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The Catalyst for Growth

Deep roots

NEA Italia S.r.l., based in Milan, was founded on Jan. 1,

1992. As the first sales & application company in the

NEA GROUP, it became heir to a grand tradition.

NEUMAN & ESSER had already been serving customers

in the Italian chemical and petrochemical industries

since the 1950s, represented by „AZETA S.A.R.L

Costruzione Macchine Utensili Rappresentanze

Tecniche Industriali“. Then in 1983, NEUMAN & ESSER

bought an 80% share in this company. In the four years

from 1985 to 1989, when Klaus Peters was Managing

Director, he and his Italian team took a bold step that

was to have a significant effect on the later development

of the entire group; namely packaging compressors into

complete compressor systems with local suppliers. The

success of this business concept paved the way for the

founding of NEA’s first foreign engineering subsidiary.

AZETA’s limited shell was transferred to NEA Italia S.r.l.

and at the same time the management moved from Nino

De Bernardi to his successor, Euro Colombo.

Greatest group success

Since foundation, NEA Italia has been

able to set up over 250 compressors

with a total output of 70,000

kW, in Southern Europe and

the Middle East. Particular

successes included a single

order with a total value

of 44 million EUR – the

biggest order in the

history of the NEA GROUP! This is a direct result of the

high reputation for engineering the company enjoys in

the market. While NEA Italia began by supplying large

numbers of small V-machines to the PET market, the

company developed to become a reliable supplier of

niche products to the refining industry especially for

make-up compressors and boosters. The delivery

range also includes a great many large, high pressure

hydrogen and ethylene compressors for industrial plants.

applications on the “Dolce Vita” lable

Franz-Josef Ritzen, Managing Director of NEA Italia

since 2006, has been serving the Italian market for over

20 years. He is known for his “elephantine memory” of

unusual applications for NEA compressors, such as a

large CO2 compressor with an output of 1,000 kW,

which was installed for an Italian vintner in the year

2000. Since then, this customer has been able to bottle

the CO2 produced in wine-making, himself for commercial

uses. Other air compressors ensure the drying

process in the cellar of a Parma ham producer runs

smoothly. The Italians also knew how to make the third

most typical industrial application their own: production

management using instrument air for a famous producer

of racing cars. It goes without saying that working

there is great fun for the Italian!

Success through networking

Cooperation with the two sister

companies in Cairo and Dubai,

and a well-established network

of agents, means that the 20

person team in Milan have a

wider circle of influence in

sales, engineering, pack-

aging and the installation of complete

systems than one would

expect. While NEA Egypt Ltd. support

their Italian colleagues in the

acquisition of contracts for new

machines in Libya, Sudan and

Egypt; NEA Gulf FZE supports operators

in the Gulf states, Saudi

Arabia and in the Middle East.

Since orders from the Middle East

are increasing, the general upward

trend of 2011 will ensure that the

Italian order book remains wellfilled.

We wish everyone at NEA

Italia „buona fortuna“.

NEAC Compressor Service

Crosses Boundaries

NEAC Compressor Service S.r.l., the service provider in Milan, has

shown itself to be young, but very experienced. The increasing population

of NEA compressors in the Mediterranean region, and their

resulting need for servicing, meant that spinning off the service activities

of NEA Italia into an independent service company was an

obvious decision to make. This step was taken in Jan. 2005. Since

then, the firm has consisted of several staff members for sales, contract

handling and installation, headed by the “Sales & Operation

Manager’’ Luca Cini. NEAC uses the facilities of other local firms as

an extended workbench, for repairs to valves and sealing elements

and for the servicing and reconditioning of smaller compressor units.

All of these com-

panies have been

certified according

to NEAC guide-

lines, and so are

able to carry the “RCC

Level A’’ seal of approval

(cf. the cover story in issue

18 of NEA NEWS). Today, NEAC

provides maintenance for a portfolio of

over 500 compressors concentrated in

Italy, Spain and Greece. NEA Egypt Ltd., a

sister company located in Cairo, provides

important technical and commercial support for

NEAC, particularly in North Africa.

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