Blancco Kit

Blancco Kit

Blancco Kit

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The Blancco Kit adapts to the requirements of

corporations and organizations that are in need

of efficient and secure onsite data erasure. Thanks

to its powerful capabilities you can be sure that

your company is protected from data leaks. The

all-in-one erasure unit contains the hardware and

software needed to build an easy to use fast and

secure solution to perform proper data disposal.

The Blancco Kit complies with all of today’s regulations,

and at the end of the erasure you will be able

to print a report that will protect you from complete

liability exposure.

Up to 160 computer erasures per engineer per day

Use and Purpose

The Blancco Kit is an excellent portable tool for performing

on site data erasure. Its convenience can also be applied

in multiple locations, for example setting up quickly

and easily in a warehouse storing obsolete computers.

The Blancco Kit is also great for evaluation and education

use and is used by our own sales force for demonstrating

Blancco solutions onsite with potential customers.

Erase, Report and Audit, on site

• In just 5 minutes it is possible to build a data destruction


• Up to 160 computer erasures can be completed in just

one day by a single operator

• The Blancco kit complies with all of today’s regulations

• All the benefits of Blancco software to securely erase


• Post data erasure certification is produced that will

protect you from liability exposure

• Print report labels, ready for redistribution or resale

• Carry-on size for portability, requires limited storage


• Manufacturers Parts Warranty

• In summary a portable, fast, secure and cost effective

professional data destruction solution

Included in the aluminium case:

• A top branded laptop computer with Blancco

Management Console installed

• SD memory card for database back up

Blancco Erasure Client CD and manuals

• Portable label printer

• HASP-key

• 16 port Ethernet switch

• Network cables

• 4 port USB hub

• Quick start guide

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