Dyana LED - Thorn Lighting


Dyana LED - Thorn Lighting

Dyana LED

A stylish and efficient road lantern using LED

technology and compliant with EN13201

An exciting addition to the urban landscape

Dyana LED has been designed to be unobtrusive

by day and effective at night


anthracite finish

(Akzo 900)

Die-cast aluminium body

Spun aluminium canopy

Die-cast aluminium spigot

Toughened flat

glass enclosure

Silicon gasket

36 LED (3000lm) or

60 LED (5000lm) modules

Patented optics

Benefits of LEDs

Patented technological concept.

Complies with EN 13201: Road lighting.

Improved control of light output for maximum system efficiency

(utilisation factor):

- longitudinal light distribution through a combination of LEDs and lenses

- transverse light distribution through a set of reflectors.

Reduced glare: ULOR = 0% with side entry and post-top mounting.

Multiple wiring of LEDs on separate circuits means that the light

distribution is not affected in the event of partial failure.

Balanced road lighting photometrics.

Two optics, narrow or wide, depending on the width of the road(s)

to be lit.

Long lasting

The service life of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) exceeds 50,000 hours.

Under normal night-time street lighting conditions, this is equivalent to

12 years.


Because they are electronic components, LEDs are more reliable than

traditional lamps.


Less frequent maintenance visits are needed to keep lamps working

efficiently, which means costs are reduced.

Only the glass cover needs regular cleaning.

Energy efficient

LED technology for energy efficiency.

Environmental impact

The long life of LEDs does away with the need for maintenance visits and

lamp replacements. This means a significant saving of time and money

(no maintenance visits or call-outs, and therefore lower carbon footprint)

New lighting possibilities

The size of LEDs affects luminaire construction (shape, design, lens)

enabling a much slimmer luminaire design.



Building surrounds


Cycle paths

Pedestrian areas

Product features


3000lm version = 36 LED

Consumption = 45W max.

5000lm version = 60 LED

Consumption = 75W max.

Service life > 50,000 hours with

Ta = 25°C and 80% flux.

Colour temperature:

4200K-3000K on request.

CRI > 75.

LED power supply: 350mA.

The LED housing is cooled

through passive dissipation.

The finned metal heat sink

dissipates the energy generated

by the LED light sources.

Dimming on request.


Body and spigot: die-cast

aluminium, textured anthracite

finish (Akzo 900).

Canopy: spun aluminium, textured

anthracite finish (Akzo 900)

Flat glass cover: 5mm thick

toughened glass.

Gasket: silicon


Optimised optics

for 2 mounting heights:

- 6m with wide light distribution

- 8m with narrow light distribution

Dedicated range of Satys columns

and brackets, to add a personal

touch to the urban environment

Side-entry mounting

Ø 60 mm, tilt = 0°

Post-top mounting

Ø 60 mm, tilt = 10°

End cap secured by

2 screws and 2 bolts

Slim section:

only 110mm thick

Supplied complete and ready

to install, in a single box.

Weight: 12kg


Designed and manufactured to

comply with

EN 60598- 2-3 and EN 40.

EN 13201 for urban road

categories S6 to S2

Class I electrical



Declaration of compliance

on request













20lux 15lux10lux

5lux 2.5lux 1lux 0






-20 -15 -10 -5 0 5 10 15 20 25


Dyana LED with 60 LEDs Intensive

on an 8m column

Ordering Guide






15lux 10lux 5lux 2.5lux 1lux

-20 -15 -10 -5 0 5 10 15 20 25

Dyana LED with 60 LEDs Extensive

on an 8m column

SAP description Distribution SAP Code

MLE - Side-entry versions

DYANA 36 LED CL1 MLE EXT extensive 96256974

DYANA 36 LED CL1 MLE INT intensive 96256975

DYANA 60 LED CL1 MLE EXT extensive 96256976

DYANA 60 LED CL1 MLE INT intensive 96256977

MTP - Versions “Top”

DYANA 36 LED CL1 MTP EXT extensive 96257068

DYANA 36 LED CL1 MTP INT intensive 96257069

DYANA 60 LED CL1 MTP EXT extensive 96257070

DYANA 60 LED CL1 MTP INT intensive 96257071


510ø 666

510ø 633



2 Side-entry mounting Scx: 0.03m Post-top mounting Scx: 0.02m2

Performance, Efficiency and Comfort (PEC) –

for a better lit environment

Dyana LED evokes the spirit of Thorn Lighting’s

dynamic, results-orientated PEC programme


• Providing the best visual


• Choice of 2 versions: 3000lm

and 5000lm, and 2 optics

• Patented optical system to

enhance light distribution and

reduce glare.

Dyana LED provides effective

lighting in accordance with

EN13201, covering urban road

categories S6 to S2 (10 lux)


• High frequency control gear to

reduce energy consumption

• Through its combination of lenses

and reflectors, Dyana optimises

the light output from the LEDs

and directs it towards the road

• Installation identical to that

of Dyana

• Recyclable die-cast aluminium

body which complies with RoHs


• Integrated LED module with a

life span > 50,000 hours.


Dyana offers precise control of

the light distribution and diffuses

glare-free light for a more

pleasant urban environment.

• Suits a wide range of

applications and users:

motorised traffic (low speed),

slow vehicles, cyclists and


• Aesthetic integration by day

and by night

• Dedicated columns and brackets

• Low maintenance

Lighting people and places

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Thorn Lighting is constantly developing and improving its products. All descriptions, illustrations, drawings and specifications

in this publication present only general particulars and shall not form part of any contract. The right is reserved to change

specifications without prior notification or public announcement. All goods supplied by the company are supplied subject to

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Publication No: 484 (GB) Publication Date: 04/10


Member of The Lighting

Industry Federation

ISO 9001:2008

Reg: AT-00005/5

ISO 14001:2004

Reg: AT-00247/2


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