Trade Mission to Cuba

June 8 – June 12 2015

Trade Mission to Cuba

Trade Mission to Cuba


• Why go to Cuba?

• Cuba in statistics

• Most interesting sectors



Industrial production

Why go to Cuba?

Why go to Cuba?

• Cuba at crossroads: Economic Reform &

end of US blockade

• Fact finding mission to see what are the


• Future: challenges to regional tourism,

may also hold opportunities

• Establish relationships with Cuban

Chamber, Cuban authorities and state

owned companies

Cuba in Statistics

Cuba in Statistics

• Population: 11 million

• Size: 110,860 km2

• GDP: US$ 68.- billion (2012)

• GDP per capita: US$ 5049.-

• Currency: Convertible Peso

(CUC: parity with US$ 1.-)

Cuban Peso: used only locally

Cuba in Statistics (Cont.)

• Balance of Trade: - 9.190 billion CUC

• Exports: 5.487 billion CUC

• Imports: 14,778 billion CUC

Cuba’s Economy

• Tourism & Medical Tourism

• Agriculture

• Mining & Manufacture

• Energy related

investment & consulting

• Construction related

investment & consulting


• Over 3 million tourists per year

• Mainly ‘all inclusive’ resorts in coastal areas

• Canada major contributor: > 900,000 visitors

• Seven international airports

• Multi-destination tourism

• Medical tourism

• Knowledge related: training & coaching


• Focus on ‘urban food production’ (organic

hydroponics, “organopónicos)

• Traditional crops: sugar, tobacco, bananas

• Cuba food importing nation: limited export



Traditional crops

Mining & Manufacture

• Limited oil production (50,000 bpd)

• Nickel

• Cement

• Other products for household, personal


• Processed food & beverages

Nickel industry

Mariel Port

How to do business in Cuba

How to do business in Cuba

• Import or export

• Exporting services to Cuba

• Establishing a business in Cuba:

Constitute a company in Cuba (joint

venture, 100% foreign owned,


Establish a branch of an Aruban Company

Trade Mission

Trade Mission

• Mission leader: President Aruba Chamber

• Departure date: Sunday, June 7, 2015

• Mission in Cuba: June 8 – 12, 2015

• Return: Friday, June 12, 2015

• Expenses: participation fee, travel and

accommodation expenses, meals and


Program (tentative)

Sunday: arrival in Cuba

Monday: Welcome in Cuba

(Cámara de Comercio – Republica de Cuba)

Seminar “Doing business in Cuba”

Visits state-owned enterprises

Visit to Cuban project e.g. Mariel Port

Matchmaking meetings on location (day 2, 3, 4)

Optional: entertainment activities

Friday: departure

Trade Mission Cont.

• What to expect for your participation fee?

Participation in official mission meetings

(Chamber of Commerce, Dutch Embassy,

Cuban ministries)

Business to Business Meetings

Visits to interesting business venues

(depending on individual interest)

Trade Mission Cont.

Additional expenses:

Travel expenses (COPA) +/- $700

Accommodation +/- US$ 600 p/rm (5 nights)

Breakfast included in hotel rate

Transportation: tba

Sources & useful websites

• Guide to doing business in Cuba



• Canadian Federation of Chambers of Quebec


• Cámara de Comercio de la Rep. de Cuba


• Dutch Embassy http://cuba.nlambassade.org

• http://www.granma.cu/especiales/cartera-deinversion

• https://www.cubastandard.com

• https://nacla.org/news/2012/10/18/urbanagriculture-cuba-photo-essay


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