Annual Report 2011-12.indd - Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council

Annual Report 2011-12.indd - Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council

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ong>Bidfordong>-on-Avon Parish Council

ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>-2012

The Big Meadow


ong>Bidfordong>-on-Avon Parish Council

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Artwork by ong>Bidfordong>-on-Avon Primary School students

March 2012

ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>/2012 | 1

ong>Bidfordong>-on-Avon Parish Council

ANNUAL REPORT ong>2011ong>/12

Message from Cllr. Gerrard, Chairman of ong>Bidfordong>-on-Avon Parish Council

On behalf of ong>Bidfordong>-on-Avon Parish Council, I

hope that you find the information provided by

this fifth edition of the ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong>, helps you

to understand the work carried out by the Parish

Council in its continuous efforts to improve the

quality of life of the residents of ong>Bidfordong>-on-Avon,

Barton, Broom and Marlcliff, regardless of age,

and to implement the Parish Plan.

The purpose of this report is to highlight the

Council’s activities during the past year: how

it has used the money raised by the ong>Annualong>

Precept, which is the tax charged on each

property in the parish and is used to fund all the

activities undertaken by the Parish Council for the

benefit of the local community. The precept for

ong>2011ong>/12 was £202,000 and to total expenditure

was £182,981.

ong>2011ong>/12 has been a year of Partnerships. During

the year the Parish Council has worked together


• Local authorities, voluntary sector and the

local community to ensure the viability of

ong>Bidfordong> Community Library Ltd

• Warwickshire and West Mercia Police to

minimise anti-social behaviour throughout the

parish, and specifically on the Big Meadow.

ong>Bidfordong> Fire Fighters to ensure ong>Bidfordong> Fire

Station remains an essential community


• Local businesses to raise the profile of

ong>Bidfordong> High Street. Special mention should

be given to the Buy in ong>Bidfordong> Events

which took place in July and December at

the Crawford Memorial Hall. These have

been very successful and are becoming a

permanent fixture in the events diary.

ong>Bidfordong> Primary School to produce some very

successful artwork that has been used on

the Big Meadow and by ong>Bidfordong> Community

Library Ltd.

At the end of my first year as Chairman of the

Council I should like to take this opportunity

to thank my fellow councillors who have given

me their unstinted support throughout the year.

Regrettably, we lost one of our hardest working

councillors, Hedley Langston, on 13th December

ong>2011ong>. The Council could not have had a better

representative: born and bred in the parish he

was a tireless worker for the local community

and is still sorely missed.

On behalf of the Parish Council, I should also

like to thank the Clerk and Responsible Financial

Officer for their work for the Council, as well

as the many local contractors who ensure the

village always looks its best.

Cllr. Mike Gerrard

Chairman ong>Bidfordong>-on-Avon Parish Council

ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>/2012

ong>Bidfordong>-on-Avon Parish Council



Parish Councillors

• Michael Atkins, 16 Waterloo Road, B50 4DL

Tel. No. 772402

• Bill Fleming, 3 Queensway, B50 4BA

Tel. No. 772590

• Michael Gerrard, 10 Holland Close B50 4BE

Tel. No. 778493

• Chris Hill, 9 Old School Mead, B50 4AW

Tel. No. 491091

• Fred Hiscocks, 38 Victoria Rd., B50 4AR

Tel No. 778 464

• Joy Keeley, 30 Icknield Close B50 4BZ

Tel. No. 773011

• Hedley Langston, 31 Steppes Piece, B50 4AT (until 13.12.11)

Tel. No. 772778

• John Sandle, 13 Holland Close B50 4BE

Tel. No. 490499

• Frank Spiers, 2 Bryan Mews B50 4BF

Tel. No. 772740

• Rob Williams, 7 Grafton Lane B50 4DX

Tel. No. 778226

ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>/2012 | 1

Parish Council Office

The Parish Council has an office, which is situated in Bramley Way, B50 4QG (next to the

library). The office is open to members of the public 10.00 am - 1.00 pm Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday and Friday, and from 1.30 to 4.30 pm on Thursday, subject to meetings and site

visits. If these times are inconvenient, the Clerk can be contacted and a suitable day and time

can be arranged. The Parish Council Meeting Room, where the Council holds its meetings,

surgeries etc. is also situated in Bramley Way.

• Clerk to the Parish Council: Mrs. Elisabeth Uggerløse

Postal address only:

c/o Post Office

30 High Street


B50 4AA

Tel. No 778653/07718 628925


• Meetings

The Council meets regularly twice a month:

• Planning Committee Meeting, which has its own Chairman and Vice Chairman, is held the

second Monday of each month

Parish Council Meeting, is held the fourth Monday of each month – except Bank Holidays.

Public Notices of meetings held by the Parish Council are posted on the various notice

boards 4 clear days prior to the meeting. These are situated as follows:

- ong>Bidfordong> (notice boards are outside the school and by the bus stop in the High Street by

the churchyard)

- Barton (opposite the Cottage of Content)

- Broom – by the Village Hall, High Street

- Marlcliff – Cleeve Road

The Agenda, giving full details of the business to be transacted, is available on the notice board by

the Parish Council Office on Bramley Way, the website

and by contacting the Clerk.

Members of the public are invited, and welcomed, to attend these meetings: the Agenda always

has a Public Forum and Youth forum item when those attending can address the Council and raise

issues. It is important to note that the Council cannot make a decision unless the item is included

on the Agenda. Copy of the Guidance Notes on Public Participation at Parish Council Meetings is

available on or by contacting the Clerk.

For those who prefer a less public forum, the Parish Council arranges regular surgeries every two

months, two of which take place in Broom Village Hall. These are well publicised on the notice

boards and on the website, as well as the press.

2 | ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>/2012

Attendance by Councillors to the monthly Planning Committee and Parish Council Meetings was

very good – there was no Planning Committee Meeting in November ong>2011ong>

Name Planning Parish Council

Cllr. Atkins 10 10

Cllr. Fleming 9 11

Cllr. Gerrard 8 12

Cllr. Hiscocks 5 11

Cllr. Hill 8 11

Cllr. Mrs. Keeley 10 11

Cllr. Langston (8 months) 8 8

Cllr. Sandle 11 12

Cllr. Spiers 11 12

Cllr. Williams 11 12

ong>Bidfordong>-on-Avon Parish Council continues to takes an active part in the Alcester/ong>Bidfordong> Community

Forums which take place quarterly. The Clerk attends agenda preparation meetings and, together

with the Clerk to Alcester Town Council, shares the note taking responsibility at the meetings.

You can find details of outcomes of these meetings on the Parish Council’s website: ong>Bidfordong> and Alcester Community Forum

The Council is represented at the WALC County Committee by the Clerk, who attends the quarterly

meetings in Leamington Spa. As a WALC County Committee member she represents this body in

the Stratford-on-Avon Local Strategic Partnership, and regularly attends these meetings which are

held in Elizabeth House, Stratford-upon-Avon

The Parish Council is also very conscientious in attending Planning Committee Meetings at Elizabeth

House when it has either opposed or supported a Planning Application which comes before the

Committee for a decision. During ong>2011ong>/12 it attended on 4 occasions: September, October, February

and March.

It also attended a Public Hearing in January 2012 regarding the planning appeal for a gypsy and

traveller site in Temple Grafton that could have an impact on the Friday Furlong site.

During the year, the Parish Council continued to consider the Local Development Framework: Core

Strategy ong>2011ong>-28 and continued to object to further large scale developments, in accordance with

the wishes expressed by the local community. Information on this issue can be found on>2011ong>.htm. Members also attended workshop


ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>/2012 | 3

• Information

The Council’s award winning website was redesigned in August ong>2011ong> to make access and

navigation easier. The address remains unchanged:

Apart from Parish Council notices and information, you will also find details of:

• Notices

• Upcoming events

• Newsletters (Police, Alcester/ong>Bidfordong> Community Forum etc)

• Groups and People (with links where available)

• Minerals Plan – with updates regarding the current consultation

• Planning ong>2011ong>-2028 – with updates regarding the current consultation

• Campaigns (Save our Fire Station; library)

ong>Bidfordong> – your pictures (photos sent by residents)

Parish Village Halls

Parish Churches (with links to their websites)

• Young ong>Bidfordong>

ong>Bidfordong> Rural Cinema

ong>Bidfordong> Businesses

• Links to County and District Council websites, as well as other useful sites.

• Other Parish Council information such as minutes, procedures etc.

Information regarding updates, forthcoming events, weather etc. is sent regularly by email to

those residents that wish to receive it. Email addresses are NOT disclosed: so if you want up-to-date

information and to be notified of village events, why not email the Clerk:

and ask to be added to the email list.

The Parish Council also publishes a monthly Newsletter in The Connection magazine, which is

free and distributed to all households in the Parish. Please do read it as it gives details of any

forthcoming meetings as well as important notices.

It also prepares and edits the quarterly BIG Paper, which stands for ong>Bidfordong> Inter Generation. This

publication for the local community, is an opportunity to:

• Let others read some of your thoughts or ideas,

• Tell them of your successes,

• Encourage membership of an association, group or society

• Advertise future events

ong>Reportong> on events that have taken place in the village

4 | ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>/2012

2. Village Improvements ong>2011ong>/12

• Big Meadow

• Trees 3 lime trees were planted along the central avenue, in partnership with

Warwickshire County Council, protected by locally made tree guards.

• Interpretation Panels –

Large “Welcome to the Big Meadow” Panel has been installed at the entrance –

Artwork by ong>Bidfordong> Primary School pupils

3 interpretation panels were installed along the river bank:

- Into the village (attractions)

- Crossing the River (history)

- Wildlife around ong>Bidfordong>

1 by the play area

- Along the River and Roundabout (walks)

• Street/Road improvements

Continuing with its programme of replacing old and/or damaged streetlights, 5 new

columns, which cost a total of £5,512.26 were installed in:

• Holder Close x 3

• Cox Close x 2

• Other

These have now been transferred to County Council

Replacement of Streetlight No. 4 on The Meadows, following damage by a vehicle at a cost

of £912.59

Grass and verge maintenance contract in place to ensure the village always looks its best

3 new benches have been installed

5 litter or dog bins installed

• Save our Library – following the public consultation, it became clear to the Parish

Council that Warwickshire County Council would be closing the library unless it could

be run by a community group.

The Parish Council attended all the workshops arranged by County Council to ensure it

was well prepared and, in view of the local community support, it agreed to financially

assist a community run library by donating £5,000.

The Parish Council prepared a Business Plan that was approved by Warwickshire

County Council at its meeting of 13th October and on 15th February 2012 ong>Bidfordong>

Community Library was registered at Companies House as a Social Enterprise, ready to

open its doors on 2nd April 2012.

• Broom Flood Alleviation Scheme was started in the summer of ong>2011ong> with a Sod

Cutting event on 19th July, and was officially completed on 17th April 2012.

ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>/2012 | 5

• New Open Space Area in March 2012 a small area of open space at The Paddocks

was transferred from Persimmon Homes to the Parish Council, who will now be

responsible for its maintenance.

• Maintenance The Parish Council maintains the following areas:

• St. Laurence Churchyard;

• Grange Road and Salford Road Cemeteries

• Grass cutting of:

- The Big Meadow

- Fields to the rear of Dugdale Avenue

- Hill View Road

- Millers Bank, Broom

• All the play areas :

- Jubilee Close

- Kings Lane, Broom

- Marleigh Park

- The Leys

- Youth Shelter site to the rear of the fire station

• Flower boxes

• Weekly visual inspection of all the play equipment

• Monthly inspection and maintenance of 176 street lights

• Amenities

• Fields in Trust - as part of the Diamond Jubilee Year Events Dugdale Avenue Sports

Fields have been nominated a Queen Elizabeth II Field and “has been protected forever

for your community, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee by ong>Bidfordong> on Avon Parish Council

in partnership with Fields in Trust and ASDA”

ong>Bidfordong> Sports Pavilion - the Parish Council was successful in obtaining a £50,000

award from Sport England for the refurbishment of the ong>Bidfordong> Sports Pavilion on the

Big Meadow as a sporting legacy to the local community in this Olympic Year.

ong>Bidfordong> Rural Cinema - this is a partnership between The Crawford Memorial Hall and

the Parish Council and its aim is to offer entertainment to the local community at an

affordable price. Tickets remain at £2.50

Films are screened at 7.00 pm on the first and fourth Fridays of the month, except

August. The aim is to cater for all ages and tastes!

Films are well advertised in advance and posters are placed on:

Parish Council’s notice boards

• Crawford Memorial Hall

• Local shops, Post Office and St. Laurence Church rooms

• Library

Parish Council website under Events and its own site ong>Bidfordong> Rural Cinema

• Evesham Journal

Refreshments, which are available before the film and during the interval, are sponsored

by Warner’s Budgens and are very reasonably priced

6 | ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>/2012

3. Accounts

The Precept – funds raised from parishioners through the Council Tax and paid to the Parish Council

to cover its expenditure. The ong>2011ong>/12 Precept was set at £202,000 and approved by the Council at

its meeting held on 24th January ong>2011ong>.

The Parish Council spent the precept as follows:

Financial Year ong>2011ong>/12 - Total expenditure £182,981

Park and Play Areas

(including Lease of

Big Meadow)


Other expenditure




(inc. Salaries)


Street lighting


Agency services

(mowing, maintenance etc.)







Grants and



Financial Year 2010/11 - Total expenditure £329,765

Other expenditure




(inc. Salaries)


Agency services

(mowing, maintenance etc.)


Grants and





Burial Grounds


Parks and play areas

(inc. Lease of Big Meadow)


Street lighting


ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>/2012 | 7

• General Administration is one of the main expenditures. It includes the salary of a full time

Clerk (37 hours a week) and a part time Responsible Financial Officer, as well as insurance,

rents, telephone, internet, maintenance of the website, and other administrative expenses as

well as training courses attended by Councillors and the Clerk.

• Agency Services – this includes mowing and maintenance of the 6 play areas/Open Space

Areas, namely:

• Big Meadow/Monie Meadow

• Dugdale Avenue Sports Fields

• The Paddocks

• Jubilee Close

• Kings Lane, Broom

• Marleigh Park

• Millers Bank, Broom

• The Leys


• Flower boxes

• Grass/Verge cutting and maintenance in ong>Bidfordong> and Broom

• Donations and Section 137 – these are the donations and grants given by the Parish Council

to charities and social groups working for the benefit of the local community and this year it

included the following local associations:

• Regular annual donations £685.00

ong>Bidfordong> Senior Citizens ong>Annualong> Party £500.00

ong>Bidfordong> Royal British Legion £50.00

• Citizen’s Advice Bureau £404.00

ong>Bidfordong> Cricket Club £500.00

ong>Bidfordong> Community Choir £500.00

• Vintage Gathering £250.00

• St. Laurence PCC £2,850.00

ong>Bidfordong> Youth Club £120.00

ong>Bidfordong> Community Library £5,000.00

• Stop, Listen Play £300.00

• TOTAL £11,159.00

• Allotments and Burial Ground – maintenance costs

• Street lighting

Replacement of 5 columns £5,512.26

Extra replacement due to damage £912.59

ong>Annualong> maintenance contract £1,210.00

Unmetered electricity supply £6,141.76

Christmas lights £106.39

TOTAL £13,883.00

8 | ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>/2012

• Parks and Play areas – includes :

• Lease of the Big Meadow £10,000.00

• Running costs of the Big Meadow £19,000.00

• Grass/verge maintenance £7,850.00

TOTAL £36,850.00

• Miscellaneous – includes new street furniture, general maintenance and repairs etc

A copy of the Financial Statement for the year ending 31st March 2012 is available upon request.

ong>Reportong> written and published by ong>Bidfordong>-on-Avon Parish Council

June 2012

ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>/2012

10 | ong>Annualong> ong>Reportong> ong>2011ong>/2012

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