Tibetan Ethnobotany


Tibetan Ethnobotany

Selected Market NTPs from Khawa Karpo

Non-Timber Products Markets and Uses Values $1= 8¥

Mushrooms: Matsutake

(Tricholoma spp.), caterpillar

fungus (Cordyceps sinensis,

Morel (Morchela spp)

Medicines: Fritillaria spp.,

Saussurea spp., Picrorhiza

sp. and many more.

Orchids: Cymbidium spp.,

various other orchids


Foods: pinenuts, greens, etc

Mushrooms and fungal

parasites for food/medicine

and exported to Japan

Alpine plants used in

traditional Chinese and

Tibetan medicines;

Horticultural trade; local



Local markets

Matsutake: 200-1200¥/kg

(price is extremely volatile)

Caterpillar 10¥/stroma pair

Morel: 600-1100¥/kg dry,

60¥/kg fresh

F. cirrhosa 60¥/kg, S.

laniceps 28¥/kg, S. medusa

14¥/kg, Picrorhiza sp. 25¥/kg

250-1000¥/plant; 5-50¥/



Pinenuts 6-10¥/kg; others 1-

5 ¥/kg

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