Wesley-Mission_Annual_Report_201... - Mike Watson freelance ...


Wesley-Mission_Annual_Report_201... - Mike Watson freelance ...

Every day at Wesley Mission Brisbane

we encourage positive


in our community.

Annual Report 2012


Superintendent Minister’s Message ..................1

Highlights of the Year ........................................2

Albert Street Uniting Church .............................4

The Servant Network .........................................6

Art from the Margins .........................................7

Aged Care: Circle of Men ..................................8

Aged Care: Welcomes New Managers .............9

Aged Care: Renovations Revamp Communities ...10

Child Care Services ..........................................12

Gold Coast Service Hub ..................................14

Logan City Services .........................................16

National Auslan Booking & Payment Service ..18

Employment Services ......................................20

Balmoral Uniting Community Centre (BUCC) ..22

Allied Health and Day Respite Services...........24

Emergency Relief .............................................26

Community Care ..............................................28

Youngcare Apartments ....................................30

OzHarvest Brisbane .........................................32

Retirement Living ............................................34

Church Council Report.....................................35

Message from Our Chairperson ......................36

Board Members ...............................................38

Executive Director’s report .............................40

Director’s Report - Residential Aged Care ......42

Director’s Report - Community Services .........44

Director’s Report - Finance and Business Services ..46

Director’s Report - Human Resources .............48

Statement of Comprehensive Income .............50

Statement of Financial Position .......................51

Results from Operations ..................................52

Revenue ............................................................52

Revenue and Expenditure ...............................53

Independent auditor’s report ..........................54

Wesley Mission Brisbane Financial Report ......56

Locations ..........................................................60

Acknowledgments ...........................................62

About Wesley Mission Brisbane ......................63


Minister’s Message

Like the people of old we are called to be able to see

through the present difficulties and provide, in word

and deed, a message of hope and encouragement.

Long ago God said to the people: “I am

creating something new. Watch for the new

thing I am going to do. It is happening already.

There it is! Do you see it? I have put roads in

deserts, streams in thirsty lands.” (Isaiah 43)

The time when Isaiah was given this message from

God was a challenging time for the people, and the

promises from God came as a word of hope for the

future. Wesley Mission Brisbane, too, serves the

community in challenging times. Like the people

of old we are called to be able to see through

the present difficulties and provide, in word and

deed, a message of hope and encouragement.

As you read the reports for this year I am sure that

this is what you will find. Month by month, I see within

Wesley Mission Brisbane new things happening:

new opportunities for services to be delivered,

new buildings, new staff who bring valuable skills to the

organisation, new ways of thinking and new technology.

All signs of hope and of God at work among us.

At the time of Isaiah it seemed impossible to

the people that circumstances could change for

the better. But they did! The task for the ancient

peoples was to continue to live in hope and with

faithfulness. Today it is no different. As we walk

alongside people whose lives reflect difficult

circumstances, we do so with integrity and hope,

expecting all things to be transformed and renewed.





Child care services

expanded with the

opening of Beenleigh

Family Centre Child

Care Service –

bringing our number

of centres across

Brisbane to seven

Balmoral Uniting

Community Centre

- a finalist in the

Quest Community

Newspapers Business

Achievers Award

Youngcare Apartments

Coomera opened

welcoming seven

residents in addition

to the 16 residents at

Youngcare Apartments

Sinnamon Village

Wesley Mission

Brisbane establishes

a Quality and Research


Parkview awarded

the Aged Care



Sustainability Award:

Built Design (2012)

and ACAA National

Building Awards:

New Extra Services

Facility (2011)

Hadden Place awarded

the Aged Care

Queensland Excellence

in Care Media Award

and the Humour

Intervention Project

was nominated for an

International Dementia

Excellence Award

OzHarvest Brisbane


operations rescuing

food and delivering

it to charities feeding

those in need

Logan Beenleigh

Young Persons

Project (The Next

Step) is a finalist

in the Workforce

Innovation Award for

Collaborative Practice

Wesley Mission

Brisbane community

services successful

in application to

provide a Headspace

service in the Fraser

Coast Region

Wheller on the Park

recognised as one

of the top three

retirement living

villages in Queensland

Anam Cara became

first residential aged

care community in

Queensland to be

awarded full Eden in

Oz & NZ registration

2 3

Albert Street


In response to God’s faithfulness

to us, we are committed to being

a welcoming community of Christ:

building faith, compassionately serving

in mission with faithfulness, compassion,

integrity, openness and daring.

The Albert Street congregation sits in the heart

of Brisbane’s CBD and is the spiritual home of

Wesley Mission Brisbane. As it has done for over

160 years, the congregation endeavours to express

the good news, through its worship, witness and

service, that God continues to transform the world,

bringing healing and justice for all people.

During the past year we were pleased to welcome

Rev Dan Skippen as part of the ministry team.

Alongside his ministry within the congregation,

Dan has also been involved in the Wednesday

Community Meal which now feeds around 100 people

each week. The iconic Albert Street Church draws

people to it daily. Throughout the year volunteers

ensure that the church is able to be open and offer

a welcome to those who come in, whether it be

to see the inside of a church for the first time,

or to find a quiet place of reflection and prayer.

School groups also come as part of their studies to

learn about the work of the church and its history.

During the season of Easter the congregation

embarked on Fifty Days of Prayer. Each day a

different area in the life of Wesley Mission Brisbane

was highlighted and people were encouraged

to learn about that activity and pray for the staff

and clients involved. It is hoped that this material

may be offered to the wider community.

Throughout the year there are many special events

which enable people to connect with the wider

community. Pancake Day and Caring Cupcakes

allow some fundraising to occur alongside a meetand-greet

with neighbours. An exciting addition

to last year’s busy Christmas programme was the

organisation of a large “flash mob”, who gathered

in the Queen Street mall and sung the Hallelujah

Chorus from the Messiah. The mob appeared also

in the Myer Centre and the David Jones food court.

During Refugee Week, under the auspices of Art from

the Margins, an art exhibition was held in Wesley

House. It is very moving to hear the stories behind

the art work, especially those told by young people.

Within the year there were celebrations as well as

sorrows. We have been saddened by the passing of a

long term member of the congregation,

Don Reid. Don’s family have had a long

association with Albert Street and been

significant contributors in many ways to the

Mission since its inception. Don achieved the

milestone of being a volunteer steward for seventy

years! We thank God for his faithfulness.

The challenge for a church is always to make the

gospel message relevant to the people of Brisbane.

This year we are hosting an Alpha course for students,

with a particular focus on the many students who

come to Australia to learn English. Next year we are

planning to have some short-term visiting church

practitioners to help us speak into the life of the

city. We continue to seek God’s guidance as we tell

the story of Jesus and his transforming power.

4 5

The Servant Network

Wesley Mission Community Meal

At 7pm every Wednesday evening

of the year, rain or shine, Wesley

Mission Brisbane puts on a three

course dinner for the homeless. The

Community Meal draws anywhere up

to 100 people to the Tongan Wesleyan

Methodist Church in Fortitude Valley.

Food is sourced primarily from Foodbank,

though occasionally other businesses and

organisations contribute food and supplies.

The cooking begins at midday and our team of

volunteers never fails to build a nutritious and

delicious meal, sometimes under trying conditions.

The Community Meal was coordinated by Craig

Batty up until the end of January this year. David Nix

returned as Coordinator from the end of January

until the end of July, after which he returned to fulltime

work. Ange King has now taken on the role of

Coordinator of the Community Meal since the end of

July and also of the Christmas Lunch for this year.

The 2011 Christmas Lunch was again held on the

Deck in King George Square, with Terraze Andersen

coordinating and providing a wonderful meal for

over 250 people. Another great help this year

has been the increased support from OzHarvest

Brisbane who have provided Community Meal

with an additional source of food supplies.

One of the volunteers, John Ryan now cooks the meals

and has been volunteering since 2005. The Servant

Network continues to pray that Community Meal will

be a blessing to both those who come for the Meal and

those who volunteer, to share together in fellowship.

Art From

The Margins

Art from the Margins (AFTM) is a

creative initiative of Wesley Mission

Brisbane that supports artists facing

social isolation or disenfranchisement.

Our artists live with the challenges of

mental illness, homelessness, physical

or intellectual disabilities or come from

refugee backgrounds. Each artist seeks

positive social engagement, acceptance,

and an environment to encourage their

creative and artistic expression.

The annual Art from the Margins Brisbane Festival

exhibition creates the opportunity for hundreds

of artists to exhibit their work to the wider public

and artistic community. In 2012 the exhibition

featured over 400 works by more than 280 artists,

and well over 100 of these artists were exhibiting

for the first time. In the five years since AFTM

was established more than 500 artists have

exhibited their work in this annual exhibition.

This year AFTM commenced its first series of art

workshops at Wesley Mission Brisbane Chermside.

Over 20 artists participated in drawing and printmaking

classes, taught by dedicated and talented volunteer

artists. An exhibition of prints from these workshops

was featured at the Vera Wade Gallery St Andrews

Uniting Church during the 2012 Brisbane Festival.

Other highlights include this year’s Heiser Gallery

Emerging Artist Exhibition held at the Graydon Gallery

New Farm, and an exhibition of art and culture from

Brisbane’s refugee communities staged at Wesley

House during 2012 Refugee Week.

We also saw the opening in October of a dedicated

exhibition space for our artists and the AFTM-Wesley

Mission Brisbane permanent art collection at St

Andrews War Memorial Hospital in Spring Hill.

In 2013 AFTM plans to deepen its engagement

and support for artists. Coming up is an expanded

series of art classes and workshops, the next

stage of the Heiser Gallery Emerging Artists

Award, a series of showcase exhibitions at St

Andrews Hospital, and an enhanced program of

art and culture for the 2013 Brisbane Festival.

6 7

Aged Care: Circle Of Men

offers a safe space

This year, Sinnamon Village’s Albert Court

introduced a new program thanks to

the support of the Rotary Club.

The program is called Circle of Men

and is a social initiative aimed at creating

a social and safe space for men to talk.

The Circle offers a forum for men to

share any concerns they might have,

or just chat about general male focused

topics which they may not otherwise

have an opportunity to talk about.

On average, aged care homes are comprised

of just 10 per cent men. It was this fact that

prompted Mark Tarlo, the founder of the Circle of

Men program, to be proactive and offer a space

for men to get together and talk. Without this

opportunity, it’s easy for men to slip into social

isolation in a female-dominated environment.

Marc Lea is coordinating the program at Sinnamon

Village in Brisbane’s west and reports that the first

three sessions have been a success, with a group of

eight gentlemen attending each meeting. The Circle

generally consists of going out into the garden with

morning tea, cakes and sometimes a beer or two.

The structure of each meeting is informal, but it has

a clear purpose to establish a feeling of brotherhood

and support. The meeting begins with a “check in”

where each person briefly says how things have been

going since the last meeting. A strong feeling of

community is paramount to ending social isolation.

Sinnamon Village hopes to grow the program over the

coming year to encourage more members to join in.

Socialising and overcoming isolation is a core

practice of the Eden Alternative, a philosophy that

all Wesley Mission Brisbane aged care communities

strive to uphold. The volunteer-run initiative has

also been implemented at Parkview and Cooper

House aged care homes at Chermside.

Aged Care welcomes

new managers

Our Aged Care communities

have flourished this year and we

have the pleasure of introducing

several new managers.

Alison Bracher is the manager at John Wesley Gardens

in Geebung. Before joining Wesley Mission Brisbane,

Alison was Director of Nursing at an independent

aged care facility. In her new role, Alison has been

busy getting to know residents, staff and families and

has experienced a great deal of support from all.

“I feel extremely fortunate to be working for such a

wonderful employer. I feel that the whole organisation

works within the Mission’s philosophy and they support

each other, and that is shown from the very top with

the great approach adopted by both Geoff and Annie.

I couldn’t wish for better role models.” – Alison Bracher

Sinnamon Village’s William Moore Court has

welcomed Arline Burnell as manager. Arline is not

a new face in William Moore Court, previously

working as the Clinical Nurse Consultant before

taking on the manager position in an acting capacity.

Arline has taken William Moore Court successfully

through the recent accreditation process.

“I’m looking forward to being the main change agent

in improving resident quality of life.” – Arline Burnell

Yvonne Horvath has joined us as the manager

at St Marks in Wheller Gardens. Yvonne was the

Director of Nursing at another organisation and

brings a wealth of experience to the role. Yvonne

is meeting the challenges of the new role head-on

and is impressed with the structure and support

network offered at Wesley Mission Brisbane.

Finally, we welcome Marcelle Neisler in her new

role. She has been with Wesley Mission Brisbane

since 2010, working as a Clinical Nurse Coordinator

at both St Marks and Cooper House since early

2011. Now in her new role as manager of Cooper

House, Marcelle is able to focus her talents on one

community to ensure residents quality of life.

8 9

Residential Aged Care

renovations revamp


2012 has been a year of changes for Wesley

Mission Brisbane Aged Care, and several

of our communities have undergone

renovations to refresh the homes.

Bethesda, our caring centre at Corinda, has had a

complete internal repaint to which the residents have

responded very positively. We have replaced the old

blue and yellow colour scheme with a classic cream.

Sinnamon Village has been repainted externally

and internally and had several of the courts’ roofs

repaired. Residents at Sinnamon Village were

complimentary about the improvements.

In the north, Wheller Gardens, Cooper House

and Emmaus Village are looking much more

modern following a refurbishment of the

buildings’ front entrances and fresh gardens.


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These updates mark the start of a larger plan for

upgrading Wesley Mission Brisbane Aged Care.

We aim for homes that reflect our modern and high

quality standards of practice, and which help ensure

our residents receive the best quality of life in an

environment that is safe, practical and beautiful.



Child Care


Wesley Mission Brisbane’s child care

services have continued to grow

significantly over the last year, delivering

child care and early education services

to over 1160 children across South East

Queensland. Our child care services

provide a stimulating and educational

environment, and we are proud to have

a team of staff and educators who are

professional, compassionate and caring.

2012 has seen the introduction of national regulations

and quality standards that have raised the bar for

early childhood service delivery. Wesley Mission

Brisbane has embraced these changes across both our

home-based and centre-based child care services.

Over the last year our teams have also

celebrated some key milestones:

• The opening of the Beenleigh Family Centre Child

Care Service. This is the first long day care service

to operate in a family centre in Queensland.

The focus is on delivering an integrated service

for the community and working closely with

other Wesley programs that operate from the

Centre to help clients with child care needs.

• Our Brisbane North Family Day Care services

have continued to grow and expand significantly

in the northern regions of Brisbane.

• Little Marchants Child Care Centre has been one of

the first services to participate in a quality assessment

and has achieved excellent results. Four areas were

assessed to be operating at the national standard

and three areas exceeded the national standard.

Wesley Mission Brisbane’s In Home Care has

continued to operate at full capacity delivering

child care services in family homes.

• Toowong Child Care Centre and Jahjumbeen

Occasional Child Care Centre have continued

to work together closely to provide child care

to families in Toowong and the surrounding

suburbs, developing responsive and challenging

environments to facilitate children’s learning.

• Our Wesley Mission Brisbane Family Day Care

scheme has participated in an ongoing research

project, designed to challenge assumptions

and develop a collaborative framework to

implement the Early Years Learning Framework.

• There is no doubt that 2013 will be another eventful

year full of exciting developments and challenges.

We will continue to innovate by identifying ways

to introduce new technology into our child care

services. We will continue to think strategically about

how we can best deliver our home-based child

care services to meet demand. 2013 will also see

us extending our reach to deliver a new child care

service in partnership with The Gap Uniting Church.


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Gold Coast

Service Hub

Wesley’s Gold Coast Service Hub at

Robina offers wide ranging, practical

programs that encourage young people

to be the change agents in their own

lives. Programs include working with

those at risk of homelessness, caring

for the elderly, helping at-risk youth,

and supporting families experiencing

drug and alcohol-related issues.

2011-12 was another amazing year for our Gold Coast

Service Hub. We are truly fortunate to have such a

wonderful and hardworking team delivering support

to marginalised people in the region. People often

comment on the diversity of services offered through

the Hub and how these services have transformed lives.

These have included supporting those at

risk of homelessness and supporting young

people disengaged from mainstream schooling.

We also help minority groups such as those people

identifying as gay, lesbian or transgender. We run

specialist drug and alcohol services, as well as

drop-in services and school holiday programs.

Working in an environment where there is uncertainty

of funding with the change in State Government,

staff across the Community Services area continue to

feel quite vulnerable and unsure of what lies ahead.

Over the last year we did see the cessation of some

programs due to a lack of funding. These included

the highly successful Social Connections program

and the Black and Deadly program supporting

young indigenous girls. However, we were successful

in applying for the service delivery contract to

Thrower House in Currumbin, and we secured two

years of funding from FaHCSIA to deliver specialist

family support in the Northern Corridor region.

The success of our Youth and Family programs on

the Gold Coast and in Logan City also provided

the evidence and foundation for our successful

application to provide a Headspace service in the

Fraser Coast Region. This vital service will give that

community much needed support in the area of mental

health care for young people and their families.


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Logan City


Wesley Mission Brisbane’s Logan

City Services is recognised as a key

provider of child, youth and family

services. Here’s a snapshot of our

three main services over 2011-12.

Specialist Youth House Service

This service provides accommodation and

support to young people who have low support

needs. It’s available for an average period of

six to nine months and also provides young

people with help accessing private rentals.

Over the past year, we have successfully transitioned

12 clients and their families into either private

rental properties or community housing. In the

coming year we will take on one or two new

properties, and create opportunities such as

volunteer work to help clients build their skills.

Families Around Beenleigh

Families Around Beenleigh and the Department

of Human Services work together to help local

families stay in their housing through a case

management service. The family workers look

at ways to improve housing stability, budgeting,

counselling and increasing support networks.

In 2011-12 we were able to provide assistance

to 400 contacts and 76 case load clients,

and 71 clients successfully exited from the program.

Families Around Beenleigh has a vision to also

establish a supported employment program, so that

a holistic approach can be taken to sustaining family

housing and helping clients continue to thrive.


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Logan Beenleigh Young Persons

Project (The Next Step)

The Next Step is a service for those with complex

needs who are young parents, including young

women aged 12-19 years who are pregnant.

It also targets woman aged 15-25 years who are

experiencing or showing signs of mental illness.

The Next Step addresses issues such as housing,

income, education, employment and parenting,

as well as physical, emotional and mental health.

Our recent achievements have included being a finalist

in the Workforce Innovation Award for Collaborative

Practices, and receiving additional funding to

employ more staff and increase client numbers.




National Auslan Booking

& Payment Service

The National Auslan Booking and Payment

Services (NABS) supports people with a

hearing loss by providing Australian Sign

Language interpreters to assist them

at private medical appointments.

Over the last year the national contact

centre processed approximately

21,000 bookings for sign language

interpreters. We have also seen new

peaks in booking numbers, with the

monthly average reaching 1,750.

During 2011-12, NABS partnered with the Australian

Sign Language Interpreters Association (ASLIA),

the national peak body representing Auslan

Interpreters and Deaf Relay Interpreters.

The partnership was established to offer professional

development opportunities for ASLIA members.

NABS has also partnered with TAFE South Australia

to offer a first of its kind: a Diploma of Interpreting

Course accredited by the National Accreditation

Authority for Translators. This course has 15

enrolled students who were chosen following an

intensive screening process. These students will

undertake an innovative, flexible delivery training

package that has never been offered before.

On the technology front, NABS is paving the way

as one of the first interpreting agencies to offer

smartphone applications as a tool for people using

our service to book an interpreter. We have also

launched our new-look website which includes a

range of new Auslan videos, additional resources

for interpreters and improved features for Deaf

consumers. There are lots of visual links for easy

navigation, a NABS noticeboard and much more.

NABS is proud to be making a significant difference

to the lives of deaf people and their families. Clients

are now experiencing proper access to quality health

care and can make independent and informed

health care decisions. NABS also continues to work

intensively with the deaf community in the Northern

Territory which includes many Aboriginal people.


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There are two programs within Wesley

Mission Brisbane Employment Services.

One is the Disability Employment Service

(DES), which finds work opportunities in

the mainstream job market and provides

ongoing support for people living with

disability. The other is the Australian

Disability Enterprise, known as MailpaQ

which provides a supported working

environment for individuals who require

a higher level of support.

MailpaQ, a mailing, packaging and printing business,

is more than just an employment service. It’s a

community that breaks down social isolation and

creates a feeling of family within its operations.

Employment not only provides a means of

income but it also promotes self esteem,

confidence and an extended social network.

MailpaQ assists people with disabilities in a way

that continually focuses on empowering people

to feel valued and skilled as employees.

Employees like Tamara and Aaron have fostered

a close friendship through their work at MailpaQ.

Tamara says: “Aaron is like a big brother to me.

He’s always there to stand up for me. The social

opportunities at MailpaQ are really special.”

Wesley Mission Employment Services is currently

re-tendering for the DES program, which will be

finalised in October 2012. Wesley Mission Brisbane

will also be making several applications for trial

funding through the Practical Design Fund, a branch

of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

which asks for practical ideas to deliver services.

MailpaQ has enjoyed an increase in business

over the last year. Aspirations for next year are to

continue to grow the MailpaQ business and to have

a successful tender outcome for the DES program.

Congratulations to the MailpaQ team who have worked

so hard over the last 12 months to rebuild a business

after total devastation from the January 2011 floods.

Thanks also to the loyal clients whose support has been

invaluable, in particular the Queensland Law Society

who have been working with MailpaQ for 16 years.


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Balmoral Uniting

Community Centre (BUCC)

The Balmoral Uniting Community Centre

(BUCC) receives funding through the

Home and Community Care (HACC)

program. It is a vibrant, welcoming

place for people to socialise and to

connect with their community through

a range of activities and programs.

The future for BUCC will be challenging as there have

been some significant changes to our funding structure.

Under the new structure, there is now designated

funding for younger people with disabilities.

These changes mean we can create

additional programs for younger people

so their social isolation can improve.

BUCC is also currently funded to provide Social

Support, Centre Based and Allied Health programs

to both frail aged clients and younger people with

disabilities. We provide a wide range of programs

such as bus trips, movie programs, aquatic exercise

programs, mobility and balance classes, podiatry

clinics and a variety of in-house programs.

Our programs as a whole have been designed to

provide support for a wide range of client needs.

This diversity makes BUCC unique in our sphere of

service. We are also in the advantageous position,

as part of Wesley Mission Brisbane, of being able to

provide a referral service to other Wesley services when

a client’s needs increase beyond our borders of care.

BUCC is a finalist in the Quest Business Achievers

Award in 2012 and we are hopeful of a sixth win.

The nominations reflect the support of our clients

for the work we perform at the Centre. BUCC is also

proud of its partnerships with a number of other

services. We have found that we can reach a larger

number of clients when we join forces with others

of a like mind, and we will work hard to maintain

these partnerships for the benefit of our clients.


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Allied Health and

Day Respite Services

Our Allied Health Services at Wheller

Gardens, and Allied Health and Day

Respite Services at Sinnamon Village,

provide residents and community clients

with services such as physiotherapy,

occupational therapy, podiatry, nutrition

advice and more. Two day respite

services also run from Sinnamon

Village offering community clients

- both aged clients and clients with

dementia - a comprehensive social and

innovative behavioural day program.

Key achievements for our therapy centres in 2011-12

have included growth in group programs such as Men’s

Shed, Exercise for Fitness, pilates classes, and healthy

eating and cooking classes. We’ve seen increasing

involvement with Wheller on The Park residents,

now averaging 75 appointments per month. Over 100

clients are visiting the Sinnamon Wellness Gym on a

regular basis and the physiotherapists at both centres

are customising individual exercise programs for them.

The Hadden Place Day Respite and Therapy Centre at

Sinnamon Village provides day respite for those who

have dementia and are still living at home, and support

for the dedicated family and friends who care for them.

Occasions of service

Community clients

During the last year Hadden Place has won an award for

Aged Care Queensland Excellence In Care for positive

media portrayal of older people living with dementia.

The Humour Intervention Project was also nominated

for an International Dementia Excellence Award and

the innovative Art & Memory Program, including a new

program for the Queensland Art Gallery, has provided

specific tours for people living with dementia.

In the coming year, we will seek further funding

opportunities to realise the construction of a

purpose-built gym at Sinnamon Village, and will

continue to develop new and innovative ways of

meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Residential clients

(Low Care)

Residential clients

(High Care)

Sinnamon Village Therapy Centre 10,840 1,217 5,486

Wheller Gardens Therapy Centre 3,197 3,434 12,398


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Emergency Relief actively works to

promote a compassionate, just and

inclusive society in accordance with

Wesley Mission Brisbane’s values and

vision. Located in inner-city Brisbane,

the service offers food relief, referrals,

drop-in meals, payment of vital bills, baby

bundles, case planning and much more.

Emergency Relief also liaises with other

agencies to find sustainable solutions

for people who are homeless, or for

individuals and families who are living in

marginalised housing or those who might

become homeless without support.

Emergency Relief aims to supply the missing

‘community connectedness’ for people via access to

crisis accommodation and long-term housing, as well as

support to maintain their current housing and create a

home. We recognise that poverty is defined not just by

income but other indicators such as education, health,

access to services and infrastructure, vulnerability

and social exclusion. Many single-parent families are

experiencing poverty with 12 per cent of clients going

without meals and 57 per cent unable to pay utility bills.

The year to date has seen a steady increase in

client numbers. The new case planning service

has proven to be a great advantage to clients,

with 22 being introduced to the system in the

first month of operation. Food relief, referrals and

advocacy continue to be at the core of our work.

The staff and volunteers of Emergency Relief recognise

the value of each individual and pursue the social

justice principles of access and equity for all individual

clients of the service. This is achieved by following

the principles of empowerment and by nurturing

a culture of inclusion, empathy and generosity.

The opportunity to move premises to a more

user-friendly location and co-locate with other

Wesley Mission Brisbane services is a very

welcome and exciting prospect for the New Year.

Continued growth in the quality and quantity of

our Emergency Relief Services, coupled with a

newly invigorated volunteer program, promises

a time of growth over the next 12 months.



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16 17 18 19 20 21 22

23 24 25 26 27 28 29


26 27

Community Care

Community Care offers professional,

caring support for older people living

in their own homes around South East

Queensland. Services include personal

care, nursing support, nutritional care

and grocery shopping, along with a

diverse range of allied health services.

These services are becoming increasingly

in demand as the population ages.

Community Care receives subsidies from the

Federal Department of Health & Ageing (DoHA)

and Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA),

and from the Queensland Government’s Department

of Communities, Child Safety and Disability

Services. These subsidies help Community Care

to provide both low and high care services.

One of our major achievements in 2011-12 was

successfully securing funding through the DVA

to deliver personal care, domestic assistance,

social support, respite care and home maintenance

for older veterans living in Bundaberg, Maryborough,

Gympie, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This is the

first ever DVA funding for Wesley Mission Brisbane

and a reflection of the high esteem in which our

service is held by State and Federal Governments.

Community Care is also in the final stages of rolling

out a new database system that better supports the

specific needs of clients. Care workers, coordinators

and clinical staff will use an application developed for

smartphones and will update records directly from

the field. The system will also accurately collate types

of services provided to clients and the hours spent

in delivering these services. The benefits of this are

twofold: it creates a very accurate information system

for researching and also creates the opportunity to

better forecast budgetary trends and enable better

planning for the future.

Once again, the success of Community Care in the

last year is attributed to the professionalism and

commitment shown by our staff in the delivery of high

quality services to clients and their families. Despite all

the challenges we face, we continue to remain clientfocused,

and the feedback has been heartening.

A family member of one of our clients wrote:

“I am writing to pass on my thanks and praise

to two of your very dedicated and caring staff

members...I cannot thank all of your staff at Pegg

Road enough for the wonderful care and assistance

they provide to my Mum and Dad on a daily basis.”


1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8 9 10 11 12 13

14 15 16 17 18 19 20


21 22 23 24 25 26 27

28 29 30 31





Wesley Mission Brisbane currently

provides high quality, high support

residential services for young people with

disabilities at apartments in Sinnamon

Park (16 residents), Coomera (seven

residents) and soon at Tewantin on

the Sunshine Coast (six residents).

Younger people with disabilities with high support

needs, along with their families, face significant

problems. Very often these needs are not met or only

partly addressed, causing families to fracture under

the pressure. People lose their roles in life, or the role

changes to one of dependence and care giver instead

of spouse, parent or child. For a number of people

this results in inappropriate placement in an aged care

facility, a long-term stay in hospital, or continuous

struggle in the family home.

Youngcare Apartments at Sinnamon Park, Coomera

and the new residential service in Tewantin are

funded by the ‘Younger People in Residential Aged

Care Initiative’. These properties specifically cater

to younger people in, or at risk of, entering an

aged care facility due to their high care needs.

In March we opened our new residential service in

Coomera on the Gold Coast. While it is still early days,

we have already seen significant positive changes in all

the residents and their families. Thanks to two generous

donations, we were also able to supply residents

at both Sinnamon Park and Coomera with iPads.

Following an invitation from Disability Services

Queensland (DSQ), Wesley Mission Brisbane was

successful in its application to be the service provider

for a new residential service in Tewantin. We will be

starting the new service in the last quarter of 2012.

Another highlight for the year was the recent DSQ

quality audit. All 10 of the 10 standards were audited

and resulted in the highest possible rating for all areas.


1 2 3

4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17

18 19 20 21 22 23 24


25 26 27 28 29 30





OzHarvest is a charitable organisation

that rescues quality excess food from

restaurants, retailers, food outlets and

corporate kitchens. It takes food that

would otherwise be discarded and delivers

it to charities that feed the disadvantaged

and homeless. OzHarvest Brisbane has

been in operation since September 2011

and is currently working with 11 charities

who feed over 2500 people a week.

2011-12 has been the first year of partnership

between OzHarvest and Wesley Mission Brisbane,

establishing the food rescue model in Queensland.

We currently collect food donations from over 50

supermarkets, cafes, takeaway food suppliers, caterers

and function venues. Most of this food is of high quality

and would otherwise have been thrown away. This food

is delivered the same day to local charities that provide

meals and support to those who need it.

Within Wesley Mission Brisbane services we provide

food to the Community Meal, Balmoral Uniting

Community Centre and Emergency Relief. We also

currently deliver to wider Uniting Church agencies such

as Pine Rivers Uniting Church ER and Kangaroo Point

Uniting Church, and many other external agencies.

On a weekly basis, our two refrigerated vehicles service

a vast area from Caboolture in the north to Upper

Coomera in the south and west to Ipswich. We have

had much community interest in the service extending

further north to the Sunshine Coast and south to the

NSW border, and from time to time we have collected

and delivered large ad hoc donations in these regions.

By the end of June 2012 we had provided over

120,000 meals in Brisbane and surrounds. In May,

OzHarvest also featured in an entire episode of

Masterchef Australia, which was very beneficial

in terms of national awareness. We rely solely on

donations and corporate sponsorship to fund our

service, and will be looking for more opportunities

to support our growth in the coming year.



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16 17 18 19 20 21 22

23 24 25 26 27 28 29

30 31






Wesley Mission Brisbane continues to

be a leading provider of contemporary,

competitive and quality retirement living

options for Brisbane’s seniors, with

communities including Wheller on the

Park, Wheller Gardens, Sinnamon Village,

and Aldersgate Court at Red Hill.

The Wheller on the Park community continues to grow

and thrive. The final stage of a new development,

Grevillea Apartments, will see a further 88 apartments

due for completion in October 2013. Meanwhile, the

new Acacia Apartments were completed in May 2012.

This year we were proud to have Wheller on the Park

recognised as one of the top three retirement living

villages in Queensland. It has developed a word-ofmouth

reputation for offering quality apartments

and villas in an ideal location, with the supportive

environment Wesley Mission Brisbane offers.

Additional leisure facilities including a bowling green,

cinema and BBQ pavilion were completed in 2011.

Our Aldersgate Court premises at Red Hill is in the

process of a design refresh and one, two and three

bedroom apartments will be ready for occupation

in early 2013. There will be private access from the

lift foyer to most of the 18 apartments, which offer

expansive views of Mt Coo-tha to the west and the

city to the east. The Aldersgate Court residents who

relocated to Wesley Villas and Wheller Gardens during

the refurbishment are looking forward to their return.

Residents from Marchant Lodge have banded together

to offer events on a regular basis such as fellowship

and food, cake stalls, high teas, BBQs, soup days

and bingo. The group called the “Go Betweens” are

helping to grow the connection between Marchant

Lodge, the independent village at Wheller Gardens

and the Wheller on the Park retirement community. As

the communities grow and settle, we are seeing more

and more retirement living residents actively involved

with activities on the site and in residential aged care.




The Wesley Mission Brisbane Council extends its

thanks to the members of the Board, the Executive

and the many staff and volunteers for their efforts

in 2011-12. Each day, these dedicated people bring

to a reality the vision of the Albert Street Uniting

Church congregational members, both past and

present, in the provision of various aged care and

community services. The values of the Mission reflect

God’s faithfulness to us and require us to share His

compassion with those in need.

As with all not-for-profit organisations, we are subject

to both changes in Government requirements and

changes of Government. Such times can be stressful,

but can also be viewed as opportunities for innovation

and new directions and Wesley Mission Brisbane staff

are very good at this kind of response. The Council

wishes to acknowledge the demands on aged care

staff preparing for the requirements of external

accreditation, and we congratulate them on the high

standards each of them strives to achieve every day.

The many stories in this year’s Annual Report give

an insight into the breadth and diversity of our

services to people across the lifespan, and it is also

encouraging to see the interaction between the

different age groups. The Council congratulates and

thanks all staff on their commitment to providing

quality services, whether directly to clients or indirectly

through operational and corporate branches.

Elaine Unkles OAM

Council Chairperson

As with all not-for-profit

organisations, we are

subject to both changes in

Government requirements

and changes of Government.

Such times can be stressful,

but can also be viewed as

opportunities for innovation

and new directions and

Wesley Mission Brisbane

staff are very good at this

kind of response.

34 35

Message from

our chairperson

The Board’s role at Wesley Mission Brisbane is to provide leadership, planning and

governance oversight as we seek to respond with compassion to support people in

need and strengthen communities. As you read this report you will gain an appreciation

of the innovative ways in which our 2,200 staff and 800 plus volunteers support

more than 80,000 people in Queensland each year, at all ages and stages of life.

2012 marks the conclusion of our current Strategic

Plan. The Board has engaged in a collaborative

process with our primary stakeholders to

discern new directions, adapt and refresh our

strategic priorities for 2013 and beyond.

There have been three major areas of Commonwealth

Government policy reforms which will have a

profound effect on the operation of Wesley

Mission Brisbane (WMB) in the long-term.

• Living Longer, Living Better is the government’s

blueprint for reform for the care and support of

older Australians. While the medium-term reform

agenda holds some promise, the Board and WMB

were faced with a substantial cut in government

funding for residential aged care from July 2012

that we estimate will be over $2 million in a full year.

A cut of this size will have impacts on the delivery

of our frontline care and support for residents.

• WMB welcomes the announcement of the National

Disability Insurance Scheme with a potential for

progressive introduction of services based on needs

for people living with disabilities across Australia.

• The establishment of the Australian Charities

and Not-for-Profits Commission has potential

for long-term benefit for the sector if the

Commission’s aims are realised.

As I write this report, WMB is also considering the

impact of the Queensland State Budget changes,

which include considerable cuts to funding grants

for frontline services offered by the community

sector in Queensland. These cuts, including services

offered by WMB, will negatively impact on many of

the most vulnerable people in our community.

In spite of this challenging context, the diversity

and scope of WMB has continued to grow over the

past year. We opened our new Youngcare Coomera

Apartments early in 2012, having learned from

four years of operation of the Sinnamon Village

Youngcare Apartments. This area of our work is further

expanding in 2012 with apartments in Tewantin.

The Wheller on the Park Community for Retirement

has grown with the completion of the new Acacia

Apartments and the continued development of

a strong supportive community culture. We have

also partnered with OzHarvest, a food rescue

service for the needy that rescues fresh food

from restaurants and food outlets throughout

Brisbane that might otherwise be wasted.

The quality of the services undertaken at the Mission

continues to be recognised through a wide range

of accreditation and licensing processes in almost

all spheres of our work. Many awards and accolades

have also been received by Mission services from

professional bodies and associations. Most importantly,

the Board relies on direct feedback from service users,

through external program evaluation, research and

quality improvement activities.

Over the last two years the Board has been

undertaking a deliberate skills search and succession

planning strategy. This resulted in the appointment of

three new Board members with strong skills in finance,

business, accounting and risk management (Lisa

Bundesen and David Harris) as well as ethics, social

policy development and analysis, child safety

and disabilities (Dr. Nancy Spencer). I would like to

thank Margaret Pollock who retired after six years of

service to The Board.

I would like to congratulate all of the Executive team,

WMB staff and volunteers for their commitment and

dedication in 2011-12 as once again they have worked

to enhance the life opportunities of more than

80,000 people.

Flo Kearney


Wesley Mission Brisbane Board

36 37

Board Members

Wesley Mission Brisbane

Flo Kearney


Principal – Somerville House

MEd, BCom, BEd, DipT,


Dr Yvonne

Burns AO

Deputy Chair

Hon Associate Professor

University of Queensland

Hon Consultant

Mater Health Services

PhD, MPhty, Dip Phty

Geoff Batkin

Executive Director

Wesley Mission


Non-voting Board Member

BEcon, Dip Corporate,

Financial Management

Rev Lyn Burden


Minister Wesley

Mission Brisbane

BSc(Ed), BEd, MEd(St),

BTh, MTh

Dr Ian Airey






Tim Rothwell

Chief Financial

Officer – Brisbane

Airport Corporation

BA Econ Acc (Hons),


Elaine Unkles


Chairperson, Wesley

Mission Brisbane Council

BPhty(Hons) BEdSt BBus(Hlth

Admin) FCHSE CDec

Retired Director,

Lisa Bundesen

Partner, Forensic

Services - PPB Pty


BEcon, BCom,

MA(TransCrimePrev), CA

David Harris

Group Financial


LogiCamms Limited

CA, F Fin, B Bus (Acc)

Dr Nancy


Director, Policy

& Performance

– Department of



Mathematical Statistics,

BAppSci (Mathematics),

Ass Dip Elec


Con Graves

Executive Officer

Newlife Care

B.A., B.A.Hons(Maj Psych),


Paul Newman

Partner – Allens

Arthur Robinson

LLB LLM GradCert

(Property Economics)

Peter Burden

Consultant Lawyer

LLB (Hons) B Com

Lester Horsley

Member – Lay

Worship Team

Cert Acc, Industrial Law

Pat Neely


Amyloidosis Services

– Leukaemia



Cert IV (Workplace

Training Category II),

Grad Cert Journ

Leesa Bodey

Director, Finance and

Business Services

Wesley Mission


Non-voting Board Member

Diploma Business, NIA





Services – Wesley

Mission Brisbane

Non-voting Board


Diploma Teaching

(Primary), BEd, MBA

Annie Gibney


Residential Aged

Care – Wesley

Mission Brisbane

Non-voting Board


BHSc, GradCert (Mgt)

38 39


Director’s report

Wesley Mission Brisbane’s reason for being is to be God’s conduit

of compassion, inclusion and transformation within our community.

This has been our call for the 105 years since our foundation through

the Albert Street Methodist (now Uniting) Church in 1907.

I often tell the story to our new staff at Orientation

about the first acts of compassion and social action

of the newly formed Central Methodist Mission

(now Wesley Mission Brisbane). Young newspaper

boys living around the streets of Brisbane,

many of whom were homeless, were invited to

a gathering in the Church Hall. The mission also

established a savings bank account for each of

the newspaper boys to provide a secure place

for them to bank the money they had earned.

I am challenged by the innovation and measured

risk taking of the Wesley Mission Church leaders of

the past. It is my hope that our values of innovation,

compassion, integrity and justice are clearly

evidenced in the directions we are setting today.

I am delighted with our new partnership with

OzHarvest that started at the end of 2011. Wesley

Mission’s OzHarvest Brisbane has since rescued more

than 60 tonnes of fresh food from 50 local businesses

and delivered the equivalent of 200,000 meals free

of charge to more than 20 charitable organisations.

We expect this partnership will grow as we undertake

OzHarvest on the Gold Coast later in 2012.

In mid 2012 Wesley Mission agreed to develop

and manage Headspace on the Fraser Coast,

a national youth mental health service. Also this

year we opened the new Youngcare apartments at

Coomera and soon we will commence operations

of new high care supported accommodation at

Tewantin for adults living with complex disabilities.

Our staff in residential age care strive to find creative

ways of connecting with the 1,000 residents and their

families in our care. Anam Cara was the first residential

age care community in Queensland to be awarded the

full Eden in Oz registration. We are now pursuing the

progressive journey to Eden registration across all our

residential facilities.

Our retirement living options were expanded

during the year with the opening of Acacia

apartments at Wheller on the Park and continuing

work on the redevelopment of Aldersgate Court.

Wheller on the Park is recognised as a benchmark

retirement village for value for money, design of

the built environment and landscapes, and also

for the positive lifestyle opportunities available.

As part of the Commonwealth Government’s recently

announced reform agenda called Living Longer,

Living Better (LLLB) the government is consulting

with the aged care sector on a wide range of

issues. This part of the reform process is welcome.

However, the introduction of LLLB also means that

from July 2012 funding to this organisation will be

reduced by over $2million annually. This will severely

stretch the services and support that we can offer.

We were also greatly concerned by the cuts

to some front line services offered by the nongovernment

sector and funded by the Queensland

State Government that were announced in the

2012 State Budget. This will have a substantial

negative impact on some of the disadvantaged

people who receive support through Wesley

Mission Brisbane, particularly on the Gold Coast.

Good governance is the foundation of a dynamic

organisation that is driven by mission and innovation

and I express thanks to the Executive staff and

managers, members of the Board and the Council.

I am also extremely grateful to our 2,200 staff and

800-plus volunteers. I visit the many locations where

Wesley Mission Brisbane is serving our community and

see firsthand just how important their work has been in

bringing hope, meaning and opportunity to the 80,000

people supported by this organisation each year.

Geoff Batkin

Executive Director

40 41

Director’s Report

Residential Aged Care

It is with great pleasure that I present my first Aged Care Annual Report

having officially been in the role for nearly eight months. I have previously

been a Director of Nursing at Wesley Mission Brisbane for approximately

13 years and have been incredibly privileged to work alongside residents,

volunteers and staff on a daily basis. Providing aged care to those in

our community is very rewarding, but is also a highly complex and

regulated area of health which presents us with multiple challenges.

Wesley Mission Brisbane has 13 aged care facilities

spread across the northern and western suburbs

of Brisbane. We are able to support and care for

958 residents who require assistance with their

daily living needs, with some requiring specialised

palliative care, complex clinical care and dementia

care. More importantly, our aged care facilities are

communities that recognise that each resident is

an individual with holistic needs, and a person who

actively contributes to the community where they live.

This year the government announced the Living

Longer, Living Better Reform package. The package

provides a variety of initiatives that include promoting

older persons staying in their own homes for as

long as possible which is a great step. The package

recognises the need for more funding to ensure there

is an adequate qualified workforce in the future.

Unfortunately, the money to provide for much of

these initiatives will come from existing aged care

funding. This has been extremely disappointing.

At present our peak bodies and executive staff are

diligently monitoring the changes to determine

the impact and to be responsive and proactive

in ensuring that we limit loss of funding.

On a much brighter note, we have achieved three

year accreditation for facilities in area west and area

north is in the process of beginning their three year

accreditation audit as I write this report. Anam Cara

received a Best Practice Award for the second year

in a row and Parkview was also awarded the Aged

Care Queensland Environmental Sustainability Award:

Build Design (2012) and the ACAA National Building

Awards: New Extra Services Facility (2001). However,

the big achievement for us is hearing inspiring stories

and receiving positive feedback from residents and

families. They have shared wonderful stories about

staff who have expressed compassion and gone the

extra mile to meet their needs and to give support.

Over the last few years many of our facilities have

been implementing the Eden Alternative Philosophy.

This philosophy embraces resident-centred care,

enriching relationships and community life, valuing

and empowering staff, and helps us provide physical

environments that include animals, children and plants.

The Wesley Mission Brisbane Board has endorsed this

philosophy and next year we will be working towards

all aged care offerings becoming Eden Registered .

Technology has been coming at us fast and we have

several residents in our facilities using iPads to keep in

touch with their families, play music and more.

Our Leisure & Lifestyle staff have also begun to

use iPads to engage with residents in creative

and innovative ways. Using technology to help

improve clinical documentation and communication

will be high on the agenda next year and will

assist us in preparing for the introduction of

the Electronic National Health Record.

Wesley Mission Brisbane’s 13 aged care communities

are at varying stages of the building life cycle. Cooper

House, Emmaus Village, Sinnamon Village and

Bethesda have all been recently updated. Over half

of our buildings will need major refurbishment over

the next few years and we are presently reviewing and

planning so that they are sustainable in the future.

I would like to thank the staff who work across

aged care at Wesley Mission Brisbane, and the

volunteers who all contribute to the care of the

residents. I would also like to acknowledge the

Facility Managers who are highly skilled at dealing

with multiple issues at once and stay positive and

responsive, often under incredible pressure.

A Gibney

Annie Gibney

Director, Residential Aged Care

42 43

Director’s Report

Community Services

Congratulations to all staff and volunteers across Community Services. We are

continuing to grow and provide a wide range of assistance to those in need.

Most recently, we have partnered with Headspace Fraser Coast to undertake the

lead agency role in providing early intervention services to young people with

mental health issues in the region. We have also recently acquired a property at

Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast which will provide supported accommodation

to six Youngcare Apartment residents with individual support needs.

I would like to highlight a number of

programs and their successes within

Community Services over the past year.

Wesley Mission Brisbane is the long-term service

provider to residents within the Youngcare

Apartments, funded via Disability Services

Queensland. There have been a number of significant

positive shifts in relation to the support provided

to residents, which have resulted in enhanced

choice, independence and empowerment for all.

We are now operating apartments accommodating

six residents at Coomera on the Gold Coast in

addition to 16 at the Sinnamon Village Apartments

Balmoral Uniting Community Centre (BUCC)

has continued its excellent support to the frail

aged and people with disabilities. A partnership

with Moreton Bay Girls College has resulted in

a mutually beneficial relationship. This supports

up to 20 people from surrounding boarding

houses coming together once a fortnight at BUCC

to enjoy a movie, meal and a good chat.

Child Care Services are expanding within Wesley

Mission Brisbane. Over the last 12 months we

have opened a new long day care centre at

Beenleigh and one at Wheller Gardens. We

are also developing plans for a new long day

care centre at The Gap Uniting Church.

The National Auslan Interpreter Booking and Payment

Service (NABS) also continues to grow. We’ve seen

an increasing number of deaf consumers accessing

interpreting services for private medical appointments,

along with other vital services. NABS is critical to the

deaf community in ensuring they receive access to clear

and appropriate advice from their health care providers.

Our Therapy Centres continue to provide an excellent

array of allied health services to the community and

to our residential aged care facilities, and Community

Care programs continue to receive high quality

status from their various audits. Community Care has

also been working on implementing a new software

and technology solution which will make significant

improvements to administrative processes, improving

response times and rostering.

Hadden Place Day Respite Service deserves

much praise for their very creative and groundbreaking

work with people and families who live

with dementia. Hadden Place has introduced the

Humour Intervention Project (HIP) which has been

very successful and are also undertaking research into

the use of iPad and tablet technology with clients.

Meanwhile, the team at MailpaQ are now back in full

operation following a challenging year rebuilding after

the 2011 floods. All Wesley Mission Brisbane printing

is now completed by MailpaQ and this section of the

service is continuing to grow in the wider community.

Finally, in Brisbane’s southern suburbs Logan City

Services continues to provide much needed services

to young people and adults in the both Logan and

Gold Coast areas who are at risk of homelessness

and disengaging from education. Gold Coast Service

Hub programs continue to flourish with the inclusion

of the Regional Youth Support Coordinator role and

service delivery to “Thrower House” in Currumbin.

Michelle Skinner

Director, Community Services

44 45

Director’s Report

Finance and Business Services

2011-12 has been a year where we have focused on settling-in recently

implemented systems, as well as the commencement of new system roll outs.

The first year of our new finance system has seen a number of improvements in

the way we produce our reports and benchmarking information. This has given our

managers more timely and transparent information.

The focus now is on getting other areas of our

organisation onto more modern systems that offer

easy access to information and build efficiencies into

processes and practices.

For example, the Procurement team have been

trialing Tech One’s purchasing module, in readiness

for a business-wide roll out over the next 12 months.

This will enable us to order most goods and services

efficiently, through the use of internal catalogues and

web-enabled punch-out to the systems of our suppliers

through an electronic data interchange. In addition,

the system will provide the Procurement team with

information that will facilitate the development of a

purchasing strategy.

There are a number of projects that have started in

2012, including the Community Care system, which will

aid in scheduling the care needs of our in-home clients.

We are also upgrading our internally developed system

used to capture meal choices and requirements for our

residential aged care clients. Both these systems,

as well as a number of others, will be rolled out in the next

12 months. These have all been identified in the

Information Systems Road Map which has been developed

for Wesley Mission Brisbane for the next five years.

Wesley Mission Brisbane Hospitality services includes

our large cook chill kitchen at Moorooka, our plating

kitchen at Sinnamon Village, our central personals

laundry service and our central cleaning team, who are

specialised team of cleaners. This team is

lead by our Hospitality manager Gavin Bidgood.

Under Gavin’s skilled leadership we have continued to

offer professional hospitality services across Wesley

Mission Brisbane and have continued to look at ways

to improve these services. We have also continued to

grow our external business. Our Moorooka Kitchen

is now suppling food to numerous Blue Care sites -

taking the total number of Aged Care residents we are

supplying breakfast, morning tea, lunch and dinner to

1,650 and growing. We are also supplying pureed food

in individual portion servers to a number of hospitals

across Queensland, with a total of 40,000 portions

being distributed in the last eight months. This number

will continue to grow and has the potential to extend

interstate and with a wider variety of products.

The hospitality Services area has also been working

on improving our service through technology, with an

upgrade to our internal software responsible for capturing

the residents’ food requirements. The team identified

a need to upgrade our system to capture more of the

residents’ choice of food, by linking the system back to

both our menu and the recipe so that the system can

match the residents’ dislikes and allergies back to the

ingredients and highlight the need to at that point discuss

the options with the resident. The system is also helping

to reduce areas of duplication and provide more data for

our central kitchen. This system is currently being trialled

in one facility and will be rolled out across 2012/13.

Mobile technology will also become integral to the

future of our services. To date, the Procurement team

has distributed approximately 200 smartphones

throughout the organisation to members of staff who

have seen a real benefit to being enabled to access

telephone calls, emails and information remotely.

Towards the latter part of the year, the Information

Systems team and the Procurement team began

the process of upgrading desktops and laptops.

Most devices have now been upgraded with further

upgrades to take place over the next two years.

Our Information Systems team has changed their

structure to be able to meet the current organisational


Another significant achievement this year has been the

completion and testing of our Business Continuity Plan.

Whilst this has taken a number of years to complete,

the management of Wesley Mission Brisbane have

worked together to achieve the end result. The training

exercise that was carried out went well and this plan will

continue to be developed over time.

I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation

for the dedication and hard work put into the

implementations and system changes by all of the

teams involved. Their tenacity and unwavering support

has seen us through a time of significant change and

it makes future possibilities for Finance & Business

Services look positive and exciting.

Leesa Bodey

Director, Finance and Business Services

46 47

Director’s Report

Human Resources

The role and purpose of Human Resources is to properly establish and support

the employment contract of approximately 2200 staff and 1000 volunteers.

At a strategic level, our role is to work towards a close alignment between Wesley

Mission Brisbane’s mission, vision and values and the contributions and skills of

those people.

Wesley Mission Brisbane operates in a highly regulated

and dynamic legal, commercial and competitive

environment, with well understood national and

international skill shortages. It is our goal and constant

challenge to keep abreast of, interpret and apply

changing employment and industry legislation and

trends. We aim to develop and communicate common

sense HR policies and practices that are supportive and

not restrictive.

Operationally, our business partner role involves

workforce planning, industrial and employee

relations including enterprise bargaining and

organisational restructuring. We also perform

accurate and timely recruitment, orientation, learning

and development, classification, remuneration and

conditions management. We undertake grievance

and performance management, and always a priority

is safeguarding workplace health and safety and

compassionate and effective management of ill or

injured staff.

This year, in partnership with the Quality and

Research team, we have reviewed and restructured

the learning and development program. Central to

this change was welcoming Stephen McGarrigle to

the newly established Learning and Development

Manager role. We have implemented a new learning

management system, Learning Seat, which provides a

web based solution for online courses, training tools

and e-learning. The first priority has been compliancerelated

training in support of accreditation in our aged

care communities. The offering will be expanded

next year to support targeted career and professional

development and accredited training, as well as a

customised online induction course.

We also partnered with Uniting Care for the

introduction of its ‘Zero Harm’ initiative and, since 1

January 2012, the introduction of the Work Health and

Safety Act under the Federal harmonisation reform

agenda. The new Act enforces a broader definition

of worker, strengthens and clarifies due diligence and

duty of care for business operators, and updates the

existing framework of applicable regulations, standards

and codes of practice. Wesley Mission Brisbane

continues to outperform the industry standards in

Workplace Health and Safety measures of lost time

injury, return to work and average cost of claims.

The organisation is also trending well in reducing the

incidence of injury, particularly in aggression and slip/

trip/fall related incidents. Manual handling injuries are

a constant challenge in aged care, and more proactive

work to reduce the incidence of manual handling injury

is a priority for next year.

Despite our best endeavours, we didn’t quite achieve

the goal of implementing the replacement HRIS and

payroll system Aurion/Kronos this year. At this stage it

is scheduled to go live from February 2013. The new

system is almost fully configured, and will provide

significant improvements in speed, accuracy, reliability

and ease of reporting for all users. Alongside this we

are also planning the introduction in 2013 of a new

on-line performance appraisal solution, and updates

to our e-recruitment and incident reporting and risk

assessment systems.

My congratulations and thanks go to all the dedicated

and professional members of the HR team for a job well

done this year.

Mark Bradley

Director, Human Resources

48 49


auditor’s report

Summary Statement of Comprehensive

Income For the Year Ended 30 June 2012








Revenue from continuing operations 108,899 97,322

Other income 8,559 5,865

Total revenue 117,458 103,187


Salaries and employee expenses 79,646 71,465

Staff training expenses 569 522

Housekeeping expenses 2,115 1,702

Food service expenses 3,774 2,991

Medical supply expenses 1,159 1,219

Client services 3,629 3,384

Motor vehicle expenses 2,356 2,035

Property expenses 8,393 7,916

Depreciation and amortisation expenses 11,489 10,074

Finance expenses 1,944 1,845

Administration expenses 2,091 2,862

Information technology expenses 452 305

Other expenses 480 274

Total expenses 118,097 106,594

Deficit for the year (639) (3,407)

Other comprehensive income

Other comprehensive income - -

Other comprehensive income - -

Total comprehensive income (639) (3,407)

Note 1 - Basis of preparation

The accompanying summary financial statements, which comprises the summary statement of financial position as at 30

June 2012, the summary statement of comprehensive income, the summary statement of cash flows, and the summary

statement of changes in funds for the year then ended, are derived from the financial report of Wesley Mission Brisbane for

the year ended 30 June 2012. The summary financial statements do not contain all the disclosures required by the Australian

Accounting Standards.

The summary financial statements and the audited financial report do not reflect the effects of events that occurred

subsequent to the date of the auditor’s report on the audited financial report.

50 51

Summary Statement of Financial

Position As at 30 June 2012








Current assets

Cash and cash equivalents 8,513 4,171

Trade and other receivables 9,797 7,430

Other assets 3,339 3,485

Total current assets 21,649 15,086

Noncurrent assets

Property, plant and equipment 258,393 237,002

Intangible assets 1,385 427

Other assets 10,559 7,689

Total noncurrent assets 270,337 245,118

TOTAL ASSETS 291,986 260,204


Current liabilities

Trade and other payables 5,943 4,174

Accommodation bonds expected to be paid within 12 months 6,009 6,825

Accommodation bonds not expected to be paid within 12 months 69,624 61,421

Entry contributions expected to be paid within 12 months 336 378

Entry contributions not expected to be paid within 12 months 93,119 78,212

Borrowings 10,222 4,181

Employee benefits 12,156 9,986

Total current liabilities 197,409 165,177

Noncurrent liabilities

Trade and other payables 609 -

Borrowings 18,096 18,640

Employee benefits 609 485

Total noncurrent liabilities 19,314 19,125

TOTAL LIABILITIES 216,723 184,302

NET ASSETS 75,263 75,902


Accumulated funds 75,263 75,902

TOTAL FUNDS 75,263 75,902

Statement of Changes in Funds

For the Year Ended 30 June 2012

Accumulated Funds 000’s $

Balance at 1 July 2010 79,309

Deficit for the year (3,407)

Balance at 30 June 2011 75,902

Deficit for the year (639)

Balance at 30 June 2012 75,263

Statement of Cash Flows

For the Year Ended 30 June 2012







Cash flows from operating activities

Receipts from clients, funding and others 123,409 106,878

Payments to suppliers and employees (110,954) (103,393)

Interest paid (1,944) (1,845)

Interest received 999 685

Net cash generated by operating activities 11,510 2,325

Cash flows from investing activities

Proceeds from sale of property, plant and equipment 48 16

Payments for property, plant and equipment (32,652) (33,240)

Payments for intangible assets (1,211) (416)

Net cash used in investing activities (33,815) (33,640)

Cash flows from financing activities

Net proceeds from accommodation bonds & entry contributions 21,150 35,342

Proceeds from borrowings 16,268 13,523

Repayment of borrowings (10,771) (17,369)

Net cash generated by financing activities 26,647 31,496

Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents 4,342 181

Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of financial year 4,171 3,990

Cash and cash equivalents at end of financial year 8,513 4,171

52 53

Consolidated Revenue & Expenditure

For the Year Ended 30 June 2012

Results from Operations

for the years ended 30th June 2006 to 2012


$117.5 Millon

Government Grants and Subsidies 64%

Rendering of Services 21%












2006 2007 2008 2009

Aged Care Division Consolidated

– $0

– $1

– $2

– $3

– $4

– $5

– $6


for the years ended 30th June 2006 to 2012


















Note: Refer to Income Statement

for the 2011 and 2012 result.


Capital Contributions from Clients 5%

Rental Income 2%

Financial Income 1%

Other 7%


$118.1 Million

Staff Costs 68%

Food Services 3%

Client Services 6%

Property, Motor Vehicles

and Depreciation 19%

Financial Expenses 2%

Administration and Other 2%

Albert Street Community Services Aged Care

54 55

Wesley Mission Brisbane

Financial Report for the year ended 30 June 2012

Comment from the Executive Director and

Director of Finance and Business Services

Wesley Mission Brisbane (WMB) exists to respond

to people in need with compassion, flexibility and

creativity to enhance personal, family and community

well-being. In undertaking this work we seek also

to strengthen the communities in which we operate

and contribute to a compassionate, just and inclusive

society. We support people at all ages and stages of

life and over each year more than 80,000 people are

involved in one or more of Wesley Mission’s services.

In order to work towards our Mission and Vision we

operate a large and complex array of services, systems

and support structures. Wesley Mission Brisbane has

a staff of 2,200 people plus over 800 volunteers and

an annual operating budget of $126 million. We are

responsible for government funding and accountability

mechanisms to more than 15 government departments.

Statement of Comprehensive Income

The following issues are relevant when considering

the financial information contained in the Statement

of Comprehensive Income Statement (hereafter Income


There was a total deficit for the year (2011/12) of

$638,833. This compares with a total Deficit for the

previous year (2010/11) of $3.4m. This is a significant

improvement in overall financial performance and it

is expected that the plans we have implemented over

the last few years will contribute to further improved

financial performance in the forthcoming 2013 financial


It is important to note that the deficit for the year

ended 30 June 2012 is comprised of five areas of

WMB’s activities as follows:

ACT 2010/11 ACT 2011/12

Residential Age

Care & Corporate/

(2,444,186) (1,931,753)

Support Services



370,758 2,246,326

Retirement Living 28,496 440,419

WMB Albert Street


(200,832) (184,408)

Wesley House (1,160,891) (1,209,417)

Total (3,406,655) (638,833)

Residential Age Care

– year ended 30 June 2012

Over recent years, Commonwealth Government

funding increases have been significantly less

than operating cost increases. This remained

true during 2011/12, with the Commonwealth

funding for residential aged care places being

indexed by only 1.9%. However, key costs within

residential aged care increased significantly more

than that; e.g. wage rates, on average increased

by almost 4%, energy costs by more than 10%.

Despite the inadequate funding indexation, the

operating result in the year ended 30 June 2012

has improved by $512,433 compared with the 2011

result. This has largely been due to an increased focus

on ensuring we adequately reflect the level of care

provided when claiming under the Aged Care Funding

Instrument (ACFI). Further, occupancy levels have

improved over the second half of the year under review.

In April 2012 the Commonwealth Government released

its proposed “Living Longer Living Better” Aged Care

Reform package. The package outlines a ten year plan

for the introduction of reform initiatives to be overseen

by the independent Aged Care Reform Implementation


The residential aged care Providers sector were

profoundly disappointed with the initial operating

funding changes that apply from 1 July 2012 – no

annual funding indexation plus negative changes to the

ACFI. For Wesley Mission Brisbane we have calculated

this will represent a funding reduction of more than

$2m in a full year.

Other reforms will be implemented over the next few

years however there is significant uncertainty within the

industry about the financial impact these reforms will

have on both operational and capital funding.

WMB is working with other members on the

UnitingCare Australia network in providing feedback

to government on a range of reforms to the agenda.

The Commonwealth Government also introduced new

measures to protect resident’s savings held in the form

of refundable accommodation bonds. Amendments

to the Aged Care Act 1997 and the User Rights

Principles 1997 are designed to improve consumer

confidence in the aged care sector by providing

a clear regulatory framework to assist providers in

meeting their legislative requirements in managing

refundable accommodation bonds. In satisfying

those requirements WMB has formalised its bond

management practices by introducing changes to our

Governance, Liquidity Management and Investment

Management policies. WMB is fully compliant in all

aspects of the new requirements.

Community Services

– year ended 30 June 2012

There was a surplus for the year of $2,246,326.

This included recognition of Capital Grant funds of

$2.1million to help establish the Youngcare Coomera

apartments. The support and services provided for

people at all stages of life from children, to supporting

the elderly in their home have diversified and expanded

significantly over the last few years. In the year under

review the income ($38.6m) represents a growth over

the previous year of 20.86%.

Community Services now represents 32.2% of the

annual income of WMB, a huge growth under the

direction of Michelle Skinner. The Community Services

team are to be congratulated for their professionalism

and creativity in all the work that they do.

Retirement Living

Over the last four years we have continued with a

staged development of Wheller on the Park at Wheller

Gardens. In the last year 60 Acacia apartments were

completed and available for occupancy. In the next

financial year the Grevillea apartments (84) will be

substantially completed. This is the final stage of

planned development at Wheller on the Park, aside

from the conversion of the current Corporate Office

location to green space.

56 57

Wesley Mission Brisbane

Financial Report for the year ended 30 June 2012

I am delighted with the positive feedback we have

received from residents (and their families) about the

quality of the buildings but more importantly the

supportive community life for residents.

During the year we also commenced the major

redevelopment of Aldersgate Court. The project

should be completed with the apartments available

in early 2013.

Wesley Mission Brisbane – Albert Street

Uniting Church and Wesley House

WMB Albert Street Uniting Church incurred a deficit

of $184,408 for the year, compared with a deficit of

$200,832 in the previous year. While the WMB Council

carefully scrutinises the income and expenditure of the

Congregational activities it is anticipated that the costs

of operating a city Church will remain relatively the

same in the next financial year.

The Wesley House building achieved full occupancy

in March 2011. As a result of the GFC and a significant

increase in city office vacancy factors at that time, there

was a need to offer more competitive lease incentives

to attract quality tenants. Those additional costs

effectively reduced rental returns over the life of the

lease and therefore continue to have some impact on

the results of the year under review. However over the

coming years the Wesley House financial outcome will

slowly improve as rental increases occur and the loan is

progressively repaid.

Statement of Financial Position as at 30 June 2012 for

Wesley Mission Brisbane (including WMB Albert Street

Uniting Church)

Despite the small decrease in Net Assets to $75.3m

(for the year ended 30 June 2012) from $75.9m (for

the year ended 30 June 2011) the Balance Sheet and

Accumulated Funds remains strong.

Capital Redevelopment Program

During the year under review WMB invested $32.6m in

the redevelopment program. The major investments

were in Wheller on the Park stage 4a and the

Aldersgate Court redevelopment. Further investment

is planned in 2013 for Wheller on the Park stage 4b

(Grevillea apartments) and the completion of the

Aldersgate Court redevelopment (expected early in

2013) plus additional expenditure at Sinnamon Village.

Accommodation Bonds and

Entry Contributions

Residential Aged Care Accommodation Bonds

grew by $6.2m during the year. This was significant

growth when compared to last year’s figure of $1.7m.

Movements in bond balances are carefully monitored

to ensure sufficient liquidity is maintained to refund

bonds when they are due. WMB ensures that residents

in our aged care facilities who cannot afford to pay

an Accommodation Bond are not restricted from

entering our aged care facilities and on average 40% of

residents in our ageing in place facilities have not paid

an Accommodation Bond.

The growth in Entry Contributions of $14.9m is

attributable to the occupation during the year of the

remainder of the Stage 3 (Poinciana apartments) and

also a small number of settlements for the new Stage

4a (Acacia apartments) at Wheller on the Park.

For accounting purposes Accommodation Bonds

and Entry Contributions are classified as Current

Liabilities. It is highly unlikely however that all of the

Accommodation Bonds and Entry Contributions

reflected in the Statement of Financial Position as

at 30 June 2012 will be paid out during the ensuing

financial year. It is for this reason that we distinguish

between Bonds and Entry Contributions that

are expected to be repaid in the next 12 months

($6.3million) and those that are expected to be

repaid in the longer term ($162.7m). This judgement

is based on a careful assessment of historical trends.


There has been an improvement in the operating

result when compared with the previous year

although further work is required to develop a

surplus in the 2012/13 financial year. This goal

will be even more difficult to achieve given the

funding cuts in residential aged care announced

in June 2012 by the Commonwealth Government

and also the funding cuts announced by the

Qld. State Government in September 2012.

I am deeply grateful to the hard working and

talented people who work for and volunteer with

Wesley Mission for all that you do to improve the life

opportunities of the people with whom you relate

each day – you truly make a difference!

Geoff Batkin


Leesa Bodey

Director, Finance and Business Services

58 59

Wesley Mission Brisbane




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Wesley Mission Brisbane acknowledges Government Departments,

corporate partners, individual donors and other organisations who

have supported the activities of this organisation including:

Local Government

Brisbane City Council

• Lord Mayor’s

Suburban Initiative

Fund (Toowong,

Marchant and

Morningside Wards)

• Seniors Celebration


• Lord Mayor’s

Community Trust

Easter Appeal

Gold Coast City Council

Logan City Council

State Government

Arts Queensland

Department of


Child Safety and

Disability Services

Department of

Education, Training

and Employment

Department of

Employment, Economic

Development and


Department of Housing

and Public Works

Multicultural Affairs

Queensland (MAQ)

Office of Liquor and

Gaming Regulation

• Gambling Community

Benefit Fund

• Jupiters Casino


Benefit Fund

Queensland Health

Federal Government



Department of

Education, Employment

and Workplace Relations

Department of

Families, Housing,

Community Services

and Indigenous Affairs

Department of

Health and Ageing

Department of


Environment, Water,

Population and


Department of

Veteran’s Affairs

Corporate and

Other Stakeholders

Andrews Light Up

Blake Dawson Solicitors

Brisbane Festival

Fulton Trotter Architects

Gold Coast Primary Care

Partnership Council

Ian Potter Foundation

Macquarie Foundation

Mental Health

Association of


Newman’s Own


PBS Property Group

QRAA Special

Disaster Assistance

Staffing Options

Thyne Reid Foundation

Uniting Care Queensland

Uniting Church

in Australia,

Queensland Synod

about wesley

mission brisbane

Our Vision

A compassionate, just

and inclusive society.

Our Mission

To walk alongside and in

relationship with people to

enhance personal, family and

community well-being.

Our Values

We commit to upholding

the following values:


Our relationships will be

based on truth and honesty.


By recognising and valuing the

uniqueness of each individual.


Assisting people to develop

skills, build relationships and

remove barriers that potentially

limit life opportunities. Through

meaningful participation and

collaboration we seek to enhance

each person’s capacity, choice

and control when making

decisions about their lives.


Through approaching our

work with optimism and

by encouraging people to

celebrate life and pursue their

dreams and aspirations.


Pursuing the social justice

principles of access, equity

and by seeking to support

those who are most in need.


Through nurturing a culture

of inclusion, empathy and

generosity in our relationships.


We openly embrace innovation

and constructive processes

of change through planning,

self reflection, evaluation,

team development and

measured risk-taking.

Wesley Mission Brisbane / ABN 28 746 881 862 / www.wmb.org.au / reception.wmb@wmb.org.au

62 63


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