WSPA PowerPoint Template - OIE Asia-Pacific

WSPA PowerPoint Template - OIE Asia-Pacific

The Work of NGOs in Support of the

Implementation of the OIE Animal

Welfare Standards

Joanna Tuckwell

Inhumane Culling Campaign Manager

WSPA Asia Pacific

WSPA has global

reach, working in

collaboration with


WSPA is sciencebased

and brings

practical solutions.

The OIE recognises WSPA as the

pre-eminent animal welfare NGO

and a formal MOU exists between

the two organisations

Global Animal Welfare


• Development

WSPA co-ordinates ICFAW

input into OIE Animal

Welfare Standards


• Implementation

Practical, humane and sustainable

programmes, based on OIE Standards,

to control disease, protect human health

and improve animal welfare


WSPA’s campaign to prevent the

unnecessary deaths of millions of dogs

due to the fear of rabies

• End inhumane culling in response to rabies

• Mass vaccination without inhumane culling

• Dog population management advice to support

humane rabies control programmes

OIE Standard for Stray Dog

Population Control

• Acknowledges that dog population management is an integral

part of rabies control programmes

• Recognises that culling alone is not effective for population


• Specifies unacceptable methods of killing dogs

• Confirms the importance of controlling dog populations

without causing unnecessary animal suffering

Asia Pacific



• Reduction of rabies by 90%

within 2015

• Elimination of rabies by 2020


• Advocacy, Communication and

Social Mobilisation (ACSM)

• Management of dog bites

• Mass dog vaccination

• Dog population management



• Widespread culling in

response to rabies outbreak

in late 2008.

• Strychnine used, contrary to

OIE Standard.

• Not effective for either

disease or population control

– rabies spread.

Community education and

government engagement

Euthanasia for rabid and

incurably sick dogs

Interest in dog



Alternative programme of mass

vaccination without inhumane

culling, supported by WSPA

Support from other

international organisations

The Philippines


• Working with the

Global Alliance for

Rabies Control


• Comprehensive

project including

stray dog population


End the inhumane culling of cats and dogs

A world where people respect and value dogs and cats and

act with compassion to create a harmonious coexistence

Campaign 5

30 Year

20 Year

10 Year

Campaign 4

Campaign 3

Campaign 2

Next campaign:

Wider and long-term

programme of work

– dog population

management, responsible

pet ownership, etc.

5 Year

Campaign 1

Collars Not Cruelty

Stabilise health of

dog population

Future collaboration opportunities

• Global Red Collar campaign being implemented regionally

• Supports RAWS AFEO implementation plan

• Expands implementation of OIE Standards

• We look forward to partnership initiatives with other


Improved Animal Welfare

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