off-center. If

there’s a plan of some sort and it goes even

slightly off kilter, if that wasn’t in my aesthetic

mind, I get a little nutty. If an employee gets it

wrong, forgets to invite someone to something,

I get a little… You could call it anal. I’m

a little bit of a pain in the ass that way.

That said, you are known for being one of

the nicer movie stars. No one ever has a

story about John Travolta bashing his windshield

in with a nine-iron.

I have a very specific story about a very

famous movie star, who will remain nameless. I

was 18 or 19 years old, just coming up. I

wasn’t famous at all. I couldn’t wait to meet

this actor. I was so excited that I, stupidly, interrupted

a meal. It was ill-mannered of me to

do, but I didn’t see the scene — I just saw the

person I wanted to meet. And this man was

very, very upset with me. It affected me profoundly

and I decided then and there that if I

ever did become famous I would keep that in

mind. Sometimes people forget their better

manners. Sometimes people should give the

celebrity a break. But I always try to come up

with some spare graciousness, if you will.

We keep hearing about another movie featuring

your Pulp character of Vincent Vega.

Is that going to happen?

Quentin (Tarantino) is so elusive about what

he wants to do and how he wants to do it that

you don’t even broach the subject with him. He

almost gets annoyed if you ask him what he

wants to do next, and I think it’s because even

he doesn’t know. I think he dances with ideas

in his mind, but doesn’t really have it until he

has it. I’ve stopped asking him, to be perfectly

honest. He’s said that he wants to use all the

Pulp Fiction stars, one at a time, and I’m apparently

next in line. Quentin gave me a whole

second career, so I don’t pressure him for anything.

I don’t know what’s going on with the

prequel. I don’t know if Quentin knows. But

when he says, ‘jump,’ I’ll say, ‘how high?’

One of your best recent movies is

Face/Off. Tell us about that movie, working

with Nic Cage and John Woo.

It’s an interesting and brilliant movie, and

it could just as easily have been not good. It

was a risky movie every moment. Every day

I’d go on the set and talk to Nic Cage and

we’d wonder with each other if this was

going to be the worst movie ever made. Nic

had a lot of faith that we were doing a great

thing, and I just felt like we were doing something

so risky. I wasn’t so sure about that one.

Sometimes risks pay off, and it did in that

movie. It turned out great.

What’s the riskiest character you’ve played?

Bobby Long in A Love Song For Bobby

Long. Definitely. And I enjoyed playing that a

lot. It was more of the kind of character I grew

up watching in the theater and thought would

be interesting and colorful and deep to play.

Your roots are in theater, not that many

people remember that. Would you ever go

back to Broadway — sing a little, dance a

little, do some stage acting?

I did 13 years of shows on the New York

stage when I was a kid, and it is a tough life,

man. Eight shows a week. No one is meant to

do eight shows a week for a year. How some

people do it for six years, I don’t know. Bless

them. Really. I watched my friend Hugh

Jackman do stunning work on Broadway a couple

of years ago and I cried, literally, watching

it. Half because of the work I know it takes to

do that, and half because he was just so fucking

brilliant. When I go to New York and I see

these shows, I just die a little inside. I know

what goes into that. I was young when I was

doing it — 13 to 26 — and I don’t know if I

could do it today. With a movie, it’s eight

weeks or it’s 13 weeks. You can see the light

at the end of the tunnel. When you’re doing a

matinee in your sixth month of a stage run, your

seventh show of the week, you really sometimes

would rather be digging a ditch. You can

go on automatic pilot. You can perform a performance.

It ceases to be the art that it needs to

be. There are only so many interpretations you

can do of the material. Can you do one scene

365 different ways? It’s my origins, theater. It’s

in my blood. But it would take a lot of grease

to get me back into the frying pan.

Speaking of being in the frying pan, if you

were in a tight spot in real life, who would

you want to watch your back — Be Cool’s

Chili Palmer or Pulp Fiction’s Vincent Vega?

I’d go to Chili Palmer, man. Chili Palmer

is two things: he’s smarter than Vincent Vega,

and he wants to live more than Vincent Vega

does. I’ve always said that the difference

between Vincent and Chili is that the first guy

is on a collision course with death and the

latter guy is hell-bent for life. There are two

different intentions in these men. You can

even see it in the way they dance. In Pulp

Fiction, I’m high as a kite and doing novelty

dancing from the ’60s. In Be Cool, I’m cool

and laid-back, Brazilian, full of tradition. It’s a

different feel. Both valid. But two different

things. You want your life saved, you go to

Chili Palmer. Vincent would probably get

killed with you.◆





y James Campion & Dan Davis

© Rob Tringali/SportsChrome

Will Big Ben lead the Steelers on another charge towards the title?


New England Patriots

Last Year: 14-2 (World Champs)

Head Coach: Bill Belichick (6th season)

Key Additions: QB Doug Flutie, DE Chad

Brown, CB Chad Scott, WR Tim Dwight, WR

David Terrell

Key Losses: WR/CB Troy Brown, CB Ty

Law, LB Roman Phifer, WR David Patten, G

Joe Andruzzi, DT Keith Traylor, CB Otis Smith

Offense: Never fancy, always clutch.

Defense: Best coached, most prepared

bunch in football.

Outlook: (11-5) How will emotional leader

Ted Bruschi’s health effect key team chemistry?

New York Jets

Last Year: 10-6 (Wild Card)

Head Coach: Herman Edwards (5th season)

Key Additions: WR Lavernues Coles, TE

Doug Jolley, K Mike Nugent, QB Jay Fiedler,

RB Derrick Blaylock, DE Lance Legree

Key Losses: RB LaMont Jordan, DT Jason

Ferguson, WR Santana Moss, LB Sam

Cowart, T Kareem McKenzie

Offense: Top line, HOF running back, and

reliable receivers lead by maturing QB.

Defense: Solid and coming.

Outlook: (9-7) How much will new offensive

coordinator Mike Heimerdinger open up

the attack?

Buffalo Bills

Last Year: 9-7

Head Coach: Mike Mularkey (2nd season)

Key Additions: G Bennie Anderson, QB

Kelly Holcomb, QB Shane Matthews

Key Losses: QB Drew Bledsoe, T Jonas

Jennings, DT Pat Williams

Offense: Running backs must carry a huge

QB question mark.

Defense: Came on late last year.

Outlook: (6-11) Tough division, tough

schedule, tough luck.

Miami Dolphins

Last Year: 4-12

Head Coach: Nick Saban (1st season)

Key Additions: S Tebucky Jones, DE

Kevin Carter, T Stockar Mcdougal, QB Gus

Frerotte, DE Vonnie Holliday

Key Losses: WR David Boston, QB Jay

Fiedler, DE Jay Williams, FB Rob Kondad, S

Sammy Knight

Offense: They have one, right?

Defense: Would be nice, too.

Outlook: (4-12) Saban’s reclamation project



Indianapolis Colts

Last Year: 12-4 (Division Champs)

Head Coach: Tony Dungy (4th season)

Key Additions: None

Key Losses: TE Marcus Pollard, S Idrees


Offense: League’s best.

Defense: Exposed in tough January elements

when championships are won.

Outlook: (13-3) Super Bowl or Bust.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Last Year: 9-7

Head Coach: Jack Del Rio (3rd season)

Key Additions: DE Reggie Haywood, DE

Marcellus Wiley, CB Terry Cousin

Key Losses: CB Dewayne Washington,

OT Bob Whitfield

Offense: Big Byron Leftwich’s coming out

party continues.

Defense: Del Rio’s warriors were the surprise

of ’04.

Outlook: (10-6) The next step is now.

Houston Texans

Last Year: 7-9

Head Coach: Dom Capers (4th season)

Key Additions: CB Lewis Sanders, LB

Marlon Greenwood

Key Losses: CB Aaron Glenn, LB Jamie Sharper

Offense: Is QB David Carr ready to shine?

Defense: Retooled and competitive under

the guru, Capers.

Outlook: (9-7) You’re reading right —

they are a legitimate Wild Card contender.

Tennessee Titans

Last Year: 5-11

Head Coach: Jeff Fisher (11th season)

Key Additions: None.

Key Losses: WR Derrick Mason, DE Kevin

Carter, CB Andre Dyson, K Joe Nedney, CB

Samari Rolle, FB Robert Holcombe

Offense: Steve McNair begins another

season in the “if” column.

Defense: Rebuilding.

Outlook: (6-10) Too many question marks.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Year: 15-1 (Division Champs)

Head Coach: Bill Cowher (13th season)

Key Additions: WR Cedric Wilson

Key Losses: WR Plaxico Burress, LB Kendrell

Bell, CB Chad Scott, TE Jay Riemersma

Offense: Is Big Ben for real?

Defense: Needs to bounce back from disappointing

playoffs after stellar regular season.

Outlook: (11-5) Good enough to win a so-so

division and be bounced from playoffs again.

Cincinnati Bengals

Last Year: 8-8

Head Coach: Marvin Lewis (3rd season)

Key Additions: LB David Pollack, DT

Bryon Robinson, DE Elton Patterson

Key Losses: LB Kevin Hardy, CB Dennis

Weathersby, DT Tony Williams

Offense: Kitner or Palmer or what?

Defense: Building on last year’s emergence

as one of the conference’s best.

Outlook: (9-7) Learning to compete last

season must translate into winning this one.

Baltimore Ravens

Last Year: 9-7

Head Coach: Brian Billick (7th season)

Key Additions: WR Derrick Mason, CB

Samari Rolle, LB Tommy Polley

Key Losses: CB Corey Fuller, DE Marquis

Douglas, LB Ed Hartwell, G Bennie Anderson,

C Casey Rabach, LB Peter Boulware, WR

Travis Taylor, WR Kevin Johnson

ULTRA for MEN 47

© Tom DiPace/SportsChrome

Will T.O. be celebrating this year, or will his mouth put him in trouble?

Offense: Riding Jamal Lewis’ back.

Defense: The year Ray Lewis’ fun bunch

takes a step back.

Outlook: (9-7) Outside looking in.

Cleveland Browns

Last Year: 4-12

Head Coach: Romeo Crennel (1st season)

Key Additions: RB Reuben Droughns, G

Joe Andruzzi, CB Gary Baxter, LB Matt

Stewart, DT Jason Fisk

Key Losses: TE Kellen Winslow II, QB Jeff

Garcia, QB Kelly Holcomb, DE Courtney

Brown, S Earl Little, DE Ebenezer Ekuban,

DT Michael Myers

Offense: Quarterback anyone?

Defense: Crennel will improve a weak unit.

Outlook: (6-10) Walk before the run.


San Diego Chargers

Last Year: 12-4 (Division Champs)

Head Coach: Marty Schottenheimer (4th season)

Key Additions: None

Key Losses: WR Tim Dwight, QB Doug

Flutie, DT Jason Fisk

Offense: Drew Brees passes, LaDainian

Tomlinson runs — simple as that.

Defense: Playoff caliber.

Outlook: (10-6) Tops in division again... maybe.

Oakland Raiders

Last Year: 4-12

Head Coach: Norv Turner (2nd season)

Key Additions: WR Randy Moss, RB

48 ULTRA for MEN

LaMont Jordan, DE Derrick Burgess, CB

Renaldo Hill, FB Rob Konrad, DL Kenny Smith

Key Losses: S Ray Buchanan, TE Doug

Jolley, RB Tyrone Wheatley

Offense: Best receivers in the game.

Defense: Not a big game squad.

Outlook: (9-7) Big things on the “O” side.

Denver Broncos

Last Year: 10-6 (Wild Card)

Head Coach: Mike Shanahan (11th season)

Key Additions: TE Stephen Alexander, RB

Ron Dayne, DE Courtney Brown, LB Ian Gold,

P Todd Sauerbrun, T Anthony Clement, DE

Gerard Warren

Key Losses: RB Reuben Droughns, DE Reggie

Hayward, CB Kelly Herndon, S Kenoy Kennedy,

G Dan Neil

Offense: Heavy run and pray Jake

Plummer doesn’t screw it up.

Defense: Good against the rest except the

hated Raiders.

Outlook: (8-8) It’s a tough division to be

mediocre in.

Kansas City Chiefs

Last Year: 7-9

Head Coach: Dick Vermeil (5th season)

Key Additions: LB Kendrell Bell, S Sammy

Knight, FB Robert Holcombe, DE Carlos Hall

Key Losses: RB Derrick Blaylock, DE

Vonnie Holliday, WR Johnnie Morton

Offense: Still one of the best.

Defense: Still one of the worst.

Outlook: (8-8) A little bad “D” mixed with

little good “O” and we’re even.


Philadelphia Eagles

Last Year: 13-3 (Conference Champs)

Head Coach: Andy Reid (7th season)

Key Additions: None

Key Losses: DE Derrick Burgess, WR

Freddie Mitchell, G Jermane Mayberry, LB

Nate Wayne, LB Ike Reese, T Ian Allen

Offense: McNabb & Owens Part II — IF

they can get along!

Defense: Stingy for a title.

Outlook: (11-5) Division a lock? Did they

miss their window?

Washington Redskins

Last Year: 6-10

Head Coach: Joe Gibbs (2nd season)

Key Additions: WR Santana Moss, WR

David Patten, LB Warrick Holdman

Key Losses: WR Laveranues Coles, QB Tim

Hasselbeck, CB Fred Smoot, LB Antonio Pierce

Offense: Must be more than “The Clinton

Portis Show.”

Defense: Best in the conference.

Outlook: (10-6) Big Defense makes for

Wild Card shot.

Dallas Cowboys

Last Year: 6-10

Head Coach: Bill Parcells (3rd year)

Key Additions: DT Jason Ferguson, QB

Drew Bledsoe, G Marco Rivera, RB Anthony

Thomas, CB Aaron Glenn, CB Anthony Henry

Key Losses: LB Dexter Coakley, DE

Marcellus Wiley, S Darren Woodson

Offense: Does Bledsoe have one more productive

season left in him and is Julius Jones

the real deal?

Defense: Paper-thin last season means

horsewhipping by The Tuna.

Outlook: (9-7) In the Wild Card scramble.

New York Giants

Last Year: 6-10

Head Coach: Tom Coughlin (2nd season)

Key Additions: WR Plaxico Burress, K Jay

Feely, LB Antonio Pierce, T Bob Whitfield, QB

Tim Hasselbeck, T Kareem McKenzie

Key Losses: QB Kurt Warner, CB Terry

Cousin, RB Ron Dayne, WR Ike Hilliard, S

Omar Stoutmire, DT Norman Hand, DT

Lance Legree, DL Keith Washington

Offense: It’s all about Eli Manning behind

center and how Tiki torches defenses.

Defense: Pass rush anyone?

Outlook: (8-8) Could break even if Eli is

ready and the O-line finally come together.


Detroit Lions

Last Year: 6-10

Head Coach: Steve Mariucci (3rd season)

Key Additions: TE Marcus Pollard, DT

Brandon Kennedy, QB Jeff Garcia, S Kenroy

Kennedy, WR Kevin Johnson

Key Losses: TE Stephen Alexander, S

Brock Marion, WR Az-Zahir Hakim, DE

Robert Porcher

Offense: Difficult to match four top

receivers if the QB can get them the ball.

Defense: Above average squad with solid

front seven.

Outlook: (10-6) Division ready to be had.

Minnesota Vikings

Last Year: 8-8 (Wild Card)

Head Coach: Mike Tice (4th season)

Key Additions: QB Brad Johnson, S

Darren Sharper, CB Fred Smoot, DT Pat

Williams, WR Travis Taylor, LB Sam Cowart

Key Losses: LB Chris Claiborne, DT Chris

Hovan, S Brian Russell

Offense: No Moss, no mas?

Defense: Once in a while wouldn’t hurt.

Outlook: (8-8) Identity to be determined.

Green Bay Packers

Last Year: 10-6 (Division Champs)

Head Coach: Mike Sherman (5th year)

Key Additions: G Matt O’Dwyer, S

Arturo Freeman, S Earl Little

Key Losses: DB Michael Hawthorne, S

Darren Sharper, G Marco Rivera

Offense: Brett Farve’s last stand?

Defense: One of the worst in the league.

Outlook: (7-9) Yes it is so.

Chicago Bears

Last Year: 5-11

Head Coach: Lovie Smith (2nd season)

Key Additions: WR Mushin Muhammad,

T Fred Miller, K Doug Brien

Key Losses: WR David Terrell, RB Anthony

Thomas, QB Jonathan Quinn

Offense: Young and improved.

Defense: Problems squared.

Outlook: (4-12) It gets cold in the Windy City.


Atlanta Falcons

Last Year: 11-5 (Division Champs)

Head Coach: Jim Mora (2nd year)

Key Additions: LB Ed Hartwell, DT

Brandon Mitchell, K Todd Peterson, P Toby

Gowin, LB Ike Reese

Key Losses: K Jay Feely, P Chris Mohr

Offense: Michael Vick and a cloud of dust.

Defense: Playoff caliber with penchant for

the big play.

Outlook: (14-2) Philly’s main competition

for Super Bowl berth.

Carolina Panthers

Last Year: 7-9

Head Coach: John Fox (4th season)

Key Additions: CB Ken Lucas, OL Mike

Wahle, CB Ken Lucas, TE Freddie Jones

Key Losses: WR Mushin Muhammad, QB

Rodney Peete, G Doug Brzezinski

Offense: Hopefully healthier this year.

Defense: Still one of the league’s best.

Outlook: (9-7) Wild Card push.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last Year: 5-11

Head Coach: Jon Gruden (4th year)

Key Additions: WR Ike Hilliard, TE

Anthony Becht, DT Chris Hovan

Key Losses: QB Brad Johnson, G Matt

O’Dwyer, S Dwight Smith, CB Mario Edwards

Offense: Retooled and refigured under

Gruden watch.

Defense: Ain’t what it used to be.

Outlook: (8-8) In the mix if a few things break.

New Orleans Saints

Last Year: 8-8

Head Coach: Jim Haslett (6th year)

Key Additions: S Dwight Smith, G

Jarmane Mayberry, TE Shad Meier

Key Losses: S Tebucky Jones

Offense: Stops and goes with the mercurial

Aaron Brooks.

Defense: Promise of ferociousness.

Outlook: (8-8) How many times can this

team save Haslett’s gig?


St. Louis Rams

Last Year: 8-8 (Wild Card)

Head Coach: Mike Martz (6th year)

Key Additions: LB Dexter Coakley, DE

Jay Williams, LB Chris Claiborne

Key Losses: LB Tommy Polley

Offense: Still wild, chancy and fun.

Defense: Still goofy, iffy and full of holes.

Outlook: (10-6) Back on top.

Arizona Cardinals

Last Year: 6-10

Head Coach: Dennis Green (2nd season)

Key Additions: QB Kurt Warner, S Robert

Griffith, DE Chike Okeafor

Key Losses: CB Renaldo Hill, TE Freddie

Jones, RB Emmitt Smith

Offense: Much improved with Warner’s

veteran presence.

Defense: Team’s strength and only hope.

Outlook: (8-8) Not joining the “chic pick”

bandwagon just yet.

Seattle Seahawks

Last Year: 9-7 (Division Champs)

Head Coach: Mike Homlgren (7th season)

Key Additions: DE Bryce Fisher, WR Joe

Jurevicius, CB Andre Dyson, DE Joe Tafoya

Key Losses: DE Chad Brown, CB Ken

Lucas, DT Brandon Mitchell, WR Jerry Rice,

LB Anthony Simmons, DE Chike Okeafor,

WR Koren Robinson, CB Bobby Taylor

Offense: Great and horrible all at once.

Defense: Killed them late in games in ’04.

Outlook: (7-9) Time to say bye-bye to

Homlgren after another bad year.

San Francisco 49ers

Last Year: 2-14

Head Coach: Mike Nolan (1st season)

Key Additions: DE Marquis Douglas, T

Jonas Jennings, QB Alex Smith

Key Losses: G Kyle Kosier, WR Cedrick

Wilson, DE Brandon Whiting

Offense: The Alex Smith initiation rite.

Defense: Nolan’s headache.

Outlook: (3-13) Hey, it’s better than 2-14. ◆


EAST: New England Patriots

SOUTH: Indianapolis Colts

NORTH: Pittsburgh Steelers

WEST: San Diego Chargers


Jacksonville Jaguars,

Oakland Raiders


EAST: Philadelphia Eagles

SOUTH: Atlanta Falcons

NORTH: Detroit Lions

WEST: St. Louis Rams


Washington Redskins,

Carolina Panthers


Indianapolis Colts


Atlanta Falcons


Indianapolis Colts

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reality tv dating show comes to campus.

Help Larry score with more than 15 sexy

female characters and play dozens of minigames,

including Quarters, Tapper,

Trampoline and Wet T-shirt Contests.




© World Wrestling Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.






Interview by Steven Dowsett


Stacy Keibler is an accomplished

wrestling star, first lighting it up in the

defunct WCW and now causing cardiac

arrest in the WWE.

Born October 14th, 1979 in Baltimore,

Maryland, Stacy Keibler naturally gravitated

toward physical activity such as dance from

childhood. From the age of three she was

involved in ballet, tap and jazz dance, her

parents making a commitment to go as far as

Stacy’s talents would take her. The taste for the

spotlight while dancing soon spurred an interest

in modeling and acting. With her good

looks, it was not hard to land modeling gigs

in conservative and not-so-conservative publications

as she reached adulthood.

Dancing since the age of three with a

background in ballet, tap and jazz, it was

easy to see why Stacy became a cheerleader.

Stacy was one of the first Baltimore

Ravens cheerleaders, working with the

organization for two years.

Stacy got her start in wrestling with

WCW after winning the “Nitro Girl

Search” in late 1999. Unfortunately for her

the times were a-changing in the WCW.

Stacy began appearing as “Miss

Hancock” — a secretary for “Standards

and Practices” with clipboard in hand taking

notes on the matches.

After the WCW was bought by

wrestling mogul Vince McMahon in 2001,

it looked like the leggy Stacy Keibler was

going to head back to school. But in a

shocking move, Stacy showed up on the

WWE’s “Smackdown” on the arm of none

other than the new co-owner of WCW,

Shane McMahon.

Whatever she does, we hope she maximizes

her exposure so that men worldwide

can fully appreciate the extent of

Stacy’s talents.

ULTRA: So what is it like having the world’s

sexiest legs?

Stacy Keibler: (Laughs) I’m very blessed!

Because God didn’t bless me with too much up

top. But he gave me ass and legs! And you can

always go buy a nose. So I’m very blessed.

Is it better to have great legs over great


Well I can go out tomorrow and buy boobs

if I want to, but you can’t go out and buy legs,

so I think it’s better to have great legs! I get compliments

on my legs all the time. I have so many

girls who come up to me and say, ‘God, I wish

I had your legs!’ I’m just pretty lucky when it

comes to that.

A lot of beautiful women will say that beauty

can sometimes be a curse. But not you. You

actually love being smoking hot.

(Laughs) Why do you say that!

You just seem to enjoy it.

68 ULTRA for MEN

Well I don’t take myself too seriously. I

really don’t think of myself that way. I don’t

think of myself as someone who’s so beautiful.

I’ve had people tell me before that I’m

a nerd stuck in a hot girl’s body. I’m just a

free spirit who likes to go with the flow. I

don’t take anything too seriously. I’m not

one of those girls who just worries about

how she looks.

Can you feel guys looking at you from


Sometimes. Yes! It’s kind of interesting to me.

But I can’t say that I don’t stare at a hot guy

who walks by either.

You used to be a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader.

Is it true that the players aren’t

allowed to date the cheerleaders?

In our contract there was a no fraternization

clause. But there are many football players

and many cheerleaders that just don’t

care. When I was with the Ravens I knew

girls who actually got fired for fraternizing

with the players.

What happened to the players?

Nothing happens to the players! Of

course not! But they get rid of these

measly little cheerleaders that aren’t making

any money. Those are the ones they

fire! (Laughs)

I bet there are other cheerleaders who rat

out the lucky ones who get hit on by the

superstar players.

I bet you that probably happens. I wasn’t a

part of any of that, and I never dated any of the

players, but I’m positive that goes on.

Why do you say that?

Because girls are the worst! Except me! I

tend to be more like the guys. I have a lot of

male friends and I really value my relationships

with them because they’re not as catty.

You don’t get all the backstabbing with guys

like you do with girls.

Did you ever have a player hit on you and

consider going for it just for a second?

I had a boyfriend during the time I was a

cheerleader. I became friends with a few of

the players, but it never went any further than

that. My excuse right away was, ‘Oh, I have

a boyfriend.’ So I never had to worry about

any of that.

During the games did you actually watch to

see who’s winning?

My dad really wanted me to try out for the

Ravens cheerleading team, but I didn’t want to

do it. I was 18 and I didn’t want to spend my

weekdays practicing, but I went on the audition

anyway just to make my dad happy. I [thought]

in the back of my mind I was never going to

© World Wrestling Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

get the job because I didn’t know anything

about football. I ended up going and there

were hundreds of girls who were trying out.

That’s when I thought it would be pretty cool to

be only one of 20 girls selected. Long story

short, I ended up making the team. But during

that first year I had no idea what was happening

on the field. All I would do was turn around

when all the other girls would turn around and

cheer. Sometimes I would cheer when I wasn’t

supposed to cheer. But during the next summer I

learned all about football and when I went

back and cheered the second season I enjoyed

and loved the game so much I didn’t want to

dance anymore! I wanted to keep watching

what was going on in the field in front of me.

That’s when I won the Nitro Girl contest, which

is how I got into wrestling, I also won ten grand

and I used the money to buy Raven season tickets,

which I still have. I love the Ravens!

It’s a big segue from model and cheerleader

to professional wrestler.

I know! I saw an ad for the Nitro Girls

who at the time were like the ‘Fly Girls’ from

‘In Living Color.’ They were the dancers during

the WCW’s commercial break. So I tried

out and kept winning competition after competition.

They ended up narrowing it down

me and another girl. I ended up getting the

most fan votes on television and was soon

asked to sign a contract with the WCW. I

was 19 years old and my life changed in a

blink of an eye. I have been traveling and on

tv every since.

Vince McMahon bought out the WCW, but

decided to keep you on with the WWE. Did

that surprise you?

When Vince bought out the WCW they

called me right away and said that there

were going to be changes made, but that I

was fine and not to worry about anything.

I’ve had a blast ever since! We’re aired in

over a hundred different countries! It’s just

crazy! But it’s been such a blast. I’m young

and getting to see the world!

It’s amazing how huge wresting is and how it

just continues to get bigger and bigger.

It really is amazing. Our fans are like a cult

following! I love them! They’re so great!

What is it about the WWE catfights that

turns guys on?

I don’t know? I think they’re funny! But I

guess that’s because I’m a girl. I think two girls

rolling around pulling each other’s hair is a turnon.

Why? I don’t know. But I’m not a man.

The WWE story lines are pretty racy to say

the least. Do you think sometimes the WWE

content may be too adult?

I’ve been asked to pose nude, but I’ve

said no. It’s just not something I want to do

with my career. I know that our demographic

is a big range of people. We have fans of

all ages. As far as the story lines… That’s a

tough question. I get asked that all the time

and I never really have a good answer. We

do have such a big audience so we do have

to have a little bit of everything for everyone.

It’s up to the parents on what they want their

children to see and be exposed to.

If you were a mom would you allow your kid

watch the WWE?

I think it depends on the maturity of the child.

I think there are definitely some things on the

WWE that I would not want my child watching.

But than I think if my child could handle it and

they knew it was just a television show and that

he can’t go beating up his classmates or hitting

his sister with a chair I would allow it. It all

depends on the maturity of the child.

Does Vince McMahon come up with all the

story lines himself?

Vince is so hands-on. People wouldn’t

believe it. He’s a genius and such a great businessman

with his product. We have writers and

producers and a long chain of command. But

as far as the story line goes, whether I pitch an

idea or a writer pitches an idea, collectively

everything has to be approved by Vince. He’s

also at every tv show. He’s our boss and he’s

always there. He’s just so hands-on which is

great. If I ever have a question about anything I

can go straight to his office at the arena. He’s

not like this ‘Wizard of Oz’ guy behind a curtain

that you can never get a hold of.

What’s the biggest misconception about

Vince? He nearly tore the head off Bob

Costas during an HBO interview. Was that

the real Vince?

I think Vince take the WWE very seriously.

This is his life. It was handed down from his

father and his father’s father. So they’re all so

passionate about it. When it comes down to

someone asking him if wrestling is fake just…

(long pause) In this day and age, the WWE is

just entertainment. There are a lot of things about

the business that are more entertainment orientated

now then it was many years ago. But he’s

just so passionate and so devoted to everything.

The Rock or Triple H. Who would you

rather pin to the mat?

Oh, the Rock! He’s a great guy! I love him.

Rumor has it that in real life you dated Rick

Flair’s son, David.

I did. Years ago. It was the beginning of the

WCW days.

Rumor has it that you’re currently dating Test?

Not currently. No. I don’t have a boyfriend

right now. But yes, we were dating.

So you dated two wrestlers?

Yes. I did! Our lives are so different. We’re

kind of like a traveling circus. We’re together so

much. We do shows Friday, Saturday and

Sunday that are not televised. Then Monday we

do the live show. So I’m with these people four

days out of the week. A lot of people don’t

know that on Fridays when we fly into a city we

have to pay for our own hotels and our own

rental cars and we have to get ourselves from

town to town. They could be 300 miles away

from each other. We are really like a family. I

spend more time with these people then I do

with my friends and family.

It must be like one big soap opera.

Well with my luck, both the guys I was dating

were let go after we broke up! I never had

to deal with that! I’m like the kiss of death!

So it would be a big mistake for a wrestler

who has any hope of a bright future with the

WWE to date you?

I know! I’m serious and I almost want to

swear to it that I will no longer be dating any

more wrestlers!◆

© World Wrestling Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.









any red-blooded

American males

carry, somewhere in

their twisted psyches,

the fantasy of being

arrested and interrogated

by a female officer of

the law. Call it the girlcop

fantasy. It goes like this: the hard as

nails beauty on the beat that puts you up

against the wall, frisks you friskily, slaps on

the cuffs, and takes you away. But from

where does the archetype come?

From Angie Dickinson, of course, the

world’s favorite female cop, thanks to “Police

Woman,” a hit 1970’s NBC television

drama, in which the blonde beauty portrayed

a bruising, but way hot police sergeant —

one as quick to strip down as she was to bust

knuckles. But in a career spanning almost half

a century, Dickinson has offered to the

American libido much more than the above

fantasy. (Hell, Britney Spears and a certain

men’s lifestyle magazine even copped

Dickinson’s classic magazine cover pose from

the ’60s). Dickinson is a true Ultra Classic.

Born in Kulm, North Dakota in 1931,

daughter to a newspaper publisher (The

Kulm Messenger), Angeline Brown was a

good student. She was the kind of kid who

would excel in educational contests based

on the “Bill of Rights,” but also become

addicted to the wild world of beauty pageants.

In North Dakota, and later in the Los

Angeles area, Brown competed in dozens

of beauty contests, including Miss America,

and showed well every time. By the time

Brown was 22 years old, she had parlayed

her pageant successes into television

variety show appearances and also married

semi-pro football star Gene Dickinson.

Shortly thereafter, her career took off, and

Angeline Brown fast became the Angie

Dickinson we’ve known and loved for

almost half a century.

Momentum from the world of television

quickly launched her to the silver screen, and

Dickinson made her big screen debut in the

86 ULTRA for MEN

A fatal beauty is the best way to describe Angie Dickinson. She could hang out with the boys,

throw down with them, and then seduce them with just a motion of her little finger. The sexiest female

cop in history is truly an Ultra Classic.

by Spalding White

1954 Cinemascope musical, Lucky Me.

Dickinson followed up with several more

motion pictures, as well as notable turns on

tv shows like “Gunsmoke,” “Perry Mason,”

“M Squad,” and “Have Gun – Will Travel.”

By 1960, Dickinson was divorced from

Dickinson, and also one of the hottest —

and hottest — leading ladies in the entertainment

industry. Her 35-23-36 measurements

and blonde good looks captivated

the American imagination in film pairings

with major movie stars like Marlon Brando,

John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ronald Reagan,

Robert Redford and Frank Sinatra. Dickinson

became a major star playing unforgettable

roles in classic films like Rio Bravo, in which

she bedded The Duke, Point Blank in which

she beat the hell out of movie tough icon

Lee Marvin, as well as The Killers and Thief.

A star — breathlessly captivating, eminently

watchable, sexy as hell, and a little bit dangerous

— was born.

Though Dickinson (now commonly

referred to as one of the sexiest celebrities of

all-time) — married pop music mega-songwriter

Burt Bacharach in 1965. While the

tunesmith penned countless songs in adoration

of his wife, the buxom blonde allegedly

spent many a night tossing sheets with some

of the most successful and powerful men in

the world, including John F. Kennedy, Johnny

Carson, Larry King and Julio Iglesias.

Dickinson also reportedly enjoyed a tempestuous

10-year affair with Frank Sinatra,

whom she met on the set of the original

Ocean’s 11 (wherein she played the Julia

Roberts role). Dickinson, along with Shirley

McLaine, was dubbed an honorary member

of The Rat Pack, which entitled her to be

“one of the boys” — but always a sex kitten

— during power meetings and lost weekends

of carousing in Vegas.

Of Sinatra, Dickinson once said, “He has

a way, a magical way; it’s not just the blue

eyes and their very color, but the way they

look at you. You feel very, very comfortable.

And he doesn’t ignore you when he’s in the

company of others. A lot of men abandon

the woman they come to a party with, but

Frank stays connected to you.”

Not that Dickinson need fear abandonment.

Who among us could ever walk

away from her intoxicating wiles? Taking a

page from her Rat Pack compadres,

Dickinson, with her radiant smile and infectious

laugh, was smart, sexy, and toughminded.

She could seduce you, make you

laugh, make you feel like a million bucks,

but also gut you without blinking. These

qualities came to the fore of her career in

“Police Woman,” which ran for four hit seasons

on NBC. Dickinson portrayed sexy,

tough-as-nails Sergeant Pepper Anderson

and for her efforts earned three Emmy nominations.

Dickinson was a pin-up favorite

among her male fans who loved her nude

scene in the exploitation flick Big Bad

Mama, but also became a totem of sorts for

the women’s rights movement, mixing sensuality

with authority.

At almost 50, Dickinson further cemented

herself as a sex goddess in the nation’s collective

psyche, playing a sexually unsatisfied,

but perpetually fantasizing woman who

falls victim to a particularly warped murderer

in the sex and violence drenched Dressed To

Kill. Dickinson’s nude scene, and the twisty,

thrilling film itself, is a cult classic.

In the succeeding 25 years, the still-stunning

Dickinson has worked less and less,

holding out for the right roles to illuminate

her strength and sexuality. She turned down

the role of Crystal Carrington, which went to

Linda Evans instead, on television’s

“Dynasty.” “I’d like to play Sharon Stone’s

mother, or Al Pacino’s mother,” she said in a

recent interview. “I want to play really hot

and hip mothers. That’s what I want.”

Reflecting on her life and career, in which

Dickinson has become so indelibly a fixture

of America’s sexual imagination and fascination,

the actress says, “I look at the life I’ve

lived and I think most people would think,

‘Gee, I would like to have led her life.’”

Thanks to the movies, we can always imagine

ourselves living it right alongside her.◆






You gotta love Shakira’s body of work, and we’re not just talkin’

about the body she works with! Her new hit Spanish album, Fijacin

Oral: Fijacin Oral 1 has another one onn its heels. Oral Fixation 2 is

set for release in the fall and is her new English opus. Shakira wrote

or co-write every song on both albums and both albums are Executive

Produced by the legendary Rick Rubin (Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili

Peppers, Slayer).

© Genesis Magazine


Photo courtesy of D. Baron Media Relations

Ultra covergirl and Vivid Video starlet Tera Patrick has done it

again! The XXX superstar/supermodel was named as the top

adult star for the second year in a row by Genesis magazine in

their annual “Porn’s Hot 100” issue, beating out such other

household names as Jenna Jameson, Janine and Jesse Jane. “It’s

an honor,” Tera said, “because all of them are hot!”


t’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since Martin

Scorsese’s epic Casino first hit screens, and to celebrate the event

Universal has released an anniversary edition for the auspicious

occassion. The Casino 10th Anniversary Edition hits the jackpppot

with nearly two hours of all-new, fascinating bonus material,

including interviews with the all-star cast that included Sharon

Stone (pictured), Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. As Vegas celebrates

its 100th anniversary, it’s the perfect time to revisit this riveting

tale of greed, passion and betrayal.

© Phil Loftus/Capital Pictures/Retna

© Adam & Eve


The biggest thing on the boob tube these days is still the reality

show, and it was only a matter of time before the adult business had

its moment in the sun. The pay-per-view hit, “Reality X: The Search

for Adam and Eve” has viewers glued to their screens. Hotter than

hell hostess Carmen Luvana leads a group of potential porn stars

who hope to follow in her footsteps. With a new episode each

month on inDemand, “Reality X” follows the ins and outs of the guys

and girls who hope to become the next contract stars for Adam and

Eve (adameve.com) with contracts worth up to $250,000 each.


PETA Europe Members hit the steps of Trafalgar Square in London.

The protestors lied down with their nude bodies covered in blood to

depict the plight of clubbed and skinned seals now littering the ice

floes of Newfoundland, Canada.

© Phil Loftus/Capital Pictures/Retna

ULTRA for MEN 97


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New models of ULTRA for MEN in the next issue • www.ULTRAforMEN.com

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