classic cocktails

Bacardi Mojito – £4.95

A classic blend of fresh flavours that has become one of the world’s favourite

complex cocktails – easy to make well, but tricky to perfect!

French Martini – £4.95

A modern classic. Smirnoff vodka and pineapple juice shaken with

Chambord liqueur to frothy perfection... once tried never forgotten!

Long Island Ice Tea – £5.50

The ultimate party cocktail - Bacardi Superior rum, Smirnoff vodka, Gordon’s gin,

Jose Cuervo tequila and Triple Sec liqueur balanced with Pepsi and fresh lemon.

Also available as a cocktail pitcher £17.75

Lynchburg Lemonade – £5.50

A mix of Jack Daniel’s, Cointreau and fresh lemon are shaken together

and topped with refreshing lemonade.

Also available as a cocktail pitcher £16.75

Woo Woo – £4.25

Smirnoff vodka, Archers Peach Schnapps are mixed with cranberry juice

and garnished with fresh lime.

Also available as a cocktail pitcher £15.75

Cosmopolitan – £4.50

A perfect balance of citrus, berry fruit and sweetness.

This drink is a Smirnoff vodka and Cointreau twist on the

“Sex and the City” classic.

Black Russian – £4.50

Smirnoff vodka perfectly complements the coffee and chocolate notes

of Tia Maria topped with Pepsi. Served on the rocks.

Margarita – £4.95

Truly an icon in the world of cocktails, for good reason.

Fresh and zesty with loads of character added through the Jose Cuervo tequila,

Cointreau liqueur and fresh lime.

Blue Lagoon – £4.50

A tropical mix of Smirnoff Red vodka, De Kuyper Blue Curacao and lemonade

garnished with a fresh piece of lemon.

Caipirinha – £4.75

The original drink of Brazil. Sagatiba Cachaca, brown sugar and limes blended

and shaken together then poured over ice.

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