Revision of a "Hyper" in Accordance with an ... - Neuman & Esser

Revision of a "Hyper" in Accordance with an ... - Neuman & Esser


Edition No. 22, November 2011

Planet Blue:

Towards the Sun

The energy which radiates from the sun to the earth is

at least 10,000 times more powerful than mankind's

current energy requirements. Therefore, the solar

sector was one of the boom sectors in

the recent past.

The political will to reduce

CO2 emissions resulted in support

measures which stimulated the

expansion of solar installations.

Photovoltaics development has gained

considerable self-momentum, in particular

in the field of electricity.

Photovoltaics – Mainstream of the Future

According to prognoses by the Federal Association of

the German Solar Industry, solar electricity's share of

German electricity requirements will rise from currently

2% to about 10% by 2020. In line with the forecast by

the Association of German Machinery and Equipment

Constructors (VDMA), European electricity generation

will be covered roughly fifty-fifty by conventional and

renewable energies by 2030. Taking 2007 as a basis

it is expected that the share of regenerative energy in

European electricity production will even have tripled

by then from 16% to 48%. Solar electricity should




NEA GROUP in the Area of Tension of the

Moves in Energy Politics

The symposium under the leitmotif "PlANET BlUE" which

attracted record numbers of visitors to the NEA GROUP

headquarters demonstrated the diverse application options

for NEA compressors and grinding systems in regenerative

energy generation applications. The topic of "sensible and

sustainable dealing with our resources for maintaining the

environment" has gained a new explosive nature during the

past years within the scope of supplying energy. In addition

to energy savings, the expansion of renewable energies will

be the long-term solution. However, the energy quantities

required can only be generated, stored and transported

using innovative technology. Two aspects must be observed

in this context:

▪ In particular in Germany, numerous companies have introduced

highly technical niche products to the market for

several decades and established global technology and

market leadership for themselves. These companies are

called on to develop solutions for the generation and storage

of renewable energies in the short-term in collaboration with

research institutes.

▪ The modernization of the energy supply network, without

which the expansion of regenerative energies is not possible,

was decided on by the EU Heads of State and

Government at their last summit meeting. According to

information from the German Energy Agency, 3,600 km new

high-voltage power transmission lines are needed for this.

Numerous citizens' initiatives currently hinder the expansion;

however they are in favor of the move in energy politics!

Clarification is required here.

Conclusion: only synchronized implementation of these two

aspects which lie both in the entrepreneur's hands and the

politicians' responsibility will result in the desired success.

The next NEA NEWS issues will discuss the regenerative

application areas in detail and the corresponding technologies

where NEA products are used. NEA already supplied

machines for the polysilicon manufacturing process, explained

in greater detail in this issue, as early as the beginning

of the 1980s. Specialist contributions on the topic of

biogas feed and gas storage

will follow. We look forward to

new challenges and feel well

equipped for them with our

strong R & D team.

You can also read about the

successful development of our

Thailand location, about global

investments and internal NEA

activities. Enjoy reading it!


Managing Partners of

NEA Holding

therefore develop to become a mainstay of the

sustainable energy system.

From a global view, China, the USA, and Southern

Europe are the future growth drivers in this market

segment; to a significant extent now Korea,

Taiwan and India, too. Analysts expect growth

rates of up to 130% per annum on these markets.

Application of the NEA Solar

Compressor: Mirroring the Market Trend

This trend is also reflected in the population of

NEA compressors for manufacturing polysilicon:

half of the some 300 installed NEA systems worldwide

are in China, a few in Southern Europe and

the remainder evenly spread between the USA

and South-East Asia. Orders from these countries

are often for higher quantities from two to

over 20 units per order. NEA serves this market

with the range of sizes 20 to 320, whereby the

actuating power varies between 25 kW and in

excess of 3,000 kW. First references in the field

of polysilicon date back to the mid-1980s. Back

■ PLANET BLUE: the Solar Market – Mainstream of the Future . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-3

■ Company Profile of NEA South East Asia in Thailand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5

■ Infrastructure Investments in the USA and Thailand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7

■ Borealis in Focus: Hyper Revision in Record Time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9

■ The Polysilicon Day in China: a Step Towards the Sun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

then, NEA delivered the first "solar compressor" as a

size 80 boxer. Demand increased so dramatically during

the middle of the past decade that NEA decided to serve

the new market with mature technical developments.

Since then, the vertical dry running compressor convinces

worldwide with its space savings and longer operating


larger frames dominate supplies increasingly during the

past two years. This is not really surprising because the

global market is hard-fought and manufacturers can

only survive through "economy of scale". "In the Middle

Kingdom, according to Manfred Vesely, Area Sales

Manager and China expert, the government really prohibits

the construction of small silicon factories. The consequence

is "Monster factories in the gigawatts range"

which integrate the upstream and downstream processes

in the value-added chain". An announcement from

Taiwan recently also made the headlines: the first delve

of spade for a factory with a capacity of 900 million components

per annum with an output of 3.2 gigawatts has

been made. Arnd Viets, Area Sales Manager for South-

East Asia refers in this context proudly to the latest

orders from Korea

and Taiwan, where he can

install 18,000 kW power next year.

If China also plays one of the first fiddles on the

photovoltaics (PV) market, the production plants

originate from the "Who is who" in solar plant construction

from Germany and the USA. They have a command

of the technology along the entire value-added chain

from the extraction of the raw material silicon up to turnkey


PLANET BLUE: High-tech for Future Energy

Within the complex process of manufacturing purest

polysilicon, NEA compressors from Germany provide a

considerable contribution to environmental protection.

The leitmotif PlANET BlUE - synonymous for NEA

applications in the area of regenerative energy – refers

to the partial processes of gas preparation from the

reactor and vapor recovery, also referred to as "vent

gas" or "off gas recovery" during polysilicon manufacturing.

Simply explained, these function as follows: tri-

chlorosilane (TCS) reacts with pure H2 in the reactor.

The result is pure silicon as a polycrystalline and a gas

mix consisting of 90% H2 as well as a residue with HCl

and the three Si-Cl-H2 compounds dichlorosilane, trichlorosilane

and silicon tetrachloride (STC). The gas mix

runs through several "cooling cascades" in order to

dehydrate components. Then, the pressure is increased

to approx. 12-18 bar as the aim is to collect the exhaust

gas from the reactor and separate its components

through condensation. The thus recovered hydrogen

(H2) is fed to the CVD reactor again for crystal formation.

The hydrogen chloride (HCl) is used to manufacture

TCS. The released STC is, for example, converted to

TCS in the "cold conversion" process, the initial substance

for crystal formation.

PlANET BlUE is applied in two senses during the partial

process of gas development: on the one hand

through energy-saving as the developed gases no longer

need be generated expending energy and on the

other hand by the hindrance of letting off the gases into

the earth's atmosphere. Thus, NEUMAN & ESSER also

looks forward to a "radiant" future.




A Seed is Planted

In 1998, NEAC South East Asia ltd. was established in

Rayong, Thailand, following a series of orders for NEA

equipment for the expanding petrochemical facility in

Maptaphut. The original service shop was less than

200 m² but provided a base to establish NEA GROUP

presence in the region of South East Asia.

Seeing the huge potential of the Asian market, the decision

was made to expand the Thailand facility by establishing

a Sales & Application Center with a 300 m² office

building and manufacturing workshop of 780 m². Initially

the whole enterprise was staffed with a total of just 15

people but was tasked with carrying the NEA GROUP

flag to a sales region spanning many languages, cultures

and applications. Some initial market penetration

was achieved with the supply of new equipment to

Taiwan and Malaysia.

Merge & Market Takeover

After reorganization of prime and aftermarket operations

under the name of NEUMAN & ESSER South East

Asia ltd. with one management structure, prime sales

grew steadily with several million EUR sales into Malaysia

for both the petrochemical and air separation markets

and lower air separation machine sales in Thailand. A

similar expansion occurred in the aftermarket, particularly

in Malaysia and Taiwan.

The year 2005 saw the handover of the Korean and

Japanese markets from NEA USA to include the ANZAC

countries into the NEA SEA territory and thereby establishing

NEA SEA as the local center for the entire

Australasia region. This proved to be a watershed in

terms of sales growth, providing access to the major

Korean EPC market as well as to a large installed base,

opening opportunities in both the prime and aftermarket.

With significant annual sales in the region, the first of

many facility expansions took place with the purchase

of new land to build a second entrance and a bulk

material lay down area.

The Biggest Yet

The year after was highlighted by the sale of two six-

crank 500 frame units to a petrochemical plant in

Taiwan, the biggest single order to date and the largest

NEA units ever to be installed in the region. Other sales

included a 3.2 MW lNG compressor and a small refinery

unit to Korea, a 1.5 MW fuel gas compressor and

two 300 bar hydrogen units for fatty alcohol production

in Thailand. This led to the first building extension to

increase the office size to 420 m².

In 2007, the second 5 MW unit was ordered for a

Malaysian refinery as well as smaller packaged units for

a steel mill in Taiwan and a refinery service in Korea. In

order to relieve congestion in the workshop, a new plot

of land was purchased to build a new fabrication shop

and to expand the office to 600 m².

This shop was fortuitously completed at the same

time when NEA SEA was asked to assist NEA

Gulf by bidding for two offshore vapor recovery

compressor modules for their region. This offer

quickly turned into an order which again broke

all NEA SEA records in terms of value and

physical size, weighing in at some 180 tons

per module when finally shipped. Aftermarket

also landed its biggest yet order for the

manufacture and replacement of liners up to

0.8 m diameter for a Borsig unit operating in


2008 – Ten Years in Thailand

A Compressor Day and the ceremony for the

inauguration of the new fabrication shop

were held in early 2008 and coincided with

the celebration of 10 years of NEA GROUP

presence in Thailand.

Within weeks of the inauguration, both shops

and the car park were full with the construction

of the vapor recovery modules which grew

within the next 12 months to some 10 m and it

became necessary to demolish the perimeter

wall to move the assembly to the port.

The year also saw multi-million EUR machine

orders being placed for refinery service and

NEA’s first ever direct sale of polysilicon compressors

to a production plant in Korea.


With the world in a financial crisis, the only prime sale for

2009 was two small 300 bar units for a Caprolactam

plant just 5 km from NEA SEA but with considerable

foresight the decision was made to proceed with the

purchase of significantly more adjoining land for the construction

of a new packaging workshop and a new office.

Further investments included the refurbishment of the

original service shop and establishment of a Repair

Coordination Center with a state-of-the-art valve test


After a slow start, sales in 2010 picked up

with orders received for two 300 bar

hydrogen compressors for a Korean

petrochemical plant, two hydrogen

compressors for a Bangkok refinery

and a small ethylene

compressor for a polyethylene

de-bottlenecking project also

in Thailand.

New Records

The log jam of projects from

2009/10 started to break early

in the year with an order for

two fuel gas booster compressors

for a power station expansion

in Thailand. This was

quickly followed by a plethora

of multi-million EUR orders for

one complete polysilicon plant

in Taiwan and two similar sized

plants in Korea, boosting sales

NEUMAN & ESSER South East Asia

in Thailand

to a new record high for the year to date.

Fortunately, the decision had been made to proceed with

the new packaging facility which provides over 1,200 m²

of covered area and 1,400 m² of lay down space. This

was completed just in time to commence the packaging

of thirteen polysilicon and two fuel gas compressor skids

which have completely filled the facility, now fully utilized

throughout 2012. At the same time, aftermarket activity

skyrocketed in service work, spares and

repairs with sales to date exceeding

300% of this year’s budget.





in the USA and

in Thailand

Here to Stay

In addition to substantial

investments in

Research & Development

as well as Sales, NEUMAN

& ESSER has already invested

in its own locations worldwide

since 2000. With this local

commitment, the NEA GROUP

shows its customers that the partnership

is designed for the long-term.

Own locations mean optimum working

conditions for the employees as local needs

are taken into consideration when building.

The second or third expansion phase respectively

has now started in Thailand, India, Brazil

and the USA.

◄ Since the acquisition of the Penn

Process Compression line (PPC) in

Sept. 2010 and the associated

extensive documentation, the NEA

gRoUP in the US was confronted

with a space issue and started initial

planning for an expansion in late

2010, finalizing the basic concept in

early 2011.

On Aug. 23, 2011, in Katy, TX, demolition

work was started in the

existing area planned for the building

extension, after which the whole

construction process ran in ac-

cordance with the estimated time

◄ On Nov. 18, NEA South East

Asia had good reason to be happy

as, following 52 intense weeks'

coordination and monitoring, their

large-scale construction project in

Rayong was successfully completed.

It was planned to expand

the existing 1,600 m² compressor

skid packaging hall by a further

1,125 m² including a 30 t overhead

crane and 50 t package handling

equipment required for the completion

of large compressor sys-

schedule. The expansion of the

building comprises 275 m² on two

floors. The new space will host four

offices and two large employee

areas, each with four employees

and space for six to seven. The new

structure will be ready for move-in

prior to Dec. 15 and work can then

proceed on changes to the existing

office. This includes the relocation

of several walls and adding a rolling

shelving system to store most of the

PPC documentation. Following this,

the NEA GROUP in the US will have

adequate space for future growth!

tems. Additionally there will be two

staff offices, a storage room, factory

washroom facilities, a 10 m

wide entrance road, a new gate

house as well as various roads

and parking on the premises. On

Dec. 2, Stefanie Peters, Managing

Partner, will inaugurate the operating

facility in its new outfit within

the scope of the Compressor Day

in front of some 100 guests. This

will set the foundation for further

growth in Australasia.







B o r e a l i s

The NEAC Masterpiece: Revision of a "Hyper" in

Accordance with an Ambitious Schedule

Top Project Management Paves the Way

Within the scope of a major shutdown of the entire production,

the first meeting regarding full inspection of the

30-year-old GGH Hyper Compressor at Borealis in

Schwechat, Austria, one of Europe's leading plastics

manufacturers, was scheduled for the NEAC Compressor


After NEAC had already successfully carried out the

overhaul of an identically constructed machine in the

previous year, they were entrusted with the task of the

revision of a second compressor. This time, the challenge

was an increased scope of work and delivery with

a reduced time window.

In the first round of discussions, the aim was to define

the scope of work and the project plan with Borealis. At

the same time, interfaces were defined and responsibilities

established. The experience gained by all parties

involved during the first revision was also transfered to

the upcoming project. As a result, work procedures,

processes and logistics could be optimized.

Stoppage of the system and the simultaneous major

revision of the neighboring OMV refinery proved to be

particularly complex. The result of this was that some

3,000 employees from third-party companies worked on

two premises at the same time. The top priority, therefore,

was to work independently – the right "playground"

for NEAC.

During the standstill, NEAC held the sole responsibility

for the coordination of the various disciplines and work

on the lD4 booster. Foundation refurbishment, driving

mechanism repair and the revision of the "bypass units"

had to be coordinated, implemented and controlled.

This required professional project management.

NEAC Knows How to Make Proper Use of

the Time Available

NEAC demonstrated its special creativity for this project

in order to catch the critical path. Thus, the company

took on the demanding and complex processing of the

crankcase for the first time with a new partner company

in Austria and used new 3D laser equipment which

proved to be an invaluable instrument for the precisely

accurate and efficient installation of the driving mechanism.

The coordination of repair measures required

directly with the customer at the components concerned

helped considerably to save further time as, speaking

from experience, these procedures are often lengthy

during everyday business.

In addition to repairing the crosshead assembly group,

the repair of "shoes" was a special requirement for the

areas of planning and coordination. All the work was

carried out in the NEA machine factory. All six shoes

could be provided with a new babbitt layer in record time

and the remaining bypass unit components repaired.

Completion, alignment and approval of these units took

place using a 3D laser system and was conducted by an

in-house laser specialist and the Quality Department at

the company's Übach headquarters. Simultaneously,

crankcase machining and foundation refurbishment took

place in Vienna, the latter under the responsibility of


The Factors of Success

NEAC was especially happy to have found a competent

local partner for crankcase machining. Moreover, the

detailed specifications and constant exchange with

Borealis regarding the repair measures resulted in the

repair of the crankcase with no complications whatsoever.

Even unplanned incidents such as damages to the

outer bearing or the influence of the local weather could

not adversely effect the completion date.

For this project, special attention is given to the reinstallation

of the drive mechanism and the new bearings

for the crankcase. They were precisely aligned and

controlled to a few hundredths of millimeters using the

3D laser system.

The NEAC specialists had a new and positive experience

in the field of work safety with the use of bicycles

on the company's premises. The high health and safety

standards from Borealis required a special bicycle

driver's license and wearing a special protective helmet

for this purpose. To conclude, NEAC was also able to

impress once again during the final meeting and subsequent

review: you couldn't overlook the customer’s joy

when they already held the entire documentation including

all the reports in their hands only two weeks after





CRM and ERP are gaining ground

The NEA GROUP has been consolidating its international

know-how systematically for a decade. Systems

such as a Content Management System (CMS), with

which an Intranet is maintained and a centrally used 3D

CAD help here. A CRM/SMS system in use since the

beginning of 2009 goes still further: it enables central

administration of all activities associated with the customer,

the employees involved and the machine itself. With

the help of a SharePoint interface, all types of documents

such as drawings, user manuals or files of all

types can be stored for the entities such as the customer

or the machine. From searching to finding - that's NEA’s

motto! It creates a panorama view of the events and

enables optimum customer care. However: systems only

function as well as their users maintain the data.

Therefore the administrator team Andreas Hirschter and

Hartmut Wintrich are currently travelling in Asia to

acquaint the local team with the NEA philosophy and the

software and simultaneously to inform the key users

already trained a year ago of changes. It is important

that all NEA locations recognize the added value of the

central and cross-product system.

One of the next milestones will be the selection and

introduction of a central ERP system for all Group locations.

The implementation of this challenge will take

several years - but it denotes the next logical step in the

structural further development of the NEA GROUP.

Website Relaunch Using CMS

Simultaneously with the organization of the PlANET

BlUE event series, a relaunch of the current NEA

GROUP website was planned. Since May this year, the

company presentation captivates its readers with its

novelties regarding the topics covered, structure, design

Welcome to the Era

Platforms for Knowledge Manag

and user interface. The task given to Marketing was

already to anchor the NEA GROUP's technological

leadership in products and markets on the homepage,

winding its way through the sections like an "NEA blue"

thread. An additional aim was to provide visitors with

a platform for fast, efficient information and contact

searching. Results can be seen under

Therefore, attention was paid to anchoring

image topics already on the homepage which reflect the

latest innovations, references and the corporate culture

when implementing the concept. To support userfriendliness

and quick searching for information, clear

structuring and positioning of main sections and subsections

was selected, which in particular are supported

by dropdown menus below the top navigation and third

information level animated navigation. Each product

page is flanked with second degree information such as

Contact, Trade fairs, Brochures and Product trailers.

Special attention was paid to the "Contact" section: by

mousing over the flash-animated world map, the visitor

is immediately "named" his contact person worldwide

and has the option of copying the relevant business card

directly into Outlook. The "Global" section in the menu

bar with the company profiles provides a further contact

search option. If the user wishes to take a look at

brochures, the NEA NEWS or other printed items, he

will come up trumps in the download center. Thanks to

the programming by CAP.IO, the visitor can use the

"page flip" application for virtual browsing in the media

- completely in keeping with "E.NEA.RGY to provide


„I like“ Social Media

With its decision also to be present in social media, the

NEA GROUP belongs to the pioneers in the B2B area.

The primary objective of the Facebook presence, which

of virtual Worlds

ement and Global Presence

exists under its own domain since Oct. 20, is to present

the company neutrally and to strengthen the corporate

culture, both internally and externally. This is an important

aspect in the area of staff recruitment and also for

the orientation of NEA staff via informative and, in part,

amusing stories in the big, wide NEA world.

The Facebook presentation draws on the further developed

corporate design from the website relaunch, therefore

visualizing the topics of the NEA image, careers and

references through transparent coloring, image tracking

and lineage. These are chapters which show interested

persons both the range of services and the corporate

image in a concise manner. English was consciously

selected as the language in order to reach visitors worldwide.

The "Careers" chapter remains an exception: job

vacancies are entered here in the respective native language.

Tab navigation underneath the main topics fulfils the

function of the known "Breadcrumb path", i.e. speedy

orientation for the visitor. Each chapter includes a short

"teaser" text which is supported visually. A special animation

awaits the visitor here: when "rolling over" with

the mouse, the picture in the teaser text assumes the

movement of a piston – an inspired idea from Domeniceau

Design! More sophistication followed as the designers

placed an excerpt from the NEAC trailer in an extra window

in the "Global" chapter. This is another "feature",

which contributes to the dynamism of this presentation.

All these technical novelties which are not, as such, supported

by Facebook, could only be realized through the

relocation of the NEA presence to an external server


Now it's time to post loads on the wall and all visitors are

cordially invited to act. It already holds funny contributions

and comments which can be seen under: www. Facebook and other

social media platforms, too, will enjoy an enormous

boost at NEUMAN & ESSER in the future. At the very

latest when an online editor will support the Marketing

team at the beginning of next year.





The Polysilicon Day in

There are several reasons why the Polysilicon Day in China on July 12 stood out from the

NEA GROUP's specialist events to date. Not only did the agenda which was well-packed

with technical speeches stimulate lively discussions, but also the excursion program held

some genuine surprises for the guests in store. 35 participants from nine well-known

solar silicon manufacturers in China accepted NEA Beijing's invitation to Hohhot in Inner

Mongolia in order to gain first-hand compressor knowledge.

Therefore, with Timo Kitschen, NEAC Spare Parts Manager, and Manfred Vesely, NEA

Deutschland Area Sales Manager, technical sales reinforcement from Germany traveled

over in order to introduce the interested parties the distinguishing features of the NEA

piston compressors for use in the solar silicon sector.

NEA Beijing's Managing Director Ping Lang provided a detailed overview of the range of

services they offer, in particular giving information about the special services provided by

NEA Beijing in the aftermarket area through local servicing and a spare parts warehouse

which they will soon hold available for Chinese plant operators.

Steffen Pampel, compressor specialist and technical advisor to NEA Beijing, rounded off

the series of lectures with his presentation on compressor technology as well as the servicing

and maintenance of these machines.

Impressed by the depth of this information, intense discussions ensued, during which the

participants also developed great interest even for the smallest of technical details.

A common excursion to a Mongolian camp in the steppe was organized for the next day.

Equipped with boots and helmets, the group set off on a two-and-a-half hour horse ride

including a full gallop. Following this, everybody deserved a reinvigorating lunch in line

with traditional Mongolian cuisine. Before dusk set in, the evening program also included

a horse show and a Mongolian duel which encouraged active participation by the guests.

Most of the excursionists spent the night in the colorful tents specially prepared for this


The result of the Polysilicon Day: it couldn't have gone better as all the participants

showed their extreme satisfaction with the program, making NEA Beijing optimistic with

regard to new partnerships in the aftermarket area for the solar silicon sector – always

towards the sun.

Large Exhibits Convince the American Market

The traditional "local trade fair", the 40 th Turbomachinery

Symposium from Sept. 12-15 in Houston, was

again crowned with success for NEA USA and NEAC

USA. The booth, an impressive peninsular booth of

some 50 m², attracted plentiful existing, but also new

customers. Thus, it could not be denied that, following

the takeover of the PENN - Pennsylvania Process

Compressors (PPC) - business by NEUMAN & ESSER

last year, in particular the operators of these machines

visited the NEA booth with great interest in order to gain

a picture of the range of services offered.

A few weeks later, NEA GROUP USA was drawn to

the gMC (gas Machinery Conference) in Nashville,


A Mining Show in Belo Horizonte

This year, NEA took the opportunity to participate in

Brazil’s largest mining show from Sep. 26-29 in Belo

Horizonte as an exhibitor. After all, there was news to

present to the Brazilian market such as the newly founded

NEA company for grinding and classifying systems in

Brazil called NEUMAN & ESSER Sistemas de Moagem

e Classificação Ltda and NEA was awarded the patent

for its Direct Drive for the Pendulum Mill. Accordingly,

this novelty was focused on with posters and video

animations integrated into the booth layout. As a result,

the NEA booth was well frequented and José Eduardo

and Leandro Noronha were kept busy explaining this

new technology to the numerous interested visitors.

Several new projects could also be acquired, providing

NEA the opportunity to introduce the PM Direct Drive to

the Brazilian market.

Tennessee. This year, the Texans chose a larger booth

in order to present the same large and striking exhibits

– a 130 size boxer as well as a 500 frame connecting

rod and crosshead – as at the Turbo Show. It created

a lot of attention, convincing both Managing Directors

Manfred Salgert and Brian Bertelsen that they have

set positive impulses for the American Natural Gas

Compression market with this trade fair. Following the

inquiry from the organizer GMRC, NEA USA has now

also become an active member in the committee for the

preparation of a "High Speed Compressor Package

Specification and Guideline" for this particular industry.

New NEA Test Center for

grinding & Classifying Experiments in Brazil

As of April 2012, a modern technical center with a

Pendulum Mill PM 00 will be available on an area of 150

m² for the newly founded NEUMAN & ESSER Sistemas

de Moagem e Classificação ltda in Belo Horizonte,

Brazil. Its extension with

an NEA CSF classifying

system and a grinding

system with impact classifier

mill ICM is already


Furthermore, the existing

administration building

will be extended by a

third floor with 400 m²

which will be moved into

by the new company in

summer 2012, therefore

providing ample capacity

for expansion.

Both experienced “millers”,

Managing Director

Marc Giersemehl and

Sales Manager José Eduardo,

serve the South

American market locally

and at close proximity to

their customers together

with a motivated and

flexible team.




Wurzen Locals Know-How to Exploit Non-Stop Sunshine and Home Advantages

Even if the summer this year was rather rainy, the

autumn festivities didn't suffer from rain. Celebrations

took place in bright sunshine, high temperatures and

with cool drinks on Aug. 26 in Wurzen. The management

with Stefanie, Alexander and Klaus Peters, Hanns

Begass as well as Franz Ritzen welcomed both the

Wurzen and the Staßfurt colleagues who had accepted

the invitation.

Following short speeches by Alexander Peters and the

works councils from Wurzen and Staßfurt with Frank

Perner and Dennis Kranert, STASSKOL handed over a

small present to NEA Wurzen as a thank-you for the


As tradition has it, the guests were spoilt with food fresh

from the barbecue and tasty salads and everybody's

thirst was quenched with freshly tapped hops and tasty


The Compressor Day in Saudi Arabia

NEA Gulf had set itself the target of presenting its

success story to a wide public within the scope of a

repeated Compressor Day in Saudi Arabia. For this

purpose, important key customers met at the Mövenpick

Hotel & Resort in Yanbu on Oct. 3. This event was

characterized by technical lectures on complex topics

such as modernization, diagnosis and foundation

refurbishment. In particular, the Managing Director

Emad Tabaza's presentations and those by Messrs.

Norbert Helling, Mohammad AbuRayan and Ra´ed

Dahouk reflected the expertise existing at NEA Gulf.

During the past three years, the NEA Gulf Team could

profit from one of the most experienced construction

engineer's, Norbert Helling's know-how. Following his

secondment from Germany, he established the certified

Repair Coordination Center (RCC) with the highest level

The marquee proved to be a good idea as it enabled

those present to conduct pleasant conversations despite

the mid-summer temperatures and, as the day became

older, to shake a leg on the dance floor again. Good

music was provided for by their own NEA DJ Christian

Schunke and, for the first dance round, by the STASSKOL

colleagues, in particular Lothar Bode.

In order to establish a link to the last year at STASSKOL;

a really spontaneous dodge ball game took place. The

rivals fought hard for every point, however "unfortunately"

STASSKOL did not leave as the winner. The victory was

duly celebrated in Wurzen, making this year's autumn

festival a very successful event once more, incorporating

several interesting impressions and humorous contributions.

They all hope that it will be just as enjoyable next

year, too.

of "C", enabling NEA Gulf in the meantime to repair or

refurbish gas end parts such as valves and piston rod

sealings, but also cylinder and crankcase parts independently.

This development shows that NEA Gulf can offer their

Middle East partners a wide range of local services

which distinguishes itself through expert competence

including professional assembly staff and equipment.

The customers showed their extreme satisfaction with

the depth of information

at this Compressor Day

and expressed their high

esteem of the NEA Gulf


Summer Time Sensation

with Selected "Forties"

The annual and eagerly awaited barbecue

festival for the work force in Übach-

Palenberg took place on Sep. 8, also

the Managing Partner Alexander Peters'

40th Summer Time Sensation

with Selected "Forties"


1971 – a good Year

As an original surprise, Stefanie Peters

was proud to present her brother an

NEA compressor from his year of birth,

1971. Thanks to the committed efforts

expended by some employees, they had

been able to dig this compressor out. In

her speech, Mrs. Peters pointed out

some funny parallels between both

"40-year-olds": they are both robust,

persistent and run slowly. But they are

also highly reliable.

As expected, his father Klaus Peters

availed himself of the opportunity to

remind those present of the highlights of

the past 40 years.

A Present for High-Flyers

The German workers councils came up

with an unusual idea together: Alexander

Peters will participate in a parabolic

flight at the DlR, the German Aerospace

Center, together with VIPs from the

areas of research, the economy and the

press next year. The workforce hopes

that he enjoys it and that he has a robust

stomach at some 30 parables under

"zero gravity"!

The works council from Wurzen presented

Mr. Peters a homemade clock for

the wall made by the apprentices with

the NEA logo made of mosaic stones.

The JAV at the headquarters had a similar

idea and made him a present of a

table clock produced in the apprenticeship

workshop. Mr. Peters was overwhelmed

by the multitude of congratulations

and presents and he surprised

everybody with "Planet Blue" coffee


Not only physical well-being was ensured,

the risible muscles were also unduly

strained by the comedian Roberto

Capitoni’s performance. Everybody

agrees: this summer festival will remain





The "Certification Marathon" According to

ohsas 18001 and iso 9001

Not without the Employers' Liability

Insurance Association

In the title story in the previous NEA NEWS, we reported

that all the NEA GROUP companies wish to address the

certification of their work protection system according to

OHSAS 18001 through Det Norske

Veritas (DNV). The opportunity also arose to have the

work protection system examined by the competent

Employers' liability Insurance Association at the German

locations. Therefore, both production sites and NEAC

Compressor Service were registered directly for two

"work safety competitions". The idea behind this is a

detailed response regarding the NEA system's status

from different perspectives: on the one hand the comple-

teness and functionality of the work protection system

within the scope of the OHSAS 18001 standard should

be tested, also with regard to all legal regulations and on

the other hand the practical side of work safety, i.e.

improved health protection for all employees. All participating

companies passed the "fitness test" with flying

colors, first and foremost NEAC due to its experience

with the SCC standard for many years.

The woodworkers' and metalworkers' Employers' liability

Insurance Association has already issued the certificates

for the NEA production site and NEAC in Übach-

Palenberg. The certificates for Wurzen und Staßfurt are

being processed. These companies may then officially

use the quality seal "Systematic safety".

Matrix Certification:

All are Sitting in the Same Boat

This year, NEA Beijing will also be incorporated into the

matrix qualification for the quality system according to

ISO 9001. Before the first audit at the end of October,

the Chinese colleagues had a little "stage fright", however

this proved to be without reason.

The "certification marathon" continues. After the companies

NEA and NEAC in Italy and NEA South East Asia

in Thailand already introduced the OHSAS 18001 standard

in mid-October, the auditing hurdle according to ISO

9001 must be taken for NEA Gulf in Dubai in December,

and for the companies in Brazil according to ISO 9001

and OHSAS 18001, too. At the same time, quality

abroad and work safety grow together step-by-step in

the "Integrated Management System".

Here and there, a few small rectifications still need to be

made. The matrix certificate can only be issued after

these have been successfully implemented by all participating

companies. This means that the audited companies

should take a deep breath and continue as safety

and quality mean continuous improvement – not only

from an economical view.

Series on Health and Work Protection

Part II: Ergonomics at the Workplace

A Healthy Back

"We want to 'back' our staff“. NEA has taken this literally

and offered their employees several opportunities to

strengthen their back.

Firstly, the employees could have their backs checked.

Muscle strength and function, balance and stability as

well as flexibility are checked here. NEA has borrowed

the devices required from PHYSIOFIT and installed

them in the training room. It couldn't have been easier.

This way, the employees practically needed only to go

one door further and were able to take the test supported

by the PHYSIOFIT team. The response to this

offer was so overwhelming that the appointments

originally planned for two days had to be extended to

eight days. More than 100 employees, including

Management and also Klaus Peters, have voluntarily

pushed and pulled for the "Back Check". Based

on the assessment of the back check, everybody

can then take individual measures for a healthy


NEA currently offers three such courses. The

courses "Ergonomics at the Workplace" and

"lifting, Bending over and Carrying" show how to

go easily on the back during the course of every-

Emergency Drill as

a Further Piece in the Work

Protection Management Puzzle

In order to avoid anything serious happening "if the worst happens", possible

emergencies must be planned and drilled. Therefore, appropriate measures

were worked out with fire protection and work safety experts for possible scenarios,

e.g. in case of a fire. At the beginning of September, the wait was over:

the joint evacuation drill for the Übach-Palenberg location took place. Selected

observers recorded the drill. The result: most employees were informed in good

time and left the building calmly going to the next assembly point. Conclusion:

practical drills are a necessary emergency management component and the

notification chain at the Übach-Palenberg location has room for improvement.

Please don't push - the next drill is sure to come!

ohsas 18001:2001

day work and also some exercises to relieve and

strengthen back muscle whilst working. The "Spinal

Gymnastics" course is especially devoted to the

muscle groups which are decisive for a healthy body

posture. This enables effective avoidance or work

against complaints. Here, too, there were so many

applications that the courses must now be offered

several times to satisfy demand.



Back and Spine





Short Circular Marc giersemehl

■ As of Jan. 2012:

Managing Director of

NEUMAN & ESSER Sistemas de

Moagem e Classificação ltda in

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

■ Born on 23 June 1970 in Hanover, Germany,

married, one daughter


■ 1991-1995: Process Engineering degree at the

Hochschule Niederrhein [lower Rhine University],

qualified as a Dipl.-Ing. [Graduate Engineer];

thesis on the NEA "Cyclone Classifier"

Professional Career at

NEA Mahl- und Sichtsysteme:

■ 2010-2011: Manager for Project Engineering and

Contract Handling, Authorized Signatory and

Deputy Managing Director

■ 2004-2009: Sales Manager for ICM new machines

and after sales

■ 1998-2003: Sales Engineer for ICM grinding

systems, power of attorney since Jan. 2002

■ 1996-1997: Applications Engineer in the Test

Center and responsible for commissioning


■ Cycling, walking, badminton, reading, cooking

and travel

40 Years' Service

25 Years' Service

10 Years' Service

Martin Nief

Dieter Mingers

Jörg Feiten

Helmut Hoch

Hubert Sander

Ralf Schurse

volker Hertzer

Kurt Fronert

Ahmed Abdelwahab

Essam Eldean

NEA Anniversaries


NEA buyers from the USA, Brazil, Italy, India, Thailand,

the UAE as well as the German locations Übach-

Palenberg and Wurzen met at the headquarters for the

second GlOBAl PURCHASE MEETING from Nov. 6-8.

The target of the annual meeting is the optimization of

global purchasing and shaping an international supplier


At the beginning, each participant presented the previous

year's experiences and results. Special attention

was paid to the current international buying structure.

Following discussions which rounded off the meeting,

changes to the purchasing framework conditions were


During the further course of the meeting, primarily the

legal aspects of purchasing were on the agenda. A

speech by the legal Department and a workshop with a

discussion round helped to develop a common understanding

of supply management details.

The visit to a NEA compressor plant for the storage of

natural gas at THYSSENGAS in Würselen-Broichweiden

was a highlight of the event. The participants were visibly

impressed by the size of the plant and, above all, by

the sound level of a running compressor system. The

meeting was perfected with two successful evening

events in Aachen.

All buyers were happy to have experienced the useful

event and now work together to attain sustainable success

for global purchasing.

10 Years' Service

Eduardo Wagner Salerno Lara

LI Hong Wei Beniamino Marino

Kesorn Sukavipat

Kiattisak Chotpanang

Dong Buadaeng

Banjong Suwanla

Atthawut Panyos

Samorn Sukavipat

Patricia Bock

Juan velazquez

Allen Pennington


NEAC Managing Director in Übach-Palenberg, Bernd

Wagner, was able to welcome colleagues from 12

countries to the Global NEAC Sales Meeting from

Nov. 2-4. Initially, Hartmut Wintrich, Service Manager,

and Thomas Kloke, IT Manager, reported on the CRM

activities. Items such as machine files and order overviews

were demonstrated based on genuine CRM

systems. Representatives of the NEACs in the USA,

Brazil and Italy explained the status quo of the systems

in their subsidiaries. During the ensuing discussion,

initial improvements were already entered into the CRM


Following the intense exchange regarding the globally

certified Repair Coordination Centers, Harry Lankenau,

5 Years' Service

Mohamed Amin

Balu Arekar

Lucas Quinaud Lara

Sândalo de oliveira

Novais Júnior

gustavo Leite Lage

Junio Cesar da Silva

Alex Junio Reis

Rosana Monteiro Nogueira

Arthur Fantaguzzi Almeida


Fagner Patricio Lucas

Raphael Mendes

de Carvalho

Caroline Detoni

Cerceau Isaac

Bruno Amâncio Corrêa

Laura Saccardi

Antonella Stefanetti

Renata Bianchi

Engineering and Technical Consultancy Manager, provided

an update on the assembly standards status. Here,

he elaborated the important subject of "Bolt replacement

and surface quality requirements" in depth.

The practical case from the past presented by each subsidiary

which appeared to be interesting both from a

technical and a commercial view – a positive global

exchange of experiences between colleagues regarding

customer service cases - ensured lively discussions.

last but not least, the two project engineers Stefan

Damberg and Ilya Asser presented the current NEAC

competence status based on the 3D laser measurement

for processing piston compressors.

Each day was perfected with a pleasant evening event.

Brian Bertelsen, who emerged as the “crowned” winner

of the billiards and

darts tournament

after several exciting

rounds, received an


5 Years' Service

Andrey Riabtsev

Natalia Zubareva

Sandra Alvarado

Nicole Blankenship

Ronald Furley

Ajit Kulkarni

Marc Priebe

Mohan Sengar

Abhijit Zende

Nitin Kothawale

ganesh Lawande





vinod Patil

Kanida Wanraruen

Boonsiri Thairattawin

Phetlada Saengna

Kanchit Choenghom





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