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issue 2.qxp - Age Play Times

A small place where a big one can be a little one again

December 2007

Issue 2

A blast from the past brings a

dream come true for one age-player

By Mary Francen

I love some holidays in this

order Halloween and

Christmas and my birthday.

When I was growing up

Halloween was known as

"kid's holiday" in our house. It

didn't carry the stigma of being

of day of terror etc. It carried

the same weight as Mother's

day and Father's day did.

As with those other two days

where said person was honored

on Halloween kids were

the honored guests so to speak.

Getting to dress up and be anyone

you wanted to be for a day,

and go and out and trick or

treat and be a kid all day long

with virtually no rules except

for what we as kids knew as

"the Halloween code" was

such an awesome feeling.

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It was a day where my Mother

and Father let us kids be just

that kids, coming from a larger

By Stephen Richard

AKA was your grownup person

a brat as a child?

Have you ever wondered

What is inside

to play with

Photo by Mary Francen

You have to love that auto timer feature on a digital camera, this is me well

gypsy Mary all ready to out trick or treating for the first time in twenty years.

Pg. 5

Pg. 5

Pg. 6

Pg. 7

Pg. 7

Pg. 8

Pg. 9

Pg. 11

family of five children and

having grown up in a much

different time than now, we

where this phrase came from

and what it means? Have you

ever wondered just how your

grownup daddy or mommy or

uncle or Aunt or whatever they

may be knows exactly what

you are thinking and what you

are going to do before you

even do it?

Have you ever really wondered

what they meant by

when I was a child? Well here

is your chance to get a back

door peek into what it means

to be a grownup.

If you were to think of every

superhero that you ever read

about, seen or heard about you




were left to our own devices

for the most part once we were

of school age.

This was part of the honor of

the day to us kids and we were

enchanted with it. We felt like

we had special powers on that

day. No "parental rules" to

speak of because on that day

the "Halloween code" that all

kids followed was the rule of

the day and the freedom of

running from house to house

thinking of nothing but searching

for the next house with that

lit porch light on it is something

that I have thought about

each year as I done my own

costume and think back to the

dump and runs and grabbing

of the cheese steak sandwiches

my mom would have waiting

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What do we adults mean when we say I wouldn't

do that if I were you?

will know where this comes


A grownup has to be as wise

as Yoda, as brave as

Spiderman, as strong as the

Incredible Hulk; we have to

have Super Man's X-ray

vision. We have to have all the

neat gadgets that Batman has.

We have to be able to breath

underwater just like Aguaman;

we have to have the magic

lasso of Wonder Woman, We

have to be able to stretch like

Mr. Fantastic, we have to have

the invisible force field skills

of Sue Storm the invisible girl.

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A sweet memory added to the scrapbook

Continued from 1

for us kids to take on the go.

Well this year a friend called

me up on Halloween proper,

now you maybe wondering

why I say it that way, well the

town that I happen to live in

hosts a huge county wide

parade and for some silly reason

that have chosen for years

and years to do this parade on

Halloween night proper. So

they do trick or treating the

night before. My friend however

lives in a neighboring town

that is not as silly as mine and

they still do trick or treating on

the proper night.

Anyway back to the story at

hand Kim has a daughter with

whom I am very close to and

they asked me if I wanted to go

trick or treating with them. This

is an honor that I have never

been asked to partake of before

in the eight years that I have

been friends with my young

friend so I was both surprised

and very happy to say the least;

five minutes later gipsy Mary

was all ready to go.

I of course did trick or treat at

there house I did get candy

there. But I did not really

expect to get any candy at other

houses. After all I reasoned to

myself "Mary you're a grown

women who is going to give

you candy?" I will add here that

to me if you are in a costume

and come to my own home I

will give you candy because I

don't see there being any such

silly age cut off for trick or


Well I was extremely surprised

when I found out the opposite

and ended up coming home

with my own bag full of candy.

I had several people ask me.

"What about you don't you

want any candy?" One house

asked me who I was trick or

treating for and I did tell them.

"Me I love Halloween." By this

point I was very much starting

to get into the spirit of twenty

years past.

I even came across a couple

houses where they still remembered

the old tradition of saying

"trick" and in return you

were supposed to sing or something

in order to gain your


While the two very nice ladies

did not require a trick from me,

I was prepared to sing if they

did. As I had found out during

my teen years just what that

tradition meant when I lived in

P.A for one Halloween.

By the end of the evening after

visiting two stores and

McDonalds for dinner and eating

a happy-meal and yes trick

or treating there as well as the

police station and trick or treating

there. Beth and I were very

sleepy as was her Daddy Jake

we had wiped out her Mommy

Kim much earlier in the afternoon

before the dump and run.

Jake and Kim are a wonderful

couple who know of my ageplay

and in fact Jake has a nickname

of Daddy Jake by me

because he has gotten 'Daddy

with me" Kim is the one who

Photo by Mary Francen

I will have one of these Mommy and maybe one of those too! Even Colby my

bratcat was enjoying the fruits of my Halloween adventure.

encourages me to do things like

I did last night.

In fact all night the two of

them allowed me to "play" with

Beth as I have always done,

and not have to be a grownup at

all. At the police station Jake

went up to the window and got

the attention of the dispatchers

for Beth and I and when he was

asked if he had a trick or treater

with him, Jake replied yes I

have two kids with me, and yes

I did get candy from them.

I would have to say a couple of

things here. One I am very

lucky I have two such wonderful

friends such as Jake and

Kim who are so sweet and

understanding of me and

encourage me to just be me

around them.

And the second thing I would

have to say here is that take the

opportunities that life passes

you because you never know

when they will come along

again, last night we saw a man

walking his dog who was

dressed up as a BEE from the

BEE Movie and you know

what the dog was trick or treating

and had two bags full of

dog treats. And No the man did

not have a costume for himself

nor did he have any children


While not everyone understood

of me last night I have

learned a lesson from Kim and

Jake and I would like to pass it

on to my readers. Don't care

what others think of you so

long as you're not hurting anyone

else, why care what they

are thinking about what your


If you can't control what they

are thinking or believing than

don't let it bother or change the

way you behave. In the case of

last night there were many

grownups dressed up and walking

the streets. I even saw one

go up and trick or treat in fact I

said out loud well if she is

doing it than so am I. That was

the turning point for my fear.

That was also the house that

asked me who I was trick or

treating for.

The bottom line I learned last

night from that entire experience

is that no matter happens

in life there are times when no

matter what we do as Age/Role

Players there are always going

to be people who will talk or

think what they want to, and it

may not be nice things that they

are thinking or saying.

But no matter what those people

are thinking or saying about

us its times like last night when

you truly get to experience a

part of your childhood all over

again in its purest sense and it

makes you have this feeling

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The Age-Play Times December 3, 2007 page 2

The Age-Play Times December 3, 2007 page 3

News And Reviews

Mixing the fun in with the mundaine

By Mary Francen

I just like millions of people

need a list or more precisely a

colander to remember many

things, also much like millions

of people I need positive

encouragement to help keep me

a happy and healthy person.

So my grownups came up with

a special sticker chart a couple

of years ago. The premise is the

same as it is with the ones that

you see most bio kids having. If

I am a good girl I get a sticker

on my chart, if I do something

extra special I get two at the

discretion of the grownups of


At the end of the week if I have

had a good week than I get a

special treat of some kind, also

at the discretion of the

grownups. This could be many

that is almost impossible to


That was no AP or Role playing

that was done last night that

was real one hundred percent

real and an incredible feeling. I

knew I was safe the entire time

and even though I was an adult

at all times because I was not

with "My Daddy or Uncle

Stephen or Uncle Michael".

Jake and Kim both did things

without even knowing it that

made me feel like I was one of

there kids and neither of them

is an AP/Role player. From

being called a "kid" by Jake to

Kim carrying my coat for me

because I got hot while trick or

treating and it would have gotten

in the way of my trick or

Editor Mary Francen

Co Editor Stephen Richard

Writer/Photgrapher David Singleton

Writer Michael Parker

Writer Elizabeth Smith



things ranging from a trip to the

sticker store since I collect

stickers or a trip to McDonalds

or an evening out bowling or to

a the movies or boardwalk etc.

The whole idea is it is something

that rewards me for my

own actions of being a good

girl doing the things that I hate

but have to do not just doing

treat bag to lace the coat

through the handles of the bag

To Jake grabbing my arm when

I was going to cross the street

without his ok first and scolding

Beth and I for not listening

to him.

And just like twenty years ago

I didn't want to end the

evening. The two of them made

sure I got home safely and

when I got in the door I was so

hyped up and I hadn't even

eaten one piece of the candy

that Kim had done the "parent

search" of at there house of yet.

The feelings were incredible

and I can't wait for next

Halloween! And for the ten of

them for that matter or how

ever many of them I get to go

on I will be out and trick or

them but doing them with a

good attitude etc.

Well the time has come to find

a calendar for next year just

like the rest of the world and

while I had already picked one

up last week I happened to be

out at the store with Kim at the

Wal-Mart and she picked up

one that just screamed at me

treating as long as I am able to

and I highly recommend it to

"Special sticker chart" while

still also being the perfect mundane

pocket book calendar.

The maker's brand name is

Mead and as you can see from

the picture it is colorful and fun

while still being very functional

for the "real world" It even

has the kid feel to it by having

in the general information area

a school name area.

With a sturdy heavy plastic

front and back cover that is

clear with the pictures done to

look like a kid colored on them

it makes it very cute yet a functional

calendar that anyone can

use and noone would think

anything of it, again a tool that

mixes both worlds.

In the back of it are pages that

Fully stocked up in candy and memories too

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Photo by Mary Francen

Colby running off with his pilfered lollypop from my stash of treats... We never

did actually find it... I guess it too has joined the many zillion mice he has lost.

everyone who is able to do it at

least once.

The Staff of The Age-Play Times would like to

wish all of our readers a very Safe and

Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

By Stephen Richard

Being that we are all adults in

these types of relationships it is

very hard to balance the life of

a grownup that always seems to

have real tasks that need to be

handled by your adult self.

Hence comes the balancing act

we must play. How do we balance

our adult lives we must

live with the lifestyle we have

chosen? Very few of us are

lucky enough to be able to live

a purely 24/7/365 Age Play

relationship where we do not

have to worry about the day to

day things that we must do as

an adult. To those people who

are lucky enough to have that

freedom to be in that part of

this life style, I salute you.

As for the rest of us who are

not as lucky we must find a

good balance between the

lifestyle we choose and the

adult life we do not have a

choice but to live. The process

of doing this can sometimes be

painful and will many times be

something that will discourage

you and make you think that

you will never find the right

balance of adult and life style

but let me assure you it is very

possible to do.

This balancing act is pretty

easy to do if you are just by

yourself as a little one. It could

be as simple as when you are in

the car coming from home to

work you start to get yourself

into the little one mode. It

could be playing a child music

CD it could be stopping at

McDonalds to get a Happy

Meal. It could be stopping at a

roadside park to play and swing

for a bit.

Those types of things you

could really do pretty easy

without anyone really seeing

that you were doing any type of

age play activity and only you

would know what it was. It can

also be possible to go a bit

more of the Age play side perhaps

before you go home from

work you slip into the bathroom

to change from your

work clothes into your more

relaxing clothes this could be

into everyday clothes or something

a bit more childish.

Perhaps you even change into a

diaper and enjoy the feel of the

diaper as you drive home. And

if you get stuck in traffic jams

then you have no worries right

about needing to go to the bathroom

and loosing even more

time to get home right?

Of course for those who do

have a partner there are many

ways they can do things that

would be part of the life style

even when in the world of

adults. Perhaps a note in your

lunch or a silly phone call on a

break, or a note left in your car

or voice mail that would make


Playing the balancing act - On a tight

rope between Adult and Life Style

you feel reminded of the life

you have outside of work and

the land of adults only.

Oh and little ones do not think

we grownups can't come up

with punishments for you if

you are naughty while at work.

Ever heard of having to go to

the bathroom and remove your

panties or putting your nose in

the corner of the stall? Then

again having to go down to the

car during your lunch for a lecture

on the phone or having to

swat your leg with a ruler a few

times in the car is another thing

that could happen.

Having to drive home sitting

bare bottomed in the car knowing

when you get home your

going to get a spanking for

being a naughty little one is

another way that could balance

your real life with your life

style choice.

How else can you mix adult

life and Age Play life style you

may ask? Some could be brave

enough to wear diapers to work

some could be lucky enough to

wear more little child outfits to


Those who work from home

can be dressed anyway they

want and can be doing Life

Style things while still working.

Of course text messaging

and email have made it so you

can do some life style things

while still out in the world of

adults. Yes I have actually done

a lecture in Text message.

Of course if you live close

enough you could drive home

for lunch and while your home

you can eat a child's meal or

doing a few things that can be

done during that lunch break.

Then again those times can also

be used for punishment. This

can really come into play if you

meet your S.O. at home for


Then you have to go back to

work after a lunch with a tender

bottom could help too remind

you that you should be a good

little one even when you're not

around your S.O.

Nothing says you can't also

wear things under your clothes

that are more little one type.

Such little girl panties or

Underoos make a nice little

touch to keep that little one side

around while having to be a

grownup adult.

What else can one do that

would keep the age play

lifestyle around while having to

be in the land of adults?

Children's music on the Ipod is

another good way to do things.

No one else needs to know but

you would know.

Perhaps going in the car with

your S.O. while you are in the

car you can talk and hold hands

or whatever. Even for some it's

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The Age-Play Times December 3, 2007 page 4

The Age-Play Times December 3, 2007 page 5


Painting and little ones... A daddy’s

By David Singleton

Greetings all happy belated

thanks giving to you. This story

is about my little one wanting

to paint her room.

A few months ago Mary wanted

to paint her room, so we

went to the local home center

to pick out the colors. She

picked out a medium peach for

the walls and a light peach for

the ceiling.

After we got home she said to

The Age Play Times being an online

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The Spanking Community

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job is never done

me that she would paint the

whole room herself, what is

wrong with that statement you

might ask.

A three year old doing a big

project like that. After she saw

what the it intailed, we did the

job together and we painted the

room in one day.

The room came out very nice

and we were able to put back

most stuff by that night. I have

to say my little one can be very

Adding a touch of play to your everyday

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Photo by Mary Francen

The finished product A hard afternoons work but finally one pretty room all done

in peaches.

fast at putting her things up.

Little ones should not paint by

have things like a grade keeper the periodic

chart, a times table, weights and measures

math formulas, commonly misspelled

words, study tips, a map of the US and

preparing a bibliography steps. The pages

are all tear outs just like a note book so if

you don't want to keep that stuff you don't

need to and the best part this thing was

less than five dollars US money. and the design is called

themselves, you never know

what mischief they can get into.

Grownups and eyes in the back of their heads

Continued from page 1

We have to have the heat of the Human

Torch. We have to have the big hands of

the Thing. I could go on and on through all

of the different super hero traits out there.

So what does all this mean? This means

that even though you have looked several

times and are certain that your grownup

does not in fact have eyes in the back of

their head that the chances are actually

very high that they have in fact done those

things you are thinking about or have done


So they know what you are thinking

before you even think it. Yes they are in

fact super heroes they can read your mind,

oh wait maybe they aren't a super hero

maybe in fact they were once a super brat.

Yes kids your grownup at some point or

the other as a real child have actually

dared to think about doing the same things

you are plotting on doing now. So do not

be surprised when you get caught. And

believe it or not you may actually get

caught before you even do anything at all.

If you thought getting caught with your

hand in the cookie jar was bad. Just wait

till you get caught planning just how you

are going to get your hand in the cookie

jar without getting caught in the first

place. Talk about major spoiling of fun

and as we say oh so busted!

Yes perhaps busted in more than one way.

The fact remains that they knew you were

going to do it before you did it. How could

they know that? Think about it, you will

find the only answer out there. We

grownups were once children to and we

have thought just like you. So you will

find it to be true that we will know what

you are going to do before you do it. Be

afraid be very afraid. We are watching


Clear impressions weekly assignment it

goes from January to December of 2008.

They have an item number listed here so

you may be able to order directly from

them if you don't have a Wal-Mart by you.

The item number is WM614R-96

Three is plenty of room in each space to a

sticker or even two and your daily

reminders of things that you need to get

done, even for those of us who tend to use

larger print when jotting things down.


Home... Home... On Daddys Ranch

By Stephen Richard

Daddy's Ranch, which was

founded in December 2005, is

an Age and Role-Play board.

Their site is located at


com . A daddy who wanted a

safe place for his little girl to

play created the site, the site is

By Stephen Richard

There are going to be times that your little

one is sad, and there are going to be times

when your little one is very hyper, there

will even be times when you just want

them to lay quietly so you can get some

work done.

One of the best ways to do this is with

music. Not just any music but with music

that a child would listen to. Buying your

little one children's type music and setting

it where they can hear it either on a CD

player or a Ipod or even over the computer

sometimes is the best way to help them not

be sad, or not be hyper or just a quiet relaxing


Listening to music is something that can

be a part of age play and yet be something

that you can do while even out in front of

others or in the privacy of your own home

without it being a real play time.

Songs from any of the Disney movies,

songs from cartoons or the well-known

children's songs are things that you can do

anywhere. Even in your car you can pop in

a children's CD and drive down the road. If

you are stuck in traffic think just how much

easier it would be to sit there if you are listening

to Twinkle, Twinkle Little star, I'm a

little teapot, or Puff the Magic Dragon.

Children's music is something that is timeless

it doesn't matter what age you are; you

can be a little one or a grownup it does not

really matter. You cannot ever go wrong

with children's music. We all grew up with

it we all know them they are the songs we

sung while we played, they are the songs

we sung in school and the songs we sung as

we danced in front of the TV playing He

a safe place for inner kids and

Adults/Grownups to play. You

can have any number of adventures

and fun. The board is a G-

Rated site.

For those who have never been

on a forum board, the central

idea is that you post in different

area categories. These areas are

setup in different ways but the

general idea is the same.

If you are posting in say the

living room area there is a

board Category called "The

Living Room" in which these

posts will go. You can think of

Daddy's Ranch as being an

actual Ranch in which there is a

Man or Transformers.

Some of us grownup's can remember

Saturday morning cartoons when it was

School House Rock, we learned a lot from

that show. I can even now in my 30's

remember in ninth grade having to quote

the preamble to the Constitution. Wouldn't

you know it almost the whole class song it

to that song from School House Rock

Here is a list of just a few of the different

songs that you could hear for your little one

or to remember what it was like to be a

child as you are stuck in traffic and need

something to calm you down..

Cartoon Themes - Alvin and the


Cartoon Themes - Care Bears Theme

Cartoon Themes - G.I. Joe

Cartoon Themes - Gummy Bears

Cartoon Themes - Thunder- cats

house and places outside to


The board is free for sign up.

They do ask that you follow all

their rules. These rules are for

the safety and enjoyment of all

who are involved. Why don't

you check out Daddy's Ranch

today and see of yourself.

Is it music that calms the savage beast? Or

is it music that calms the little ones tears?

Children's Favorite Songs - This Old Man

(Knick-Knack, Patty-Whack)

Children's Favorite Songs - Three Blind


Children's Favorite Songs - Twinkle,

Twinkle, Little Star

Children's Songs - A-Hunting We'll Go

Children's Songs - Bingo

Children's Songs - Hush, Little Baby

Children's Songs - How Much Is That

Doggy In The Window

Disney - Its A Small World After All

Disney - Mary Poppins Chitty Chitty Bang

Bang Theme

Disney - Silly Songs Little Bunny Foo Foo

Disney - When You Wish Upon A Star

Schoolhouse Rock - A Victim of Gravity

Schoolhouse Rock - I'm Just a Bill

Schoolhouse Rock - Preamble to the


Schoolhouse Rock - Lolly, Lolly, Lolly

One of the things I did with my little niece

was to setup a way she could listen to

music played from my computer on her

own computer by using Win Amp and

playing them over the internet even though

I am 3000 miles away from her she can

hear her songs played.

We call this Uncle Radio; right now Uncle

Radio is playing Christmas Songs to bring

in the Season.

If you want to listen to Uncle Radio yourself

you can check it out by going to

this is the broadcast site for Uncle Radio

you can click on Listen and it will open

through Win Amp to play the music. You

can see what music is currently playing.

The Age-Play Times December 3, 2007 page 6

The Age-Play Times December 3, 2007 page 7


Where is my Daddy, I miss him, Will

he be back soon?

By Elizabeth Smith

I am Elizabeth Smith my daddy Michael

and I met just a little a few weeks ago.

We seemed to click and enjoy each others


I couldn't help but smile every time he

emailed me or I saw he was on to chat.

We have even had a conversation about

how seeing each others silly little smiley

make us brighten and smile.

However, those smiles soon went away.

We were not fighting or not the getting

along but the emails and the chatting soon

were put on hold because daddy's computer

was having problems.

I am new to age-play and daddy; Uncle

Stephen and Mary are helping me become

more and more little Beth (daddy's

princess). I have been enjoying every

minute of it.

There is only one problem about a week

or two after daddy and I found each other

and had been chatting pretty regularly he

had to take his computer into be fixed.

This meant no communication for us

except through other people.

I miss Michael and getting to know him

better and better even though we have

only know each other a week but I feel a

deep connection with him.

This time in a relationship (any relationship)

is important it is the time to get to

know each other. It is a time to explore

each other and to learn what makes a person

tick and to learn what they like and

dislike. A time that most people don't take

but for us is something we are having to


As for little Beth she misses her daddy so

much just talking about him makes her

sad and start to cry.

She has Uncle Stephen but it is just not

the same. Some times when Uncle

Stephen holds her she cries because she

misses daddy. She almost never wants to

go to bed because daddy can't tuck her in.

Uncle Stephen tries but she gets so frustrated

and sometimes fights going to bed

when Uncle Stephen tries to lay her down

for a nap or when he tries to put her do

bed for the night.

This usually ends up with a tired little

Beth with a sore bottom and a very frustrated

Uncle Stephen. And when little

Beth is with Uncle Stephen and she gets

in trouble Uncle Stephen tells her daddy

through and email.

Sometimes he makes little Beth tell her

daddy through and email. But, with her

daddy not having a computer the emails

just keep adding up. So when her daddy

gets all those emails he is going to see all

the trouble she was in at once.

This makes little Beth get sadder and

sadder. She knows that before her daddy

took his computer in he said that she

needed to behave for Uncle Stephen.

Her daddy is not going to be happy to

find out that Uncle Stephen had to spank

her several times.

He said that if she gets spanked from

Uncle Stephen she will get another spanking

for her daddy because Uncle Stephen

is not her daddy but her Uncle and


Just like for big Beth, this time is a time

for little Beth to get to know her daddy.

This is the time where she would press

her limits. She can find out what she can

and can't do.

Little Beth should be able to cuddle with

daddy and understand his rules.

This should be time of knowing her

daddy's soft cuddly hands when they are

snuggling and knowing his firm hands

when she is naughty.

Instead she has to hear from others about

her daddy. She has to hear what his rules

are and how he cuddles from her uncle

and cousin.

Little Beth and her daddy's time together

has been postponed until he can get his

computer back.

They will be able to have that time but it

will be different and they will never be

able to get back the time that they missed.

Another thing that little and big Beth

finds frustrating is that the computer was

suppose to be back in a week it has been

like 2 or 3 weeks but it seem s like and


Continued on page 8

The official Age-Play

Times Polls

By Stephen Richard

Since the first issue of APT we have running

several polls on the website wanting to get peoples

feelings on a variety of various topics of

age play nature.

The first poll we ask was for the little ones.

The question was:

"As a little one what are some of the things

you like to do with your time when age/role

playing?" 9 people have answered this poll and

their responses are below.

Color or draw by yourself 5.13% 2

Color or draw with your play


Wear diapers or cuddle and

be baby or babied

7.69% 3

17.95% 7

Play school games 5.13% 2

Play with action figures and

Legos and or Barbie’s

Go out dressed little without


Go out dressed little with


2.56% 1

5.13% 2

12.82% 5

Get Spanked 20.51% 8

Do Self spankings 5.13% 2

Watch childrens shows and


5.13% 2

Play with stuffed Animals 10.26% 4

Other or comments (email

ideas to

Color or Draw with my little


2.56% 1

Our final poll was for the grownups.

"As a Big (grownup) what are some of the

things you like to do with your time when

age/role playing?"

2 people have answered this poll and their

responses are below.

6.25% 1

Watch my little one draw 6.25% 1

Dress my little one up in

baby clothes

Dress my little one in

diapers and take them out of

the house

12.50% 2

12.50% 2

Spank my little one 12.50% 2

Watch Cartoons with my

little one

Take my little one to the


Take my little one to the

Toy Store or Mal l

6.25% 1

6.25% 1

6.25% 1

Give them a bubble bath 12.50% 2

Play a board game w ith


Cuddle with them on a bed

or couch or chair

6.25% 1

12.50% 2

By Stephen Richard

We all know that Valentine's

Day is the day of love so we

invite you to submit a message

of love to the one is special in

your life. The maximum size

we would allow is one paragraph

in length to someone you

wish to express your love to. It

can be your little one it can be

your grownup it can be anyone

you want it to be sent to who

would read it in the APT. Keep

in mind that these should be

age appropriate we are all

adults who are reading this but


Mister please give my Daddy back his computer already...

Continued from page 7

Every time someone talks

about a daddy or her daddy little

Beth want to cry and be held

by her daddy which makes her

fussy and cranky.

No matter how much anyone

else tries to make little Beth

feel better just gets sadder and

sadder. It is very hard to know

that I have a daddy that cares

about you but you can't communicate

with him.

If I have a good or great day I

can email him but not get a

response so it is feels like I am

in a relationship with myself.

The same thing happens when I

have a bad day.

I just want to cuddle and share

my feelings but the only thing I

can do is to write a cold email

that will not be answered till

the day has been long gone.

My feelings go un-dealt with

weather they are good feelings

from a good day or they are terrible

feelings from a bad day.

They get all bottled up until

they explode some time in

naughty behavior and sometimes

in health problems.

Knowing that daddy loves me

and knowing he cares is not the

The APT’s Valentines Express

we reserve the right to edit any

posts to make them content

same as hearing him say that

and being reassured of it on a

regular basis.

Daddy and I have also been

working on some things in my

real life that are not healthy


Things like staying up way to

late when I have to get up early

in the morning, leaving my

contacts in for days at a time,

not wearing coats out in the

cold, socially smoking with my

friends, not cleaning things I

should, or procrastinating on

things like this article.

If daddy had his computer I

probably would have this in

way before it was due because

my bottom would remind me

that I needed to be working on

it, instead of playing or doing

other things.

(Then again I was told by a

very good source that my

daddy did not quite have his

article done at the time I was

writing this.)

Some of the things that daddy

and I have been working on I

remember to do and some of

them I still need to work on.

Habits can take a lifetime to

form and a day to break for

appropriate. These posts will

show up in the February issue

some things.

Sometimes I need a stern word

or a firm hand to make me realize

the error of my ways.

Without daddy being that extra

guidance I am in need of I tend

to revert back to some very bad

habits that I have formed.

That is what daddies are for to

love us and to help us form

good habits and get rid or bad


Weather I am big Beth or little

Beth my day seems more

empty without being able to

talk to daddy.

I even log on knowing he will

not have his computer but hoping

that somehow he got it back

and will be there, or perhaps he

was able to get to a computer

and email me.

I reread his emails almost

everyday trying to feel closer to

him or even to see something

that I didn't before. Every time

I log on and hope to see daddy

Michael on I am bitterly disappointed

and feel extremely sad.

It gets worse each time.

Mary and Uncle Stephen tell

me that daddy misses me and is

very sad and frustrated that he

does not have his computer

of the APT, which will be

released on February 3rd. You

can submit these by going to

the APT website and clicking

on the link for Valentines Day

Express. Need an example?

Here you go "Roses are red

violets are blue if you are a

good girl I will give you a piece

of candy if you are naughty

will make your bottom as red

as a rose and you will feel as

blue as a violet" Visit for


back yet. I don't know how he

can stand not being able to read

his emails over again. We have

become to be a intricate part of

each others life.

I don't know how in just this

short time we have come to be

so much a part of each other but

we have.

Even with Michael's not being

able to communicate I still feel

that we have this connection

that goes far beyond the emails,

chat rooms, and instant messages.

It goes from me to him and

from heart to heart. Writing this

article make me realize even

more how much I miss him and

can not wait until he has his

computer back.

I have one last thing to say, this

is to daddy's friend who is

working on his computer.

Please hurry up and fix daddy's

computer because I miss him

so much I can barely sand it.

See your


advertised here

The Age-Play Times December 3, 2007 page 8

The Age-Play Times December 3, 2007 page 9


Why are grownups always such big meanie poopooheads?

Dear Grownup "How come grown

ups always say no when you want to

do something or have something?

Like going to a friend's house you

just met on the Internet or having a

huge bowl of ice cream with all the

toppings." Signed Bonny

Dear Bonny,

There are going to be times that we

as grownups will have to say no to

our little ones about certain things

and there are going to be times when

we do have reasons beyond what

you may see as us being just mean to


Being that we are the grown ups we sometimes

do know what is best for you. If you

have been naughty that is one reason we

may say no. Other reasons we may say no

is maybe we have other plans that would

make it so going to a friends house or having

ice-cream would ruin that surprise

plans that we do have. If your tummy was

upset or you have been sick eating ice

cream is not going to be a good idea at all.

Being a grownup we know that if you are

already sick you do not want to get even

sicker because you ate something that you

One of our readers has asked our resident

grownups a question here is what he

had to say to our readers this issue.

should not eat. We know you do not like to

have that type of accidents that goes along

with tummy aches or having to throw up all

over your pretty shirt. So we may say no to

a treat like that.

As for going over to another persons house

that you just met is something that we as

grownups would see that is very dangerous

you may not see it that way but we know

that you may consider this person a friend

but we don't know them well enough as to

allow you to go over there. Just meeting

someone and going over to their house can

be very dangerous and we would really

stop you from doing that.

One of our very important jobs

we have to do is to protect you

from all those bad, and sometimes

we will have to do that

by saying you can't go and do

the things you may want to

actually do.

If you think it is us just being

mean, you should really consider

yourself very lucky to

have a grownup who cares

enough about you to stop you

from doing that which could

hurt you or that could make

you very sad. We are only

doing this because we don't

want to see you get hurt and don't want to

see you sad. We really do love you and we

only want what is best for you.

Even if what is best for you is to tell you

that you can't have the things you really

want to do or the things you really want to

say or the places you really want to go we

have to sometimes say no for your own


That is what being a grown up is all about.

Is protecting you, loving you and taking

care of you.

The grownup


Birthday Spankings

Uncle Stephen:

As an uncle and a daddy I tend to

think that birthday traditions are

a very important part of any type

of Age and Role-Play, and to this

end there comes the birthday

spanking. While this is not your

normal punishment type of

spanking, it is my feeling that

such spankings are both a bonding

experience between the adult

and inner child.

I believe that this should be done on the

bare bottomed and it doesn't have to be

only with the hand you could use any number

of items, paddle, hairbrush, belt etc.

The fun play spankings are nice but they

lack both in the bonding and in the feeling

Point Counter


By Stephen Richard


Mary Francen

of accomplishment in the little child getting

the spanking. If you want to go with

play then you can give one over clothes

with the number of play swats that the

inner child is. But give a real spanking with

the number the inner adult is bare.


As a little girl in the Age/Role-

Play world, the word spanking

brings up many thoughts, the

first and foremost is having

been naughty. The Birthday traditions

to me are extremely

important, I love birthdays and

think that all of the traditions

from the cake and the singing

and pressie opening and yes

even the birthday spanking are

necessary when you're in said


They just go hand in hand with

each other, I do not however agree with the

HOW Uncle Stephen would like his done.

A birthday spanking is something that is a

fun experience for the "inner child" the trip

over the "parental lap" is one that is a fond

memory not meant to bring tears.

Continued on page 10


The birthday spanking gets debated at the apt

Continued from page 9

Uncle Stephen:

That is where the two different spankings

come into play, one for the inner child and

one for the inner adult. The relationship is

a two-part relationship. It has the little one

and adult side and it has the two adults who

may be in a real relationship as well. Both

types of spankings are something that

would be useful it would help to celebrate

both the little child side and the inner adult


Both dynamics go together you have to

have the inner adult side working together

so the child side is effective. The relationship

could have two parts. You can still be

an "adult" while being a child in the right



My Final thoughts are. The birthday

spanking tradition that goes along with the

cake and singing is meant as something

sweet and a symbolic spanking, and as for

the "inner child" side of the relationship it

should never be anything more than a hand


I don't see anything wrong with baring the

bottom with the "inner adult" as that is not

for being naughty, but also a symbolic

enough to be in the same room

with your S.O. and knowing

that they know that you are

there with them.

Going to the store can be a

very real adult life thing that

you will have to do in everyday

life yet you can still make it an

exercise in the life style.

Perhaps you pick up those little

things that every little one

would want to get. This gets

even more fun if you are out

with your S.O. then you can

sneak things into the shopping


I wonder how many items you

can sneak in without getting

spanking, one that could perhaps clear out

the clutter of their closet over the past year

of things they haven't been able to in order

to make a clean fresh start.

I do believe that any spanking is dependant

on each person in any spanking relationship

and that they take communication

to figure those out, for some people a hand

spanking is more than enough to bring

them to tears that are sufficient for others it

is not. It also depends on the person doing

the spanking I have been spanked with just

Uncle Stephen and Daddy's hand and have

cried both times, I have also had a "letting

go" spanking, that was long and done with

"helpers' both types of spankings were

effective in their intentions.

Do I feel that a birthday spanking should

be a 'letting go" spanking that would

depend on the inner adult and their needs.

For the inner child most defiantly not but

doing the number of years plus one to grow

on yes I do agree with that.

Uncle Stephen:

My final thoughts are. For the Child yes

perhaps something other than hand is not

needed however for the adult side I do not

see any reason why a harder punishment is

not needed. A birthday spanking to bring

caught. At this point you also

have to

wonder just

what will

happen if

you do get


doing this.

Should you

expect a

trip to the

store restroom


a trip

to the car

or something


you get home or will the S.O.

just smile at you and think how

cute you look trying to do this?

an adult to tears I would think would be

something that would be very detoxification

of the mind body and soul. This would

then bring out perhaps a lot of the buried

feelings of getting older it would remind

them that they are human and that they

sometimes do need to let go of those same

pressures of getting older as an adult.

Does the child side serve the grownup side

or does the grownup side serve the child

side? The Child side cannot exist without

the grownup first being there, can the same

be said about the grownup side? While the

child's needs are being met and dealt with

are we not forgetting the real needs of the

actual adult person who may be acting and

being like a child?

Closing Statement:

The APT would like to know what our

reader's feelings and thoughts are on

Birthday spankings. Do you like them? Do

you receive them Have any funny tales

associated with them? If you would like to

see your own personal birthday spanking

story listed in an upcoming issue of the

APT email them to us at

The wonderous challenge of the tight rope

Continued from page 4

If you were to look at all the


that you

have in



of the


h o w

can you

see that

you can


the act

o f


an adult

little one. Can you see ways

that you can play and still have

the adult side that would need

to be out at that point?

Being in a relationship in this

life style can be just like having

to walk a high wire. You get the

thrill from the event yet you

know it is not without its sense

of danger and not without its

perils the real talent comes in

having to express those thrills

while still maintaining your

balance on that fine line. You

know you need to have both

sides in your life and you do

not want to sway to far into

either side at the wrong time.

What ways can you find that

you could balance the two


The Age-Play Times December 3, 2007 page 10

The Age-Play Times December 3, 2007 page 11

The Punishment


By Mary Francen

Ok this

one is I

admit a

new one

for me,

yet I


got this

very punishment just yesterday. I will say

that I DON”T like it.

Uncle Stephen had in his won defence

told me to get working on the paper.

However in my defence my “cousin”

Beth popped online and I

hadn’t seen her in a very

long time, and we started

to play. I don’t get the

chance to play much at all

these days and it felt


Well Uncle Stephen is

like most grownups they

wish to be obeyed when

they tell you to do something.

And the very next

thing I know is that when

he came home from his

errands I was asked what I

had gotten done with my


Not much I hadn’t even

started yet. Now I am a

fast worker but that is not the point now

is it? Even I as grownup Mary knows this

to be true.

The next thing I know I see in the chat

is Beth being told to say goodbye to me

because I have work to do and Uncle

Stephen is telling me that I am not

alloweed to play with my neopet nor

Beth my work is done at the same time he

is connecting to my computer restarting


He had actually at that point told Beth

and me in the conference he joined on

Yahoo that he could and would stop my

computer from going to the internet

which is what I thought he had done.


What do you mean no internet?

But but.... That aint fairrrrr

I went right to work when the computer

restarted not very happy that I wasn’t

given the proper chance to say goobye...

Ok I was pouting. “blushes”

I got things on a good start, it doesn’t

take me very long to do layout I enjoy it

very much.

I took my nap later that afternoon and

when I woke up Uncle Stephen and Beth

let me knto the conference, I was not told

I couldn’t play so I was, than lastnight I

was in BIG trouble again for not having

gotten my work done when Uncle

Stephen came back from doing his

chores and watching TV after he had left

the chat for a bit.

This time I am forbidden to go anywhere

near neopets or Beth until the

entire APT is done completely.

I think this punishemnt is one of the

yuckyest that I have gotten from Uncle


When I am not a “grownup” im three

and this punishment had me and still

does have me feeling horrible inside.

I would think it would work for those

who are “older” but for younger littleones

I think it is to long a time period, I

don’t do many real life naughty things

because I greatly hate to disapoint and

make my grownups not happy, I like to

make people in general smile.

Lastnight I went to bed sad, and didn’t

sleep well because I knew I had let Uncle

Stephen down and that he was not happy

with me.

I woke up this mornning before six am

and have been working on the APT since

six am and have been working since than.

I have gotten a lot of the APT done in

that time frame, than again I work fast

because I love the work that I do and I

would have gotten this work

done regardless of this punishment.

So do I feel that this punishment

is effective? Well

on me.. and in this case.

I would have to say no to

that, however it does have a

very nice guilt factor to it.

even though Uncle Stephen

was very nice to me at tuckins

lastnight just as he

always is.

I still felt very badly about

being a naughty girl. So

much so that after hanging

up the phone with him it

took me quit a bit of time to

fall asleep.

I have never felt that grounding in general

has worked well at the very least for

me, perhaps it is that I am “to young” for

it to be an effective form of punishment.

Only time would be able to tell that for


I do have to say it is an effective punishment.

if your going to use it on your

“child” its one of those punishments that

has long lasting effects that seem to get

worse as time goes by, and even seeing

you will make them feel worse as I just

found out when I saw Uncle Stephen and

something that usually makes me smile

made me actually cry instead.


The Excitement of a Gift? Or Little girl torture?

By Mary Francen

As grownups we often lose the

pure glee that comes with our

birthdays and gift giving holidays

that bio

kids have when

they see a gift

even if that gift

is not for them,

the sparkle in

their eyes is

plainly evident

at the hopes that

they will be able

to rip it open.

As IK and age-

Players we seek to relive those

wonderful experiences from so

long ago in their purest forms.

Every once in a while something

will sneak up on us and

give us a surprise and bring

about those same feelings. For

me that happened with my up

and coming 34th birthday and a

gift from Uncle Stephen.

As a grownup I am not a

snoop, I like the surprise of the

day and I haven't gotten truly

excited about my birthday in a

very long time. Those "tummy

flutterflys" that I used to get

before my birthday and also as



went away a

long time ago.

This year

however has

proved to be a

very different

story. And it all

started with a

gift or as

Uncle Stephen

said a box in a box in more

boxes that he mailed on

November 15th so that it would

arrive on time for my big day.

Well it did arrive on time in

fact it arrived eight days early,

and I was told "Ok here is the

deal you may open the priority

mail box but NOT the gift." I

thought to myself "Well of

course not my birthday is not

for a week away yet silly as I

opened the mailer box and than

my brain


to click


into time.

A beautifully




box with


streamers as a bow attached to

it and a Disney princes card on

the top, just like the kind I used

to see at bio kids parties sat

before me on my desk. My jaw

dropped open in total shock for

some reason the thought had

never even entered my mind

that it would look so pretty.

The very next thought quickly

following the "OHMYGOD it's

so pretty thought was I WANT

TO OPEN IT NOW!!!" I was

transported back in time and no

longer sat a mature woman in

her thirties who did not peek at

gifts nor even want to, but a

small toddler


saw "colors

and shiny

strings" and

she wanted

in there very


I did not of

course open

the gift nor

even read

the card, but as I type this story

it is only Monday my birthday

is not until Sunday six more

days to go and with each day

that is passing I am finding that

I am counting down the days

and getting more and more

excited knowing that as soon as

I wake up on Sunday morning I

will be able to open that

"pressie" that is sitting on my


In reality I would have to say

Uncle Stephen gave me two

gifts in one in his "box of tiny

boxes" the gift of excitement

over a gift and my birthday

again as well as what ever is

hiding amongst those pretty

colored strings. What a wonderful

birthday surprise to be

able to see my birthday through

the eyes of a child once again.

I can't wait to see what awaits

me on

Sunday, it


me of a

joke about

a women

standing in

her bedroom


her husband


her what is

wrong and

she says to

him, I want

to be six again…. He knowing

her birthday is coming up…

The morning of her birthday

she is woken up early dressed

hastily and fed chocolate chip

pancakes in the shape of a smiley

face, than quickly they are

out of the house, to an amusement

park on rides all day,

taken to McDonalds for lunch

etc. than when they get home

that night a very happy women

is asked so how did you enjoy

your birthday? She says she

had a blast! He than asks her…

how did you enjoy being six

again? She looked at him puzzled

for a bit and than it

dawned on her and she turns to

him and says…. I meant a size


While I don't want to be a size

six… I am now very much

looking forward to the many

surprises that my Daddy and

Uncle have planned for me on

my birthday.

The big day came has since

passed while I finish the typing

of this story, I woke up that

morning and thankfully my

Daddy got out of work early

since I was told to I had to wait

until he got home before I

could open the gift. Which was

torturous to me by this point,

the gift was the first one that I

had to open amongst the pile of

gifts that I was lucky to receive

that day.

I felt just

like a real

kid as I



the bow

and placed

it on my

robe and

than spent

the next ten




after layer of wrapping paper,

plastic bags, and tape lots and

lots of tape or as Uncle Stephen

called it on the piece of paper

he had taped to the one layer

the worlds biggest tape ball.

If you were to look at the many

pictures that Daddy took of me

that morning you would see the

changes from pure joy and

excitement to frustration and a

near fit to total happiness when

I finally managed to get the

pressie opened.

The experience was wonderful

and it did help to make the day

wonderful even though no huge

party was had and we spent the

day just doing normal things

with the except of going out to

dinner, that morning adventure

is something that I won't ever

forget… the birthday I turned

34-3 again.

The Age-Play Times December 3, 2007 page 12

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