September 2014

September 2014


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<strong>PROCLAIM</strong><br />

The Official Publication of All Nations Full Gospel Ministry<br />

Intimacy<br />

with<br />


Dear Brethren,<br />

“Intimacy with God and with One Another”<br />

It’s my prerogative to celebrate with<br />

you to our Church‘s 24th Anniversary. Indeed,<br />

God has been faithful in making another<br />

remarkable history for All Nations Full Gospel<br />

Ministry, my church...your church...our church!<br />

"It is a joy to Jesus when a person takes time to<br />

walk more intimately with Him. The bearing of<br />

fruit is always shown in Scripture to be a visible<br />

result of an intimate relationship with Jesus<br />

Christ." - Oswald Chambers<br />

This year’s theme is timely, for what<br />

the ANFGM- Abu Dhabi has achieved and<br />

retrieved. It has been 24 years of successful<br />

journey in aiming towards its holistic goal. Our<br />

church is an epitome of an unparalleled<br />

intimacy with one another towards believers<br />

and non-believers and towards God.<br />

The first step in our quest for intimacy<br />

with the Lord is getting to know Him—who He<br />

is, what He does, how He thinks, and what He<br />

desires. Even though God is invisible and<br />

inaudible to our physical senses, a close<br />

relationship with Him is cultivated the same<br />

way human friendships are—through time<br />

spent together, communication, vulnerability,<br />

and shared interests. So, this issue will make a<br />

connection to each and every one of us as we<br />

stay connected with our God.<br />

<strong>PROCLAIM</strong><br />

This issue is dedicated to helping you to:<br />

Grow closer in your relationship with Jesus<br />

Christ<br />

Grow spiritually: closer to Jesus, one with<br />

Him & His will, and more like Him<br />

Know God in real and personal ways, not<br />

just know about Him<br />

Develop a worshipful, and praying, and<br />

thankful lifestyle<br />

Learn to hear God's voice and follow Him<br />

Learn to discern God's call for your life<br />

Discover your Spiritual Gifts<br />

Learn God's purposes for His people and<br />

His church<br />

Have a powerful & effective prayer life<br />

Pray Biblically & effectively for lost people,<br />

for your pastors, church, nation<br />

Grow in faith, and in love & devotion &<br />

passion for Jesus<br />

Have the abundant life that Jesus promised<br />

Become a true worshipper and disciple<br />

(learner & follower) of Jesus<br />

The Media Ministry has been an<br />

instrument in collecting the best inspirational,<br />

motivational and spiritual articles for<br />

us to take greater heights in improving our<br />

relationship with God and with one another.<br />

Every page of this P.R.O.C.L.A.I.M. will give<br />

you new revelations in life. The different<br />

ministries and outreaches have battled<br />

against their hectic schedules just to ponder<br />

relevant words and phrases in giving you<br />

well-structured thoughts.<br />

From the Pastor’s Desk<br />

Faith and Views<br />

Just to let you know<br />

The role of Media in Building and Maitaining Relationships within<br />

the Christian Community<br />

Outreaches<br />

S.O.W.E.R.<br />

H2H<br />

KIDS Corners<br />

Anniversary Snap Shots<br />

"I consider everything a loss<br />

compared to the surpassing greatness<br />

of knowing Christ Jesus my<br />

Lord, for whose sake I have lost all<br />

things." - Paul (Philippians 3:8)<br />

Let us be in unison in<br />

making a new paradigm of intimacy<br />

with God and one another!<br />

Happy 24th Anniversary to<br />

all of us!<br />

May God will shower more<br />

His blessings to the ANFGM Church-<br />

Abu Dhabi and all its outreaches.<br />

This is our P.R.O.C.L.A.I.M.,<br />

story of our lives, our relationship<br />

with one another and our relationship<br />

with God!<br />

Born to be a blessing,<br />

Bro. Wilbert Cantor<br />


All Nation Full Gospel Ministry<br />


Sr. Ptr. Jun De Jesus<br />

Ptr. Ted Peñalba<br />

Elder Eric Reyes<br />

Geove Castro<br />


Wilbert Cantor<br />


Andy Palado<br />


Bing Sumalileng<br />


Susan Gomez<br />


Ptra. Sally De Jesus<br />

Georgie Thomas<br />

Meg Alag<br />

Ptr. Bert Pantanilla<br />

Ptr. Jong Estorque<br />

Ptr. Bong Esteban<br />

Emma Salvacion<br />

Herson Batanes<br />


Michael Abayan<br />


Marlon Sumalileng<br />


Francis Babaran<br />

Tedy Bravo

#Selfie with God<br />

Psalm 63:1-2 ( NKJV )<br />

Sower 2nd National Retreat<br />

S.O.W.E.R<br />

What a blessed, fruitful and wonderful experience to be part of the All Nations Full Gospel Ministry Church’s 2nd<br />

Sower National Retreat, with the theme “#selfiewithGOD” during the first day and second day of Eid after Ramadan.<br />

It was held in Acacia Hotel in Ras Al Khaimah and was organized by the Sower Abu Dhabi outreach. One of the the<br />

most awaited part of the single’s ministry activities is the yearly retreat, but this time it’s quite different since it’s a<br />

national event and it will just happen once in every two years. Delegates of the mentioned event were coming from<br />

different outreaches across the UAE such as Ras Al Khaimah (#), Umm Al Qwain (#), Dubai (#), Sharjah (#), Al Ain (#)<br />

& Abu Dhabi (#).<br />

Day 1 (July 28, 2014)<br />

The arrival was expected from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.,<br />

some delegates arrived on time and others were late for<br />

justifiable reasons. You would certainly notice that the enemy<br />

attempted to attack us through some circumstances. One<br />

example was the experience of Al Ain delegates when they<br />

were heading towards the venue, the tire of their vehicle<br />

exploded in the middle of the road. As they tried to look for a<br />

help, it took time for them to fix the problem, so they<br />

departed at 10:30 a.m. from where they stopped. To make the<br />

long story short, God is so good as the delegates arrived safely<br />

though they were quite late.<br />

At 12:00 p.m., the delegates had a lunch together at the<br />

hall and at the same time they were divided into groups<br />

named Nehemiah, Moses, Peter, Paul, David, Abraham and<br />

Daniel. One group comprises of more or less sixteen members<br />

mixed with the different outreaches. Then at around 1:20<br />

p.m., we departed from the hall going to the Acacia Hotel for<br />

checking-in, but then again we experienced delayed for sometime<br />

because some of the delegates took time to wait for the<br />

reason that some of the rooms were not yet available upon<br />

our arrival in the hotel. Being part of the workers, we didn’t<br />

want the delegates to experience inconveniences. But as the<br />

Bible says that all things work together for good, while<br />

waiting for the other rooms, the delegates had time to socialize<br />

(getting to know) with their co-delegates from the different<br />

outreaches, until everyone received his or her designated<br />

rooms. As a chain of effect from our check-in, we were not<br />

able to start our first game called the Amazing Race on time,<br />

in this game the groups mentioned above need to complete<br />

the six stations, such as kneel on water (Peter), was blind but<br />

sees (Paul), numerous as the sand (David), parting of the sea<br />

(Moses) and rebuilding of walls (Nehemiah) and the fastest<br />

group who can complete the six stations will be the winner.<br />

All groups were excited to play the game, even if they were<br />

under the heat of the sun. I felt the joy, cooperation, noise,<br />

and unity. We ended the game at around 4:45 p.m. After the<br />

game, delegates were given a time for swimming, but due to<br />

time constraints, some delegates opted to go back to their<br />

respected rooms to prepare in going back to the hall for the<br />

Holy Ghost Night program. Our call time was 6:00 p.m. The<br />

bus waited outside of the hotel bound to the hall. Estimated<br />

travel time was more or less than 20 minutes and we had time<br />

to relax for a half an hour while on our way to the hall. Few<br />

minutes from the time we arrived, we ate our dinner together<br />

and we still had time to catch up with our co-delegates.<br />

Then at exactly 7:30 p.m., we started the program<br />

properly. Everybody was excited to praise and to worship the<br />

Lord as it was flared up by the line up of songs, which really<br />

caused the congregation to rejoice, to dance and to sing the<br />

song whole-heartedly. Subsequently, the next part of the<br />

program was the message in words given by the person who<br />

has a divine appointment with the Lord, the Sower adviser,<br />

Mommy Shirley Peart. Before she went deeply to her message,<br />

she really encouraged us to set our mind and heart to focus our<br />

attention to God. Her message entitled “Catching Fire” was<br />

really a reminder to all of us, whether an old or new Christians<br />

that whatever the situation is, it might be good or bad we still<br />

keep on believing that our God is an answering God that He is<br />

able to control everything. Furthermore, one of the lifestyles<br />

for us Christians is that, it is very important for us to spend<br />

quality time with the Lord. It was one of the messages that she<br />

emphasized until the congregation was at the highpoint of<br />

worship and prayer. She prayed over for those who came in<br />

front and it was really an awe-inspiring experience to be<br />

soaked in the presence of the Lord. Simultaneously, many<br />

were encouraged to come in front to be prayed as they were<br />

touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and the sweet aroma<br />

of music added a very holistic atmosphere which really urged<br />

us to utter a prayer. That altar calling took almost an hour and<br />

then we ended up with a victory song. It was really a wonderful<br />

night for all of us before travelling back to the hotel.<br />

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ANFGM Philippines<br />

is<br />

Alive... Well...<br />

and Growing!

outdoor fellowship & water baptism<br />


ANFGM Cabuyao outreach is located at<br />

Southville 1,<br />

Brgy. Niugan, Cabuyao City, Laguna<br />

Philippines<br />

,<br />


August 10 - Streer Evangelism<br />

May 22 - Church Outdoor Fellowship and<br />

water baptism<br />

March 23 - 2nd Year Anniversary<br />

February -Couple’s Seminar and Fellowship<br />

Kairos Philippines Course<br />


Adult 27<br />

Youth 9<br />

Children 23<br />


- Successful heart transplant of Sis. Vicky’s<br />

relative<br />

- 60 thousand hospital bill of Sis. Maritess<br />

son<br />

- Allen’s Financial provision<br />

anniversary<br />

couple’s seminar<br />

kairos course graduates<br />

street evangelism<br />

Strictly For Private Circulation Only 9



A life of Christ’s follower is not always as smooth and<br />

beautiful as anybody can portray, because the Bible speaks of<br />

the truth that people of God will experience all kinds of<br />

shaking up while on earth, it may be on personal life or in<br />

church life and ministry. As, my family and I witness the grace<br />

of God as All Nation starts since Abu Dhabi time and then we<br />

move to Dubai and as ANFGM outreach starts, I see the<br />

mighty move of the hand of God in His church. God’s plan for<br />

us to be victorious and to be more than conqueror as Romans<br />

8:37 clearly speaks. His power moves in such a way that His<br />

glory will be revealed among the nations of the earth. God’s<br />

purpose for His church to move and to act for the<br />

advancement of His Kingdom here on earth and to show forth<br />

His glory, in every creation. But sometimes if not most of the<br />

times, the enemy will try to hinder God’s plan for His church<br />

and for His people.<br />

2 Corinthians 4:8-10 (NLT) We are pressed on every<br />

side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed,<br />

but not driven to despair. We are hunted down, but never<br />

abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not<br />

destroyed. Through suffering, our bodies continue to share<br />

in the death of Jesus so that the life of Jesus may also be<br />

seen in our bodies.<br />

To our mother church ANFGM Abu Dhabi, A JOYFUL<br />

ANNIVERSARY celebration of God’s goodness and<br />

faithfulness, in the abundance of God’s grace,<br />

pastors, leaders, workers and ALL SERVANTS OF THE<br />

MOST HIGH GOD, continue to be in one accord,<br />

bonded with Christ love for HIS PURPOSE & for HIS<br />

GLORY.<br />

the<br />

rebirth<br />

of<br />

anfgm-dubai<br />

by Sis. Emma Salvacion<br />

ANFGM Dubai Outreach Ministry has gone through a<br />

shaking up this past year. And just like what happened with Paul and<br />

Barnabas, what would look like a division at first glance, but I pray<br />

and I believe this will turn out into good; because ultimately, we all<br />

have just one goal, to fulfill the Lord Jesus’ great commission. Pastor<br />

Jun De Jesus decided to guide ANFGM Dubai personally because of<br />

the changes in the leadership. For the Executive Council, this might<br />

be the most logical step but for ANFGM Dubai, it does so much more<br />

than that. Before, we look at Pastor Jun De Jesus as our Head Pastor.<br />

Now, he is still is very much the Head Pastor, but he is the Head<br />

Pastor that is also our Pastor. We now know that we can joke around<br />

with him. It humanizes him in our eyes. The type of evangelism that<br />

has the most impact is befriending a non-believer. Hence, besides<br />

the usual ministries, ANFGM Dubai now has a basketball team which<br />

shares Christ through sports. They do not only interact inside the<br />

court which trains them physically, but they also have a regular Bible<br />

study for spiritual life strengthening. The enemy may mean evil<br />

against us, but God will use the crude pieces to accomplish his<br />

perfect plan until we all come before the throne and hear him say,<br />

“Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a<br />

few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy<br />

of your Lord.”<br />

At present the Lord continue bringing new souls to<br />

ANFGM-Dubai, Ptr. Jun and the leadership see to it that we have<br />

always activities that will bind us together much closer as a family of<br />

God and as a body of Christ. Working hand in hand with every<br />

ministry for one purpose and reason to show to this world that we<br />

are His people and to give Him the glory today & forever…<br />


COMPETITION (the chef’s)<br />


KARAMA<br />

12<br />

Strictly For Private Circulation Only


7-fold<br />

In January, when Ptr. Jun de Jesus preached in Al Ain<br />

about the 7-fold blessings, every member became highly<br />

expectant of the Lords blessings in all aspects of their Christian<br />

life. As Romans 8:28 says “And we know that in all things God<br />

works for the good of those who love him, who[i]have been<br />

called according to his purpose” and Jeremiah 29:11 says, For<br />

I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to<br />

prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and<br />

a future.<br />

blessings<br />

in<br />

Al Ain<br />

by Bro. Jerson Batanes<br />

Live a life like Christ and let everyone see Jesus in you,<br />

in all your actions, follow His commands and the 7-fold<br />

blessings will overflow in you.<br />

How do we live our lives nowadays? In this busy<br />

world, do we still have time for God? Do we manage to have a<br />

quiet time with Him, to talk to Him and to be with Him<br />

intimately?<br />

Al Ain Outreach under the able leadership of our<br />

overseer Bro. Aladin Reducto has been conducting series of<br />

lectures, seminars and teachings that enable members to<br />

know God more and to have intimate relationship with Him.<br />

He has been lecturing on the Church’s Doctrine for<br />

quite some time every Wednesday night. Also he has<br />

conducted lectures and trainings for prospective Bible Study<br />

Teachers, the OBBS, as members are getting bigger in number,<br />

thus the need for more Bible Study Teachers. Also, ANGELS<br />

Ministry is conducting continuous trainings for those who<br />

want to utilize their talent in dancing for the glory of God.<br />

We have prayer groups in charge in every Sunday’s<br />

prayer meetings and Friday morning devotions before the<br />

service, under the Prayer Intercessory Ministry.<br />

Our ladies, the Gulf Women, our men, AMEN, our couples, the<br />

Couples Ministry and our Singles, SOWER have been very<br />

active in various church activities that made them all grow in<br />

aspects of both personal and spiritual life.<br />

Recently, three bible study seed group were opened<br />

and twelve members were water baptized.<br />

Bible Study, fellowships and gatherings are some of the best<br />

tools to get the members closer, bonded and have intimate<br />

relationship with one another and with God, and we have<br />

them here in ANFGM Al Ain. To God be the glory!

15<br />

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16<br />

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continuation from page 7<br />

Day 2 (July 29, 2014)<br />

As we continue our program for the next day, our<br />

wakeup call time was 7:00 a.m. and everyone was<br />

encouraged to have a personal or group devotion until<br />

7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. Then at 8:15 a.m., we started our<br />

program with physical fitness and games being facilitated<br />

by the Sower - Al Ain. It was really a fun fellowship and<br />

everyone felt energized. After we used our energy from<br />

the said exercise, we filled our stomachs in the hotel’s<br />

restaurant. We were divided into many groups of tables,<br />

so we still had time to talk again with our co-delegates.<br />

Others ate so fast because they wanted to go for a swimming,<br />

others opted to go back to their rooms for checking<br />

out preparation as the call time to be back in the hall was<br />

11:00 a.m. All delegates were in the lobby while waiting<br />

for the others to come down, others were busy in taking<br />

pictures with their new friends. Many photos were taken<br />

from the different cameras. The lobby was surrounded by<br />

smiles. At 11:30 a.m., we departed from the hotel going<br />

back to the hall to continue the fellowship. The packed<br />

lunch was available upon our arrival at the hall. Then we<br />

started our program at 1:00 p.m. and of course we<br />

started it through a prayer followed by the the praise and<br />

worship of the music team. The congregation was really<br />

hyperactive in praising the Lord. The place was fully<br />

occupied with the presence of the Lord and the enemy<br />

was not able to have a chance to penetrate inside. After<br />

the praise and worship, another encouragement was the<br />

Holy Communion led by Pastor Francis De Jesus, one of<br />

the associate pastors assigned in Ras Al Khaimah. His<br />

message was really an encouragement, a reminder to all<br />

of us how the Lord love us unconditionally. He made<br />

sacrifices that supposedly we are destined to suffer, but<br />

then He was crucified. And because of His amazing grace,<br />

he chose to sacrifice His own son. He highlighted that by<br />

sharing the bread, we can also share the goodness of the<br />

Lord to others especially those who really don’t know<br />

deeply the Lord. As we drank the cup with wine, it<br />

reminded us how precious the blood of Jesus Christ that<br />

saved us from our sins. The next part of the program was<br />

the group presentation, mainly the mechanics of the<br />

presentation were the following : presentation should be<br />

in line with what we had learned from the message of<br />

Mommy Shirley during the Holy Ghost Night, no voice will<br />

be allowed, duration will be 3 minutes only. It was fun<br />

seeing those presentations as they were deprived to<br />

voice out; many talents were discovered during those<br />

presentations. The potential actors and actresses for the<br />

Glory of God, but in every game we need to choose the<br />

best presentation and Peter was declared as the winning<br />

team. Acknowledgement of the people behind the<br />

retreat, the support team was also acknowledged as well.<br />

We ended up with victory songs. Although we spent 2<br />

days together, but still we felt that was not enough. We<br />

didn’t want to part our ways as the bondings were<br />

created. Even though we hated to say goodbye, but we<br />

had go home with peace of mind and the smiles in our<br />

hearts. Glory to God in the highest for the victorious<br />

retreat.<br />

The First ANFGM<br />

A.M.E.N. Ministry’s<br />

National<br />

Basketball Tournament<br />

By Bro. Jerson Batanes<br />

It was amid humid and hot temperature in the UAE on September<br />

05, 2014 where some of the ANFGM outreaches headed to Al Safa<br />

Sports Hall, Dubai to join and to witness the opening ceremony of the First<br />

A.M.E.N. Ministry’s National Basketball Tournament for 2014.<br />

The said basketball tourney is participated in by the six ANFGM<br />

Outreaches namely; Abu Dhabi (Red Team), Umm Al Quwain (Yellow<br />

Team), Ras Al Khaimah (Blue Team), Dubai (Orange Team), Sharjah (Green<br />

Team), and Al Ain (Pink Team). The program started with the parade of the<br />

teams with their respective pretty muses and it was followed by the Praise<br />

and Worship being spearheaded by Bro. Raymond and Bro. Jun of Dubai<br />

Outreach. The Opening prayer was led by Ptr. Jhong of Sharjah, then it was<br />

followed by the opening remarks of AMEN’s National Leader, Bro. Joseph<br />

Luna, of Al Ain, and of course the much awaited words of encouragement<br />

by our well-loved and anointed Senior Pastor Jun de Jesus. The Oath of<br />

sportsmanship was being recited and ended up with a closing prayer.<br />

The Part II of the program was started with draw- lots among the<br />

teams and results were as follows:<br />

First Game: Red Team (Abu Dhabi) vs Yellow Team (Um Al<br />

Quwain)<br />

Second Game: Blue Team (Ras Al Khaimah) vs Orange Team<br />

(Dubai)<br />

Third Game: Green Team (Sharjah) vs Pink (Al Ain)<br />

Every Outreach prepared a pot luck dinner and it was served and<br />

shared with everybody who was watching the games. The opening games<br />

were all fun- filled, the members cheered their teams with drums, shouts<br />

and jokes. Surely, the next games will be filled with laughter, joy, fellowship<br />

and bonding between and among the members of participating<br />

outreaches.<br />

Like in any games, there are winners and losers.<br />

Here are the score cards for the opening games:<br />

First Game: Umm Al Quwain vs. Abu Dhabi 43 – 29<br />

Second Game: Dubai vs. Ras Al Khaimah 46 – 36<br />

Third Game: Al Ain vs. Sharjah 50 – 35<br />

18<br />

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SOPHIE<br />


THEA<br />

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