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Two E Bar/Lounge

Blending classic elegance with modern mixology

Two E Bar/Lounge at The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York

2 East 61st Street at Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10065






Fall Forward 3

Be the Best Dressed in the Room 10

Three Looks for an Entrepreneur 22

Anita Patrickson 17

Flirting with Fall 47

Anita Patrickson 17

Fresh Faces 60

Touch of Couture 70


Melanie Iglesias 52

Katherine Bailess 54

Jillian Rose Reed 56

Lauriana Mae 58


Fred Mouawad 16

Anita Patrickson 17


Byron Lars 19

Jamie Gottschall 20



Nicky Hilton 74


Stay in Shape 64

Fall Blossoms 65

Beauty Trends 68

Samuel Gonzales 25

Justin Coale 26

Lincoln Heller 27

Corporate Central 45

Rose Smith 46


Jade Mountain 80

St. Lucia 84


6 Things to Know... 30

3 Innovators in Business in Alleywire 31

Must Read 32

FashInvest 33

Accelator Program 34

Gift of Wonder 36

Kickstarting Innovation 37

HeadFunder 38

Tech Toys 39

Wearable Technology 42


Chef Luis Dominguez 88

Sue Phillips 89

John Solo 90

Chantelle Fraser 91

Charm Management 93

Peter Popps 94


Bags that Jump 96

Fashion Week 2015 Spring Preview 97


Fall Forward

Fall Forward

Photography - Brandon Hart

Makeup & Hair - Faye Smith

Styling - Florence Leung

Model - Dakota Fellows






Nova Lorraine - Founder, Creative Director & Editor in Chief

Marilyn Wilson - Senior Editor

Derron Forrest - Business Development

Janet Igah - Style Editor

Kristopher Johnson-Hoyle - Sr. Associate Editor


Lisa Archibald


Bryson Littlejohn


David J. Freschman

Javin Forrest

Michelle Brown

Maik Wiedenbach

Liz Belivoskaya


Carlotta Harrington

Frederique Porter

Javier Hernandez

Natasha Gabriel

Tina Littlejohn


Martina Micko


Mredul Mani


Iesha Coppin

Danielle Murray

Dominique Barchus

Taylor Kelly

Jasmin Forrest


Photographer – Luis Guillen

Rita Vinieris gown, Pico earrings and cuff.


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Fall is here! Who doesn’t like the smell of autumn leaves

or the feeling of a crisp breeze that this glorious season

brings. After all, it’s the dawn before the holidays and the

first snow fall.

It’s an exciting time for everyone, especially those that

anticipate the end of a great year or the beginning of an

amazing one yet to come. We are thrilled to bring you

another labour of love - our Fall Fashion and Style issue,

featuring Nicky Hilton. Nicky, although a little shy, doesn’t

hold back when it comes to business and style. With

fashion being the love of her life, Nicky introduces an easy

guide that will help you bring style into your wardrobe

365 days a year - with no fuss and no big bank accounts


As you know, style goes beyond clothes. Read on and

discover some of the most stylish businesses, accessories,

technology and of course, exotic destinations around the

world! When you are done getting caught up on all the

newest “must knows” - don’t be shy; if you haven’t already,

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Nova Lorraine

Founder and Editor









Photographer: Pitr Serafin; Stylist: Cezary

Glusniewski; Model: Caro Niemiec @ AS

Management; Make Up: Karolina Rodak; Hair:

Jaroslaw Peczek @ Effectownia Hair Design;

Assistant: Peter Blaszczyk

Blouse: Sylwia Karin; Skirt: Siccone; Bag: Kazar;

Heels: Kazar; Jewelry: Lewanowitz

Top: Siccone; Jacket: ModaPolska; Vintage Shorts: Sylwia Karim; Jewelry


Top: Sylwia Karin; Skirt: Sylwia Karin; Sunglasses: Mami;

Jewelry: Lewanowitz

Dress: KasKryst; Belt: KOD; Necklace: Lewanowitz

Opposite: Suit: KasKryst; Necklace: Lewanowitz





Billionaire Fred Mouawad is a global citizen, portfolio entrepreneur, and fourth

generation Co-Guardian of Mouawad, the family jewelry business. If being a

driven entrepreneur wasn’t enough, Mouawad might best be known for his

company’s involvement in creating seven diamond-studded bras for Victoria

Secret, ranging in price from $7 million to $12 million. Several of his luxury

undergarments grabbed Guinness World Records for being the most expensive

lingerie ever made.

The parent company, Synergia One

Group, operates in 16 countries across

several industries including gems and

jewelry retailing, diamond manufacturing

and wholesaling, watchmaking, food

service development and franchising,

food development and manufacturing,

interior design, IT development and

consulting, publishing and trade shows,

and private equity.

His new venture,Taskworld, is a task

management platform that not only

keeps his teams organized, but also is the

first to provide accurate, metric-based

performance evaluations on assignments.

The platform provides managers and

employees easy access to the status of

assigned projects and tasks. The cloudbased

platform also equips managers

with evidence-based feedback, making

employee reviews more accurate and

non-disputable. Furthermore, Taskworld’s Android and iOS apps help business

travelers manage their employees from remote locations.

RAINE: What has been the greatest challenge that you have overcome in your

career as an entrepreneur?

MOUAWAD: When starting a new venture, you will always encounter skeptics.

The skepticism can come from all around, be it from customers, suppliers,

employees, or even partners. The key in a start-up is keeping to your vision

while still being realistic. It is important to be able to make adjustments based

on the reactions of the market place. It’s about finding ways to achieve tangible

results, moving from uncertainty to foolproof concepts in stages. I also feel that

celebrating the small wins is important in validating the venture and figuring

what to do next. I learned early on that when businesses go astray it’s seldom

because of the idea, it’s either because the capital funding was underestimated

or the people on the team did not have the right capabilities. The right idea, with

enough capital, and the right team are the core ingredients to success.

RAINE: You surround yourself with exceptional talent. What qualities do you

look for when adding members to your team?

MOUAWAD: I look for belief in the Company vision. Is the person really passionate

about their contribution and how the company is making a positive impact in the

world? Are they eager to learn and grow? How eager is the person to work on

self-improvement and what is their drive for continuous improvement? It is also

important to look for intelligence and aptitude. Intelligent people have a higher

capacity for learning, adjusting, and contributing. Expertise is also a significant

quality. In certain functional areas, it’s important for the team to have deep

expertise to add value, but if the expertise can be taught then we make sure to

provide great training to those with aptitude. High energy is vital to get things

done, and energize others on the team, as it’s contagious. Without

positive energy, execution falls flat. Honesty and integrity are

also factors to consider. Dishonest team members always

end up causing damage. Once trust is lost, I find it

extremely difficult to put my faith in a person.

RAINE: How do you feel Taskworld answers the

need to a problem?

MOUAWAD: Taskworld answers the need

for several problems that managers have

to deal with on a daily basis. It helps

managers organize their work so that they

save time. It helps create accountability

within teams as clear delegation can be

established and people are held responsible

for their work. Consolidation is achieved

as Taskworld enables managers to keep all

information pertaining to a task in one location. It

improves the follow-up process as all those involved

in a task are notified of any changes. Evaluation is

made easy as there is an established method of gauging

performance that can be used by managers to give evidencebased

feedback. This is very important as timely feedback gives team members

the opportunity to adjust their performance, driving continuous improvement.

Taskworld also improves visibility within teams as everyone is on the same page

and has the same information.

RAINE: How would you say that Taskworld is different from

other time management programs that are available?

MOUAWAD: The feature of Taskworld that sets it apart

from other task management tools is its performance

metrics capability. We allow managers the ability to

provide immediate feedback upon completion of a

task with a star rating system for a performance quality

assessment and an on-time completion percentage that

indicates the team member’s efficiency level.

RAINE: You have continually succeeded at developing great products. What is

the key to developing products that add value the people and businesses that

will use them?

MOUAWAD: It is important to have deep empathy with what the customer

values so you can anticipate their requirements. To develop great products

there needs to be an understanding of the problems you solve or how the

company is adding value to consumers relative to its competitors. In all my

portfolio companies we put customers at the center. We try to understand what

the customer needs and what could delight them beyond their expectations.

We also build a culture in our organizations that is very customer-centric.

Whenever we plan, we keep customers in mind and give priority to the projects

that add the most value to customers.

RAINE: If you could only choose one experience in your life that has helped to

define who you are, what would that be?

MOUAWAD: I would say that the experience of growing up in a boarding school

in Switzerland with 300 other students coming from 50 different countries was

a big influence on me. I have been fortunate enough to live around multiple

cultures, getting the value of perspective when it comes to people and

understanding them. I believe this has led me to start ventures with a global

scope from the outset. I don’t like to be confined and love the freedom to do

business across boundaries.

RAINE: Who has been the biggest inspiration to you on your journey as a

creative entrepreneur?

MOUAWAD: I am an avid reader and am inspired by many entrepreneurs.

The traits that I admire the most are resilience and the ability to bounce back

from any setback. I respect those with the courage to move forward, and the

persistence to trying again with intelligence. Entrepreneurs that have failed and

succeeded and continue playing the game for the love and passion of building

a business from scratch inspire me.

My father has clearly been a big influence in my life. I have observed him run

his businesses and learned

a great deal from the way he


RAINE: If could redo just one

thing in your professional life

what would it be and why?

MOUAWAD: I don’t think

I would change much. If I

were to give myself advice,

it would be, “Do fewer things

and work less. There are

many other hobbies and

ways to get satisfaction out

of life than working hard in

trying to develop and grow

all the companies in your


We only have one life, and

it’s a journey of continuous

discovery and learning. I

have clearly experimented

and learned a great deal and

continue doing so. I have

been very fortunate for all the

experiences I have gained in

my life on both the academic

and practical side.

RAINE: What are your words of wisdom to other entrepreneurs?

MOUAWAD: Stay hungry, be courageous, and make wise decisions. Staying

hungry is critical. Getting complacent is easy, especially if an entrepreneur

experiences success early on. Success is temporary, so it’s important to

constantly push to drive continuous improvements. Courage is required for

anyone trying to start a business. There are so many uncertainties, so it’s

important to focus on doing and worry less about the probability of success.

Trying to make wise decisions is important because as entrepreneurs our

success depends on the key decisions we make throughout our journey. When

you’re younger, making wise decisions requires that you seek the guidance of

and listen intently to wiser people. It’s amazing how much you can learn from

others by asking the right questions and listening rather than naively making


Images courtesy of Synergia One Group






Photos by JSquared Photography

Originally raised in South Africa, renowned Celebrity

Stylist, Anita Patrickson has traveled extensively,

gaining experience across a multitude of cultures

and lifestyles, which has been vital aid to her eclectic

and individual fashion aesthetic. Having had a natural

ability to fashion and style, she made her home in Los

Angeles. Shortly after, Condé Nast secured her as the

Assistant West Coast Editor for Allure magazine.

Eventually, Anita broke away to pursue a freelance

career. She has dressed celebrities

ranging from Emma Watson and

Julianne Hough to Emmy Rossum,

Rachel Bilson, Nina Dobrev,

Chanel Iman, Taylor Kitsch and

Chris Colfer and regularly styles

the covers and editorial pages of

Elle, Instyle, Vanity Fair, Esquire,

Glamour and many more.

Most recently, Anita has

branched into television, film and

commercials, working with brands

and on successful campaigns

along with big networks and

studios like Paramount and

Warner Brothers.

Anita appears regularly on

America’s Next Top Model,

Access Hollywood, Popsugar

and E!. She has hosted various

design and style shows like

‘Designer Spotlight’ as well as

representing big brands like Target

in their popular ‘Back to School’


RAINE: What advice would you

give another stylist that is trying to

break into the fashion industry?

PATRICKSON: Be resourceful and

stick it out. Those people that stick

out that last little bit, are those that

make it in the end. Also, being a

people person and saying: “yes”

to things and being able to make

it to happen rather than seeing the


RAINE: What was your big break

that led you to Condé Nast?

PATRICKSON I had been assisting

another stylist for a year and she

very graciously introduced me to the amazing folks at

Condé Nast, I went in for an interview and amazingly, I

got the job!

RAINE: What is it about fashion that you find interesting?

PATRICKSON: Every day is completely different from

the next. I enjoy the challenges and working with

people—top photographers, meeting young models

that are on top of their game and of course the

incredible designers.

RAINE: What has been your most challenging situation?

PATRICKSON: The most challenging situations arise

when something goes wrong and you have to think on

your feet. Like a zipper breaking as a client is about to

step onto the carpet… these things happen more often

than one would think!

RAINE: As a veteran in the industry, what misconceptions

did you initially have as a stylist that you soon realized

were incorrect?

PATRICKSON: It’s a lot harder than I originally thought

and is a bit more of a grind.

Being on the inside, you realize that it is not all that

glamorous, and it’s not just about putting beautiful

clothes on pretty girls. It can be challenging when you

are working with rising actresses, especially when

designers don’t know who they are because they don’t

always like to loan out clothes for new talent.

Ironically it’s often the big stars that tend to be the most

chilled out, while those that haven’t quite made it -

sometimes arrive with a chip on their shoulder.

RAINE: How would you describe your own style?

PATRICKSON: I like simple and clean. I love my jeans;

t-shirts and I live in my motorcycle jackets.

RAINE: What was the one opportunity that you had to

pinch yourself for?

PATRCKSON: When I first dressed Emma Watson

for her final Harry Potter tour. It was funny how it all

happened. The day I found out, my car had just broken

down and I was waiting on the side of the road and

suddenly, out of nowhere, I received the call that Emma

Watson’s people called to ask if I would style her for

her tour.

RAINE: As a stylist, what era in time are you most

influenced by?

PATRICKSON: I don’t know if there is one era that I

gravitate towards - I love that classic 90’s look, slightly

more androgynous.

RAINE: When working with clients, who are your top 3

go-to designers and why?

PATRICKSON: It changes depending on the client. Three

of my favorite designers are: Valentino, Balenciaga and


RAINE: You have traveled extensively around the world.

Would you say that your travels have helped to develop

your skills as a stylist?

PATRICKSON: I think that having the opportunity to

travel, as a stylist has been really beneficial. It has

opened my eyes to different aesthetics. Other cultures

are so fascinating— the accessories they use, the

colors they wear and the patterns they mix.

RAINE: What advice have you been given that has

helped you navigate the fashion industry?

PATRICKSON: Believe in yourself and be nice to

everyone. You never know who will come back to give

you an opportunity.

RAINE: What advice do you have for budding stylist?

PATRICKSON: Embrace your individuality. That’s your

greatest asset.



Long gone are the days of having to be a super fashionista or

fashionisto by making attempts to attend any and every fashion

show or fashion fair on the face of the Earth; in order to find the

‘next big thing.’ Wouldn’t it be great to have one source for all your

fashion browsing needs? Well, look no further, My|Trnd is providing

that exact service and transforming the way professional buyers and

designers navigate the industry.

Created by co-founders Thomas Weikop, Taus Ansvig So

and Kristoffer Rosberg in 2012, their online showroom was created

as a way to give fashion professionals virtual access to thousands

of fashion brands whilst supporting new brands, by giving them

an outlet to promote themselves and showcase their talents. This

Copenhagen-based international team spans over various countries

including London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, New York,

Manilla, Morocco and Bangladesh and is taking the fashion world by


My|Trnd allows fashion forward minds to explore, follow

and connect with new brands, keeping them up to date on the latest

creations and collections of their favorite designers, allowing them to

be the first to get a sneak peek. My|Trnd is the leading pioneer in the

way fashion professionals do business and seek new talent. Not only

is it paving the way for alternative methods to navigate the fashion

industry, but it’s also creating an innovative milestone in changing

the fashion industry.

RAINE: Describe in your own words what My|Trnd is, and how does

your platform aim to add value to its fans and followers?

ROSBJERG: My|Trnd is an online showroom created for fashion

professionals to browse brands like never before. The main focus

is to help professional buyers navigate the industry and help brands

reach a global audience. We showcase the upcoming collections

as you would see visiting a fashion fair, but instead of 200 brands,

you can browse 2000 at My|Trnd - well a lot more actually. In a

few moments a buyer can view his favorite brands upcoming

collections, discover new brands or follow the upcoming trends.

RAINE: What steps did you take as an entrepreneur to successfully

take My|Trnd from its initial stages as an idea to a startup?

ROSBJERG: After we decided on the concept, we agreed to launch

the basic version and within a few months we were hosting over 500


RAINE: Did you receive outside funding for your company, and what

were the 3 most important elements that helped you secure funding?

ROSBJERG: Yes, we did receive funding. I believe the 3 most

important elements where a solid team and our vision paired with

the possible market, in addition to the great progress we made in a

very short time.

RAINE: We have seen My|Trnd evolve over the past couple of

months. Can you talk a little about your initial launch and where are

you now with your re-launch?

ROSBJERG: What I will tell you about is the new platform SpaceRebel.

com we recently launched. We created a platform where designers

of all shapes and sizes can rent in stores all over the world. We’ve

seen so many great small designers struggling to get into stores.

That is a shame in a world where we love diversity!

We help them get into the countries and shops they want

–and fast. Within a couple of days a designer can sign deals with

a lot of shops for an agreed upon period of time with no effort.

On the other side we help stores discover new talent, create popup

events for their customers and offer a new business model for

increased income—increased income.

RAINE: What are your thoughts on the current state of the fashion

industry? Do you think there is too much pressure on designers to

continually push out collections with an overall emphasis on profit

over creativity?

ROSBJERG: Yes and no. I am sure there is too much pressure on

most designers to constantly deliver new items and styles. I am sure

there is too much pressure on most designers to constantly deliver

new items and styles. Again, comfort kills creativity – we all need a

little push sometimes.

But fashion is too much about money, we all know this. I love the

small designers who are passionate about their collections and

eager to tell and share their vision.

RAINE: As someone that is a veteran in the fashion industry, what

business advice would you offer to budding entrepreneurs who

would like to start a career in fashion?

ROSBJERG: Fashion is a great industry for entrepreneurs. It’s

tough and even though fashion is ever changing and innovative, the

business is grounded in solid principles. If you create something

new, be consistent and patient. Also, be ready to work 18 hours a


RAINE: You surround yourself with exceptional talent. What qualities

do you look for when adding members to your team?

ROSBJERG: The qualities that we look for in new team members are

dedication, ability to learn, skillset and vision.

RAINE: If you could only choose one experience in your life that has

helped to define who you are, what would that be and why?

ROSBJERG: Traveling has offered me the time to discover, think and

get a perspective on things.

RAINE: The pursuit of happiness. What does that mean to you as an


ROSBJERG: Freedom, creativity and helping others.

Images courtesy of My Trnd



Images courtesy Byron Lars Beauty Mark

Introducing Byron Lars an American fashion designer, who came onto

the scene under his own label in 1991. As part of that season’s success,

Women’s Wear Daily named him “Rookie of the Year”. Since then, Byron

Lars has designed dresses for many notable names including, Michelle

Obama in 2011 and Olympic gold medalists Sanya Richard-Ross, Carmelita

Jeter and Allyson Felix.

The label started with a small collection of sportswear focusing on

what Lars refers to as “twisted American classics.” He took

his inspiration from everywhere, including his grandfather’s

hunting jacket, crossbreeding it with a “Dior New Look” to

create a look that resembles a Dutchess of Windsor meets

Field and Steam hybrid. As soon as audiences saw these

innovative creations carriers including Bergdorf, Saks Fifth

Avenue, Bloomingdales, Henri Bendel, Neimen Marcus and

Anthropology snapped up his line.

Lars’ designs became even more apparent on his

Seventh on Sixth runway presentation where he created

accessories as mere fashion show props. He attracted the

attention of licensees in handbags, furs and hats. His fame

and creative designs led to his designing a limited edition of

designer Barbie dolls for Mattel.

By the end of his licenses Lars chose to direct

his energy away from the designer collection and focus

on a contemporary line, crossing out the lofty prices. He

took cues from his previous collections and made them

more affordable. This redirection was the beginning of

“Byron Lars Beauty Mark.” Lars’ label has a non-conformist

aesthetic that has helped the brand stand strong. “I wanted

it to be more about the clothes and less about the ‘hype’,”

says Lars. Beauty mark has now enjoyed eight years of

success with highly sought out chic and sexy shirts and

expanding to include knits, sportswear and dresses.

Meet Byron Lars an American success story.

RAINE: Your design philosophy mixes contrasting elements

for a fresh take on fashion. How has being a non-conformist

helped your brand to succeed in the fashion industry?

LARS: I think that my brand’s non-conformist aesthetic is

the only reason why we’re still standing today because,

once our stores introduce these clothes to their customer

and she experiences for herself all the inside love that

goes into every single piece, she knows that she’s found

something special and understands why she’s spending

that kind of money for it.

RAINE: As a creative entrepreneur where do you draw your inspiration


LARS: Quite literally anything can inspire me to create but lately, I find the

most fertile ground to be in pondering the wants and needs of my customer.

Questions like, “What does the day dress look like that she wants to wear

so often that she’s totally bummed that she wore it the day before”, really

get my creative engines revving.

RAINE: Mattell toys tapped you to design a limited edition collection of their

iconic Barbie doll. How did it feel to be recognized by Mattell as being a

premier American designer?

LARS: Far more exciting than any ego-boost I may have gotten from the

idea of Mattel seeking out li’l-ole-me to design for Barbie was the profoundly

positive reaction that I got from so many women of color who expressed

such gratitude of FINALLY having their brand of beauty so thoroughly

represented by the iconic doll.

I never in my wildest dreams would have expected anything near the kind

of impact that those dolls would have on my community.

RAINE: How would you say that Beauty Mark differs from your namesake

label you created in 1991?

LARS: The only distinction between my collection of years past and Beauty

Mark now is price point really.

I love the fact that so many more people have the means to access my

clothes now than were able to at that time.

RAINE: Since its inception, Beauty Mark has always been about the clothes.

Do you have any plans in the future to refocus on the designer collection?

LARS: As Beauty Mark continues to grow, there will be expansions in both

price-point directions, with the addition of even more affordable options

(which excites me most) as well as a peppering of higher priced luxury

items that definitely have their place in the grand scheme of things.

I don’t however have any plans to ever enter back into the collection

business because Beauty Mark is a collection...it’s just a collection at a

contemporary price-point.

RAINE: As someone that is a veteran in the fashion industry, what business

advice would you offer to budding entrepreneurs who would like to start a

career in fashion?

LARS: The advice I can offer to any budding fashion entrepreneur is to

firstly learn on someone else’s dime. Work in the business to learn as much

as you can about it from an insider’s perspective before setting out on your


As long as a direct line to her

is maintained and nurtured, I

believe a fashion brand can

weather any storm because,

she will have been there all

along guiding the direction of

the brand with her interests,

likes and dislikes, thus

keeping it relevant.

RAINE: In the fashion

industry, designers come and

go. To what do you credit

your longevity and your ability

to navigate the cycle of ups

and downs that the industry

is known for?

LARS: I’m sure that the key to

our longevity has been simply

sticking to what we’re really

good at which is building

a well made product that’s

not run of the mill, in spite of

market trends that have at

times veered away from these

goals as ideal notions.

RAINE: What are the

foreseeable challenges facing

your brand, Beauty Mark in

the future, and what steps are

you taking now to successfully

navigate those potential


LARS: The biggest challenge

for my brand is getting our

message out there and letting

the woman that we’re not

currently dressing know what

we stand for and that we are

here to facilitate her access

to her best self (in a fashion

sense of course).

Social Media is thankfully

a direct line to her but, it is a

world unto itself that takes an

enormous amount of focus

to get and keep her engaged

in the eternal conversation

that is designed to permeate

her conscience with brand

DNA. That all sounds so

insidious but it can only be

successful if there is some

kind of pre-existing synergy to

allow for it.

RAINE: What are three fun

facts that you would like

people to know about you?

LARS: Three fun facts:

I live for roller-coasters...but only for GOOD roller-coasters that really thrill!

My musical taste is about as varied as it gets. I love everything from Adele

to Bach to Cibo Matto to Loretta Lynn to St. Vincent to...well, you get where

I’m going with this.

I make a mean carrot cake.


Jamie Gottschall

Master multi-tasker and the Martha Stewart of style, Jamie Gottschall

dominates the DIY lifestyle with her IndomitableStyle brand and her mission

to inspire, educate, and empower those with big dreams on a budget.

Sticking to the mantra of “affordable luxury” Gottschall is perfecting the art

of living, with everyday style.

Don’t let the stylish exterior fool you; This “Jill of All Trades” has

years of industry experience with financial firms Merrill Lynch & Wasserstein

Perella, that paired with training alongside the top style experts. There’s

nothing she doesn’t know a little bit about.

RAINE: You have a positive outlook on the amazing possibilities that life

holds for each and every one of us.

How did you come across this nugget of

wisdom that is widely known, but seldom


GOTTSCHALL: It is through both instinct

and experience that allows me to possess

this wisdom you are talking about. Please

allow me to explain both. Instinct is when

we allow our natural 5 senses to show us

the way. I believe the use of our natural

senses is becoming a lost art. All too

often, individuals rely on the internet for

answers, doctors and friends, but the truth

is (in my opinion) our answers are all within

each and every one of us. Example; I can

taste something and recreate it without

the recipe, simply by tuning into my

heightened senses to recall taste, scent

and texture.

As for experience, there is no

better schooling than the school of hard

knocks. While my friends were out getting

their Masters degrees, I had already long

mastered my passions and crafts. I am a

listener, an absorber, a person who can

see something and recreate it 10x’s better

and do it the first time around.

As for what keeps me so

positive? My craft, which is work for

many, is a true labor of love. I have always

seen my future, so a positive outlook is

what gives me my vision to create what

I have seen my entire life. If you dream it,

you can live it, as long as you believe in

your dreams.

RAINE: Who in your life has helped to

influence your decisions as a creative


GOTTSCHALL: My late father believed in me, he taught me to dream and

dream big. He was always dreaming and creating, it’s sad he couldn’t live

the dream to the fullest, but I think instead, his mission in life was to inspire

me to reach what he couldn’t. He showed me the way.

RAINE: What one piece of business advice would you offer budding

entrepreneurs that has helped you more than any other advice?

GOTTSCHALL: If I had to offer budding entrepreneurs a piece of business

advice, it would be two simple things; to believe in yourself no matter what

and by that I mean, change for no one. A successful person truly believes

in themselves. They believe in what they are branding or selling and they

do it with absolute conviction. My second piece of advice is to build a

platform so big, that no one but you can take center stage.

RAINE: As an entrepreneur, what has been your biggest challenge and what

steps did you take to successfully reach your goals?

GOTTSCHALL: My biggest challenge as an entrepreneur was learning how

to chase and find success on my own. I have never done business with



a publicist or an agent. I had to rely on those instincts to find my way, a

challenge well worth the risk.

RAINE: You are considered a “Jack of all trades” by many in the industry.

Would you say that being well versed with many skills has been one of the

keys to your success?

GOTTSCHALL: Being well versed in diverse industries has been a blessing,

with training from the top experts in the genres in which I cover. Next to

hard work, time and experience-- this component has provided me with

credibility that has been invaluable to my personal success.

RAINE: Your body of work points to the fact that you are driven to succeed.

What can other entrepreneurs learn from

your accomplishments?

GOTTSCHALL: What other entrepreneurs

can learn from my accomplishments is to

take any negative energy that may pose

as a roadblock, and use it as positive fuel

that catapults you forward.

RAINE: Inevitably, we all have failures in

business and in life. How do you view


GOTTSCHALL: I view failure not as a

weakness, but our greatest stepping

stones to success.

RAINE: You have a great sense of style.

What are 3 pieces of advice you can give

to men and women who would like to

develop their own style?

GOTTSCHALL: The 3 pieces of advice I

would give to any gender when interested

in developing their own sense of style:

Seek inspiration in what you love. I

sincerely believe people find comfort in


When you have finally developed

your style, wear it like you mean it. There

is nothing worse than a stylish guy or gal

that is not as confident as their clothing.

There is nothing better than

diversity in life and that includes your

wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to practice

mixing and matching; colors, patterns

and textures. Soon enough, you will be a

walking work of art.

RAINE: Your ultimate goal is to host a

daytime television show. What will you

bring to your viewers that will be unique and different from other talk show


GOTTSCHALL: My uniqueness is what has always separated me from the

rest and that comes from several beliefs;

My ability to trust “instinct” when creating and empowering others. It’s an

untouched perspective. I want to show my audience that to create is to

trust the natural gifts we are born with, in effort to bring vision to fruition.

I firmly believe in my mantra, “affordable luxury.” Demonstrating

how being resourceful and sometimes thrifty doesn’t have to mean

shabby. A fabulous lifestyle has nothing to do with how full your purse is,

but how resourceful you are.

There are many chefs and talk show hosts on television, but none

that has the diverse experience that I have or can bring to the table.

RAINE: The pursuit of happiness. What does that mean to you as an


GOTTSCHALL: The pursuit of happiness as an entrepreneur for me is what

I can ultimately do for others in the end. When you can give and not seek

anything in return, well, there is nothing that could bring me more joy.

Photos by Jason T. Jaskot








1. The Big Meeting

Photographer: Jason T. Jaskot

Stylist: Larry Underwood

Hair and Make-up: Juliette Laracuenta, assistant Beverly Sanchez for AMA

Model: David Rodriguez, RED NYC

3 piece suit: Howe, Mesh Shirt:,Underwood NY, Shoes:m Steve Madden



2.The Night Out

Vest and pants: Underwood NY

3. The Weekend

Cargo Jacket: Cockpit USA, Shirt:

Underwood NY, Jeans: 34 Heritage




Cinch Men’s Wear is a new online clothing subscription service created

just for men. Born out of the daily frustrations of putting a stylish outfit

together each and every day, Cinch Men’s Wear offers a unique alternative

to shopping. Cinch Men’s Wear offers a styling service to help customers

select their favorite outfits. Whether they do not have the time, do not know

what to buy, or simply looking for an easy method to build their wardrobe,

their styling team will help customers style their clothes.

Cinch Club Members enjoy the convenience of having a styling

team put together outfits for them, and then the selections are emailed to

them. This method puts their members in the driver seat and in control of

what their stylists are choosing for them. With other clothing subscriptions

already in the market, Cinch Men’s Wear distinguishes itself from the rest

by offering two different membership plans. This allows them to provide

a more affordable option for members. They also strive to bridge the gap

between new up-and-coming labels and potential customers. “With larger

and established brands having a strong hold on the clothing market, we

feel that it is important for us to connect new up-and-coming labels with

our customers,” said CEO Samuel Gonzalez. As a new business, they

understand the challenges that newer brands face.

Cinch Men’s Wear has recently developed a working relationship

with BYA Sports Group to provide their service to professional football

players. This is an effort to help spread the word of their service among the

country’s most popular sport.

So what is next on their list? Cinch Men’s Wear is currently

working on an IOS app that will allow for easier communication between

members and their stylists. The app will also utilize push notifications to

alert members when their outfits are ready

for review.

at the office with a blazer and a tie, and it can be relaxed for cocktails

that same evening by removing the tie, jacket, and unbuttoning the first or

second buttons. Once your foundation is built, then you can begin to take

new risks with your wardrobe, for example a blazer in a different color, a

vest over a button down, or even a button down shirt in a color you normally

wouldn’t go with. Lastly, be open-minded. We recommend members to go

slightly beyond their comfort zone when it comes to new styles and looks.

RAINE: What has been a memorable experience that a client has had while

working with one of your stylist?

GONZALEZ: One of the most memorable experiences to date has been

our work with one specific member who initially requested a subscription

box. Shortly after receiving his request and sending out his clothing, he was

so impressed with both the quality of the clothes and excellent customer

service that he asked us to custom create outfits for additional events that

he had coming up. Working with him has been a wonderful experience, and

it re-affirms my belief in our mission and commitment to our members.

RAINE: What brands does Cinch Menswear work with?

GONZALEZ: We work with both established brands and new up-and-coming

brands, including Mavi, Seven Diamond, Esposito Collecion, One90One,

OPNK, Los Angeles Third and Army, Big Star, J Shoes, Suburban Riot, and

many more.

RAINE: As an entrepreneur, can you tell me about a time when you were

unable to meet your goals and what steps did you take to turn your short

RAINE: From a cultural perspective, do

American men place enough emphasis on

fashion and style?

GONZALEZ: American men are all over

the map when it comes to fashion. Some

men are comfortable in their go-to jeans

and t-shirt, while other men are risk takers

and try new things in regards to fashion.

Whichever category a guy falls into,

whether it’s the same old and new and

risky, there is always room for change. Our

service helps men try new styles, colors,

and fits in the comfort of their own home.

We strive to take the guess work out of

selecting a great outfit for a great price.

Images courtesy of Cinch Menswear

RAINE: Confidence being one of many

keys to a creative entrepreneur’s success.

What role does Cinch Menswear play in

helping its clients feel confident?

GONZALEZ: One of the cornerstones Cinch Men’s Wear prides itself on is

helping men look great without the fuss, hassle and headaches of traditional

shopping. We do this by getting to know members on an individual basis

via our styling questionnaire, open email communication, as well as our new

messaging platform which allows our members to instantly communicate.

RAINE: As an entrepreneur who also has a degree in psychology, would you

say there is a psychology behind style?

GONZALEZ: When a man looks good and knows he looks good, he exudes

confidence. There is a form of psychology when it comes to style because

when we introduce members to new styles, we try to help them see beyond

the same clothing they are used to. It builds a psychological confidence

because the way you look reflects how you feel and your confidence level.

RAINE: What two pieces of advice would you offer men who are trying to

build a stylish wardrobe?

GONZALEZ: First and foremost- build a good foundation. One of my favorite

analogies is building your wardrobe like you would a house. When you build

a house what do you start with? The foundation. Just like a house, you must

build a solid foundation within your wardrobe before you can branch out and

try new things. A solid clothing foundation offers versatility. For example a

pair of khaki chinos and a button down shirt can be dressed up for a day

comings into future opportunities?

GONZALEZ: I would say the toughest part when I started my business

was the first couple months. Like many other entrepreneurs you get

excited about your new endeavor and expect great things from the start.

Realistically, being a new online business with a brand new website our

Search Engine Optimization was non-existent. It took nearly a month to get

one person to sign up. It was very frustrating but we continued to work on

our website, social media, and reached out to bloggers to help spread the

word of our new service. In time we saw that our effort was paying off and

our membership growth picked up steam.

RAINE: Who has been the biggest influence on your life as an entrepreneur?

GONZALEZ: My wife has been my biggest supporter. The investment in

starting a business can be tiresome and worrisome. I had many restless and

stressful nights. The support of my wife gave me the fuel needed to keep

pushing forward.

RAINE: What one piece of advice would you offer to budding entrepreneurs?

GONZALEZ: No matter what the idea is, just go for it and don’t give up. You

don’t’ want to live your life wondering what would have happened if you did

pursue your business idea. The best way to live your life is to at least know

you tried, if you never try, you will never know where your business could

have been.






When featured in a magazine, most models would take to social

media to post their photos. But not Justin Coale. When he first saw

his feature in UK magazine, Vanity Hype, the first thing that he put

on-line was a close-up shot of his pit bull Armani in sunglasses, with

the caption, “He was so excited when he found out I got into the


Not one to be idle, Justin keeps busy—from his very first

magazine feature in Philly fit to his likeness being used on the cover

of romance novel that appeared this summer, Justin is a man on a

mission. Recently, he was cast for the next season of Orange is The

New Black and the Starz new drama, Flesh and Bone. If keeping

up with work wasn’t enough, he also finds the time to stay in-touch

with his fans and followers on social media, posting almost daily,

inspirational messages and his thoughts on life.

Determined to succeed and make his star rise, we talked to

him about what’s happening now and what’s coming next.


RAINE: On your Facebook Fan Page, you say you‘re “just a regular

guy trying to make his mark on the world. My story might help you

and you might help someone else after hearing it.” So what is your


COALE: Man, I grew up with DEEP depression hating who I was. I

was always the kid, “alone in a crowd.” I use that quote on my fan

page with the hopes that people will read my bio about my battle

with bi-polar disorder and will see hope for themselves.

RAINE: You’ve

never been shy

about showing

your body, and

a Google search

brings up tons

of amazing body

shots. Some

actors, like Chris

Evans, have tried

to shy away from

taking their shirts

off in movies. What

are your thoughts

on showing your


COALE: If it wasn’t

for this body,

there wouldn’t be

the Justin Coale

you are talking

to today. Like I

said previously,

I HATED myself,

and the pictures

you see on Google

are just a guy who

loves to have his

shirt off. My body

is my temple. I

don’t see anything

wrong with it, and it

even helped me get

this interview! Also,

I have tattoo’s that

tell a story so it’s a

little different than

Chris Evans, but I can

see where he comes

from. People always

think that since I do

body work, that’s all

I must be good at.

You just have to know

where to draw the line

and with who. When I

heard RAINE wanted

to shoot clothes, I

was extremely happy

because I know I can

rock some style in

cool outfits!

RAINE: Speaking of

tattoos, you’re

covered in them!

What is your favorite


COALE: My favorite

would have to be the

one on the left side

of my chest. It covers my heart and represents so much to me. Jt

is my middle name and also happens to be the first name of my


RAINE: You’ve got tens of thousands of followers across social

media, and you always post uplifting messages. Can you speak a

little bit about your social media success?

COALE: Success on social media was one of the coolest things ever.

I love waking up to new “likes” and followers; because my whole

modus operandi is to help people become more confident in their

everyday lives. I like to believe that my posts help people across the

world become the person they want without having to be judged.

RAINE: You’ve filmed for Orange Is The New Black and you’ve shot

with many noted photographers. What is your dream project?

COALE: I’d love to do a romantic comedy with my idol Ryan Gosling,

or an action movie with Jason Stratham. Photography wise, I’d love

to work with either Bruce Weber or Mario Testino.

RAINE: Any other big projects or new ideas you want to share with


COALE: Well this (interview) is pretty big, isn’t it? I mean RAINE

magazine stands for so much, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Other than that, I have a couple book tour stops in the US, and I am

working on a clothing line with a company from Germany.

Photos by Jason T. Jaskot







The road to designing leather handbags was a journey with many

stops along the way for Lincoln Heller of fiveleft - art school, graphic

design, photography and more. It was while speaking with customers

at high end craft shows that creating things from leather moved from a

pastime into a business he loves. Handbags in particular fascinate him.

Why? “The fascination is not with the material or the styling. What really

fascinates me is how they function and the objects they carry. They

carry the things in our lives.”

Heller grew up in a small logging/agricultural town in

Washington state. His father – from humble beginnings – was the town

lawyer. His mum was an artist at heart who had varied jobs including

antique store owner, high school teacher. real estate agent and more.

He was an enigma. The appearance was privilege, but the reality was

many of his dad’s clients only could afford to trade for his services.

From an early age Heller had a talent for attracting and getting along

with people that made him welcome in most circles, but he was closest

to those he respectfully calls the “salt of the earth.”

Art was always a huge part of Heller’s life and by the end of

high school he had taken every class available. Regular subjects were,

however, uninteresting. Fortunately he had the kind of mind that could

quickly absorb lectures and remember them weeks later at test time.

His parents were supportive. “For my graduation present, they sent me

to a student camp at Kansas City Art Institute. You lived on campus a

week or two and then they gave out 4-5 scholarships. I did well at what

I was supposed to be doing, but also created a whole extra project on

top of everything else.” He was awarded one of the scholarships.

After a year of studies in Kansas City and a year back in


Washington working, Heller discovered Emily Carr University

of Art + Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was here that

inspiration took hold and education came alive. Photography was

his main area of study, but this discipline also allowed him to take

classes in other areas of interest. Time was taken off randomly to

earn money by working in logging camps up north, and then it

was back to school for more studies – a process that continued

over 8 years.

Heller had been working with leather since he was

young. These creations offered a extra source of income, but were

a random a mix of styles and materials. Then one day he picked

up a couple hides of vegetable tanned leather and there was

no turning back. Unlike traditional tanning with toxic chemicals,

cured through a time-consuming, ancient process using plant

extracts. The final product is stiffer to work with, but has unique

qualities that offer their own magic. “Vegetable tanned leather has

its own way of going forward in life when it’s new. Each individual

is going to smash it and beat it in their own way.” This interaction

affects how the bag ages – over time it becomes an expression of

the owner’s life. The artist took the hides, pressed random bicycle

parts and metal bits into them to create texture, dyed them and

created cuffs which sold out in one day.

In 1996, the fiveleft brand took form with the creation of

the messenger bag – daygoods (the first), careercarrier and the

computer bag are all still a part of the collection today. Heller

didn’t own a leather sewing machine at the time which meant

careful thought was put into how they would be constructed.

“What is interesting is the mechanics of where the shoulder strap

is. The bag is like a big origami piece. It lays flat and then, when

folded up, the shoulder strap laces it together. The only stitching

is the pocket.” Although the company now has several machines

in use, a large part of the work is still done by hand including

cutting, dying (sometimes two to three pigments on a single bag)

and imprinting them with the unique textures. Each bag is signed

and numbered.

Heller’s vision for fiveleft has always put people first. He

and his wife both chose to work part time while they had small

children, alternating days to have one parent home. His staff is an

integral part of the business, trusted to handle everything when

he is not in the studio. Interacting with customers and creating a

story line for them is an intricate part of what he offers as an artist

– and he is a master story teller. Before one fashion show he

pushed an ancient harness machine down the runway, stopping

randomly to finish sewing a piece by hand cranking the device

and then offering it to a lucky audience member.

Heller’s brand is on the brink of change. Participating

in runway shows has opened a second market for bags with

a different style. The fiveleft collection will feature five bags in

three colours that honour the line’s elemental roots – accessible,

sell-able and perfect for wholesale. A separate collection under

the label Lincoln Heller will offer luxurious handbags featuring

unique, more complex hardware and finishing – perfect for the

fashion conscious client looking for an eye-catching, statement

piece. Both are sure to find a strong client base.

In the end, what is it about fiveleft that brings Heller

the most joy? “My favourite part is creating this little bit of a

work and environment. The shop is a magical place. I really love

how it’s become my life and not just as an entrepreneur. It’s an

enjoyable way of working.” For more information or to shop the

fiveleft online store go to www.fiveleft.ca.





6 Things You Need to Know

BEFORE Starting Your Business

By Tomer Dicturel

I don’t need to repeat all of the scary statistics. On second thought,

maybe I do, since the numbers haven’t improved much over the years.

Let’s throw out a couple of big, frightening facts:

1. According to Bloomberg, 80% of businesses fail within the

first 18 months.

2. Another outlet reports that approximately 50% of

businesses fail within five years.


Select the appropriate insurance. Two types of insurance to keep in

mind are Key Man insurance and a Liability Insurance. Key man is

necessary if your business is built around one person. This way, if

anything happens to you, you’ll be covered. Liability kicks in if you get

sued for any reason.


Ok. So now that we got that out of the way, I’m here to help you avoid

becoming a statistic.

Most people start a new business venture to fulfill a dream and follow

their passion. There’s the lure of independence, freedom to do what

you want and the hope for financial success. And I’m not here to burst

that beautiful bubble. I just want to make a stronger bubble for you to

ride all the way to retirement.

Whether you’re launching an indie online accessories line, a fashion

empire or an artist’s agency, there are some important things to

consider and put in place in order to protect yourself.

By following these steps and making a plan, you’ll put yourself and

your business in a much stronger and smarter position. Plan ahead

and think about what might go wrong. This way you can hopefully

avoid some of the most common mistakes made by small business


Here’s some of the best advice I can give small business owners:


Put a buy/sell agreement in place. A buy/sell agreement allows you to

buy partners out or covers you if a partner dies. You also want to make

sure you’re prepared if anything happens to your partner.


Have a lawyer draft an Operating Agreement. This describes the

agreements between the members of an LLC. Think of it as the by-laws

of your corporation. It will include a listing of members, distributions of

profits and losses, the rights of each member and an overview of what

happens to each members share when he or she leaves.


Prepare an exit plan (for best case scenario) and a bankruptcy plan (for

worst case scenario). Instances where you might need an exit plan

include if your company goes public, you sell the company or merge

with another company.

With the proper planning, you’re giving yourself a solid foundation

to build your company on, adding layers of protection if the worst

happens. By thinking and planning ahead, you’ll save time, headaches

and money.

One of the first things you’ll need to determine is which kind of

corporation you’d like your company to be. Your choices are S Corp, C

Corp and LLC. By making the right decision, you’ll avoid a potentially

hefty tax bill and realize tax savings.


File your taxes on time. This one seems obvious, but it needs to said.

And I’m also going to throw in here that you need to save all of your


Now go out there and follow those dreams!

Tomer Dicturel, Managing Partner of

Advanced Wealth Professionals, works with a

wide range of clients, from small business owners

to some of the country’s wealthiest individuals,

and largest private and publicly held companies.

He has helped these individuals and companies

strengthen, plan and execute well-informed

financial decisions.

Image courtesy of AWPROS



Photos courtesy of: Issuu, Invest Diva, Tablelist




Invest Diva’s mission is to help you

trade the right way, avoid possible

scams and manage your own profitable

forex trading portfolio.

With this incredible new step-by-step

online education program, investing

pro and TV personality Kiana Danial

and her team show you exactly how

to understand and take advantage of

foreign currency trading:

• How the global currency market


• Why social, political, and cultural

events shape trading

• The smartest short- and longterm


• Best practices for navigating the

economic calendar

After years of studying the principles of the foreign currency exchange

market, financial expert and trading strategist, Kiana Danial gets to

the bottom of today’s most curious investment phenomenon: Why are

women suddenly making a fortune trading currencies? Kiana spent

years studying the habits of investors and discovered that women

frequently make smarter, wiser, and less-risky investment choices than

their male counterparts. This is precisely why she founded InvestDiva.

com and designed her award-winning education platform; a beginner’s

guide to smart, safe, and profitable trading.

Learn more at www.investdiva.com



With more than 20 years of tech and publishing sector

experience and a proven ability to successfully lead

companies from the startup, growth phase and beyond, Joe

Hyrkin began working with Issuu in early 2013. As CEO, he

has been instrumental in pushing Issuu into the coveted spot

as one of the fastest-growing digital publishing platforms


Readers around the globe turn to Issuu to discover

new content on whatever interests them. Millions of

publishers leverage the Issuu platform to make their content

available for today’s cross-screen reader at a low-cost.

Issuu helps publishers reach readers on tablets, desktops,

laptops and smartphones, while giving them access to

new business models. Publishers can upload visually rich

content and gain granular insight on reader behaviors and


Issuu delivers 6 billion page views across 16 million

magazines to 85 million global unique visitors each month.

Issuu’s base of subscribing publishers is comprised

of hundreds of thousands of publishers, including major news

weeklies like Huffington magazine and retail brands, like

XO Group Inc.’s The Nest and


Magazine and Armani, to deliver

a world of content including

long-form magazines, luxury

catalogues, and stylish look

books that cover everything

from fashion and parenting,

to gluten-free cooking. Issuu

is headquartered in Palo Alto,

California and is backed by

Sunstone Capital.

Learn more at www.Issuu.com.

There are over 10,000 nightlife venues in the US

that currently offer VIP tables or bottle service. This

amounts to an $8B per year annual market. However,

in spite of the opportunity of the market and the

success of its inhabitants, the nightlife space has

historically suffered from a host of problems that

consistently lead to a poor experience for customers,

as well as inefficiency and strained scalability for

venues. Boston-based startup Tablelist believes all of

these problems can be improved simply with the right


Considered the OpenTable of after dark,

Tablelist provides its members with instant access

to the most exclusive nightlife venues in New York,

Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and beyond

by letting them book VIP tables and bottle service

anywhere, any time, and from any device. With

Tablelist, members can select their favorite venues,

pick a table location, customize their bottles and

chasers, split the tab, skip the line, avoid the cover,

and get straight to celebrating - all while racking up

reward points towards future nights. Oh, and did we

mention an on-call 24/7 personal nightlife concierge?

Yeah, there’s that too.

However, for Tablelist, focusing on the

nightlife space is about more than just making the

most of an admittedly sizable opportunity. At its

core, the mission of Tablelist is to directly contribute

to the happiness of those people who use nightlife

as an outlet for positive fulfillment and expression.

By leading the charge to democratize the nightlife

industry and connecting venues directly with their

consumers, Tablelist hopes to solve the problems

that have historically plagued the space, providing a

better, more fulfilling experience for both sides.

Tablelist is available on the web, iOS, and Android.





George Brescia has spent the last twenty-five years working with

top fashion and beauty leaders, including Ralph Lauren, Donna

Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, and the fashion directors at Bloomingdales,

Bergdorf Goodman, and Lord & Taylor. As the man behind

George B Style, he’s also a top-tier NYC-based stylist and image

consultant with clients ranging from A-list celebrities to everyday

men and women looking to improve their appearance and gain


His newly publish book, Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life, is

An eye-opening look at the secret language of clothing. More than

a style guide, this innovative book teaches a method of conscious

dressing that begins with a powerful internal change. Instead of

desperately grabbing for whatever’s on hand, you’ll learn to set

your goals for the day, determining how you want to be perceived

and then dressing in a way that helps manifest those intentions.

“Clothing is about so much more than style. Every single thing

you wear communicates something about you to the outside

world—and it also winds up having a significant impact on the

way you feel. From color to style to fit to fabric, every aspect of

your clothing has the potential to either enhance or hinder your

personal brilliance.

Finding the wardrobe that makes you feel confident and beautiful

is such an important part of living a life you love, because how you

feel impacts everything you do.


No matter what you are wearing, your clothes will always say

something about your personality, your mood and what you are

trying to achieve.


Your clothes don't only affect the people that see you, they

also affect the way that you feel about yourself.


Clothing that is Ill fitting make you appear apologetic and



You will see the best results in your appearance when you work

with pieces that flatter your shape.


Dress for the experience that you want to have.

I truly believe that when you feel amazing, amazing

things start to happen for you.” – George Brescia

Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life, reveals the true power

your clothing has to affect your life, a second skin that speaks

volumes before you even open your mouth, impacting your

job prospects, your romantic life, your income, and—most

important—your deepest sense of self. Translating his styling

methods into a philosophy anyone can apply on her own, Brescia

delivers tips and tricks of the trade to help convert even the most

hapless dresser into a happy and educated shopper—one who

not only looks great but feels more confident, too. From major

closet overhauls to a whole new philosophy on color, this is a

comprehensive manual for anyone who’s ever looked at her closet

in despair.






BLUEJEWELZ is designed by a woman with

a woman’s needs and desires in mind. We create elegant

smart jewelry that combines fashion, function and flexibility.

We are unique among other emerging smart jewelry

companies in several ways. Our biggest differentiator is that

we built a platform for the technology that enables her to use

the BlueJewelz Notif in any of the stunning pieces in the

BlueJewelz or BlueJewelz-compatible collections.

Our interchangeable technology empowers women

to have choice in the accessory she wants to wear instead

of making a choice to be connected or not because her

technology doesn’t go with her outfit. We are focused on

creating beautiful first. Our pieces are specifically designed

for elegance and discretion. We use precious metals, stones

and gems in our designs that can be dressed up or down,

targeting premium and luxury consumers.

• There are no distracting flashing lights or sounds to keep

the focus on the jewelry not the technology.

Lastly, we are focused on solving a problem for women. We do

not create overly complicated “full of features” gadgets. As

women gain more responsibility in life, the less time we have

to figure out gadgets. Therefore, we’ve made BlueJewelz

very simple and easy to use. Features include:

Images courtesy of: BlueJewelz; PopShop

• Discrete alerts though a gentle vibration

The interchangeable system, allowing one BlueJewelz Notif

notification disc to be used with any BlueJewelz-compatible

jewelry, sold at BlueJewelz.com or through participating

jewelers and online partners.

• Compatibility with Apple iOS and Android devices

Ability to customize 3 separate lists of VIPs, each with a

distinct vibration via the smartphone apps

Lost phone warning: Users are notified if they stray

too far from their phone

We currently have several

things in the works

at BlueJewelz. The

technology has been

developed and tested.

Now that we have the

basics complete, we are

tweaking the industrial

aspects of the hardware

and apps so that women

will have the best

experience while using

the product. We are in

talks with other designers

who will be designing the

Valentine’s and Mother’s

Day Collections. We’re

down to a short list of

manufacturing partners,

scheduled to launch

web pre-order sales in

November for Valentine’s

Day shipment and

planning to be in stores

for Mother’s Day 2015.

POP-IN-SHOP brings your favorite independent

designer to your favorite local boutiques.

We all want to find that perfect shirt, bag or shoe. The

product that speaks to us, with its unique story and style. The

problem is that it’s hard to find these items. They aren’t at Target

or Macy’s, where you get mass market goods, and if you find

them online, you have to purchase something that you’ve never

actually seen or touched in the real world. Enter PopInShop.

We work behind the scenes with emerging designers, artisan

producers, and up-and-coming brands. We connect these

makers to amazing local boutiques across the country, and help

them work together. Our goal is simple: that you, in whatever city

or town you live in, can easily find your perfect product in your

favorite local store.

So what is PopInShop? We are an online marketplace

where designers and brick & mortar boutiques can collaborate

on alternative retail arrangements - things like consignment

deals, pop-in shops, events, and anything that looks different

than the “normal” wholesale relationship. It’s this flexibility that

makes PopInShop special. Our marketplace brings together two

extremely fragmented sides of the industry and our tools support

the retail formats that make sense in an omni-channel world.

Backed by Wharton Innovation Fund and DreamIt

Ventures, we launched the PopInShop platform in summer

2014. Since then, we’ve found overwhelming demand for our

marketplace. Stores and designers alike have been signing up

and referring their friends. We’re now focused on growing our

community and providing even better services to our target users.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to help boutiques and emerging

brands stay competitive this holiday season. Enabling stores to

bring in the right brands at the right time and showcasing this to

the right consumers will keep boutiques ahead of the curve. So

if there’s a designer you’d like to see in a store near you, spread

the word about PopInShop! We can’t wait to help you find your

perfect product or gift this year.





An accelerator program is like a boot camp for early stage ventures.

They usually last anywhere from three to six months to help accelerate

their startup and most provide a small amount of seed capital. More

importantly, they offer experienced entrepreneurs who help mentor the

new entrepreneurs within the local community and other resources that

give ventures the fuel that they need to accelerate. Many accelerator

programs provide their entrepreneurs with a curriculum focused on

creating a viable business model.

The three resources I found most useful when participating:


One of the main goals of an accelerator program is to build successful

start ups, with the hope of increasing the entrepreneurship within the

local community. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to take

advantage of potential local customers and partnerships. For example,

one of the reasons we were selected to participate in Velocity was our

target market, fraternity and sorority chapters. It just so happens that 40-

50% of national Greek chapters are headquartered in Indianapolis, which

was about an hour away from our office.


One of the most valuable lessons we learned at Velocity Indiana was

learning to talk to your customers. The first two weeks the program highly

encouraged us to get out of the office and speak to our future clients,

something we never did during our first two iterations of Greekpull. I would

drive up to University of Kentucky and Louisville knocking on sororities

and fraternity doors asking questions like, “What are biggest problems

you are dealing with in your chapter?”, “What are you currently using to

try to solve this problem?”, “What would you like to see improve?” By

understanding our customers problems we were able to build a 500-dollar

MVP website, and started generating revenue.


As young entrepreneurs there are tons of questions you constantly have

and don’t have an answer too. Like many entrepreneurs you learn by failing

and falling on your face. The biggest foundation an accelerator program

provides the entrepreneurs with is mentors to help along the way. Usually

they provide experts in all fields from accounting to product development

to marketing. Having such resources allows you to accelerate your start

up in a shorter period of time.

Eghosa (Iggy) Aihie is the Co-Founder and Head of Business for Alumnify.

Their aim is to improve alumni engagement by connecting alumni with

current students, and therefore also setting students up for success after


Twitter - @iggyneversleeps

Facebook – eghosa.aihie

Image Courtesy of Rapid Eye Photo






COO & Cofounder, Wonder Technologies, Inc.



As the lazy days of summer are replaced

by the bustle of fall, reminders that the Holiday

season is imminent fill my inbox. My usual reaction

is panic. But this year, despite being both the

cofounder of Silicon Valley-based startup Wonder

Technologies and CEO of my family of five, I am

calm and cool. I’m going to enjoy this season of

giving and impress loved ones with thoughtful


How? The simple answer is the Wonder

eGift Card, a truly modern way to gift. Users only

need a smartphone and a credit card to instantly

send Wonder Gift Cards to two million local and

national merchants anywhere in the U.S. Instead

of sending my sister in San Diego a generic gift

card, with Wonder I can treat her to a gift she’ll

love to her favorite local spa without the hassle

and waste of a plastic gift card. Here’s how it

works. Once the gift recipient accepts the Wonder

card via their smartphone or the web, they link

their Visa, MasterCard or American Express. To

redeem, they pay as usual with their linked card

and the gift amount is automatically credited. The

Wonder card never expires, and can’t get lost or

forgotten in a drawer like inconvenient plastic gift

cards. Simply, your credit card becomes your gift


I co-developed the free Wonder app

because a digital gifting marketplace where

consumers could enjoy ultimate choice, and

merchants of all sizes could be included, didn’t


Wonder is disrupting

the $140b gift card

market whose payment

infrastructure and

redemption processing

systems have changed

little in 20 years.

While the holidays are obvious, I invite

you to express gratitude throughout the year to

friends, colleagues and teachers. Wonder gives

back to your favorite cause through our Gift for

Good program.

With the Wonder app I’ve saved time,

given great gifts, now if only I could get the gift

of sleep!

Find out more at www.gowonder.com.

Images courtesy of Wonder Technologies





YesMan Watches

Images courtesy of Intellipaper and YesMan Watches

Most people consider a watch just a sleek way

to tell time. Time is invaluable and everyone has

the same 24 hours in a day, yet so few actually

consider how they spend their day. This is more

than just a watch; it is a way to consider your

use of time.

Right now all watches with leather

straps have holes in them. This damages the

leather and restricts the wearer to a certain

number of sizing options. We’ve developed

a new patent-pending buckle that allows for

twice as many sizing options and a sleeker fit

while keeping the leather on your watch strap

fresh. Stop rocking worn out watch straps!

After looking at thousands of watches

to design our very own and dialing in our supply

chain, we needed to find a way to fund our

first production run. We turned to Kickstarter,

launching in January and reaching our initial

$15000 goal in our first three days. By the end

of our 32 day campaign, we had raised over

200% of our initial goal, totaling over $32000.

We continued to sell pre-orders as we fulfilled

production. Our first production run has now

been completed and all pre-orders have been

shipped. Revenues to date total over $40000

and over 300 units.

We currently have about 300 watches

in inventory. We are primarily based online,

besides a few pop-up shops. We drive traffic

and sales through our social media pages and

media outlets. We’ve been in Entrepreneur,

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Bro Bible, to

name a few. We are going to continue to push

sales online until we have the cash on-had to

expand to retail. We’re expanding our watch

line and adding on new products. Licensing

is also an option for us. Our patent-pending

buckle is a major innovation in the watch

market and we’ve already been approached

by some major brands in regards to licensing.

We have yet to finalize contracts because we

see Yes Man Watches as a way to validate

the assumption that people are looking for

this buckle apparatus. The more we grow Yes

Man Watches, the more valuable our buckle






Two Millennials exemplify their generation by taking in the “now” and getting

creative. Nolan Thompson and Chris LaBonty, founders of Headfunder,

realize that a dream does not have to wait until tomorrow, but a dream

can manifest as quick as the body reacts to thought. At 21 years old, both

young men are making a new win-win platform for people to engage in and

uplift society.

Coming from a household of hardworking parents, Nolan started

working as a cashier at McDonalds at the age of 16, while Chris lived

engulfed in the internet world learning everything he needed to know.

When business-minded Nolan envisioned having his own company, he

teamed up with techie Chris, who had a novice idea, and together they

birthed Headfunder as their effort to make a difference in the world.

Raine: What is HeadFunder?

LABONTY & THOMPSON: HeadFunder is a social crowdfunding platform

where we focus on giving back to the world in a positive way. We have

combined social media features with our crowdfunding platform to help

campaigns get more exposure online which can result in more funding.

Raine: How is the concept of HeadFunder similar and different than other

crowd funders?

LABONTY & THOMPSON: HeadFunder is similar to crowdfunding

platforms: We have the choice of fixed or flexible funding for campaign

creators. Fixed funding is where the campaign creators only get the funds

if the goal is reached before the end date. Flexible funding is where the

campaign creators get the funds whether they hit their goal or not. The

funds are only pre approved and your card is never charged until the end

date of a successful fixed campaign or a flexible campaign.

HeadFunder is different to crowdfunding platforms: Our fees are the lowest

in the industry! We charge only 2% for fixed campaigns and 4% for flexible

campaigns. There is no upfront cost to create a campaign when using


While on HeadFunder, you can be social like never before on a

crowdfunding platform. Users can send direct messages to each other.

They can also follow each other and view a live activity stream. Users

can also earn badges for their involvement with HeadFunder so they can

show them off to new visitors to the site. You can also create a custom

HeadFunder to have as your profile picture which keeps our site fun and


The Magic Box is a feature we added to our site to allow

HeadFunders to help us decide who we should give 10% of our earnings

to each month. We select a few campaigns that are impacting the world in

a positive way to be featured in the Magic Box. Users then vote on which

campaign should receive the funds. We know as we grow the Magic Box

will be at amounts that can change people’s lives.

On HeadFunder, we have more categories that you can raise funds for.

You can raise funds for your business ides for profit, a cause for a verified

non-profit, or your personal needs such as a loved one’s medical bills or a

party bus for you and your friends to your next event you go to. We want

crowdfunding to be for everyone so we made a platform for everyone.

RAINE: What inspired you to start HeadFunder?

LABONTY & THOMPSON: We got inspired to start HeadFunder after seeing

all the amazing campaigns being funded by people all over the world. We

were so happy to see that everyone was working together to help others

achieve their dreams. We felt that crowdfunding was a positive industry to

be involved with so we figured out how we could help benefit the industry

and jumped in.

RAINE: When did you decide the time was right to invest yourself into this


LABONTY & THOMPSON: The thought of making that first step towards

being an entrepreneur is always the hardest step to take, but in the end

it is the most rewarding. We both were working jobs and wanted to start

working on our own dreams. We were looking at all of the companies in

our world and wondering how they did it. Then we realized that they just

went for it! They stopped talking about doing something and took action to

make it happen. We realized that there was no right time to start investing in

you, so we just had to go for it. Now here we are with HeadFunder making

positive things happen in the crowdfunding community.

RAINE: Why did you choose to develop the system of HeadFunder?

LABONTY & THOMPSON: We love the crowdfunding industry! Everyone

here is so supportive of one another and the people really focus on

positivity. We chose to create a social crowdfunding platform because

we felt that the other platforms were not supportive of their users. So

many users were reaching out to them on social media, but were not

getting any response. We try to respond to every HeadFunder whether

through the site or through social media. We felt that if there was a social

platform dedicated to crowdfunding, that more like-minded people

in the crowdfunding industry could interact and share ideas easier.

RAINE: How will this system change the way people manage their

business, their lives?LABONTY & THOMPSON: We feel that HeadFunder

will change how crowdfunding platforms function. With all of these new

social tools, users can be entertained while on HeadFunder. This will make

crowdfunding more fun for the people visiting our site.

RAINE: Who are the people that will benefit most from HeadFunder?

LABONTY & THOMPSON: We believe that everyone will benefit from using

our site. Campaign creators can benefit by gaining funds contributed by

other users on the site and if their campaign is positive, it can potentially

win the Magic Box. Campaign contributors will benefit from the good

feeling they get when they back a campaign and if the campaign gives

out rewards, then they will receive something from a campaign creator on

HeadFunder. Who doesn’t love to get a gift in the mail? Even the users who

just come to vote on the Magic Box will leave the site knowing that they

just helped someone get closer to winning the Magic Box for that month.

Images courtesy of HeadFunder




Tech Toys


Have a busy life? Travel often without room to carry an iron?

Well then life on the go is about to get a lot better for you with…

Collar perfect! With very little setup time the Collar Perfect will

not only iron out the wrinkles that a traditional iron would but it

is also built to reach the places a traditional had difficulty with.

It’s flexible design will now you can easily straighten your collar.

The streamlined contour will also let you reach around buttons,

lift the wrinkles out of dress or skirt hem line, and even straighten

out pocket while wearing it. There is also a 90-degree tip that

opens up to cover more surface area for broader ironing. This

light weight patent pending travel buddy will fits right into the

palm of your hand and will be a must for any would be travlers.

Website: http://www.collarperfect.com


Price: $29.95


Whenever on vacation or just on the go, say during a bike ride,

we have all had those moments where had thought, “Man, I wish

I caught that on camera!” Well now you will have a much better

chance to catch those moments with the Contour Roam. This slim

lightweight camera can be strapped onto a helmet, your bike, your

body, and even a surfboard to catch the once in a life time moments.

It has a 270-degree rotatable lens along with a 170-degree field of

view. The +2 model has built in GPS Video Mapping, an external

microphone jack and not to mention live streaming capabilities. The

Roam 3 model can go underwater up to 30 feet (9meters). Both

models include the laser alignment feature for aiming the camera

lens and the instant-on record switch that allows the camera to

start recording when you toggle the power button. All your featured

footage can be stored onto internal storage as well as an external

SD card up to 32GB. The Contour Roam give you options and now

you all you have to do is choose which is best for your life style.

Website: http://contour.com/cameras/

Price: Roam +2 $300; Roam 3 $200



This fall… brings along new fashion, the changing of the leaves, and…

the iPhoneberry Keyboard. Well, it’s not officially called the iPhoneberry

Keyboard. However, it does bring together the functionality of a Blackberry’s

physical keyboard on an iPhone. So now all those who are still clinging

onto a Blackberry, can release it and type to their hearts content on their

iPhone. Officially called the TYPO 2, this device is a iPhone case with a built

in keyboard that connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth. The TYPO 2 comes

with it’s own rechargeable battery, a lock button, a home button, and also

is backlit. So if your still attached to your crackberry, now is your chance to

migrate to the iPhoneberry case… I mean the Typo 2.

Website: http://typokeyboards.com/ (available now for iPhone 5(5s) or

Preorder iPhone 6 series)

Price $99


These days many of us have more then one mobile device. While on the go we have our

choice of using a laptop, a smart phone, a tablet and even smart watches. Now if only there

was a way type on one keyboard but reach multiple devices.

Oh but there is a way. Now presenting the Logitech k480 Bluetooth Keyboard. Buy using, you

guessed it, Bluetooth, this one keyboard can connect to multiple devices. By not being limited

to the operating system platform of the device, the k480 can allow you send a message on

your Windows Smartphone, while continuing to work on the iPad, and/or Apple computer.

There is a dial on the keyboard that allows you to switch between devices and it also comes

with a built in cradle to hold your smartphone and tablet simultaneously.

Website” http://www.logitech.com/product/multi-device-keyboard-k480?wt.mc_id=global_


Price: $49.99


These days we live in a world driven by technology. A world in which we have… smart cars,

smartphones, smart watches and even smart pens. Yep, your eyes do not deceive you for indeed I did

say smart pens. Now I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

This smart devices caters to those particularly who like to take notes by hand but wish that somehow

there was a way to translate it into a digital format in which it could be saved. This evolutionary smart

pen uses an app that can be downloaded into your tablet and/or smartphone to not only save what

you have transcribed but also record live audio into your paired device as well. This way you won’t

miss any important details while you are taking notes. After your notes have been recorded in the app

it can be saved into a text document, save as a photo, and saved into third party applications while

also converting annotations into calendar dates and events. The Livescribe 3 will last up to 14 hours

of endless writing between charges and even has a built in stylus tip as well. The Livescribe 3 can

save you countless hours while giving you a piece of mind that important notes are being lost in…


Website: http://www.livescribe.com/en-us/smartpen/ls3/

Price: $149.95 (pro edition $199.95)




Audio LLC (www.SMSAudio.com), a premier audio headphone and

accessories brand from Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, together with Intel

Corporation announced a collaboration to develop the first heartpounding

personal audio system converging lifestyle and technology

innovation for an exceptional fitness experience. The SMS Audio

BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel will bring smart exercise

capabilities to athletes of all levels later this year.

Intel and SMS Audio are merging lifestyle requirements with

technology innovation to enhance the fitness experience. The SMS Audio

BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel will extend the recently

launched SMS Audio Sport Collection and harness advanced technology

features to deliver high-quality audio while gathering actionable data on

fitness progress.

A global audio headphone and accessories brand, SMS Audio

is dedicated to improving the way people around the world experience

music by combining technology, function and style to bring a high-quality

sound, comfort and fashion to every product. Intel and SMS Audio

have partnered to fuse fitness with technology by combining the latest

in fitness-monitoring biometric technology with high-quality audio and


“The wearable technology collaboration between SMS Audio

and Intel elevates our capability to bring smart exercise to consumers,”

said Brian M. Nohe, president of SMS Audio. “With the introduction of

the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel, we’re now

the first to provide this level of integrated, seamless and helpful biometric

information to inspire customers to advance their fitness experiences.”


HIGHLIGHTS: The SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered

by Intel will deliver an exceptional experience while working out without

sacrificing audio quality for those who demand more from life and more

from music. The headphones will integrate biometric sensors in a custom

heart rate monitor in-ear headphone to empower athletes to collect

fitness data and achieve peak physical performance. A patented earhook

design ensures a comfortable fit while an energy-harvesting audio

jack removes the need for extra batteries or chargers.

FUSING FITNESS WITH TECHNOLOGY: A built-in optical sensor

that continuously measures heart rate during intense exercise, states of

relaxation and every moment in between - while dynamically removing

noise signals caused by body motion and ambient light.


COMFORT: A jointly developed heart rate monitor in-ear headphone

will put an end to the less convenient, less comfortable chest strap-style

monitor while delivering reliable and consistent heart rate monitoring to

enable peak performance and progress tracking.

TUNED-IN FITNESS: Listen to music as a way to stay motivated

and reach optimal levels of fitness while gathering useful data about the

user’s health.


to charge the headphones with a 3.5 mm gold-plated audio jack that

powers the biometric monitoring capabilities so users have the freedom

of on-the-go power.

SWEAT AND WATER RESISTANT: No need to worry about working

out too hard or in the rain – the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones

are IPX4 rated for protection against sweat and resistance to water.


Will Optimize Workouts

for Ultra-marathoners,

Aspirational Exercisers and

Everyone in Between

SYNC WITH RUNKEEPER: To help track your heart rate, pace,

distance, elevation and calorie burn, the SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear

Headphones will be compatible with popular mainstream fitness app

RunKeeper, with additional application support planned in the future.

RunKeeper support will enable users to plan fitness routines and track

progress – pushing enthusiasts to reach peak performance.

ACCESSORIES: The headphones will come with a tangle-free cord

with an in-line microphone, neoprene carrying case, and three sizes of

ear gels and hooks.


The SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones will be available at

SMSAudio.com in Q4 2014. Specific pricing will be announced later this


Images courtesy of Audio LLC

Image Courtesy of Beacon & Lively


The idea for Beacon & Lively was born in a bar. But I

guess that’s not very unique.

It was 7:30 on a Thursday night when my

wife and 6 of our friends gathered at a local bar

before heading to a concert. We quickly realized that

our phones had better seats than us. All the phones

were out on the table. The problem is simple, a phone

on the table is bad manners, but staying connected

shouldn’t have to be disruptive. For women, who

don’t always have pockets, phones end up in purses,

which means missed calls. We talked about the

solution…”wearable technology could send you an

alert!” But we all felt that wearable tech wasn’t, well…


What is something that people wear for

the sake of being wearable? Jewelry. The next day

we started forming a team which would define

our character and make us unique. Our first team

members were focused on the design of the jewelry,

not the technology. Our design team has experience

with fine jewelry and integrated product design.

A couple months later we had actual castings of

the Beacon that we were wearing around town…

without any technology in them. We wanted to create

something that people would want to wear, even if it

didn’t have notification functionality.

Today we have several functional prototypes

(app, bracelet, circuit all working together) and we’re

just a few months from releasing the Beacon.

What makes Beacon & Lively unique? It’s

been our fashion first approach. We’ve been able to

keep things stylish and simple.When we’ve added

features, we’ve made them part of the design. Our

bracelet notifies you of calls and texts through

illuminations that vary in color, pattern and intensity.

Be as bold or as subtle as you like. You won’t miss a

call and you’ll look great at the same time.





In the early stages of their partnership, OMsignal cofounders

Stephane Marceau and Frederic Chanay

were tuned into the interconnectivity of wearables and

mobile health. While their initial concept of a bracelet

with an accelerometer and skin conductance sensor

did not come to fruition, in the process creating

that design they discovered that there was a better

platform with which to build their product. This was

the first step toward launching OMsignal.

Now in its third year, OMsignal, comprised

of a team of neuroscientists, software engineers

and fashion designers, launched their first line of

biometric smartwear for men that can track your

breathing, heart rate, calories burned, respiration,

and movement, relaying that information in real-time

to your smartphone. After all, clothing is the only

wearable that we’ve all been using our entire lives. By

developing smart apparel, the sensors are closer to

the source for continuous reading, providing stronger

and more accurate data. That data is then transmitted

to your smartphone to provide actionable insights to

help you make more informed decisions to improve

your daily health and wellness.

Less than six months after their launch,

OMsignal announced a partnership with acclaimed

American designer Ralph Lauren in an effort to

take wearables mainstream. OMsignal provided

the technology behind the Polo Tech Shirt, which

was worn and tested at the US Open by ball boys

during matches and tennis pro Marcos Giron during

his practices. This marks the first item of tech

apparel to be introduced by a prominent fashion

label. OMsignal’s men’s apparel is available now at

their website for pre-order and will begin shipping by

Thanksgiving. Ralph Lauren’s Polo Tech Shirt will be

available to consumers next year.

Images Courtesy of OMsignal.



CorporateCentral.com provides consumers and

businesses the ability to quickly and cost effectively create and run

full featured mobile and web apps, because it is entirely graphic and

complimentary via the ad-supported offering. CorporateCentral.

com requires no code and generates no code to produce an app,

so the app designer does not need programming experience to

use it

CorporateCentral.com’s ad-supported version provides

individuals and organizations, enterprise capabilities that previously

have been unaffordable. Additionally, technical complexities for

producing and delivering advanced apps are taken care of behind

a visual, user friendly interface. Relationship management, user

management, and delivery modules all combine with the visual

application development module to empower individuals to deploy

advanced online systems.

“Billions of people out there love technology and

have amazing ideas for apps, but they are unable to bring their

ideas to fruition because there are large and growing barriers to

programming and running commercial grade apps on a variety of

mobile and desktop environments. WAG(tm) solves this issue,”

Nisim Heletz, president, said in a statement.

proven to be vital as thousands of organizations and people in

recent years have flocked to CorporateCentral.com for rapid visual

app creation within hours instead of months and years.

RAINE: What has been the greatest challenge your company has

had to overcome?

HELETZ: The largest challenge has been marketing the platform to

this huge audience and creating an onboarding process with which

a user has an overwhelmingly empowering experience when they

first experience the platform as they create their first app visually

and try it on their mobile devices. We learned a lot about effective

online marketing. Our onboarding process now walks users who

clicked our ads through a 5 minute ‘holy smokes’ experience that

keeps them coming back for creating more apps.

Credit Images courtery of Corporate Central

RAINE: What makes your brand innovative?

HELETZ: The Corporate Central brand is changing the way people

create apps. We call this Democratizing App Development. We

introduced multiple disruptions to the app development eco

system which still requires many months of programming to create

a single app for a single device. The Corporate Central platform on

the other hand allows everyone from corporate IT managers all the

way to school children - to create advanced high-end apps visually

without programming and to scale these apps for any size audience.

CorporateCentral.com also enables professional programmers to

create the same apps within days instead of months or years.

RAINE: What inspired you to create Corporate Central?

HELETZ: Corporate Central’s founder Nisim Heletz was inspired to

create the Corporate Central rapid visual app creation platform after

witnessing the escalating time and costs of creating cross platform

apps. Nisim’s vision came in 2007 with the advent of multiple mobile

device platforms. He realized that users and app creators would

soon want their apps to work on all major mobile devices as well is

on their desktop browsers. This was before Facebook had a mobile

app and Android was just getting started. Today, many apps are

available across mobile platforms but it takes an enormous amount

of time and money to create and maintain these apps running on

iOS, Android, Windows Phone and web browsers, and wearable

devices are coming soon to a store near you. This early vision has

RAINE: What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs?

HELETZ: Choose your team carefully and selectively. Work with

people whom you can trust and that will stick with you in good

times and bad. Communicate your vision to them and make sure

they are genuinely interested in it. These are hard qualities to find.

We had to look far and wide to solidify a team of people who are top

notch and committed to the project. As the snowball gets rolling

you’ll see many people jump on board. Remember the ones that

started it all and reward them for it. Don’t be afraid to let people go

if they don’t fit the team and the spirit.






In today’s modern world, a woman in power, strong willed and driven is the norm,

but it was not too long ago where this ideology was frowned upon. In the early days of the

women’s movement for workplace equality, Rose Smith stood at the forefront of American

society, poised to break through the glass ceiling. Coming from humble beginnings, she

came to New York City with a dream and $200 dollars in her pocket, and with an unrelenting

determination, she rose to the top to become an international business woman.

Her accomplishments in the high stakes arena

of business are numerous; from being elected

President and later CEO of Innova Pure Water Inc.;

Editor-in-Chief at Worldstyle Magazine; honoree

at The Women of Distinction Luncheon and

working with Newsweek International in

Europe, Smith has created a path of her own all

while taking charge in a field she has dominated


Before President and CEO of Innova Pure Water Inc., Rose Smith did

an incredible job balancing business and creativity. She successfully navigated a

career in the film and TV industry as a stylist and producer working with some of

the most famous directors and photographers in the world such as Avedon, Hiro,

Franceso Scavullo, Gina Lollobrigida, Henry Wolf and Bob Giraldi. Smith has also

work with many famous movie stars and athletes such as Frank Sinatra, Meryl

Streep, Jack Scalia, Brooke Shields, Kim Basinger, Bob Hope, Joe Namath, Franco

Harris and Joe DiMaggio to name a few.

Following her quick rise in film and television, Smith held the role of

President of International, Military and Food Service for The Healthy Beverage

Company (Steaz) for many years and is still an investor. She is currently VP of Sales

for Seychelle Enviromental Technologies, a public company in water filtration as

well as President of International Affairs for Glam Screen LLC, a mobile accessories

company Co-Founded by Jonathan Cheban - the TV personality from “Keeping

Up With The Kardashians”. Thinking most would stop there; not Mrs. Smith. She

is on the advisory board for Bideawee, the leading pet welfare organization in

metropolitan New York and Long Island. Smith is also Co-Chairman of the Board of

Directors of IHOOT (In Honor Of Our Troops), a military foundation founded by Phil

Strambler, who she did work with at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

It wasn’t all about business for Smith; she also gave back to organizations

such as, “The Foundation for Developmentally Disabled Children in Israel.” At a

banquet hosted by the late Joan Rivers and The Trump family, Smith was honored

for her selflessness and great efforts towards those in need; “because of your

caring and your love and because of your untiring efforts, support and compassion

the “children” can grow and live a life of love.”- The Trump Family

Smith continued to stay both business savvy and proactive, while maintaining her humility

throughout her career, also giving back to the Diabetes Research Institute, as well as an

active committee member alongside Sophia Loren for the Community Alliance Against

AIDS, of which Julio Iglesias was the honorary Chairman. Smith had become a commodity

and everyone wanted her on board to drive his or her business or organization in the right

direction. In the 1990’s Smith became heavily involved in the Summit of the Americas

1994, hosted by President Clinton.

Rose Smith is the true definition of a selfstarter,

self-motivator, and innovator. It’s one thing

to take on the world of business, but to become a

success story and translate your marvelous efforts

onto others is the true success of it all.

Images courtesy of Rose Smith





with fall

Photographer: Anna Tabakova; Model:Heather Seefeldt@

Maggie Inc; Designer: Tabbytha Ferguson; Make up: Nadya

Rutman; All the clothes designed by Tabbytha Ferguson;

Headwraps: Goodwill; Bracelets and necklace: So Good;

Shoes:Forever 21














T H E W O R L D ’ S M O S T F A S H I O N A B L E B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E







Photographer –Lisa Ramsay; Wardrobe stylist – Angelina Scantlebury; Hair stylist- Alyn Martin; Makeup stylist – Juliette Laracuente

Dress by Rebecca Taylor; Shoes by Zack Lo; Earrings by Melinda Maria; Necklace by Charles Klein

Top by Byron Lars Beauty Mark; Pants

by Byron Lars Beauty Mark; Shoes by

Zack Lo; Earrings by Charles Klein

Meet America’s sweet heart with a twist, this

model and entertainment host can charm you

with the twinkling of an eye, but don’t let that fool

you; she is one piping hot commodity.

Melanie Iglesias, the Brooklyn born-native is

known to keep it real sharing what’s really on her

mind, staring in her own YouTube channel, “What

Girls Really Do” featuring best friend and fellow

model, Lisa Ramos.

In the beginning of her acting career,

Iglesias appeared in several episodes of the

World’s Poker Tour, as a Royal Flush Girl. Iglesias

has also appeared in MTV’s Guy Code and Girl

Code in a no holds barge of what the opposite

sex thinks of one another. Other related series

include, Guy Court, where she portrays a bailiff;

these reality comedies reveal a particular “code of

conduct” that stands between men and women.

Iglesias had her sights set for

something a little out of her comfort zone of

reality comedies, her next big break would be

within the modeling industry. In 2010 she was

voted Maxim’s Hometown Hotties winner, and

was later elevated to one of the world’s most

beautiful women on the “Maxim Hot 100” list. It

was only up from here, Iglesias was also featured

in Esquire and Vibe Magazine’s “World’s Most

Beautiful” issues. In 2012, Iglesias launched the

Official Melanie Iglesias Store, including various

merchandise such as, posters and other signed

products for her fans. Iglesias quickly became

a household name; since her brush with instant

stardom Iglesias has signed to Red Models Inc.,

where she continues to make her way to the top.

Raine: Who was responsible for your first big


Iglesias: I’m not really sure! People always assume

Maxim was, since I won their annual “Hometown

Hotties” contest in 2010, but they’ve had winners

since then, who have not had the same success

in entertainment/modeling. For me, I believe it

was different; I had a few tricks up my sleeve. I

didn’t let a competition become my only platform,

but rather let it lead me in the right direction. From

there, I released my own viral video series that

drew in millions of views in a very short amount

of time. This resulted in me landing a show that

aired on MTV, not too long after I had won. I’d say,

I owe my success to multiple people, including

Darin Byrne from MTV2, who reached out to me

about the pilot for Guy Code, which then turned

into having four shows on MTV.

Raine: What has been your biggest challenge?

Iglesias: My biggest challenge is probably saying

“no” to different job opportunities. Obviously,

nothing is ever guaranteed in the entertainment

industry, and you always want to make sure

you’re working as much as you can, but not every

job is the right thing to do. You always want to

make sure you’re growing within the business,

becoming bigger and better after each job you

take. You don’t want to go backwards! The

golden rule is being able to know when to pass on

projects, and when to move on. Being stagnant

in doing the same thing over and over is never

an option, people become bored and wonder, “is

that all she can bring to the table.” Elevation in

the entertainment industry is always the answer,

it keeps viewers wanting more.

Raine: What has been the most exciting venture

in your career?

Iglesias: So far, the most exciting venture in my

career was working on the MTV2 show, “Off the

Bat,” from the Major League Baseball (MLB) Fan

Cave. I grew up watching a lot of baseball and

couldn’t wait to be a part of this project. When I

participated in the MLB Celebrity Softball game,

I had the pleasure of playing on the same team

as MLB legends, which was extremely humbling.

Not to mention, I’ve been able to develop an

extremely versatile hosting reel, which has

opened up so many doors for me.

Raine: Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Iglesias: I have so many inspirations in the

entertainment industry. I really loved the late and

great Aaliyah growing up, because I always felt

she portrayed herself well. She was not willing

to conform to the industry, or put up a front for

anyone. In the entertainment industry today we’re

in a world where everyone is doing outrageous

and outlandish things for attention. It’s more

about competing and outdoing each other for

shameless promotion, but Aaliyah was never that

type of celebrity; something I’ve always admired.

On the other-hand, and I know this is going to

sound a bit weird, but I also really look up to

Judge Judith Sheindlin (Judge Judy, lol). I simply

love her.

Raine: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Iglesias: In five years I’ll probably still be on TV,

hosting and hopefully even writing and producing

my own show. I have great plans and I intend on

both pursuing and executing them on a major


Raine: Was it more fun for you working on Guy

Code or Girl Code?

Iglesias: Both of the shows were equally great

to work on, but I feel like I had more fun on Guy

Code because they allowed me to be more of


Raine: What do you enjoy doing outside of TV

and modeling?

Iglesias: I love anything that involves creativity.

That would include writing and creating music

for fun. I sometimes design and create my own

unique swimwear just for me… No one else

knows that, but I guess they do now. Other

times, I like to hit up craft stores and make oneof

–a-kind decorative items for my apartment;

basically anything that can become a creative

outlet for me.

Raine: Do you have any hidden talents?

Iglesias: I’ve recently discovered I’m pretty good

in the kitchen. Also, my boyfriend thinks I’m a

great singer, but I’m pretty sure he’s pulling my


Raine: What advice do you have for aspiring

models and actors?

Iglesias: I have never considered myself much of

a model, because my modeling career was cut

short due to my love for hosting much more. It

just came more naturally to me. Modeling is

extremely competitive these days, a lot of people

want to pursue modeling, but the “catch22”

is modeling jobs don’t pay as much as they’re

portrayed. You’ll work your butt off for a long

time and hopefully you book something that pays

well. Don’t be fooled by Instagram. People think

models are rich, but aside from a select lucky few,

not many see much financial success without

some sort of backup plan. It’s cool if you’re just

looking for some exposure to lead to something

else, but be sure you want to go through the

grueling struggle of competition for very little

financial stability in the end.

Raine: What are 3 fun facts fans don’t know about



I eat more than the men in my family.

I hate putting on makeup and shopping.

I don’t post much on the internet anymore,

because I really value the idea of having actual

privacy and enjoying life by living in the moment.





Mississippi’s southern belle, Katherine “Kat” Bailess

is quite the triple threat. Since childhood, she has

been pushing her talents as an actress, singer and

dancer. So it came as no surprise when “Kat” decided

to pursue musical theatre and dance at Marymount

Manhattan College.

To date, Bailess has starred in several films,

including: From Justin to Kelly, Bring It on Again and

Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale, to name a few. She

has also been featured in several popular TV series

such as Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill and NCIS. Kat

currently plays a role in VH1 TV series Hit the Floor as

Kyle Hart. The series follows Ahsha Hayes played by

Taylour Paige, a girl who joins the NBA Cheerleading

team the Los Angeles Devil Girls, oblivious to the

deceitful and irresistible life that comes with it.

When she is not busy with her work she spends her

leisurely time with Pilates, guitar playing, dancing,

keeping up on the latest books, nature hiking and

playing her part in her community.

RAINE: What would you say was the jump start to

your career?

BAILESS: I’d have to say the feature film, From Justin

to Kelly. I had just moved to Los Angeles from New

York City and booked the lead. That definitely gave

my career a big boost!

RAINE: Who inspires you?

BAILESS: The people that inspire me most are

those people that have a dream, a focus and a goal.

I can’t stand lazy people. The world is ours to take

advantage of and there are no limits as to what we

can accomplish. The one person that has continually

inspired me is my Dad. I’ve never met anyone with his

work ethic. Growing up I had a lot to look up to.

RAINE: What do you enjoy doing outside of acting?

BAILESS: I love staying active and when I’m not

dancing for the show, I love to hike with friends, take

hot yoga, Pilates, play my guitar, write songs and

anything that makes me happy. But most of all I like

to spend time with my friends and family—especially

my little nephews.

RAINE: How would you say that you have grown over

the years from being in front of the camera?

BAILESS: Over the last couple of years, I have grown

as a human being for sure, which in turn, makes me

a better actress. Also, my level of confidence and the

ability to allow myself to be vulnerable have helped

to further my success. Watching myself on camera is

never easy, but I’m the type of person that can laugh

at myself and I try not to be too critical.

RAINE: What has been the benchmark of your


BAILESS: The benchmark of my success has got to

be my role as Kyle on Vh1’s Hit the Floor. I say that

because, I have an opportunity to show not one, but

a few of my talents. It’s not every day that I get to act,

dance, be southern, sexy and funny in every episode.

Now all the writers have to do is have me sing and

I’ll be set!

Photographer – Lisa Ramsay; Wardrobe stylist – Angelina Scantlebury; Hair stylist- Alyn Martin; Makeup stylist – Juliette Laracuente

Jumpsuit by Catherine Malandrino; Earrings by CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane; Bracelet by Charles Klein; Ring by CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane; Shoes by Sigerson Morrison

RAINE: What has been the greatest challenge for

you in the industry?

BIALESS: The hardest thing has been rejection

for sure. When you are on a show, life is

grand, but the time in between jobs is the

hardest. I can speak for a lot of entertainers

out there, we hear ‘no,’ way more than “yes.”

The only way I’ve held for this long, is the

support from my family, friends and manager.

Dress by Byron Lars Beauty Mark; Earrings by CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane; Handcuff by Collette Malouf; Hand Jewelry by Collette Malouf; Booties by Shop Priceless

RANE: What advice would you give other aspiring


BAILESS: I always tell anyone getting

into the business to be themselves. Also,

Follow your dream, know what you have to

offer, stick to your instincts and never be

afraid to ask for help. The key to success

is confidence, focus and hard work. Once you

have those down, success will come to you.

RIANE: Where do you see you’re self-heading in

the next 3 years?

BAILESS: I see a number of things. I see my show

Hit the Floor continuing for a few more seasons.

Also, I would love to get my hands into producing

and movies for sure! I hope to be married in the

next 3 years, or I think my southern Mom will kill


RAINE: How is Hit the Floor different from other

productions you have been in?

BAILESS: For one, Hit the Floor is the first

TV show that I have been a part of from the

beginning. The writers created my character

off of my southern comedic craziness.

Trust me, it’s definitely a compliment.

RAINE: How have your southern roots helped

your roles on TV?

BAILESS: Land jobs basically! I have always had

a strong Southern accent and my Dad paid a

lot of money in NYC for me to lose it with the

help of a dialect coach. But the minute I moved

to LA at my first big audition, they asked me if

I could do the scene with a southern accent.

Enthusiastically, I said, “Yes! Of course!” The

same thing goes for my role as Kelly Clarkson’s

best friend in, From Justin to Kelly. My accent

has helped to land me a few other acting jobs,

but the biggest one to date is Hit the Floor. My

character Kyle was not southern until they heard

a slight twang in the audition and asked me to

perform her southern. And that was the end of

that— Kyle, the sassy southern stripper, turned

Devil Girl was born!

RAINE: Does your true passion lie with singing,

dancing or acting for TV?

BAILESS: I love them all, which is why I am able

to do any of them on the drop of a hat. When

you are a performer and a triple threat, it’s hard

not to love all three. Performing is performing,

no matter if it’s acting, singing or dancing! In the

end, I would definitely say that having more than

one talent has landed me some dream roles.




 Photographer - Joseph DeAngelis; Hair

Stylist - Ozzy Delgado; Makeup Artist - Anton

Khachaturian; Wardrobe Stylist - Ali Levine;

Assistant Wardrobe Stylist - Rachel Lutsky

Top by Blaque Label; Skirt by Lumier by Bariano;

Rings by Vitrine Designs, AV Max & Elizabeth

Knight Jewelry; Earrings by Jared Jamin; Shoes by

Privileged Shoes

Dress by Creative PR; Jacket by Ted Baker; Rings by DipinLA

The young and beautiful American actress, Jillian Rose Reed, is

best known for her rise to fame on the hit television dramedy, MTV’s

Awkward, where Reed plays the role of Tamara Kaplan. Awkward is a

teen comedy about high school best friends, Jenna Hamilton played

by Ashley Rickards and Tamara Kaplan played by Jillian Rose Reed,

as they tackle the ups-and-downs of young adulthood. The series

centers around, Hamilton’s high school misfortunes and the everyday

social pressures that many teens are faced with and provides some

surprising revelations along the way.

Early on in life, Reed had a desire to be on stage. So it was

natural for her to pursue her dreams by taking part in children’s theater,

plays, and musicals. Not one to stop pushing for her goals, she realized

that in order to reach the top, she would need to focus her attention

on the entertainment capital of the world; Hollywood. Among some

of the first roles she landed, was a

guest appearances on Nickelodeon’s

Supah Ninjas. Reed also had guest

roles on Disney Channel’s Jessie

and Disney XD’s Pair of Kings, and

in 2012 she was nominated for

the Young Artist Award for “Best

Performance in a TV series – Leading

Young Actress.”

Aside from her kid/teen

friendly appearances, she has

proven herself to be a well-rounded

actress in her portrayal of a dark,

edgy character in the Primetime-

Emmy award winning TV series

Weeds and preppy mean girl in

NBC’s “Community.”

Follow along as we get

a glimpse into the life of one of

Hollywood’s rising stars, making

waves, proving that hard work and

dedication are forces to be reckoned

with in the entertainment industry.

RAINE: Who has been your biggest


REED: First and foremost, my mom

and grandma. I have been very lucky

throughout my career and they have

always been there to support me and

keep me going. I am also inspired by

the work of Sandra Bullock. I think that she hilarious!

RAINE: Can you talk about why you love acting?

REED: Honestly, I feel like this was something that I was born to do—it

is the only thing that fulfills me creatively and emotionally.

RAINE: What has been the benchmark of your career?

REED: Working with Casting Director Kari Kurto, for the Showtime

Television series Weeds. I auditioned for her and afterwards she really

fought for me to be on the show, which turned into a recurring role for

two seasons; it was my first big role on TV. I can still remember reading

for the role of Simone, with Actress Mary-Louise Parker. She started

reading her lines and locked eyes with me and at that very moment

everything that I had learned up to that point she had done in one line.

In that instant everything made sense to me.

RAINE: What is your favorite show on television?

REED: Right now, I am a big fan of Modern Family

RAINE: Do you see yourself producing movies in the future?

REED: It is funny that you should ask that, because I recently started

to get into production. I, along with a family friend, have developed

a script for a new movie, based on a psychiatrist that specializes in

helping patients with eating disorders. As well as playing one of the

characters, I am also the producer for the show.

RAINE: What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

REED: The one piece of advice that I

would give to aspiring actors, is that

if you don’t love it with your whole

body and being –don’t do it. I would

also say, don’t give up.

RAINE: What is the biggest challenge

you have had to overcome in your


REED: A challenge that I have had

to overcome is learning to deal with

the disappointment of being turned

down at auditions. Over time, I have

learned that those moments help to

build my confidence and push me to

hone my craft.

RAINE: What do you enjoy doing

outside of filming?

REED: I love to work out and stay

active; I especially love to hike.

Also, I would say that I am definitely

a foodie. My mom and I enjoy

going to different restaurants and

experimenting with new and different


RAINE: Where do you see yourself in

10 years?

REED: In the next 10 years, I hope to

be on a long lasting sitcom. I would

also like to start a family.

RAINE: What are three fun facts that you would like your fans to know

about you?

REED: Three things that my fans may not know about me are:

I hate cotton balls. I compare them to the screeching sound of nails

being dragged against a chalkboard.

Recently, for my last birthday, my mom bought me a bike. When I

am back home in Michigan, I like to ride my bike everyday around

the neighborhood. When it comes to shoes, I am definitely a Steve

Madden girl.



RAINE: There is not a lot of substance in the music industry as compared

to times past. What are your thoughts on the state of the industry? How

do you challenge yourself to stay on message and create songs that add

value to listeners?

MAE: Oh my, it’s so hard to comment on the state of the industry because

it can come out sounding like a sub-tweet these days. Everybody thinks it’s

about them. I think self-worth is at an all-time low, and thirst and disrespect

is at an all-time high.

I’m all about making music that everyone can feel and relate to.

RAINE: Would you say music is your passion?

MAE: Yes, definitely!

The singer/songwriter and blonde bombshell, Lauriana Mae, is taking the

music world by storm and embodies the ability to grab you with her soulfully

pop voice, catchy tunes and takes you back to a time when music made

you want to dance like no one was watching. Her vast influences stem

from the likes of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, The Notorious

B.I.G., Jay Z, Kanye West, & Beyonce. Lauriana melds jazz vocals with

contemporary pop, R&B and hip hop music reinventing the essence of

great music from the past and present.

Growing up perfecting her talents in her church choir, local talent

shows and various singing gigs, Lauriana was able to gain the confidence

to get into the recording studio and create a sound all her own. She’s

been fortunate enough to rub elbows with the likes of top recording artist

producer Kwame, hip hop/rap mogul Ludacris, and lyrist B.O.B. Her 3 song

Love Mae EP, featuring songs “Like a Drum (Beat it)”, “Love”, and “Money

Mae” will take you from dancing in your seat, tugging at your heart strings

to knowing the words of the song before it’s even over. This solo artist is

gearing up to break the mold of popular music.

Captivating both mature and young audiences alike with her

voice and her beauty, this songstress is on her way to creating something


She is, Lauriana Mae.

RAINE: You have said some of your inspiration comes from the likes of

artist like, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James. Those artists were

heavy hitters in their choice of subject matter as well as the uniqueness of

their voices. How would you compare yourself to those musical greats?

MAE: I’m inspired by so many different artists. But these women really

had such a special tone in their voices. I look up to them, and it’s an honor

every time I get compared to any one of them. As far as subject matter

goes, I have my own perspective. Over the course of creating this album

I’ve become much more comfortable owning that perspective. I’ve created

something true to myself and my real life experiences. That’s what makes it

for everyone. People can feel sincerity, in vocals and in lyrics.

RAINE: Confidence being one of many keys to a creative entrepreneur’s

success. Can you share with us how singing in a choir at an early age

helped you to mature into a more confident singer?

MAE: Singing in a choir teaches you harmony and how to work with a team

to create something beautiful. The right choir/team will encourage you and

bring out the best in you, but also humbles you. Singing in a choir also

teaches you that you have to listen to others and not overpower them to

get the best sound.

RAINE: What has been an embarrassing moment on stage? How did you


MAE: Well all in one show I had to walk off stage because my top ripped

open when I opened my arms. During that same show I lost my voice

because I had been fighting a cold. My band “The Pains,” really had to

hold me down and improvise that night.

RAINE: If you could not be a singer what else would you do with your life?

MAIE: I will always be a singer. Honestly, I can’t see myself doing anything

else because I’ve never given up on Plan A.

RAINE: Do you have a ritual that you perform before a big performance to

get psyched up for being on stage?

MAE: I get in a circle with my band and we pray. We give thanks to God and

ask that he successfully get us through another show.

RAINE: What advice can you share with aspiring singers either from a

business or personal standpoint that has helped you navigate the pitfalls

of the music industry?

MAE: I received all my experience being told “no,” and “not good enough.”

Also, you have to maintain a sense of humility and confidence. Of course,

it goes without saying that you can never give up.

Image courtesy of Matthew Salacuse

RAINE: Your EP, Love Mae has various influences from other musical eras

mixed with modern elements. What inspired you to pull your sound from

past influences rather than doing current pop music?

MAE: I did the Love Mae EP with the amazing Kwame 3+ years ago. These

were among some of the first songs we ever recorded together. Neither of

us have ever been a “do what everyone’s doing” type of artist. I inspired

him to make the music and he inspired me to write and sing on it. “Pop”

music is just whatever the masses love and decide on. So I just have to

give the best of me every time.

RAINE: In your song titled Love, you chose to have a reflective conversation

with love as opposed to singing about it, can you share your reasons

why decided to take that direction? There is a certain amount of passion

that comes through in this song. Did you sing from your own experience

regarding your dealings with love?

MAE: Love is a song that I never get tired of performing. I feel it in my

soul every single time. Love has ripped right through me without apology.

And I have had to find it in myself to forgive it and keep believing it had its




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Photographer: Filip Konikowski; Make Up & Hair: Ana Makridis; Stylist: Candice Lewin; Model: Ivana (Chadwick Models)


HOMETOWN - Melbourne, Australia

AGENCY - Chadwick



1. Two of my favorite books are Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman

Capote, and Perfume by Patrick Suskind.

2. Aside from modeling, I have been quietly styling for four years. My

work has been published in the likes of Oyster, Contributor, Culture,

Polanski, Pages Digital, Fashion Gone Rogue, Fault and S Magazine. I

am also a brand consultant for shoe label Alias Mae, and I have a blog

that I use as a creative platform to release and show my work. Check it

out at www.imzcr8.com.

3. My new hobby is photography, and I hope that I can take that further

within Australia and around the world—I will never stop traveling. Work

or pleasure, it is my freedom, my inspiration, and it gives me life.





Photographer - Martha Jagodzinski; Model - Lukas Ziegele







1. I am a vegeterian

2. In addition to modeling, I am a talented violinist

3. I am a ballet dancer




M A I K : H O W T O S T A Y I N S H A P E


Yes, it is a sad fact: summer is over (unless you own a house

in fabulous in St. Barths) and for most of us that means we are

putting on more and more layers of clothing, pushing our physique

awareness into the oblivious. Then the unavoidable happens: the

weight creeps on during the holiday season and come March we

are in a frantic race to get beach ready. STOP! Let’s not do that

again. How can one stay in reasonable good shape during fall

without spending a whole day in the gym?

We tend to move less as it gets colder, buses taxis and subways are

more appealing in November than in June where we often walk a

few blocks without even thinking about it. To make matters worse,

most jobs are a lot busier in September/October than during the

summer months, so we have less time to train. So it seems like

the perfect storm to get of shape quickly, just in time to gorge on

Christmas cookies and Thanksgiving pie, right?

I will admit, it is a slippery slope but one that is not impossible to

counter if one spends a bit of time and energy to plan properly. Let’s

address the issues one at a time:

1. Less time. That means you have to workout smarter and do

exercises that will do the most for your physique, and nothing

touches weight training. When it comes to shaping or toning your

body, you simply must do some sort of resistance training, this could

be free weights, machines or exercise bands. Body weight training

will not suffice since the resistance there cannot be changed. Think

two whole body workouts a week as an absolute must. You should

be in and out the gym within 45-50 minutes.

Cardio would be a second for about 90 minutes per week, if you

have more time to spare, you can add yoga, Pilates and any other

active recovery methods.

2. Caloric needs. Yes, you will most likely use up less energy than

you have during summer, which means you have to watch your

portions. Try to stick to light summer cooking as long as possible;

do not go for the heavy sauces.

Another option would be to forgo starches for two straight days and

add them in on the third day.

3. Motivation. As the sun light fades, so does willpower. The antidote

here is to get a training partner or join a workout group to create


Author and world renowned fitness expert, Maik Wiedenbach is

changing bodies with over 10 years of award winning experience.

He is breaking barriers and showing people the secret to getting in

shape the correct way.

His recent book 101 Fitness Myths tackles some of the common

fitness myths that hold people back from getting the body they

want and deserve. In the book, Maik gives you everything you need

to know to turbocharge your workouts to get leaner and stronger—


4. Keep it light. Being in shape is important but there is a whole

big world out there that needs to be explored (with an awesome

physique, of course).




Photographer: Nicole Marcelli; Model: Lauren Hogue @ Donna Baldwin Agency;

Makeup & Hair: Jessica Rowell; Fashion Designer: J-Chan's Designs; Wardrobe

Stylist: J-Chan's Designs; Jewelry Designer: Basteroid (Canadian Private Label)

bstrd.com; Location: Paint Mines Interpretive Park (Calhan, Colorado)

Cerulean Peacock Halter & Sheer Skirt: J-Chan's Designs; Seeing

Double Necklace set in Silver worn as Headpiece: Bstrd; Silkwrap

Bracelets with Antique Silver in Brown, Sea, Burnt Purple

& Blue: Bstrd; Silver-plated Necklace worn as bracelt: Bstrd

Fall Blossoms


Multi-Color Cropped Body-con: J-Chan's Designs

Silk-wrap Bracelet in Burnt Purple: Bstrd

Prayer Hand-chain: Bstrd

RIGHT: Gold Rose dress: J-Chan's Designs

Swarvoski Fringe Necklace in Silver worn as Face-chain: Bstrd

Silk-wrap Bracelet in Brown: Bstrd

Rose Gold Hand-chain: Bstrd



Gold Rose dress: J-Chan's Designs; Swarvoski Fringe Necklace in Silver worn as

Face-chain: Bstrd; Silk-wrap Bracelet in Brown: Bstrd; Rose Gold Hand-chain: Bstrd





From the golden bombshell, to a product

of great naturalizing proportion that can

turn back the hands of time, while leaving

you looking young forever. John Piermarini

of Piermarini Beauty introduces a line

of cosmetic and skincare products that

idolize the use of natural ingredients, which

hydrate the skin as well as prevent, reduce,

and reverse aging. So, you may be thinking

what makes this the next best thing, well for

starters, key ingredients include: Water Lily

Extract, Avocado Oil, Aloe, Jojoba, Vitamin

C and Vitamin K. All ingredients are organic,

natural, and extremely healthy for your skin.

What makes this product that much more

impactful is that all these ingredients are

simply things you can probably find in your

kitchen or a health food store. Piermarni

applies to the masses, while following a

simple, yet sophisticated aesthetic. The

curated collection of products allows for

diversity in skin tones and types. Whether

you are a light, moderate, or darker tone;

to dry, oily, or combination skin there is

a product for you in this collection. This

product is efficient and effective for your

skin, not only now, but in the future as well.

As the saying goes, “let us stay young, and

let us live forever” and with a few choice

products you can do just that.



It’s no secret that good skin takes a lot of tender

love and care, and men; there is no exception

to that rule for you either. Evolution Man

unveils the newest advancement in skincare

with the “Resurfacing Clay Mask”. This is a

new product sending shock waves through

the men’s skin care industry. Noted as, “an

innovative new product loaded with naturallysourced,

beneficial ingredients, delivering fast

and dramatic results”. Skin care no longer has

to be subjected to women, men you too can

transform your complexion from the inside

out. Evolution Man has created somewhat

of a “magical potion” for the everyday man,

this powerful blend ensures: skin clearing,

tightening pores, brighten, rejuvenate, and

smooth out the texture of your skin.

Working on the skin’s deepest layers

infusing vitamins, minerals and anti-aging

exfoliates. Pretty much seems like heaven

placed on your face right from the comfort

of your own home. Think of a spa being

brought to you…. ahhh, a sigh of peace and

tranquility after a long day of hard work. But,

it gets better; of course the real power comes

from the innovation of the various acids that

penetrate your skin: Gycolic acid, Salicylic

Acid, Kaolin Clay, Witch Hazel, and Lemon

grass extract to name a few. The “Resurfacing

Clay Mask” is enrichment to your skin that will

thank you later.


Your beauty is simply radiant; it shines

like that of a thousand golden suns.

Beauty and gold, although sounds like a

rather odd combination works wonders

when infused together. Let’s be honest

who doesn’t want their skin to exude

24k gold. Can you say…Living your life

like its golden! Throughout history, gold

has been recognized for its luxurious and

beautifying properties. From the ancient

Egyptians, to the Ancient Chinese and

Romans, gold has been the secret agent

for a more youthful, beautiful and glowing

appearance. OROGOLD Cosmetics – a

luxury, anti-aging cosmetics line helps to

restores the youthful appearance of your

skin by including 24K gold in their luxurious

formula. In hindsight, you’re improving

fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and age

spots; all while moisturizing and ensuring

healthy looking skin. By purchasing

OROGOLD Cosmetics, you’re preventing

future skin damage, with an innovative,

yet life changing investment. With the

help of their luxurious and affordable

products including: 24K 2-Step Cleansing

Kit, 24K Gold Milk Cleanser, 24K Gold

Purifying Facial Toner, 24K Multi-Vitamin

Day Moisturizer, 24K Multi-Vitamin Night

Nourishment and the 24K Deep Peeling

you simply can’t go wrong!



Photography: Luis Guillen

Instagram @luisguillenphoto

Model: Stephanie Auguste

Makeup Artist: Ashley Rike @ Agency Gerard using

MAC Cosmetics

Fashion Stylist: Liz Teich @ Agency Gerard. Styling

Assistant: Courtney McComb

Touch of


Jewelry by Depuis 1924 Vintage

Chanel Logo Cutout Quilted Bangle

Head wrap by Hipknoties



Jewelry by Depuis 1924; Vintage Gianni Versace Silver; Chain

Belt/Necklace with Safe Pins; Head wrap by Hipknoties

Jewelry by Depuis 1924

Vintage Chanel Marge

Red/Gold Leather Bangle

Head wrap by Hipknoties



Effortless style:

Nicky Hilton

Photographer – Luis Guillen; Photographer’s Assistant -

Gabriel Brandt; Hair Stylist – Takayoshi Tsukusawa; Makeup

Artist – Griselle Rosario using Artis Makeup Tools, Chanel

Skincare & Tarte Makeup; Manicurist – Angel Williams;

Stylist – Liz Teich; Stylist Assistant – Nick Adedokun

& Sydney Lawson; Georgine dress, L.A.M.B shoes, E.

Kammeyer Bracelet, Parulina Ring, Nicky’s engagement ring

(worn throughout) and custom bag by Sara Battaglia *Prices

Available Upon Request*

Kevin Johnn top and pants, Rita

Vinieris belt, Christian Louboutin shoes,

E. Kammeyer Earrings, Pico Jewelry;

Diamond Cocktail Ring in 18K White

Gold *Prices Available Upon Request*


Reaching far beyond the Hilton name,

Nicky Hilton has made her mark not only in the fashion industry, but also in the

business world. This glamorous socialite wears many hats as a businesswoman,

model and fashion designer. Once upon a time, the last name ‘Hilton’ was

simply associated with luxury hotels, but much of Nicky’s success contributes

to the name seamlessly crossing over and creating a home amongst top high

fashion brands.

NYC native and bicoastal brunette turned blonde, Nicky Hilton, was

always known by association with older celebutante sister, Paris Hilton, but

began shattering that “little sister” persona and generated much success

after launching her first fashion line, Chick by Nicky Hilton, and designing

handbags for Japanese company Samantha Thavasa. The fashion

aficionada burst onto the scene in 2007 and debuted at New York City’s

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with her second clothing line, Nicholai.

This fashion forward icon and entrepreneur is now adding to her author

to her already impressive resume. Nicky shares her personal stories, style

successes and fashion mishaps in her ultimate guidebook to fashion, 365


Her name is more than just a name, it’s an internationally recognized brand

that is flourishing faster than anyone could have imagined and by the looks

of it, there are no plans of that slowing down anytime soon.

RAINE: Can you talk about your new book 365 Style? What would you like

for the takeaway to be for readers?

HILTON: I love fashion so I wrote this book for people who love fashion or

are interested in it. I cover all sorts of different things from style advice to

quick fixes and tips. I’ve dedicate a whole chapter to travel: what to pack

and what to wear as well as educate the reader on what to save on and

what to spend on.

RAINE: What was the “Ah Ha” moment?

HILTON: A few years ago I became active on my social media and people

starting writing in to me and starting asking style advice. I then thought it

would be fun putting all of what I learned into a book. It balances all sides

of the spectrum from behind the scenes, a spectator to designer. I had this

front education in style and I wanted to share what I’ve learned. Fashion is

supposed to be fun. Don’t take it too seriously -- it is a really fun thing for

people to dress up and present themselves.

RAINE: If you could offer one tip to style conscious men and women, what

would it be and why?

HILTON: Wear what makes you feel good. Don’t be a slave to trends - that

is the fastest way to burn through money. And really ask yourself—“ is it

me, is it flattering, does it fit?: And..., be unique! So don’t copy your favorite

celebrities’ style head to toe. That is so boring. Also, create a mood board

to help you find yourself. This is a collage. It can be anything, flowers,

colors, architecture, clothes, etc.

RAINE: How would you describe your own sense of style?

HILTON: I would say - it is pretty reflective of my lifestyle in NYC -

sophisticated with an edge.

RAINE: Do you have a signature go to piece?

HILTON: I love blazers—in many variations. That is sort of my staple. They

look good and I feel good in them. Also, ballet flats - love them! They are

chic, simple and comfortable—which is a bonus.

RAINE: In your own words, why should be people take an interest in their

own personal sense of style?

HILTON: I think when you look good, you feel good. I read this book the

Happiness Project - one of its mantras—“act how you want to feel.” My

Mantra—“dress how you want to feel.”

RAINE: At the age of 17 you were already a budding entrepreneur and

designing hand bags for Samantha Thavasa. Would you say that starting

early prepared you for your future endeavors as a business woman?

HILTON: I am glad my father instilled that work ethic in us - me and my

siblings. At every step of the way I found myself waning to out-do myself

and be better than I was.

When we started making all this money from our own endeavors—it was

very fulfilling. We have worked for everything we have. We bought our first

cars and home with the money we made from working. We’ve made some

mistakes along the way. We were young and thought we knew it all, but at

the end of the day—your parents know best.

RAINE: Will you tell us about your forthcoming capsule collection, Eluxe?

HILTON: Eluxe is a Canadian retailer that carries some of the coolest

brands, and they came to me with the idea and I loved it. As a bonus they

agreed to give me complete creative control.

RAINE: Can you talk about your design inspiration for Eluxe?

HILTON: I divided up this collection into three women:

California transplant - The bohemian girl with some cover ups and dresses.

Uptown NY – A preppy uptown girl.

Downtown NY - The sexy downtown girls with lace tops and dresses. I love

lingerie inspired pieces. They are effortlessly sexy

RAINE: Where can readers find the collection?

HILTON: It will be available on the Eluxe site by the end of September.

RAINE: Has being a Hilton allowed you more access as an entrepreneur or

business opportunities of which have helped to build your brand?

HILTON: I would be lying if I said that my last name didn’t open doors for

me. At the same time it has closed doors. I have always felt the need to

prove them wrong. At the end of the day - the product will speak for itself.

RAINE: What’s one piece of business advice would you offer budding

entrepreneurs that has helped you more than any other advice?

HILTON: Be humble. My first job, I was taking out the trash and taking lunch

orders. It didn’t discourage me because everyone starts from somewhere—

don’t think you are too good for menial tasks.

RAINE: As entrepreneur, what has been your biggest challenge and what

steps did you take to successfully reach your goals?

HILTON: I would say when I was younger, I had some people in business

that mistook my shyness and tried to take advantage of me because I was

young. I was baffled—why would people want to do this to me? Ultimately,

I worked hard to prove them wrong.

At the end of the day, I love fashion and I love dressing up. I couldn’t

imagine doing anything else. I feel grateful that I found my calling at a very

young age - I ALWAYS knew what I wanted to be in fashion.

RAINE: What is your ultimate goal in fashion?

HILTON: I don’t look at it as a race, but I know I will definitely plan on

expanding my brand. I love accessories: eyewear and footwear. Something

that has always interested me is home decor. I love picking up things for

my home.

RAINE: Who has been the biggest influence on your life as an entrepreneur

and why?

HILTON: My sister, because she is a business woman. She has over 20

brands and really has a vision, and it’s very reflective of her--even the logo

with the tiara is very her. It wasn’t an overnight thing. She was very strategic

about it.

She was also one of the pioneers of reality television—getting paid to show

up somewhere. Once she conquered that, she evolved the brand and

started DJ’ing—now getting paid to entertain the party.

RAINE: What are some of your other passions?

HILTONI love to cook, especially Italian. I love reading, especially now, since

having written my own book. These days I am burning through a book a


RAINE: The pursuit of happiness. What does that mean to you?

HILTON: Balance, in your personal and professional life. If you can achieve

both of those, and not let one take priority over the other... you are in good


RAINE: What words of wisdom would you like to share with other


HILTON: Write your ideas down, or type them in your cellphone. The best

ideas come when you least expect it.

ELUXE by Nicky Hilton dress, L.A.M.B. shoes,

Parulina Earrings and Cuff, both rings by

Larucci *Prices Available Upon Request*

Kevin Johnn top, belt and skirt, ELUXE by Nicky Hilton

camisole (worn underneath), L.A.M.B shoes, Pico Jewelry

Diamond Earrings in 18K Gold, Diamond Cocktail Ring

in 18K White Gold and Diamond Necklace in 18K White

Gold *Prices Available Upon Request*






Awaken to enjoy the chirping of sweet birds as a cool

breeze grazes your cheeks. Listen even more carefully and

you’ll notice the soft sound of ocean waves in the distance.

This is how each morning begins in beautiful St.

Lucia at the magnificent Jade Mountain Resort. How could

one not want to unplug - even if it’s just for a few days.

Approaching the Award Winning Jade Mountain

resort can be a little daunting as you make your way up the

very windy and rocky road. The bumpy drive makes you

very grateful that you never have to make that particular

trek in ice or snow. Once at the top - you are greeted

by warm staff members bearing gifts of cool minty hand

towels followed by a refreshing melon flavored drink. You

are then led to your impressive abode which is set at the

end of a long walkway of which gives you a bird’s eye view

of the mind blowing architecture that surrounds you.

The only word that could describe the view as you

enter your suite for the first time is - breathtaking! The sun

was just on the horizon as I remember it, with a glistening

shimmer bouncing off the Carribbean sea in the distance

as well as the blue water of the incredible edgeless pool

that is situated at the opposite side of your room. Yes -

that’s right, an edgeless pool inside your room.

Once you recover from the completely open

room which gives you the feeling of being in the most

luxurious setting atop the highest tree - only furniture and

a few cables separate you from nature itself.

When you think it doesn’t get better, your personal

butler shares with you the amenities that await you after

allowing you to sample some of the most delicious home

grown chocolate you’ll taste. These special treats are

right from their chocolate factory that is located on this

beautifully landscaped property.

To top it off, you are entertained daily with 5 star

service, delicious and creatively presented meals as well

as activities from snorkeling, sailing, yoga or just plain

relaxing. It is important to find your own Jade Mountain

to reinvigorate and allow yourself the rewards of living


This is what every day should be like: rejuvenating

and inspiring. If you need to get away to brainstorm your

next million dollar idea or to come up with your first...this is

the place to dream.

Images courtesy of Jade Mountain Resort

For Work or Play


For Sun or Shade








1. For avid hikers, test out the Gros Piton, which towers 2,619 feet above sea level. Hikes typically take

anywhere from four to six hours (six hours start to finish. For people that are looking for something a little

more mild,) the Tet Paul Nature Trail boasts some of the most spectacular views in Saint Lucia including

Jalousie Bay and the Pitons as well as stops at the Cassava House and Organic Farm. The 45 minute trek

is rated easy to moderate and led by a well-trained guide. Other hiking tour locations include Barre De

L’isle, Des Cartiers Rainforest, Edmund Forest Reserve or Enbas Saut. For more information visit

2. Views of Saint Lucia are just as amazing below sea level. Divers can indulge in colorful coral reefs and

abundant marine life at popular spots like the Key Hole Pinnacles. Or get carried away by the currents at

Superman’s Flight, the drift dive named after the movie, located at the base of the Petit Piton. A total of

23 diving locations can be found just off the shoreline island wide. For a less extreme alternative, SNUBA

excursions ease divers into the water and descend no more than 20 feet.

3. Zip-lining serves up a healthy dose of adrenaline. Utilizing zip cables extended as high as 150 feet

above ground, visitors are transported through lush foliage for panoramic views of the rainforest, the city

of Soufriere, or the Pitons at one of three zip-line locations on-island.

4. Jungle Biking is not for the faint of heart. Visitors interested in kicking cardio into high-gear can

head to Bike Saint Lucia at the Anse Mamin Plantation on the Anse Chasanet Resort. Custom trails

accommodate both rookie and seasoned riders using specially designed Cannondale suspension bikes.

A skill course training area is available for those new on the scene or seeking a quick refresher.

5. Spices Cooking School, a relaxed cooking class located in Cap Estate at the northern end of the

island of Saint Lucia. Cooking classes are held in a specially designed professional home-style kitchen

which accommodates small groups of 4-10 persons. The cooking class endS with ‘Grande Mange,”

where students eat the feast they’ve created, complemented by rum punch, Spices special non-alcoholic

iced brew or seasonal juices.


6. Sulphur Springs ”Drive-in” Volcano are considered the hottest and most active

geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles. The park is approximately 45 hectares and is

billed as the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano.

7. Gros Islet Street Party, the island’s largest street party is a Friday-night ritual

for locals and visitors alike. Huge speakers set up on the street in this little fishing

village blast Caribbean music all night long. Sometimes there are live bands. When

you take a break from dancing, you can buy barbecued fish or chicken, rotis, beer,

and soda from villagers who set up grills right along the roadside. It’s the ultimate

“lime” experience.

8. Castries Market, Rated #3 food market in the world by National Geographic,

Castries Market and Vendor’s Arcade is the largest open-air market in Saint Lucia. It

is located in the middle of the capital and has over 300 regular vendors and a hundred

or more local sellers on market days.

9. Kite Boarding takes surfing to new heights with the constant tradewinds. A

common spot for this popular activity is the Vieux Fort area at The Reef Kite + Surf.

Clinics, seminars and workshops are available for those willing and ready to take on

the challenge. Windsurfing is also available.

10. Deep Sea Fishing offers a chance to explore the great Caribbean Sea through a

number of different charters. Guests can choose between whole or half-day fishing

excursions. Depending on the time of year, the Catch of the Day may include mackerel,

king mackerel, white marlin, barracuda, kingfish or sailfish.

11. Become fully immersed in Saint Lucia by cruising with an all-terrain-vehicle

(ATV) along peaceful forest roads en route to the beach. Located at Davie Estate Ltd.

riders can sample fresh fruit right from the tree and see first hand how it is cultivated.

Paradise ATV tours are located in Micoud towards the south eastern portion of Saint


12. Sailing and yachting give sea lovers a 360 view of the island with the freedom to

travel beyond the Saint Lucian waters. There are plenty of opportunities to experience

a heart thumping good time out on St. Lucia’s waters, with annual events such as

the bill fishing tournament in September and the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) in


Images courtesy of St. Lucia Tourism Board


F A S H I O N & S T Y L E










T H E W O R L D ’ S M O S T F A S H I O N A B L E B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E






They say that the best wines can take hundreds of years to come

into perfection – fine wine takes time. However, it has taken owner

of Vinus & Marc, Frank Locker, much less time. With over twenty

years of restaurant and bar experience in fine dining, Locker opened

the doors to Vinus & Marc, an old world Paris and New York nightlife

restaurant in 2013 and it’s already making its mark in the New York

food industry. With an extensive menu inspired by a Latin French

fusion and an atmosphere appropriate for any occasion, this “sultry

yet sophisticated” restaurant is a welcomed addition to the Upper East


Locker, known globally for his exquisite wine palate and ability

to create lush, cozy lounging environments includes that and more in

a dining experience at Vinus & Marc. A well learned businessman and

wine connoisseur is nothing without a right hand man, and for Locker

that would be culinary artist, Chef J. Luis Dominguez. Dominguez is the

man responsible for the fusion of mouthwatering and savory cuisine

spicing up every plate making its way from the Vinus & Marc (V&M)

kitchen to your taste buds. Dominguez, not straying from his Mexican

cooking roots, has made his rounds in New York and expanded on his

skills before teaming up with Locker to create something beyond their

wildest dreams and now they’re on their way to taking New York by

storm one dish and bottle of wine at a time.

Raine sits down for a chat with Frank Locker, Owner and Manager and

Chef Luis Dominguez.

RAINE: What is the premise of Vinus & Marc and how did you come

up with the name?

LOCKER: This is Latin for “wines and spirits”. Vinus is Latin for liquids

from the vines and Marc is a term used for grappa and brandies. It

was fitting for our place - where we were serving many wines by the

glass and spirits and cocktails. The 1920’s and 1930’s were a time that

V&M was created after – combining the look with a European flare. We

wanted to bring a little bit of downtown uptown.

RAINE: Luis, how did you enter this business and where did the two of

you connect along the journey?

DOMINGUEZ: I started cooking in Mexico at a very young age and

then came to NY and worked for some big chefs learning the trade.

Frank hired me at Duane Park Café down in Tribeca and I worked in the

kitchen under the Chef there.

LOCKER: I saw something special in Luis and when creating V&M

asked him to join me here.

DOMINGUEZ: I’m excited to run my own kitchen and work with Frank

in this exciting venue where I can highlight my dishes

RAINE: Frank, you surround yourself with exceptional talent. What

qualities do you look for when adding members to your team?

LOCKER: I create a “family” and a “community” whether for the staff

or for the customers. Everyone works together on a common goal

and is highly customer centric with high customer touch creating an

exceptional customer experience. It is not only about the staff but the

atmosphere, the music and lighting that bring it all together so that

you do not hear other’s conversations, have intimacy if you want it and

conversation if you want it.

RAINE: How do you decide on the cocktails and the food to serve?

LOCKER: We work closely together to decide on new items based

on our customer’s preferences and what they like as well as seasonal

ingredients and how to highlight them. We continue to expand our

menu to serve our customers and are focused on the main entrees,

bar items and brunch, which is very popular on the Upper East Side

of Manhattan. Our cocktails were all created by Aziza Omar and have

an influence and story from the Pre-Prohibition era. Our syrups are

house made and we do all our own infused liquors for our house made

cocktails. These also change based on the seasons and ingredients.

RAINE: What does success mean to you and the V&M team? LOCKER:

Success is customers continuing to come back and a community that

enjoys being in the space created. It’s understanding the customer

and delivering what they want to enjoy while being there. It is serving

the best quality food, cocktails, wine and service that we can.

RAINE: Your restaurant, Vinus & Marc, draws inspiration from a chaotic

time in American history. What is it about the 1930’s that fascinated

you enough as an entrepreneur to recreate that period within Vinus &


LOCKER: The 1920s and 1930s were chaotic but also a time that

people enjoyed each other– writers and artists spent hours together

eating and drinking and having great discussions– not in a rush– not

constantly connected with phones and media and not watching TV but

enjoying music, atmosphere and each other. That is what V&M is all

about. Yes, we have TVs for special events and sports – those shows

that bring people together to enjoy an event as a group – festive and


RAINE: Luis, what is your favorite item to cook at Vinus & Marc and


DOMINGUEZ: I love everything

on the menu. We change it

by the seasons and create

great entrees and bar snacks

for everyone. My signature

dishes are popular with our

customers and that makes

me happy – My Beet

Salad, Tuna Tartar and our

Chicken Entrée and Shrimp

and Grits are all favorites and

mine as well.

RAINE: What about New

York City inspires you?


The energy, the people, the

family life combined with

creative and the ethnic mix

of people living together. It is

like no other city in the world!




Images courtesy of Scentarium

From Elizabeth Arden to Tiffany and Company, Sue Phillips has tackled

roles at world renowned brands with fervor. Proving that she is the Queen

of her craft, she created the 150th anniversary “Tiffany,”“Tiffany for Men”,

“Society by Burberry,” and “Burberry for Men” fragrances.

After climbing the corporate ladder for many years, Sue decided

to begin her own entrepreneurial venture and became Founder and CEO of

Scenterprises- a Global Consultancy in the area of product development,

creative marketing, strategic brand building and custom perfume events.

Scenterprises has worked with many reputable brands like Chanel,

Elizabeth Arden, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Under the Scenterprises umbrella, Sue opened New York’s

newest perfumery The Scentarium in February of 2014. Here she holds

seminars and workshops for fragrance lovers wishing to create their own

personalized fragrance. These workshops

take participants off the busy streets of New

York City and into an oasis of relaxing scents,

where they participate in scent personality

tests and learn all about the intricacies of

smell. Bringing Sue’s zeal for the fragrance

industry, The Scentarium asks consumers,

“why wear what everyone else wears when

you can create your own unique signature


Growing up, Sue always wanted to

be a singer or an actor- starting her journey

in America in the theater. Now, a global star in

the personal care industry, Phillips leaves one

piece of advice: “never give up.”

RAINE: What is a memorable experience that

has helped to shape your career?

PHILLIPS: It was a confluence of all

‘sensory’ experiences! Growing up with

an artistic mother who instilled in me an

appreciation of Art, Music, Dance, Flowers,

Presentation, Home Decor ...- and all these

aesthetics made me aware of the “Senses”,

and how important the ‘senses’ are in


RAINE: You have partnered with many iconic

brands in the perfume industry, which client

did you enjoy most working with and why?

PHILLIPS: Developing the fragrance and

launching one of America’s most iconic brands—TIFFANY for Tiffany’s

150th anniversary was exciting, and an honor! Little did I ever imagine,

when growing up in South Africa, that I would become VP Fragrance for

this seminal company. I always believe that it is important to be relevant

and authentic to the brand ‘ethos’ and to put one’s subjective opinions to

the side when creating fragrances for brands.

RAINE: At the onset of creating Scenterprises, was there ever a time when

you thought that running your own business was not for you? How were

you able to get past that moment in your career as an entrepreneur?

PHILLIPS: After I left Tiffany & Co to have my daughter and to start

my own consulting company, I never looked back! I love being an

entrepreneur as well as the opportunity to work and consult with so many

different companies AND to have my own fragrance initiative with our new

perfumery in downtown Tribeca - The Scentarium, which has been called

an ‘oasis’ for the senses! www.scentarium.com Every day brings a new

adventure and opportunity. Of course there are always challenges when

one is an entrepreneur. However, the rewards are so great and as long as I

am passionate about what I do, I don’t feel it’s work!

RAINE: What are some of your favorite ingredients that you like to work

with when creating custom fragrances?

PHILLIPS: I have categorized my different perfume blends into 4 main

‘fragrance families’– Fresh, Floral, Woodsy, Oriental. My particular favorites

are the Floral Oriental families and the combination of exotic rose with

jasmine, ylang ylang and gardenia mixed with the sultry amber, sweet vanilla

and sensual spicy accords. This is a sophisticated sensual combination

and an extraordinary perfume.

RAINE: What has been the most memorable experience that you have

witnessed while working with a client?

PHILLIPS: The look of absolute joy in their

eyes when they finally select the blends they

like and try their unique formula for the first

time. In every case, there is uncertainty at the

beginning of the process, and they don’t really

know the outcome of their creation. But when

they finally try it and name it, the happiness

they experience is palpable. I just LOVE

seeing the process unfold, and the happiness

that people experience with their own unique


RAINE: Your mother, and renowned South

African artist, Grace Phillips left you a legacy

that endures today. What is your legacy to

the various industries you have served in

fragrance & perfume, cosmetics, and personal


PHILLIPS: Yes! It’s because of her that I have

an appreciation and love for art and music.

My legacy to this industry is that I always put

the brand message and ‘ethos’ at the forefront

of the positioning.

RAINE: If there was only one word that you

could use to describe who you are, what

would it be? PHILLIPS: Authentic.

RAINE: Other than your own custom

fragrances, what other brand of perfume do

you like to wear and why?

PHILLIPS: I love JAR fragrance Golconda – it is my special indulgence and

is a beautiful rose accord.

RAINE: What words of wisdom can you share with entrepreneurs who look

to you as the model for their success?

PHILLIPS: Have faith in yourself and believe in the wonderful person you

are! I truly believe that gratitude and prayer are also very compelling factors

for success – and one of my most important beliefs is....“Never give up!”

RAINE: If you could redo just one thing in your professional life what would

it be and why?

PHILLIPS: I don’t like to think of ‘re-doing’ because it doesn’t accomplish

anything. The well-known author Eckart Tolle wrote in “The Power of

Now” not to dwell in the past, not to focus too much on the future, but to

concentrate on the ‘present’ and quoted Buddha: “Do not dwell in the past,

do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

– Buddha.




With a political science degree from New York University, John Solo

transitioned from student to business professional. Working right out of

college with a 9 to 5 job, John soon realized he craved something different.

He began investing in a few acting classes, and after many years of toil,

now has over 21 credits attributed to his name. John Solo is an actor,

producer, and entrepreneur from New York, known for Man on a Ledge

(2012), Newlyweds (2011) and Love Magical (2014).

Following his passion, John later took his first steps as a

restaurateur. John now owns 5 restaurants, including a new juice bar, Ginger,

which serves 100 percent organic cold press juices to health conscious

New Yorkers . Also, taking a giant entrepreneurial leap of faith and opened

Republic Astoria with partner ‘s Stu Chase and Nick Chase and hit maker

DJ Jus Jack; the coolest brick oven pizza lounge to host the hottest DJ’s

and screen the freshest new filmmaker’s in the Art and Film world. This

includes his new feature film production, “Love Magical” directed by Justin

Foran that premier’s this fall at the BET Urban Film festival.

With the challenge of balancing all of his responsibilities, John

makes a point to prioritize his daily schedule. It is clear that this is one man

who knows what he wants is not afraid to work hard to achieve his goals of

being a better actor and person.

So, what do you get when you cross a highly accredited college

degree, entrepreneurship, multiple movie debuts, and lots of passion? John


RAINE: How did you get your start and what steps did you take to get from

A to B?

SOLO: I graduated from NYU and like most; I had a corporate 9 to 5

job. I realized soon into it that I did not “Feel” right in that environment. I

started bar-tending, took my first few acting classes and saved my money as

aggressively as I could, knowing that I will eventually have an opportunity to

invest somewhere.

RAINE: You have over 21 credits to your name. What has been your most

challenging roll as an actor?

SOLO: My most challenging role as an actor was Stan from “Love

Magical”. He is illogical, passionate to a flaw and very nervous. It was at my

most vulnerable point by unveiling that side of me truthfully and also finding

the humor in his tragedy was a balance. Also, on the other side is New

York Legendary Director Edward Burns film “Newlyweds” where I basically

played “myself,” organically. That’s always the biggest challenge for most

actors and it felt so good that I was able to achieve that! Eddie as a Director,

his crew and the actors on this film made it the perfect environment to make

me feel comfortable to find that.

RAINE: What is the creative process you undergo to help you develop your


SOLO: My creative process is pretty simple. I try to “live” with the characters,

problems and issues. I try to find my association and my compassion for

the characters dilemma. I get to know their world, by reading any books or

novels that help the feelings that might be similar that I have gone through-

-lots of “walking and talking” to myself for the preparation of these roles.

for me because I prioritize well

RAINE: What skills did you bring from acting that you were able to apply to

running several well-known restaurants?

SOLO: My main skill is “feeling” the culture of a place, understanding

its aesthetic and maintaining positive interactions with our customer

base. Part of my job as an actor is selecting my temperament at will. So no

matter what is happening in my pedestrian life, I try to maintain a positive,

hospitable attitude with my customers. Sometimes I do lose my “moment,”

but that’s rare.

RAINE: Which of your restaurants best expresses your personality and why?

SOLO: My personality changes with time, so all of them have a part of

me. Currently, “Ginger Organic,” is my baby! It represents my belief and

philosophy that through a positive and healthy lifestyle, everything is


Ginger is the warmest, prettiest and the most comfortable Juice bar in the

whole Universe and I am so proud of “her”. She represents everything my

Mother taught me of what an ideal person should be!!

RAINE: One of your newest ventures is Ginger; a juice bar. If people

could only incorporate one of your juices into their diet which would you

recommend over all others?

SOLO: The one Juice I would recommend would be the “Super Greens”

every morning. There is not a better way to start your day. It’s power for

the rest of your day!

RAINE: In your own experience, what defines your idea of success? Aside

from giving up, why do you think people fail at being successful?

SOLO: Success only comes from loving what you do. The pursuit! Pursuing

something that “never ends” because you love waking up every single

morning and getting better. I am excited about becoming a better actor. A

better person. A more consciences person. If you just want the RESULTS

then you will never achieve. You have to be obsessed with your daily rituals.

One of my favorite quotes from Khalil Gibran “But if in your fear of Love

you would seek only Love’s peace and love’s pleasure. It is better that you

walk out Love’s threshing floor, into the seasonless world where you should

laugh only half your laughter and cry only half your tears”

RAINE: What else could you see yourself doing if you were not an actor and

business owner?

SOLO: Psychiatry is the only other thing that interests me....I love people.

Especially people who want to always GROW! We all have issues to work

on. I am compassionate for people who unveil their issues. I do not like

people who keep their emotions tight like they are playing poker. I love

open people.

Images courtesy of John Solo

RAINE: As the producer of your recent film Love Magical. What words of

wisdom can you share with aspiring producers?

SOLO: Find people you “Love” to work with. Find people who have as

much “Passion” as you, if not more. Find people you like to hang out

with! Making Independent film is HARD! It’s a battle and you need to make

sure you surround yourself with people that care for the project as well as

for you.

RAINE: You own 5 restaurants. How did you decide to make the leap from

acting to restaurateur? What were some of your initial challenges and how

did you overcome them?

SOLO: I invested in restaurants, because I met amazing partners who

respected and appreciated my work as an actor. They understood the

freedom and flexibility I needed in my schedule. When I am not auditioning,

or working as an actor, I make sure to spend quality time at the restaurants

and bar. The challenge is the balance and the juggling act—that is simple




Photographer – Jason Jaskot; Hair Stylist – Magda Bonheur; Makeup Artist; Juliette Laracuente; Stylist – Darryl Glover; Eyelash Artist - Nadia Afanaseva

18K White Gold Round Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet; 18K Two Tone Diamond Cocktail Ring; 18K Two Tone; Hanging Diamond Earrings; 18K White Gold Double Halo Diamond

& Yellow Sapphire Ring; All jewelry is credited to Pico Jewelry *Prices Available Upon Request*

A Flawless touch

to Entertainment


Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? The epitome of

beauty and brains lies in the essence of Chantelle Fraser. If you haven’t

noticed, be prepared to witness her having her cake and eating it too.

Meshing her knowledge of management and her experience in the

modeling industry, Fraser has created one of the most sought after

promotional talent and booking agencies in New York city; Flawless

NYC. Established in 2006, Flawless NYC humanizes luxury, fashion,

corporate brands and private clients at prestigious events by bringing

glamour and beauty to brand marketing, while transforming a static

message into one with dynamic, beautiful drama.

The British native began her career as a booker for Elite

Model Management in

Los Angeles and has

since launched her own

enterprise, branched

out and worked with the

some of the industry’s top

luxury leaders including

Ted Baker, Yves Saint

Laurent (YSL) and BMW.

But don’t take this

bombshell at face value,

or deflect attention from

her sharp business mind,

eye for beauty, talent and

professionalism, because

she knows exactly how to

leave a lasting impression.

At the helm of Flawless

NYC, Fraser’s mission is to

offer an unparalleled guest

experience and increase

product sales for her


Flawless NYC

capitalize on the fact that

there is no need to skimp

on any aspect of business

and it’s all about being a

chameleon in an industry

that’s ever-changing and

demands their clients

to stand out; Fraser is

providing just that with

style, beauty and grace.

RAINE: At What age

did you have your first

entrepreneurial experience?

FRASER: My first

entrepreneurial experience

was at about age 13. I

would wash cars around

my neighborhood - I always

had to work growing up.

From a young age, my

parents instilled in me an

entrepreneurial spirit.

RAINE: What inspires you

as an entrepreneur?

FRASER: As an entrepreneur, I am inspired by the prospect of living a

prosperous life. So many people live unhappy lives, unfulfilled with that

they are doing, because they are not living up to their true potential.

I, however, want to leave a legacy for the world to see. I love having a

vision and bringing it to fruition.

RAINE: You have a reality TV show in the works, can you talk about


FRASER: It’s a reality TV show about a successful career oriented

woman that lives in New York City. I have been cast as one of the main

members and it follows my life, the ups and downs of living in NYC and

the daily hustle of the working girl lifestyle. It should be fun!

RAINE: How would you describe your company Flawless NYC?

FRASER: Flawless NYC is a luxury promotional talent and entertainment

booking company, established to elevate your brand and image, by

connecting individuals and companies to their audience through

exceptional entertainment, brand ambassadorship, music, and


There are five divisions to my company, Flawless NYC: DJ, Entertainment,

Burlesque, Contortionist, Belly Dancers. Our clients have exceptional

creative visions and we

help bring those visions to

life. Our main division is the

modeling division, which

gives brands a real and

human way of connecting

to their customers.

RAINE: What is the most

significant piece of advice

you have been given in your


FRASER: The best piece

of advice that I have been

given, is always say “yes”.

It sounds very basic, but my

ability to always say “yes”

allows me to grow to levels

I thought I would never

reach. I never let barriers

get in my way. I don’t need

to know the whole journey, I

just need to know the next

step, which opens up new

opportunities as well.

RAINE: What is the biggest

obstacle you have had to


FRASER: At one point in

my career I lost a really big

client. It just happened to

be, that they were one of my

main sources of income. As

a result, I had to learn how

to adjust to change. At first,

I was really resistant, and

I would ask myself, “why

is this happening to me?”

Once I was able to embrace

change, I realized I had to

keep it moving. With the

change in how I decided

to view my new situation,

I was able to grow from it.

When you are a business

person, you have to always

anticipate change and

embrace it. If you can learn

to do that as an entrepreneur, you can stay the course.

RAINE: What three words of wisdom do you have for other


FRASER: I would tell other entrepreneurs, always have an attitude of

gratitude. If you can keep that in mind, you will attract more to you. As

entrepreneurs, we have to realize that you attract to you, those things

that you focus most on. Also, I would say read, The Purpose of the

Conscious Mind and Think and Grow Rich at age 13!

18K White Gold Round Cut Diamond Tennis Necklace; 18K White Gold Emerald Cut Sapphire & Diamond Ring; 18K White Gold Round Cut Diamond

Tennis Bracelet; 18K White Gold Round Cut Diamond Pave Eternity Ring; 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings *Prices Available Upon Request*




Top: Model: Molly Randall; Agency: Charm Model Management; Photographer: Al Rodriguez; Left:

Model: Anastasia Matveeva; Agency: Charm Model Management; Photographer: Fiona Melder

Mary DePetris founder of Charm Model management was born in

Brooklyn, New York where she got an early start in the modeling

world when a fashion designer & family friend put Mary in her

fashion shows around the age of 5 which ignited the love of the


In her teens she attended Barbizon modeling school

which were popular in the 1970ʼs. Mary taught part-time after

graduation. While raising a family she would take her daughters

on auditions when the opportunity to work on the other side of

the business as an agent came along. She worked for Classic

Model & Talent which was a large commercial agency in NJ & NY

at the time.

In early 2011 Charm Model Management became a

reality. Mary heads Charm Models with a down to earth approach.

She believes you must have innate sense along with honesty,

dedication and strong work ethic to compete in this market.

Charm Models represent fashion and commercial

models for runway, showroom, trade shows, print, television

and high-end events. Mary is currently involved on a project for

television which she cannot divulge on, but stay tuned.

For business inquires and model submissions please contact us

at: info@charmagency.com





Photo and MUA by Helene Jaspers; Shoes the “The CiRCLE” by Peter Popps; Model+Outfit both Yusura Entertainer



Photo and MUA by Helene Jaspers; Shoes the “The BOW” by Peter Popps; Model+Outfit both Yusura Entertainer

At the age of 18, Peter Popps started out as one of many sales

people, before he became an assistent and then soon after

a store manager for a fashionable shoeshop. He did this all

while studying architecture before really breaking into the shoe

industry where he found his love for avant-garde and young


With 24 years of experience as a professional shoe

designer, Peter Popps created his namesake label of innovative

shoes after being tapped for many years, helping to shape

the brands of other well-known shoe designers. “I have never

felt a strong urge,” states Popps; to design opposed to the

mainstream cultural values as they are forced on us today.

In 2003 he started his own freelance design studio

by approaching companies that he had connections with

throughout his career. Immediately his creations were a success

and more work came to him from shoe brands that wanted

exclusive collections based on his unconventional vision. His

method of design has always been to make something unique

and different as compared to the everyday mundane. Popp’s

love for the creative process lies somewhere between fantasy

and reality - a place without boundaries.

Popps’ current works are inspired by a fascination for

creative freedom and architectural sensibility intertwined with a

sense of novelty, innovation and revolution. His creative genius

has always gravitated towards the development that comes

from rebellion, liberty and to show that world that anything is

possible when you believe in your own ideas.

Peter Popps takes a moment to share his viewpoint with Raine


POPPS: I was done with what the market offers to the

customers. Its all looks pretty much the same. A copy from a

copy from a copy and an outrageous price compared to the

quality. People are always ready for novelty and innovation.

There is this quote by Diane Vreeland, in which she


….“Give ‘em what they

never knew they wanted.”

That has always been my method of designing, even

back when I started working for the 1st company in the 80’s.

You feel that people around you desire certain things, and there

are also certain things that you desire yourself, and from those

desires you create and search for something new which is an

answer to those feelings.

I love to create for the woman who knows how and

when to wear my designs.

I adore the feminine power that comes from a woman

who is in charge of her vulnerability in a different way than most

people know or who’s confident in beautiful heels when she

uses the street as her daily catwalk.

Popps’ artistic creations are influenced by avantgarde,

60’s space-age, comics and Sci-Fi. They are wearable

mostly un-walkable pieces that look deeply into the life of

the emancipated woman. His work closely identifies with the

struggle, freedom and revolution and begs to answer the

question, “What could we possibly wear in the future?”

The answer he found in this quote by Barbarella, in which she

said: ...” Just a moment I’ll

slip something on”...




At Jump From Paper, we believe that creativity is the new form of rebellion, and

we love to push ourselves and make people think outside of the box, this is what

makes Jump From Paper innovative. As a stylish accessory brand, designing 2D

bags, we walk in to the fashion world with a bold and playful attitude.

Fashion for some people is quite serious; it’s about fame and money. For

us, we don’t like to take things too seriously. The team behind Jump From Paper

stands for the passion to make our customers laugh! We encourage people to let

their imaginations run wild. We believe that being different, means being who you

are, and that is a part of the appeal of Jump From Paper.

The design team combines 2D graphics and a mix of 3D illusion to

create a truly distinct line of bags. Jump From Paper not only serves as a perfect

expression of individualism and uniqueness for a new generation, but it also speaks

the philosophy of Jump From Paper, “I Give Myself Permission to be me.”

We are addicted to collecting funny and weird pictures and quotes, and

take inspiration from everything in our daily lives. We love to confuse people with

our bags, because they don’t always know what to make of us. It is interesting to

watch them burst into laughter when they realize that these are functioning real

bags, meant for everyday wear. Jump From Paper is all about having fun—that’s

the spirit!

Images courtesy of Jump From Paper







Michael Costello – Michael Costello presented his highly anticipated S/S 2015 collection to a packed house of fashion aficionados. This season Costello proved

to be no less than a superstar in the making, as he used structured silhouettes defined by the kind of unapologetic sexiness that modern women crave for.

Staying true to his nature, the collection featured stunning gowns, highlighting plunging necklines, beading and lace, in beautiful aqua, navy and black.



Malan Breton – Known for his signature prints and details, Malan Breton’s S/S 2015 collection incorporated many elements of traditional Taiwanese tailoring

coupled with modern forms. His bold use of color and the ability to expertly mix textures spoke to the heart of his namesake label. For men, tailored three

-quarter and full length trousers in bright iridescent colors with patterns filled the collection. For women, there was much of the same, with strong use of

traditional tailoring and colorful fabrics that made for a celebration of beauty and culture.



Mister Triple X – Entitled “RessureXion ColleXion,” for S/S 2015 Mister Triple X focused on a spiritual revival highlighting their use of bright prints and

tropical flowers intermixed for a refreshing take on spring. The collection also featured leather to play up a bold interpretation for the season while

asking us to embrace our inner rock star.




Alessandra Meskita – Not to be outdone by last season’s success, Brazilian born designer Alessandra Meskita’s collection was bold and beautiful, making

phenomenal use of pleats to execute perfect movement in the garments. It goes without saying that the collection was largely influenced by Egyptian culture

with a modern twist. That being said, there was a certain opulence built into each piece, with gold featured throughout. The clothes were sexy and daring with

silks and chiffons coupled with leather and neoprene - mixing in perfect harmony.



Venexiana – Designer Kati Stern captivated Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week attendees with gorgeous evening gowns, mixing silk, chiffon, lace

and sequin embellishments. The use of rich fabrics in feminine pastels in yellow, aqua, and turquoise matched perfectly with the elaborate crystal details

seen throughout the collection.

photos by Jason T. Jaskot



Zang Toi – Marked as Zang Toi’s 25 th year as a designer in the fashion industry. His presentation, appropriately enough, was titled “A Privileged Life: The

American Dream.” The collection showcased glamorous looks from beginning to end, featuring tailored suits, colored-blocked knits and gowns for every

occasion, including an ornate gown covered in hand-beaded purple orchids.

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