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SOLUTIONS 13 - Moeller Electric Parts

Automation Solutions in Machine and System Building


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XC100-FC lights up wind turbine systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-12

Modular PLC with FO fieldbus interface

XC200 modular PLC binds the reading world . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-15

Fully automated brochure & book binding

Environmentally friendly football stadium – simply easy . . . . . . . 16-17

easy800 controls rain water harvesting system

Automation in laboratory and pharmaceutical technology . . . . 18-19

Constant air changing despite nonlinear curve using MFD-Titan

MFD-Titan and easy control oil starters

for heavy duty motors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-21

State-of-the-art control technology for rugged starting resistors

No operation too far . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-23

Field Service – active round the world

NZMs supply Spanish railway line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24-25

1000 NZM circuit-breakers of 1000 V for the AVE Madrid-Lleida

An addition to the circuit-breaker series . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26-27

NZM extended with new device versions and accessories


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+++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++

Moeller XC100-FC: Modular PLC

Now with FO Fieldbus Interface.

XC-CPU101-FC is the name of the

powerful modular PLC with the

CANopen fibre optic fieldbus

interface from the Moeller XC100

range of programmable

controllers. This ensures highly

noise-free data transfer – even in

environments with excessive

electromagnetic interference.

Connections are made using

plastic fibre optic cables.

The PLC comes with eight digital

inputs and six short-circuit-proof

outputs already onboard. Four

inputs are designed as interrupt

inputs, thus enabling a simple

and direct response to events,

irrespective of the cycle time.

Other features include an

integrated real-time clock as well

as a slot for Multi-Media Memory

Cards (MMC with standard file

system). Operating systems and

application programs can be

updated via the MMCs, and they

can also be used for the

processing of recipe data or the

storing of measured values or

operating data.

The modular PLC can be

expanded locally with up to 15

XIOC signal modules. A wide

range of digital, analog or

communication modules are

available for use.

The XC100-FC has an

outstandingly compact design

with a 60 millimetre mounting

width and 100 millimetre height.

These reduced device volumes

are thus in line with the trend

towards more compact machine

designs requiring less space for

the control electronics. This is

supported by high density XIOC

I/O modules that can house up to

Customisation Kit for Moeller

XC100 and XC200 PLCs.

Moeller's XC100 and XC200

controllers are factory shipped

with a wide range of functions:

depending on the equipment

selected, the controllers feature

integrated serial, fieldbus and

Ethernet interfaces as well as a

web server. Customers can also

choose from a wide range of

digital, analog, technology and

communication modules for the

standard controllers. Up to 15

XIOC signal modules can be

connected centrally to the CPU.

The CoDeSys programming

environment is enhanced with a

wide range of libraries for

communication, closed-loop

control and positioning. Moeller

is now offering a technology kit

that enables customers

themselves to

implement the

required features

that are not

covered by the

standard range.

For this Moeller

provides all the


information for

developing and


custom modules

that are

compliant with the Moeller

controller family. This ranges

from a description of the

32 I/O with a mounting width of

only 30 mm. Nearly 500 I/O can

be implemented with a maximum

expansion of 510 mm.

Programming is carried out via

the serial programming interface

or alternatively via the CANopen

fieldbus. In this way, the PLC can

also be programmed and

hardware and software interfaces

to the provision of specific

components for production.

The necessary mechanical

components such as housing

parts and other special

mechanical components are

provided for creating the

hardware, whilst the supplied

documentation contains

information on PCB dimensions,

blocking layers, geometries, as

well as other mechanical

requirements. The electrical

interface is also described. To

ensure successful

implementation, circuit

suggestions are supplied for

connecting a bus for which

ready-to-use communication

interfaces in the PLC operating

system are also suitable.

With regards to software

development, Moeller also

For Moeller Electric Sales and Support call (866) 595-9616

operated in networked

applications via a central access

point. XC100-FC uses the XSoft

(CoDeSys) programming system.


provides suitable generic

configuration and communication

modules for the different bus

interface variants; customised

operating systems are therefore





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From the Control Relay to the Automation System

The control relays of Moeller's easy series enjoy a high

level of popularity and success worldwide. In the last

few years, the range has been continuously expanded

and functionality enhanced. CPU types are thus

available today with several equipment versions,

together with a wide range of I/O modules and

network interfaces to well-established fieldbus systems

such as Profibus, AS-Interface, DeviceNet and

CANopen. >>>

For Moeller Electric Sales and Support call (866) 595-9616

Devices can also be connected to Ethernet,

and user-friendly programming with easy Soft

CoDeSys provides effective support for

creating user programs. It has been optimally

designed for electricians and newcomers to

automation technology and is the ideal tool

for implementing simple applications on easy


When the level of automation and also the

complexity of the application increases,

programming systems are required that meet

the requirements of the international standard

EN61131-3. The programming languages

provided here – instruction list, ladder diagram,

function block diagram, sequential function

chart and structured text, as well as tools for

structuring the task definition effectively –

provide the support necessary for implementing

more demanding application solutions. Moeller

has been using the renowned CoDeSys

programming system from 3S for several years

for its XC100/200 PLCs and XV touch display

PLCs. Its widespread use, outstanding features

and simple handling are the guarantee for

implementing automation projects successfully.

easy Control meets CoDeSys

Moeller's new powerful easy Control series

now links the well-established and simple easy

concept with the benefits of standard

programming to EN61131-3. The CoDeSys

programming system is also naturally used

here. easy Soft CoDeSys brilliantly develops

the features of the new easy Control

controllers so that they can be used for new

medium-complexity applications. The

performance potential here goes far beyond

the standard requirements of EN61131-3. The

freely definable function block chart (CFC)

language is provided as well as the

programming languages defined in the

standard. Options for simulating the user

program, the integrated fieldbus configurator,

the very powerful test and commissioning

functions, as well as the integrated


S +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS

visualization tool, ensure that application

requirements can be implemented rapidly and

simply. With only two programming standards,

easy Soft and easy Soft CoDeSys, Moeller can

therefore cover entire the automation range.

Systematic integration

The new easy Control controller series fits

seamlessly into the existing easy system, and

the EC4-200 controllers make use of the wide

range of easy products already available. The

large number of I/O expansion modules can be

used equally as well as the slave network

modules provided for connecting to higherlevel

fieldbus masters. The easy Control

devices also naturally come with the increased

temperature range from -25 to +55 degrees.

Lots of power in the compact class

EC4-200 compact controllers are designed for

use in small to medium-sized automation

solutions. The 16-bit processor ensures high

CPU performance and thus short cycle times.

Program and data memory are also generously

sized with 256/224 KB. The EC4-200

controllers are available in a number of

different versions. The devices feature 12

digital inputs of which up to four can be used

as analog inputs. Eight transistor outputs or six

relays are provided on the output side.

Versions with or without integrated display, as

well as different versions for analog processing

and different communication interfaces

provide additional options for selecting exactly

the right device for the application at hand. A

total of sixteen device versions are on offer,

and all devices come with a real-time clock.

The devices are maintenance free and do not

require any batteries.

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CANopen and easy-NET

The simple easy-NET interface is a feature

well-known to easy users, providing simple

network communication thanks to its plug

and play technology. Up to eight devices can

be interconnected over a distance of up to

1000 metres. However, a standard fieldbus

system is required if users wish to connect

standard fieldbus devices. A standard

CANopen fieldbus master is integrated on all

EC4-200 devices in addition to the easy-NET

network. Connection to a wide range of

fieldbus stations such as visualization systems,

remote I/O systems or drives considerably

expands the range of applications possible.

The controllers can likewise be accessed via

the network. Subordinate controllers can also

be programmed and diagnosed easily from a

central location.

Memory card with standard file system

Memory cards enable user program or recipe

updates to be carried out simply at the device.

However, the memory card of the easy Control

devices offers several other functions. The

standard file system enables data to be read

and stored on the memory card by the PLC and

by any PC. This allows recipe data or measuring

and operating values stored by the PLC to be

read out and further processed so easily.

Ethernet onboard

The large range of possibilities and resulting

benefits of Ethernet are being exploited more

and more in the automation field. A large

range of infrastructure components enables

suitable networking structures to be created

simply. However, what users are missing are

affordable compact controllers with an

integrated Ethernet interface that can be

installed in these networks directly. Current

implementations consist of using additional

converters that convert the commonly

available serial interface of the PLC to

Ethernet, and this naturally increases the costs

of the automation system considerably. The

EC4-200 versions with an integrated Ethernet

interface therefore provide exactly the right

solution. Remote programming from any

location, data exchange to higher-level

systems (e.g. via OPC), faster processing speed,

simple connection to the office world are

typical applications. An inexpensive and simple

integration into an Ethernet environment is

now possible without any difficulty for even

smaller applications.


With the introduction of the easy Control

devices, Moeller is closing the gap

between the control relay and the

programmable logic controller. Its wellknown

simple handling is combined

together with the product features

required of PLC systems. The use of the

entire easy product range guarantees a

wide application spectrum. The powerful

easy Soft CoDeSys programming system,

standard communication interfaces

provided such as Ethernet and CANopen,

or the file and recipe handling on the

standard memory card are just some of

the outstanding product features for this

performance class. They form the basis

for implementing innovative solutions.


6 For Moeller Electric Sales and Support call (866) 595-9616


S +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS

Primary Switched-Mode Power Supply Units – Ideal Suppliers

for 24V DC Controllers.

Primary switched-mode power

supply units are essential

components in today's power and

automation technology. These

devices stand out on account of

their high efficiency and the fact

that heat and power losses are

kept to a minimum. Moeller's new

SN3 switched-mode power supply

units are available in six versions.

The wide input voltage range for

both AC and DC power supplies

guarantees world-wide use, even

with severely fluctuating power

networks and battery operated


Moeller's new devices come

with output reserves of up to

50 % already integrated so that

overdimensioning for heavy

loads is unnecessary. They are also

no-load and overload protected

and feature permanent shortcircuit

proofing. The output

voltage of SN3 devices can be

adjusted to enable adaptions for

specific applications, such as the

balancing out of voltage drops

over long cable lengths. An

additional snap-on annunciation

module with a remote function is

also available for these power

supply units. This module can be

used for external on and off

switching, as well as functioning

as a relay output for indicating

input/output states and thus

optimising the monitoring

features of the controller. Up to

five primary switched-mode

power supply units can be

connected in parallel. All SN3

power supply units are protected

to IP 20 and come with UL


Touch-Panel for Innovative Communication Concepts.

With its new XV200/400 touch

display series, Moeller is offering

a scalable and future-proof

device generation. HMI or

combined HMI-PLC are based on

one hardware platform. With the

XV series, the user can determine

at the point and at any time

whether it is to function as an

elementary HMI or combined

HMI-PLC. Initial training in

different hardware and software

for HMI or HMI-PLC applications

is unnecessary. Project design,

device ordering or logistics is

restricted to just one device

series, thus reducing costs.

The XV400 device series is

available with display sizes from

5.7, 10.4 and 12.1 inch in two

touch technologies. The infra-red

touch is provided with a rugged,

scratchproof front made of safety

glass. The resistive touch device

features a plane, seamless front

that simplifies cleaning. A host of

onboard interfaces, such as

CANopen, Ethernet, USB Device,

USB Host and RS232 enable

communication with the devices

of the XV400 series. Two slots for

communication modules offer

the possibility of additional

interface options.

The new XV200 touch display

series offers a fully graphical 5.7”

LCD mono display with four

greyscales, resistive touch

technology and a host of

communication and networking

options. All devices feature an

Ethernet and USB device

interface. The three available

device versions differ in the

additional interface they provide –

either RS232, CAN or MPI.

The RS232 interface enables

XV200/400 series devices to

communicate directly with

Moeller's easy800 devices.

For Moeller Electric Sales and Support call (866) 595-9616


The XSoft-Professional

programming system is used

for programming, testing and

commissioning the PLC, is

compliant with IEC 61131 as

well as offering a number of

impressive features. Your goal:

Reducing the time required for

project design and diagnostics,

and thus saving time. With the

MS Windows based, intelligent

and interactive XSoft-GALILEO

visualization tool, users can

create HMI projects simply and

effectively for machines, plants

and buildings. Several functions,

such as UNICODE support,

password management (200

levels, 500 users), online project

simulation on the PC, alarm and

history functions, recipe

management and printer

functions, provide for virtually

all customer requirements.



NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEW


The Online Training Center

for easy and MFD-Titan

Need a temperature control for a greenhouse?

Moeller's easy compact controllers have enjoyed a high level of popularity and success on the market,

and have recently become available in a new product generation consisting of more powerful, more

flexible and faster controllers. To support this, Moeller is now providing a web-based information and

training platform that offers a host of examples, tips and tricks. The website is tailored to meet the

wishes and requirements of easy or MFD-Titan customers for both small and large-scale applications.

The Online Training Center offers all users simple and direct support for all devices and the easy Soft

project design software, and without the need for any manuals.

For Moeller Electric Sales and Support call (866) 595-9616


S +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS

Step 1: Select the required application

Starting easy – made easy

The Online Training Center is divided into four

main areas: Products, Functions, Applications

and Software. The first area presents the device

classes, with a clearly structured overview of

device hardware, possible configurations,

performance levels and accessories. All relevant

documentation, such as mounting instructions,

operating manuals and product information

relating to the device concerned can be

accessed by mouse click.

Functions – the key to fast design

Moeller's easy Soft project design software

can be downloaded as a demo version free of

charge from the Online Training Center, and

offers over 54 pre-programmed function

blocks. These range from small to complex

function blocks that help users to implement

solutions simply and quickly.

All functions are sorted according to the

performance level of the easy devices

concerned. Only those functions are displayed

Step 3: Download program, adapt - done

Step 2: Select Greenhouse temperature control

that are supported by the selected controller.

Moeller developed new icons for the individual

functions in order to simplify navigation and

facilitate fast selection.

For each of the 54 easy Soft functions offered,

Moeller also provides a compact easy example

program. All example programs are

documented with detailed function

descriptions, and illustrated with screenshots

from the easy Soft software. The examples are

available as a compressed Zip file in the

Download center. Specially created Flash

programs provide an animated display of how

to create the individual functions with easy


Ready-made applications – help in designing

your first project

The new Online Training Center helps you to

find initial ideas or program sections in order to

reach a solution quickly. In the Applications

section, the Online Training Center offers users

a host of pre-programmed ready to use

applications that are commonly or frequently

used with easy or MFD-


Smaller examples of

graphic display

applications with MFD-

Titan are also provided. All

programs and functions

have been fully tested by

Moeller and are fully

documented. This includes

the function descriptions

used, the wiring diagrams

and the screenshots of

relevant software

positions in easy Soft.

Software – one software for program design

All projects and all easy devices are designed

and configured with the one easy Soft

software. The new version 6.11 supports up to

13 definable languages and is therefore already

suitable for worldwide use. Other languages

shall be added in stages. Each user program

created can be simulated with easy Soft on the

PC before downloading to the easy device.

Simulation on the PC shortens the testing stage

and simplifies commissioning. easy Soft comes

with an OPC server already integrated at no

additional cost. The Ethernet gateway for easy

devices and MFD-Titan is also integrated, thus

making the possible networking options

virtually limitless.

Informing, discussing, exchanging ideas

The Online Training Center always provides the

latest updates, documentation, and device

master data as well tips and tricks in the FAQ

area. This also includes a link to the easy forum

where around 1600 easy users discuss and

exchange information about their own

applications, raise questions and share ideas

about all aspects of the easy compact

controllers ( Last but not

least are the links to software for the compact

controllers, as such as the Labeleditor for MFD-

Titan. The Online Center is also equipped with a

full text search function, enabling users to

access all the relevant pages in the system. A

Help form also allows you to send your latest

questions to the team of Moeller experts.


For Moeller Electric Sales and Support call (866) 595-9616



Wind Power Turbines:

Modular PLC with

FO Fieldbus Interface

Enercon develops and produce gearless wind power

turbines that are still today setting standards on the market

in terms of power, reliability and lifespan. Research and

development at Enercon determine the level of innovation.

The company's slogan clearly indicates its primary

motivation: energy for the world. To meet its demanding

requirements, Enercon chose Moeller's XC100-FC modular

PLC with a fibre optic fieldbus interface for controlling

and monitoring the aviation beacon system.

For Moeller Electric Sales and Support call (866) 595-9616

Enercon places tremendous importance on high

quality and ensures that only first class materials

are used. With this in mind, the company

collaborates closely with all its suppliers, and

thus also with Moeller. Enercon wind turbines

are equipped with state-of-the-art

microelectronic control technology developed

in-house. The main processing unit, which is the

central element of the control system, is in

continuous contact with the peripheral control

elements, such as the yaw control and active

pitch control system. Its function is to adjust the

individual system parameters to ensure the

wind turbines operate at optimum yield under

all weather conditions.

Preventing downtimes

The correct feeding of electricity from the

wind turbine into the grid requires the

monitoring of the grid connection. Grid

parameters such as voltage, current and

frequency are measured on the low-voltage

side between the turbine inverter and the

system transformer. All measured values are

continuously transmitted to the system

control, enabling the turbine to react

immediately to changes in the grid voltage or

frequency. As soon as the defined limit values

of the system protection are exceeded, the

wind turbine is safely shut down and service

is informed. When the voltage and frequency

return to within the permissible tolerances,

the wind turbine is automatically started up

again, thus preventing lengthy downtimes.

Optimising yield

The Enercon control system ensures a yieldoptimised

turbine operation under all weather

conditions. The nacelle is therefore provided

with adaptive yaw control for which

measurement data from the wind sensor is

evaluated constantly. A variable speed control

is provided for optimum wind turbine

efficiency at every wind strength, and

eliminates any undesirable output peaks or

high operating loads. The active pitch control

system enables the ideal flow angle to be set

at the rotor blades to ensure maximum yields

and load reductions for the entire wind

turbine. The Enercon brake system ensures

maximum turbine reliability by means of three

independently operating pitch mechanisms

with standby power supply if the grid supply

fails. Tower and generators are monitored by

means of vibration and acceleration sensors to

check the deflections in the tower.

Temperature and air gap sensors measure

other control parameters.

Aviation beacons of the Enercon

wind turbines

Depending on the requirements of the

authorities there are two types of aviation

beacons – obstacle beacons and hazard

beacons. Enercon offers both systems for its

turbines. Obstacle warning lights are fixed red

omnidirectional lights with a medium light

intensity of at least 10cd in the horizontal

beamspread (-2° to +8°). Obstacle warning

lights are required if the distance between the

rear lights and the tip of the vertical rotor

blade is no more than 15 metres. Hazard

beacons are red flashing or flashing strobe

omnidirectional lights. Hazard beacon systems

are normally required for wind turbines with a

total height over 100 metres, since the

unmarked section of the wind turbine extends

by more than 15 metres. The obstacle and

hazard beacon systems each consist of two

lights placed on the roof of the nacelle that

are run in synchronised operation. This

excludes the possibility of a standing rotor

blade from blocking the view of the beacon.

The control, monitoring and possible standby

supply is installed in a central control cabinet.

This consequently reduces the external

equipment required to a brightness sensor, the

beacon lights themselves and, if necessary, a

visibility meter. To keep the cabling for these


components as short as possible, the control

cabinet for the beacon system is housed in the

nacelle. Control cabinets for beacons with a

standby supply are located in an airconditioned

control cabinet.

The Moeller XC100-FC modular PLC with an

FO fieldbus interface handles a host of

different tasks. It controls and monitors both

the grid supply as well as the standby supply. It

is also responsible for the management of the

accumulator. In addition to this, it handles the

control and monitoring of the air

conditioning, i.e. the heater and fan.

Furthermore, the XC100-FC controls the

beacon lights and records their operating

hours, controls their intensity and monitors

them. In addition to the beacon management


Enercon GmbH is based in Aurich and

was founded in 1984 by Dipl. Ing. Aloys

Wobben. In 1991, the research-based

company developed and produced the

first gearless wind turbine in the world.

The technology is still well-established

and sets standards in technology, quality

and safety on all continents. The

industrial series production of wind

turbines followed in 1993. Enercon

operates as a full-scale manufacturer:

all key components such as rotors, ring

generator and grid feeding system are

all developed and manufactured inhouse.

Enercon has been market

leader in Germany for years and is

third in the market worldwide. It has

production sites in Germany (Aurich,

Emden, Magdeburg), Sweden, Brazil,

India and Turkey. As of March 2006

Enercon had installed more than 8 600

turbines worldwide with a total output

of 8.8 GW.

For Moeller Electric Sales and Support call (866) 595-9616



system, the XC100-FC modular PLC also

controls wind park synchronisation,

communicates with the brightness sensor and

the visibility meter. Visibility at hub height is a

parameter used for controlling daytime

lighting. This is a cyclical white strobe light

with an intensity of 20 000 cd. In order to

reduce any disturbing effects in the vicinity of

the wind park, the intensity of the daytime

lighting must be reduced to a rated light

intensity of 30 percent when the measured

visibility in the wind park is over five

kilometres and 10 percent with a visibility of

over 10 kilometres. The distance in a wind

park between a wind turbine with a visibility

meter and turbines without a visibility meter

must not exceed 1500 metres. The most

unfavourable value of all meters must be used

for the entire wind park. If one of the meters

or the management system fails, the beacons

must be switch to 100% output. All visibility

measurements are evaluated to form a mean

value every ten minutes. XC100-FC provides

detailed warning and fault indications for this.

A central beacon management system must

carry out essential tasks in accordance with

the General Regulations for the Lighting of

Obstacles to Aircraft September 2, 2004: It

should thus synchronise the flash sequence in

a wind park, and if necessary, manage the

measurement of visibility and ambient

brightness in order to control the beacons, as

well as document the parameter-based


Modular PLC with fibre optic

fieldbus interface

XC-CPU101-FC is the name of the powerful

modular PLC with the CANopen fibre optic

fieldbus interface from the Moeller XC100

range of programmable controllers. This

ensures highly noise-free data transfer – even

in environments susceptible to excessive

electromagnetic interference.

As an alternative to the serial programming

interface, the XC100 can also be programmed

via the CANopen fieldbus, thus opening up

the possibility of use in decentralised systems.

The entire installation can thus be operated

and programmed centrally as well as from a

distance. Other features include an integrated

real-time clock as well as a slot for a Multi-

Media Memory Card (MMC with standard file

system). MMC allows operating system,

application program or even recipe data to be


The PLC comes with eight digital inputs and

six short-circuit-proof outputs. Four inputs are

designed as interrupt inputs, thus enabling a

simple and direct response to events,

irrespective of the cycle time.

The modular PLC can be expanded locally with

up to 15 XIOC signal modules. A wide range

of digital, analog or communication modules

are available for use. The high density XIOC

I/O modules enable users to connect up to 32

I/O points. The XC100-FC has an outstandingly

compact design with a 30 millimetre mounting

width and 100 millimetre height. All I/O

signals are wired using pre-assembled cables

thus saving valuable time. With the

XC100/200 controllers, users can create a

maximum expansion with up to 494 digital

signals – with a mounting width of only 510



Enercon has been a Moeller customer for

years and appreciates the quality of its

products, service and reliability. Enercon

has therefore been using Moeller

components, such as contactors and

control circuit devices, for a long time.

The automation solution in the wind

turbines consists of several components

networked together via fibre optic cables

to ensure noise-immune data transfer.

The XC100 with the fibre optic CANopen

interface fitted into Enercon's automation

concept perfectly. The fieldbus network

also enables data transfer to higher-order

systems as well as central programming.

The flexible XIOC signal modules also

ensure optimum adaptions to the task

at hand.


For Moeller Electric Sales and Support call (866) 595-9616

Fully Automated

Brochure & Book Binding

Sigloch Maschinenbau offers special machines for binding

brochures and books. This ranges from gathering machines,

adhesive binding machines, endpapering machines, to bookback

gluing and back-lining machines, drying conveyors, nippers and

ribbon inserting machines. The flexible individual components

are integrated in a high-performance system. Moeller

technology helps the automated machines achieve short

resetting times, ensure convenient operation and optimum

operational reliability. >>>

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The processing of small print runs with short

setting times economically, safely and reliably

– this is the principle by which Sigloch builds

its standard compliant machines for the low

and medium performance range. When

designing complete book production lines,

Sigloch uses CAD system planning to ensure

optimum production and material flow

logistics with the space available. With many

years of experience in the development and

manufacture of complete systems, Sigloch also

offers modified machines or implements

special requirements in terms of formats.

Specialists at Sigloch Maschinenbau also


The Sigloch Group, based in Blaufelden,

has developed from a traditional book

binder in 1883 into today's ultra-modern

industrial company with different

subsidiaries. Around 600 employees work

in the business fields Bookbinders/ Edition,

Distribution and Engineering. Sigloch has

extensive experience in highly automated

production systems for manufacturing

brochures and for hardbound books, as

well as in the requirements of cascaded

production lines. They are designed to

ensure optimum availability, reliability and

service life. From the mechanical

engineering workshop arose one of the

leading machine builders for bookbinding

machines with its own developed and

future-oriented technologies that are used

worldwide. The range of services also

includes customer training seminars for

machine operators. The Sigloch

bookbinding centre also handles special

formats such as atlases and multi-volume

encyclopedias, such as the high quality

Brockhaus edition.

develop special connections and links for the

optimum integration of third-party machines.

Efficient control technology

Two machine types illustrate the fully

automated construction design: The ZTM 7043

gathering machines and the KB 4300 perfect

binder. The ZTM 7043 gathers the folded

signatures or individual sheets in up to 24

stations and passes them on to the binder via

a link. A cascade control enables the machine

to be filled or emptied automatically. The

special features of the ZTM are the smooth

removal of the product from the stacking

magazine, the fast adjustment of the

magazine to different formats, and also the

adapted angle of the transport channel, as

well as specially designed guide plates for lowfriction


The 17-clamp KB 4300 perfect binder (4300

cycles/h) is used for producing glue or thread

bound brochures with the stations back

processing, gluing, rotation cover feeder and

press. Two back processing stations prepare

the block for back gluing with hot melt or PUR

adhesives. The cover is fed by the rotary cover

feeder. Here the integrated scoring station

prepares the cover for optimum positioning

on the book block. The press station then fixes

the cover to the block. A second press station

integrated at the side of the discharge unit is

used for processing difficult cover materials. A

belt discharge system finally transfers the

products to a conveyor system for transporting

to the downstream processing systems.

XC200 modular PLC and XVH300 touch panel

Both machines use a similar automation

solution. A Moeller XC200 is networked with

several XI/ON remote I/O

modules. CANopen is

used inside the machine

for communicating with

the field modules. The

intelligent drives are also

connected via the

CANopen bus system.

Ethernet is used for the

connection between the

PLC and the HMI unit,

and also for networking

the machines. Moeller

XVH300 and XV400

touch panels are used

for the HMI.

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The Easy PageMachine

(EPAM) visualization tool

is specially designed for

graphical user guidance

with touch systems, and

enables visualization parameters to be set

without any extensive programming. The

integrated RemoteControl client/server

functionality can be used for mobile

applications, particularly for the testing and

commissioning of large-scale machines. This

compresses the actual screen content of the

field touch display and transfers it with a

minimum data requirement via wireless LAN to

the remote client. In this way, each application

created with EPAM can be automatically

“mobilised” without any additional

engineering required. The RemoteControl client

can be run on different standard devices based

on Windows Pocket PC 2003 and WindowsCE,

and so a PDA can be used, for example, as a

mobile visualization device. The wireless

communication from the touch panel to the

PDA is implemented via a standard WLAN

access point. Integrated password protection

prevents unauthorised access to the system.

The XC200 not only stands out in terms of

classical PLC criteria such as memory and

processing speed (512K program, 256K data)

and processing speed. The multi-tasking

operating system also makes optimum use of

CPU resources. The XC-CPU-201-XV already

comes with eight digital inputs and six digital

outputs for connecting to the distributed I/O.

Two of the inputs can be configured either as

50 kHz counters, as two interrupt inputs and

one as an incremental input, as required for

positioning tasks. The PLC can be expanded

locally with up to 15 XIOC modules. All

connections can be implemented via pluggable

screw and spring-loaded terminals. The XC200

is also fitted with a slot for MultiMedia memory

cards (MMC). These can store programs or

recipe data which can be read into the PLC.

Other features include the integrated batterybacked

real-time clock and memory for up to

32K retentive data. A freely programmable

RS232 interface, a CANopen fieldbus master

and an Ethernet interface are provided onboard

for connecting distributed I/O. The Ethernet

connection is also used for programming

access, effective networking between the PLCs

and for visualization. It also supports remote

programming and diagnostics. The OPC server

also simplifies the connection with standard

OPC client applications. Furthermore, all XC-

CPU-201…-XV devices come with an integrated

web server. This allows user-defined web pages

to be loaded without the need for any

additional tools. These pages are simply created

beforehand by the user in the easy Soft

CoDeSys software. Any web browser can thus

be used for displaying data from the PLC for

diagnostics tasks, without the need for any

special visualization tool.

Moeller consistently developed the touch

panels of the XV series to ensure optimum cost

efficiency in machine building and industrial

automation: XV panels are low-budget systems

that are available with infra-red or resistive

touch technology. They are used as HMIs for

data management and for visualization. The

touch panels come with integrated CANopen,

Ethernet (10/100 MBit) and RS232 interfaces

onboard for communication. The systems are

provided with a RISC processor (32-bit) with a

sufficiently sized memory of 64 MB. The

removable CompactFlash offers a high level of

flexibility: CompactFlash cards enable users to

adapt the memory size for data, such as project

or recipe data, to the requirements at hand. Its

compact design and small mounting depth also

allow the touch panels to be integrated in

machines where space is at a premium. The

touch panels (IP 65 front protection) have been

developed for industrial use in international

markets and also come with CE, UL/c-UL

approvals, as well as explosion protection for

Zone 22, category 3 D.




Otmar Weber, responsible for electrical

engineering of the gathering machine

and perfect binder at Sigloch, explains:

“We also use Moeller technology for our

newly developed machines. With the

appropriate hardware and software, our

customers are investing in products with

the highest operating and safety

standards. No wonder, since our

machines often have to be kept running

continuously for 10 to 15 years. In future

we intend to initiate production in the

machines and lines order-based from the

control room via a data server. Our

machine building and the automation

from Moeller are already designed for

this future option.” Markus Hesselmeier,

head of electrical design at Sigloch

Maschinenbau, is particularly proud of

the control cabinets that have been

reduced in size: “Thanks to our wiring

with Moeller components, they can be

considerably reduced compared to the

previous volume.”


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Environmentally Friendly

Football Stadium – Simply easy

New sports stadiums were built for the World Cup 2006 in Germany and others were modernised

to meet the demanding requirements involved. This was also the case for the Gottlieb-Daimler

stadium in Stuttgart, where environmental protection was also part of the extensive modernisation

measures. Structures of this size represent a real challenge to the water supply and drainage

system. ARIS, a leading manufacturer in rainwater harvesting systems, made use of Moeller's

easy control relay.

Picture: Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart, Sportamt

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Harvesting rainwater

The Gottlieb-Daimler stadium in Stuttgart is

now one of the most advanced and purposebuilt

sports stadiums in Europe and will be the

venue for six 2006 World Cup matches. The

distinctive feature of the Gottlieb-Daimler

stadium in Stuttgart is the steel cable truss

construction of its membrane roof. The roof

covers all the spectator seats with a total area

of approximately 32 000 m 2 . When it rains, the

large volumes of resulting surface water

normally have to be removed via the drainage

systems. The modernisation measures for the

stadium included the construction of a 350 m 3

underground cistern in which the rainwater

from around 14 000 m 2 of roofspace is

collected and stored. This stored rainwater is

primarily used for watering the grass areas

and rinsing the toilets. This saves the Gottlieb-

Daimler stadium annually around 8 000m 3 of

drinking water and is the equivalent of two

thirds of the annual requirement. The

harvested rainwater is filtered entirely

mechanically without any external power

source and is made available without any

chemical treatment.

The core of the fully automated rainwater

centre of the ARIS modular rainwater

harvesting system is the function tank that is

specially designed for the building and is

provided with a pressure booster system and

drinking water supply. Four booster pumps with

a delivery rate of 25 m 3 /h ensure a constant

system pressure of 7.5 bar. The pumps are

equipped with Moeller soft starters from the

DS4 series in order to prevent water pressure

surges caused in hydraulic systems during

switching operations. During long drought


ARIS GmbH, is based in Wernau and was

founded in 1997. It produces complete

systems for rainwater harvesting, storage and

drainage. Several related patents underline

the competence of ARIS in this futureoriented

branch. The services of ARIS range

from consultation, support during planning

and engineering via manufacturing, up to

turnkey systems and service. The systems are

installed via local specialist companies.


periods and if the cistern is empty, the drinking

water is topped up in the function tank by

means of a solenoid valve. Another feature of

the ARIS rainwater harvesting system is the

patented KIM! sensor: KIM! stands for ‘cablefree

integrated measuring process’ and

therefore measures the level of the cistern

without the need for any external sensors.

easy controlling, monitoring and signalling

An easy821-DC control relay controls the

rainwater centre. The analog inputs of the

easy device are used to monitor the system

pressure and level in the function tank as well

as in the cistern. The four booster pumps are

controlled depending on the set pressure. The

control relay switches the individual pumps on

or off according to the pressure and also

handles the exchanging of pumps. The control

relay detects important system information

such as leakages, any slight seepage in the

system or pipe breaks and relays this

information accordingly.

Thanks to the analog inputs integrated in the

easy device and the software functions, the

levels in the function tank and in the cistern

can be measured very cost-efficiently. The

levels are evaluated internally in advance for

the system control and indicated as a

percentage in the display integrated in the

easy device. All specific system parameters can


be entered rapidly and simply in the

parameter menu of the control relay. System

states and operating data are shown in the

display. The integrated KIM! sensor system

allows straightforward and fast installation

and commissioning of the system, even when

the cistern is already filled.

Open communication

Communication modules can be used to

connect the easy devices to Ethernet, Profibus

DP, CANopen or DeviceNet. The OPC server is

a standard feature of easy800 devices for

simpler remote visualization and operation. An

easy control relay can be integrated without

any problem in the building services

management system or connected to SCADA

systems via the OPC server.


With easy, ARIS was able to replace the

previous proprietary control system in its

modular rainwater harvesting systems

with a control relay that is widely used

and well-established on the market.

Decisive factors for their choice were its

outstanding price/performance ratio and

the ability to expand easy at any time.

With Moeller's easy, ARIS was also

investing in a future-proof system under

continuous further development, which

also allows data exchange to other

controller systems and remote diagnostics

and maintenance.


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Automation in Laboratory

and Pharmaceutical Technology

The requirements placed on the equipment of

laboratories for testing pharmaceutical products

are increasing continuously, whilst maintaining

the safety of all laboratory users remains a major

importance. Ehret GmbH & Co. KG Labor- und

Pharma- Technik has developed the "Biological Air

System Bio.A.S" product series that fully meets

these demanding requirements.

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MFD-Titan: control, regulation and

visualization in one

The Air System Bio.A.S. requires a highly

flexible closed-loop controller, for which

Ehret chose Moeller's MFD-Titan. The multifunction

display from the easy series is a very

cost-efficient solution. Open-loop control,

closed-loop control and visualization are

combined here in one compact device. The

range of options provided by MFD-Titan

appealed to Ehret immediately. The device is

able to handle all the functions that are

important for Bio.A.S.:

• Complete open-loop control

• Display of alarms and messages

• Operating hours counters (device,

filter, maintenance)

• Display of air changes, air volume,

temperature and humidity

• Complete parameter assignment

of the Bio.A.S

• PID controller for regulating the air change/h

Messages that require an immediate response

for the protection of persons and animals

are relayed as alarms via the building services

management system. Information messages

that are not time-critical, which, for example,

draw attention to maintenance intervals

are only displayed on the MFD-Titan. The

limit values that trigger alarms or information

messages are password protected from

unauthorised access: only the specialist

personnel is able to modify values, parameters

and display conventions. The normal operator

level can be accessed on the other hand

without a password. The patented Bio.A.S. is

also available in other languages for

international use.

The full-featured graphic display meets the

demanding industrial protection requirements

of IP65. Two freely programmable status LEDs

are used to display additional operating states

and signal alarms. A user-friendly graphic


Ehret GmbH & Co. KG Labor- und

Pharmatechnik is based in Emmendingen,

and specialises in the manufacture and

sale of laboratory and pharmaceutical

equipment for science, research and

industry. The product range consists of

laboratory and pharmaceutical

equipment, clean room and isolator

technology, as well technology for animal

protection, husbandry and research.

editor considerably simplifies parameter entry

and the on/off switching of auxiliary units, and

allows the creation of up to 255 screens, each

of which can be assigned with their own key


MFD-Titan can be integrated easily in larger

automation solutions since the compact

controller can handle all the relevant

standards from Profibus DP, AS-Interface,

CANopen, DeviceNet, OPC up to Windows

DLLs. All maintenance-free and vibrationproof

spring-loaded terminals ensure a high

level of operational reliability.

The highlight: the highly flexible

PID controller

The possibility of the integrated PID controller

was of particular importance to Ehret. It comes

as a fixed function block element in the MFD

and is highly flexible so that all the individual

closed-loop control components can be

activated and deactivated individually. The

closed-loop control parameters can be defined

as constants or using variables.

Freely configurable nonlinear conversion

table for PI control

The air change/h is a key factor in the

regulation process, and varies according to the

conditions of the system. For this reason, every

system must be calibrated individually. The

relationship between pressure and air change/h

is nonlinear. The service technician decides

how many interpolation points (3 to 8) are to

be used, depending on the quality of the

system. Commissioning is child's play since the

pressure can be set as a percentage and the air

Number of



Entry in

menu 1 to 3

ActVal: xx %

Blower unit

AC/h measuring


ManVar. xx %

(Blower output)



change/h can be set as required at every

support point. The MFD-Titan performs the

conversion in both directions.


Günter Unmüßig, R & D: “The MFD-Titan

combines open-loop control, closed-loop

control and visualization functions in one

device. The ability to adapt texts and

symbols in the graphic display to the

needs of laboratory customers and offer

them in any language required are good

reasons for using MFD-Titan in this price

segment. A modern industrial controller

had previously been used for the same

closed-loop control task. This had

performed the regulation function very

well; however, it did not provide

laboratory customers with the desired

transparency in terms of operating and

information options. The four basic

features that attracted us to the MFD-

Titan are the PID control, the multilingual

option, the alarm and information

messages, as well as the key feature of

storing a nonlinear curve in the MFD from

a calibration measurement at the

installation. Higher-level process control

systems are increasingly being used in the

laboratory and pharmaceutical sector. For

this the MFD provides an open OPC

interface so that it can be integrated in

any monitoring or control system.”


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

3 % 7 % 15 % 19 % 22 % 25 % 31 % 57 %

17 AC 30 AC 49 AC 55 AC 59 AC 63 AC 69 AC 81 AC

19 % 23% 25 % 28 % 34 % 48 % 74% 100%

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MFD-Titan and easy:

Modern Control Technology

for Rugged Starting Resistors

GINO starting resistors are used when large

electrical machines cannot be switched with

frequency inverters due to their power, difficult

climatic conditions or due to fluctuating power

supply networks. As they are frequently subject

to extreme loads, control operation and

visualization must also be implemented with

rugged and maintenance free devices. The

solution: MFD-Titan multi-function display and

easy control relays.

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Large machines cannot always be started

directly: many pumps, fans, and mixers, as well

as belt drives and shredders can only be started

with mains-friendly starters. For these kinds of

applications, slip-ring motors with starting

resistors are used. GINO manufactures rugged

and maintenance-free oil and control starters

that can withstand the extreme conditions.

With a suitable design and control system, the

starters can also be used for speed control.

Oil or air-cooled?

Starters are oil or air-cooled, depending on the

application. Oil-cooled starters are more

compact and more economical than air-cooled

devices. The oil is used here solely as a heat

store. The large thermal time constants and the

resulting long cooling periods only make them

suitable for use in applications with a low

number of startup operations per hour. For

applications with a large number of startup

operations per hour, the use of air-cooled

starting resistors with shorter cooling periods is

more economical. The size of the starter

depends on the oil volume and the required

thermal capacity. The operations per hour can

be determined by the size of the tank surface:

ribs and radiators can quadruple the number of

operations possible. Classical applications for oil

starters are machines that require a high

starting torque such as all types of mills and

crushers. Even today, there are no other

economical alternatives for oil-cooled starters.

A special case involves degrees of protection

higher than IP23, where the heat is dissipated

by means of heat exchangers.


GINO GmbH Elektrotechnische Fabrik

is based in Bonn and Eisenach, and

began life as a foundry at the beginning

of the last century under the name Carl

Wiemann GmbH. The product range

includes air and oil-cooled starting

resistors, pre-wired power, braking,

filter and grounding resistors for

applications in industry, and in drive,

power station and traffic technology.


Control under extreme conditions

GINO accordingly places high demands on the

communication modules for control, operation

and visualization. Devices of the easy series and

MFD-Titan have become first choice for these

tasks: The easy series provides modules for data

and signal exchange with a control station via

Profibus, DeviceNet or CANopen. In this way,

the machine is monitored for blocking via the

counter input of an easy800.

With the simple and easy-to-handle control

relay, customer requirements can be

implemented swiftly using state-of-the-art

technology, such as the acquisition of external

signals, visualization, logging and

communication. The brush lifting device of the

slip-ring motors is also controlled via easy.

Compared to other control and operating

solutions, easy is highly cost efficient. The

modular series offers all the required

enhancement options required including the

frequency counter input.

Visualization with MFD-Titan

If necessary, an MFD-Titan display can be used

for defining parameters and for logging.

MFD-Titan is designed as an industrial device

for rugged operating conditions in machines or

systems. The operating temperature range is

thus from -25 to +55 °C. Furthermore, all

connections are provided with maintenance

free and vibration-resistant spring-loaded

terminals. The full-featured graphic display

(IP65 protection) with 132 x 64 pixels also

comes with a backlight that can be switched on

as required. The operator keypad can also be

configured to individual requirements.

Oil starter types vary in their number of startup

stages as well as in the various monitoring

parameters such as oil temperature or

switching state. The optional OPC server is

available for easy800 for simpler remote

visualization and operation. Together with the

easy Ethernet module and the visualization

written in C#, the different oil starter types can

now be configured individually from the PC. All

relevant parameters of the startup operation

are clearly displayed, and the operator can

make interventions if necessary. The OPC client

also enables users to implement their own

control station.



GINO also prefers Moeller products when it

comes to contactors. These are selected on the

basis of criteria determined and tested in the

laboratory. GINO places special importance on

the switching of resistive loads and the currents

and voltages present during starting. As the

frequency of the currents and voltages becomes

close to DC current as the synchronous speed is

approached, contactors must also be able to

carry out these difficult switching operations

properly. The values of Moeller's contactors are

ideal for this.


Dipl.Ing. Chr. Schink, from GINO R&D had

this to say: “Our maintenance free

starters are renowned for their highly

rugged design. For this to continue, we

ensure that the elements used for

control, operation and visualization also

meet the most stringent requirements.

The user-friendly modules of the easy

series and MFD-Titan are exactly the right

choice for us. Thanks to their simple

expandability, they can be adapted

flexibly to the requirements at hand. Our

customers just pay for what they actually

require, whilst still maintaining the

possibility of all options in the future. The

short delivery times and Moeller's

competent services were also important

factors in choosing easy.”


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Field Service –

Active Round the World

Our customers worldwide value Moeller’s Field Service

because they know they can always rely on its varied

support system.

Operation in

St. Petersburg

The situation:

Russians also enjoy waffle pastries, and fully

automated waffle production plants are

installed in St. Petersburg in Russia. The waffle

mix at the ZAO “Zolotoj Kljutschik” pastry

plant is automatically stirred, baked and

produced in different types of flat waffle with

fine, medium or deep squares. Imprints with

company logos, special engravings, fillings

with cream, caramel, chocolate or jam provide

for a wide range of tastes.

The fault:

The waffles of the St. Petersburg production

plant did not have the same degree of

browning after the baking process. This was

really puzzling since the state-of-the-art

production system from Germany, provided

with innovative Moeller technology, had

passed all final checks before shipment. There

were also no indications of potential faults

after commissioning.

The supplier of the flat and hollow waffles

systems, Herbenstreit from Mörfelden-

Walldorf, travelled to the site with the Moeller

Field Service and located the fault

systematically. The oven heating elements

were controlled by a Moeller XC200 and

Moeller DM4 soft starter. The network analysis

indicated an asymmetrical current depending

on the reference value set. The soft starter was

then run with a setpoint potentiometer, which

also showed imbalanced output currents. A

phase exchange and the halving of the

electrical heating output didn't give any

further clues. Only after the currents and

voltages were measured thoroughly with an

oscilloscope through the entire setting range

was it clear that a break in the supply voltage

was causing premature voltage zeros, so that

the thyristors were firing too early.

The cause:

The voltage breaks were due to uk values

(relative short-circuit voltage 6.5 and 9

percent) of the supply transformers being too

high. This resulted in voltage drops when a

corresponding current load was present.

The solution:

A protective circuit for the thyristors, new

choke dimensions and the installation of a

suction filter rectified the problem. Zolotoj

Kljutschik now produces evenly browned


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in Minneapolis

The situation:

Siyeza Creative Foods, LLC is a company based

in Minneapolis, USA, that produces all types of

pasta for deep frozen products. A Moeller

touch display-PLC (HMI-PLC) controls the

production machine. All signals are passed to

the HMI-PLC via a XI/ON remote I/O with a

Profibus gateway. Other Moeller components

include five frequency inverters as well as

RMQ control circuit devices.

The fault:

Normally the machine is switched on and

started up around 7.00 am every morning. The

screen, however, stayed dark several times,

and the touch display PLC only booted up

after the third or fourth power up attempted.

Even after the devices were replaced and the

Cable Train Operation

at Airport Toronto

The situation:

The new passenger transit system at Toronto

Airport in Canada links the new main terminal

MTB1 and terminal 3 with a parking lot

situated outside. Up to 2150 passengers can

be transferred in one hour in each direction.

The mass transit system consists of two railbased

shuttle trains that are driven via a wire

cable. The wire cable is driven continuously at

one point and run over the entire section,

similar to the principle used with a cable car.

The shuttles are rigidly connected to the wire

cable and do not have their own drive or

braking equipment. Acceleration, braking and

stopping are carried out exclusively via the

wire cable. All Cable Liner Shuttles are fully

automated and do not require a driver or

escort personnel. The 1.5 km long section

between the end stations is covered by the

shuttles in 3.5 minutes.

power supply checked, the same problem

occurred every morning.

At 6.15 am in the morning the Moeller Field

Service once more confirmed the fault

described. The tracing of the power supply

and the Profibus signals did not produce any

more findings as to the cause of the fault.

Initial suspicions arose after asking employees

when and how the equipment was cleaned.

Answer: An intensive high-pressure cleaning

of factory hall floors, walls and all machines

was carried out every night after production

had ended.

The cause:

The next day, another test was carried out at

5.15 am. It was then that the cause was

found. The inside of the control cabinet doors

showed considerable signs of wetness and the

devices were consequently soaked in moisture.

The humidity on the PCBs caused creepage

currents that produced the undefined device

behaviour. In short, the touch display PLC was

being operated outside of the specifications.


The Cable Liner Shuttle technology from DDC

(Doppelmayr Cable Car, Wolfurt, Austria) is

designed for harsh climatic conditions. Thanks

to the wire cable drive system, snow and ice

have no effect on the traction between the

wheel and the rail. This concept also stands

out on account of its very low noise, without

any rotating wheels.

The operation:

The power supply for this shuttle is

implemented with Moeller NZM circuitbreakers.

UL approval, a high switching

capacity and total reliability were the principal

reasons why these devices were chosen. The

Moeller Field Service commissioned the

system together with a local panel builder

after the cable train had been assembled and

installed. This was because of the tight time

schedule involved. It took only one day to

install the NZM2 circuit-breakers and carry out

all the necessary settings. The cable train now

operates as if driven by a ghost, and even a

hotel close to the railway does not experience

any disturbance.

Solution – astonishingly simple:

The Moeller Field Service recommended that

the customer used a control cabinet with

protection to IP 66 which should not be

positioned directly at the machine.


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Around 1000 Circuit-Breakers

with 1000V Operating Voltage

for the AVE Madrid-Lleida

Moeller has collaborated with Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios in the

development of the Sistema de Detección II project involving the supply of electrical

equipment for the AVE high-speed rail section between Madrid and Puigvert in Lleida. The AVE

now completes the section from Madrid to Lleida in approximately one hour less than before. The

train reaches a speed of over 300 km/h for about 100 kilometres of the 530 kilometre section. The

project used 730 NZM2 1000V circuit-breakers and 230 NZM10 1000V circuit-breakers of which all

were equipped with motor operators.

The Spanish railway company RENFE are the operators of

the AVE. The Sistema de Detección II project consists of a

power supply network provided with sensors along the

section concerned. Twelve different types of sensors are

used for the following functions: detection of objects

falling on the rails in front of tunnels and overpasses, fire

detection in tunnels, wind detection and hot box

detectors. These sensors monitor all safety levels during

operation according to the railway regulations for high

speed travel. The network provides a constant power

supply to the system, which integrates a number of its

own substations, transformers or generators.

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AVE 102 built by Bombardier

The entire power supply network is controlled

from a central control station (CRC) in

Saragossa via fibre optic cables (FOCs).

Altogether 241 sections were installed along

the line. These consist of so-called consumer

panels for supplying the different sensors as

well as supplier panels that guarantee the

constancy of the power supply.

The entire line is fed with a 750V AC singlephase

voltage which is transformed in each

section to 230V AC. All elements are remotely

controlled with 24V DC and 125 V DC.

The consumer and supplier sections handle the

following functions

Consumer sections:

• Feeding the single-phase current at 750 V

AC from Lleida and Madrid.

• Voltage transformation from 750 V AC to

230 V AC.

• Voltage supply of 230 V AC to the electronic

equipment (sensors).

• Remote control via fibre optic cable from a

central control station.

Supplier sections:

• Voltage supply of 750 V AC and distribution

in Lleida and/or Madrid.

• Voltage transformation from 750 V AC to

230 V AC.

• Voltage transformation from 220 V AC to

750 V AC.

Moeller industrial switchgear for the

harshest operating conditions

Railways have some demanding requirements,

and this especially applies to high-speed rail.

The operating conditions are extremely harsh,

and components must be particularly rugged in

order to ensure reliable and safe service over a

long lifespan. This is particularly the case since

railways are considered to be the safest and

most reliable form of transport. These

demanding requirements are reflected in the

special regulations and specifications applicable

to railways. The relevant standards in Europe

refer to other general standards that stipulate

the requirements of ambient conditions, such

as shock and vibration, an extended

temperature range, humidity, salt mist or

voltage variances. Operational reliability has to

be ensured for very long periods.

AVE (Alta Velocidad Española)

The AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) is the

Spanish high-speed rail system based on

the French TGV. Three connections are as

yet designed and completed for use by

high-speed trains in Spain: Madrid -

Toledo (since 2005), Madrid-Lleida (since

2003) and Madrid-Seville (since 1992).

The 2005 Madrid - Barcelona section has

been under construction since the

beginning of 2005. The sections were

constructed for European standard gauge

systems instead of the standard wide

gauge used in Spain. The reason for this

change was to later enable connection to

the high-speed rail network in France.

The normal track width in Spain is

otherwise 1,668 mm, compared to the

standard 1,435 mm used in most parts of

Europe. The Spanish railway company,

RENFE, is the owner of the AVE, and

bought the train protection system and

the overhead contact line of the

completed sections from German

suppliers. Moeller components,

particularly circuit-breakers NZM 2 to 4

for 1000 V, provide the reliable power

supply for the Madrid – Lleida section.



Moeller supplied different products for the

AVE, such as the NZM circuit-breakers up to

1 600 A, Xpole modular rail-mounted devices,

DIL contactors from the xStart series and easy

control relays.

The NZM circuit-breakers are designed with

an operating voltage of 690 V AC for switch

operations in two-phase systems.

Around 1000 NZM circuit-breakers are used

for an operating voltage of 1000 V and

different current ratings from 20 A. All the

circuit-breakers are remotely controlled and

are fed with a 24 V DC auxiliary voltage.

Around 1000 Xpole protective switches are

used with different current ratings for various

applications. Each protective switch is

remotely controlled with a 24V DC supply and

control voltage.

A system involving easy800 control relays is

used for the selective tripping of circuitbreakers

that protect and co-ordinate the

750V AC power supply (operation at normal

and maximum load), and where the specified

current rating must be observed precisely.


RENFE, the Spanish railway company, had

decided on a further development of the

TGV Atlantique for its new normal gauge

sections in Spain. Thanks to German

suppliers, the AVE is a derivative of the

TGV with the German LZB linear train

control system. During test runs on the

Madrid - Seville section the AVE set 15

reached speeds of 356.8 km/h, a Spanish



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NZM Circuit-Breaker Series

Now with New Device

Versions and Accessories

Moeller has considerably expanded its NZM series of compact circuit-breakers with efficient device

versions and accessories. This includes, for example, a new molded case switch with integrated

short-circuit protection, which enables the switch to be used irrespective of the type of protective

device used upstream.

It now meets both the requirements of

IEC/EN60947-2 Annex L, as well as being

compliant with North American UL489 and

CSA-C22.2 No.5-02 regulations. In this way, it

can be used as the main switch for machines

and is particularly suitable for exports to

North America.

A complete device series consisting of circuitbreakers

and switch-disconnectors for an

operating voltage of 1000V 50/60Hz is also

new. The switches are derived from the

standard circuit-breakers with an operating

voltage of 400V, cover rated currents from 20

to 1600A, and are designed with compact

dimensions and cost efficiency in mind. The

short-circuit breaking capacity of up to 20 kA

enables devices to be used in applications

such as in wind turbines, tunnels or mines.

A mechanical locking feature will soon be

available for circuit-breakers with a remote

operator. Bowden cables enable switches of

different sizes to be combined and arranged

in different control panel sections.

For the compact 630A NZM3 circuit-breaker,

Moeller is offering terminal expansions that

enable the connection of up to six cables

with 240mm 2 per phase, as well as terminal

bars of up to 80 mm in width.

Moeller has also enhanced the residual

current protection for circuit-breakers:

residual current trip blocks with response

values of 30...3000mA are now available for

the smallest 160A circuit-breakers from the

new series. The block can be fitted at the side

or underneath the NZM1 circuit-breaker,

depending on the installation requirements.

An early-warning LED function indicates

supply leakage currents already before

tripping. Two auxiliary contacts are used in

automated systems for remote fault


Fieldbus communication for all circuitbreakers

with electronic releases has been

extended with interfaces for CANopen and

DeviceNet in addition to the Profibus

interface already available. This enables users

to implement the polling of diagnostics and

operating data, the logging of current values,

the parameter definition and control of the

circuit-breakers as well as serving as a motor

start function. In addition to detailed remote

diagnostics, such as the transfer of warning

and trip indications, and the display of load

For Moeller Electric Sales and Support call (866) 595-9616

currents, the fieldbus allows the circuitbreakers

to also be operated remotely and

automatically via their relay outputs, with no

additional cost.

Moeller also added a 1600A version for the

space-saving side wall operation of circuitbreakers

and switch-disconnectors. The

rotary handle can either be fitted on the

front or side wall of the switch or on the side

wall or mounting plate of the switching

cabinet. Moeller's range of mounting kits for

all main switch applications in machine

controls is now covered up to a rated current

of 1600A.



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Full Power

in the Compact Class:

easy Control


Automation products,

system solutions and services

all around the PLC and

visualization, enhancing the

performance of machines

and systems.

——— PC based HMI-PLC

und PLC

——— Embedded


——— Modular PLC

——— Compact PLC

——— HMI

——— Remote I/O

——— Operating and

control relays

The new easy Control compact controller allows you

to move conveniently in the PLC world and access

the large range of easy accessories on offer.


015081 065417

Moeller Electric GmbH

Fax (0228) 602-2275 ·

The new easy Control compact controller demonstrates

how Moeller has consistently advanced the success story

of its easy control relay.

easy Control rounds off the high end of the existing

easy performance range and closes the gap between

the easy control relay and the PLC.

• Programming with easy Soft CoDeSys

to IEC 61131-3

• Large 256 K program/data memory

• High processing speed of 0.3 μs per instruction

• Versatile networking:

Ethernet, CANopen, Easy-NET, RS232

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