The direct drill range SD Liner 3000 - SD 4000R - SD 6000R - Kuhn

The direct drill range SD Liner 3000 - SD 4000R - SD 6000R - Kuhn


The direct drill range

SD Liner 3000 - SD 4000R - SD 6000R

The art of good drilling!


Direct Drills

A complete range

of minimum tillage

and no-till (direct)

drills designed

to meet your


The future of farming relies today on

being competitive and profitable.

The FASTLINER with its innovative

modular design will allow quick returns

on your investment.

The range of FASTLINER drills will allow:

• To benefit from tried and tested

machine features ensuring un-interrupted

drilling throughout the season.

• Excellent quality drilling combined

with a substantial reduction in crop

establishment costs and in seed purchase

costs due to the precision

and reliability of the seed metering


• Increased overall drilling efficiency

due to rapid work rates and high

working autonomy. Quick hopper

filling and simple precise seed metering

adjustments along with a rapid

hopper emptying system contribute

to this efficiency.

Choosing a SD means choosing the

drill designed to meet your every

requirement in all drilling conditions

and most importantly to achieve your

primary objective: to obtain the best

possible quality of drilling.

KUHN offers solutions for soil preparation while meeting your requirements in terms of:

Cost reductions

Good practices

Comfort - Quality

of life

Proximity - Advice Peace of mind -



Direct Drills

Pioneers of the triple disc system the Kuhn direct drill is the result of many


In an effort to produce a

machine corresponding to

the new economic demands

in world agriculture, Kuhn has

been producing and developing

for the last 30 years a direct

drill range with a triple disc


The direct drill principle meets

two main objectives

- to reduce crop establishment

costs and

- to increase work productivity

Today, direct drilling is

recognized by many official

organisations and has been

used for many years by

thousands of farmers

throughout the world.

30 years ago, the SD300.

Today the SD 3000/4000/4500/F 6000 SD.



The five factors which help to reduce

costs as a result of direct drilling:

1. The time spent on crop establishment

(tillage and drilling) is

reduced by 2/3 when compared to

traditional plough cultivation systems.

2. A reduced number of passes

- the whole crop planting operation is

carried out in one pass reducing

labour costs.

3. Reduced tractor power

requirement for the farm as a

whole - one tractor will suffice for the

complete crop establishment procedure.

4. A reduction in fuel consumption

per hectare - due to the

reduced number of passes and the

low volume of soil worked.

5. A substantial reduction in the

consumption of wearing parts

- the triple disc system works the soil

in the line of drilling only, reducing

to the maximum possible the wear

on parts.

years of experience in the field of direct drilling

Agronomic benefits

of optimizing soil

potential and the establishment

of crops

1. Increased micro-organism and

earthworm activity:

the soil thus conserves a good structural

porosity allowing in turn good crop root

development, an improved availability of

water, air and nutritive elements.

2. Improved stability of the top soil


with the increase in top soil organic matter

the problems associated with capping,

leaching and compaction are reduced.

Eight factors to be adhered to

for success with direct drilling:

1. Adapt the crop rotation.

2. Adjust the seed rate to soil and weather


3. Respect the soil structure - avoid passes

with heavy machines and inappropriate

tyres especially in wet conditions and

during harvest.

4. Sow into soil which is well drained and

has a good structure.

5. Ensure a relatively level field surface.

6. Evolve onto soils which are quick draining.

7. Always start with a clean soil.

8. Closely monitor crops - whereas ploughing

limits weed emergence in the

short term, direct drilling will amplify the

effects of poor weed control.

3. Improved soil weight bearing

capacity allowing spraying, fertiliser

spreading and harvesting operations as

well as the putting out to grass of stock. The

farmer thus benefits from a greater flexibility

for field operations.


4. Soil moisture is better conserved

giving better germination for small grain

crops in dry conditions.

5. The potential yields are identical

to other crops till/drill systems. Direct

drilling performance is proven throughout

Europe and the rest of the world.

Cost reductions by reduced working time






Ploughing (4 furrow, 16’’) 1.62 6 km/h

Combination (power harrow + drill) 3 5 km/h

Total time


Area worked

per hour

0.6 ha/h

Minimum cultivation equipment 3 4 km/h 1.2 ha/h

SD 4000 R Direct Drill 4 12 km/h 4 ha/h

SD 6000 R Direct Drill 6 12 km/h 6 ha/h

* Concerns combined driven tools working directly on stubble

** Time savings are obtained through reduced passes and higher Direct Seeding tool groundspeed resulting in significant labour cost


SD liner 3000

Direct Drills

COMPACT TRIPLE DISC SYSTEM: more than 30 years experience

The SD LINER is a seed drill equipped with the tried and tested triple disc principle. This version

is compact, manoeuvrable, simple and reliable.

This machine is characterized by the simplicity of its design and the strength of its seeding

units, which can be used to sow all types of seeds and adapts to even the toughest seeding




1 Opening discs:

- They prepare the seeding line,

under all conditions, with a penetration

capacity of 250 kg per


- Serrated discs Ø 430 mm for difficult

conditions in covered seeding.

- Wavy discs Ø 460 mm to ensure

soil mixing.

2 Double seeding disc:

The double disc system (Ø 400 mm)

places the seed accurately in the

furrow formed by the opening disc.

The units are mounted on a parallelogram

to ensure regular seeding

depth with 80 kg of pressure.


3 Tamping wheel:

With its easy individual adjustment

of each wheel, it ensures:

- regular depth in spite of changes

in ground level

- firm tamping of the seeding line

to promote contact between seed

and soil for optimum seed germination

and growth.


3 strong points

1 - Flexibility in use

The hydraulic drawbar A is used to adjust

the depth of the opening discs according to

the type of soil.

- Compact seed drill

- Simple adjustment B using spacers and


2 - Versatility

Work on stubble cultivation, direct and under cover drilling.




3 - Large operating range

This compact seed drill has great autonomy owing to its 2500 l

hopper which produces a high work output (over 20 ha).

The rigid cover opens easily and keeps the hopper sealed to avoid

any problems during seeding.

The low height of the hopper (less than 2 m) facilitates loading.

SD 4000 R - SD 6000 R

Direct Drills

The central pivot

A pivoting articulation is situated mid-way

between the opener discs and the drilling

discs. When turning or negotiating an

obstacle the drilling discs will always

follow the line of the opener discs.


Seeding units

Regular seeding with the independent double

seeding disc of 400 mm diameter that follow

ground contours even in large quantities of

plant residues. Each seeding unit is mounted on

an independent parallelogram for optimized

ground hugging. Ground pressure of 70 to

80 kg.

Tamping for increased


The levelled soil is pressed by a roller

with large diameter wheels (as option) and

featuring hydraulic ground pressure adjustment.

Positioned in front of the seeding discs,

it contributes to preparing the seedbed by

distributing the machine weight over the

whole working width.


The hydraulic drawbar allows modifying

the opening disc working depth as from

the tractor cab. This adjustment optimizes

soil preparation in uneven conditions.


The opener discs

These prepare a “seebed row” in line with the

rear drilling discs and work effectively in even

the most difficult of conditions. Each unit has a

ground penetration capacity of 250 kg with a

mechanical spring safety system.

SD liner 3000 - Sd 4000 R - SD

Precision and safety at all times

A precise and reliable adjustment

of seed rate with an even distribution

The centrally mounted seed meter allows reliable calibration

from 0.8 kg to 400 kg/ha depending on the type of seed whilst

withstanding the effects of any steep slopes, jolts or vibration.

Perfect drilling is ensured down to very low seed rates. The agitator

can be disengaged for use with fragile seed.

Metering unit nonslip access



Rapid emptying

An easy access hatch allows quick emptying

of the seed hopper down to the last grain.

6000 R

Direct Drills

Optional equipment for easy adaptation to all soil conditions

1. Wavy opener discs

Slightly more aggressive than the serrated

disc, the wavy disc cuts a wider slot and is

best suited to clean soils.

2. Depth control wheels

These ensure a precise control of the drilling

depth as well as a good seed to soil contact

for faster germination.




3. Hydraulic marker discs

Heavy duty hydraulically folding discs allow

bout marking in even the most difficult


4. Following harrow

The harrow improves soil cover over the

grain. The angle of attack and the working

pressure can be adjusted for all working

conditions to avoid any risk of blocking up.



5. Load sensing option

for hydraulic fan drive

The fan can be driven direct from the

tractor hydraulic circuit instead of by the

SD’s own pump. This set-up requires a

tractor hydraulic circuit fitted with load

sensing and adjustable oil flow. The system

allows the fan speed to be closely monitored

in the tractor cab.


S p e c i f i c a t i o n SD Liner 3000 SD 4000 R SD 6000 R

Working width (m/ft) 3 /9’10“ 4 /13’1“ 6 /19’8“

Transport width (m/ft) 3 /9’10“

Number of rows 18/20 22/26 32/38

Soil preparation

Triple disc system

Opener disc pressure (kg) 250

Distance between rows (cm) 16.6 15 18.2/15.4 18.7/15.8

Unladen weight (kg) 3300* 3450* 6260 7900*

Working speed

8 to 15 km/h

Seed hopper capacity (litres) 2500 2600 3200

Seed distribution system

Pneumatic “Venta system”

Length (m/ft) 6.17/20’2“ 8.20/26’10“

4 wheels - 400/60/15.5 4 optional 2 (550/50/22.5) 2 (700/50/26.5)

Weight* varies according to the equipment

Options: shut-off valve (the pair) - Half-width shut-off - Application rate adjustment - Dividing covers - Microgranulator for anti-slug


Tramlining control

Where rows are shut-off for tramlining, all unused seed is automatically diverted back

to the hopper. Equipped with the Hector 3000 control box the following functions can

be displayed or adjusted: forward speed of drilling, hectare counter (partial and total),

tramlining, control of the minimum seed level in the hopper and control of the rotation

speed of the seed distribution shaft.

KUHN Support Services*: maximize the use and productivity of your Kuhn



The KUHN Support Services provide you with the benefits of...

- Dealer personnel trained in the latest product developments to aid you in

selecting the right machine to suit your present & future needs

- Readily available technical documentation throughout a Kuhn machine’s

service life to take advantage of new knowledge and advancements

- Round the clock, 7 day a week, parts availability at competitive prices

- Planning for the unexpected with warranty extensions

- Advanced technical assistance at your dealer from

- Financial purchase support through .

* Full Support Services not available in all countries. For details of Kuhn Support Services available in your location please contact your local Kuhn dealer.

Some machines have a considerable weight. Respect the tractor gross vehicle weight rating, its lift capacity and maximum load per axle. The tractor front axle load must always reach minimum 20 % of the

tractor net weight. Our material is produced in accordance with the European Machinery Directive in the member states of the European Union. In countries outside the E.U., our machinery complies with the safety

regulations set by the country concerned. Some safety devices may have been removed from our leaflets in order to clarify the illustration. Under no circumstances should the machine be operated without the

necessary safety devices in place (as specified by the assembly instructions and operators manual). We reserve the right to change any designs, specifications or materials listed without further notice. Our models and

trademarks are patented in more than one country. Machines and equipment in this leaflet can be covered by at least one patent and/or registered design. Registered trademark(s) in one or several countries.

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