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Spring is here and we welcome in the opportunity to cleanse and nourish our bodies after perhaps slipping in to some “not so healthy” habits throughout winter.

Spring is all about rebuilding energy levels, and we talk to wonderful people talking about exercise, fermented foods, how and why, we talk to Iridologist Susan Laing to share a few iridology images showing how the windows to the soul can reveal genetic tendencies in the liver area, what foods you can introduce to this spring season.

Detoxifying the body and cleansing the mind and looking after your gut is so important to keep you feeling lighter, clearer and more vibrant, I invite you to join us in this issue and show you how to by integrate these simple tips to your daily life from the inside out.

Jim transformed his physical health and wellbeing after watching Forks over knives and now he is an advocate for a plant based diet, we talk to Jim about the difference between a vegan lifestyle and a plant based wholefood lifestyle.
This is a 2 part Spring clean (with the second part coming in issue8) with skincare and cleansing from Be Genki Australia seaweed bathing, and why and how to do this at home.


fresh view

Sustainable Plant Based Wholefood Living

Issue 7 2015


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what’s inside

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Seaweed Bathing

Christy Morgan gets Definition plus recipes

Be Happy Be Healthy Be Genki

Streetwise with Wholefood Heaven plus recipes

From tragedy to wellnes - Jim Smith

Norishing ways with fermentation plus recipes

Love your Liver and feel alive

Seitan and Tempeh Patties

Miso and Dashi Soup

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book “Fresh Vegan Kitchen



with fermentation

by Samantha Peel

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