BEACH Party Platform

BEACH party is united by one philosophy, one belief, that this university,

this institution is our home, your home. At home, we are meant to feel

safe, accepted, and a part of a community. Because of this, BEACH party

will take the lead to Better, Educate, Advocate, and push for Change in

our Home. We will better this campus through sexual assault prevention

efforts that change the way we talk about and deal with sexual

violence. We will educate through mental health campaigns that aim to

eliminate the stigma that mental illness and those who suffer from it

are forced to carry. We will continue to establish a student government

that advocates for the everyday student. We will fight for more

sustainable practices, great student quality of life, and diverse student

representation. BEACH party hears the students’ voices, fights for their

interests, and strives to create a better home for us all.

Student Safety

Home is where you should feel the greatest sense of safety and well-being. Through Sexual assault prevention

training, sexual assault awareness campaigns, and a collection of resources, the BEACH Party strives to help every

student feel safe here at home.

1. Hawkeyes Got Your Back Program

a. We will work with the Office of the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator to

create a student oriented compilation of resources available at the University of

Iowa that provides support, information, and details about medical and reporting

options for survivors of sexual assault.

b. We will work with WRAC to mandate and help sponsor bystander intervention

training for the undergraduate leadership in all registered University of Iowa

Student Organizations.

c. Through multiple programs throughout the year, we will work with established

resources and departments on campus to provide routine educationals, training

programs, and tabling awareness events to help students be active bystanders.

2. It’s on Us Campaign

a. BEACH Party will continue to carry on and improve the It’s on Us Campaign,

promoting an environment where sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are

continually supported.

b. BEACH Party will raise awareness using t-shirts, PSA’s, and guest speakers, so every

student knows they can play an active part in eliminating sexual misconduct.

c. BEACH Party will work with the Greek councils on campus to increase educational

programs so students are not only educated, but trained on the tools to fight against

sexual misconduct.

3. Target low-level acts of aggression that build and reinforce an environment where violence

towards students is not tolerated

a. Cat Calling Campaign: We will promote and raise awareness of the cat calling that

occurs on campus by hosting tabling events to hand out promotional items against

cat calling and to raise bystander awareness. We will also work with Iowa City

Police and University Public Safety to develop a plan to enforce City and University

policies around catcalling.

4. Advocate for an improved Nite Ride system in which EVERY student can feel safe through

access to Nite Ride

Student Health and Wellness

The physical, but more specifically, mental health of students has not been a strong priority for student

governments in the past. However, it is an issue that should not go unaddressed. It is our duty to take action

through informative materials, education programs, and monthly events to eliminate the negative stigmas

associated with mental illness, encourage healthier lifestyles, and to create a better well-being here at home.

1. Take the Lead Campaign

a. Keep students more informed by creating a directory of every health/wellness

resource on campus

b. Educating students each month about a new physical or mental condition to

increase awareness and decrease negative stigmas

i. Bring in expert guest speakers to hold informational meetings about the

month’s topic

ii. Host an awareness event each month, keeping the specific condition at the

forefront of students’ minds

1. For example, we will host walks, hand out flowers, or hold tabling

events each month to be visible and raise awareness for the month’s


c. Advocating for a website with a pledge students make, promising to themselves that

they will take the lead with their personal health

d. Promoting sustained student wellness by rewarding students who complete the

year-long pledge


We strive to create a relatable Student Government that represents ALL of the University of Iowa undergraduate

students. Every Hawkeye deserves to have their voice heard. Through increased resources for international

students, new diversity programs, and more open forums, we will work so that every voice is heard and respected.

1. Expand the orientation programs for international students

a. Create a University of Iowa sponsored bus that transports new international

students from the airport to the University of Iowa

b. Work to hire current international students to serve as tour guides for the newly

arrived international students

c. Adopt an International Student Welcome night at the beginning of each semester

that brings domestic and international students together

2. Work with different multi-cultural student organizations to co-sponsor and host events that

celebrate cultural holidays

3. To promote cultural awareness, we will explore a semester long university wide buddy

program in which domestic students are paired with an international student

4. Advocate on behalf of the Diversity Inclusion Education at Large Legislation (DIEL) to

continue the advancement of General Education courses focusing more heavily on diversity

and inclusion

5. Have regular multi-cultural leadership roundtable meetings to ensure student government

is representing and effectively serving students from every background

6. In order to increase campus-wide cultural competency we will bring in a key-note speaker

once a semester


In order for the University of Iowa to continue being a top institution, we must aim to be as sustainable as possible.

Through new, unique programs we intend to take the lead to help the University of Iowa advance into becoming an

even greener campus.

1. Encourage the city to incorporate more recycling bins downtown

a. Have University of Iowa art students paint these bins to celebrate more unique art

in Iowa City and ultimately create more awareness for a sustainable culture

2. Advocate for the reduction of plastic bags at the Iowa Hawk Shop by donating to a

sustainable organization for every bag a customer forgoes

3. Bring a Bike Share to campus

a. Work with the University as well as the city to create bike racks in which students

can easily and affordably check out bikes when needed

4. Ensure the campus is being efficient with their resources through:

a. Work to eliminate plastic water bottles waste by ensuring each university building

has hydration Stations

b. Advocate to change the printing policy to make “double sided printing” more cost

efficient than “single sided printing”

Student Life

The University of Iowa is home to thousands of entrepreneurial, innovative and talented students. In tandem with

their personal and academic goals we will work to make their experience here even more enjoyable.

1. Implement Iowa Kickstarter, a program in which newly approved student organizations

automatically receive a funding package rather than wait for the next funding period.

2. Create an Iowa City Renters Guide for off-campus living

a. Collect survey data to help students find the best location, landlord, and price for

their needs

b. A “Know your Rights” section would be included to help new renters understand

their rights

3. Start a bus system in which the University of Iowa could transport some students home at

the beginning of breaks

4. What to Fix (WTF)

a. Use Iowa Ideas, Twitter, booths, and mass email correspondence to learn what

students find problematic with the campus

5. Cut Your Cost Campaign:

a. Helping students learn about cost efficient resources available to them at the

University of Iowa

b. Helping students be cognizant of their daily expenditures and how it can affect them

in a positive or negative way

6. Increasing Individual Financial Literacy

a. Work with the Office of Financial Aid to have every student that receives public

financial aid meet with a financial advisor during the loan process

7. Advocate on a state level for another Tuition Freeze and no more than another minor

increases in student fees

8. Work to increase student awareness about the Iowa Caucus and advocate for caucusing

precincts on campus

9. Work closely with the Presidential search committee and the Board of Regents to advocate

for student concerns regarding sustainability, sexual misconduct, diversity, and all issues

that affect students in the search for a new President

10. Work with the University Billing Office as well as the Registrar’s Office to eliminate the UBill

registration hold to allow students to register for classes

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