Air-Conditioning Inspections (ACIs)

Air-Conditioning Inspections (ACIs)


Inspections (ACIs)


“energyTEAM carried

out air conditioning

inspections as required by

the Energy Performance in

Buildings Directive (EPBD).

After an on-site visit,

energyTEAM staff

provided us with a

comprehensive report

with detailed advice as

to how we could run our

systems more efficiently.”

All air-conditioning systems with an effective

rated output of more than 12kW must be

regularly inspected by an Energy Assessor.

The inspections must be a maximum of

five years apart.

Communities and Local Government

A Guide to Air-Conditioning Inspections


established 1976

Air-Conditioning Inspections


The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) requires air-conditioning systems, with an

effective rated output of more than 12kW, to be regularly inspected by an accredited assessor.

Air-conditioning inspections should be undertaken a maximum of 5 years apart. Failure to comply

could result in a fixed penalty from Trading Standards Officers.

Comfort cooling can account for up to 40% of a building’s energy usage. Inefficiencies within the

air-conditioning systems mean excess energy use which costs you money. These inefficiencies are

mainly due to age, size, maintenance or usage.

energyTEAM can provide you with reports

which contain important information on how

to save energy costs as well as providing

compliance with the current and future

legislation for your organisation.

What do we offer our clients?

• An on-site survey of air conditioning systems

• Production of an asset list to include all

air conditioning

• Production of an air-conditioning logbook to include

the final report, asset list, general and site specific

energy saving advice, F-gas record, location of

systems plan

• Identification of additional energy saving

opportunities whilst on-site

• Clear and simple advice

• National coverage through our in-house team of

STROMA accredited assessors

• Competitive Fees

Why us?

energyTEAM’s qualified assessors are experienced

providers of energy management information,

providing our clients with a holistic approach to energy


We offer the assurance of a quality inspection with a

professional approach. Opposite are just some of the

areas that have been identified as requiring attention

whilst carrying out the inspection, that when addressed

will save money.

Poor Maintenance

Blocked Filters

Restricts the warm air in the

room from being re-circulated

through the indoor unit.

Wastes energy as the fan

motor and compressor will

have to work harder and

use more power.

Damaged Chilled Water Pipe Insulation

Compressors consume more

electrical power to maintain

the desired water temperature.

This particular system had

all the energy conservation

features fitted but failed

on maintenance.

Blocked Condenser Coil on Chiller Unit

The dust build clogged the

condenser coil restricting the

heat rejection from the refrigerant.

This demands more power

to be consumed by the

compressors and fan motors to

achieve the required temperature

for the area it serves.

Some of the organisations we are working with:

+44 (0) 1444 871 311

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