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2 A free magazine

for N NPT Homes’ Tenants Tenants and Leaseholders




Competition Time - P2

Budgeting Sheet - P12


Competition Time

One of our main contractors Jistcourt, has kindly donated £100 worth of

shopping vouchers for one lucky tenant.

To be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize, just answer this

simple question:

‘How many times does the word tenant appear in this edition of The Grapevine?’

To enter simply email your answer, name and number to or

call 01639 505860. Deadline for entries is Monday 9th July 2012.

If you have questions about how

benefit changes may affect you,

why not arrange to meet with the

Financial Inclusion Team at NPT

Homes. They can be contacted on

01639 506623

Do you need any

assistance with

antisocial behaviour

or noisy neighbours

in your area?

Please contact our

Estate Ranger Team on

01639 506614.

Win £100

NPT Homes is here to help

If you are having difficulty paying your rent please let

us know straight away on 0300 777 0000 and ask to

speak to your Housing Officer.

If you are having difficulties with managing your

tenancy please contact the Tenancy Support

Team on 01639 506044

Has your home had improvement works?

If it has, make sure you tell us what you think.

We always leave a questionnaire and prepaid envelope behind.

Whatever you tell us will help us improve the way we work.

2 REPORT A REPAIR 0300 777 3000

Tenant receives a big

thank you for his time

Ivor, 94, was recognised for his

outstanding service to the organisation

after being the custodian of the keys

at Neath Abbey Ruins until January of

this year, when he was still doing his

daily round of the grounds on his

mobility scooter!

Ivor began working at the site at the

tender age of 17 and, after learning his

trade as a stone mason, helped build

the bungalow on the site for a

previous custodian.

When Ivor married, he moved into the

bungalow, brought up his family there

Ivor Roberts, a new

tenant of Cysgodfa,

has been thanked

for his dedication to

Cadw, the

organisation which

works to conserve

Wales’ heritage and

help people

understand and care

about their history.

and spent 67 happy years at the home

until moving to Cysgodfa in January


Ivor said:“It was a wrench leaving the

little bungalow, I had so many happy

years there, but with open fires and no

heating it was definitely time to hang

up my working boots, much to the

relief of my family.

I was thrilled with the sketch of the

Abbey that was presented to me by

Cadw, it will have pride of place in my

new flat as a reminder of my 77 years

service spent there.”




Real Life Romance

in Banwen

May, 84 and Ray, 89 are celebrating

65 years of marriage.

May said: “We met at

Cwmgrawch Welfare

Club back in 1944.

After three years

courting, we decided

to tie the knot.

We married in Bethel

Chapel, Glynneath and

had a large get together

with friends and family in

my mother’s house.

There was no such thing

as fancy honeymoons

back then but we did

manage to get away to

Swansea for three days,

staying with my Aunt.

Looking back it only

seems like yesterday

but we have always

been very happy

celebrating the latter

part of our 65 years of

marriage with our friends

at Ty Maes Marchog.

People keep asking us

what is the secret to

years of wedded bliss,

our answer is always

the same, get married

for the right reasons,

share everything with

each other and try not

to argue too much!”

REPORT A REPAIR 0300 777 3000

NPT Homes

new building

gets underway

The building of

NPT Homes’ new

headquarters has got

underway recently at

Baglan Energy Park.

Bridgend based


Company, Jehu, will

carry out the build

which is due for

completion in

spring 2013.

Certain services will

have a presence in

select areas but the

new building will be

the central location

to house NPT Homes

staff and services

which are currently

spread out over seven

different offices across

Neath, Port Talbot and


NPT Homes has partnered

up with DEWIS to improve

the way it communicates

with its tenants

DEWIS, who provide housing and advice for

people aged 16 – 25, joined NPT Homes

Communications Group to help develop the

variety of ways NPT Homes communicates with its tenants.

During the first meeting, the younger members met with the existing

Communications Group and looked at the tenant newsletter ‘The Grapevine’.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss a variety of ideas and suggestions on

what they wanted to read and see within the newsletter.

The group also looked at social media and video which the younger members of

the group are keen to develop.

Daniel Jones, a tenant with DEWIS, said: “I have always wanted to be an editor of

a magazine or newspaper and by getting involved in NPT Homes’ Communications

Group is providing me with vital experience to help me achieve this.

I really enjoyed the meeting, everyone at the group was friendly and I feel that by

volunteering and getting involved is my way of giving something back to the


If you would like to get involved with NPT Homes in any way

please contact Tenant Empowerment on 01639 505905

Got A


If you have a story or photo for this magazine,

please let us know. Maybe you have a tip you

want to share or a letter on an interesting subject?

You can tell us your news in lots of ways:

Call: Rachel or Jon on 01639 505860


Write: NPT Homes, Communications Team, Llys Penrhys,

Off Curwen Close, Pontrhydyfen, SA12 9UT



Jubilee Celebrations

Residents at Maeshir and Riverside

Court joined in the recent festivities by

celebrating the Queens Diamond


Residents at Maeshir decorated both

the outside and inside of the scheme

with union jack style bunting and flags

before sitting down to a British style

lunch which included cream cakes,

cucumber sandwiches, and other

mouth-watering treats.

A resident said:

“We’ve all had so much fun planning

and getting everything together for

our party. We put up the bunting and

made food then all sat down

together to celebrate the Queens 65

years on the thrown. I can even

remember when she was crowned,

but that’s showing my age now. ”

Dolly a keen gardener at Riverside

Court also decorated a flowerbed in the

patriotic red, white and blue to mark the

special occasion.

REPORT A REPAIR 0300 777 3000

Young Reporters

The Young Reporters Group are a new addition to the

Communications Group and are made up of six young people

aged 15 - 22. They work together to make sure there are articles in

The Grapevine about issues that affect young people in Neath Port


In May, The Young Reporters met with Nigel Cram from Neath Port

Talbot Council for Voluntary Services (NPTCVS). His role is to

develop volunteering opportunities for young people.

Here are Nigel’s answers to the questions we asked…

What do you expect from a volunteer?

“Commitment; this could mean volunteering for

an hour a week, or an hour a month, but making

sure that you let the organisation know when

you’re available and if you’re unwell or unable to

attend. Honesty and reliability are both very

important when volunteering too.

How can I make volunteering a valuable


“Think about what interests you have. For

example, if you’re interested in journalism, take

photographs, film or record interviews and try

to develop broader skills. Use it as an

opportunity to improve your skills, expand on

skills you have already or put your skills to a

different use. Think of today’s job market; 23% of

young people are unemployed. Think about

what skills you could develop by volunteering

that no-one else has got…How could you

portray this to a potential employer?”

How can volunteering help me progress?

“Volunteering is an excellent boost to your CV. It

is really valuable on job applications and

employers value it a great deal. Try different

things. You can try out different things without

committing to it.”

What is the difference between volunteering

and work placements?

“placements can be with any organisation, whereas

volunteering is within the voluntary sector.

Work placements tend to have set hours a week,

whereas volunteering is more flexible. Volunteering

is choosing to do something you want to do for a

chosen organisation, whereas a work placement

can be arranged externally, for example, by the

Jobcentre or Workways. 75% of employers

prefer voluntary experience as opposed to

working part time, as it shows you chose to do it.”

Are there any barriers to volunteering for

young people?

“There are barriers to volunteering for young

people. It may be a new experience for an

organisation to take on young volunteers, so

they may be hesitant. There are, unfortunately,

stereotypes that young people may not be

suitable for a voluntary opportunity. Young

people have to work hard to break down this


Exams and education are also big barriers;

it’s very important for young people to have an

education behind them, but it could prevent

young people from volunteering due to

revision or coursework deadlines.

If you have a criminal record, don’t let that put

you off volunteering. Be honest when applying

for voluntary placements and speak to your

volunteer advisor who can offer you support.

In terms of volunteering affecting your benefits,

it’s always best to speak to your advisor at your

local Jobcentre office.”

If you would like to find out more about youth opportunities within NPT Homes,

please contact Tenant Empowerment Officer Kathryn Cook on 01639 505904 or




Tenant Empowerment

Having recently visited The Senedd

in Cardiff Bay to understand how

scrutiny works in the top political

chamber in Wales, the panel

continued their learning by visiting

Newydd Housing Association on the

17th May. The panel currently meet

on a fortnightly basis.

If you missed out on the sessions but are keen to know more

about the Scrutiny Panel, please contact Ross Williams on

01639 505903 or email

Communication Group

The Communication Group approved content for the

summer edition of ‘The Grapevine’ and has begun

work on the content for the autumn edition.

They have looked at the NPT Homes website and put

forward ideas for improvement and explored the pros

and cons of using social media as a

communication tool. The group also

held its first, very successful session

with people from Dewis, with a view

to establishing a Youth/ Comms

collaboration group in the future.







NPT Homes AGM is being held on Thursday 27th

September at the Towers, Jersey Marine at 4pm.





NPT Homes Annual General Meeting (AGM)

All members are able to attend and will receive notification

in the near future. If you are not yet a member and would

like to attend the event, application forms can be found

online and in NPT Homes’ main offices.

You can also call 01639 505857.

REPORT A REPAIR 0300 777 3000



The Committee has

recently commenced the

planning stages of NPT

Homes’ AGM which is


for Thursday

27th Sept





Building our

Future Together



Group is

focusing on


its role as a body of tenants

that monitor the Programme of

Works and will be exploring

best practice models as well as

undergoing training before

commencing their monitoring

role later this year.







Leaseholders Forum

The Leaseholder’s Forum

held their first meeting in May

2012, where they received an

update on the Major

Improvement Programme.

They also had the opportunity

to have their questions

answered by NPT Homes

Senior Management Team.

The next meeting will be held

on Thursday 6th September.

Work So Far

So far, NPT Homes

has completed;

Day to Day Repairs and Property Maintenance:

New Heating Systems ..............................374

Heating Systems Serviced......................9434

Electrial Rewires ......................................183

Properties Re-roofed ................................419

Properties fitted with uPVC ......................555

uPVC Windows produced ......................4033

uPVC Doors produced ..............................550

Emergency Repairs completed in 24 hrs ....8068

Urgent Repairs completed in 7 days............2366

Non-Urgent Repairs completed in 20 days....9001

WHQS Programme:

New Heating Systems........724



Electrical Rewires ..............131



On the Board

Since the last newsletter things have been as

busy as ever here at NPT Homes, most notably

work on our new building began.

Work so far on the site in Baglan has gone well, with staff

expected to move into the building next spring.

The new building will be a chance for all

staff, who are currently based in seven

different offices, to come together

under one roof, bringing us closer

together as an organisation.

However, a large proportion of our work

force will still be very much community

based, as this is a key element to their


I have met with our new tenant Board

Members; Brian Fleming, Nikki Buttland

and Helena Peters following on from

their Board training, to give them further

guidance on how the Board operates.

Board has finalised our 18 month

training and development plan that

ensures we receive on-going

development so that we can make the

right decisions for the organisation and

more importantly, for you our tenants.

Rooger Wiilliams

We have recently approved a draft

tenant participation strategy which has

looked at ways of enhancing Tenant

Empowerment opportunities in NPT

Homes while also detailing how the

organisation will continue to develop

relationships with tenants and

communities in the future.

As an organisation, Audit is really

important in ensuring we deliver our

core purpose in an efficient and

effective manner. To improve the way

we do things, Board has agreed to

work with three other large housing

transfer organisations, Bron Afon,

Merthyr Valley Homes and

Valleys to Coast when carrying out

Audit work by sharing each others

services and combining best practice.

REPORT A REPAIR 0300 777 3000

Roger Williams

on behalf of the NPT Homes Board

Local Leaseholder

This is a new page dedicated to NPT Homes’ Leaseholders. On this page you

will find information specifically about your home and will find out about

important events, updates and information.

Leaseholder Forum

You may be aware that NPT Homes held

its first Leaseholder Forum on the 24th

May which gave you, our leaseholders, an

opportunity to come together and help

shape your future with NPT Homes.

The well attended meeting was opened

with introductions and a welcome speech

from NPT Homes Chief Executive, Linda


The meeting continued with Andrew Carey,

Head of Investment and Regeneration,

giving a background into the improvement

works, when the works will be carried out

in each area and how leaseholders will be


An open question and answer session was

held with the Chief Executive and senior

staff members who gave all

leaseholders the opportunity to ask any


The questions ranged from individual

issues to more generic matters and were

answered by the officers available; all

unanswered queries were captured and

reported back directly to the leaseholder


If you would like

to become a

member of

NPT Homes

or would like

to find out about

the benefits of

becoming a member

please contact the Corporate

Governance Team on 01639 505857.


Building our

Future Together

Get Involved

Have your say about your housing and how

NPT Homes can help you.

Please contact Tenant Empowerment

Officer Ross Williams on 01639 505903 or


to find out how you can shape the future

for leaseholders and your community.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 6th

September at Aberavon Beach Hotel and will

discuss financial matters such as service charges,

insurance and paying for home improvements.



NPT Homes Person

Budgeting is all about knowing and having control over how much income you have, how much

you spend and making sure you’re not spending more money than you actually have.

Using a budget sheet is a good

way of controlling your money.

Once you know how much

money you have coming in,

you’ll be able to make decisions

about the best possible ways

to spend it.

The NPT Homes Financial

Inclusion Team has come up

with this budgeting sheet to

help you, our tenants, get a

firm understanding of your

household income and


You can complete this

budgeting sheet depending

on your own circumstances.

Once you have completed the

income and outgoing sections,

you will need to take away your

outgoings (red table) from your

income (green table). This will

leave you with the amount of

money you have left to spend to

clear any debts or save for a

special occasion.

If you need any help to

complete your budget sheet,

or you are having any money

troubles, please contact the

NPT Homes Financial

Inclusion Team on

01639 506623.




Partnerʼs Earnings

Other Income

Maintenance & Child Support

Boarders or Lodgers

Non Dependant Contributions

Student Loans & Grants

Other Income


Income Based Job

Seeker’s Allowance

Contribution Based

Job Seeker’s Allowance

Income Support

Working Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit

Child Benefit

Employment Support Allowance/IB/Sick Pay

Disability Living/Attendance Allowance

Carer’s Allowance

Housing Benefit

REPORT A REPAIR 0300 777 3000

Weekly Fortnightly Monthly

Council Tax Benefit

Other Benefit


State Pension

Private or Works Pension

Pension Credit

Other Pension

Total Income: £ £ £

al Budgeting Sheet




Council Tax





Pension & Life Insurance


Car Fuel

Car Insurance/ Tax

Travel (Public Transport/ Taxis)

Home Phone

Mobile Phone

TV Licence


Cable/ Satellite TV

Cigarettes/ Tobacco


Child Maintenance/ Support


Lottery/ Pools


Weekly Fortnightly Monthly

Total Expenditures: £ £ £

Important Debts Amount Owed Repayments per wk/ mnth

Rent Arrears

Council Tax Arrears


Water Arrears

Fuel Debts

Total: £ £

Other Debts

Lender £ Owed

Total £


A - Total In £

B - Total Out £

A-B=Spare £

Pull me out

& fill me


*If your outgoings are

more than your income,

please contact our

Financial Inclusion Team

on 01639 506623 for free

money matters advice.



Friday 15th June 2012

Friday 15th June 2012

A Day in the

A Day in the

Life of a

Life of a



Housing Officer

Housing Officer

I arrive in the office at 8.30am. I open my diary to check the tasks and

appointments I have for the day and ensure that I have the appropriate

paperwork etc. I check my emails and my phone for any voice mails.

There’s just enough time for a quick coffee before attending the monthly

team briefing at 9am.

My first appointment is to meet with a Tenant Liaison Officer (TLO) who is

responsible for overseeing the WHQS improvements, such as the renewal

of kitchens, bathrooms, heating systems and re-wiring to our properties

over the next five years.

Together we meet at a house in Neath which has had a new kitchen

installed. The kitchen units are of extremely good quality and the addition of

new wall tiles and nonslip flooring is a most welcome improvement. The

tenant of this house is delighted with the new kitchen.

Having seen the improvement for myself I am able to advise my tenants on

what to expect when their homes are due to receive new kitchens. Before

leaving the house I make arrangements with the TLO to visit another

property next week to view the installation of a new bathroom.

My next appointment is to carry out a viewing of a vacant flat with a

potential new tenant to ensure she is happy with it and to answer any

questions she may have.

REPORT A REPAIR 0300 777 3000

The lady is very happy with the flat; she is pleasantly surprised

at the size of the rooms and the private garden as she is a keen

gardener, there is also an outside brick shed where she can

store her garden equipment.

It’s a short drive back to the office for lunch and a much needed

cup of coffee. I am on duty in the office from 1pm and my first

appointment is to sign up a new tenant for a house in Neath city centre.

The new tenant is married with 3 children who are of school age and will

benefit by living within walking distance of the local schools and the leisure


After signing the Tenancy Agreement and other associated paperwork,

my new tenant makes her way to the B&Q store to choose paint, paper

and other decorating materials paid for by the decoration vouchers I have

issued to assist with the cost of decorating her new home.

My next interview is with an applicant who has recently applied for housing.

He and his family live in private rented accommodation and the landlord

has given them notice to vacate that property.

I explain the Homes by Choice allocation scheme, which operates by

applicants bidding for suitable vacancies advertised in the Homes by

Choice brochure. I also make a referral to the Council’s Housing

Options Team to provide further advice on their Potentially Homeless

Policy and the steps the Council can take to prevent homelessness

or provide temporary accommodation.

My last clients are two tenants who want to exchange homes.

One tenant lives alone in a 3 bed house and the other tenant is

a married couple who live in a 2 bed flat with a child and another

one on its way. The exchange would suit both tenants so I

complete a mutual exchange form and make appointments for

visits to be made to both tenants to

inspect their homes prior to a decision

being made on their application.

I have seen to all my appointments for

the day, I go back to my desk to check

and reply to my emails and any voice

mails before checking my calendar in

readiness for next week. I leave at 5pm,

looking forward to a relaxing weekend.



NPT Homes Tenancy Support Scheme takes

on 3 new members of staff

This free scheme is not only available to all tenants of NPT

Homes This free but scheme to applicants is not only on our available waiting to list all wishing tenants to of be NPT re-housed by the organisation.

Homes but to applicants on our waiting list wishing to be re-housed by the organisation.

The aim of the service is to

prevent homelessness by

providing a range of

temporary support services

to allow individuals

and families to keep their

tenancies with NPT Homes.

The cases vary from people

struggling to pay their bills,

people with mental health

problems or people

struggling to cope with a

family breakdown.

Tenancy Support Team

Leader, Christine said:

“As an organisation, we

made firm commitments to

provide a support service to

our tenants. Over the past

year we have helped over a

hundred tenants with a wide

range of support that they


We have brought part of the

service in house now so we

have a team of 3 support

REPORT A REPAIR 0300 777 3000

One of NPT Homes

services has been

enhanced to benefit

tenants who may be

struggling to cope

with the demands of

managing their tenancy.

Christine Jessop-Rees

manages the Tenancy

Support Scheme and

works with local

support providers

who help deliver the


She has recently been

joined by Trina Mayo,

Karen Rees and Rachel

Petch, all of whom have

diverse experience of

working in support


staff whose role it is to

deliver a generic support


They are able provide a

range of support including;

traditional tenancy support,

emergency support when

tenants are in crisis, short

term resettlement support

and help and assistance

when someone has a

tenancy for the very first


Meet the Team

My name is Christine Jessop - Rees and I am the Tenancy Support Team

Leader. I have worked in the Social Housing Sector – in both Housing

Associations and Local Authorities since 1988 and have undertaken

many roles within them.

Since 1998 I have specialised in working in the field of supported housing

and have held my current position since 2008. The introduction of the in

house team brings with it new challenges, but I am confident that this team

will provide an excellent, flexible and responsive support service.

Homes but to applicants on our waiting list wishing to be re-housed by the organisation.

This free scheme is not only available to all tenants of NPT

This free scheme is not only available to all tenants of NPT

Homes but to applicants on My our name waiting is Trina list Mayo wishing and I to have be joined re-housed NPT Homes by the from organisa- Caer Las,


where I worked with vulnerable clients for seven years.

This has given me diverse knowledge and experience of working with

clients from differing and complex backgrounds. I really enjoy working

with people and enabling clients to manage their tenancies. I am really

looking forward to being part of a new and evolving team and looking

forward to gaining more experience in the role.

Trina Mayo

My name is Karen Rees and I have previously worked with vulnerable

families in Merthyr Tydfil and also have experience of working with

young people and people with substance mis-use issues.

I live in the Neath area and I’m a tenant myself so I am looking forward

to working in the local area to help local people who may be

encountering problems managing their tenancy.

Christine Jessop-Rees

Homes but to applicants on our waiting list wishing to be re-housed by the organisation.

This free scheme is not only available to all tenants of NPT

This free scheme is not only available to all tenants of NPT

Homes but to applicants on I’m our Rachel waiting Petch list and wishing I live Swansea, to be re-housed which has always by the been organisa- my home.

I graduated from Swansea University with a BA (Hons) Crime, Law and


Policy degree in 2010 and went on to work for Dewis, a young single

homeless project based in Port Talbot.

I have gained knowledge and experience of working with young people;

however I would like to develop my skills further. I am extremely excited

to be part of the new Tenancy Support Scheme within NPT Homes and

look forward to the many challenges and opportunities that this will offer.

Rachel Petch

Karen Rees

Tenants can speak with their local Community Housing Officer if they

wish to discuss the scheme and its potential benefits. Details will then be referred to the

Tenancy Support Team who will get in touch. Alternatively please contact Emma Williams

on 01639 506623 or Christine Jessop-Rees on 01639 506044.



Tenancy Support

Case Study

In September 2011, Tenancy Support

received a referral from a Community

Housing Officer.

The Officer was very concerned

about a gentleman who was living

in a property that was in very poor

decorative order. It was freezing

cold and full with boxes of videos.

The tenant didn’t have a cooker,

fridge or washing machine and the

little furniture he had was very old and


We started to support this tenant in

December 2011 and it became clear

very quickly that he was struggling

financially, physically and mentally.

An initial assessment established that

his priority support needs were to help

him “de-clutter” the flat; to ensure he

was receiving the correct benefits and

to apply for a Community Care Grant

to assist him to purchase essential

items required for his home.

The Financial Inclusion Team at NPT

Homes became heavily involved and,

with their expertise, the tenant applied

for and was awarded Disability Living



With support, the tenant became

more motivated and sorted out his


The Community Grant Application

was successful so we helped him

use the money to furnish his flat.

He bought furniture, a new cooker,

a fridge, and a washing machine.

We helped assemble the flat pack

furniture and he now has plenty of

storage space for his videos.

He decorated the flat and with the

extra money he receives, he can now

afford to heat the property. He went

on holiday with some friends and

he is feeling much better.

We are continuing to support him

because he is still feeling isolated as

his friends live some distance away.

We are working with him to find a

transfer to a property nearer to his

friends. We are also supporting him in

an effort to establish routines so he

can keep himself and his home clean.

He is now very proud of his home.


REPORT A REPAIR 0300 777 3000

Be Safe When Barbecuing

With the warmer weather it is natural to want to go outdoors and enjoy it with family and friends.

By following some simple rules you can ensure your barbecue is a safe enjoyable event.

• Follow the safety instructions provided

with disposable barbecues. Never use

a barbecue indoors.

• Never leave a barbecue unattended.

• Make sure your barbecue is well away

from sheds, fences, trees, shrubs or

garden waste.

• Use enough charcoal to cover the base

of the barbecue, but no more (normally

around 5cms or 2 inches).

• Keep children, pets and garden games

away from the cooking area.

Enjoy yourself Safely

• After cooking, make sure the barbecue is

cool before moving it.

• Empty ashes onto bare garden soil, not

into dustbins or wheelie bins. If they’re

hot, they can melt the plastic and cause

a fire.

• Enjoy yourself, but don’t drink too much

alcohol if you are in charge of the


• Always keep a bucket of water, sand or a

garden hose nearby for emergencies.

This may seem a long list, but most of these things are common sense. By far the biggest

danger is the use of flammable liquids to light the barbecue. We have had a couple of

occasions where people have poured petrol onto the charcoal in an effort to get it going and

the reaction has, not surprisingly, been violent and highly dangerous. Prepare well in advance

and light the charcoal early.



Bogus Caller

Prevention Advice

When someone just arrives at our door

asking to use the phone or for a glass of

water we willingly help them out.

But sadly those strangers can turn into

“Bogus Callers” and, while one person

chats happily to you at the front door

or distracts you it’s possible their

accomplice slips in at the rear door

and helps themselves to your


Always remember to keep both front

and back doors locked at all times.

Some callers can appear official and

may be smartly dressed with uniforms,

official looking paperwork and fake

identification. Ask to take their card

inside while leaving the caller outside

whilst you ring their company.

Use the telephone number you get

from the telephone directory or utility

bill, not the telephone number they

give you.

Remember genuine callers will not

mind waiting. Follow your instinct,

if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Don’t forget you live in one of the

safest areas in South Wales and crime

rates are falling.

However if you do need to contact the

police in an emergency ring 999 but in

a non-emergency ring 101.

Neath Port Talbot has the community

spirit and we are only too happy to

help those in need.

REPORT A REPAIR 0300 777 3000

Blocked Drains can

be a Pain!

Using your toilet as a bin can block

drains; it is bad for the environment

and can cause very unpleasant and

costly flooding to properties.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water says that

not only do many people see nothing

wrong in using their toilet to dispose

of inappropriate items, a large number

don’t realise the damage this can

cause to household sewer pipes.

Research has shown that there is

confusion about who is responsible

when a toilet and domestic sewer pipe

gets blocked.

Welsh Water gets thousands of calls

every year from people who have this

very unpleasant experience.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water wants to

remind people about the Dirty Dozen –

the 12 things most commonly flushed

away that cause blockages.

Putting items of the dirty dozen into

the toilet can not only cost customers

money, they can also cause pollution

to rivers and beaches.

Therefore to avoid unnecessary

pollution and the nasty shock of a big

bill to clear a blockage which will be

your responsibility, bin it, don’t flush it!

The dirty dozen are:

•Razor blades

•Cotton buds

•Incontinence pads

•Facial cleansing

& cleaning wipes

•Disposable nappies

•Syringes & needles

•Bandages & plasters

•Plastic bags & wrappers

•Condoms & femidoms

•Tampons & applicators

•Sanitary towels,

panty liners &

backing strips

•Disposable toilet



vvC h e r r y S u l t a n a C a k e

Serves 8 - 10

Preparation time- 10 minutes

Cooking time- 90 mintues

1. Pre-heat oven gas mark 3/160


2. Cream together the butter and sugar

until light and fluffy

3. Add in the beaten eggs a little at a time

4. If it starts to curdle add a tbsp. of flour

5. Toss the cherries and the sultanas in the

flour and add to mixture

6. Add the salt and mix well

7. Spoon the mixture into a 2lb lined loaf

tin for 90 minutes

8. Insert a clean skewer or knife into the

cake and if it comes out clean the cake

is ready

9. Leave to cool

Recipe provided by Fred Lobes


•4oz softened butter

•4oz caster sugar

•3 eggs (beaten)

•4oz glace cherries (chopped)

•12oz sultanas

•6oz plain flour (sifted)

•Pinch of salt

If you have any recipes you would

like to share, such as a great

sponge cake or a heart warming

soup please get in touch. Email or write to:

Communications, NPT Homes

Llys Penrhys, Off Curwen Close

Pontrydyfen, SA12 9UT

22 REPORT A REPAIR 0300 777 3000

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Emergency only

- 999

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(NPT) - 01792 818200

Police (Non-Emergency) - 101

Citizens Advice � - 08444 77 20 20

NHS Direct - 0845 4647

Samaritans - 08457 90 90 90

Neath Port � Talbot Hospital - 01639 862000

Victim Support - 0845 30 30 900

Dental Emergency

- 08456 010128


- 0800 111

Floodline - 0845 988 1188

Domestic Abuse - 0808 80 10 800

Welsh � Water (emergencies &

RSPCA (Llys Nini) - 01792 229435

sewerage problems) - 0800 052 0130

Neath Port Talbot CBC - 01639 686868

Consumer Direct - 08454 040506

Learn Direct - 0800 101 901




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Port Talbot

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Briton Ferry Anthony Crecraft 01639 505996

Skewen Karl Clark 01639 505999


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Cimla Sarah Clarke 01639 506084

Neath Town/Fairyland/Tonna Peter Buckingham 01639 506017

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Aberdulais/Dulais Valley Lynsey Hargreaves 01639 506024

Vale of Neath Natalie Edwards 01639 506019


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Cwmllynfell/Cwmtwrch/Ystalyfera Deborah Wallace 01639 505976

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Pontardawe/Trebanos Bryan Cuss 01639 505979

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