December 8, 2010

Ms. Sandi Wilson

Deputy County Manager

Maricopa County

301 W. Jefferson Street

Phoenix, AZ 85003

Dear Ms. Wilson,



RE: Sandra Wilson and Paul Wilson v. Arpaio, et al

We have been working closely in the last ten weeks to resolve some of the budgetary

and litigation problems which predate my assuming the role of Chief Deputy for the

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. As part of those labors, we have had frequent and

confidential discussions of the many facets of the adversarial positions taken by our

respective superiors.

The recent filing of a complaint in the above civil matter has generated several

concerns in my mind and the minds of other members of my office. I am very worried

that any subject matter which we discuss in our day-to-day operational efforts will be

used against members of this office. I have no idea how your individual interests in this

litigation can be separated from your professional responsibility in dealing with my

office. That concern is heightened by the selection of counsel you have made. Mr.

Manning has attacked this office and its personnel at every opportunity. He has gone

well out of his way to demonstrate his personal animosity, even in situations where he

had no interest or involvement. Mr. Manning has a long record of misrepresentation

and distortion of the facts to suit his dramatically biased view of the Sheriff and his

office. He has also shown that he will use any information, no matter the source, to

further his crusade against the Sheriff and this organization.

Given these concerns, I cannot fathom how we can continue to meet and exchange

information on a professional basis without your utilizing anything gathered in these

meetings to the detriment of the Sheriff and this organization. I am unsure what

assurances or remedies would be available to lessen these concerns. Under these

circumstances, I am uneasy in meeting and discussing staffing, budget, financial or

other matters which may be placed in Mr. Manning's hands and used adverse to the

interests of my office. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible with your suggestions

Wells Fargo Plaza. 100 West Washington. Suite 1900 • Phoenix, Arizona 85003

(602) 876-1000 • Statewide Toll Free 1-800-352-4553 • WWW.MCSO.ORG

so that we can resume what I, at least, believe was a positive new cooperative

approach to setting our respective organizations back on the path of good governin~

for Maricopa County.



Gerard A. Sheridan

Interim Chief Deputy


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