Perfect Footing Brochure - ProEquus

Perfect Footing Brochure - ProEquus

Not every footing compound provides

long-lasting, FEI-International Equestrian

Competition Surfaces footing performance,

with proven stability and safety.

and more . . .

Perfect Footing is available locally at:

Perfect Footing is one of the world class

equestrian products distributed by

E C O - T E R R Distributing Inc. (425) 657-7958

2009 © Eco-Terr Distributing Inc All rights reserved

Apply clean sand . . .

Blend in Perfect Footing . . .

Level and fluff the surface . . .

Providing a riding surface with . . .

PERFECT FOOTING all year round

... the Perfect Footing solution for all

classical equitation riding surfaces.


retains elasticity and resiliency - easily "catch air"

improves water drainage †

dust-free, without constant watering †

stable underfoot: anti-skidding agent to increase traction ‡

long-lasting, even in outdoor arenas or uncovered surfaces

suitable for all weather and climates, all year round

† All grades will improve drainage during rainfall, while

retaining the "dampened sand" attributes afterwards.

‡ For Western-style riding, the anti-skidding agent is omitted.


Always ready for riding!

Because of Perfect Footing's elasticity and "bounce":

Perfect Footing protects sinews and joints,

while reducing the risk of injury , and

reducing veterinary and pharmaceutical costs, while

prolonging the career of performance horses.

† Especially beneficial in performance or working horses.

Lower maintenance costs, due to its long life span.

Perfect Footing components are supplied:

Already mixed in the grade appropriate for your riding style, or

with the components delivered separately,

allowing you to customize your own special blend,

creating the Perfect Footing Surface for your riding needs.

The appropriate Footing surface for every discipline:

Equitation & Dressage - high traction, bounce and resiliency.

Hunting/Jumping - superior flexibility and traction.

Fine-tuning for outdoor arenas or indoor riding halls.

Customizable for special sand-mixes, using special blends of

Pro-Equus SandVlies and SandFibre

Walking, Trotting, Tolting,Canter or Gallop lanes.

Training: Coach, Cart, Chariot or Surrey driving

Racing: Practice or training tracks that are never too muddy to use.

Additional uses and applications for:

Longé lines, lunging rings, training and round pens.

Covered hot walkers. ||

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