Sample Products


Sample Products

All products in this book are examples only. The style of the item

is what the picture is about. The color/pattern of the item is not.

Mainly the pictures are used for shapes, styles, and sizes that

are available. You can find different styles for select products on

google images.

All duct tape used is purchased from Wal-Mart, Target, Hobby

Lobby, Michaels, or Amazon. Feel free to check http:// for other tape

patterns and colors available as well as the store listed above’s

website. If we have to order the tape online please allow longer

time for creation and delivery (about a week longer give or

take). All items must be paid before creation can begin as some

of the purchase price goes to buying the tape and supplies


Remember that we allow at least 2 weeks for delivery. Give or

take supply of materials. If ordering materials online allow 3

weeks, give or take, for delivery.

Table of Contents

1. Flowers

2. Purses & Tote Bags

3. Wallets & Phone Cases

The flower part can be any color or pattern duct tape. Just specify

when ordering and remember to only pick one color with this kind

of rose.

The petals can be any color you wish. Up to 6 colors can be chosen.

Again, the flower part can be any color or pattern duct tape you

want. Just specify when ordering and remember to only pick one

color with either of the roses shown above.

As you know Calla Lilies are naturally white. If you are feeling creative

you can specify a color or pattern tape to use other than white when


Lilies are the same as Calla Lilies, naturally white. If you do feel creative

you can choose a color tape or pattern tape when ordering. Or like the

picture on the right you can use 2 colors or even choose one color like

the bottom picture. Its your flower!

We called this a bucket purse but it might actually be called a tote

purse. Color of straps can be your choosing of any color ribbon. The

tape is 2 different colors or patterns. The design is totally up to what

you want that you could find on google if its doable by us. The point

of this purse is for shape and style. The peace design isn’t stock but

will be made if wanted.

We are sure you can find other simple styles of clutch purses on

google (remember to specify the link to the one you want us to make

yours based off otherwise it will be this shape with a rectangle flap).

This was the first we found that was simple. The weave pattern isn’t

stock. Neither is the triangle flap. We can do a regular rectangle flap

or a round one. Its whatever you want. Again only 2 color or pattern

tape choices.

With these keychains we will only do one color tape and one

pattern tape that has only one pattern throughout the tape, like

the NC tape in the picture. So if you don’t want it plain then pick

a pattern tape for the middle image. (pattern tape examples are

sports one, love, despicable me, flower, etc…)

The graffiti design is not the purpose of the purse. The purpose is

the shape and size. You can pick any 2 duct tapes you want, color or

pattern. Its your purse. Be creative.

This purse s perfect for those who carry light or kids. You can pick any 2

colors or patterns and can have velcro or button snap closure or keep it

like it is, no closure. The strap can even be ribbon and adjustable if you

don’t want a duct tape strap. If you want a duct tape strap that can be

adjustable too if you want. The choice is yours!

All wristlets are made with 2 color or pattern tapes and have a pocket

on the back. The inside is one pocket only and can have a velcro or

button snap closure of your choice.

This is made out of duct tape and oreo cookie bags. (Chip bags can

be used instead as well as other cookie flavors. We wont make

them from flavors and brands we don’t like as we don’t want to

waste the food) The strap can be ribbon or duct tape as well as the

rings can be d shaped or not. You can choose button snap closure

or velcro. The tape color will closely match the food product bag.

Poster board can be used optionally for added support if you wish

us to use it.

The weave design will not be used. This is merely used for size and

shape. Choose 2 colors or patterns when ordering. Straps can be ribbon

if you don’t like/want the duct tape ones.

Here is a bi-fold wallet, commonly referred too as a men’s wallet.

Choose 2 color tapes or 2 pattern ones. You can google images of duct

tape bi-fold wallets for other designs on how the pockets go and where

the ID holder is. Just specify a link to a design you want.

This is also known as an accordion wallet. All Small wallets will be

made just like this picture. Just choose 2 tape colors or patterns for

us to use.

All wallets will have an ID holder. Some can have a coin pouch or not.

Some can be short or tall. But only these tri-fold wallets are like this.

The bottom picture has the credit card slots in the middle. The top

picture doesn't have the bill section all the way across the wallet, it

can be if you want. Again 2 tape colors or patterns. (We know the

top picture has 3 but we only use 2.)

These are mini tall bi-fold wallets.

You can have yours stand horizontal

like the top picture or vertical like the

bottom picture. The ID holder is on

the left in the bottom picture. The

solid colors mark where a pocket is.

Remember 2 colors or 2 patterns.

These woman’s wallets are all similar

except the middle picture. The top

one and 2 bottom ones all have the

credit card slots in the middle and the

top is plain and the bottom is where

the accordion pockets are with the

zip lock coin pocket (only 2 bottom

pictures) and your bill holder behind

the ID holder and coin pocket in top

picture and behind the accordion

pocket or use the accordion pocket

for money and the other pocket for

papers or whatever, in the bottom 2

pictures. The middle picture has a

coin pocket in the middle and credit

card pockets on the bottom with your

money pocket behind the credit card

and coin pocket(s). The purple wallet

is made of purple and clear duct tape.

The clear tape is thinner and makes

for a thinner wallet if you want a thin


Bigger picture on next page ——>

Could probably make this for any phone. Would just need the to know

the type of phone so we can look up the height and width. Also can

make it so that there is a screen protector for the back so you can use

your phone while in the case if you wanted (specify for this option as

mic and speaker holes need to be made as well). Can also put a money

pocket if specified. The ring hole is for you to clip on a wrist strap or

your keys.

(iPhone is in the sample picture.)

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