Swedish midsummer - IKEA store


Swedish midsummer - IKEA store

And so, it is time for what everyone has

been waiting for - the midsummer buffet!

Nothing captures the essence of Swedish

summer like a midsummer buffet table.

And especially if dessert means fresh

strawberries and whipped cream, as it

does on Midsummer’s Eve. And honestly,

who in the world can resist that?

Can you resist this?

This is what you need:

At least 3 kinds of SILL (herring)

incl. SILL MATJES (matjes herring fillets)

new potatoes, boiled with fresh dill

Sour cream

Chopped chives

KÖTTBULLAR (meatballs)


BRÖD FLERKORN (rye and/or multigrain

crispbread) with BRÄNNVINSOST (snaps


SNAPS AKVAVIT (spiced snaps)

SNAPS CITRON & FLÄDER (snaps w lemon

& elderflower)

Fresh strawberries with whipped cream

This is how you do it:

Place a long table on a beautiful outdoor

spot. For example in your garden, on your

veranda or on your balcony. Lay the table

with bright tableware and napkins. Pick

flowers and put in vases on the table. Try

to find as many yellow, white and blue

ones as you can.

After having celebrated all day and all

night, there is only one more thing you

need to do before jumping into bed for

some well-earned rest - pick even more

flowers! 7 different kinds to be exact.

Lay them under your pillow at night so as

to dream of the partner fate has in store

for you. According to Swedish popular

belief, it only works for girls. And if you

really want to make sure that it works,

the flowers should actually be picked by

a fork in the road. And before going to

bed, you should also jump over nine stone

walls and fall asleep without saying a

word to anyone.

But we’re sure just picking the flowers

is enough. And why wouldn’t it work for

boys too? It’s worth a try!

Swedish midsummer

A festival of light, warmth,

togetherness - and good food

Now gather your family and dearest

friends around the table. Make sure

that at least some of them – including

yourself! – wear midsummer wreaths.

Everyone serves themselves on the

herring, potatoes, sour cream, crispbread

and snaps. Beer is a suitable table drink.

But keep some meatballs ready too – not

all children like herring.

As full as you may be after the buffet,

there is always room for some dessert.

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“Midsommar” (midsummer) is celebrated

in many parts of the world as the longest

day of the year. In the northern parts of

Sweden, the sun actually never sets and

there is daylight both night and day. This

is your guide to celebrate an authentic

Swedish midsummer!

Start by picking flowers. Then some

more. And then even more. You will

need all you can get for your midsummer

wreath and midsummer pole.

This is what you need:

4.5 + 3 meters wooden pole

1 hammer

10 to 15 pcs 100 mm nails

lots of flowers and greenery

50 metres transparent string

or thin steel wire

This is how you do it:

Use hammer and nails to attach the

shorter pole approximately 1.5 meter

down from the top of the longer pole, so it

looks like a cross.

placing one bouquet to the left and one

to the right. In this way, create a long

“garland.” When the “garland” is long

enough to measure around your head,

fit the stems of the last bouquet under

the first bouquet and bind into a round

wreath. Keep the wreath in a plastic bag

in the refrigerator until use. Spray it with

water from time to time.

Decorate the cross with greenery. Use

transparent string to attach the greenery.

Now make two wreaths and two garlands.

These should contain fresh flowers.

Attach the garlands from the top of the

pole and down towards each end of the

shorter pole. Then attach the wreaths on

each “arm” of the Midsummer pole. Dig a

narrow hole, at least 50 cm deep. Place

the bottom end of the pole in the hole.

Now all together help to raise the pole.

Fix it in the hole with wooden wedges or


A refreshing elderflower drink is the

perfect welcoming drink or aperitif –

tastes just like summer!

This is what you need to serve one:

1.5 oz. vodka


elderflower syrup

1 lime

8 oz. tonic water


On Midsummer’s Eve in Sweden,

men, women and children alike wear

midsummer wreaths on their heads. Make

one yourself!

This is what you need for one wreath:

18 small bouqets of flowers and greenery

String or thin wire

This is how you do it:

Start by making small flower bouquets.

Make all bouquets similar or create 2-3

different bouquets to alternate with. For

a normal-size wreathe, estimate 18 small


After the rough time preparing and raising

the midsummer pole, you will probably

need to stay in the shade for a while with

something cold to drink. Normally, a beer

would do, but in honour of the day, why

not make it slightly more glamorous?

We suggest a refreshing elderflower

drink while awaiting the soon-to-come

midsummer buffet.

This is how you do it:

Pour the snaps and elderflower syrup in a

highball glass with ice. Squeeze half the

lime into the glass. Slice the other half

and add all slices but one to the glass.

Fill up with tonic water and stir. Place the

remaining lime slice on the edge of the


Keep the stems long in each of the small

bouquets. This will create a sturdier

wreath. Place the leaves and greenery

beneath and flowers on top. Bind each

bouquet with string or thin wire. Take

a long piece of wire and loop it around

the bottom of each bouquet. Alternate,

An authentic Swedish Midsummer centres

around the midsummer pole. Making one

requires some equipment and will take

a while, but it is great fun for everybody

involved and certainly worth it in the end!


elderflower syrup 500ml

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