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Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, Marketing, SEO

Hi my name is Callum Longworth, thank you for taking the

time to explore my portfolio.



I am a reliable and hard-working individual,

currently attending Southport College studying

HND Graphics Design. I am very passionate

about my subject and hope to further my

understanding through university in the future.

I have previously been involved in a voluntary

project where by I was able to design the Plaza

Community Cinema’s main foyer, which was then

later constructed. I have also designed flyers

Twitter: @CALROB94

Instagram: @callum_longworth

Facebook: /CallumLongworthGraphicDesign

and posters for the Anthony Walker Foundation


I have an avid interest in technology, taking

care to pick up and learn new skills at every

opportunity to help further my repertoire. I like to

keep my work clear and organized. I like to also

maintain open communication with my clients to

ensure they are happy with their end product.

I have a wide knowledge base of contemporary

graphics programmes.

I am an imaginative and passionate designer and motivator, who

firmly believes that a rigorous strategic approach backed up by visually

engaging ideas are the best solutions to communicate a client’s

product or service. I have excellent creative, organizational and communication skills, a

relaxed manner when under pressure and flexibility to work well both

as a team leader and as part of an established team.

Chesterfield High School Liverpool,

United Kingdom 2006 – 2011

Level 1 Certificate (FCSE) in French - Merit

EDEXCEL Level 2 2 BTEC First Certificate in Applied Science - Pass

EDEXCEL BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Sport (QCF) - Pass

EDEXCEL Level 2 BTEC Award in Mathematical Applications (PILOT) – Pass

OCR Level 2 National Certificate in ICT – Double Distinction – (Individual Units below)

ICT Skills for business – Merit

Digital Imaging – plan and produce computer graphics –Distinction

Desktop Publishing – Distinction

Creating Animation for the WWW using ICT – Merit

Creating Computer Graphics – Merit

Webpage Creation – Merit

Design and produce multimedia products - Merit

English Functional Skills – Level 1

English – B

Mathematics – E (expecting a C in GCSE resit)

Geography - C

Art & Design - C

Chesterfield High School Sixth Form

Liverpool, United Kingdom 2011 – 2013

AS Art & Design

A-Level in Art & Design

OCR Level 3 National Diploma

Southport College

Merseyside, United Kingdom Oct 2013 – Present

HND Graphics Design Level 4 & 5


Plaza Community Cinema

Ayuthaya Crosby




Leap Of Faith

Condy & Lofthouse Architects (CLA)

Liverpool Bombed Out Church

Treadwise Mobile Tyres

Rebellious Fashion

Greedy Gremlin

Dark Continents

Two-Headed Snake Productions

John Smith Letter Carver

Crosby Memorials

National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM)

Encore Retail



XL Recordings

Penguin Publishing

Rock The Boat

Safe Brewing Community Interest Company

The Crib


Nanna Rosas Ristorante and Pizzeria

Better Bounce Castle Hire

The Anthony Walker Foundation

Southport College

JK’s E-Cig Warehouse

Service Faction

Jobs Pertemps

Clear Solutions Training

‘Rock The Boat’ - Corporate Identity

Corporate identity, branding, marketing

and design method.

This is the final

varient of the

‘Rock The Boat’

logo, which I


Using my newly designed pump

clip and label, I then began to create

other marketing imagery. My goal

was to keep everything I produced for

the brand very consistent with each

other which I am very confident that

I achieved. When showing the client

my designs I showed him a variety of

marketing posters which were in my

opinion were beautifully rendered and


The task for this project was to

understand and effectively present

the clients corporate identity and

to be able to produce appropriate

imagery to represent corporate

messages and core values.

‘Rock The Boat’ is a new brand and

product from ‘The Safe Brewing

Community Interest Company’ which

we were tasked with creating and

developing a flow of imagery which

best represents the clients corporate

identity and develop it to best

communicate the messages behind

the company, whilst keeping the

imagery fresh and eye catching.

Starting out with the target audience

I began to mind map the different

social groups and age groups who

would sampling the product and

basing my design around appealing

to regular ‘pub crawlers’, however

there is no reason why my designs

cannot be effective in catching other

potential customers eyes. My goal

was to create a very fresh and bold

brand and to try and get across the

idea of “Hey, we’re the new kid on

the block, come give us a chance”

in hopes to ‘get the ball rolling’ from

day one (launch).

Researching other ale brands was

very helpful in contributing to my

final idea, I looked at and researched

a variety of brands to investigate

the current trend in the market in

terms of design. What’s old is now

becoming more modern however

still maintaining a vintage style.since

many of these companies are in fact

hundreds of years old. So given this

thought I also made it one of my

goals to come up with a vintage style

when producing my design.

The first design consisted of a handdrawn

look, utilizing many skills I

learned throughout studying Art &

Design (cross hatching and other

sketching techniques).

Client: Leap Of Faith

Brief: Design a bold logo and album cover

Format: LP Sleeve, Logo and Marketing Package

I was recently commissioned by the guys

at ‘Leap Of Faith’ to create an cover for

their new single ‘Renegade’.

Leap Of Faith are a young three piece

band from liverpool who focus on

entertaining, live performaces and

pushing out new original music

To be released In 2015

I designed this LP for use with ‘Leap

Of Faith’s’ New album which the band

members are planning to release later

on in 2015.

I had chosen the style of artwork

based on the bands main

demographic and persoanlity. The

cover underwent various different

styles and variations until the band felt

that the design accurately represented

their image.

Client: Treadwise Mobile Tyres

Brief: Design a bold logo and album cover

Format: Website, Logo and Marketing Package

was contacted by the owner of

I ‘Treadwise Mobile Tyres’ to develop

a complete branding package, the

project was developed from the ground

up. Researching the clients targeted

demographic and creating a visual style

which would appeal to said demographic.

The package contained the following:

Complete e-commerce enabled

desktop site, coupled dynamic mobile site

which would be the main selling point and

to drive my clients sales. Tablet friendly

design also included. Logo design,

premium business card design and

other marketing materials such as flyers

and poster advertisements. The site

featured an online store, Google maps

enabled location tracker. Each product

supplied to the client followed a strick

brand guideline which I developed

especially for the brand. All layouts were

completely dynamic, which means all

the content within the site would scale

appropriately depending on what device

the visitor would visit the site on. I also

handled all the hosting to ensure my

client had a stress-free experience.

Client: Dark Continents

Brief: Create production ready concept art and sketches

Format: Concept art

“Hey buddy, Just wanted to thank you again for your amazing sketches.

We got our first exec producer funding yesterday and he was absolutely

blown away by your work.” -Stuart Jopia

Five stowaways on board an

intercontinental cargo liner hide

in the bowels of the engine and share

chilling stories from their various

countries of origin. But something

watches them from the shadows.

When five stowaways sneak

aboard an international

cargo liner, holing up together in

the bowels of the engine, boredom

quickly turns to mischief. When one

of them is almost caught stealing

from the ship’s pantry, they commit

to remaining in hiding until they hit

land. With nothing but conversation

for entertainment, the companions

begin to tell each other chilling tales

from their native countries.

dynamic, which means all the content

within the site would scale appropriately

depending on what device the visitor

would visit the site on. SEO also included.

Ayuthaya - Branding

was contacted by the owner of

I ‘Ayuthaya’ to develop a complete

branding package, the project was

developed from the ground up.

Researching the clients targeted

demographic and creating a visual style

which would appeal to said demographic.

The package contained the following:

desktop site, coupled dynamic mobile

site, tablet friendly design also included.

Marketing materials such as flyers and

posters, banner advertisements and

menu designs. Each product supplied

to the client followed a strick brand

guideline which I developed especially

for the brand. All layouts were completely

Merseyrail - Pantone

he aims for this project are as follows: Understand

T the nature of aesthetically driven visual

consider home. This could be done by carefully selecting

a colour palette, which invoked familiar emotions or

pantone colour within other people’s work and the use of

printing techniques and to explore why pantone is a more

communication, be able to utilize and manipulate

merely represent the sense of place successfully. At the

desirable approach to designing. Pantone is a universal

At the age of 16, as part of the school curriculum we were assigned work experience to further prepare us for working life later on. I arranged my own

imagery for a communication task and to understand

beginning of the project I began with a mind map showing

colour pallet, which in time could save me a substantial

work experience placement at ‘Condy and Lofthouse Architects’. I spent the next 5 days handling the design side, as part of my work experience I was

taught an extensive amount of knowledge to help when using ‘CAD’ (Computer aided Design’, ‘Google SketchUp’ and a handy piece of rendering

software called ‘Kerkythea’. It was a very enjoyable experience, just wish I had all the final outcomes of the work i did there.

the use of commercial visual communication.To achieve

these aims we were assigned the task of finding a

relevant pantone colour palette to represent a place we

my understanding for what the project may consist of

and what to explore, lists of potential homely locations

as well as the use of pantone. Researching the use of

amount of money when it comes to printing charges.

strive to be different and prove they had

a superior view on life. When looking

at the original illustration you can see

the potential activist smoking a ‘roll-up’,

this is a metaphor which relates to what

many claim that the punk subculture are

a negative effect on society, almost like

a drain, like the effects tobacco products

have on the internal organs. You may

also notice on the sketch that the figure

has rough and ready facial hair, the

meaning for this is that ‘punks’, avoided

the ‘mainstream’ way of life, avoiding the

clean-cut lifestyle.

The punk subculture

is centered on a loud,

aggressive genre of rock

music called punk rock.

The punk subculture, which centres

on punk rock music, includes a diverse

array of ideologies, fashions and

forms of expression, including visual

art, dance, literature and film. The

subculture is largely characterized

by anti-establishment views and the

promotion of individual freedom.

MODERN-DAY PUNK - Design Theory

“Don’t hate the media; become the media.” – BIAFRA, Jello; Dead Kennedys –


The ‘Modern Day Punk’ came to me 1970’s punk subculture. During the midas

an idea due to the saying; “punk 70s the economy in the UK was struggling

is dead”. Society has claimed for a while and the punk culture consisted of activists

that punk is no longer alive. This gave me

reason to illustrate the punk as a skeleton

but kept the iconic original features of a

who were against the government; they

used a saying “Sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll” to

claim their supposed fame. They would

stands, it was an ongoing project. In

the end the decision I made to turn

my entire logo into a bitmap was a

brilliant decision and one I greatly

do not regret, there’s just something

about bitmapping which is visually

appealing to me and one that I hope

appeals to the majority of clients.

Callum Longworth Design - Branding

It all started with a couple of logo

idea sketches. The first idea I came

with simply stuck with me, I had a

lot of others but it was just the case

of experimenting with a variety of

different styles. To create the logo

I started out with my beginning

sketch which I imported into adobe

illustrator, keeping different colours

and elements on different layers

made the design process for this

stress-free and organized thanks to

following the order of process during

my Farmaggedon Design Methods

Project. However like I said, I found

it difficult to leave my logo as it

‘APOCALYPSE’ - Movie poster.

I approached the producers

of the movie, offering my

services and through that I

have recieved an abundance

of commissions for their


‘Greedy Gremlin’

print design and

merchandising. To help

with the launch of a

clients clothing line, I

was tasked to create a

t-shirt design for the

brand as well as other

branding materials.


They have released five studio albums:

Whatever People Say I Am, That’s

What I’m Not (2006), Favourite Worst

Nightmare (2007), Humbug (2009), Suck

It and See (2011) and AM (2013), as well as

one live album, At the Apollo (2008). Their

debut album is the fastest-selling debut

album by a band in British chart history,

and in 2013, Rolling Stone ranked it the

30th-greatest debut album of all time.

Upto A0 prints available via

my online store.

Arctic Monkeys - Lyrical Prints

Interpretation of song lyrics through visual communication.

Arctic Monkeys are a rock band formed

in 2002 in High Green, a suburb of

Sheffield. The band consists of Alex Turner

(lead vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar),

Jamie Cook (lead guitar, rhythm guitar),

Nick O’Malley (bass, backing vocals), and

Matt Helders (drums, backing vocals).

Former band member Andy Nicholson

(bass guitar, backing vocals) left the band

in 2006 shortly after its debut album was

The band have won seven Brit Awards—winning both Best British Group and Best British Album three times, and

have been nominated for three Grammy Awards. They also won the Mercury Prize in 2006 for their debut album, in

addition to receiving nominations in 2007 and 2013. The band have headlined at the Glastonbury Festival twice, in

2007 and again in 2013.


Traditional Media

E-Mail Address:

Store available online.

Telephone: 07914118475


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